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Dani Reed CD(DONA)

Mind Over Maternity, LLC

Eagle Mountain, UT Service range 30 miles



Birth Fee

$700 to $1100

Birth Fee

$700 to $1100

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Any home birth with a provider present

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Childbirth education services
  • Henna belly designs
  • Military families support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

One year in the newborn nursery and Mother/Baby at Utah Valley Hospital, Six months in the Emergency Triage at American Fork Hospital, Six months at Jordan Valley Hospital in Same Day Surgery Utah Doula Association board member Vice President of the Utah Doula Association

Fee Details

I offer different packages, based on your needs. My most popular package includes 2 prenatal visits (one with your provider), a 1-hour childbirth class, full labor support, breastfeeding establishment support, and one postpartum visit. My services are fully customizable, so you can choose only what you need! Prices range from $700-$1100, with multiple opportunities for discounts. I also accept some trade work.

Eagle Mountain, UT Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Dani Reed CD(DONA)

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Dani is the real MVP! I was anti-doula when we had our first kid. I didn't really know what a doula was and I didn't like the idea of a stranger going a long the journey with us. I thought that a nurse was sufficient. With our second kid, I felt like I would be that much more experienced the 2nd time around. I also didn't understand the value of what someone else could bring since we had taken a few classes, and I personally was an athletic coach as my profession. I felt like I could do everything a doula could. Nevertheless, my wife felt differently, and I promised my wife a doula for our second child but that I had to approve of her. 

We met with Dani and I was instantly sold. She answered all of our questions and she didn't have her own agenda. It was really about our experience. As the spouse, I felt like she helped me just as much as my wife. For all the husbands out there. HIRE HER! She makes your job that much easier. I felt so much safer knowing that she was there with us. I realized all the mistakes the first time around after this experience. If we have another kid, she will be our first call. One of the best choices we have EVER made. Thanks so much Dani! 



I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dani! Both my husband and I had been skeptic to hire a doula, but research during my pregnancy lead me to believe that a doula would help me have the birth experience I wanted.  Fortunately, Dani had an opening for me, despite the fact that I was only a couple of weeks away from my due date. I'll forever be grateful she did! Dani was personable, professional, compassionate and kind. She was easy to talk to, and genuinely fun to be around. During labor she anticipated needs I didn't know I had and answered questions I didn't think to ask.  She made the labor portion of my son's delivery enjoyable, and hours that I really cherish.  Unfortunately, my optimistic world came crashing down and I didin't get the birth I'd hoped for.  When things fell apart, she helped me pick up the pieces.  She was there for my husband when I was whisked off to the OR, and there to explain things to him when I woke up disoriented and in intense pain.  When I couldn't physically hold my son to feed him, she held him up to me and taught him how to latch.  When everything was over, I didn't want her to leave!  She helped both my husband and I feel empowered and heard, even when things were hard. I would hands down, 100%, hire her again.



We love Dani! I knew immediately at our consultation visit that I needed Dani at my homebirth. She has the kindest, sweetest soul! She was a true friend, staying in touch frequently throughout my stressful pregnancy making sure that I was doing alright and was taken care of. She was a solid rock and tremendous source of strength during my birth which I so desperately needed. Do yourself the biggest favor and hire her! Your birthing experience is sure to be more beautiful because of her.



After the birth of my first child went very different than how I had hoped, I knew I would need a doula the second time in order to achieve the birth I wanted. My husband was skeptical and didn't quite understand the benefit of having a doula but after meeting Dani he knew she was a good person to help me get the birth I wanted. There are just so many different directions a birth could go and the nurses and staff at the hospital don't always make you feel you have a decision. Dani helped me develop a birth plan so that we were prepared when facing the different decisions that I would possibly have to make during birth, and then she made sure hospital staff followed that plan. I had a birth plan with my first birth but it wasn't followed at all, but I know if I had Dani at my first birth she would have made sure it was followed like she did with my second. She also communicated my wishes with staff in a respectful manner where I felt the staff were supportive of my wishes and not trying to pressure me into anything or question any of my decisions. Aside from all that, this birth started similarly to how it did with my first, so I was panicking at first that it was going to go exactly how it did with my first, but once we called Dani, she put my mind at ease and I was able to relax and ended up with the birth I hoped for. I highly recommend her for any type of birth you are hoping to have whether it be medicated or not, as there are so many turns it can take and she will help you have the best birth possible. Thank you Dani!

Laura Spence


From the moment I met Dani, I felt at ease and knew I wanted her as my doula. She was a crucial part of my birthing team. My goal was to have an unmedicated delivery in the hospital and Dani helped me have the delivery I wanted. I could not have done it without her.

She taught my husband and myself invaluable tools during a birth class she taught us at our home before delivery, she checked in on me and celebrated little things with me (passing my gluose challenge yay!), she was thorough when discussing my birth wishes. From the start, Dani made me feel confident and capable of handling labor, however that happened. 

At times during my labor when I would start to flounder, she would say the perfect thing to bring me back into the right head space. When my baby was malpositioned and causing me back labor, she utilized the rebozo with my nurse and it got baby into a better position. She took special snapshots for me throughout labor that captured beautiful moments between my husband and I. She helped my husband have the tools to help me labor unmedicated and having her with us decreased his anxiety. Dani was so in tune with me and worked so well with my medical team. Her presence was so calming and her words were empowering.

I highly recommend Dani as a doula. She helped make my birth beautiful & positive & wonderful. I am beyond grateful for her!

Teisha Yoder


I am a first time momma. I went into this thinking I didn’t really need a doula. A family member offered to pay for part of a doula for me. So I agreed.

It was THE BEST choice I had ever made picking Dani as my doula. I suffered from weeks and weeks of prodromal labor.

Having her there to help me through those contractions helped me prepare for my real Labor Day!

With out her I would not have been able to keep calm, relaxed and focused on getting to as far as I could with out the epidural.

I HIGHLY suggest her for your emotional and physical support during labor.

Such a beautiful and kind soul.

Tresa Marshall Haymond


I enjoyed working with Dani at a recent birth, seeing her use soothing touch and a reassuring voice with the mom in labor. She knows how to work professionally with the birth support team and staff, including the birth partner, and her kind but assertive manner helps the laboring couple to feel safe and empowered. Dani is very knowlegeable and loveable, all at the same time!

Emily Laing Duncan


Where to even begin.. I know I’m gonna get emotional writing this!! Dani has become someone very close to me and special! She was more than a doula, she was an amazing support system! She was constantly answering my many questions and calling me over my many stresses and anxieties! She would congratulate me every week (which really helped me pull through the last weeks as depression and hopeless started kicking in) she was such an amazing person!! Me and my husband where really emotional talking about scheduling our postpartum visit because we have both really clicked with her!! (Yes, my husband too!) I will definitely be using her with my other babies!! Dani is a life saver and such a sweet friend!! I can’t say enough kind words!! I highly recommend reaching out to this gifted individual!! ???????? thank you so much for everything!! ??

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