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Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 68 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, December 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

I am currently a Swedish Medical Certified Doula serving First Hill and Edmonds locations. Clients through Swedish Medical pay a flat rate of $1,600.

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles

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Stephanie Winter


It's been almost 8 months since our sweet baby arrived and I still often think back to that amazing day. I loved every moment of my son’s birth, and Meg was a big part of that story for us. Meg was such a calming presences during a fast and intense labor and delivery. She helped me manage contractions through breathing and other techniques so that I was able to have an unmedicated birth. She was extremely helpful in directing my husband on how to be supportive. I also really appreciated the follow up support she provided postpartum. She made sure that I was doing well both physically and mentally, and she was able to provide some great resources when we were struggling with breastfeeding. We would absolutely work with Meg again if/when we have a second baby.



In welcoming our first child we knew we wanted a Doula to help us through both the emotional and physical challenges of having a baby. At the same time, for medical reasons I knew that I was having a scheduled C-section so was somewhat confused as to what value a Doula could offer during labor/delivery. When I met Meg for the first time, I knew I had made the right choice. She not only walked me through how she would help my husband and I through the last few months of pregnancy with tips, email and text check-ins and overall support but she truly put me at ease for my C-section. She provided tons of articles on how to prepare and what to expect. The day of my sons birth she was there with us from the beginning, bringing coffee for my husband and the best calm yet positive energy I could ask for. She was in the OR with us making sure I was able to stay calm ( she brought some amazing soothng balm) and took pictures of our sons birth so that my husband could focus on me and the baby. After, she helped with our sons first latch and stayed to make sure we were settled into recovery. She continued to check in with us, even visiting with some very tasty lactation cookies that I crave to this day! Meg will always be a part of our sons birth story and we are grateful for her in so many ways. If we have another child, we hope she will be there with us for that too!



Choosing to work with Meg before and during the birth of our daughter was one of the best decisions we made. During our sessions prior to labor, Meg set the tone and quickly forged a relationship where both my husband and I felt safe to ask questions and share our needs. Her evidence-based approach came through in the way she answered our questions and her explanations were never pedantic, always showing empathy for the anxiety that might be underlying a simple question. These "get to know you" sessions made me feel confident in our decision to work with her even before my water broke 2 weeks early.

That confidence and gratefulness for her presence only grew through a long labor. Meg's calm and supportive demeanor and her creative thinking kept me going in labor. She communicated well with my husband and made sure we were both feeling supported and heard. This was so important when we were told we needed an emergency C-section. I am so grateful for the reassurance she gave us as we grappled with this shift and that she was able to accompany us in the OR - she was a constant and warm source of comfort.

When my postpartum recovery the following day took a scary turn, and Meg went above and beyond - coming back to the hospital to help monitor the situation and provide support as we tried to figure out what was going on. She even stayed to make sure my parents were well-situated as they watched our daughter during a second surgery and hospital transfer for me. 

Meg was amazing to work with during the uncomplicated process of early and active labor. And she was extraordinary when things took a turn for the worse. We'd recommend Meg in a heartbeat. 

Hawley Gottschalk


My husband and I had our first baby this past September (2019) and I had heard great things about having a doula to help coach through the experience (especially when going through it for the first time). Meg was so easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable right away.  I was so glad to have found her.  

Meg came to our home before we had our son to answer any questions I had, talk through the process, ask me what my preferences were and to put me at ease.  I ended up having to be induced almost a month early (I had pre-eclampsia) and it was not how I was expecting things to go.  As you can imagine, it was pretty scary.  Meg was so calm and reassuring throughout the entire process.  She was the perfect coach and advocate for me while I was in labor.  I cannot imagine having to go through that without her there.  

She has been so responsive and thoughtful about staying in touch and seeing how we are doing.  It has been great to have somebody to talk to about all that happens when the baby comes home.   We will definitely be reaching out to Meg to support us through our next birth.  It honestly made all of the difference in the world. 



Before I met Meg, I was on the fence about hiring a doula since this was my second baby (and I should know the drill). It felt like a huge investment for an unknown outcome. However, I'm SO happy that I did.

Meg brought so much knowledge to the table about different techniques for pain management and was a calm, reassuring presence. I didn't realize how much I'd appreciate having a trusted, non-family member in the room. It allowed me to feel more empowered to vocalize my needs, without having to worry I'd offend someone or be asking too much. 

Meg's style is like having your best friend in the room with you (but one who is educated and experienced in childbirth). She was really easy to talk to and a great listener, and did a great job ensuring my husband felt part of the experience as well. 

I'd highly recommend her! 

Lytang Kelley


We knew from the moment we met Meg that we could stop our search.  Relatable, articulate and yet a supurb listener, Meg went far beyond just listening. She took into consideration our communication and decision making styles and provided a completely custom-tailored path to for us to achieve our birth preferences.  As an example, Meg understood our voracious appitite for unbiased, scentific informtion, and suggested (they garther and articulated a summaries of actual reserach) as a means to better inform our decisions. And, having worked with the midwives at Swedish, Meg was not only our best adovocate during delivery, but the most ideal person for a stress free hosptial trip.  It's a pleasure to recommend Meg to those considering her services, as we alreday have to our friends.  

Tiffany Nelson


Meg was our doula for the birth of our second child and she was exactly the support I needed! She is kind, gentle, warm and thought of everything we could’ve needed to keep us comfortable. After the birth of our first child I knew I would hire a doula if we ever had more children as I realized I needed someone who knew and understood the process of labor and delivery and could focus on me and my needs throughout the process. Someone to help me manage whatever came up and supported my wishes and would advocate for me. Meg fulfilled all those needs for me and she took the most beautiful photos! Meg will ensure that you are supported through every step of your birth plan and check in on you postpartum. She also has a wealth of resources. Thank you Meg!

Michelle Christine


Meg was part of my support team when I gave birth to my son in April 2018. We also had a few prenatal and postpartum visits. She was always kind, trustworthy, knowledgable, and professional. As a doula she is very open-minded to whatever your personal needs are, and respectful of any wishes you have for the birthing process. It was so helpful to have her there offering her support and encouragement. She is a warm and caring person that made me feel at ease. She checked in on me several times during the first couple months of my postpartum period, which was really helpful as that was the toughest time for me. I would highly recommend Meg to anyone seeking doula services.

Christine McDowell


Meg is a dear friend and attentive doula! After I delivered my first child without a doula, Meg attended the births of both child #2 and child #3. Meg and I chatted beforehand, we reviewed my hopes and fears of the labors and deliveries, and Meg gave me (and my partner) tips for both the remainder of my pregnancies and for preparing for labor. She was an advocate for me, a masseuse when I needed it, a photographer before and after delivery, and my labor partner and friend. So thankful to (still) have her in my life and to have her still checking in on me and all my babies! Anyone who has her by their side during the labor and delivery is one lucky gal!

Katy Spada


Meg exceeded our expectations in every way! This was my first birth and Meg’s calm, attentive, knowledgeable, and flexible presence before, during, and after our birth was integral to our ability to enjoy the process despite unexpected complications. We interviewed several doulas and knew Meg was the right fit for us because of her personable presence and knowledgeable skillset. During our prenatal visits Meg was prepared, personable, and followed up quickly with resources to answer our medical questions. These visits helped me to ask my doctor better questions and go into my labor and delivery with more knowledge to make quick and informed decisions. I don't think I could have truly enjoyed my labor and delivery without Meg by my side. She was always there with water, food, coffee for my husband, a firm hand to hold, and an advocate to help us make medical decisions. She was so calm and attentive and always knew exactly where to step in to relieve my husband and provide me the support I needed. She worked seamlessly with the Swedish nurses and doctors proving she was the perfect liaison between our family and the medical staff. She remembered to take pictures and video during the delivery which is something we wouldn't have if she hadn't thought to do so. After the delivery, our meeting with Meg brought the whole event full circle. Including Meg in our birth team was the best decision we made. We highly recommend her and would definitely include her in any future births.

Bethany Johnson


Meg has been such a blessing to our birth experience. 

We were looking for a doula that had a soft spirit to mesh with the environment of peace & joy we wanted to create in our delivery. We also wanted a behind the scenes doula so we could be one in this experience & have a beautiful natural birth, as though no one else were in the room. At the same time we wanted our doula to be a noticer & see when either myself or my husband needed support (like drinking water, chaptsick, resting/massaging our backs, change of position would be good, etc.) Lastly I wanted someone who wouldnt be afraid to stand up for my wishes. She was just that. Anytime I had a request to be seen or have the doctor set up, she was on it & quickly got the team.

Meg was so amazing at creating a sacred space for my husband and I to feel unified & alone. I didn't even know all the undercover things she did for myself or my husband until I saw the photos our birth photographer took. It was even more thankful we chose Meg as she was the perfect doula: in all places at all times that I was desiring.

There re are so many things I could express with pure joy about Meg.  But to sum it up, Meg is experienced with knowledge to share what the staff are talking about in a terminology you can understand, support to guide you to stick with your plans, eyes to help you change positions when she sees you may be struggling or not in the peace you desire, and she is there post delivery to support you in celebration and enjoyment of the blessing that has arrived. 

Right after our delivery she offered to pick us up food so we could eat, and she came back following morning with some breakfast items we were wanting. She goes above and beyond the expectancy of a doula and is more of a family member who gets things done without being seen. Plus she visits you post delivery to help out in any area of your home/life.

Nicole Steele


My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a doula for about half of our pregnancy. We weren't sure if we needed one - we had read birth coaching books, taken some classes, and felt about as prepared as you can when you're welcoming your first baby into the world. After talking with some friends who had hired a doula and encouraged it, we decided to look into doula service a bit more seriously. We met with Meg and instantly felt that her presence and knowledge would be a meaningful addition to the birth of our baby.

Meg supported us before the birth with resources, techniques, and a general sense of calm. Her presence at the birth allowed my husband to be fully present with me, which was priceless. She is exceptional at reading the room and catering her skills to what's needed at that moment in time. She's intuitive, resourceful, and she can honestly hug you with her words. We felt completely supported and encouraged by her...not only during labor, but before and after as well. We cannot recommend her enough!

Sarah McBride


Meg was the absolute perfect doula!  From our very first meeting through the birth of our daughter and follow up visits, we just clicked.  She's warm, attentive, knowledgeable and completely respectful of the birth experience you want for yourself.  I had always envisioned having a doula as part of my birth team, but my husband was a little skeptical of the idea.  Once we met Meg he was completely on board.  Her background in public health and evidence-based approach was appealing to both of us, but it was her calm demeanor and ability to help us focus on our birth experience that really set her apart.  I had a difficult start to labor with a placental abruption and the bedside manner of some of the attendings made me feel totally out of control with potentially fearful outcomes.  Meg swooped in and help us stay calm, assess our options, and reflect on the information available to us by the medical team.  All without interfering with the doctors or nurses or adding pressure to an intense situation.  I really believe that without Meg we would have spiraled into a very stresfull place and possibly abandoned our plan entirely, giving in to more invasive procedures than I was comfortable with.  Ultimately we had an extremely positive birth experience and I delivered a healthy, happy baby girl much the way I wanted to.  At the end of my labor the L&D nurses asked me where I found our doula because she was so amazing to work with.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Heather McRobbie


From my first meeting with Meg, we just clicked. She is personable, considerate, and insightful, and I am so grateful to have had her by my side during labor and the time following. Despite many pre-birth classes and preparation, my particular delivery process was full of surprises, with several more to come in the weeks following. Meg stayed with me throughout, helping me through the worst of the physical pain and providing desperately needed emotional support by checking in during recovery. When deciding my birth preferences, I was originally on the fence about a doula, as I didn't want a "stranger" to be too invasive. Meg alternately respected my space and provided advice/a hand to hold as I needed each. By go time, Meg wasn't a stranger, she was a friend, an advocate, and a reassuring source of strength and confidence. 

liz irwin


My husband and I are so thankful Meg was our doula for the birth of our first child. I knew I wanted some extra support and had heard wonderful things about hiring doulas for labor and delivery from friends. Meg was incredibly supportive throughtout my pregnancy, during labor and delivery and in my postpartum phase. 

During my pregnancy, we met with Meg a few times and she was so helpful in answering all of our questions related to having a baby and letting us know the support she provides throughout the process.

When I was in labor, Meg came to the hospital at 3am and provided the support I needed to get to 10 CM without medication. Everytime I wanted to get an epidural (when I was at 3 CM and then at 6 CM) she was excellent at suggesting I try a new position in order to help me successfully labor without medication.

My husband and I are so grateful for Meg and her warm and loving support throughtout this beautiful process. If we have another baby, Meg will be one of the first people we call so we can use her again throughout the incredible journey of bringing anoher human into the world. We love you Meg!

Michael Wittry


Meg was simply amazing and I'm not sure I could recommed her highly enough. Over the course of several meetings prior to the brith of our son, Meg really tried to get to know our family (including our older son) and was intentional about learning and respecting my wife's birth wishes. She communicated what she normally saw her role as but stressed that it could be anything we wanted or needed it to be. 

On the night before the birth, we woke Meg up in the middle of the night to let her know that Sarah's water broke. Even though it was 2AM, we could hear the excitment in her voice as she told us to keep her updated. Meg stopped by the hospital a few times to check on us while we waited for contractions to start. She even brough snacks and coffee and allowed me to sneak out for lunch. 

When the contractions really ramped up, Meg was there in a heartbeat to support Sarah and to support me in whatever ways we needed. Our oldest son is adopted and so navigating our first labor and delivery would have been so much more difficult without Meg! She helped me find the best words of encouragement for Sarah and helped Sarah through some of the most intense contractions with back massages. She was also so so supportive when Sarah decided it was time to get an epidural. 

Just when I thought there was nothing more Meg could do, she snapped a few pictures and videos as Jude was being born. The moments she captured were simply amazing. She was able to catch Jude's first screams on video and some fantastic pictures of Sarah and my first moments with Jude.


Meg's amazingness continued after the birth of our son. In our postpartum meeting, Meg was her usual awesome self and she even baked Sarah lactation cookies! 

In closing, hire Meg! You won't be disappointed. :)

Laura Crystal


Meg is a wonderful person and I feel so lucky to have had her by my side for the delivery of my 2nd child. Meg was a supportive, encouraging and friendly presence during the delivery and both before and after our baby arrived. Before baby came, Meg reached out frequently to check how I was doing and we met up a few times for a walk and chat as well. By the time I went into labor, I felt like Meg was an old friend. 

I was induced at Swedish, and Meg met my husband and I at the start of the induction, even though labor was not expected to start for several hours. Once labor did get started, Meg was a reassuring presence by our side the entire time. She helped me navigate the harder parts of my labor and supported me throughout. She is such a kind person and I am so grateful for her help during difficult moments of my labor. In addition to providing labor support, Meg is a terrific photographer and she bakes some mean lactation cookies.

Hire Meg - you'll be happy you did!!

Brooke Dunnigan


Meg Chappell was a lifesaver during my 17-hour delivery. She spent hours with us at the hospital, armed with snacks and encouraging words. She helped calmed my nerves and pain during contractions with massage, pressure points and gummy bears. She kept my husband feed and caffeinated during the long hours waiting for our baby, including allowing him to run outside for meals and exercise without leaving me alone. When daytime nurses switched to nighttime nurses, Meg was ribbons of continuation needed to make sure all information transferred to the new crew. She was very cognizant of my needs asking if there was anything I needed and cognizant of my initial asks and birth plan, including keeping me modest with covers on and doors shut. When we needed to move to a C-section, Meg was a support person for my husband during the process, keeping him calm and helpful during the surgery. Plus, she was able to take pictures when my son was born.

After birth, Meg would check in with us and the baby to make sure we were healing comfortably. She brought lactation cookies and was a person to talk to when breastfeeding was harder than expected. Meg went above and beyond in all aspects and we were so glad we decided to invest in a doula. Anyone looking for a kind, supportive individual should meet with Meg. She has a passion for helping people. You will be impressed with Meg.

Katharine Revello


We are so glad we selected Meg to be our Doula for the birth of our first child. She was extraordinarily helpful before the birth helping us to feel confident and prepared. Having Meg there with us during the birth made a huge difference, we always had someone to turn to for advice and encourgament. Meg is very professional and personable, she was able to clarify our questions to the hospital staff and worked extremely well with all the nurses and doctors. She was very supportive throughout labor, and did a great job of working with my partner throughout it all. 

Brooke Dunnigan


Meg Chappell was a lifesaver during my 17-hour delivery. She spent hours with us at the hospital, armed with snacks and encouraging words. She helped calmed my nerves and pain during contractions with massage, pressure points and gummy bears. She kept my husband feed and caffeinated during the long hours waiting for our baby, including allowing him to run outside for meals and exercise without leaving me alone. When daytime nurses switched to nighttime nurses, Meg was ribbons of continuation needed to make sure all information transferred to the new crew. She was very cognizant of my needs asking if there was anything I needed and cognizant of my initial asks and birth plan, including keeping me modest with covers on and doors shut. When we needed to move to a C-section, Meg was a support person for my husband during the process, keeping him calm and helpful during the surgery. Plus, she was able to take pictures when my son was born.

After birth, Meg would check in with us and the baby to make sure we were healing comfortably. She brought lactation cookies and was a person to talk to when breastfeeding was harder than expected. Meg went above and beyond in all aspects and we were so glad we decided to invest in a doula. Anyone looking for a kind, supportive individual should meet with Meg. She has a passion for helping people. You will be impressed with Meg.

Haley Rieck


Working with Meg was an absolute delight! Meg's warmth and genuine care was evident as soon as we met her and as she seemed like a friend we had known for years after a very short time.

Meg was in frequent contact with us prior to labor, and she came over at 2:30am when we were out of ideas to cope with laboring at home. She was supportive with laboring techniques like massage and position changes. Then at the hospital, she was a comforting presence and consistent member of our care team (considering shift changes of nurses and midwives). Meg has a magical ability to know when to offer suggestions and when to give my husband and I some space to experience our son's birth as a couple. I ended up having an unplanned C-section due to the baby's position so we didn't use Meg's full skill set, but she took photos for us in the operating room and captured some really special moments when we first met our son.

Meg is very knowledgeable and professional and provided excellent follow-up materials for us after both her pre-birth and post-birth visits. She has checked in with us frequently and offered to stop by to bring us something or help out with the new baby. 

Bottom line: Meg truly enhanced our son's birth experience for both me and my husband. We could not recommend Meg highly enough!

Brian Dunnigan


My wife and I were extremely happy with Meg as our doula. She was there with us for our entire 18hr + experience. It was nice to have another supporter in the room as the nurses and doctors continually come and go. This also gave me a chance to go get food when needed, with Meg there I felt better about leaving the room for a breather without feeling guilty. She was there to offer my wife ways to cope with the pain and offered encouragement throughout the process. She came with us into the operating room and was there to snap so pics of the birth for us a well. My wife and I would highly recommend her.

Beth Hobbins


Initially my husband and I were hesitant about hiring a doula because we were uncertain about what services they provide. Our familes were out of state and wouldn't be able to attend the birth and once we took childbirth classes, we knew we needed some extra support. We found Meg through our hospital's website and were drawn to her profile. After we intereviewed her, we were immediately comfortable with her, which was our first priority. During our prenatal visit, she clearly felt it was important to get to know us as a couple, she also demostrated her depth of knowledge of support techniques for laboring at home. Meg definitely knows her stuff! She made it clear that she would be available at any time we might have questions or go into labor. She was also very respectful of all of our wishes and beliefs. She thoroughly explained a backup plan as well in case I labored early and she was occupied. As my pregnancy progressed, my doctor decided I needed an induciton. After checking into the hospital in the evening, I spontaneously went into labor at 5:30 AM the following morning. Meg was at the hospital with us as soon as we felt we needed her. She provided incredible emotional support for both me and my husband. As a first time mom, labor was more intense than I was expecting. We were so happy to have Meg in the room providing guidence, support and really anything we needed. She stayed with us through recovery and followed up with a post partum visit. My husband was especially hesitant about the need for a doula, but thanks to Meg he's a 100% doula convert. We plan to have a second child in the near future and hope that we can hire Meg again. 

Matthew Davidson


We are so so lucky to have found Meg. She was amazing thoughout the entire process. She was reassuring, provided phenomenal guidance on everything from labor techniques to post partum recommendations and was there for us every step of the way. I feel strongly that our labor would have been much much more difficult without her help and will happily recommend her to any of our friends also going through the miracle of birth. She showed up at 4AM when we went into labor and stayed for the next 14 hours until we delivered. She was also great with follow up and proved to be a more knowledgeable and calming presence than any other member of the family possibly could have been. If you're on the fence about hiring Meg, you should get off said fence because she is well worth her weight in gold. Thank you so much for all that you did for us Meg! I sincerely mean that.


~ Matt D. 

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