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Summer Vunga, CD(DONA), CNA, GNA

Summer Rose Doula Services, LLC

Gaithersburg, MD Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 31 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, August 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I worked in a volunteer position oversees in Myanmar for over seven years. One of my greatest delights was to make sure that every pregnant and postpartum woman I knew was getting proper care. I made sure that they were getting proper nutrition, prenatal vitamins, pre-natal checkups with a good medical care provider, and postpartum support.

Fee Details

My fees are negotiable based on a client's ability to pay. My heart is to see all women and their families get the care that they need - it's one of the things that brings me the greatest joy in life. My fee includes one prenatal visit (more if needed), one postpartum visit, unlimited text, email and phone calls for any questions you might from the time you hire me, and constant care throughout the entirety of your labor. I stay with you after the labor for up to two hours, or until you feel comfortable and are ready to rest.

Gaithersburg, MD Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Summer Vunga, CD(DONA), CNA, GNA

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Rachel Mitchell


I can't imagine going through labor and delivery without Summer. She brought so much peace, calmness, and reassurance through her experience, natural disposition, and love of what she does. She helped my husband know how to best help me, and made us both feel more comfortable and confident in such a new and intimidating environment and experience. The physical and emotional support she provided throughout the whole process was a Godsend. 

Summer was so helpful prior to the birth in answering any questions I had, encouraging me when I was overdue, listening to and helping me solidify my birth preferences, and being cheerfully on-call any time of day or night for when I went into labor. 

During labor, she kept a timeline of my progression for me to have afterwards (which I was so so grateful for!), she texted our family members updates to keep them in the loop, took pictures afterwards at our request, and even recorded audio of the baby's first cry! She was absolutely incredible. 

My husband and I would both recommend Summer in a heartbeat to anyone about to give birth!!!

- Rachel Mitchell

Ilene Orkin


We had a terrific experience with Summer as our doula. She has a very calming and knowledgeable presence that is incredibly helpful during your labor experience.

I wanted to have a natural labor and Summer was so patient and reassuring through the whole process. When things got really intense, she had a variety of tools  that helped with the pain. I ended up getting an epidural right before the pushing, but I definitely would not have made it as long as I did without Summer's help. 

It's extremely reassuring to have someone with you who can explain what to expect. We were first time parents and she helped us be patient throughout the whole process. 

I highly recommend Summer Vunga as a doula. I would not change a thing about hiring her as my doula or my birth exprerience in general!

Gaby Llanos


Having Summer as a doula was a great decision, even though we cannot predict how our childbirth experience will be, we can always choose to have a great support by our side To guide us and feel secure and confident. Summer is a sweet person, she made me feel secure and have more confidence in myself, her support during the last stage of labor was very important because I consider that stage the hardest one. After the delivery she was able to stay with us until we were placed to the recovery room and after I was discharged from the hospital we scheduled and appointment and she did a follow up, guided us and answered some questions that we had as a first time parents. She was great supportive person and I Do not regret of having her as a doula! 

Alyce Barnes


I love recalling my labor and delivery experience. Both my husband and I are proud of the way our son entered our lives and we feel that Summer was a key to our success. After the initial joy of discovering that we were going to have a baby, I panicked. I felt so unprepared! 3 things concerned me the most: (1) family  wouldn't be present during delivery (2) I wasn't confident that we knew enough to deliver naturally (3) we were delivering in a hospital where our choice for natural delivery was often met with reluctance. Immediately after meeting Summer we wanted to partner with her on our pregnancy/labor/delivery journey. Her presence provided the support we needed, her experience and knowledge allowed us to feel prepared, and her commitment to being our advocate gave us peace about our delivery location. On Oct. 31 our son was born and Summer had spent over 16 hours calming us (after feeling pressured by a nurse and doctor at check-in), helping us recognize my body’s signs of progression, suggesting ways to better ride through contractions, giving advice about medications, keeping me hydrated, offering various methods to keep me as comfortable as possible, helping to keep my music playing (music motivates me), ensuring that I didn’t vomit on myself (I threw up at least 20 times), guiding my husband and allowing him to be a major part of the process, encouraging me when I felt I couldn't handle the pain, overseeing the doctor as he followed my birth plan, taking pictures of important moments and a great deal more. Summer took a role that far exceeded our expectations. She fit into our lives with ease and supported us during our son’s arrival. Her presence made all the difference for us. We believe that we could not have been as successful delivering our son naturally without her. I am grateful for her professionalism and genuine care and kindness. Both my husband and I wholeheartedly, enthusiastically recommend Summer!

Anita Kröker


To be honest, I was doubting whether hiring a doula for the birth of our first child would actually be worth the money. After all, my husband and the nurses would be there. But after I met Summer, I was truly inspired by her life of unselfish service for others, her passion for people and her strong faith. So I decided to hire Summer and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! Let me tell you why:
Even before birth, she was available for any questions, even in the middle of the night. When my water broke at home, she came and we decided together when to go to the hospital. At the hospital, she knew every step of the process and once admitted to the Labor and Delivery Room she helped me through every contraction by applying heated blankets, by speaking affirming words, by just gently touching me etc. She would make suggestions regarding trying different positions, and hinting at my husband how he could help. When he needed a deserved break, he could actually take one because she was there with me. Her calm and positive spirit were truly encouraging and throughout my 18 hours of labor I felt she could read my thoughts because she would help me in a way that I needed most, often before I even knew it! Also she reminded the hospital staff of our birth preferences while my husband and me were occupied with something else. Were the nurses helpful too? Sure! But they cared for my medical well-being, and would not be there all the time. Could my husband have done it all alone? According to his words, no! He was as grateful as me for having another helping hand.
All in all, our birth experience was absolutely amazing and we would not have been able to go through this without Summer. And since we had her support, we were able to happily welcome our son into this world which laid a wonderful foundation for our bonding relationship.
Therefore, I would highly recommend Summer to everybody who is pregnant!

Terry Fortier


Summer was absolutely wonderful.  She was such a comfort and a strength to my daughter!  She was so informed and yet, so calm. She answered all of Megan's questions and gave wise and loving counsel.  She was very understanding.   I think she calmed all of us down.  She gave encouragement when needed to Megan and to the rest of us supporting her.  She held Megan's hand, brought her a warmer for her neck and stomach and massaged her when needed.  I could not recommend her more highly!  We were so grateful she was with us all the way.  She had already done 2 births that week but stayed with us til our baby was delivered and cleaned up and she even walked us to the newborn wing to get the baby all settled.  She was always available to help Megan, counsel her, encourage her, and direct her.  i was so thankful Megan had Summer. We all (in our family) would highly recommend Summer as a doula for any family expecting a baby!  She was fantastic!!

Jeannie Johnston


Hiring Sunmer was one of the best decisions I made while preparing for childbirth. As a first time mom I was unsure what to expect during my pregnancy and labor. Summer was very responsive and caring through my pregnancy. I texted her the night I went into labor when I was unsure if my contractions were the real deal. On Delivery day she tended to my every need from feeding me ice chips to fetching us our post delivery meal from a local restaurant. When my husband had to leave the room I was thankful for her constant  support. We had the most amazing birth experience thanks to Summer! 

Shewit Tekeste


Working with Summer to deliver our first baby all natural was a blessing! We loved Summer from the first time we met and interviewed her. She was very responsive, attentive to our needs, caring, and asked us questions about our birthplan. As this was our first pregnancy, my husband and I wanted an all natural spiritual birth And to labor at home as long as possible. Summer always checked in with me throughout the pregnancy and after every midwives appt.

I was one week past due, constantly texting her about Braxton hicks contractions hoping it was the real labor :(. Finally when I was in early labor late Sunday night but was on and off. She called early Monday and came to check on me. She came with all the right solution for discomfort. I really loved how she helped me stay calm during contractions, her and my husband took turns massaging my back, and the best part is when she brought out her rice sock for my lower back :)! We went to the hospital once the contractions were closer in time but found out I was only 4cm, so we decided to go back home. She made sure my husband and I ate once we got back home. Played some soft nature music as a lay on the floor and she timed my contractions. we all prayed together, shared some laughs :) in between contractions until she said it was time to go back and get checked again. When we got to the hospital, I was already 9cm and ready to push! Before you know it our adorable daughter was born all natural as we had prayed for! 

I  highly recommend Summer as your doula especially if you want someone that really hears your concerns and works hard to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during labor ( as hard as that can be). We love Summer and definitely use her again for our next baby ;).

Rachel Hoover


Summer was a huge support to me before, during and after the birth of our little girl. Before the birth, Summer took time to get to know our birth preferences. She went the extra mile to make us feel comfortable and prepared. During labor and delivery, she was a peaceful presence, and just knowing I had such a knowledgable, supportive doula by my side was tremendously reassuring. She took unexpected turns of events in her stride, and helped my husband and I achieve the natural birth that we wanted. I know that our 'birth day' would not have been as smooth, peaceful and, yes, even enjoyable, had it not been for Summer's wisdom, care and careful preparation. Postpartum, she was a massive support and encouragement. She would come over to check how breastfeeding was going, answer any questions I had about the baby or my postpartum body, ?x me something to eat and make sure I wasn't overdoing it. Not many couples will describe their experience of before, during, and after birth as peaceful, but Summer made our experience just that. Having Summer as our doula was one of the best decisions we made. She's the whole package- supportive, loving, knowledgable, humble and intelligent- and my husband and I believe that anyone could bene?t from her terri?c service as a doula!

AJ Thompson


We hired Summer as our doula after meeting her at a natural childbirth class. We questioned whether we would need a doula at all, but we soon realized that it was one of the best decisions we made during the entire pregnancy.

We contacted Summer after the water broke early in the morning and Summer offered to either come to our house or to meet us at the hospital. We asked her to meet us at the hospital and she actually got there before we did. While we had intended to go with a natural childbirth, things quickly changed and Summer was not there to just re-assure us with her professional and personal experience with labor, but she stayed with us at the hospital the entire 24 hours through every contraction, exam, and discussion. She excused herself when asked and offered to relief when others needed to take a break or grab a snack. Having her in the delivery room was a benefit and it would’ve been much more challenging even if we were able to follow our birthplan exactly, but she was invaluable when that birthplan went out of the window.

Everything prior and after the big day went smoothly as well. There were no issues with the contracts leading up to labor and she also offers to visit afterwards back at home to help the new mother with tips on general baby care.

We would highly recommend her to anyone considering natural or regular childbirth.

seena ingber


Summer was absolutely the most amazing doula! I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me through the birth of my daughter. She was wonderful throughout the whole process, from our first meeting to a week after my daughter was born. Being a first time parent she was incredibly knowledgeable & comforting. My fiancé & I were comfortable with her right away. She was the perfect fit for us. The times we met up before the birth I could see how Summer is such a selfless, humble, caring, & sweet person. Anything I needed at any time day or night she was there for me. I could text or call her & get a response immediately. Any questions my fiancé or I had she answered them thoroughly. Before I was in labor she gave me so much confidence that everything would go great. I feel I was so great because of her. Seeing her with her own children made us trust her more. She helped to make sure we were prepared as we possibly could be. She was very good with listening to all my concerns & wishes making sure they were met before, during, & after the birth. My labor was extremely long, she stayed by my side the whole time. I know I would've panicked without her. She helped my fiancé tremendously which had me at ease. Throughout the labor she was so amazing. When it was time for me to push I had the confidence that I could do it. My delivery went so smoothly, she kept me relaxed & helping my fiancé to know what to do to help me. After the birth she was very helpful having my concerns for my daughter met. She didn't leave the hospital until she knew I was content. The times I saw her after my daughter was born she was an excellent help. My fiancé & I adore Summer. We're grateful to have experienced the birth of our child with her. I want her there for the birth of any other furture children. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby. I didn't just gain a beautiful baby girl I also gained a friend.

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