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Camille Dozier

Camille Dozier, Doula

Washington, DC Service range 6 miles

(773) 988-6913

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1125

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1125

Birth Doula Experience

1 years and 5 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Fee Details

I have two service packages to choose from at two different rates--check out my website for the details!

Washington, DC Service range 6 miles

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Amelia Hogan


It’s a difficult decision to hire someone who is practically a stranger to be there for one of the most vulnerable experiences of your life. Lucky for us, choosing Camille to be a part of our birth experience was one of the best decisions we have made. From the first meeting with Camille, I was completely reassured by her knowledge, her practical and supportive labor and birth philosophies, and her calming presence. She was open to supporting my partner and I in whatever type of birth experience we wanted, without judgement. She shared really helpful resources including birth plan templates, yoga positions for labor, pregnancy and labor-themed meditations, ways my partner could support during labor, and evidence based research around several questions that we had. Camille arrived promptly at our house when I was in labor - on the 4th of July - when we called to say “we are ready for you now!” I swear we could not have made it to the hospital (a 25 minute drive) without her there; she gave me the most helpful breath and relaxation guidance in the car, while I was having super intense contractions, which allowed my husband to focus on driving. Camille stayed with us for a long 10ish hours in the hospital, coaching me through each contraction, chatting with me and my husband to keep our spirits high. I have no doubt at all that our experience was better because she was there. I felt empowered and knowledgeable about the choices I made and I can not recommend Camille highly enough.

Sarah Burford


Camille was a wonderful presence to have by our side during our first pregnancy. She met with us several times in the months before I gave birth to discuss what kind of experience I hoped for and what interventions I was comfortable with or would like to avoid. She also coached my husband and me on strategies for physical and emotional support during labor, and recommended a great podcast and some resources on breathing exercises that I found useful in preparing for birth.

Camille was very quick to respond and arrive at our home before heading to the hospital—even though it was 2 am—and provided crucial physical and mental support during many long hours of active labor and pushing. She was a calm and reassuring presence throughout, and even managed to take some amazing photos of our newborn. Her postpartum visit allowed us time to discuss the birth experience together and some helpful recommendations and resources for us as new parents on caring for an infant and managing my own health and wellness moving forward.

Her knowledge, skills, professionalism, and flexibility in helping us meet our goals were absolutely an important part of a positive birth experience for me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, effective and supportive doula.

Anna Shpak


During my second pregnancy, I was not even seeking out a doula.  However, upon the recommendation of a friend, we did end up working with Camille when I was in my third trimester and during labor/delivery.  I am so grateful that we did!

Prior to my due date, Camille met my husband and I at our home on 2 separate occasions to discuss our birth plan and expectations, as well as to make suggestions for positions for laboring and the ways in which my husband could provide physical support (such as counteracting the pressure I would be feeling by tying a sheet around my hips and pulling it as much as I needed).  Camille took her time to really listen and understand that while I would try to have an unmedicated birth like I did with my first child, ultimately it would be a ”game-day” decision based on how labor was going.  

I ended up having to be induced due to preeclampsia (but luckily without major symptoms).  Camille arrived to be at my side at the hospital and assist my husband as soon as we needed her. And, she and my husband worked together to use a sheet for counter pressure around my hips (the very technique Camille had demonstrated during the prenatal visits), for several hours right until our baby daughter literally popped out!  Camille provided the support I needed to have a quick and uneventful labor/delivery of my baby!

Mark Melamed


When my wife first suggested hiring a doula, I was skeptical of the idea. Having been through it with Camille by our side, I'm a believer. I really can't recommend her highly enough!  In our pre-natal visits/consultations, in our post-natal follow-up appointment, and especially during labor and delivery, Camille was a calming, knowledgable presence and a source of great comfort to all three of us - me, my wife, and our daughter.  

During our two prenatal consultations, Camille talked us through our options in developing a birth plan, listened and responded to our questions and preferences, and offered ideas for managing the early stages of labor at home.  She provided terrific suggestions to me - as the partner/support for my wife - on massage techniques to try during labor, ways to cope and remain focused during contractions, etc. 

When my wife went into labor, Camille was immediately responsive to our updates on the progress.  When we determined we were ready for her to come over, she was at our apartment within 20 minutes -- all the more impressive since it was 11:00 p.m. on the 4th of July!  From that point on, she was with us every step of the way: comforting my wife during a harrowing drive to the hospital while I tried not to crash the car or get lost, helping me support my wife through painful contractions, and offering support and encouragement throughout the process. 

Camille somehow managed to make herself present and comforting without being at all intrusive throughout one of the most intensely personal processes any of us go through.  We were so relieved and happy to have her there throughout.  She never overstepped her role as my wife and I considered the medical options/choices inherent in any labor/delivery -- she was simply supportive throughout.  



Gideon Culman


We engaged Camille for the birth of our daughter. In a series of pre-birth visits, Camille got very clear about our needs. She offered several helpful suggestions to prepare physically, emotionally, and mentally for the birth.

During labor, when we determined it was time for Camille to join us, she was there without delay. She knew exactly what to do. Her presence helped things go smoothly. Labor and the birth felt like a team effort.

Camille joined us a few weeks later to discuss the experience. I can't emphasize enough how helpful it is to have a conversation like this after an experience as extraordinary as a birth.

We are second-time parents who had engaged a doula for our first child's birth and come away disappointed. We were prepared to not engage a doula. However, Camille came with a strong recommendation. We are extremely pleased with the partnership that Camille offered and wholeheartedly recommend her services to other expecting parents.

Amrita Ghosh


Camille was fantastic as our doula for our 3rd child. She worked with us to talk about all kinds of questions that we had for our birth. Some of the questions that I raised to her are the fact that my baby was breech until 37 weeks- she and I went over strategies to help turn her to vertex including alternative and complementary strategies like chiropractic care, acupuncture. We also talked about pros and cons of having home births, having a breech birth, how to practice meditation, visualization, and light touch massage. She even went into the literature, and also was able to report opinions from other experienced birth workers. She gave me recommendations for placenta encapsulation- basically anything I had a question on she was able to provide knowledgeable advice from herself and her entire doula community. She put me in touch with the local Washington DC Birth Alliance as well which opened my eyes in terms of all the other possibilities for self-care during this crucial time. 

During the time of the birth, Camille spent the entire night with me while I sent my husband home so that he could rest. She supported me emotionally as I advocated on behalf of myself and my new daughter after she was born in terms of asking for time together so that she could breastfeed and asking that my birth plan and preferences be honored. She had shown my husband how to use light touch, massage, coach me through my surges such that he and I made a great team during my active labor!  I was able to achieve my goal of having a natural vaginal birth without an epidural in the hospital with her guidance and advice.  We were so grateful to Camille for all her hard work for weeks before the baby was born and even afterwards. It was so helpful to process the birth with Camille after the baby was born during her post-natal visit. I have seen that she is truly passionate about this kind of work and I'm so happy that she was part of our remarkable journey! 

Shauna Vo Pulayya


I didn’t even know what a doula was until several weeks into my pregnancy. After learning about the purpose of a doula, I wanted to learn everything I could do to avoid medication (even though at the beginning I didn’t think I could give birth without an epidural).

My husband and I interviewed several doulas in the Washington, DC metro area. We chose Camille as our doula because of her enthusiasm to empower women and help them get through whatever labor and delivery options she chose. Throughout our prenatal visits, she was very knowledgeable about laboring tactics and what to do in different situations. She also helped me to see what I might like during labor. She helped my husband and me to understand how the big day might go and how to help each other through it.

On the big day and throughout about 15 hours of labor – without an epidural – Camille was an amazing addition to my birth team. She reminded me of things we learned at our prenatal visits. While my husband was my main emotional support, Camille supported me physically when my contractions came and relieved my back pain. She was also another great emotional support voice as she said all of the right things to encourage me that I could do it. I wouldn’t have my first child any other way.

Randy Pulayya


Camille is someone who you want in your corner. She is full is positive energy and we are grateful for her help and support throughout our pregnancy, during labor. she was with us during the entire time. She made our birth experience into an amazing experience. Her in depth knowledge and support will be something that I will forget. She put my wife and myself at ease from day one. Thank you for your comfort, professionalism and your service. -Randy and Shauna Pulayya, September 2017

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