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Kaleigh Carroll

Baton Rouge, LA Service range 45 miles



Birth Fee

$800 to $1100

Birth Fee

$800 to $1100

Birth Doula Experience

1 years and 5 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Home births must have a midwife present.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Fee Details

Fees include one to two prenatal visits, support during labor and birth, and one postpartum visit.

Baton Rouge, LA Service range 45 miles

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Brooke Carroll Lemchak


During my first pregnancy, I was so overwhelmed with all of the decisions I had to make...from finding a care provider and hospital who would support my wishes for my birth, to what color to paint his room, I was overwhelmed! Hiring a doula was on my list and it just never happened. I knew my sister (Kaleigh!) would be there to support me and my husband, and I felt okay with that. My water broke overnight one day before my due date, there was meconium in my fluid, and because I wasn't progressing as fast as the midwives thought I should, I was given pitocin to get things going. I went from 5 to 10 cm in less than 2 hours. It was intense and painful, but my sister never missed a beat. Before having any training as a doula, and knowing very little about birth, she was a natural, gentle, and supportive presence during my labor. Kaleigh supported my husband in guiding me through each contraction, never waivering. At one point, her hand got stuck under my grip on the bedrails, and I think I almost broke it! She never even tried to move her hand...she believed that my pain was far worse, and never considered breaking my concentration to save her hand!

I knew that Kaleigh would be an amazing doula, should she want to pursue this as a career. I have loved watching her learn and grow as a birth professional. She is one of the most dedicated people I know, especially when it comes to advocacy and protecting the wants and rights of individuals. She will always be the calm in my storm, not just in birth, but in life, and I believe strongly that women who choose her to support them in their birth experience will be blessed by her presence!

For my second pregnancy, Kaleigh no longer lived nearby, but I knew I had to have doula support. It was no longer at the bottom of my list, but top priority.  I will never again give birth without the support of a doula, and if I am so blessed to give birth again, I hope Kaleigh will be her!

Jillian Prejean Courville


Kaleigh was absolutely AMAZING!!! From the start of my pregnancy she would check on me and ask how I was doing. She would stay updated on my appointments and any time I had a question she was knowledgeable with the answers. She recommended books and documenraries in the very early stages of my pregnancy. When I was questioning whether or not I wanted to induce, she never made me feel pressure to do one thing, she just made sure that I had all of my options and choices laid out in front of me so that I could make the best choice for me. During our pre-baby meeting, she gave me lots of information. She even gave my husband information about what encouraging things he could say during labor and different positions we could be in to help relieve my contractions. During labor, she was extremely attentive. She would get me whatever I needed, help me switch positions and help to keep me calm. She even stepped in and held my leg back During labor when they needed her too. I cannot day enough about Kaleigh. My decision to have her as my doula was one of the best decisions I made!

Erika Fadness


Oh where do I begin describing this amazing and almost supernatural experience?!!!

Meeting Kaleigh was such a blessing because I never really contemplated what birth would be like or what options I had until I got pregnant. We met through a Facebook group promoting natural births in Louisiana and I loved her calm demeanor right away!! She never made me feel like any question or concern I had was silly. She guided me based on what I thought I wanted even before the birth and helped me try to find resources for prenatal yoga and placenta encapsulation professionals, etc.

Little did I know that those were such minor gifts compared to having her on the very special day that I actually went into labor! Kaleigh always told me when the time came that she would come to my house first if I wanted or to the hospital. Because I was so late we had to head straight to the hospital. I was extremely relieved as soon as I saw her because I've never felt very comfortable in hospital settings and the contractions were coming on strong by the time I arrived. 

I honestly dont know how I could've delivered my baby girl the way I did without Kaleigh. If I ever choose to have more I will definitely need her again! I wanted to try without an epidural and she helped me with numerous positions and techniques to be able to do that. She was so patient as hours went by and I didn't speak as I tried to meditate through contractions. She made sure I stayed hydrated and she was there for every single one of my contractions while often she put counter pressure on my lower back. This meant so much to me that words just simply don't justify my gratitude. 

It takes such a special person to be at a laboring mothers and a distressed soon be fathers side. Staying with us through the whole process and supporting all 3 of us at all times just opened a special place in our hearts for Kaleigh. She still checks on us as our daughter Denver continues to bloom.

Inge Braspenning


Kaleigh helped me as a Doula during my second pregnancy, but my first pregnancy in the USA and my first pregnancy with twins! She helped me with setting up my birth plan and explained what is common here and what I had to look into. When I went into labour, she helped me with massaging, accupressure and other ways to help the birth continue naturally. I had a very smooth birthing experience even though it was in the OR in the hospital (due to being twins and the fact I did not want an epidural) and Kaleigh really helped me stay calm and relaxed and have a great experience. 

Sarah Adams


My boyfriend and I hired kaleigh very early in our pregnancy. I knew From the beginning I wanted a doula. My boyfriend on the other hand didn’t understand it. He didn’t see the need for emotional or physical support since he and my mom would both be in the room. He thought a doula would replace him when the time came. Kaleigh came as soon as my contractions started and stayed almost 27 hours at the hospital with us! She rubbed my back for over 7 hours to alleviate my back labor. I still don’t know how she had the energy. I pushed for almost Five hours and she took turns with my boyfriend to hold my leg and encourage me to keep going so I could avoid a c section (which was my ultimate goal) she is the entire reason I got a vaginal delivery! In early labor she rubbed my feet to relax me. She (at my request) helped me pee a couple times! by The end of our journey my boyfriend told me he absolutely could not have done it without kaleigh. I know for certain I could not have gone through the process without her! Hiring kaleigh was the best thing we decided all pregnancy! before Labor and delivery she answered every single question I had about pregnancy (and I had MANY). Kaleigh is extremely professional while also making you feel right at home with her. I could not express how much we Enjoyed having her in the room with us. She also took fabulous pictures for us since our birth photographer never showed up. Without her i would have no pictures that day. Worth way more than what she charges! 

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