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Mariah Maib-Strickland

Mountains and Meadows

Seattle, WA Service range 20 miles

Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Northwest Association of Postpartum Support (NAPS) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 26 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Non smoking home

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Owner of The Village Circle in Burien Washington

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Congrats on your new arrival! I'm available M-F and my schedule is flexible and can work with your needs. I can come as little as 3 hours a week or as much as 20 hours a week. I generally have a 3 hour minimum per day. I only do daytime shifts between the hours of 7am-9pm. I am also a pre/postnatal yoga teacher and can offer small body movements and breathing for any ailments you might have in your body before and after giving birth at a separate time aside from my doula practice. I'm very passionate about sleep (baby's & yours), feeding (whatever that looks like for you family), home care, food for everyone and general help and experience with all things you and baby. My goal is for you and your family to be cared for, loved on, and at least a little rested during this hard and beautiful time of transition :)

Seattle, WA Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Mariah Maib-Strickland

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Mariah's support and help was even more useful than we knew it could be. As first time parents with very limited newborn experience, Mariah's calm, informed approach helped us develop confidence in caring for our new baby. Faced with a fussier baby, it was so great to have Mariah's experience to suggest various soothing techniques and to better identify the cues our son was showing us as we got to know him. 

Not only that, but it was a huge burden lifted to have someone we immediately trusted to care for our son so that we could catch up on some much needed rest. It also was an added bonus that she so quickly bonded with our dog, who was feeling particularly neglected given the shakeup of a new baby in the house! Highly recommend!

Claire Folkins


I recommend Mariah to all of my expecting friends! She is a wealth of knowledge and helped relieve so much of the stress of bringing home a new baby. She has a kind, nonjudgmental spirit, and made sure we were taken care of as well as our baby. 



Working with Mariah was so enjoyable! Her laid-back nature and kind heart are just two of the reaons why I felt comfortable with her instantly. Mariah was so open-minded and supported my husband and my plan for our baby boy. She was so flexible with the type of help we needed, which changed as our baby got older each week! She was so happy to help with household chores as well as sitting with me while I breastfed, giving suggetions where needed. She gave advice only when I would ask for it, and provided options for all types of baby-related topics. I would HIGHLY reccomend Mariah to any parent with a new baby. 

Courtny Jarman


It is impossible to condense all the good things I need to say about Mariah. Having a baby during a global pandemic was definitely not what we imagined for our second child, even in a mask, Mariah's smiling face calmed my mama nerves each day. Her knowledge, support, friendship, flexibility and patience allowed for a smooth and enjoyable transition for this mama with two under 2. I highly recommend working with Mariah, you will not regret it!



Mariah is a wealth of knowledge about labor, feeding, and newborn care - she literally teaches classes on those subjects, which is how I first met her. I knew immediately that I wanted her to be our postpartum doula. She has been so much help and comfort, particularly after a traumatic birth experience. When we brought our baby home, Mariah was there to help us get settled. She listened, empathized, reassured, and empowered. She offered suggestions of ways to help when we were too overwhelmed to think of them. She communicates clearly and maintains the right amount of cheer and levity for all of the situations that arrise with a newborn. You, your baby, and your household would be in great hands with Mariah!

Tove Tupper


Mariah is a true gift to parents of newborns. She was the best money we spent on our baby and I can’t thank her enough for all her support.  

We hired Mariah to be our postpartum doula. Our son was born 4 weeks early. Not only did we have a lot to learn as new parents, we also had a lot to learn as parents of a premature baby. Mariah was right there when we arrived home from the hospital. She taught us how to sooth our baby, gave tips on putting our baby to sleep, helped us figure out how to handle our first diaper rash and was the best breastfeeding coach I could ask for. She allowed us to take naps and kept our house clean.

Mariah was a source of confidence and support for both my husband and me as we inundated her with questions and concerns every time she visited. She is an encyclopedia of knowledge. And, any question she was unsure how to answer, she’d be our researcher so it was one less thing we had to worry about.

Mariah was our biggest cheerleader. We would not have survived the first several weeks of parenthood without her. Every newborn and parents of newborns need a Mariah. 

Lindsey Johnson & Andrew Ash


We can't think of enough good things to say about Mariah.

We were originally planning to have our first baby without a postpartum doula, because we thought we didn't need one. We could not have been more wrong! Every baby will present some sort of unique challenge (for us, it was breastfeeding). Having Mariah on our side transformed our first few months from overwhelming to manageable.

She's incredibly skilled in everything you could ask from a postpartum doula. Whenever feeding was became too much of a struggle, she was always waiting in the wings with a new technique, guidance from an expert, or simple words of encouragement. Taking care of a newborn is hard! It's vital to have someone that's been there before.

But her experience and skills don't capture what make her unique. Mariah has a gift for empathy that is rare. No matter how difficult the situation, she was always able to meet us where we were, look beyond the surface struggle to see what we really needed, and address that directly. I've never seen anything like it. It goes way beyond having an extra pair of hands. It's more like having a coach for one of the most critical junctures in your life.

If we could do it all over again, we'd work with Mariah in a heartbeat. She's worth her weight in gold.

Sara N


Best Duola Ever! Mariah joined our family with the birth of my daughter. She has been a phenomenal duola and I would highly recommend her to any family that needs loving postpartum support. I worked with several duolas when my son was born 4 years ago and here is what sets Mariah apart: 

She is the only duola that is intentional in her support for both the baby AND the mother.  Often duolas are great with babies but dont realize the mother needs support as well. Mariah always starts our time together by asking what help I personally need. Some days this looks like resting when my daughter had a rough night, helping make breakfast for my son so I can eat breakfast, feeding my daughter so I can shower or pump, or just listening to me vent if nothing seems to be going right. 

She is the most productive duola. Leave no minute unturned when Mariah is working with you. She always makes the most of her time with us to ensure our house feels like a home. When my daughter is napping, she is happy to help with laundry, dishes, meal prep, setting the beds, and light cleaning. Many night she has been the only reason I am able to have dinner on the table for the family. 

She is great not only with my daughter but ALSO with my son. He is excited to welcome her into our home everyday. She is always eager to listen to his stories, get down with him on his level to play, as well as make sure he is ready for school. 

She is a fantastic baby problem solver, subtly providing suggestions to make life with baby easier.  She will never bombard you with how baby raising "should" be done, only providing subtle suggestions when requested to help make life easier. Her suggestions have been lifechanging in getting my daughter to nap.

Thank you for all that you do Mariah to give our house loving, skilled, and positive support!


Sarah Canul


I received four 4-hour sessions with Mariah as a gift and from now on I will try to pass on the gift to future new moms! It was so helpful to have Mariah come while my partner was at work and teach me soothing techniques and talk about all things baby. We were always able to get a lot of housework done and it was such a relief to have another pair of hands during the day. Mariah is very nice and respectful. I would highly recommend her!

Caitlin Kristensen


Mariah joined our ‘team’ when Lincoln (my second son) was just weeks old. The day that Mariah came was my favorite day of the week. She always knew just what to do. She walked in to the house and a sense of calm, confidence and cheer washed over our family. We also had a 25 month old son that was adjusting to a new baby, a divided mama and a new family dynamic. Mariah split her time between caring for the new baby, showering my older son with attention and helping out with the never ending household chores to do around the house.   She did everything from baby whisper Lincoln to sleep and hold him while I took a much needed rest to make lactation cookies when my supply was low to run to the grocery store when our fridge was empty.

At first I was hesitant to hire a Doula. It seemed like a luxury that I wasn’t sure we could afford. I already knew the ins and outs of baby care as Lincoln was our second. However I am so glad I made the decision to bring Mariah into the mix. She turned a very stressful time of transition into a time of learning and growth for our family. Mariah has a real talent for asking the right questions, deeply listening and seeing what needs to be done and doing it. Mariah seamlessly joined our family, helped us create new systems and better ways of being.

If you are having your first child I highly recommend Mariah. She is skilled in infant care as well as all the other elements that bringing a new baby into this world entails. If you are having a second, third or even fourth child I would recommend Mariah as well. She did a great job bridging the needs of our growing family and as I said before helped us create new systems and better ways of interacting with one another.

Caitlin Kristensen
Full-time mom of 2

Jennifer Langston


Dear new parents,
Mariah's enriching presence has been absolutely essential to my transition into parenthood with twins. She helped me and my husband navigate the fourth trimester challenges and figure out the optimal way for me to care for my twins that worked for our family and unique needs.
Mariah has been a huge source of comfort and nurturing to me as a new mother; she is the best listener and one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. She was expert at giving calm support while encouraging me to trust myself as a mother. Mariah always had helpful evidence based tips and knowledge about the postpartum period, from feeding (breast and bottle) to baby soothing, postpartum body care, relationships, and everything between. She never pushed any of her own opinions or judgements, just offered the facts and helped us figure out what worked best in our situation. Whenever an issue would arise, she would help find answers to questions, share local resources for me to utilize, as well as ask probing and thoughtful questions to help me think through and gain confidence in my mothering instinct.
The best part about having Mariah around is that I knew that she would always have the best interest of me as a mother, whatever that need be. I definitely felt ‘mothered’ by Mariah. She always made sure that I was fed and watered, and pushed me try to take a nap if possible or partake in some self care (bath, walk, etc) that would make me feel like a human again. She also acted as my emotional guide and advocate in family, visitor, and professional appointment (doctor, nutrition etc) interactions.
Logistically, she was never late, flexible with her schedule to help us when we needed her most, and very responsible in every other way. Please feel free to contact me; I will be happy to give more details on how wonderful she is as a postpartum doula!

Jennifer Strumolo 301-606-8287

Postpartum Availability for Mariah Maib-Strickland

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