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Davinah Simmons

Rooted Birth Doula Services

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles No ferries.



Birth Fee

$1575 to $2000

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1575 to $2000

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings - Certified Labor Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 67 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 28 families served

Doula Training

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings, November 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? No Hospitals
I am taking a break from hospital births after June 2020.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Board Member for A Sacred Passing, End of Life Doula.

Fee Details

Birth doula fees are on a sliding scale. If these prices do not work for you, and you feel like I am a good fit to support you-- I encourage you to still reach out. Birth doula's should be accessible to everyone, and I am happy to discuss other payment options.

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles No ferries.

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Calicia C


With the more time that passes, the longer I have to reflect on the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience and the immense gratitude I have for the role Davinah played in it. She prepared and educated us from the very beginning. Her questions and suggestions encouraged me to dig deep inside myself for the answers every step of the way. Davinah set me up to have the best birth experience possible. She showed up (repeatedly) for me in ways no one else has ever done before. She knew exactly what I needed and how to reach out to me, and that means a lot as someone who is awful with asking for help.  I am certain that without her this entire experience would have played out very differently, and possibly with different (and less favorable) outcomes. I highly recommend working with Davinah for any and all of the services she offers. She is a true gem!



Having Davinah in my corner for my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, was one of the best decisions I made regarding my journey into parenthood. She has a warm and inviting presence and a remarkable capacity -- she is an excellent, excellent doula. Throughout our journey together she held so much space for my grief, my excitement, my anxiety... she normalized the rollercoaster of emotions I was on, and let me know that there was space for all of it. I remember many times weeping during our meetings (pregnancy is hard!!) and feeling the need to apologize -- she would so lovingly tell me that my tears are welcome. She helped me be with all of my feelings. During my birth, Davinah was a support, a witness, an encourager, and a pillar for my partner. She knows when to step in and when to stand back. She can read a room and she can reading a birthing person. She is steady and unobtrusive. I LOVED having her there. She continued to hold space for the entirety of my experience postpartum, normalizing the grief, loneliness, and utter exhaustion, the ambivalence and the fear. It is also worth mentioning that she is FUN. 

Davinah is a safe person. She knows herself and she is truly, deeply rooted. She'll be my first call if I ever have another baby. 



I knew I wanted a doula at my birth. Davinah came highly recommended by a dear friend who had given birth a year prior and still raved about Davinah’s care when she recounted her birth story. What I didn’t know was how much I ended up needing Davinah, before, during, and after my birth experience. 

During the prenatal appointments Davinah was like a spiritual guide. Her visits were like therapy sessions for me, making me dig deep into my expectations, hopes, and fears. She helped me feel prepared and supported and understood. She was an ally and an advocate for me, and made me feel empowered. 

During my birth she was there every step of the way. She brought her own comfort items to make the hospital feel more comfortable, such as essential oils and a diffuser. She offered massage and a tens machine. She helped me get into comfortable poses and coached me through my breathing. I don’t know what I would have done without her. My husband also felt she was essential and felt Davinah equip him to better support me.

After birth she checked in frequently and made home visits to offer support, such as providing a sitz bath and lending a listen ear. She helped us process our birth story and made us feel heard and celebrated our beautiful baby with us. I can’t recommend Davinah enough. If you are on the fence, my advice is to hire Davinah. You will not regret it. Her support and expertise is worth every penny. She made such a big difference in our birth experience and left a big impact during a pivotal moment in our lives. Thank you, Davinah!






Davinah's doula services came highly recommended from a friend who had wonderful things to say about the support she received during her daughter's birth. After our initial meeting with Davinah my husband and I both felt at ease in her presence and comforted by her calm confidence - which was exactly what we needed to guide us through our first childbirth experience. 

We felt this support throughout the pregnancy - I especially apppreciated her attention to the emotional changes and challenges of the childbirth process. She helped facilitate meaningful conversations between my husband and I about how our life as new parents could look, and offered encouraging words and advice regarding discussions with our family members about boundaries during the newborn time. 

During my labor, Davinah was a constant presence through text and in-person the entire time. She calmed our fears and anxieties and helped us to bring our beautiful baby into the world. She was there for me, as well as my husband to make sure that we were both cared for amidst our exhaustion and excitement.

Davinah's post partum support was also invaluable. Caring for a new baby and the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that come along with this process was overwhelming and she was a steady presence through this time. 

I am grateful to have had such a wonderful guide through this important time in our lives, and that Davinah will forever be a part of these memories. 


Angela Varela


First and foremost, I could not have had the home birth I wanted with out her! Not even the homebirth "I wanted" like with a specific look or feel, I just mean a homebirth at all. We would have ended up going to the hospital!

Davinah came over late and she worked all night long, guiding me and my husband through things I would never have done on my own to help reposition the baby and help make contractions more productive. She never gave up on me despite how exhausted I was. She was gentle and reassuring and it felt like she always had something we could try.  I remember before labor, wanting to be as open as possible to whatever suggestion she had. I'm so glad I tried to just go with it as much as possible. If she wasn't there coaching me through those contractions and positions I wouldnt have had a home birth. I know that I was ready to do whatever it took to get that baby out, if it wasn't time to do it at home I was ready to go to the hospital. I know she would have been just as reassuring and helpful there.

I'm 100% sure that Davinah helped soothe my support system. The Grandmas were both in the house. Neither of them had a birth experience like this and after seeing me struggle with inconsistent contractions and knowing that she was trying to reposition baby's head on my cervix, doubt was creeping in. Davinah got me through it and I know she helped them process the experience and probably helped shift their lens.

The entire process with Davinah was great! I looked forward to her visits. Having her in the house felt natural, nothing strained, like having my favorite family member there preparing to help me do the most physically intense thing I'll ever do!

I have a hazy memory of me, the baby, and my husband snuggled up in bed and having just Davinah there with us, going through highlights of this crazy experience we all just had together.

She is truly a gifted and special human being.



Davinah - she just breeds joy and empathy with a side of fierceness! I can hear her now saying "that's real" and I learned so much from her about how to be a better listener. Davinah was a voice of reason during our prenatal stages. She helped us prepare for the unknown that was to come as new parents by giving us concrete tasks to plan for and questions to answer for ourselves. I think it really saved us during those first few weeks and months. I ended up having a scheduled c-section so we did not get to experience Davinah's full services in labor, birthing, but she was there with us all along the way as we navigated the hospital, OBs, etc. and showed up for us as a postpartum doula to help with the much needed basic care after friends and family had returned home and husband was back to work. If she does not know the answer to something, she's honest about it and directs you to a wealth of rescources in the community. We wholeheartedly recommend Davinah for any expecting parents, whether it's your first time or not!



Dav was an amazing guide from the start. During planning meetings, she helped us invision the birth that we wanted, led us through questions about labor, and helped us navigate through the messy waters of creating healthy boundaries during and after birth.

Her knowledge also literally changed the course of my labor for the better. After a day or two of inconsistent prodromal labor, Dav was able to assess a situation with us over the phone and suggested a course of action: our baby was likely posterior, which might be why the contractions were so wonky, and she gave us hope that the baby could be repositioned a bit with some guided stretches and gentle exercises.

Dav came over right away and guided me through movements that enabled the baby to reposition. With this work, my intense, closely spaced, unproductive contractions slowed and I was even able to get some much-needed sleep. Truly, the difference felt like night and day!

During our hospital birth, Dav helped me -a people pleaser who often has trouble speaking up for myself- amplify my preferences to the staff when hesitations or questions came up about interventions or procedures. She was a calm, reassuring, and protective presence in the birthing room. Without her, I might not have felt as confident or empowered during my labor experience.

Her presence, professionalism, and wisdom were everything. She holds space for laboring people beautifully.

During the parts of labor that felt especially hard; when I was the most exhausted I’d ever been and fear was permeating my self-talk, it’s as if Dav’s voice, cheering me on from just over my shoulder, replaced my own conscience for awhile. Gentle and strong with the wisdom and solidarity of someone who is very tapped into whatever it is that binds all birthing women through time and space; ancient and raw and sacred. She reminded me of my power.

We can’t sing her praises enough!

Mike and Julia


From our first meeting with Dav, she was a grounding and calming presence with a healthy dash of humor - all things my partner and I knew would be absolutely necessary during the uncertainties of our first birth experience.

Throughout our 27 hour labor, Dav provided unwavering support for both me and my wife. For me - she reminded me to eat, take breaks and get rest in order to give the best support I could. For my wife - she did everything from recommending positions to alleviate back labor, offering calming words of encouragement and taking the initiative to do things like fill the bathtub or talk to our family at the hospital.

Her communication was direct and compassionate. She was very clear with us on what we should expect from the hospital and advocated for us to hospital staff when we needed it.

Dav has her process honed; the Prenatal visits were key in establishing our relationship and gameplan.  She laid out clear scenarios with us as well as forming the foundation for an excellent postpartum plan. Her advice was sound and articulate while being respectful of our choices.

Dav is a gift to the birth-world and we cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Carrie Guess


Choosing Dav is without question one of the best decisions we made for our family. She is professional, warm, and heart-centered with an impeccable sense of intuition. During our prenatal appointments, she raised questions and ideas that helped us to prepare for things we hadn't even known to anticipate. Leading up to our due date, she was wonderfully communicative and easy to reach, always willing to field questions and share additional resources. She met us at the birth center during labor and worked seamlessly with our midwife team, helping us find moments of humor and literally holding our hands through some of the toughest moments. When complications arose, she helped us talk through our options and accompanied us in the car as we transferred to the hospital. Dav really shone at the hospital, helping us to get settled in and updating our care team. She was invaluable at helping us navigate the hospital's suggestions and avoid additional interventions. Her ability to sense what I needed in any given moment was seriously impressive. She helped me advocate for myself in the midst of some very intense moments, and helped my partner meet his needs during quite a long day. Our experience at the hospital would have been drastically different without her support. Throughout the weeks following our birth, she has continuously checked in on us, offered postpartum support in our home, and continued to give references for lactation consultants, therapists, and more. She is, simply put, one of my favorite parts of our birth story, and I continue to feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to get to know and work with her.

Chelsea Fernández


The nursing staff at the hospital wasn’t aligning with my energy or birth plan and so I was very thankful I had Davinah there to act as a filter between myself and the staff. She made me feel supported and in charge of my labor. Her energy was calm and caring. Having Davinah there allowed me to relax and feel confident in my choices during labor. I’m so grateful for her being on my team that day! 

Caitlin Akselrud


We had a wonderful experience with Dav! Dav provided us with a backup doula in case she was unable to be there for our birth. We had some health concerns, and Dav worked with us to find a backup doula that fit our needs. We really appreciated her working with us on this, especially since we ended up delivering with our backup doula! We had a great birth experience, and it was great to visit with Dav during our postpartum appointment. 

Katy Klein


Dav provided our family with post-partum support for several months after my daughter was born. Her hands-on help, intuitive approach, proactive suggestions and wise words kept us afloat, while we all adjusted. I still repeat some of her sage advice to myself while caring for my daughter. 

Dav helped us with everything from daily chores like dishes and laundry to trouble-shooting challenging infant care aspects, such as breastfeeding, dealing with thrush, screaming in the car, sleep challenges, etc. Sometimes she just held the baby so I could take a breath, a shower or a nap. She also helped me process the birth and helped keep tabs on our emotional health, my overall mood and how well my husband and I were relating to each other. Dav is an excellent listener.

Having Dav's support helped make my husband's return to work much easier, logistically and emotionally. Our dog needed some extra time adjusting to the new baby, and Dav's support gave us some extra bandwidth to do that. Dav is also very well connected to additional resources in the Seattle community. My daughter was having issues with bottles and she referred us to a feeding consultant who speacialized in breast-fed babies who wouldn't take a bottle. 

I can't say enough about how thoughtful Dav is. She started every visit by asking, "what would feel good today?" That simple question gave me a minute to check in with myself and ask for what I needed. And when I didn't know the answer to that question, she had some suggestions. I'm a very introverted person and worried about having someone around during such an intimate time. Dav just GOT IT and fit seamlessly into the mix. Her gentle care was exactly what we needed! I can't recommend her enough.


Soul C.


I was encouraged by a friend who knew my situation to meet with Davinah. I was in the process of going through an abortion for many personal reasons and felt very conflicted because after several miscarriages, this pregnancy felt different.

I scheduled a meeting with her and I was very open to receiving her services. I was holding a lot because of the place in my life I was in, and knowing I was carrying life, and would not be giving birth. 

Davinah was very welcoming, kind, and gentle with her approach. She let me be my authentic self, she made space for me to be honest, and she provided comforting words and strategies for coping in a healthy way.

She was very knowledgeable about meeting people where they are at and also, the many feelings surrounding different situations.

She asked questions that allowed me to dig deep inside and verbalize thoughts and feelings in what felt like a very safe place for me to share. Through our initial meeting, we agreed the types of support that would be beneficial for me in my healing process.

I felt very close to her and very appreciative for the support and the space. 

I am grateful to have met her as she helped me prepare to move forward with my life. 

Davinah specializes in working with all kinds of people, she brought a cultural lens that put me at ease. 

I highly recommend her for anyone going through a pregnancy because we all need support at times. ♥?

Casey Walsh


Getting to work with Davinah was truly the best decision of my pregnancy. From our very first meeting, she made me feel supported, validated, empowered, and informed. She answered all of our questions and helped my husband and I to better understand and prepare for the journey ahead. During what turned out to be a very stressful delivery, her calm and compassionate spirit helped me to persevere and to stay strong. She was the glue that held together my husband and I throughout labor and delivery. Davinah provided the kind of support that we didn’t even know we needed just when we needed it most - like ordering breakfast for us and making “padsicles”. During our postpartum period, Davinah has continued to check-in with us and has provided much needed emotional support, tangible assistance, and healing. I am forever thankful to Davinah for being a part of our team! 

Michelle Barr


Working with Dav was one of the best decisions we made on our pregnancy journey, the pregnancy and ultimately the birth of our child was marked with anxiety and heartbreak. Having the support, care, compassion, and knowledge that Dav brought eased so many of our burdens. This was our first pregnancy and we learned that our baby had genetic issues that would mean he would not live very long after delivery if at all. We decided that we needed to find a doula who could help us through this unique pregnancy and delivery. We only had to meet with Dav once to know she was who we wanted to share this experience with. Dav was able to help us not only prepare for the known parts of pregnancy and labor but she was able to hold space with us through all the unknowns as we faced the upcoming loss of our child. So much of the pregnancy was about the baby’s issues but she made sure that we were taken care of and helped me advocate for my body and health (which is something I was not doing very well until I met Dav). I had to be induced unexpectedly due to preeclampsia and having Dav there to answer questions and be a support relieved so many anxieties for both me and my husband. She helped me navigate and ultimately have the birth experience I wanted, even when a lot of it felt out of my control. Our son did not live long enough to be brought home and Dav helped me navigate the grief of losing a child while dealing with a postpartum body and preeclampsia. It was a lot, but again Dav could hold space for me and all that I was going through. She was there to support me in so many ways and just knowing she was available made the days after the birth so much easier for me and my husband.  Words can not express the gratitude and love both my husband and I have for Dav. We feel knowing and working withher has changed us for the better and we can not wait to work with her again in future pregnancies.

Natalee Roeser


Having Davinah come into my life has been one of the greatest gifts.  Dav was not only a huge support for us for the birth of our second baby but continues to provide unconditional love and support months after.

Dav has such a warm and calming presence and we knew the moment we met her that she was the doula for us.  We were planning a VBAC for our second baby.  One of my biggest reasons for hiring Dav was to help support me physically during labor but when our birth quickly turned into a repeat cesarean, I never knew how much emotional support Dav would provide and how much I would need that.  It was huge to have Dav in our corner, supporting all of our decisions and affirming that we knew what was best for our family and our baby.  Just having her by my side, sometimes not even saying a word but just holding my hand along the way meant so much.  If I were to have known I would have a repeat cesarean I am not sure I would have hired a doula but I saw firsthand just how truly important it is to have doula support during a cesarean.  Having Dav there for us in the weeks after another unplanned cesarean and being able to unpack all of our emotions that come with unplanned cesareans with someone who was by our side the entire time was invaluable.  

I cannot say enough amazing things about this human being and the impact she’s had and continues to have on my life but I will forever be grateful to have met her.

Karina Saunders


As I reflect on my birth experience four months later, I am consistently reminded of how grateful I am for Dav’s presence in my birth journey. I was anxious about labor, the unknown of navigating becoming a parent, figuring out how to name my hopes for the birth and the beginning of parenthood while managing larger family dynamics. Enter Dav. Dav was able to meet my partner and me in our state of chaos and gracefully led us through the process of preparing for birth and all the transitions that came with it.  Dav is authentic and relatable. She created a space before the birth for us to name and process our hopes and fears, and she guided us with her wisdom of the prenatal and the postpartum world so that we felt as ready as we could be. She offered practical and emotional support, leading us through reflection that strengthened our partnership and allowed us to work together as a team before, during, and after labor. I’ll never forget the relief I felt when Dav arrived at our house while I was in labor--- her presence alone reminded me that I could do this crazy birth thing, I could be my whole-self, and that we were not alone.

In our Postpartum visit Dav again created an authentic space where we could process the intimate experience of the birth. Together with my partner we retold the experience---laughing and crying and helping to make meaning of this big event. I’m proud of my birth experience and I think it is because Dav helped create the frame for me to live-into that pride.

Thank you, Dav for the gift of walking along my family in this big journey. Hiring Dav was the best decision we made in preparing for birth and I couldn’t be more excited that Dav is one of the first humans my son had a chance to meet!




I had my baby in early April and Dav was our labor doula. I wanted a fully natural birth without pain medication, but had no clue what to expect as a FTM. We hired Dav when I was 32 weeks into my pregnancy as she was so sweet and we were drawn to her calming presence. When I started having contractions, I was constantly texting with Dav who was incredibly responsive even at 2AM+. She coached me on how to time my contractions and manage the discomfort, and at the same time, she was gauging how far along I was. 24 hours after contractions started, when I was finally admitted to the hospital at 5AM, Dav arrived within the hour with her bag of tricks, a positive attitude and smile. I was in labor at the hospital for 12 hours, and Dav was there with me the entire time, coaching and encouraging me through every contraction, offering tips and positions to manage the pain and also help labor progress. Dav helped me cope mentally, as well as physically over the course of the day. I ended agreeing to a small dose of pitocin to speed up labor and help me dialate the last few centimeters on the reccomendation of my midwife, but only after privately consulting with Dav who I trusted to have my best interests and preferences in mind. When contractions got super intense during transition, Dav broke out her robozo and helped massage and apply pressure to my lower back to help counteract the pain. She also supported me when my medical team asked me to push laying on my back and I insisted I needed to push on all 4s. The entire time, she was so enouraging and motivating--I truly believe I couldn't have done it without her, and because of Dav, I got my epidural-free, vaginal birth! 

Chelsey Cox


Finding Dav was like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! This being my third pregnancy, knowing how hard it would all be, with two others to take care of, we knew the only way to survive a newborn while recovering from surgery was to ask for help. From our first phone conversation to our first meeting, we instantly knew that we wanted to share this time with her. Dav was so involved and supportive from the weeks leading up until the big day. 

When Dav walked into the recovery room with her big warm smile, it was literally a sigh of relief. Without being asked, getting everything organized within arms reach for the long stay alone I had ahead of me, taking away stress I didn’t even know I was holding onto. Like a Mother Goose, with her bag full of goodies, creating that warm, comforting environment that I didn’t know I had gone without during my first two post partum experiences. The little things that provide so much and nurturing someone when they need it the most. It goes beyond what words can express. 

Dav was not only there for us physically during the post partum at home visits, helping with the day to day household chaos, and always making sure I was nourished, but was there for us emotionally. Holding space to allow me to rest and share the feelings I would normally keep inside. Knowing that I was being heard and seen, without judgement, during our visits provided so much healing. The impact you had on our whole family, will never be forgotten. Your presence and support is priceless. This has been, by far, the greatest post partum experience, thanks to you. We love you Dav!

James A


I'm incredibly thankful that we made the decision to have Dav as our birth doula. She was extremely supportive in helping us understand what to expect before, during, and after the birth process as new parents. Throughout the process, Dav was incredibly knowledgeable, selfless, and present and made my wife (who was a bit nervous about her first birth) feel both at ease and confident in preparation for giving birth to our daughter. From our early conversations with doctors to the time in the hospital, she empowered us to make informed decisions. Once in the delivery room, her guidance and support were invaluable in making the birth of our daughter a beautiful and life-changing experience. I am certain we would not have had nearly as wonderful of an experience without Dav on our team.



I will be forever grateful that I found Dav. In my third trimester, my plans for a second home birth were upended, and on top of that  I had to begin weekly non stress tests and ultrasounds. It was difficult emotionally. When we met Dav, we knew right away we wanted her to support us in having a birth that would be truly special to us, and during which I would feel as autonomous and empowered as I had when my daughter was born. We were right. She truly got our family and was as supportive to my husband and 8-year-old daughter as she was to me. At the hospital, waiting for labor to pick up, she helped me to let go of some heavy fear and emotional baggage I was carrying into my birth. She helped me to deeply relax with the best and longest foot massage of my life! When active labor - which was fast and furious - began, she provided amazing hands on support, and was incredibly encouraging. Her presence helped shift me from hospital patient to birthing mama, and I now tell people we had a “home birth in the hospital” because that’s how it felt. We could not have done it without her!

Lauren and Dana


Words cannot express how thankful we are for Dav. She played an incredibly vital role in our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey with our son. Her gentle but confident demeanor was especially appreciated leading up to labor and delivery. Not only did she provide emotional support as we anxiously awaited our sons arrival (past his due date), but she came over to our house to share exercises to help get him engaged. She was always available for questions or concerns.

We felt an instant connection with Dav when she took the time during our initial meeting to speak directly with my husband about his desires, fears, ideas for our birth experience. She understood and acknowledged that this was an experience that would not just impact me and our son, but all members of our family.

During labor and delivery, she was a much appreciated second set of hands providing gentle massage and support. She also helped me check in to the hospital so that my husband could get our daughter situated with her grandparents. Her reassuring and calm voice is one that I still hear when I think about the arrival of our son.

We also very much appreciated when she came to visit after we were settled at home. The arrival of our son was fast and fierce so processing that experience with her was invaluable.

Dav is a gem and we feel so thankful to have had her as a part of our birth journey.

Greg Teather


Dav is an amazing doula and perfectly met our needs; She is a fantastic listener and really put in work with us up-front to learn our approach to planning, our areas of confidence, as well as our anxieties; Helping guide us toward a plan that made the birthing process customized to us, and as low-stress as possible. Dav was exceptionally attentive to our preferences (even the subtle ones) but was able to provide excellent guidance and suggestions for areas we hadn't given much thought. The end result was an comprehensive birthing plan -- but it was really the process of working with Dav that had us ready for the big day.

Once the big day arrived, Dav was a calming presence and did everything we could ask. As the father, I was eager to help but also more than a little squeamish around blood; Dav had a great sense about when to encourage me to help my wife, and when to take over for me. She did a great job looking out for my wife's health and comfort; advocating on her behalf to the doctors and nurses, while also reminding me occasionally to eat, drink water, or just take a break.

Our child's birth went really well, and Dav was a huge part of its success. I highly recommend her services!



Dav is one of those folks that has the innate ability to put your heart and soul at ease. She has the warm, calm, steady presence any person/family would want at their birth. Having worked beside her, I got to witness the generous and kind way that she holds space for her clients, while also advocating along side them; she is present, prepared, and calming every step of the way. Dav goes above and beyond to educate, provide comfort as needed, and encouragement + support as the birth progresses. Anyone who has spent any amount of time with Dav tell that this is the work she was born to do (no pun intended)! 

Matthew Sayre


From a Dad's perspective, Davinah was such an asset to our birthing experience.  I was on the fence about hiring a doula.  We interviewed 3 or 4 doulas, but when we interviewed Dav - I knew she was the one.  She asked all of the right questions while expressing interest in us as a couple and our desired birth experience.  Her approach and demeanor made us feel so certain and comfortable that she would be able to support us both during our birthing journey.

Leading up the the birth, Dav was very thorough in answering all of our questions while being available for support.  Throughout the process, she ensured that I was a part of the journey.

During the birth, Dav was everything we expected.  She was so supportive of Mom making her feel confident and strong every step of the way.  She also gave us the space to share the experience as a couple.  We never felt that Dav was in the way or a burden, only helping us.  She also captured some magical photos!  The easiest and best decision we made for our daughter's birth was working with Dav.  She was so supportive of our family both before, during and after the birth.


MAP Sayre


Davinah is magic- there's no one quite like her! As a first time mom, I felt incredibly nervous about every aspect of the experience from labor to the transition to motherhood. Dav listened to our story, concerns and hopes without judgement. 

When we interviewed her, she was warm, open and calm. She did a great job of balancing telling us about what she offered while also learning more about us. I loved how she engaged both me and my husband- making us both feel heard and supported. Davinah takes the time to support both partners and to help prepare for the not just the birth but life after as a new family. I also appreciated her focus on our relationship as partner parents and not just parenthood.

I loved how she supported the both of us through labor: her quick support when my water broke, her helping us understand the options that lay before us, when she brought calming and rejuvenating scents and oils to power me through, how she took beautiful photos of the birth that we'll forever cherish. I never thought I could have such a positive and empowering birth experience but I did and  Dav was a huge part of helping create that for us.

Dav's postpartum and limbo visits afterwards were also so amazing and crucial. At our postpartum she walked us reliving the birth and helped reveal the full picture of our birth story as a family. He debrief was warm, funny and memorable. Lastly, she provided us a limbo visit that was a total lifesaver. It was my husband's first week back to work and we had a rough night with our newborn. Davinah was able to visit and help us out when I was feeling tired and discouraged. 

We were so lucky to have her on our journey and she was the perfect doula for us. She truly provides a holistic approach to not just birth but also life leading up to and life afterwards. Thank you Dav, for the beautiful and powerful support you provided to our family during these huge moments in our lives.

Deanna Drake


One of the most powerful aspects of having a doula on your team is their ability to help you make meaning out of your experience. From our first meeting with Dav, she helped us to articulate the “story of us…” highlighting the strengths that would carry us during labor. We were able to share our fears and Dav welcomed them with great compassion. We got the sense that Dav was holding us in a sacred liminal space, readying us to take the biggest leap of our lives. When labor became intense, Dav came at the exact right moment: when I was throwing up. It was a moment when I could have headed down the path of despair, but I didn’t, because Dav was there to tell me that this meant labor was progressing exactly as it should. There were several moments in our experience when Dav reframed what was happening in a way that kept me on a positive path. She helped defend me against unhelpful comments from other medical providers, and to focus inward when there was a lot going on outwardly. She gave me affirmation when I needed it, SHE TOOK CARE OF MY HUSBAND, and she knew how to support me when I was deviating from my original birth preferences. I'll share with anyone that it feels like my baby would not have been born had Dav not been there. She came alongside us throughout this journey in a way that made us feel seen, heard and known. And that’s what you need when the shit hits the fan, someone who can seamlessly advocate, support, and remind you of who you are (and even why you wanted to have a baby in the first place!). A few days after our baby was born, Dav came to visit and embraced us as new parents. While we looked at the amazing photos she took with tears in our eyes, she helped us to reflect on the profound moments of strength and connection in our birth experience. I don’t even want to think about what our story would be like without her in it. Hire Dav! The story you tell later on will be all the more rich and meaningful.

Tracy Northcutt


Dav was the third doula we met, and the best was saved for last. I was very interested in finding someone that was not judgmental and helped me make decisions that were in my best interest, as I tend to be a people pleaser. Dav really got to know me on a personal level and understood the child trauma I had been through in my life, having lost my mother in a car accident at age 8 and my father in 2016. This trauma affects you in many facets in life and especially after having a child. Her background and experience provided comfort and support that was very much needed during this process.

During labor, Dav showed up at the hospital shortly after we called her. She was a calming and comforting presence for my husband and I. She helped me stick to my birth plan and encouraged me (like I asked in the plan) to try other positions and options before the epidural was given. Although I ended up having the epidural, she offered other solutions first and supported my decision. I appreciated her encouraging words! Having a baby is like running a marathon and as silly as it may seem, having someone say to you, "You got this Mama. You're doing great!" is just what you need to hear during labor, when the stakes and adrenaline are high, and your energy is waning.

I ended up needing a c-section and Dav provided a safe place, encouragement and in-the-moment education in the operating room, so I understood what happens in the process. She took some AMAZING photos of the birth. And I mean SUPER AMAZING. I can’t imagine not having her there for that special moment. Dav is forever imprinted on our hearts and the heart of our baby girl. Thank you Dav for your calming and beautiful spirit and heart.

Bryn Pinkerton


Davinah was a wonderful doula! Her confidence, expertise, and sense of humor helped my husband and i tremendously as we navigated the birth of our first child. She is a prompt communicator via text and email, conducts herself very professionally, and provided us with extensive unbiased resources about a variety of birth topics. I experienced painful back labor and Davinah taught me maneuvers and coping mechanisms in attempt to turn the baby. She also helped my husband and i advocate for ourselves in a challenging moment with a hospital staff member. This encouragement was a pivotal turning point in our birthing experience and i am truly grateful. Davinah was calm and composed throughout the entire labor and birth which is what we needed in a highly heightened personal experience. I communicated my fear and trepidation as the labor progressed and she reminded me of my body's capabilities. This helped me throughout each stage and transition. Finally, her post-partum visit and de-brief of the birth experience was very valuable for my husband and I both to express our version of the events. She shared photos, funny moments, and her own reflections as well. 

I highly recommend Davinah as a doula. Her commitment and passion for her work is evident. She is a kind and compassionate human being and i am so glad we choose her to help us bring our son Jack into the world!  

Impala Nance


I had a wonderful eperience with Dav! She is higly organized, kind, knowladgeable and professional.  She offered me the extra support that i was looking for during my birthing experience.  During our first few visits, Dav took the time to really get to know me and my family. She always made me feel reassured that I would have the support i longed for during this major life event.   She was very kind and continued to check in on me and my new little one months after the birth.  I would reccomend her to my closest friends and family who are looking for doula support. Dav, thank you again for all you do!

Liz Pridemore


As my pregnancy progressed and my husband and I learned more about labor and birth (including the realization of how little we knew about such a momentous time in our lives), we decided that hiring a birth doula would likely benefit both of us while we navigated the exciting but stressful time surrounding the birth of our child. We didn’t begin our search until my third trimester and were concerned that our options would be limited, so we were even more grateful to have connected with Dav! From our first meeting, it was easy to be open and candid with Dav, which is typically not the case for me when I first meet someone. She has a warm presence that provided comfort and reassurance throughout this process. Dav provided useful information and support during our prenatal visit, as well as via text and email in the days leading up to my birth; however, she was most invaluable during my labor. It was incredibly comforting to arrive at the hospital (in pain and full of anxiety) and know that we had the support and expertise of someone we trusted. Dav provided helpful suggestions for positions and strategies during labor and ensured that my husband and I were presented with and understood all the necessary information from nurses, midwives, and doctors, and that we had enough time and space to discuss our options and decisions as they were presented. She was also able to seemingly effortlessly read our emotions and act accordingly, including bringing levity and a sense of humor into the situation as appropriate. I feel very fortunate to have had Dav’s support throughout my pregnancy, labor/birth, and postpartum period, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Eric Joehl


I’m happy that my wife and I decided to bring Dav onto our team before the birth of our son. Dav was a huge help to my wife during her pregnancy, but I was most thankful for her support during labor. We are transplants to Seattle and we did not have a strong support network in town. Having Dav in the delivery room was invaluable; she gave me suggestions on how to support my wife, coached us as we worked with our midwifes, and allowed me to take breaks without having the feeling of guilt. Imagining going through this experience without Dav is difficult; as first time parents we absolutely depended on her. She was excellent through and through and I would recommend her to anyone with a child on the way.

Shannon Joehl


My husband and I loved working with Dav and would recommend her to any expecting parents!


Dav took time to get to know us personally and provide resources as we discussed our birth preferences. She checked in with us regularly leading up to our due date and following our son's birth. I frequently texted or emailed her questions, and she was always thorough and prompt in her responses. During labor, she provided support for both of us and helped us identify questions to ask our midwife when we weren't sure how to proceed. It was clear that Dav is excellent at reading people and situations, and she used her strong intuition to provide support at the right moments and coach us through the process. 

Being first time parents, we were very relieved to be able to leverage Dav’s expertise, and we really enjoyed getting to know her! She’s amazing, and I hope to work with her again some day!

Amanda Roenicke


I’m so thankful that we chose to work with Dav for our birth. I appreciated her expertise and support as we made decisions about our birth preferences and navigated prenatal care. She took time to really get to know us, and then was able to provide the guidance, resources and support that fit our personalities and desires. Labor was where she really shined, however. My labor experience was pure magic! I’m not kidding. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, and a huge part of that was Dav. Dav’s positive energy, encouragement and creative ideas gave me energy and confidence throughout my delivery. One of my favorite things, however, was how she supported my husband. Rather than stepping in, she gave him the tools to be my rock during contractions, which made the birth experience intimate and romantic. We were able to be really present with one another, because we had a kick ass care team behind the scenes. Dav has also been huge support after she was born. She’s been my go to with questions and ideas for resources. 

Jessica Clark


After the birth of our first child not going how we had hoped or expected, we decided to work with a doula to support us through the birth of our second child in hopes of having things go differently. Dav was phenomenal and we feel so fortunate to have met her. From the ‘get to know you’ first meeting, to the prenatal appointments to discuss our birth plan (which she helped us structure), to the labor and postpartum care – she truly had our hopes and wishes at the forefront of her mind and she did everything she could to ensure we felt empowered during the birth. Her personality was fun, open and easy going. I found I was comfortable opening up to her – important as I discussed what pain I still carried over how my first birth went and what I hoped from Dav to help the second birth go more positively. Once we spoke and I knew I was comfortable with her, I became excited at how she could help us. During the labor I was most thankful for her supportive and encouraging words. She helped me to feel strong, helped me to feel decisions I was making were right for me and right for that moment in time, and she personalized her time with me based on things I had shared with her during our prenatal appointments. She worked wonderfully with the nurses and midwife. She also walked my husband through various pain reducing techniques and after modeling, he stepped in. Despite taking childbirth classes the first time around, you don’t always remember everything in the moment. Thank goodness she was there to show him what to do to help me manage pain and remain focused! I felt completely supported which was important as someone with no local family members and a birth experience with my first child I was trying to avoid repeating. I highly recommend Dav as a doula and will be forever grateful she was with us for baby number two!

Ruth Alvarado


My experience was amazing with Davinah. Although it was only a few weeks of coaching she was open, gave me good suggestion, suppor and was super insightful. This was my very first pregnancy and I had no idea what to expect from what are contractions and what should I expect to letting me know that as a laboring mother we still have the right to ask as many questions once we are in the hospita, to also having the right to labor the way we deem necessary for us. 

Besides feeling educated with our brief doula encounter I also felt supported and encouraged by her. Both of which I’m glad I had. It allowed me to bring my baby into this world with a more peaceful demeanor. 

My husband and I are very thankful to her and the service she provided 

Tara Champion


When my partner and I started our search for a doula one thing that was brought up was my partner feeling like a doula may make him less involved in our birth so we knew we were looking for a doula who would be a member of our team not just a partner for me (the one giving birth). The first time we met Dav she instantly treated my partner and I equally asking him specific questions and forging an individual relationship with each of us as well as us as a couple. This inclusiveness made her stand out from the other interviews we had and carried through our entire relationship.

Dav was/is warm, fun, relaxed and informative. She was always there for us throughout our pregnancy and birth. Our birth experience ended up being drastically different than we expected and for that we couldn’t be happier that we choose Dav to come on the journey with us. During our birth she was a great advocate, support, and collaborator in making our unforeseen circumstances as good as we could hope for during the birth of our daughter.

Dav also did some postpartum work with us and I can not recommend that enough, having her come and help continue to get us settled into our new roles as parents was so helpful and much needed.

Choosing a doula is a very personal and fascinating choice to be made, for us we feel we could not have made a better choice. Dav just got us, our wants and hope for our birth experience and whatever was going on, wherever the day took us Dav got it and in the end that’s what we needed; a support person on our team who got us, and that was Dav.

Annika Faber


Davinah is incredible! I was attempting a VBAC and at 38 weeks, panicked a bit and felt like I neede more support. Dav stepped right in, asked the questions I needed someone to ask to help me get my mind right pre-birth. She was amazing during my labor, supporting both my husband and me through the whole thing. She also met with us post-partum and asked more questions that helped us process the birth. We highly recommend her! 

Di l


My husband and I were very grateful to have Davinah with us during the birth of our daughter. She has a very calm and nurturing presence to her and I knew I was going to be comfortable with her in the delivery room from our very first meeting. We moved during my pregnancy to somewhere further(therefore giving birth in a different hospital) and Davinah was very flexible and accommodating. She’s very communicative and was immediately available once I was in labor. I had a natural birth without painkillers and wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. She guided me through each contraction and rallied behind me and my husband. We would be happy to recomend her to any of our close friends. We won’t hessitate to recommend her to any of our friends.

Lisa De La Cruz-Caldera


My ankles were about to burst and my heart was swollen with fear as I would think of giving birth to my first child, Eva. At this most vulnerable time of my life, Davinah swooped in and reaffirmed me--in all of my pregnant glory that I was a warrior. A woman of beauty, a woman of strength, and as a woman who was assisting in one of life's greatest miracles. Davinah became a part of my spirit during this time as she supported me throughout my two back-to-back pregnancies and provided our family with impeccable infant care. She helped me understand how every feeding, diaper change, and interaction could be a spiritual experience rather than one filled with stress and anxiety. Ultimately, having her throughout my pregnancies and early infant care provided our family with a strong foundation based on love and patience. She is a gift and continues to be a vital part of my family's life, even though my children are 8, Eva and 5, Stevie. They will always know Davinah as a source of warmth and love!

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