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Rachel Soumekh

Heart and Soul Doula

Los Angeles, CA Service range 10 miles

(310) 435 2476


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

15 years and 120 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2008

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Working with Cedars-Sinai exclusively

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services

Fee Details

My Fee is $1800 All Inclusive

Los Angeles, CA Service range 10 miles

Client Testimonials for Rachel Soumekh

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Shazi R.


It's hard to put into words how amazing our experience with Rachel was.  I was very nervous about childbirth and needed support as a first time mom.  We found Rachel on DoulaMatch and after meeting her in person, we knew she was the right fit for us. Rachel is experienced, professional, easy to work with, straightforward, warm, and understanding. She quickly became an integral part of my birth team - I texted her frequently and regularly after doctor's visits, when I had questions about my body's changes, when I had difficulty making decisions, and when I needed emotional support. She was more supportive than any friends or family, and she was my backbone when I felt weak. When my feet swelled to the point where I couldn't walk at the end of my pregnancy, Rachel came to our home and showed my husband how to massage the pressure points.  She had a family function the same night, and instead of staying with her family, she was in my living room massaging my feet. Then, when it was time for labor, Rachel was on call the whole 2 weeks that I was late. When the time actually came at 3:00 a.m. she responded to my text immediately and showed up within a half hour. Just amazing. I know for certain my labor would have been more difficult without Rachel by my side. There were times I didn't think I could continue, and Rachel was there with her bag of tricks & tools to keep me going. She specializes in aromatherpy - when I was nauseas, she would dab a little bit of a special scent on my ear or forehead to help abate the sickness. When I was in severe pain, she would dab a little bit of another scent to help me through it.  She was my strength, my voice, my strongest advocate & she has now become a part of our family.  There is a closeness and loyalty I feel towards her that I cannot put into words.  I can't recommend her more highly - she's brilliant & genuinely cares. We are both so grateful to have found her.

Esther J.J. G


Rachel is a great doula that I highly recommend. For me, she was a great source of support emotionally and an advocate, exactly what I needed as a first-time mother during my delivery at Cedars-Sinai hospital. She has this special capacity to love and be there for you as a woman, it’s hard to explain but her empathy, compassion, as well as knowledge and up-to-date professionalism in labor, techniques in breathing, relaxation, as well as encouragement and training, are exceptional. She was exactly the person I envisioned having next to me, in such a difficult time where I really felt out of control. She guided us (myself and my husband) all through the pre-birth and delivery and even after, and her strength, experience, a no-nonsense behavior but also her caring smile and smooth caressing hand became a soothing mechanism. I loved having her support us. My husband also, who was initially hesitant on hiring a doula in general, not only he did not regret it, but was SUPER happy we hired Rachel. 

Esther Anderson


Having chosen Rachel to be our Doula gave us such peace of mind and confidence going into labour. Rachel was so knowledgeable and we really trusted her felt very comfortable with asking for her advice on certain matters when it came to our birth plan. During labour she exceeded all our expectations. She went above and beyond to make me feel as comfortable as possible. She has a beaytif calming energy that made it such a beautiful experience for both my husband and I as we welcomed our son. We wouldn’t have another baby without her! Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience and the beautiful photos. Howard, Esther and Forest xxx

Sara Jacinto


Rachel was fantastic! We are so happy we had her for our first baby!

Her support before delivery was great and having her at the delivery made all the difference. When things didn't go exactly according to plan, Rachel was a wonderful partner, caring not only for the new mom to be, but also for dad and grandma.

We look forward to having her as our doula again.


Andrey Zavoloka


Rachel has been an amazing doula for us. It was our first birth and she made the whole experience very smooth by guiding and supporting both my wife and myself. Rachel tought us various practices and technics to make the labor and the birth easier and even enjoyable experience, while stearing us from common mistakes the first-time parents do. Being a foreigners not familiar with the US hospital system we appreciated Rachel's advice and navigatuon throughout the whole process starting from laboring at home, then hospital admission, laboring in the hospital and finally in the post-partem. We are very grateful to Rachel and highly recommend her as a doula. When we going to have our second baby we defenitely will work with Rachel again. 


Andrey & Anna 

Michelle McCue


I had a wonderful experience with Rachel as our doula and could not have imagined my birth experience any other way.  My husband and I are both transplants in LA and our families would only be able to come visit after the birth.  This was for our first child and we were very nervous about the child birth process.  Rachel met with us various times prior to discuss our birth plan and answer any questions we had.  Rachel has a very calming demeanor that puts everyone in the room at ease.  She also exudes extensive knowledge about the birthing process both from her own child births as well as the countless births she has assisted in.  The night I went into labor was 3 weeks earlier than our due date; Rachel came over to walk with us so that we didn't show up to the hospital too early/out of fear.  I am so glad we labored at home for a while and really honed in on the way to work through the contractions which later set the stage when I went to the hospital and had many others around.  During the hospital birth Rachel was extremely supportive to both me and my husband.  She helped give me the voice I needed when some of the doctors requested I give our baby formula or sugar water rather than wait some time for me to try and breastfeed to get glucose levels up.  She coached me through trying to breastfeed for the first time and I successfully restored the baby's glucose levels as needed.  I cannot imagine how our birth experience would have been without Rachel.  I 100% recommend her as a doula and will definitely be asking her to join us for our second child whenever that may be.  She continued her support after the birth checking in on both me and the baby.  She captured a lot of candid moments during the labor and sent us a video she made afterward that we will cherish forever.  I cannot say enough good things about our experience. I feel so fortunate that Rachel was our doula!

Connor McCue


I am so thankful to have had Rachel be part of the birth of my first child.  From the initial meetings and development of our birth plan, I quickly felt comforted by her calming demeanor and experienced input on various topics and laboring techniques.  In the weeks leading up to labor, my wife and I would frequently communicate with Rachel on group text whether she was just checking in to see how everyone was feeling, or if we were reaching out with questions. 

On the official go day, my wife started texting her just past midnight thinking she may be in early stages of labor.  Rachel came to our home in about 20 minutes, realizing the signs of labor.  I initially felt panicked being woken up at 1am to learn it was time, but as soon as Rachel came over I felt at ease and was able to focus on supporting my wife both physically and emotionally.  

With Rachel's guidance, my wife was able to labor in the comfort of our home for a couple of hours before going to the hospital.  At times I felt unsure of how to support, but Rachel encouraged me to provide counter-pressure during contractions.  Having this "simple job" started my involvement in labor.  By the time we got to the hospital, we had eaten, showered, remembered everything in our overnight bags, and safely arrived at a perfect time. 

At the beginning of pregnancy, I did not have any idea what a doula actually was, but was happy to find one solely on the fact my wife was interested in one.  As I sit here now, I can't imagine having our baby girl without Rachel's help along the way.  

I highly recommend Rachel Soumekh for anyone seeking a doula in the West Los Angeles area.

Devorah Ben Zaken


I've been using Rachel Soumekh in the past four and a half years total of three deliveries (natural NO epidural!!)

She's being really great and super professional! Her gentleness and knowledge  are Beyond you could expect - she knows all hospital rules and she will make sure everything goes smooth and right including calming down the husband and reminding all small last details before leaving to the hospital!

My labors usually very fast but she knows the exact timing when you should leave to the hospital so you won't get there too early and spend too much time there! I went through lots of pains because I didn't use epidural and thanks to her amazing guidance I was able to go through this successfully!

I truly don't know what I would do without her! If I could rate here, I would pick 10 stars!

I promise whoever will use her services will be very satisfied. 

I would recommend her to my family and friends and anyone who seek a good experience before, during and after labor time!

Devorah Benzaken

Andrea Gershman


Rachel far exceeded our expectations. I had a lot of fear going into the birth and after, but through her calm energy and in-depth knowledge of the birthing process, she helped me feel more confident and at ease. She is the most loving, gentle, and patient woman. As soon as we told her I started contractions, she immediately came to our house, bright and early, with a big smile on her face, so excited for us. I labored at home for 22 hours, and throughout the whole experience she was so supportive and on top of everything that was happening - she was constantly on the whole time and she knew how to guide me and keep me calm and relaxed. Everything she suggested and encouraged us to do made it all better.

Not only was she a big support for me, but also for my husband. She knew how to talk to him and encourage him, empowering him to be by my side, and how to. Her presence just made everything better. Rachel empowered us as a couple and from the beginning we felt so strongly in our team of three - we worked through each contraction together, led by her gentle guidance and support. She brought in a spiritual energy to the experience, making it so much more meaningful and deep.

Her support and respect for my decisions when we got to the hospital were crucial. She made sure at every stage that we were fed, well hydrated, and feeling positive. She was the calm energy all throughout the labor, delivery, and post partum process. She even documented our entire day by taking pictures at every stage, unbeknownst to us! It was so special to see the photos of our experience. It’s the little things and kindnesses that she did that made my rather difficult birth better.

She stayed with us for 40 hours - and didn’t let up with her support, her calmness, and her certainty. We truly felt her deep care and love all through out the process. To us, Rachel is the epitome of what an amazing birth support should be. 

Shulamit Viner


Having been pregnant with my first child, the unknown was daunting. Rachel's patience, serenity, and care helped me set my fears aside. She gives you the sense of trust and she's always there for you. Her vast knowledge of pregnancy and birth was extremely helpful throughout my pregnancy. It was a safe feeling to know that I had someone available at all times and I was able to text her when something was happening that was new to me. From the moment my water broke to when I gave birth, Rachel was there by my side like an angel - calm and reassuring. My mother was moved as to how Rachel's presence at the birth made such a difference. After the birth, Rachel was continuously checking in on me to see how I was doing with the healing process. I can't express how helpful Rachel was to me before, during, and after birth. I can't imagine going through it again without her.

Rachel Zehden


In November 2016 our daughter was born. She is our first baby and I was a very nervous pregnant women. Rachel was just amazing from the very first time I picked up the phone and called her. She took all my questions and concerns very seriously and made me feel safe and secure. I could ask her all the questions that I had and also my husband learned so much from her. She made sure that he knows how he can help me best. During pregnancy, and at the day of birth. I don't know how people deliver baby’s without Rachel. She made our birth experience just the best thing ever. We figured out a great birth plan and Rachel made sure that every detail was followed. Both my husband and I (and I believe my daughter too), were so happy and thankful to have Rachel with us. I highly recommend her, if you want to have a wonderful birth experience. I hope I can have her for my next pregnancy.




Rachel, as my doula, made my birth experience an empowering and calming experience.

She was caring, warming and realy sensitive to my feelings, even when I didn't show them.

My peace of mind was her first priority.

Rachel was there for me all the way to the birth and even after. Available all the time, 24/7, for questions, concerns and emotional support.

I strongly recommend her as a doula and as a friend (:


Thank you, Rachel.



Esther Naor


Basically RAchel Soumekh was like my birth angel! I don't know how I could've survived my giving birth without her by my side.  She was supportive beyond the job description, she really goes all the way to take care of you.  when you are in such a vulnberable position, you need someoen with that caring, that consciousness and warmth.  She also really knows her stuff, not only tu support the birthing itself, but also how the hospitals work, how to talk to nurses and doctors, how to help you get what you need from them in a smooth way.  Her follow up was also amazing.  I Recomend RAchel to all my friends and will probably use her again too. 

She is a doula with care, love, consciousness and knowledge, what better mix! I cannot stress enough how much I recomend her. 

Michelle Obadiah Galoob


Rachel Soumekh was my doula for all 3 of my children. I could not have done it without her. Her calm presence, her care, and her love helped me during all my births. She was there from start to end, and for my first child, that meant she was with me for almost 36 hours! Not only was she a calming presence for me, but also for my husband. Rachel empowered me and really helped remind me to breathe. She really made the whole experience such a pleasant one. She also followed up with me after each birth, to check on me and baby, which I found very helpful.  I would highly recommend Rachel to be your doula. Her care is exceptional and her qualities rare to find.


Adi BenYaacov


I don't think anyone can hope for anyone better then Rachel! She's been with me during 4 birth's guided me and supported me through the process from pregnancy though nursing and thanks to her help and calm energy I was able to give 4 natural birth's. I am truly grateful for having her by my side and I can say loud and clear that I could not have done it without her!

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