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Athens Nurturing Nanas

Athens, GA Service range 65 miles I will travel up to an hour and a half


Birth Fee

$1050 to $1350

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1050 to $1350

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

26 years and 705 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

20 years and 25 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
All of the Metro Area and Athens. But we have a dozen doulas who are all over the metro area in our group. You choose your primary doula and will get her unless there is an emergency- we do have impeccable back up between the doulas in our group if it is needed.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I love supporting women at the Atlanta Birth Center!

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will not attend an unassisted home birth. A midwife needs to be in attendance.Although I support a mom in choosing a "freebirth" I do not feel attending would be the best situation to put a doula in as the most trained birth professional present.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Fee Details

I offer discounts to those who prepare for their births by taking childbirth classes and discounts for specific care providers and birth locations.

Athens, GA Service range 65 miles I will travel up to an hour and a half

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Cara Keefer


Teresa Howard was my doula for the birth of my second child in December of 2013.  After taking her breastfeeding class while pregnant with my first child in 2011 and then signing up for her BOLD birthing class in 2013 I made sure to book her as our doula.  My husband and I wanted a more natural birth with our second child (circumstances during my labor for my first child along with my own inability to advocate for myself resulted in a birth that was not as positive as we had hoped).  Teresa was a wonderful source of love, support and guidance starting from the moment I met her at my BOLD birthing class.  She was a perfect match for me as she understood the fact that I sometimes needed comfort and hand holding while other times I needed a little bit of a kick in the butt.  I am so grateful she was the doula for the birth of my daughter and truly believe the only reason I was able to make it through the entire labor free of pain medication is due to her unending support!  She always could sense when I was hitting a point where I was feeling desperate and knew just what to say or do to get me through that moment to one that was more manageable.  She will forever be special to us and our family and I recommend any and all women I know who are expecting to contact her for all their doula needs! 

Holley Clark Freeman


Teresa was an amazing woman to have hold my space, and my body, in labor. Her presence, guidance, and reassurance gave me the strength I needed through a difficult labor, and scary delivery and post partum period. She also helped me with breast feeding and took some much cherished photos! She will forever be held with love and respect in our family and will be a wonderful family friend for you as well!

Amanda McClellan


Theresa Howard is a wonderful doula!  She helped us through our second pregnancy and birth.  The coaching and support she gave us in the days leading up to birth gave us the confidence and power to have the natural birth experience we had dreamed of.  Thanks Theresa!

Dacia Alexander


I am so glad we hired Teresa.  We almost didn't, and it would have cost us dearly.  My husband and I attended one of the teas to meet all of the doulas from her company and were impressed by so many of them.  We spent quite a bit of time that evening debating and agonizing over the decision.  It was not easy with so many strong candidates.  Right at the last moment before it was time to go, we both looked at each other and said "Teresa."  A bit of divine intervention, perhaps?  Looking back, I think so.

My first birth was unassisted by a doula; I was so poorly educated about what I might face.  Unfortunately, I was coerced into a cesarean that was not necessary and was shocked when the emotional pain outlasted the physical.  With my secong pregnancy, I was determined to VBAC and do as much as I could to ensure that.  That meant switching to a well-reputed midwife and hiring a doula.  

I went to 42 weeks and unfortunately had to be induced.  As I feared, my body still wasn't ready, so it was a long labor.  Teresa was there with me for 36 hours straight, (and then some after the birth), serving as the sole beacon of light and hope in the room by the end of the process.  In the final hours, I was being prepped for surgery nearly every hour by the OB who ended up overseeing my birth, but the presence of Teresa, with her pointed questions for him, helpful insights for us, and steady, strong energy, kept the doctor's knives at bay.  He was being watched and he knew it.  I VBAC'd an 8 lb. 14 oz baby girl.

I have to give myself credit for the birth of my second child turning out as it did, but have a hard time accepting the accolades without thinking of Teresa.  She was our rock, and became just what I needed her to be during the process.  She was worth every penny.  Thank you, Teresa!

Kathy Kuntz


 Teresa was my doula with my third child, and I wish she'd been with me through my first and second labors as well!  I was induced and frustration and exhaustion set in around 5 or 6 cm.  I thought I should be further along, and was really trying to "control" the birth process- which of course doesn't work!  Teresa simply asked me, "do you need to cry?"  Suddenly I realized that was EXACTLY what I needed.  She held  me while I sobbed...I sobbed out all the frustration, the fatigue, the anxiety.  And when my tears were spent, I was ready to birth without all the emotional baggage coming along.  Teresa did an amazing job of protecting my emotional space during the birth...I felt safe being vulnerable and relaxed with her present.  And as wonderful as my husband is, he doesn't know how to do this.  He like many men, wants to be a "fixer" of problems.  Teresa gave me the freedom to just "be".  To be tearful, to be vulnerable, and to be strong.  I love you Teresa!  <3

Lindsay Tucker


Teresa is my role model! She's a wonderful doula and a great person. My husband and I have learned so much from her about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. We attended her Birthing From Within class series as well as the Breastfeeding and Parenting 101 classes. Her teaching style is fun and I looked forward to going to each class. I learned to trust my body and went into our birth feeling confident and informed. When things got rough during labor she kept me on track by reminding me how to breathe and vocalize. She also gives great foot and back massages :) Just having her with us was very comforting. My husband is the nervous type and he needed her just as much as I did! He loved her guidance and when he was exhausted Teresa suggested he lie down and take a nap. She also took some amazing pictures of our son being born (into the water after 21 hours). Can't imagine giving birth without her. I recommend her to everyone!

Noel Howell


 My husband and I really love Teresa. We first took Birthing From Within classes from her and a breastfeeding class. We hired her as our doula right away. Our birthing experience was very difficult and long but Teresa stayed there the whole time and was a great support and kept reminding me to remain calm and relaxed. I eventually ended up with a cesarean birth after 42 hours of labor. I didn't get to stick exactly with my birth plan, but I felt good about everything because Teresa was there and helped get through some difficult decisions and I knew by the time my daughter was born I had given 110% to everything and the cesarean is just what needed to happen. If I hadn't taken her classes or had her as my doula, I don't think I would have made it through. She truly taught me what it was to believe in my body as a woman and when things don't go the way we plan, that you have to do the next best thing. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone!

Jennifer Hilton Hammond


In one word- Great! We felt well prepared for the most important event of our lives. Teresa helped us realize what our fears, hopes and expectations were for the birth of our son and how to achieve the results we wanted, but to accept and enjoy the results that arrived. She never made us feel uncomfortable or silly for the questions or concerns that we had. I tend to be a control freak and Teresa help me to relax and realize that there is only so much I can do during my son's birth-SURRENDER! and TRUST IN YOUR BODY! Teresa has the technical knowledge of a birth so that you are well informed, she is very nice so that you don't feel pushed around. And most importantly to me, when it got down to the wire and the pain was so intense, I felt myself crumbling, she called on my warrior within and kept me on my birth plan.My husband was worried that he would have someone teling him what to do during the birth but that was definitely not the case. He was able to be himself- no heavy obligation as my primary support-as if he would know what labor is like. We both look back on the experience as having been more enjoyable and fun with Teresa as our doula. And hopefully she will be our doula again next year:-)

Lacy Armstrong


I knew I wanted a doula and had an idea of what I wanted in a second birth when I called Teresa.  I first called Teresa for my second pregnancy after having had a natural, vaginal delivery with my first aided by another doula.  Teresa met with me and put all my fears to rest.  She was professional, respectful, and knowledgeable.  I wound up having a very fast delivery... so fast that Teresa didn't make it in person and I didn't make it to a hospital (delivered in route).  She was with us the whole time though... both on the phone and through the education we received from her pre-labor.    Though she wasn't there physically, but she was more than worth every penny spent and every minute of time with her.  I learned more from her than I ever did from my previous Obstatrician and 4 weeks of birth class combined.  I loved her help and presence so much that I hired her again for my third pregnancy.

Brian and Rugayya


Teresa Howard is an amazing doula! She is very knowledgeable and experienced.  She brings her expertise along with her and it puts you at great ease.  My husband and I appreciated Teresa's guidance during our pregnancy and birth of our daughter.  We were able to take 3 of the birth readiness classes offered by Labor of Love and they truly helped us by supplying us with a vast amount of knowledge for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood of an infant.  They also gave us confidence in these areas which we lacked as first time parents.  At the time of our acutal labor in March of 2009, Teresa was there with us for approximately 36 hours guiding, reassuring, caring for, and reminding us of our desires and goals every step of the way.  My labor was a long process of 36 hours and approximately 24 hours in the hospital before the birth of our daughter.  Teresa was at the hospital every minute from beginning to end.  We could not have imagined not having her presence during this precious time.  I truly appreciate Teresa's careful guidance for my husband and I as needed decisions needed to be made when everything was not going as planned.  When dilation was coming quick enough and the contractions weren't consistent enough, she was able to supply us with natural alternatives to help these processes along with gentle instruction on how to make the next best decision for the baby and I.  Teresa was also a great encouragement to my husband throughout the entire time which he was able to feel confident and transfer that positive and supportive energy to me as he assisted me through every contraction and turn of labor and birth.  Teresa is an awesome doula and we felt so blessed to have her at our side during such an amazing event in our lives.  We thank God for having Teresa as our doula because we would have been very lost and frustrated without her. 

Christine Parton


I have only positives to share regarding my experience with Teresa Howard. In early 2009 I was new to Georgia and 6 months pregnant. I was searching for a new doctor and hospital to deliver with. I always knew I wanted a non medicated birth. While at a chiropractor visit one day, I was given Teresa's name and contact information. I had never really heard of a doula before so I began looking into the concept. I started to realize that having a doula might help my husband support me in achieving the type of birth I desired. Still pondering our decision, we also took part in Teresa’s Birthing in Awareness class which was one of the best decisions I made! We learned some great techniques to navigate the labor process while also connecting with several other couples also having babies at the same time-instant friends! In fact, I still actively converse with two other moms. Although the class was extremely beneficial, I decided that hiring a doula was going to look out for my best interests and again, help my husband to help me. I went into labor around midnight and after arriving at the hospital around 4:30am, Teresa followed shortly thereafter and coached my husband and I through a successful water birth. She was able to suggest alternative positions to alleviate my discomfort and reminded me of the techniques I learned in class. She took photos and wrote a birth story. She helped me begin breastfeeding within 10-15 minutes of the birth. She was such a rock for me to lean on. I will forever be grateful of her services and continued friendship. If and when we have another baby she will be along for the ride again!

John Merkel


Teresa was our doula during the birth of our daughter.  Teresa is a wonderful doula! 

My wife was 46 at the time our daughter was born.  With Teresa's help, my wife was able to give a water birth.  Prior to switching practices, our doctors and midwifes were resigned to performing a c-section.  In addition to my wife's "advanced age", she had fibroids.  Teresa helped us to negotiate all the complications and have a wonderful birth experience.  We experienced no cutting or  tearing, and no pain  medication was needed!

Amelia McVay


Having Teresa with us during the birth of our first child was invaluable! Her presence kept me calm and helped me to stay strong and trust in my body to give birth to my baby without the use of any pain medication. We will definitely call on her again for the births of our future babies.

Emily Schunior


We were so fortunate to have Teresa at our birth.  First of all, my due date came and went, and we got to the point where we had no choice but to induce.  I was very nervous about the induction process because I very much wanted a natural child birth and I was nervous about the "cascade of interventions."  Teresa did several phone calls with both me and my husband leading up to the scheduled date to counsel us through the stress of anticipation.  She gave me clear, honest facts about what to expect and bolstered my confidence that I was prepared enough to handle it.  We called Teresa at 5:00 am the morning of the birth as soon as they started the pitocin and she was there almost immediately.  Teresa was able to stay centered and practical during a very up and down day of labor, always evaluating the situation and offering/suggesting the possible courses of action.  She remained completely calm, positive, action-oriented, and baby-centered.  She ran a lot of interference, partnering very nicely with my mom and my midwife, and working as well as possible with the physician, who was always pushing for the next intervention.  The cascade did play out very much against our hopes and plans for the day, but because Teresa was with us, we knew we had given everything the best possible chance, had stood up for ourselves and our baby, and in the end, felt like we had wrung out every drop of positive birth experience that was possible given very difficult circumstances.  I can't imagine having approached that day without Teresa on our team.  In the end, we felt empowered and successful, and had an absolutely beautiful baby boy.

Sherwin Lee


Teresa was an invaluable resource during our birth experience! Although this was our first birth and we have never known anything
different, we would never think to do anything differently from here on out. First time parents-to-be NEED to have a doula present for
their birth experience. They NEED to. No matter how much you know about the medical and birth industry...I don't care if you are a doula, midwife, or OB-GYN yourself. So much of your knowledge, research, and preparation just sort of goes out the window when your
baby actually starts making his or her entrance. It was so helpful to have a professional there who could keep a level head and steady hand. Her experienced presence was worth a good portion of her fee; my wife labored better when Teresa was present, even when Teresa was not actively helping in some way. She even helped turn the baby from posterior facing to anterior facing! For those who don't know, that means Teresa helped turn the baby to avoid back labor. TWICE. Our goal was pretty much a party line completely unmedicated, intervention-free natural birth. Teresa helped us achieve that goal.
For anyone on the fence about hiring a doula, do it. If not Teresa, someone from Labor of Love.

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