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Anna Bonick, RN, CD/CBE (DTI)

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Oak Park, IL Service range 22 miles


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Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

13 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

  • Doula Trainings International , May 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 0 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Having been both a Labor & Delivery and Postpartum RN since 2000, I am very comfortable in the hospital setting--and empowering you to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby.

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College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

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Growing a family can happen in all sorts of ways, with all sorts of ups and downs. It's a beautiful, complicated life transition that many of us navigate without true guidance and hands-on support. How do we know what we need as expectant and new parents? What if it's really hard to ask for help? I spent over 12 years as an L&D RN before I realized my heart had outgrown the role. My mission is to inform, encourage and empower expectant parents to realize their own best vision for a healthy and meaningful passage into parenthood. I am also are here to lovingly support parents when journeys detour through unexpected or painful paths. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Oak Park, IL Service range 22 miles

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Client Testimonials for Anna Bonick, RN, CD/CBE (DTI)

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Liz Lukehart


Anna was my birth doula for my second child, and I'm so, so grateful to have had her by my side! I can't say my birth went the way I hoped it would. I was trying for a VBAC, but after fully dilating and pushing for 3 hours, ended up with an emergency c-section and significant hemorrhaging. And yet, I can still say I had an empowering, supportive experience, in large part due to Anna! From our first meeting I instantly felt calmed and comforted by her presence. During the birth, she provided expert massage, counterpressure, and other pain relief measures. She also knew exactly when to step back and let my husband take over. And she set up the most beautiful labor & delivery room! The mood was perfect - dark and warm with LED candles and fairy lights. Even the nurses and my midwife were talking about how peaceful the room was! Throughout the whole labor, Anna was always making sure to pay attention to the little things, from getting me heat packs to making sure I stayed hydrated, so my husband and I could focus on me and the baby. After the birth Anna checked in on us regularly, and kindly treated my husband and I to lunch at our postpartum meeting. She is thoughtful, loving, calm, and attentive - everything you could possibly want in a doula! I cannot recommend her enough! 

Laura Sinnott


Anna is gentle like a cumulous cloud floating in the summer sky, yet strong like the Rocky Mountains. Ok, this analogy might sound sort of ridiculous, but she truly embodies a quiet strength that allowed me to navigate my first birth with confidence. Doulas are the unsung heros of the birth team. Anna was by my side for every moment. Even when I would drift off during the most exhausting parts of labor, I would crack my eyes open and she would be right there, fully present and awake, sending me strength, reassurance, and comfort. My husband was an amazing support as well, but he agrees that Anna was truly the glue that held us both together. 

Our birth did not go as we hoped it would. We hoped for an unmedicated birth, but when interventions were suggested, Anna provided support for my wishes to wait it out longer, to try this or that. When I was too exhausted to continue without interventions, she also supported the decision and provided validation for doing so. She helped me to feel like I didn't just give up.  I don't know how to explain in words what magic a doula can have, and perhaps it is not all doulas have it, but for sure, Anna made the difficult parts of birth much more bearable, and had me focusing on the positive sides all the time. Oh - and kept me very hydrated! 

Anna was also a labor and delivery nurse, so she has an extra layer of knoweldge and experience. She and her partner (they are from It Takes A Village doulas in Chicago) provide so much support during pregnancy as well, so much education and resources. 

They also make a post partum visit, provide even more resources such as books from their lending library, access to some hypno birth and post partum recordings, new parent groups (at no extra charge!), recommendations for night nurses and lactation consultants, etc. 

Both Anna and her partner Eleanor are highly recommended by us!

Kaitlyn Q.


We worked with It Takes A Village for birth doula services, and we cannot recommend them enough. Anna and Eleanor are so warm, so welcoming, and so reassuring. We love that they are there for you during labor and delivery, but they are also thinking about and supporting you beyond those few critical hours. They provide really holistic support for your transition to becoming a parent.

Before the birth, Anna and Eleanor provided us with lots of helpful information and resources (including books from their lending library!), asked us questions that helped us clarify our wants and needs, and helped us know what to expect and what choices we'd need to make during the birth. They are so approachable and non-judgmental, and we really enjoyed our preparation meetings with them.

Anna was the doula on call when I went into labor, and she was just wonderful during my labor and my son's birth. With her support and guidance, we were able to stay home for most of early labor, which was our goal. Anna was also great at the hospital, both for me and for my husband. She took beautiful photographs during labor and after the birth. She was such an unobtrusive photographer that most of the photos were a total suprise to us.

Anna and Eleanor's support did not end when our son was born. In addition to visiting us at home shortly after his birth, Anna followed up about some of the challenges we faced and offered referrals for lactation help, physical therapy, and more. Anna and Elearor also host a wonderful new parent group weekly.

Anna and Eleanor are worth way more than we paid for them, and we are so grateful that we've had their help and support during pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood.

Kyle and Erin


We had the pleasure of working with Anna through the delivery of our son in April 2019. This was one of the best decisions we've made for our new family.  Looking back on everything, Anna was perfect and everything we needed. She provided expert knowledge, a wealth of experience and was well prepared for everything.  Anna knew our birth plan and actively worked to ensure were were informed and even quietly drew our attention where hopital staff were deviating from our plan. In everyway, Anna was always well positioned for understanding, guidance and comfort. After initial delivery, our newborn had slight complications, Anna brought such peace of mind, explaining every detail. If that wasn't enough, after a successful delivery, Anna sends us +50 pictures we never knew she took during delivery. The pictures alone were amazing and totally unexpected. 

Anna it's no short of perfect and we consider ourselves blessed to have been able to utilize her services



We used Anna and Eleanor as doulas for the birth of our first child and the whole experience was great! The meetings ahead of time were an excellent way to get to know the two of them as well as super informative. They gave us a lot of information to help us feel prepared as well as asking a lot of questions and really listening to us to understand our hopes, wishes and preferences for the birth. Our birth did not go in anyway how we planned, with a number of curve balls but it was so amazing to have Anna there every step of the way. She helped us to make informed choices throughout the whole experience as well as providing great emotional support for both me and my husband. She quickly established a rapport with the medical team which just made everything much smoother and more relaxed even at the most stressful points. Finally her follow up was amazing, she continued to provide excellent support when needed, just because our son had be born didn't mean she was done helping us. Whether it was a motivational text or recommendation for other resources to help with any issues that arose.

Amy Bleibel


I wanted to use a doula for my second pregnancy after I had a difficult delivery with my first daughter. With my first, I had an easy pregnancy and was not expecting complications. However, my daughter was sunnyside up and after pain meds/epidural, my labor stalled and I needed an emergency c-section. I also developed postpartum preeclampsia and had to be readmitted to the hospital. When I became pregnant with my second, I wanted a doula to help me prepare before delivery and help me reach my goal of an unmedicated VBAC. We interviewed several doulas, but when we met Anna & Eleanor we instantly knew we had found our match! They were so compassionate & understanding of my concerns especially after my first delivery. They provided exercises to prepare my body for delivery & ensure my baby was in the ideal delivery position.It also made me feel better that Anna was a former L&D nurse. Anna was amazing during my delivery. She transformed my room into a mini spa complete with lights and oils. As my labor grew more intense, she ensured I was as comfortable as possible and was constantly offering me water, back rubs, different positioning etc. When it felt like I couldn’t take the pain any longer, she gently offered other suggestions to relieve the pain. This gentle redirection was enough b/c when I finally wanted an epidural, Anna found the nurse and I was ready to push! I achieved my goal of an unmedicated VBAC & I couldn’t have done it without Anna. My doctor & nurses even thanked Anna b/c she was so amazing and helpful during the entire process. Saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough b/c I am eternally grateful to them for helping me through this journey. I was so terrified of being pregnant again after my first and the support they provided with my second was one I will never forget. This empowering experience has helped me bring closure to the trauma and guilt of my first delivery and my family now feels complete.

Gwendolyn Miller


Working with Anna and Eleanor was one of the most joyful times for me. Every time we met, it was like being with two old friends. I hired them early in my pregnancy and then was thrown a twist of learning I was having twins. Anna and Eleanor were always able to respond to questions or concerns we had during the pregnancy. As the months passed, we realized I was going to need a cesarean and they continued to be exceptionally supportive and compassionate and present with me as my delivery plan continued to change. Being with Anna after surgery was a very calming and healing experience. They were wonderfully flexible as changes came up and I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for an incredible team to walk with them along their pregnancy or post-partum journey.

Maryann Geisheker


I highly recommend Anna and Eleanor, the doulas of It Takes a Village Birth and Family Support, for anyone interested in having an informed and empowering birth experience. As a first time mom, I did a lot of reading about pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I knew that I would need to prepare myself physically and mentally, and I knew that I wanted a support person with me, (in addition to my husband). Upon first meeting Anna and Eleanor, I knew they would be a great fit for us. Their warmth and enthusiasm for what they do and the families they work with was immediately apparent and genuine. Also, their knowledge and experience was exactly what we were looking for to help myself and my husband feel as prepared and confident as we could be going into labor. After our initial meeting, we met again to go over many of the possibilities that could happen during labor, as well as the benefits/risks of possible interventions, and we discussed my birth preferences. In the weeks leading up to the birth, Anna and Eleanor were available via text and phone, to answer questions, offer suggestions, and offer emotional support as well. Anna was the doula who was with us during the actual labor and delivery. She helped guide me through my early labor at home, and provided physical, mental, and emotional support during my labor and delivery at the hospital. Anna's perfect and unique balance of warmth and strength, combined with her encouragement and confidence in me, helped me trust in myelf and my body and have the unmedicated labor and delivery I was hoping to have for myself and my baby. My husband also very much appreciated Anna's presence and has since been telling everyone we know who is expecting a baby that there are two things worth investing in...a good stoller and a good doula :) I wish all expectant mothers could have as much love and support as I did welcoming my baby into this world.

Alexandra Smith


Words cannot truly express how much I love Anna! She is an wonderful doula. She made our very difficult birth much more managable. She and her partner, Eleanor, gave my husband and I so much support as we were preparing for the birth of our son. They even came to our home to meet with us. Anna was so calm, kind, and supportive throughout the final week of my pregnancy. I developed preexclampsia late in my pregnancy and I was very concerned. Anna talked through all my feelings with me and gave me confidence that I could do it. When we had to go to the hospital unexpectedly, Anna was right there with us. After I was induced, she stayed with us through the night, providing much needed support. Anna was able to help me understand my options while at the hospital and helped me make difficult decisions. She had so many strategies for helping me get through my contractions. I felt confident I could do it with her there. She also empowered my husband as he helped me through the birth. After our son was born, Anna visited us at home and helped me take care of him. I was worried about cutting his nails, and right away she offered to help. Anna continued to help me as my son got older. She provided breastfeeding support and helped talk through some sleep challenges. She always encouraged me to care for myself to make sure I could care for my son. That is a message so many moms need to hear. When my husband and I started searching for a doula, we knew a doula would be helpful at our birth, but we didn't expect to find such a wonderful friend and mentor. I would highly recommend Anna to any family expecting a child. 

Tiffany Svitko


I cannot say enough wonderful things about my doula experience with Anna and It Takes A Village. Anna, and her partner Eleanor are two of the most supportive, compassionate, empowering women I have ever met. At our initial meeting to decide if it was a fit, there was an immediate warmth and connection. I was able to be vulnerable and comfortable at the start -- which is so important especially in labor when you're at your most vulnerable. Anna created a safe space both at my home while I labored there, on the car ride to the hospital, and in the hospital during the most trying part of my labor. She constantly reassured and encouraged me. She laughed with me and celebrated with me and made it a point to help me stay focused and strong. But the support didn't just extend to me. Anna was an incredible support to my partner, Paul, helping him know when it was time to leave for the hospital and taking care of certain tasks like helping me check in to triage while he moved the car. Prior to labor and delivery, Anna and Eleanor offered support and resources leading up to the big day -- along with encouragement and support when I became frustrated that my labor didn't seem like it would ever come. I would recommend Anna to anyone looking for supportive, compassionate, joyful and empowering doula support. As an added bonus, Anna is an amazing photographer and captured the most beautiful moments for our new family just after the delivery. Not only did she capture the beauty of birth in these photos, but all of the emotions in the room from my partner becoming a dad for the first time, to our midwife's joy in delivering our baby boy, and my immediate euphoria and strength after giving birth in the way I had hoped for. I want to add that my labor and delivery was ideal, but had there been any complications or needs for other outcomes, I have no doubt that Anna would have provided the perspective and strength to handle whatever way it played out. Thank you, Anna!

Ashley Meunier


I can't say enough position things about Anna and my experience with her as my doula.  I used her exclusively for postpartum care and it was such a great way for me to recover.  This was my second child and I wanted to avoid the overwhelming mental and physical strain I had with my first child.  Anna helped me in such small ways it made a huge impact.  I was able to have a reliable nap twice a week, I was able to schedule appointments or do errans that were hard/not fun with an infant.  I was able to have "time off" while on maternity leave.  I was able to speak pleasantly with someone who wasn't family.  I could reliably depend on her assistance in a way that made every day easier and not just the hours she was there ("oh, I can wait to do the laundry, Anna will help with it tomorrow).  I highly recommend her to everyone!

Diane Bell


We received 2 sessions with Anna as a gift. Truth be told, I hadn‘t ever heard of post-partum doula services (which lead to a lot of confusion until I got up to speed). Let me start by saying that we have an older child and the new kiddo is pretty easy, so you would  think that we wouldn’t have much use for her services—that couldn’t be more wrong. We found Anna’s help to be really wonderful—as she provided a lot of support that we didn’t know we needed. The first couple of months with a newborn are so difficult and each little one is so different that it is such a blessing to have someone who can offer some guidance through the tough patches and an outside perspective (you know, from someone who has actually slept more than a couple of hours and isn’t suffering from brain fog). Without hesitation, I will recommend Anna to all of my friends who are expecting. 

Kristian Moore


Anna is an excellent adoption doula who happens to be a labor and delivery registered nurse. Anna provided doula services to us both pre and post adoption. Pre adoption, she helped us to read and interpret the medical information that we received from our adoption agency. We're so glad that we used her, because we would have otherwise passed on our perfectly healthy, beautiful daughter. Anna helped us to translate our baby's medical data to understand that what sounded terrible to us as laypeople wasn't actually a big deal at all.

Post adoption, Anna was a godsend. We had no idea how to care for a baby and we had so many questions about every aspect of our baby's care. Anna gave us great tips on feeding, transporting, entertaining, and diapering our baby. And, she was welcome relief when we just needed to sleep. When we left our baby with Anna, we knew that she was in the most loving and capable hands with a doula who is also trained as an RN.

On top of Anna's training as a nurse and her love for babies, she is an amazing photographer. So, every time we used Anna, she captured the most gorgeous shots of our little one. I can't imagine a doula who is more qualified and passionate about her work. We were so lucky to have had Anna serve as our doula.

Rachelle D Cosenza


Anna first acted as my doula 9 years ago, and I have no doubt the experience was so positive due to her guidance. Anna was not only there to help me care for the baby, but also for myself as a woman before, during and after the birth. I knew Anna was the perfect person to ask to be my doula because she is caring and sweet--her personality oozes calm, comfort, competence and maternal instinct. In the months leading up to delivery she took me under her wing and was there to answer all my questions, even lending me some of her favorite maternity books. Anna was there to kindly guide and teach me, but she did not take the reins. Instead, she empowered me as a woman. At the hospital, she coached me through labor, advocated for my birth plan, and helped us understand. With Anna I wasn't merely a 'vessel' for a baby, I was a woman going through an amazing, beautiful rite of passage. I felt safe and aware because of her vigilance.

Anna was a knowledgeable and welcome presence after I came home from the hospital. She showed me techniques for rocking and swaddling that I may have been shown at the hospital, but in the whirlwind and recovery after having a baby, I simply did not absorb it. Anna was also able to assist me with successful latching for nursing and answered all my questions such as suggestions for nutrition. She also made sure I understood how my body would be feeling and healing, offering advice. Many friends and family visited, but I will cherish the amazing experience of having Anna afterwards because she was looking out for me as a new mother, something I desperately needed at the time. She enabled me to be the mother to my newborn girl that I desired to be by giving my knowledge, confidence, and encouragement. Eighteen months after this experience, I had twins and while Anna was not able to be in the operating room, she was there immediately after. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. She is an angel!


Angela Deligiannis


Anna Bonick is an absolutely outstanding doula. We had the good fortune of having Anna with us during the birth of our first child. Induction was necessary, and sometimes that can snowball into a cascade of interventions. While we understand that interventions can be necessary for the health of the mother and baby, sometimes more natural approaches can be taken (even in an induction situation), and unnecessary medical procedures can be avoided. This is where an experienced and properly trained doula can be extremely beneficial, and you will not find a better one than Anna.

Anna is a labor and delivery/postpartum nurse in addition to her doula training. Her extensive medical knowledge was so helpful in our situation. Not only was she able to provide comfort measures and birth position strategies to help the baby descend (she was suggesting techniques to the less experienced nurses!), but she was also able to advocate for us and explain to us what was happening when the hospital needed or wanted to intervene during labor. This is what makes Anna's experience unique - she combines a wealth of medical training with natural techniques to assist the mother (and father) during intense labor. I was able to deliver vaginally, and my husband and I believe I most likely would have had a C-section if Anna hadn't been there. 

Furthermore, Anna will provide wonderful postpartum care to new mothers. She is the most nurturing, compassionate person you will ever meet. Anna is excellent at reading people and will know when to step in and help, as well as when to let mother and baby be. Anna's extensive nursing background assisting postpartum mothers with healing and lactation makes her an excellent doula. She will not only be able to help a new mother and baby get their proper rest and nutrition, but she will also be able to recognize when a new mother or baby may need further medical attention.

I give Anna Bonick my highest recommendation.

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