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Kat Barron LM (licensed midwife)

Black Diamond, WA Service range 28 miles I serve Seattle area, the Eastside, the North end, and Tacoma area

(425) 231-4376


Birth Fee

$1400 to $2000

Birth Fee

$1400 to $2000

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 650 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Monitrice services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reflexology
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

$2,000 for new clients. Repeat client's pay what you choose between $1,400-$1,800

Black Diamond, WA Service range 28 miles I serve Seattle area, the Eastside, the North end, and Tacoma area

Client Testimonials for Kat Barron LM (licensed midwife)

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Laci Patterson


Words cannot describe what an amazing doula Kat is or how eternally grateful I am to her. I hired her for all three of my births and honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. Because of Kat I was able to have three beautiful and unmedicated births, which is what I always dreamed of and never thought I’d be able to do. Her warm and calm presence was what got me through the most intense parts of labor (she also has a great sense of humor which really helped me). Her confidence and vast knowledge of her trade makes her hands down the best doula one could hope for. After each birth the labor and delivery nurses commented that she was the best doula they’d ever seen, and that’s saying a lot! Not only did she help me achieve my dream of bringing my babies into the world in a natural and calm way but she also helped with breastfeeding and other postpartum issues. Kat will always have a special place in my heart.

anthea/aaron/wyeth finnel


We had the pleasure of having Kats support during the birth of our second son. She was a true blessing to us and we are very grateful to have found her. She was kind, patient, very knowledgeable and warm.

We had an abnormally long labor that ended in a VBAC and we credit her with a huge part of our success. She helped us remain grounded and realistic about where we were at during each step of the way. Because she is soo knowledgable and experienced, you can feel her confidence. I felt very safe in her care and trusted that she understood if and when there was any cause for concern.

It was also comforting to us that she made herself at home in our house, so that we didn't need to feel it necessary to act as hosts on top of being in labor. She took the initiative to do her thing and we really appreciated being able to save energy for the busy work of labor.

It ended up being a healing experience for me. Happy to have a successful VBAC after hours of reggae, flameless candles, essential oils, baths and lots of processing. I never felt judged by Kat and was able to be comfortably vulnerable in her presence.

We highly recomend hiring a doula. It's important to have an advocate that is skilled and in your corner. And if you're going to, you ought to hire Kat because she is amazing and has a ton of experience. Although the price seemed high beforehand, we ended up feeling that we'd have paid her more.



Hiring Kat as my doula was the best decision I made in preparing for labor, she was amazing! There were multiple times throughout my labor when she suggested something that I wasn't even aware was an option, which changed my labor for the better. She knew when I needed a change or needed more support even before I did. Not only was she a huge help with pain management, she was also invaluable when I had anxiety, both because of her encouragement and because of her toolbox of helpful items. She was with me from when I first needed her all through the day and night, which also allowed my husband to get a much needed hour nap during the long labor. I know I would have had a different labor experience without her and it would not have been as positive. She supported me in my desire to not have an epidural and knew I was strong enough to do it even when I didn't believe I could do it. I have already recommended her to a pregnant friend and will definitely hire her again for my next birth. I love Kat!

Kristina Elizabeth


I cannot say enough about how wonderful Kat is! She is supportive, professional, and a wonderful caregiver. My husband and I chose to use her monitrice services because I really wanted to labor at home as long as possible but wanted to be medically monitored as appropriate. Her dual training and experience as both a LM and a doula is incredible. I felt safe and supported throughout my labor and delivery (which was hospital based, with my OB). I am a first-time mother, and strongly preferred to have an unmedicated birth if possible. I also am a physician, and my number one priority was the health and safety of my son. I felt like with Kat, it was possible to have both the emotional support I needed and the necessary monitoring to keep us safe. My husband was a tremendous support through my labor, and I always felt like he was my primary support person, and she was supporting both of us. When he needed a break or wasn't sure what to do, she stepped in. She helped me think through my hopes for my birth (I don't believe it's something one can plan) and gave us ideas for coping with labor. I genuinely believe that without her, I may not have been able to go through labor and delivery without pain medication. With her love and support, I actually can look back and say that my labor and birth were one of the most special times of my life and I am grateful for the experience. She has unbelieveable experience - hundreds of times more deliveries than most doulas, largely because of her rigorous training as a licensed midwife. She was very collegial and professional with the medical providers in the hospital, and I felt that she was a valued member of the team. We would wholeheartedly recommend her as a doula, midwife, or monitrice.

Katy Horan


I was told early in my pregnancy that my baby was going to be big.  I didn't believe them...ultrasounds are only right 50% of the time.  From the first ultrasound, my doctor warned that I might need a c-section. 

Ha...I laughed.  It'll be fine.

I was determined not to have a c-section.  Not because I had to have the "best birth experience," but because it would be healthier for me and our baby.  So, I kept hoping the ultrasounds were wrong.  Then, I read an article that just thinking about having a doula participate in the birth, decreased the rates of medicalization of births.  So I thought  about having a doula. The more I thought about a doula, the more I considered how much it would help my husband...

Let me stop...I hired Kat for 3 reasons: she promised to support my husband, she promised to forgive any inappropriate cursing, and she understood that a woman could discover at 37 weeks that she needed a doula.  No judgement.  No tsk, tsk.

Kat encouraged me, always having one more idea or plan at the ready when I faltered.  She empowered my husband to help me.  She took pictures with my phone of sweet moments that I would have forgotten. 

And, in the end, entirely due to her support and my husband's, I delivered a 9#15.3oz boy.  Not quite the 10# they predicted.  

Katerina Hardin


Kat is an AMAZING midwife. We are so blessed that we ended up with her. She helped make my birthing experience what I wanted and more than I could have imagined. She respected my decisions and when an emergency situation did arise, she handled it like a pro that she is. We will definetly use her again and I HIGHLY recommend her. She has such a warm, caring and loving presence. She is also very professional, knowledgable and in our opinion, the best at what she does. Kat is a perfect depiction of what a midwife is supposed to be. I just love love love her!!! :)

sarah haynes


I currently live in Ketchikan, AK.  I flew down to Seattle with my 2 year old in April 2014.  We planned to have baby #2 in May, in Ballard, WA, with Kat as our midwife.  I had not met Kat yet, I had only talked to her on the phone.  So I was really looking forward to meeting her in person, and getting aquainted.  I knew I would feel comfortable with Kat.  She is very attentive, she gave me her undivided attention, and really listened to me when I talked or asked questions. She gave me a great sense of calm peace.  Needless to say my delivery went as smooth as a babies bottom  (hehe).  Kat was amazing, supportive, attentive,  and was there whenever I needed her, called her, or texted her with questions.  I felt very confident about my at home water birth with Kat by our side. I knew I was in good hands, and was confident that if anything were to go sideways during labor and delivery that Kat and her partner were confident and capable of handling any situation had it taken place.  IF,,,,and that is a BIG IF right now,,,because baby #2 is only 8 months old now,, we choose to have a #3  I would fly back down to do it all over again.  Thank you Kat.  Our experience was a great one we will never forget.  :) 

jennifer r


My husband and I chose Kat to be our doula at our daughter’s birth. Since this was my second birth, I originally planned on having just my husband present at the hospital, but after remembering the wonderful support a doula can provide from my first birth, I changed my mind somewhat last minute. Kat came highly recommended due to her experience with hypnobirthing, which I was trying for the first time, and for her calm, professional demeanor. We were able to meet only once before the birth but I immediately felt at ease in her presence and knew this was a good match. I wasn’t sure I was fully in labor when I went to the hospital to check in but Kat met us there anyway, fully prepared, which was a huge relief. I ended up being 4cm dilated and was admitted. The contractions continued increasing for a few hours and I felt comfortable having Kat and my husband taking turns holding me and helping me breathe through them. But her presence was really appreciated when the contractions increased about 2 hours before the birth. I used my hypnobirthing techniques but vocalized quite loudly which I didn’t expect to do. Kat was very reassuring, telling me that I was doing great and bringing the baby down. She gave me great courage in believing I could do this even when it felt very intense and helped me process information when the doctor/nurses asked me questions. She even took photos and video for us! Worth every penny having the reassurance and support she gave me alongside my husband. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kat for other births. She’s a very sweet, down to earth and competent doula.

Shinae K. and Joel N.


My goal was for a vaginal birth as my first birth ended up as an emergent c-section. I wanted a completely birth experience the second time around. I did end up with a successful vaginal birth and Kat was such a great support/doula. She encouraged me to hydrate, and provided lavender heat packs and accupressure/massage throughout my labor. She was present the entire time and offered support and suggestions for labor managment; walking, birth ball, repositioning and the warm tub. She encouraged my husband go take a short break and grab some food. She offered continued verbal support of my birth goal and we had discussions about the next step in my labor process. I eventually requested an epidural which slowed my contractions slightly and the on call OB offered a couple options. After some thought, we opted to have a minimal amount started due to the fact that the epidural slowed my contractions slightly. Prior to the pitocin, Kat performed accupressure and rec. nipple stimulation to increase contractions, which it did but the pitocin was started. I was able to dilate and the OB indicated the baby was not turned correctly. Kat had me get to my side and she performed accupressure and did what seemed like leg lifts and the baby moved to the correct position for me to push. Within a 3-4 hours our baby was born and placed on my abdomen for me and my husband to adore and love. I didn't realize how thirsty/hungry I was until after the birth and Kat had fluids available right away. Kat was present until the baby latched on to my breast. She took some great photos and video footage that we (my husband and I) honestly didn't think about during delivery but so appreciate that they were taken. Very pleased with Kat as our doula, she has a very calm spirit/ approach to the birthing experience.

Sara W.


 My partner and I hired Kat to attend the birth of our first baby. I had many concerns going into the birth and planned on having an epidural if things got really painful, but I really wanted to avoid a c-section. I wanted a doula there to help me stay calm and help me express my needs and help me avoid a c-section. My labor was really long and I ended up getting an epidural after several hours of it. But even after my epidural Kat stayed there next to me (when I wasn't sleeping), and she helped me with positioning, did robozo to help baby's position, massaged my hands, talked to me, and gave me small amounts of food and water (even though I wasn't supposed to eat, I was starving!). After many more hours I pushed him out! What a feeling! He is perfect and we are in love with him. I am very thankful Kat was there, she really made me feel supported and cared for, and helped me not let my anxieties get the best of me.

Jennifer Andrus


After interviewing a few different doulas in our area, we decided to hire Kat. Deciding who to invite into such a private, sacred experience for our family was daunting -- especially, after only meeting with them once. We were not disappointed wih our choice. Kat just knew what I needed without me having to ask. It was remarkable. She even brought things to the hospital for us that we hadn't forseen we would like or need -- such as coconut water. My labor and delivery at the hospital was only two hours -- but it was the most intense. Though this was not my first child, I had many questions and concerns during the pregnancy. Kat always available and quick to respond with professional, knowledgeable, and encouragncing answers. After having gone through this experience with her, I feel like she is more of a friend than a hired professional. I highly recommend Kat.

Marisa Oltin


My experience with Kat was all around wonderful! My husband and I hired her for the birth of our 2nd baby, in attempting and succesfully having a VBAC (our first was a c-section, and we didn't have a doula)! I was so scared leading up to the birth as I wasn't sure I could do it, and so desperatley did not want another c-section. Every time she came to our home for prenatal visits she was calming and supportive of me, and helped me work through the fears I had about birth. When I went into labor she came to our home and supported me for several hours before we all left to go to the hospital. At the hospital she helped keep my space calm and she reassured me and comforted me in all of the craziness. Not long after we arrived at the hospital I started feeling like pushing! After the birth I was so blown away that I did it! Everyone loved having Kat there! My doctor even made mention of what a great doula she was!

Jake C.


My wife and I decided to hire Kat to be our doula for our first child. Our son was born ~3 weeks ago. We are so grateful to Kat for her support throughout labor! I COMPLETLEY understand now why we hired a doula! She was a neccesary support to my wife, she helped me know what to do to help my wife, and she worked very well with our OB and nurse. I will happily reccomend her to anyone!

Dawn M.


I used Kat's doula services for placenta encapsulation. She is extremely professional, friendly and all around lovely to work with. She picked up my placenta in the morning right after I gave birth and had it back to me the the next evening. I also got the tincture and a placenta print! I would highly recommend her for any services she offers- she is well educated and has a plethora of resources available. This is the first time I have ever used any services from a doula and as an L&D nurse and a mama for the fourth time, I saw much value in having Kat be a part of my birthing process. If I did not already have one of my friends and co-workers act as a doula during my actual birth, I would have had Kat in a heartbeat. She is very supportive of mother's wishes and offers a peaceful, encouraging presence. As far as the placenta is concerned this was my first time encapsulating and if I decide to have more children I will do it again. It is hard to tell if it increased my milk supply because I am taking domperidone which does that, too. However, it has given me a steady energy (not the redbull kind) and mood stability beyond anything I have experienced postpartum before. I feel so much better when I take it then when I don't. At first, my husband thought it was going to be gross but when he realized they just look like an herbal supplement and he saw the benefits first hand of having his wife take them, he has actually been telling people about it and encouraging them to look into it!

Yelena Bredikhina


 I was so fortunate to meet Kat during my 3rd pregnancy!  I had a beautiful home birth.  Kat not only assisted during my son's delivery, but performed the encapsulation of my placenta.  I have a history of severe post-partum blues &, naturally, wanted my placenta available for consumption as soon as possible.  I delivered my son at 5 am & Kat delivered the placenta capsules the next morning.  She stayed up late & woke up early to deliver the finished product to me quickly.  I also liked that Kat used a "slow cook" method (drying of placenta at low temperatures) to allow better preservation of hormones & nutrients.  

The service was quick, efficient & reasonably priced.  I started to take my placenta pills the day after delivery per Kat's recommendations & have not experienced any baby blues.  My milk came in quickly & I had a lot of energy.  This has truly been my best post-partum recovery ever!  I highly recommend placenta encapsulation & Kat's doula/placenta encapsulation services.   

Karen Parker


Kat was simply amazing! The birth of my daughter Sara was a very difficult experience. I was stuck at 6cm for 7 hours!! But she stuck with me, never doubting I could do it. And I did it! Sara is 2 years old now and I'm still blown away by what an amazing experience birthing her was, and much gratitude to Kat, because without her support I'm not sure I would've had the same experience!

Jennifer Cooper


Kat was our doula for the brth of our son in Oct 2010. She met with us three times before our due date and listened to our goals and thoughts about birth. She was answered all of questions and gave us tons of information so we could make informed decisions about what was best for our family. Much of the birth was a blur for me :), but I do remember the most wonderful sensation when she provided a hot pack my husband could apply to my back. It was such a welcome! She checked on us after the birth of our son, and we recommended her as a doula for our friends. She was so great!

Alexandra Chauran


Kat was very professional from the beginning, helping me research special concerns during my pregnancy (mental health and kidney issues) but happy to be involved as little or as much as I wanted.  Since I was planning a hospital birth, my family and doctor were a little leery of me hiring a doula, concerned about interference with medical procedures.  Kat was helpful but not obtrusive or judgemental. She helped me labour easily without any pan medications by making simple suggestions about where and when to apply heat, reminding me to relax between contractions and giving me cups of tea and rubbing my back for hours straight.  The only breaks she took were brief bathroom breaks and she even asked permission!   Her calm demeanor easily spread to everyone else in the room.  My husband even tipped her after it was all through even though he was the one who grumbled about paying a doula in the first place!  We are thrilled to be hiring Kat again for my second now.

Susanne Thielman


I wanted my birth experience to be something that I could cherish as a powerful experience between my husband and myself. Kathryn helped me have the natural birth I wanted, supporting me in ways friends and family could not, but wasn't too much of a presence so as to diminish my husband's role in the process.  

Janey Spencer


Kat is a very warm and intelligent woman and doula. From the moment we met her, we knew she was what we had pictured our doula being like; informative, experienced, caring, and very calming... She exceeded ALL of our expectations! She listened to us at our before-birth visits, about our concerns and hopes, gave us monumental amounts of information, and helped us to truly prepare for the path that we wanted to take. In labor, she was an immense strength that I could draw on and she really made my husband and I feel completely informed about everything, and completely supported in every single choice we made- even if it didn't turn out as planned! She was adaptable and encouraging to us when labor took us unexpected directions and we became discouraged. The first few weeks after Ryan's birth, she answered all of my calls and visited us when we asked, helping us tremendously with giving my husband and I various ideas on calming and caring for our new baby and learning how to have the confidence to be informed parents.
I can't even begin to thank her enough for all she did for us! It was obvious that she truly cared about what we wanted and she did all she could to support us in our choices!
I very highly recommend her to everyone I know that is expecting and will be calling her when we decide to have a second child!

Melissa Locke


Kat was such a wonderful presence during my daughter's birth! She was calming and comforting to me when no one else was... I had a relatively quick and intense natural labor (about 7 hours) and she was right in there telling me I could go on and keeping me distracted with movement or vocalizing or breathing (whatever worked at that moment!), I don't know how I could have made it through all the intensity without her support!! I highly recomend her as a doula!!   

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