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Francie Webb

Go Milk Yourself

Henrico, VA Service range 30 miles

Birth Fee

$3000 to $5000

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$3000 to $5000

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 160 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 200 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2015
  • Doula Trainings International , May 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 0 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Parenting consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Francie Webb, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), DTI Doula Trainer, mother of three and the author of the groundbreaking book Go Milk Yourself: You Have Power. Express It! She has empowered over 1300 families as a doula and lactation consultant with a remarkable 99% effectiveness. She is also the founder and CEO of Go Milk Yourself, a company whose mission is to create a world where all parents have freedom and ease as they birth and feed their babies. Her recent book, Go Milk Yourself, is available on Amazon. @go_milkyourself on Instagram

Fee Details

Package includes: 2-3 prenatal visits text/phone/video support from hire through postpartum birth support 1 postpartum visits 4 weeks of lactation support Your insurance may also cover lactation visits with me (both prenatal and postpartum) at 100%.

Service Area

Henrico, VA Service range 30 miles

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Danae and Will


Francie was instrumental in helping us have an empowered birth experience.  This was the culmination of many facets, below are some highlights:

1.  She has the ability to seamlessly fit herself right into your family fabric. By the end of our first meeting we felt completely at ease around her and trusted that she was the right person to help guide us along our journey.

2.  She helped build my confidence by asking  pointed questions about the kind of birth I hoped for and provided helpful resources to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for multiple scenarios—as the actual labor process is always unpredictable!

3.  We found Francie to be very adept overall.  She was always available to help answer all of our questions in a timely manner while I was pregnant.  I ended up having to be induced and even so, my labor was not progressing for hours.  Once Francie arrived we felt reinvigorated.  We both relaxed, put on a dance party playlist and everything progressed smoothly from there.  Francie suggested a new position to labor in that worked like a charm, she kept our mood up with her wit and positive energy, she expertly helped us navigate the hospital staff and doctors, coached my partner and the two of them worked as a team to support me, which was exactly what I wanted.  Throughout the entire labor process Francie anticipated each phase I was in before I could register it and made sure everything was in place.  Before we knew it, we were welcoming our baby boy!

4.  As a first time mom, I found Francie to also be very helpful in the postpartum period especially with breastfeeding positioning and advise.  Even months after our son was born she would still check-in occasionally to see how we were doing.

In short, Francie is a delight and an absolute treasure. If you couldn’t tell already, we highly recommend her!



We had a wonderful experience with Francie as our doula! Throughout the process, she was kind, positive, and non-judgemental. She took great care of me (and my husband too!) during the birth. I chose Francie as a doula because of her openess to working in a variety of settings, and I'm so glad I did--our L&D nurse remarked several times how much she enjoyed working with Francie. Her early support with breastfeeding also got us off to a great start. Finally, its easy to see how much Francie loves this work--she seemed excited to be woken up at 3am! I would highly recommend her as a birth doula.

Jana Junuz


Imagine having a best friend with an infinite amount of knowledge in child birth, who is warm, loving, and always there when you need them... And you will get Francie! <3 

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Francie for the birth of our second child.  She was amazing and made us feel comfortable and confident in the choices we were making that faithful day. 

Thank you for being with us and part of our team :) we appreciate it so much!  With love, Jana, Charlie, & the babies

Nickie Tiedeman


Francie is the best doula ever. She made the birth of our first child a much more empowering experience than it would have been otherwise. Francie was there for me in the months leading up to delivery - she was always available when I had any questions, thoughts or concerns. She is so knowledgable and has the type of demeanor that immediately makes you feel like you are old friends. I had some last minute issues/concerns about my OB and Francie was instrumental in helping us navigate the situation. I had a long labor and Francie was there the entire time, making sure that we were clear on the process and our options. She was also great with all of the hospital staff - it's impossible to not love her! We are eternally grateful to her for her support!!



Francie was great! From the minute I met her I felt like I was talking to an old friend- an old friend who really knew her stuff when it came to birthing and babies.  She was a great resource to have in the delivery room and even more so afterwards, since she's also a nursing guru!  We highly recommend her!

Anna Tolmach


We had an amazing experience with Francie. I had a very complicated pregnancy including preterm labor, preeclampsia, an emergency c-section and an unexpected induction due to decreased fetal movement and heart rate deceleration. Francie was there for me all along the way. During labor, she actually arrived at the hospital before my husband. She was fantastically supportive as labor evolved and also helped coach me through my first experience with breastfeeding. She later visited me when I was totally alone and readmitted to the hospital after being released earlier in the day. I would highly recommend Francie to anyone whether the pregnancy is complex or not. She will make a tremendous difference in your experience.

Lisa M


Francie attended my baby’s birth as the backup when the doula I’d originally hired happened to be traveling when my labor kicked in. She did a stellar job even without the benefit of having met my husband and me beforehand. She worked well with my midwife as well as hospital staff and most importantly, she helped my husband stay calm and focused which allowed him to better help me as I labored. 

She was also helpful after baby arrived, checking in regularly postpartum. She gave us lots of tips and when we needed additional help with lactation, she recommended a consultant to give us the knowledge and confidence to nurse our little one. 

Francie is amazing and I am so thankful she attended our little one’s birth. We prepped well for labor but no amount of reading and classes can replace a skillful doula like Francie when it actually happens. She was a very positive part of the whole experience. I felt well supported during and after labor and I couldn’t recommend her more. 

Collin M


Francie is amazing. I am so thankful she was there to guide a first time partner through an exciting and intense day. Nothing seemed to go as expected and Francie's wisdom, experience and kindness helped us meet our birth plan expectations and  share a once in a lifetime experience. 

Sharon McCay


Having Francie as our doula was the best decision we could have made. The moment she arrived during my labor, my body just knew that now it was okay to progress and open. My people were here and we could do this. She brought with her a sense of calm and peace, but also a confidence in me, that is so necessary in the birthing space. She recognized each phase I was in before I did, and gently encouraged me to move into that phase and listen to my body. She remembered the position I wanted to push in and helped me make that reality - which was so important to me. She knew just when to laugh and make jokes, and when to be a quiet, calm presence. Francie is truly a doula for everyone and knows just how to listen, make space, and support your decisions. I don't know how I possibly gave birth the first time without her, but I hope to never do that again! 



We are so grateful that we discovered Francie, TheMilkinMama. We felt completely comfortable with her the moment we met her. 

Her boundless energy, professional experience, and positive attitude helped us get through some of the most challenging moments in our lives. Francie is dependable and always made herself available when we needed her.  

In the weeks leading up to delivery, she taught us some strategies on how to communicate our birth plan preferences with doctors and other medical staff. At the hospital, she helped my wife breathe and remain calm through comfort measures such as massage and aromatherapy. We strongly believe that her continuous presence and support - holding my wife’s hand through many painful contractions up until the big push - made the difference for having the birth the way we wanted. After the birth, she walked us through on how to contact a patient advocate to have us discharged from the hospital in a timely fashion.

As others have mentioned, she made sure to take photos right after delivery and captured some great moments. Once we were home and settled in, she came over and helped my wife with breastfeeding basics as well as how to use the pump. We highly recommend Francie’s hand expression book and Go Milk Yourself online workshops!

Hannah F.


Francie was the absolute best doula I could ever have asked for--I know without her support I would have had a very different labor experience! Her knowledge base is incredibly deep and she is very non-judgemental and supportive. In our prenatal conversations, she listened to all my hopes, fears, and preferences and asked thoughtful questions to help me better understand my complicated feelings toward my labor options. We never felt rushed during these visits/conversations -- it was clear that she was there to answer all our questions and to make us feel as prepared as possible. My labor began in the middle of the night and Francie picked up her phone immediately when my husband called her, asking questions to help us determine our next steps and to keep us both calm. She and my husband were in touch regularly from that point on, and she arrived at our apartment early the next morning when we determined that things were picking up. I was in active labor by then and to be honest I have NO idea how we would have gotten to the hospital without her guidance and help. She helped me to breathe through a very difficult Uber ride to the hospital and was with us every minute through the end of my delivery. I did not have an epidural which I'm pretty sure would have been impossible without her coaching me through of my contractions. She held my hands, applied pressure on my back, talked me through my breaths, and suggested some positions and props. She got along great with the medical staff at the hospital, and I could tell that they appreciated all she was doing. She also helped me to gently advocate for my preferences. After my son was born she stayed with us until he was latched and helped answer all our postpartum questions by text and during a long postpartum visit, and continuted to check in with us periodically even after our visits were over. We are forever grateful to her for her part in the safe, joyful delivery of our son! 

Tyler Ranson


My husband and I had an amazing experience with Francie and I consider her a dear friend. We were looking for someone we felt completely at ease with. It was also paramount that we worked with someone who had a high EQ,  someone that could proficiently help translate any medical language, and someone that would help us create the space we needed to make decisions in line with our birth plan. Francie fit the bill for all of this and beyond. She was so responsive and kind, but also did not sugar coat or mince words when it was required. I knew that she would advocate for me and do everything she could to help me (and my husband!) navigate my birth. She was also incredibly helpful and supportive postpartum. Our son had a severe tongue tie, which made breast feeding very difficult, and she was an indispensable resource to us while we figured it all out. I interviewed 6 doulas in total, and I'm so glad that I waited to find Francie who was a perfect fit for our family. My husband and I (and our son!) are forever grateful. 

Lauren Minchen


Francie was the definition of support during my pregnancy, throughout my labor and right after my delivery. She took time to get to know my needs and desires for my delivery, as well as to get to know the hospital I was delivering at. She frequently checked in with me and also sent helpful resources for labor and delivery. During the delivery, she administered physical pain management techniques for 6 hours to help me fulfill my wish to give birth naturally. Her technique and encouragement are what I credit for reaching that goal of mine. She also was amazing with the hospital staff, did a Target run for me to grab a breastfeeding accessory and visited me after labor to assist in relieving my engorgement and boosting my breastfeeding success. All around incredible support. I highly recommend Francie to anyone I know looking for a doula in NYC!



I can't say enough wonderful things about our prenatal, birth and postnatal experience with Francie. During our prenatal visits she ran through all different scenarios and asked me what I'd want in various situations. Even though this was my 2nd, she thought of so many things I'd never considered. During the labor and delivery Francir was of course amazing, advocating for me at every turn. She gave the most incredible massages, too! I was really impressed with her postpartum follow up, which is so important. In addition to visiting a couple of times, she followed up with my husband and me a lot over text, and offered other resources for our needs. I can't recommend Francie highly enough: she's warm, compassionate, funny and highly experienced, which is everything you want in a doula!



Through the entire process, from when we reached out to Francie through when our daughter was a week old, Francie was supportive, kind, and clear and she just felt like an essential part of our team. 

Working with Francie for our daughter's birth was absolutely the best choice we made preparing for labor. She asked incredible questions during our pre-partum visits that enabled us to communicate with my doctor, choose a birthing class, and unblock some family emotional baggage. We were in constant communication as my due date approached, and Francie was the first to point out that my contractions resembled prodromal labor and that I should talk to my doctor about that (I'd never heard the phrase before!). When my due date came and went, we scheduled an induction and Francie helped me talk through how I was feeling about that and come to terms with the plan (plus, she recommended a fabulous prenatal massage provider to help me lower stress the day before the induction). At the hospital, Francie provided fresh eyes, helped me settle into suitable positions, tracked down the nurses when the nitrous tank I requested was MIA, and used counter pressure massage and reassuring words to help me through the most challenging moments of labor. I can't imagine having gone through labor without her! After delivery, she provided extensive coaching to support initial breastfeeding at the hospital and even rearranged her schedule to come to our apartment for her postnatal visit when breastfeeding was causing emotional stress. Through the entire process, from when we reached out to Francie through when our daughter was a week old, Francie was supportive, kind, and clear and she just felt like an essential part of our team.



To be honest, I was a complete skeptic about the need for, and value of, a doula. I can't remember a time when I've been more wrong. Francie is amazing, kind, caring, patient, and the best advocate we could have asked for both before and during our birth experience. She went far, far above anything I could have possibly expected during the birth of our daughter, working with the hospital staff at every major decision along the way to make sure we understood our options and that our preferences were respected. My wife’s labor was long, complicated, and for a first-time parent, scary. Without Francie’s guiding hand and support I’m not sure how we would have made it through. If we have another child, Francie will be one of the first calls we make. 



I will never be able to adequately thank Francie for everything she has done for our family. I had an extremely long induction labor (over 51 hours!) and I was determined to have a vaginal delivery. Through it all, Francie never left my side (with the exception of brief breaks for food) and I credit her confidence, knowledge, and creativity for the fact that I ultimately gave birth vaginally to a perfectly healthy baby girl. Before our birth, Francie helped us learn everything we needed to know about labor, sharing her own knowledge and countless recommendations for birth/newborn classes, acupuncture, massage, a lactation consultant, and beyond. During our birth, she was an invaluable ally and resource. She knew all the physicians and nurses at NYU, sharing countless inside information with us about our birth team and our progress. Her massage techniques during labor were the only thing that helped me work through labor pain—both before I got the epidural and afterwards. Her knowledge of labor positioning is truly impressive, and she spent hours working with the NYU nurses to get me into different positions to both relieve pain and help my baby move into the optimal birth position. Ultimately, I do not know how I would have gotten through my birth without Francie and I cannot recommend her highly enough!



Pretty early on in my pregnancy I knew I wanted to find a doula.  As soon as we met Francie we knew she would be great to work with and that we would be in excellent hands. Francie is supportive, warm, experienced, smart, calm and so incredibly helpful. We met with Francie twice before I was due and learned so much from her. She recommended amazing classes on breastfeeding and newborn care and she helped us prepare for labor and our stay at the hospital. Whenever we had any questions about anything, Francie was available which made us feel safe and comfortable. 

I was induced at 39 weeks and talked through what that might be like several times with Francie.  When it was finally time to go to the hospital, Francie was amazing and I don't know what we would have done without her. She helped us talk through everything that was happening and any choices we needed to make.  She held my hand and put my hair in a ponytail 100 times and helped my husband stay calm. The nurses loved her and were happy to have her with us. Once the baby arrived, Francie was so incredibly helpful when it came to nursing. Our son is 10 months old and we have had a wonderful breastfeeding journey so far and I know Francie had so much to do with that.

We would (and have) recommend Francie to anyone who is considering a doula!



Anthony Tan


BFrancie was amazing during the birth of our daughter!! She was the perfect support system for me as a husband trying to be there for everything my wife needed.  She helped me understand all the pros and cons of every decision the doctors and midwives were asking me to make and was also an amazing advocate for our birthing plan!  I have already recommended to one couple who hired her for their birth and would gladly recommend and vouch for her services for any upcoming expecting couples looking for doula care.  It was an amazing experience having her as our doula!  We have already decided she will be our doula for our 2nd child when the time comes.

Dylan Roberts


My wife and I used Francie to assist  with the birth of our son in October 2018.  As a dad, I found Francie's help to be amazing - she is knowledgable, compassionate, and has a really wonderful manner in the delivery room.  I really appreciated her ability to make suggestions and to be assertive when we needed her to be, without being obtrusive.   She's also just a fun, interesting person, so it was a pleasure having her with us..  I will admit that I was a little worried that having a doula would turn me into a third wheel during the delivery - in fact, I didn't feel that even one little bit at any point during the process, and I really give Francie huge credit for the way she manages things.  I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation, and would be happy to speak with prospective clients directly.

Amit Singh


Francie was the best doula we could have asked for. She was the perfect addition to our birth team. She was amazing at getting back to us and talking through any questions we had. Given we were first time parents she helped answer a ton of questions we had. She was very very knowledgeable about the craziness of hospital birth and really guided us throughout. As the father, she really helped me be at ease and not freak out about anything. She supported me throughout the process as well (actually even after the birth). Her guidance was very helpful in my wife having a successful vaginal birth. We have a heathy wonderful baby boy now!! I would recommend Francie to anyone in a heartbeat. 

Anna & Baby Oliver


To say that working with Francie was amazing would be an understatement. She's the sister/ fairy godmother/ cheerleader/ coach/ therapist that made having my first baby one of the best experiences of my life. I'd describe her as warm, prompt, funny, passionate and resourceful.

From encouraging me to switch to an OBGYN who would support my wishes to have a natural birth, to making sure I took a newborn and breastfeeding class (both free!), Francie had all the bases covered. In preparation for birth, she was always just a quick text message away... she holds the record for fastest replies.

I trusted and leaned on Francie so much that she was the one whose hand I held while I was giving birth, not my husband's! She made sure to take photos of those oh so special first moments of me holding my son, which I would have completely forgotten about. 

Our family, including our dog, could not get enough of Francie, so we hired her to help us out post partum as well. When I ended up with a clogged milk duct, she was on the phone with me at midnight, talking me through steps to try to avoid mastitis. When I couldn't deal with the influx of visiting famiily, Francie helped me set boundaries and ensured that I could recover physically and mentally. 

Francie will never push any method or belief on her clients. To be frank, she's so good at hiding her own opinions, I still wonder where she stands on debates like sleep training or how often to bathe a baby.

If we end up pregnant again, Francie will be my first phone call, even before our parents. She's the best!

Niko Bialek


After the doula we hired was with us for 24 hours, she called in Francie to support us so she could take a break and get some rest. Francie came raring to go with so much great energy that she maintained for the whole 16(?) hours she was with us. I had planned a home birth but after 30 hours of laboring at home and some concern baby was in distress, Francie arrived just as we were preparing to transfer to the hospital. She helped us get out the door and get through every step and decision at the hospital including supporting me through several (very uncomfortable) hours in triage before being admitted, 1 epidural that came undone, another epidural placement, and finally the decision to get a c-section and the first little while in the recovery room after the birth. She helped me remember all the preferences and priorities we had discussed when she first arrived as I made each medical decision and supported my partner when she wanted to talk to me about considering a c-section. She held my hand through so many painful contractions and helped me ask for support when the first epidural failed and I wasn't sure whether it was breakthrough pain or a failed epidural.
As a trans/non-binary birthing person, I was super scared of all the new providers entering the situation (I also had a replacement midwife due to unforseen circumstances and then of course had all the new-to-me providers at the hospital) and she was amazing with all the queer and trans stuff, helping me advocate for myself at the hospital and not messing up my pronouns etc.
She joined our doula at the follow up visit once we were home and stayed in touch over text since after that.  I would recommend Francie to any family looking for birthing support.  We are so grateful that we lucked into her presence at our birth.

Jake Kahana


We couldn't have done it without Francie.

Before we even told our families that we were expecting, we had a health scare and no one to talk to. We had met Francie and reached out to start a conversation about managing the anxiety and fears my wife and I had going into this experience. She not only eased our worries but her empathy and love with which she listened and understood us was instrumental in our success.

We interviewed a half dozen other doulas, always comparing them to Francie and not one lived up to her. When it came down to the week of delivery (our daughter was delivered 9 days after her due date), we weren't sure if Francie was going to be able to be there. But sure enough, she was texting with us several times a day to check in.

We got to the hospital for an induction and it took a long time. 50 hours give or take. The first 36, she was there every hour, checking in and communicating with us about what to expect and ready to come when she needed us to. On the delivery day, she showed up rested and ready to go. And through nearly 12 hours of active labor, she was by our side emotionally and physically supporting my wife and me.

She helped me be a better partner during labor and she was a great bridge between the nurses, midwife and us. We felt like she was a part of our family and was a reliable and loving resource before, and after our hospital stay. We still text updates and love hearing from her, even a year later.

If you're considering Francie to be your doula, your search is over.

Julie L


We do not know how we would have done it without Francie. She provided emotional support and helpful information that assisted us as we made important decisions.She was always very diligent about returning phone calls/emails/text messages in a timely manner.

At the labor itself, Francie was with us for the entire time. She massaged my back, suggesting position changes, and reminded me to focus on my breathing. She kept me focused the entire labor and was holding our hands start to finish.   

You cannot put a value on what she did for us during our birth.She helped me remain relaxed and comfortable while having contractions throughout the process and I would absolutely hire her again.

Sonia Singh


I had a wonderful birth experience, and I really have Francie to thank for that. She made sure I was well informed about the whole process, from pregnancy to labor to delivery and the first few weeks of newborn care. She was always available to answer my questions, responding in a timely manner. Giving birth for the first time can be scary, but thanks to Francie I felt confident that I could do this. She is not only knowledgeable but warm, funny and caring. You can tell that she genuinely loves this work. She even helped advocate for me when my original OB wasn’t giving me great treatment. She also has great references for other resources after birth. I’m so thankful that she helped make the most important day of my life really become the best day of my life :). 

Rebecca Brandt


Working with Francie as my birth doula was the best decision I made throughout my pregnancy and birth. We hired Francie pretty early on in my pregnancy (I think only a few months in!) because I was a first-timer and feeling pretty anxious about everything. From the moment my husband and I met Francie, we felt like we were longtime friends with her; she has such a calm, friendly, warm demeanor that you can't help but fall in love with her right away. We kept in contact throughout my pregnancy, and any time I had any questions about ANYTHING (no, seriously, ANYTHING), I would text Francie and she would get back to me right away. She was my pregnancy guru. 

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was having some minor complications and baby was turned breech. Francie helped me put together a plan so I felt more in control of the situation. This included putting me in touch with resources to work on turning the baby, and we discussed my options in case baby doesn't turn. I felt more comfortable with the idea of an emergency C-section because we sat down together and reviewed exactly what would happen, and what my options would be. I ended up having very early contractions and was rushed to the hospital for an emergency section, and Francie was there the entire time. She was my advocate, helping me through the entire thing. Comforted me while I cried, spoke to the nurses to get me everything I needed, stayed with me pre-surgery, hung out with my family while they waited during the procedure. 

After the birth of my beautiful little girl Lyla, Francie and I have kept in touch. She checked up on me a lot after the birth to see how I was feeling about the emergency section, and adapting to new mom life. She put me in touch with a wonderful lactation consultant who I still use today. It has been almost 9 months since my daughter was born, and I still love and cherish Francie. I will absolutely NEED her by my side for any future babies!

Sasa McCabe


I wanted to have an unmedicated birth in a hospital in NYC and I did not fully believe that I could do it. I knew that I needed to hire a doula to help me and my husband manage the hospital experience. After talking to Francie on the phone I felt like I had someone knowledgeable on my side. I loved our prenatal visits; she always had a supportive and caring attitude. I was not so lucky to have attentive nurses during the delivery so I can't imagine what the experience would have been like had Francie not been there. It was incredibly reassuring to have Francie in the room during the birth. She helped me find the strength when I thought I couldn't do it anymore. I did not fully understand ahead of time how important she would be. She knew exactly what to do and what to say. Francie and my husband worked as a team. I am so endlessly grateful for her. Her postpartum support was invaluable. Thanks to Francie's advice and suppiort I've had a wonderful breastfeeding journey. I really can not praise her enough.

Esther Bierbryer


Words can not express how amazing Francie was as our postpartum doula ! She really is a godsend and we are so lucky to have had her in our lives to help care for our son ! She  came in with a huge smile, ready to listen and help us in any shape or form . We didn’t even have to ask her - she would come in and immediately start with washing her hands , washing and sterilizing Bottles, tidying the kitchen , the minute I told her my son was asleep  ! but Even more important, she was so loving and gentle with my son . She taught me so much And how to care for him , even as a second time mom ! She is so flexible and numerous times accommodated her schedule  to help . Franice so truly happy to be a help and she really was ! i knew when I left my son with her , to run errands or go to an appointment, he was in the best hands . Any family would be truly so lucky to have her as a doula !

Esther Bierbryer


Words can not express how amazing Francie was as our postpartum doula ! She really is a godsend and we are so lucky to have had her in our lives to help care for our son ! She  came in with a huge smile, ready to listen and help us in any shape or form . We didn’t even have to ask her - she would come in and immediately start with washing her hands , washing and sterilizing Bottles, tidying the kitchen , the minute I told her my son was asleep  ! but Even more important, she was so loving and gentle with my son . She taught me so much And how to care for him , even as a second time mom ! She is so flexible and numerous times accommodated her schedule  to help . Franice so truly happy to be a help and she really was ! i knew when I left my son with her , to run errands or go to an appointment, he was in the best hands . Any family would be truly so lucky to have her as a doula !

Nicole Flowers


The process of finding a Doula reminded me and my husband of online dating... only very different. This person is going to be with you during one of the most memorable and special times of your life! Also during a time where you are your most vulnerable. It was an interesting process to go through. But just like dating, you know when you know.

Francie was the second Doula we met and we knew she was the one immediately. Something about her smile, her passion for births, her laugh and the softness in her toughness. All of this and more made me want her by my side.

She was our rock, our advocate, our eyes and ears and 100% the backbone of our team. I simply cannot imagine the birth of our daughter without her.

I am so thankful that we found her and I know you will feel the same. Francie is exactly what you want and need in a Doula.

Carrie Briganti


Having Francie as part of our birthing team was an invaluable experience and I would without a doubt want to work with her again or refer her to any of my closest friends. Her warm personality, strong knowledge of birthing/pregnancy/lactation and passion for the job are what made us feel like we were in great hands. Francie empowers her clients to advocate for the birth they want without being pushy, overbearing or fear mongering. If necessary, she is willing to be an active advocate and is not meek or shy about pauing the situation to take a moment and better assess, or speaking up if need be. This was an important doula trait for us as we did not want a wall-flower who was solely and emoitonal coach. Moreoer, France gives her clients the tools they desire through information (articles, videos, websites) to better inform and decide for themselves about the many decisions throughout pregnancy and birth. The information and advice she provide allow her clients to achieve the birth they desire and form their own opinions.

Francie always availed herself in a timely manner - whether by text, call - she was always there for us. What is also incredibly powerful is her knowledge of lactation and her network of incredible resources (lactation consultants and others in the field). She is an incredible listener, is organized and truly commited to her clients.  Even after our birth she continued to follow up with us and check in on momma, the family and our baby. She is an incredibly kind, warm and fun person with great energy and passion for this job (what you want in my opinion!). We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Heartie Look


I am BEYOND thrilled that we hired Francie to help bring our baby boy into the world. She felt like an old friend, due to her easy going and open attitude, but was also professional and knowledgeable about how to best guide us through the days leading up to delivery day, and during it! If it was not for her I am pretty sure I would have ended up getting a C-section (not the end of the world but wanted to avoid that)...She helped advocate for alternative pain relief for as long as I wanted it, and saw us through to the end with steadfast attention and care for both me and my husband. I was induced and it could have gotten a lot more complicated than it did, but I think having Francie there by my side was crucial to everything going as smoothly as it did...And her support after Xavier was born was also wonderful, helping us navigate the first few weeks as new parents, beyond what was expected. I recommend Francie 100%, and am so glad that already some friends of ours have hired her to help bring their baby into the world this coming January :) I hope every Mama (and Papa) to be get the chance to work with someone like Francie! We love you!!

Christopher Xavier Dougherty


Absolutely incredible! & I only have a max of 2000 chrctrs to shower kudos on the incredible Francie TheMilkinMama?Around the time my wf mentioned she was strongly considering a doula I read about 2 key things that have come up in the outcome research on them:

1st, shorter labor; 2nd, less Csections. The 1st 1 I dont think is controversial-who would want their partner to have to endure an xtra minute of painful labor, but the 2nd one I want to make clear that Im fully aware betw delivering multiples, emerg. issues,etc there are reasons why csections are @x not a choice. But if all remains =, a mother not having to undergo surgery is a good thing.We are CONVINCED that having Francie delivered both of those-no pun intended.

1st, my wife was induced & common #s are 36h+of labor once med is given;my wife's was less than 24h! (I believe she got med at 12a on a Tues & delivered that nite @ 741p so 19h 41m).

2nd, we were told by more than 1 OB/GYN -not our Midwife, but those working at MtSWest overnite - that my wife should take an epi early on. Francie knew we did not want this & that WE wanted to be the 1s to ask -but again, our Midwife was not there- so our birth plan was temp thrown out the door. Francie insisted we find out if nitrous oxide gas was on offer-it was! (apparently no longer which is too bad) 1 OB/GYN RELUCTANTLY stated they could probably find it & then had the gall to say it doesn't really work! Well we credit this w/ helping take the edge off the labor pains & "bought time" to delay doing the epi

We can not more highly recommend Francie! A few months ago we met an expectant couple in a local cafe interviewing a doula. We happened to mention ours. We wound up getting together w/ this couple a few months later & we were thrilled to hear theyd gone out & hired Francie after wed raved about her! This predates this review & is just as good or even better than this review!

Marta Kuersten


You know how people ask if your mom/sister/close female relative will be in the room when you give birth? And how there’s only maybe 25% of the population for whom that would *actually* be a good idea? Francie is like that close female relative that you would truly want in the room, as well as during your pregnancy and postpartum. We were so so glad to have her. My birth was a planned Caesarean, and she was super encouraging, enthusiastic and non-judgmental as we were planning everything out. I was lucky to be able to have her in the OR and she was incredibly calming and supportive. It made a huge difference in how I remember my birth experience, which was pretty amazing. Her warmth and spirit are what set her apart; we would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Bertha Lina Arimas


I met Francie at a doula speed dating event where she and I were one of the first ones to arrive. (+100 points for being early) Even before the event started, we got to know each other. It was my first time to attend an event like that, and I was able to meet several other doulas, but at the end of the session, it was Francie who I clicked with. She is relaxed and present, calm but engaged. She has a great sense of humor and a sense for what needs to be done at that time. We talked about yoga and her MilkinMama business. The other doulas I met were alright, but it was Francie who I could imagine being comfortable with during what could be a long labor.

I had attended a hypnobirthing class series and planned to do an unmedicated birth, so it was important for my husband and I to have another person who was familiar with that method to support us. Our prenatal visits helped get us ready for the big birthing day and served as opportunities to become very comfortable with Francie. She does a great job of getting you in the right mental space to feel ready for whatever happens.

Francie is the doula for you if:

-You have a husband who likes to be overprepared and risk averse. Francie is an excellent communicator and always makes you feel empowered to make decisions.

-Want to feel like the amazing human that you are while bringing a tiny human to this world. Francie's genuine sense of awe and wonder for the birthing process is contagious.

I'm lucky that I was able to meet Francie when I did, and had the resources to have her be our birth doula.  Her IBCLC training made our postnatal visit so valuable, she steered us to the right treatment options for our baby's tongue tie.

When I need to be affirmed in this motherhood journey, I read her book, "Go Milk Yourself, You Have Power, Express It" and feel more capable immediately.

Eliza Berman


Could I have given birth to my daughter without Francie? I suppose. Would I have wanted to? No way! Francie was an invaluable part of my birth team leading up to, during and after the delivery of our baby. She is knowledgeable and passionate about the work she does. She is attentive and she cared above all about what I and my partner wanted out of the birth experience. She always answered our questions (and sought out answers from experts if she didn't know) but she never ever pushed her own agenda. She helped us to feel empowered. She went out of her way to visit me and check in with me when unexpected complications arose with my pregnancy. She also helped us to navigate breastfeeding challenges and find our way to an expert during our baby's first days. It's very clear that she sees her role in women's childbirth experiences as a sacred and honored one to be handled with the utmost care. We hesitated to hire her because we thought we wanted a doula at a lower price point but she is totally worth the investment and we recommend her without hesitation. I'm so glad she's now a part of our lives and our daughter's.

jackie subhash


My husband Dev and I were honored to have Francie as our doula, for the birth of our daughter Lucia. Throughout my pregnancy, Francie provided invaluable resources regarding NYC hospital options, natural birth practices and other questions that came up for us. I had a long and difficult labor, 43 hours. Francie came to our apartment at hour 19 and stayed with us through the end. She helped us turn our L&D suite into a wonderful birthing room, with dim lights and a quiet atmosphere. She offered tons of support throughout the many hours of labor, including laboring postures and positions for me and my husband to try. She brought in a doula acupuncturist at one point, who provided great relief. At 35 hours, when I lost my composure completely and requested an epidural, she was very supportive and non-judgmental of my choice. She called in another doula much later in the labor, to allow Francie to take a brief rest and to offer some new postures to encourage Dilation. She stayed with us for a few hours after our beautiful daughter was born, until they moved us into our room for the night.

I believe that the wonderful nurses at our hospital (NYU) respected my initial wishes to have a natural birth because of Francie’s calm presence and kindness to the staff. I can’t recommend her enough and will always be grateful for her!

Sarah Ilene Klein


Francie was remarkable in her work with us and we could not have felt more supported. When our birth plans went awry, Francie was in our corner. She made herself meaninfully available to us in the weeks leading up to my delivery and in the weeks after as well.

Choosing a doula is certainly a very personal decision and we are all different so it's hard to say anything universal about the process. But I do believe that this is what makes Francie so wonderful -- she knows this and wants each family to have the experience that is right for them, no judgments or impositions. I find that truly invaluable.

Zahra Virji


Im from England so im well acquainted to the midwife and doula service. When I got pregnant the US system was so far from what I had ever known and it made me very nervous.
I had found the perfect midwife where was I going to find a doula??
I spoke to many doulas and the only one who stood out amongst all of them was FRANCIE. Passionate, loving, strong, caring and chatter box like me. It felt like a match made in heaven.
I loved all our pre natal visits, as a first time mum I had no idea what I really wanted, or what to expect. Francie really made the meetings personal to me she helped me surface a lot of thoughts what would have otherwise never been voiced. She also really understood the things I wanted to take away from this birth. She also helped me understand so much about the process and particulars. 
On the day of my delivery, I questioned my decision of having doula. I loved Francie but I found myself asking did I really need someone who wasn't part of my everyday life at one of the most intimate moments in my life. Would she really know what i need or want?
The answer is HECK YES!!!!!! Francie made the whole process and experience something I don't think it would have been. Her support and style was just what I needed. The time we spent at home and at the hospital Francie made sure everything went to plan and I felt so supported and ready. She held my hand and said all the things I needed to hear. I will be ever grateful to Francie for the love and support she gave me that day. I cant to have her at all my births, I know it will never be the same without her.

Kari Misencik


My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Francie as our doula In August 2017. Prior to the labor she really took the time to find out what was important to us.  My husband and I decided to use hypno birthing to support us during the labor, Francie was  familiar and able to support us in this.  Most of our labor was done at home and Francie was in contact with us through it all.  She met us at the birthing center.  It was important to me to deliver my son without any pain medication, so I knew I would need a lot of support. Francie, along with my husband, did an incredible job with this.  After our son was born she was there to show me how to nurse him and make sure we had it down.  She also shared a lot about what we might experience once home, and continued to keep in contact to make sure we were doing ok.  As new parents this was very helpful.   Her postpartum visit at our apartment was very helpful and she continues to be available if we have question.  I  highly recommend her.

Ilya Liikhterov


My experience with Francie was wonderful during the birth of our son Jasper.  As medical professional myself, I was anxious about my role in supporting my wife in labor. Francie guided, provided space, and was truly on the very intimate team  during what proved to be more regular experience. Her weight is gentle and confident.   Her approach is very personalized, she gets to know the family well in advance. She was exactly who we needed in that delivery room.

Sarah Hughes


Communication: Francie is highly responsive & even encouraged me to reach out more! We communicated via text & phone frequently; her response time is fast and engaging. She always made me feel heard and empathically considered, she is a font of knowledge, & very real and funny and never judgmental or overly directive. Prenatal mtg: This added so much to my practical and mental prep. She focused on my needs and helped me explore options in a way I found very educating & open, without pressure or bias. I learned of alternative approaches to things I never knew about. Birth: I had a home birth. Which meant that I was at ease in my surroundings, but I had no pain medication and very little intervention. My labor lasted about 24 hours, but 12 were active, pushing labor, which I am told is a little nuts! But, I was so comprehensively supported and attended to that I never once felt worried, unsafe, or unsure of what was going on. Francie came to my house first, a couple hours before the midwives, to help me through my contractions when they were becoming so painful. I still can't fully comprehend the magnitude of what Francie and the birth team really did for me. Because I can’t believe how she gave me so much devotion and support. Not only did I receive the best medical care, I also was so lovingly supported - I was truly taken care of emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Francie was with me every single minute - by my side, holding my hand, holding an IV bag, holding the weight of my entire body even – she literally gave me every ounce of her inner and physical strength. Postpartum: I cannot begin to tell you how essential this was for my baby & me. In those early crazy days Francie truly listened to me, I confided in her, she was a caregiver to me & my baby, she was a wellspring of guidance & inspiration when I felt fear & unknowing.

Jem Robinson


Francie has been in our lives since the birth of our son in early November 2017. We hadn't anticipated the need for a post-partum Doula before the birth – but as a British couple living in New York without a support network we soon realized that our life with a newborn would benefit from it. Francie came to us via a recommendation and we immediately clicked. She offered compassion and emotional support as I came to terms with the emotional upheaval of having a baby, and doing so far away from home. This was artfully combined with an immense practicality and knowledge about breastfeeding, newborn care and self-care. Francie has a real gift for comforting and teaching simultaneously, a skill that is fantastically helpful when you're dealing with both the emotional and practical needs of caring for a baby, and adjusting to your new life. She was a great support to both my husband and I, and our little boy is a big fan too. 

I couldn't have wished for more from Francie during our time together. Her unique skillset is ideally suited to the role of Doula, and personality wise she is super smart, with a dash of whimsy, a great sense of humour and highly reassuring, which adds up to a fantastic package. Throw in her speed texting ability and you really couldn't ask for more :-)

Hope Crocker Stango


I received wonderful, supportive guidance from Francie during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. She listened, heard what I needed, and met those needs. She was invested 100% in being present as a doula—truly BEING THERE—for me, my baby, and my family throughout the process. Francie was very available and had lots of ideas when I needed them. She was also a calm, steady presence when I needed that. And when I needed action, she did that too! (Oh, you need hot towels in labor and the nurses are moving slowly? BOOM! Hot towels arrived.) Francie is a gem. I love her. And I will be forever grateful for her support as a doula.

Kelly J. O


We hired Francie as our birth doula for our son's birth at the end of November and I'm still struggling to find the right words to capture how wonderful it was to have her there. We were lucky with a birth experience that was relatively "quick" and we were able to do it unmedicated, but I truly feel like neither of those might have been true if it wasn't for her. My husband is wonderful and he did everything he learned in our birthing class, but it was really Francie that knew how and when to apply counter pressure or use different tools/techniques for pain management, helped me re-frame my mindset when I started to lose faith, helped us make informed decisions as they came, BELIEVED ME when i knew things were going one way and the doctors thought otherwise, and allowed my husband to be there for emotional support (and among all of this, was still able to joke around and keep the mood light and fun with him - which was important to me too!). Not only did she help us to have as close to the birth experience that we had hoped for, but her postpartum guidance and support were just as valuable. From ideas to help soothe our son, to the range of emotions I was experincing and troubleshooting some breastfeeding issues early on, I just can't say enough good things! I would hire her a million times over and would encourage any expecting parents to do the same! Everyone needs a Francie on their baby time dream team.

Jessica Hahn


As I first time mom, I was anxious about the pain of giving birth. Not only did Francie have techniques for relieving some of the pain with pressure moves and was there for me and my husband every moment, when she was with me I believed I could do it. That belief in myself was crucial.

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