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Casey's Birth Doula Services

Taylorsville, KY Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 6 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
My care does not change based on location. Home birth, hospital birth, or birth center. I will provide physical and emotional support, advocacy, and information wherever we are! I have been told that I give excellent massages, and I am happy to do that for you. I can help you with positioning for comfort, helping baby move, etc. I support all kinds of births and will do all I can to help you reach your birth goals. Sometimes birth plans change mid labor,and that's ok! I am very calm, reliable, and will help in any way I can.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR

Fee Details

My fee covers 2 prenatal visits, 24/7 phone availability. No concern is too small! labor and delivery continuous physical/emotional support, 2-4 hours of support after birth, plus 1postpartum visit to go over how everything went and offer help for any problems. Please ask about payment plans.

Taylorsville, KY Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Casey Kegley

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Jessica E.


Casey was an amazing doula! She did so great helping me through my first labor and delivery on October 7th, 2019. I knew I didn't want an epidural, so I thought having a doula would help me. Casey was perfect! She met with my husband and I to discuss our desires and make a birth plan, and was very knowledgeable about the process of labor and delivery when I had questions. She was very supportive of everything I wanted and helped me figure out what I did want when I didn't know. She also texted me frequently to check on me the weeks leading up to delivery; I could tell she really cared.

On delivery day, Casey made my husband and mom still feel included and helpful, while providing a calming presence the whole day. She would give me massages, offer things like snacks and water, and encourage me through contractions, all without me having to say a word. (I also think she ended up holding ome of my legs back for quite a long time during delivery!) I was able to deliver my son without an epidural just like I wanted, and that's all thanks to her!

I also appreciated her staying after delivery until we were settled into our recovery room and had everything we needed. Casey did a fantastic job all around, and I highly recommend her! 

Sandra Lerner Chack


Casey did a great job as my doula!  She was always available, responsive, and reliable throughout my pregnancy.  She came to my house on several occasions to offer support and discuss pain management.  She immediately made herself available when I began my labor and was very present during my daughter's birth. She was very helpful in managing pain and gently reminding me of my birth goals and stayed after the birth to provide support.    I would definitely recommend her!

Sasha Brown


Casey was AMAZING during the pregnancy, labor/delivery, and afterwards. She was so helpful. She was very informative during our visits(where she would come to me) while I was pregnant. Her massages are very soothing and they relax you. If anyone ever ask me for a doula recommendation I recommend Casey. She made every appointment she and I set up, responded whenever I needed her, checked up on me at random times, never left the labor/delivery room. She is literally there for you to assist in any way you would like that works for you. I appreciate her and enjoyed the whole doula experience with Casey. Thank you Casey! 

Brittany Hancock


My experience with Casey Kegley as my duola was a blessed one. Casey was very informative throughout my pregnancy and was always available to answer questions when I needed assistance. She was available by phone (text or voice), email, and even came to my house to discuss the birth process several times. She has a lot of knowledge about the birth process and encouraged me to have the birth that I wanted to have! I made up my mind early on that I wanted to have an all natural birth. Everyone around me thought I was crazy(including my husband), but Casey was right there encouraging me and teaching me tools/techniques on how I could make that possible. My son was born at 34 weeks and five days...and Casey was at the hospital right when I asked her to be and encouraged me to pursue the natural birth that I had said I had wanted. She brought a bag with items to assist with relaxation, gave me a massage, talked to me about what I wanted to happen, and spoke up (to the medical staff) when I needed something. I am a very private person and never thought I would be comfortable with someone being in the birthing room other than my husband, but Casey made me feel comfortable and assisted not only me but my husband with the birth of our son! I can't say enough positive things about Casey and how she was during the entire process. She still checks up on us even weeks/months after the birth and is still full of information on things about child development, postpartum, and breastfeeding. If I am blessed enough to have another baby I will be contacting her to assist with that birth as well. 

Emily LeFeber


Casey was very enthusiastic about helping in any way she could during my daughter's birth.  She came to the hospital early in my labor and stayed for hours after the birth.  She followed up with calls and visits to see how we were doing.  She was very helpful when I was learning how to breastfeed and was one of my biggest breastfeeding supporters.  When I was in labor, she helped me through an hour of very painful contractions before I received an epidural.  She volunteered to give me back rubs and foot rubs that easily lasted a couple of hours during my labor.  She was great and I would recommend her to anyone needing help!

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