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Kirsten Faedtke

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Portage, IN Service range 100 miles will only travel within 1.5 hours of my home in NW Indiana


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 130 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Certified in COVID-19: Best Practices for Doulas, Lactation Consultants & Perinatal Educators through Wisdom Way Institute

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
training and experience as a home birth midwife's assistant

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Birth pool rental
  • Placenta encapsulation

Languages Spoken

  • English

Service Area

Portage, IN Service range 100 miles will only travel within 1.5 hours of my home in NW Indiana

Client Testimonials for Kirsten Faedtke

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Katya Pavliuk


Kirsten was my birth doula. The best decision I've made about my pregnancy and delivery. She is very knowledgeable, calm and professional. She has structure and knows what she talks about during the prenatal meetings. She was great help during all labor at hospital and did visit us at home afterwards and helped to process my birth experience which was very important and helpful for me. Without her I'd not imagine my labor - i managed to go through it without epidural and she was absolutely needed during post-delivery first rough hour. She is also physically strong which was very helpful when I needed a hip squeeze ??. I'll always be greatful to Kirsten that she helped me in this 24-hour birth journey! I'd definitely recommend her and I'd contact her again if I ever get pregnant second time.

Hannah Schwartz


I found Kirsten on doulamatch really early into my pregnancy. I desired a natural childbirth and I knew that would only be possible with proper support! My husband is very supportive, but we are both newbies when it comes to labor and delivery. Having someone as experienced as Kirsten gave us both confidence and peace that we were going to be just fine! Kirsten has a very calming presence and can easily settle any doubts or fears you may have. I asked a ton of questions and she was very patient and kind to answer them all on my pregnancy journey. During labor, she suggested many techniques (like walking outside to change things up!), helped my back pain with black pepper oil, heating pad and massages, and gave me encouragement through words of affirmation. She helped me labor at home until I needed to go to the hospital. She actually timed it perfect! I loved this so much because without her, my husband and I wouldn't have known when to go in. By the time I got to the hospital, I was at 6 cm with my water bag. At the hospital, labor progressed relatively quickly. I was able to keep myself focused with my husband and Kirsten's constant prescense cheering me on! By the way, I loved how she allowed my husband to play a huge part in the birth experience. I never felt like she was taking over or getting in the way of our special day...she was adding to it! :) I truly believe that because of her, I was able to have a great unmedicated natural childbirth experience. Thank you, Kirsten, for being such a light and calming presence on such a challenging day!!

Christina Giles


I don't know how I would have gotten through my natural childbirth without the care and expertise of Kirsten. She has a great wealth of knowledge, confidence and a kind, reassuring demeanor. In the weeks leading up to the birth of my daughter I felt like I was in great hands with Kirsten and learned a ton about my natural childbirth options. Once I started labor, Kirsten kept me and my husband on track... 31 hours of labor wasn't easy and during the last 10 hours I really wanted to get an epidural, but Kirsten found a great balance of distracting me (with walking and hip squeezes and tools like the exercise ball), reminding me of my goals and just letting me vent. She advocated for me and reassured me that I was doing a great job even when I really was starting to lose hope that I could do this. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have a natural childbirth and for all the work and care Kirsten put in in making sure that was possible. I could not have picked a better doula!

Anna Thordarson


My third child came earth side last October and I was determined to have as natural birth as possible. If it wasn't for Kirsten I never would have been able to. She was a beacon of light, knowledge, and support. She had been up for over 24 hours once she got to my side helping women deliver their babies and that says something. She is strong and dedicated. I am thankful she crossed my path and would never think about having another baby unless she was there with me. 

Taylor Jackson


Kirsten attended my birth on 6.19.19.

During my birth Kirsten was very attentive! She was super knowledgeable about any questions I had and made for a warm, calming person to have during labor. She was encouraging when I needed her to be, and just a sweet presence when I was in my own little zone.  During active labor she applied counter pressure to my back and it was seriously the best thing ever!!! After the delivery she did my placenta encapsulation, and had it back to me the day after I got out of the hospital! I would highly recommend that you use Kirsten as your birth assistant or any of her other services! She is a blessing and was truly vital to my birth experience!

-Taylor Jackson


Lisa Kehoe


I hired Kirsten recently as my back up doula. I am a labor & postpartum doula in Rockford, Il. I was hired by a deaf couple in Joliet, Il. That's about 90 minutes for me (which isn't bad unless it's winter, which it was).

When I first reached out to Kirsten via email she messaged me back within 30 minutes & said she was available for our date. Each time I contacted her it was a very short wait time. We communicated as much as we could so she had all of the details she might need to back me up. She evne attended a doctor's appointment with us so she could meet the couple, they were happy that I had hired a back up & felt comfortable with my choice. That made me feel more comfortable and assured that she would arrive if we needed her.

The couple agreed that she could attend regardless of if we needed her or not. I like to help out with other doulas & aspiring IBCLC's to get them as much experience as possible.

On the big day, I contacted Kirsten to let her know the client was already dialated to 8cm & she would have to go ahead before me so someone could be there. We really thought she would have had the baby before I got there so I wanted someone to be there for her. When I arrived Kirsten was already there & doing everything she could. I did arrive before baby was born but it was very comforting to know she was going to be with the client when I arrived.

Kirsten was a great choice!

Meara Hawkins


Thanks to kirsten I had a very powerful birth. There were several moments where I was close to giving up and she consistently reminded me of my options for natural pain relief to attempt to follow my birth plan, reminded me to breathe, helped me focus, helped explain things to my husband and friend as they were happening, etc. I will go back to her every pregnancy from now on.

Beth Stienstra


I had Kirsten Faedtke as my doula and it was the best decision I could have made for both me and my husband. I was just talking to my sister in law who doesn't have kids yet and I told her she has to have Kirsten when she gets pregnant. She was so supportive for me and didn't make my husband feel inadequate at all. My husband was actually the one to tell my sister in law how nice it was to have her there too.

I went into labor at 1 a.m. my water broke and I wasn't really having contractions. My husband called Kirsten and she told us to call our OB (thankfully we had her or I would have wanted to wait and he would have ended up delivering our son). My labor progressed really quickly and the OB instructed us to go to the hospital. We called Kirsten back and she met us at the hospital. Here's where I'm so grateful for Kirsten...she knew where warm towels were when I was freezing, a cool wash rag for when I got hot and nauseous all the while my husband could stay by me. I had really back back pains and Marc (husband) was rubbing my back and Kirsten asked Marc is he would mind if she tried something. I don't know what she did to my back but relieved so much pressure! It was so respectful to not just shove Marc a side. My labor was very hard and fast and I was getting very tired and I remember saying I can't do this I'm so exhausted. Kirsten said is such a way "You can do this" that it gave me the confidence in myself. She helped me into different positions, encouraged me in breathing and through contractions. I never once felt like she took over my husband's role but instead helped us both

I'm not the best at writing how truly grateful I am and I don't have enough space to write it. I now have a formed  a bond with Kirsten that is indescribable. Kirsten was only there for my second birth and wis I knew her for my first, she will without a doubt be there for my someday third.

This is her passion and it shows!

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