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Heart and Hands Doula Care

Fenton, MO Service range 65 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doulabuilders - Certified Professional Postpartm Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 36 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 12 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 2 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
No unattended births

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I'm a board member of Doulas of Greater St. Louis and HeARTful Wellness. I've volunteered at Ranken-Jordan, loving on babies and toddlers, who are hospitalized for extended periods of time. I've also volunteered at the nursery at our church, because who doesn't love to snuggle babies?!

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

$35 an hour, 4 hour minimum

Fenton, MO Service range 65 miles

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Sarah Beth Starnes


Important points of having Rebecca as our doula:

1. As a physician myself, I can absolutely say that I would have needed a cesarean delivery if not for God giving us Rebecca & her devoted doula care during our MULTI-DAY labor in the hospital. (We shattered her record for longest assistance in labor - hope the length of your labor doesn't even come close!!) Her soothing techniques, gentle encouragement, good nature, calm demeanor, & seamless adaptability to a range of delivery situations (we wanted a "natural" experience but required a "medicalized" birth) allowed our baby to progress far enough in labor that, when my body was spent, my LARGE baby (almost 10 lbs.) was low enough that the obstetric team could help her out vaginally! 

2. Our delivery was still early during COVID-19 (November 2020) & they had just started allowing a support person: there is no one else I could imagine chosing to attend our delivery except Rebecca. She truly becomes whoever you need in the moment - birth coach, sister, dearest friend, expert parent, nursing advisor, you name it!  Miraculously, she was able to step in during the last weeks of my pregnancy instead of our first doula who had family complications with COVID-19.

3. Rebecca was almost MORE helpful as our doula during the postpartum period, if you can believe it!  Our baby had a mystifying & serious feeding issue very early causing failure to thrive (hope you don't experience that, either!!), & Rebecca was there with her encouragement, thoughtful suggestions, & support as we uncovered her tongue tie (ankyloglossia) and had it confirmed & corrected by specialists. Our baby might have had her care delayed had Rebecca not been experienced in nursing issues. Also, Rebecca's excellent postpartum resources allowed us to recognize & address my "Baby Blues" early.

We cannot recommend Rebecca enough as your doula should you be blessed to have her!

Julia Bietsch


I'm not even sure I can put into words how grateful we are for Rebecca.  From the moment we met with her, we knew she would be there for the birth of our baby girl.  She has such a calming presence that is so reassuring when chaos ensues.  


We didn't have a "typical" birth... though is any birth ever really typical?  After dealing with cholestasis and preeclampsia, the on call doctor (because mine had literally just left for vacation) decided that it was time to start an induction at 37 weeks.  We had only done one prenatal visit with Rebecca and were completely freaking out.  She kept in contact with both me and my husband over the four day induction.  She came to visit multiple times and waited by her phone for us to send "the text" so she could be present for the remainder of labor.  We tried everything to push labor along and nothing seemed to work.  Rebecca helped us once again by reminding us to acknowledge and validate our feelings, but also remember what the facts of the situation were.


I ended up opting for a c-section halfway through day 4 of the induction.  Rebecca immediately came to the hospital and offered to attend the c-section with us.  She stayed by my side the entire time while my husband went to be with our daughter who needed a little extra attention.  She checked in with me throughout the procedure and kept me updated with what was happening.


She also gave us great support as a postpartum doula and helped me process the trauma I went through during our daughter's birth.


I can't thank her enough for how much she helped us.  You won't be disappointed in your choice to hire her.



My husband and I interviewed a handful of wonderful doulas, but Rebecca stood out as a great fit for us right away. Perhaps it was her professionalism at our first meeting; or her loving, maternal energy; or that she helped us feel confident and calm with all of her experience. We were looking for a like-minded mentor who respects our choices (home birth & natural remedies), provides support, has a wealth of experience, and is passionate about doula work. We definitely found all of this in Rebecca! Our baby is now 1 month old, and I hope that we have a friend and mentor in Rebecca for life.  

We are so incredibly grateful for all of her help outside of the birth-- amazing lending library resources; regular check-ins throughout the pregnancy and after baby arrived by text that were so affirming; emotional support to both me and my husband; emails with and extended list of local resources; prenatal visits with prep for baby's arrival (diaper changing, baby wearing, labor tips and tricks and more).. Rebecca gave us so much of her time and care! She even came to a baby party we had and we got to meet some her wonderful family! :)

During the birth, Rebecca was comforting, wise, intuitive, supportive and focused. She helped with the contractions, cooked food for labor, and made sure all of us (husband, mama and dog) were taken care of. We experienced an emergency at the end of my labor and I'm so relieved that Rebecca was there to provide support and comfort.

We feel so lucky to have Rebecca on our birth team. My favorite parts of our relationship are the conversations and emotional support. I feel like we've been mothered and cared for in the most genuine way.

We highly recommend anyone gets to know Rebecca. I think you too will be charmed by her calm and comforting energy. Every birthing mother deserves to be cared for the way I was. Thank you, Rebecca, for being an integral part of our amazing journey. 

Sarah Najjar


We had the pleasure of having Rebecca as our postpartum doula.  Right from the first phone call, I knew she was the missing piece our family needed.  We have 4 kids and Rebecca was able to not only care for me (the mother) & the newborn, but also help with the other 3 children.  On top of caring for us all she also made sure the house was always clean.  She truly is a gift from God.  Her calming spirit was what helped me get through the hardest days.  She was there to make sure I was eating and resting as much as possible.  With this being my 4th baby, I never experienced someone taking care of me.  I had no idea what I was missing out on!   Rebecca was super flexible with our schedule and stayed on longer than we anticipated due to our son breaking his leg the day after our newborn turned one month.  To say our house was crazy is an understatement and there is no way we would've survived the first few months without her.  I cannot recommend her enough.  She is professional, super intuitive to your needs, will help with whatever is asked and is one of the best things that happened to our family!

Terra Thorndike


Rebecca was an amazing presence for my pregnancy and labor.  She was kind, attentive and curious about what our wishes were during our pre-natal visits and was integral in helping both my husband and I prepare for the birth.  She both helped with making plans for the birth and with strategies for managing pain and discomfort.  Her presence at the birth was paramount to the experience going as well as it did.  She advocated for my needs, supported me both physically with gentle touch/heating pad/fan/cool cloth and emotionally, and also supported my husband.  My husband and I had wanted a doula who would support us as a team and help guide him in being my primary support, and Rebecca did just that.  We would definitely use her again in the future and would recommend her to anyone seeking a doula. 

Lauren Warren


Rebecca was an amazing asset throughout my labor and delivery. This was my third pregnancy but was like a first experience due to many firsts with this delivery. My husband and I decided we wanted a natural home birth since our first two were induced at hospital and I had an epidural with both. We didn't utilize a doula for our first two children who were born 15 and 10 years prior to our latest addition. Rebecca shared her knowledge of baby spinning and natural relaxation techniques which were super helpful. She knew exactly what I needed to get through each stage. My husband was around for it all but I felt more comfortable in Rebecca's care than his at the time. Her calm and loving presence was just what I needed for my natural delivery. I'm so thankful I had Rebecca on my birthing team, I highly recommend her to be your doula!



I was nervous about my natural birth and knew I wanted a doula to help me through. Rebecca is the calm, kind, empathetic mom/sister/friend-like presence you need for your pregnancy and birth. She helped me feel prepared, seen and heard at every stage. Just knowing she was a text away and would be by my side gave me peace of mind. Even though my labor ended up being ridiculously fast (<2hrs), she came over to support me as soon as I asked—even though it must have seemed premature at the time!—and provided invaluable support during my unplanned home birth. My husband and I were especially grateful for how she grabbed my phone and took photos and videos of our first moments and hours together as a family. She extended her compassion and resources when I was struggling with breastfeeding in the days and weeks that followed. Finally, due to the unique circumstances of our birth, she also offered her postpartum services, which she didn’t have to do but meant the world. Definitely hire a doula, and definitely hire Rebecca!!

Viktoriya Coneva


Rebecca was a calming, reassuring, and knowledgeable presence during the birth of our daughter (first child). She also came to our home for two prenatal and one post-partum visit. I appreciated that she came prepared with various resources and tips to the prenatal appointments, as well as provided some hands on demonstrations of coping techniques for labor to my spouse and me. Even more than these, I really appreciated Rebecca's flexibility and her emotional support when my labor did not go as I had planned. I had wanted and attampted a natural delivery but when this plan didn't work out Rebecca remained focused on my emotional needs rather than being focused on the process of labor and what was or wasn't happening. She also reassured me continually, including during her post-partum visit, that I had done all I could to achieve the labor I wanted and that what ended up happening was not due to a fault of mine. In brief, Rebecca was great emotional support for me and my spouse during labor. I would recommend her to anyone especially during the delivery of their first child.  Thank you, Rebecca!

Viktoriya, Justin, and Lily



Rebecca was a great help to our family when we were in need! She seamlessly took on tasks when needed without much direction. My other children enjoyed playing with her very much. We were all sad to see her go when her time was through. I would definitely recommend her!

Ashley Bell


Rebecca was the perfect doula for us. From the beginning I wanted a medication free birth but was unsure  I could do it. Rebecca made sure to empower me through education, encouragement, and assured me that no matter what I chose, she would be there to support me. My birth ended with an unplanned C-section, but Rebecca made sure that I was equipped to ask all the necessary questions and helped me exhaust my options so that I was confident the C-section was the best outcome in the end. During birth, Rebecca not only attended to my needs and helped me feel relaxed, but provided a space where my husband could participate in self-care and be present as well, instead of just worrying about me. My birth outcome was different than I hoped but without Rebecca it would have been so much more stressful and anxious .



I don’t know what I would have done without Rebecca. During my pregnancy she offered fantastic support over text and in person and with all her knowledge and resources. When she arrived at the hospital labor was in full swing and her presence instantly made me feel calmer and more in control. Her support made me feel powerful! She and my husband were a great team, and she helped him through labor and delivery just as much (if not more!) than she helped me. In the postpartum period she was a wonderful presence and support, especially in helping me hold space around some of my disappointments and regrets and reflect on the experience of labor and delivery. I can’t wait to have another baby so that I can have Rebecca as our doula again!

Chelsea Zwick


Three weeks ago, I fractured my ankle trying to get the kids out the door for school.  A few hours later, it was confirmed that I would need surgery, and I would need 2-3 months for recovery.  Having a 3 year old and 7 month old that doesn't sleep through the night, I knew my husband would need help, especially during the night to deal with the baby's wakings, and in the morning hours for getting kids out the door for school.  I was looking for someone to come to the house from 12am - 8am, and wasn't very hopeful that I'd find someone that we love for this unique situation quickly.  I had already interviewed Rebecca when I was 4 weeks postpartum (for relief during maternity leave), and I knew she would be a great fit for our family - that we would all be comfortable with her in our current situation.  I reached out to her, and she was able to start right away - but only available for a couple of weeks.  While we wish she could've stayed with us for the long haul (our current doula is also amazing, we just also miss Rebecca!), it couldn't have been more perfect that she was available right away while we searched for someone that could help us for the remainder of my time needed to heal. Rebecca is simply amazing - the transition of her coming into our home and routine was seamless, as if she had been with us for months/years.  She has such a calm, nurturing demeanor that even our 3 year old (who takes a while to warm up to people) was gladly hanging out with her - just the two of them - by the 2nd or 3rd morning.  If you have/have had a toddler, you know how huge this is!  There are plenty of people that can come in and help physically, but having someone that feels like and old friend or family in times of stress is priceless.  We are so lucky to have shared some time with her, even though our circumstance wasn't a good one :) We will be forever thankful for her!

Mario & Emma Gaor


We could not imagine our birth experience without Rebecca! We interviewed other doulas but we knew Rebecca's honest personality was the match for us. As a first time mother, I did not know what to really expect during labor and delivery. I don't know how they did it, but between my husband and Rebecca, my every need was met all the time. Rebecca helped us get a clear understanding of what our birth preferences were and when I was considering deviating from the plan she was not shy about having the honest conversation with me about what it would mean. I am so grateful because keeping to my birth preferences gave me the most beautiful birth experience and it was what I wanted for my son and I. 

Thank you so much Rebecca! With love, Mario & Emma



Rebecca was an amazing support during pregnancy, labor and beyond. The visits during pregnancy were very helpful and got my husband and I thinking and taking about all of the changes that were approaching. My son was ready for the world and labor was thankfully very short, so Rebecca didn't arrive until I was pushing, but she was a great encouragement during that last and most intense phase of labor! After my son was born, she took lots of pictures and made sure everyone was doing well. The biggest help was all of her support with getting breastfeeding established. My son was having a hard time getting a good latch and she sat with me and gave me lots of tips. I attribute my success with breastfeeding to her. Thanks Rebecca!

Andrea Newkirk


I am so incredibly thankful for my experience with Rebecca as my doula! This was my second pregnancy and our delivery experience was a MUCH more positive experience with her by our side. My husband was able to focus on my needs more and it seemed like everything went much more smoothly with her knowledge and suggestions throught the laboring process. If anyone is looking to have a more natural or unmedicated birth, having a doula makes a big difference in stacking the odds in your favor! One thing I especially appreciated about Rebecca was her overall personality and professionalism. I have always said when you meet "your kind" of people ya just "click" - and it was like that for myself and my husband when we met her. She is patient and caring and was very helpful in answering my questions and helping with my mindset in preparation for my birth experience. I am very excited to say I was able to experience an unmedicated VBAC! Much of what she did helped me with pain management and keeping my focus on staying relaxed! If you get the chance to work with Rebecca, know you are in excellent hands and your birth experience will be better because of her by your side! She stays one step ahead of you and knows just what you need (sometimes even before you know it yourself!) I highly recommend her! She is fantastic at what she does and you can tell her heart is in it! 




We hired Rebecca to be our birth and postpartum doula. She was an amazing resource for all of my many questions! She answered my emails and text questions promptly and was always on time. I could not have asked for a more supportive person during my birth. I highly recommend Rebecca!

Maria C


We are so thankful to have had Rebecca as part of our support team. She was a great resource to have throughout the pregnancy. This was our first child and we definitely had the jitters on delivery day. It was great to have someone knowledgeable to rely on. The hospital staff was great too but it was nice to have someone we had already built a relationship with. Rebecca made sure to include my husband and let us enjoy the experience while still guiding us along. She wasn’t pushy which I really appreciated and listened to everything we had to say. We highly recommend Rebecca! You won’t regret it!! 

Ashley Johnson


We loved having Rebecca as our doula! She was so laid back and easy to talk to during our prenatal visits, and really seemed in-tune with our hopes for the birth of our baby girl. As first time parents, my husband and I really appreciated the suggestions and information she shared with us. It was also so helpful to have Rebecca available by email or text anytime I had a question about pregnancy or any symptoms I had. Leading up to the birth of our daughter we discovered that she continued to lay in a tranverse and then breech position. Rebecca helped me with trying several exercises to encourage baby to move head down.

When the time came for our little one to be born, Rebecca was right there to support me, my husband, and our baby in so many ways! At that point I did expect to have a cesarian birth, but I sure didn't expect to be as nervous as I was! Rebecca offered so many encouraging words, along with essential oils and a massage here and there when I just needed to breathe. I also must mention how amazing it was to have her there for my husband. She encouraged him to be present and actively engaged in everthing that was going on during the birth!

In recovery, Rebecca patiently offered help with breastfeeding and bonding with our baby! That really set the tone for an extremely positive and relaxing stay in the hospital. Once home, Rebecca came over to check in and give lots of postpartum tips.

I would reccomend Rebecca to anyone who is looking for a doula who is open-minded, flexible, caring, and a great listener. She will truly help to create the birth experience that is right for your family in any circumstance! 


Maria Massey


Rebecca was wonderful. She was kind and warm and great with both my newborn and 1.5 year old. One of the best things about her is the way she anticipates what needs to be done and does it. When you’re a new mom you just need someone to come in and help without having to explain and ask. She does a great job of that. She’s encouraging and responsive even when she’s not at the house working. My 1.5 year old had so much fun with her 

Isbelia Harter


Rebecca did an amazing job during my labor and delivery! She was by my side the entire time, I do not have enough words to thank her for her love, support and encouragement. I could focus and relax with her by my side. I had a 28-hour delivery and Rebecca was by my side from the beginning until the end. She is so patient, loving and encouraging, always concerned about my needs and what made me feel better. My husband was so grateful we had Rebecca during such an important moment in our lives. He could take short breaks and talk to doctors while Rebecca took care of me. I had a goal to give birth with no medications and Rebecca was very helpful as she explained to us different techniques, exercises and soothing ideas we tried at home and at the hospital. I cannot recommend a better doula. I would hire her all over again. As soon as I met her I knew I will feel comfortable working with her.


Isbelia Harter


Rebecca did an amazing job during my labor and delivery! She was by my side the entire time, I do not have enough words to thank her for her love, support and encouragement. I could focus and relax with her by my side. I had a 28-hour delivery and Rebecca was by my side from the beginning until the end. She is so patient, loving and encouraging, always concerned about my needs and what made me feel better. My husband was so grateful we had Rebecca during such an important moment in our lives. He could take short breaks and talk to doctors while Rebecca took care of me. I had a goal to give birth with no medications and Rebecca was very helpful as she explained to us different techniques, exercises and soothing ideas we tried at home and at the hospital. I cannot recommend a better doula. I would hire her all over again. As soon as I met her I knew I will feel comfortable working with her.


Jessica Cundiff


Rebecca is amazing! She met with me and my husband twice before the birth, to go over the birth process, pain management strategies and techniques, and provided resources to develop a birth plan. She also checked in with me regularly as my due date approached and she was always available if I had any questions or concerns. Most importantly, Rebecca provided excellent support during labor and delivery. Her continuous support, both emotionally as well as physically with counterpressure and massage, greatly contributed to my positive birth experience. Because of Rebecca's support, I was able to have the natural unmedicated birth I desired. Rebecca stayed with me for several hours after the birth -- my husband and newborn were in the NICU, and Rebecca stayed with me in recovery. I was incredibly grateful to have her there with me during that time. After we were home, Rebecca did a postpartum visit and also gave me a written account of the birth from her perspective, which really meant a lot to me. Rebecca is extremely kind, gentle, supportive, and genuinely cares about her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone considering a doula!

Amanda K Holt


Rebecca felt like an instant match After interviewing a couple of other doulas - there were no awkward silences and not because she talks too much. She just felt like home to me. The biggest test though was my husband as he is much more particular than I am about people especially in a field that he wasn’t familiar with. He also jived well with Rebecca - she rolled with all his ridiculous jokes and crude humor. The whole process was comfortable and smooth. Rebecca was right there for any questions I had and always supporting my desire to have a non-medicated birth. Through false labor, me whining after not going into labor until after 41 weeks, my fears of actu achieving my goal, and questioning whether my husband would be a true source of support or not, Rebecca was a huge support and probably my biggest cheerleader. Once my actual labor started, she was responsive and helpful via phone/text until we asked her to join us at the Birthing Center. Her calm helped me remain calm and center me a few times during my fast and furious labor. She provided counter pressur which is exactly what I needed her to do. I don’t actually remember her arriving because she just seamlessly stepped in to assist my husband. I feel so incredibly close to a person I’ve seen less but than 10 times in my life and I can’t imagine my birth without her. Even her postpartum support was awesome - I never felt judged about how my house looked, she visited, provided me a recap/timeline of my birth, let me eat my dinner while it was hot, and helped me troubleshoot some baby wearing questions I had. Hands down if I have another baby, Rebecca will be by my side!

Codi Ridgway


We hired Rebecca at 36ish weeks. My husband and I had debated if we wanted a doula, and ultimately decided to hire one since this was our first birth. I think what we liked most about having a doula was that we had an extra person of support. Ultimately we both didn’t know what to expect and Rebecca provided reassurance and support when we needed it most. As far as the labor & delivery, I couldn’t imagine us getting through it without her. We picked Rebecca because the fit felt right & she had an incredibly calm and positive nature. During labor & delivery she helped keep us in the moment & provided breaks for my husband when he needed them. She also never made my husband feel like he wasn’t an active part of the process which was important for us, and the two of them made a great team. She also checked in on us quite a few times and she didn’t leave until she felt we were comfortable enough alone. I highly recommend Rebecca. I can’t express enough how wonderful she was! I can honestly say that if ever have any more babies, she will be the first person I call.

Grace Lorraine


The birth of our first child was unexpected, chaotic, and traumatic. The best decision we made during the months leading up to labor was hiring Rebecca. She was there at all hours of the night with us during an extremely long and difficult posterior labor. Her compassion, warmth, and exceptional timing in knowing what you need (before you even ask) are the best I’ve EVER come across. (And I’ve worked in healthcare for 7 years!) The circumstances of our delivery could not have been worse, but our decision on a doula could not have been more perfect. Rebecca was a light to us in a very dark place, and I am eternally grateful for that. She truly was a God-send. If you’re torn with indecision on a doula, stop looking, Rebecca’s the one you want!!!

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