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Ashley Sirls CD(DONA)

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles no ferries


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 34 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, December 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

As a long time public school elementary school teacher and reading specialist, I have experience supporting families at various stages of life. I use my experience and knowledge to support families in becoming empowered life-long learners.

Fee Details

I am a DONA certified birth doula and a Lamaze certified childbirth educator. My fee includes 2 prenatal visits, continuous labor/ birth support, and 2 postpartum visit. I believe that all people deserve a birthing experience where they feel empowered, confident, and supported. Please contact me if fees pose a problem so that we can make different arrangements.

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles no ferries

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Client Testimonials for Ashley Sirls CD(DONA)

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Kathryn Leinn


Ashley created a custom birth class that was provided in the comfort of our home.  Ashley is extremely knowledgable about labor and birth and shared the material in interactive ways that really helped my husband and I not only think more deeply about the information but also retain it much better.  We felt comfortable and listened to throughout our 3 class sessions and being in our home with 1:1 support meant that there was space and time to talk through our worries and thoughts.  I would highly reccommend having Ashley tailor a birth class to your needs and requests.  If you are like us and are not sure what is important to know, Ashley has great ideas for what information is essential to get you through labor and birth.  Despite the fact the my son's birth went very differnt than what we had hoped and anticipated, we found ourselves frequently referring back to the information we learned from Ashley and felt much more in control knowing what to ask and how to advocate for our wishes.

Anne F


Ashley was my doula for the birth of my first child in January 2019. My partner and I could not have been more grateful for the support she provided. She brought the calming presence I needed throughout all of my painful contractions and validated my feelings from start to finish. Ashley allowed my partner and I to be the main focus but still added her support and guidance as needed, which I found extremely respectable. I am someone who likes to make light of scenarios or needs good sarcasm and Ashley knew exactly when I needed a laugh while still understanding the daunting process of labor. My partner and I felt less stressed knowing Ashley was in the room and we could consult her at any time and would get precisely the answer we'd need to advocate for ourselves. Ashley made my birth experience memorable in the best way possible and I hope that regardless of how anyone else tackles labor, Ashley will be there to ease you through every step of the way. We are immensely grateful for you, Ashley! Thank you again!

Cora Weed


I gave birth to my first baby 5 months ago, and think often about what a positive experience I had working with both Anne and Ashley.  Like many births, ours was unconventional and not-as-planned, but Ashley's support was amazing.

- The interview process with Anna and Ashley was comfortable and low-pressure.  They answered our questions, spoke openly about their background and experience, and it was easy to build authentic relationships with them both.

- We were in the process of moving, so our 2 pre-birth meetings happened in our VERY EMPTY HOUSE, and Ashley and Anne were super cool with this unconventional (and likely uncomfortable) meeting space.  Kudos to them for going with our wacky flow.

-At 39 weeks, I developed a condition which required labor induction.  Ashley was my doula on call, and she was very available, responsive, and supportive during a few day stretch where it was unclear if/when we'd be admitted and would need her support.

- 6 hours before my induction, my water broke!  Ashely was there by my side for an overnight labor and was such a supportive teammate.  My husband ended up providing a lot of of the emotional support, and Ashley was there to support him, and phsyically support me.  We ended up needing a c-section, and even then, I was so grateful for Ashely's precense.  She sat next to me and spoke calmly during the entire procedure.  She stayed by my side once our daughter was born, and explained everything that was happening. I'm so grateful for this.

-In our postpatrum follow up visit, both Ashley and Anne made the trip to visit us.  I was grateful to finish our time together with both doulas, which allowed me to process our birth and feel like we'd come full circle.

I can't recomend this pair of doulas enough.  They're profesional, compassionate, humble, and easy to build relatioships with. 

Marilyn Lopez


I had worked alongside Ashley professionally for 2+ years before finally getting to work with her in this capacity. So, before we even met for a consultation, I already knew that Ashley was perfect for us. Here's why:

1. I envy her edgy, smart, and effortless style.
2. She doesn't sugarcoat things.
3. She has a calming, reassuring presence.

As first-time parents, my husband and I didn't know what the heck we were doing. So, the first thing we purchased when we found out I was pregnant was "The Pregnancy Encyclopedia" book, which is where I first read about doulas. Because our families live out of state, my husband and I just assumed that it would just be the two of us in the delivery room but I also felt that I needed somebody there to guide us and provide relief if needed. That's what Ashley did for us. From prenatal visits to phone check-in's, Ashley maintained consistent and open communication with us. She was also very reliable and flexible.

During our visits, Ashley asked a lot of great questions that helped us assess our needs and wants and address insecurities and information gaps, which she remedied by listening and providing us with useful resources (i.e. links, articles, videos). What I loved most about my experience with Ashley was that she empowered us to ask questions and made us feel comfortable with the unknown.

When I went into labor, Ashley showed up to our apartment ready to do the work with us. She held my hands, guided my breathing, and gently massaged my lower back/hips, while my husband took a break or got our things ready. At the hospital, Ashley continued to assist us with the labor, reminding us to ask questions about any procedure, and from a distance kept a watchful eye. She did not sleep. Postpartum, Ashley continued to check-in with us to make sure we had everything we needed but also gave us the space to adjust to our new life.

I highly recommend Ashley; no regrets.

Lizzy Overlund


We always hear birth plans never go as planned, so plan for the unplanned.  That was of no exception for my birth experience!  Ashley, however, was the only constant throughout my pregnancy (the second half, since I moved from out of state mid-pregnancy) and labor. 

- Ashley carries a very calm disposition which means the environment feels much more peaceful with her presence. 

- Prior to the labor, she had discussions with us about our birth plan and remembered our details at subsequent meetings which was a sigh of relief that we weren't just "another client" to her. 

- Her intuition is on point. She gets things, she just does. She'll listen to you, and not just nod her head but really try to understand you by asking questions, and then asking more questions. Not in an annoying, nagging way.  But in a genuinely caring way. 

- She is fiercely serious about her part in your labor.  She was with us for 24+ hours with just one short break; even when I told her it was fine to go because of my fear of inconveniencing people and me convincing myself that I could move forward without her, she was persistent in staying to make it through which I was so grateful for.  You could see her fascination/interest in the whole process, as if she is always absorbing new things to be more knowledgeable as a doula. 

- She blended in with all of the hospital staff.  The nurses and the Dr. were impressed with her willingness to jump in and help with things that the nurses normally would have to try to manage. 

So many other wonderful things could be written about Ashley, but the summary is that she is very reliable, really trustworthy, and we felt Ashley's services were exceptional... the only thing we got right (aside from the baby of course!). 

Stefanie Konarska


As first time parents, we were looking for a doula who was highly professional, knowledgable, and able to jump in without having to be asked or told what to do.  Ashley checked all these boxes.  

Her background in education made her an ideal partner and teacher.  She asked questions that helped us consider things we otherwise wouldn't have.  

Her presence throughout my labor was critical.  I was attempting a natural childbirth, which made her expertise in positions and skills in applying pressure to alleviate labor pains especially essential. She was also able to embolden my husband by showing him what he could do to support me.  

When I was transferred to the hospital, Ashley was there every step of the way.  She remained present, supportive, and an advocate even after I  gave birth.  

Having Ashley as our doula was an absolute game changer.  

Heather Camm


When interviewing Doulas I selected Ashley because she had a very calming presence as well as she offered prenatal yoga with her packages. With the yoga it was great to have the flexibility of having her come to my home on my schedule. Yoga was very helpful and also gave Ashley the opportunity to talk about labor positions and breathing to work on. While I envisioned having Ashley come over to my home when my labor started and helping us to determine when to go to the hospital, my baby girl had other ideas. My water ended up breaking almost a month before I was due so I skipped the part of laboring at home. Ashley was constantly in contact with my husband and determining when was the best time to come to the hospital to help me. Once we were moved to labor and delivery Ashley was there right away. My labor ended up lasting almost 24 hours and Ashley was there by my side getting me water/juice/popsicles, helping me with laboring positions and making sure my husband got a break when he needed it. Where Ashley really provided the most value was helping my husband and I talk over any decisions that we needed to make when labor didn't progress as expected. This helped us approach the decisions in a calm methodical manner rather than jumping to conclusions and agreeing to anything that was presented to us. As a result I was able to avoid a C-section and deliver the baby vaginally. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone looking to have the support of a doula at their birth!

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