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Adriana Babler, Ph.D., CD(DONA)

Serendipity Birthing

Orlando, FL Service range 20 miles

(407) 745-1834

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

11 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Orlando, FL Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Adriana Babler, Ph.D., CD(DONA)

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Erica Wiedemann


Adriana has been a huge support before, during, and after birth. I felt so much better after an osteopathic treatment during pregnancy and it was so helpful during birth to have someone to support me and my partner with encouragement and labor coping techniques, always keeping in mind how I wanted the birth to go and working with me, my partner, and the hospital staff to keep everything moving along. There are no guarantees during pregnancy and birth but hiring Adriana and having her support and experience really helped both mentally and physically during this stage of life.



Adriana was with us for the birth of our first child two years ago. When we found out we were expecting again in December one of the first things my husband and I agreed on was that we wanted Adriana to be with us for our second birth as well. Her support leading up to the birth was invaluable even as a second time mom. Her calm presence and guidance through the labor process helped to make the birth experience an overwhelmingly positive one. Before my first pregnancy, I never considered hiring a doula. After hearing several friends’ experiences I reconsidered and I’m so glad I did. I can’t imagine my birth experiences without Adriana. I can’t recommend her enough.



Adriana is the best support I could have ever asked for giving birth to my first child. I met her because she teaches prenatal yoga and attended her classes till the very last day before my delivery date. I felt so comfortable with her knowledge, her attitude and kindness that I decided she was the best choice for supporting me and my partner in one of the most important moments of our lives.

She guided me before the delivery and addressed any concern and doubt that I had. She has always been available and professional giving to both me and my husband the support we were looking for. When the day came Adriana stayed with us in the most sweet and descrete and private way. She was a presence that gave reassurance and strenght without interfere in the moment we were leaving. It was like having a guardian angel! 

If there is a sixth star out of five that if for this wonderful person! I strongly recomend her as a Doula.



There is no way to truly thank Adriana for the birthing experience she helped create. From prenatal meetings explaining all the things first-time parents need to know and positions that came in handy during early contractions to the actual birthday. She helped us create a relaxing environment and gave us the advice and reassurance we needed. After delivery she was there to help our baby latch and provide breastfeeding tips. My husband says she was worth her weight in gold and we are so glad we chose Adriana as our doula. 

Colleen Trusler


Adriana was an absolutely essential part of our birthing team for both of our children’s births! And, she continues to be a part of our journey through parenthood after both their births through her yoga classes and osteopathic therapy. She was the first phone call we made when we found out we were expecting a second child, which says something about how truly valuable she is to our family. We are so thankful to have had her by our side and to say we highly recommend her services is an understatement!

Tifany Alexander


From the moment I became pregnant with my second child I knew I needed to have Adriana as my doula. She was amazing with my first child. My first child was breach and I didn't want to take any risk with her safety so I had a c-section. With my second I was determined to have an unmedicated VBAC. I started getting ostiopathic treatments with Adriana to get my body balanced and aligned in preperation for my birthing. She was a miricle-maker and the treatments were able to open my body to allow baby to move to the perfect position for birth. Baby was in perfect position and my water broke, so I headed to the hospital. Adriana arrived at the perfect timing as my contrations became stronger and more consistant. With her guidance my dream VBAC without any medication became reality. I know I couldn't have done it without her. Both Her osteopathic treatments and her role as my doula were vital. Thank you so much for all you did for me!

Kristen Lockaby


Hiring Adriana to assist in the birth of our baby girl was a choice that my husband and I are so happy we made.
She was a constant support during the pregnancy. I attended weekly yoga classes with Adriana and had her perform osteopathic treatments as well. Her knowledge seems to be endless and is invaluable to her clients.
Having Adriana in the delivery room with us was not only a support for myself but my husband can’t say enough good things about the support she gave him as well.
We are so appreciative to have Adriana as part of our birth story!

Ashley Cooper


I had a wonderful experience having Adriana as my doula. She is very knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and birth. She spent a lot of time talking to me and answering all of my questions in person and through email/text. I saw her for osteopathy sessions as well, which did wonders to alleviate some lower back pain I was experiencing. I also attended her prenatal yoga classes, which I highly recommend for staying in alignment, easing aches and pains, and for relaxation. Adriana was also wonderful during my birth. She was very reassuring and used her skills in osteopathy to keep me as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I’m very happy with my decision to hire Adriana, and you will be too!

Andrea Jumonville


We are honored now to have invited two sweet babies to our lives with Adriana Babler’s guidance. Our first child was breech and I had to have a c section. I was heartbroken but Adriana helped me navigate an undesirable situation with grace and positivity. 

When I found out I was pregnant again, I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC. When this baby was breech again, I worked with Adriana to receive osteopathic treatments that helped the baby flip at 34 weeks. I then went on to have a successful and healing VBAC at 40 weeks 4 days. 

Adriana’s positice attitude, gentle nature and evidence-based skill set have made a huge difference in my childbirthing experiences and we are so thankful to have her in our lives.

Ashleigh Greene


I knew Adriana would be a great source of support during the birth of my first child after seeing her calm and peaceful demeanor at prenatal yoga classes. I really enjoyed those sessions.

Then, at our consultation, she was so helpful! Time completely got away from us but I never felt rushed. She was gracious enough to let the conversation run its course until I was satisfied.

During the birth she was so comforting and patient. My labor turned out completely different than I envisioned, but her knowledge and positivity along the way helped me make informed decisions for the well-being of the baby and myself. I am at peace with the way my daughter came into the world thanks to Adriana! Thank you for helping me see the beauty in the challenges. I am humbled, and I would recommend Adriana’s services to any of my friends.

Laura Wolf


As a third time mother, most would think that a doula wouldn’t be necessary, however hiring Adriana was the best thing I could have done for myself and for our baby. I had taken prenatal yoga classes with her for my second pregnancy and found her to have such a calm and positive attitude. When I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my third I knew I needed that sort of energy for my third birth. Not only was she my birth doula, I also took advantage of her skills as a trained osteopath. This ensured that my body would be properly aligned and ready to give birth. At the time of birth, Adriana was there offering support the whole time encouring me to have an active birth. I can’t say enough about Adrian. I am so glad to have had her by my side!

Tracy Weiss


Hiring Adriana was THE peace of mind my husband and I needed as we approached the birth of our first child. In our meetings before the birth, her calming, interested and informed presence was reassuring and confidence-inducing. When it came time for labor and delivery, her accessibility, responsiveness, and again, her spirit of calm and wisdom, proved incredibly valuable. She came highly recommended and I highly recommend her, as well!

Jennifer Stolzenbach


Adriana is such an incredible person and doula. I took her prenatal yoga class during my first pregnancy. I really enjoyed and benefited from the classes and loved Adriana's calming energy. I did not have a doula for this pregnancy. I ended up with a c-section due to the baby being breech. For this second pregnancy I again took the prenatal yoga classes and decided to hire Adriana as my doula since I was really hoping for a VBAC. She was there for me throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with a wealth of knowledge and calming energy. It was a fast and intense labor and my head was having a hard time catching up with what was going on. I arrived at the hospital fully dilated and began pushing shortly after. Adriana got there right after I did and was right there saying just the right thing, playing just the right music, and giving me ice chips at just the right time to help get me through it. There were a couple scary moments where it seemed they were putting the OR on standby. Without me even saying I was scared Adriana addressed the concern and put me at ease. I got the all natural VBAC birth I had hoped for and am so thankful to have had Adriana there as a part of it. If I ever decide to have another baby I will most definitely want her there again.

Lindsay Thommes


Being my first pregnancy/birth I was very scared of the unknown and uncertain of what I wanted for my birth plan. More than anything, my husband was also very anxious about the whole event. Adriana not only made my pre-partum phase more comfortable with osteopathic manipulations and pre-natal yoga, but also my labor and delivery. She offered my husband and I the most calming and serene atmosphere to be our most relaxed selves during this overwhelming time. She also helped me discover information about labor/delivery to help me choose what was important to me and what was not. 

During the labor and delivery she was able to guide me into different positions to help alleviate the pain/discomfort and give me the knowledge I needed to make the best decisions for my self and the baby. She took the pressure off my husband to help me relax and let nature takes its course so he could soley be there by me and support me.

I would highly recommend Adriana for anyone, whether it’s your first baby or fifth. Although my husband was hesitate at first, one of his first words after it was all over was "Adriana was the best! I am so glad we had her there."

Casey Drake


My husband and I decided to include a doula in the birth of our first child. Early in the pregnancy we interviewed Adriana and immediately felt she was a good fit for us. She was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the pregnancy and really helped ease our minds as we navigated the stages of pregnancy. When I was induced she arrived at the hospital promptly and stayed with us until after the birth of our daughter. While I was initially indecisive about whether hiring a doula was the right choice for us, I was left with no doubts once the day arrived. Adriana's guidance and assistance was invaluable throughout labor and delivery and I have no doubt my labor would have taken a different path without her presence. My hope had been to avoid interventions which ended up changing as labor progressed but Adriana helped me to feel at peace with my decisions and in control of my birth experience. She helped my support team of my husband and mother feel more at ease throughout the process and her calm energy helped ensure that my birth experience was a positive one. My husband and I would not hesitate to include Adriana in the birth of our next child. She was an essential part of my support team and I can't imagine the experience without her guidance and assistance.

Brittany Richards


I had the pleasure of taking Adriana’s prenatal yoga class during my previous pregnancies, so when I decided I wanted a doula for my fourth pregnancy, I knew I wanted to work with Adriana.

She is the perfect combination of professional and knowledgeable but also nurturing and supportive. Her presence is so calm and reassuring. And not only does she have a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth, but she’s also well versed in a variety of complementary and alternative therapies, and I appreciated her advice throughout my pregnancy.

I felt she really listened to my desires and concerns and tailored her support and guidance to help me achieve the birth I wanted. She was always readily accessibly, and had helpful answers to all of my questions.

In the days before my baby was born, Adriana stayed in constant contact, checking in on me via texts, offering plenty of encouragement and positivity. And when labor started in the middle of the night, Adriana responded immediately and met us at the hospital promptly.

My husband felt like she was very mindful and respectful of his role as the husband/dad, and she offered the perfect amount of support for both of us. My baby arrived quickly, but it was so reassuring to have Adriana by my side. As I pushed, I held my husband’s hand while Adriana fed me ice chips!

Adriana stayed with us for the entire first hour postpartum, helping me establish breastfeeding, and then made sure we were comfortably settled into our postpartum room before she left. And after we were home, Adriana sent several message, checking in on us to make sure we were all doing well.

I am so grateful Adriana was part of this journey with us. I had the beautiful, empowering birth I wanted, and Adriana will always be a very special part of that special day. I whole heartedly recommend Adriana to any family looking for a doula who will support you with abundant kindness and wisdom!

Colleen Trusler


It is hard to put into words the gratitude my husband and I feel towards Adriana and all of the support she provided before, during and even after our son was born. My pregnancy, our birth experience and recovery were amazing and I truly believe this is largely due to the fact that we had Adriana by our side. Before our son's birth we met with Adriana several times to talk through our questions and to share our fears, I booked massage sessions with her to help turn our baby when we found out he was sunny side up and even attended many of her prenatal yoga classes, which greatly helped improve my comfort level, both physically and mentally those last few weeks. She was also always there day or night by phone or text whenever I had any questions or just needed to chat. Her level of experience and broad range of expertise gave us the confidence we needed and her unending kindness gave us peace. Our natural labor and delivery experience really couldn't have been better. From the moment my water broke to the time we settled in our room with our new little one, she stayed by our side, calmly talking us through every step. When things got especially intense at the end, she knew just what I needed to feel comforted, encouraged and empowered to keep going. She worked beautifully alongside our amazing midwife and everyone kept saying how blessed we were to have had them both on our team and we couldn't agree more. In the weeks that have followed our son's birth, Adriana has continued to stay in touch to answer questions, give encouragement, and lend an ear. Lord willing, if we get pregnant again in the near future, Adriana will be the first person we call. I can't imagine doing this without her by our side.

Mollie Smith


Adriana was absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond throughout my pregnancy, during my son's birth, and post-partum. Adriana is a wealth of information. She answered all of my questions with specific, detailed information. She armed me with the best information so that I could make the most educated decision. She never tried to impose her views and always supported me in my choices. As to my son’s actual birth, Adriana guided me through an intense, unmedicated birth of a 9.5lb baby. I could not have done it without her. At one point during my son’s birth, he was not getting enough oxygen, and Adriana managed to keep me focused on what I needed to do for my son and kept my husband from panicking. She had an amazing demeanor throughout—staying clam no matter what and lending me her strength when I needed it the most. After my son was born, Adriana came to my house for a post-partum visit and breastfeeding consult. Thanks to her, we were able to identify the problem my son was having and got the help we needed to successfully breastfeed. I genuinely cannot recommend Adriana highly enough.

Tina Craig


Adriana is an incredible person. I practiced pre-natal yoga with her for six months leading up to birth, where she guided me physically and mentally to prepare for an all-natural birth experience. Throughout this time, she thoroughly shared her knowledge in the most calming and reasuring ways. My favorite mantra of hers is "You're body was made for this. You are strong. You can do this." Simple words, yet so powerful. I was able to go through labor fully without an epidural thanks to her guidance. In the end, I had to have a c-section because of my baby's alignment, but her words of encouragement continued and I was able to calmly make it through the procedure. Her support has continued postpartum, where she has been a great resource for breast feeding and natural pain relief advice. Words cannot express how greatful my husband and I are to Adriana. 

Erica Szuch


Adriana was a joy to work with during my pregnancy and the birth of my son. I attended prenatal yoga classes she instructs at Full Circle Yoga in the months leading up to the birth that helped me maintain my strength and flexibility. I also did a stretch and massage session with her when I reached 41 weeks to help align and relax my body for labor, which happened naturally right before I was scheduled to be induced. She attended the most difficult part of my labor and not only helped calm me with music, massage, and encouragement, but also helped move things along by suggesting different positions for labor. She gave my husband a much-needed break and was there after the birth to help baby latch and make sure both me and my husband were doing well. All her interractions with the nurses, doctors, and both me and my husband made a challenging first birth experience a positive one!

Elizabeth Hall


Adriana was an essential part of our birth experience! From her wonderful prenatal workshops that taught us valuable labor techniques to her incredible support during labor and her postnatal assistance with breastfeeding and beyond, Adriana has been a kind, compassionate and caring guide through every part of our journey. An excellent listener and intuitive advisor, Adriana helped us figure out what type of birth experience we wanted and then helped us to realize that experience. Months before labor began, Adriana helped my husband and I prepare for it with a combination of prenatal yoga, massage and pain management consulting that made us feel comfortable and ready for the big day. When it arrived, she was especially invaluable. Adriana literally held my hand through an arduous 26-hour labor that stretched in to the early morning hours and worked tirelessly alongside the hospital staff to ensure that we had a healthy and happy experience that we will remember as one of the best moments of our lives. Even when our plans for an unmedicated birth changed at the last minute, she was always supportive and nonjudgmental as she helped us navigate a difficult decision, making sure that we were informed and aware of our options, without overwhelming us with information. Her calming presence made what could have seemed like an interminable labor seem achievable and even relaxed. With her help, we had an experience that we look back on with great joy, not regret. Since then, Adriana has been instrumental in guiding us through some of the challenges of new parenthood, including providing breastfeeding consulting and massage therapy for our daughter, who struggled with a tongue-tie and torticollis. Her coaching has resulted in a much happier baby…and mama! It has been an absolute privilege to work with Adriana and we can’t wait to work with her again for the birth of our second child! 

Sergio Lopez


We were going to have our second baby and one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted Adriana to help with the delivery as she did in the first.  This delivery ended up being totally different from the first.  Things progressed faster and with more intensity.  The water was broken by the doctor almost immediately upon arrival to the hospital.  Adriana was extremely valuable to the delivery despite this being a totally different delivery and experience from our first.  She adapted herself to the situation accordingly.  Her presence provided us with stability and kept us calm and confident through the entire delivery.  Adriana's professionalism and charisma is evident to the point that one can see how welcomed she ends up being by the hospital staff.

Thank you for being a part of the birth of our second baby boy Giuliano and providing peace and tranquilty to the process.  We're not sure if we'll have a third baby but if we do, we'll want you to be there.

Leticia Izquierdo


I feel both fortunate and grateful for having had Adriana at my side for my second delivery, since I was attempting a VBAC. Fortunate, because I was 38 weeks by the time I got around to calling her.  I got the reminder from a friend after hearing of her two great experiences with Adriana.  I lucked out on her last minute availability, as she would have been double booked for my due date.  Luckily, I was two days early and she was able to make it. Grateful, for her calming presence, professionalism, knowledge of massage & pressure points, hypnobirthing and breathing techniques, as I worked through the pain.  Also, for her valuable knowledge of available options during labor, delivery and postpartum, that were not offered during my first delivery.

I felt more confident going into labor, after our prenatal meeting. She shared info about pain management, labor process, natural labor preparation (yoga) and expectations.  At that time, there wasn't a guarantee that she would be able to make it, due to a conflict with another client. I was praying for her to make it. From our first phone conversation, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She has a warm nature, calm demeanor, and extensive knowledge, and just exudes her love of her job and the special event of birth. 

I'm blessed to have another healthy baby girl.  Also, blessed to have had an overall better experience my second time around, thanks to Adriana!



Lindsey von Weller


Adriana was a very important part of our daughter's birth story. I contacted her about being our doula fairly late into my pregnancy, and though she was only available on 'stand by' for the birth itself (due to a full client load that month), she was such a help to us as we prepared for the big day. She guided us through what to expect and informed us well on decisions that were within our control, without ever putting pressure on us to follow a certain plan.

The night I went into labor (3 weeks early), Adriana was one of the first persons we contacted, and she gave reassuring advice for the hours ahead of us. As it turned out, our daughter was not born until the next night, and Adriana was able to be with us for the vast majority of labor and all of the delivery. Her calming presence and guidance helped me get through delivery, and having her in the room empowered me immensely. Once our little one was born, she was taken fairly quickly to the nursery for observation. My husband accompanied her, but Adriana stayed by my side, which was so comforting to me. Her knowledge, experience, and overall demeanor were so important to me and to my husband. I will most certainly be calling Adriana again next time we are expecting!

Danielle Rutherford


Hiring Adriana as our doula was one one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy. She was such a great support person during the pregnancy as well as at the birth. She felt like an old friend. I lost my mother during my pregnancy and she was there for me and comforting during one of the most emotional times of my life. I also want to mention that I was carrying twins and we ended up having a cesarean birth. At one point I questioned the need for a doula during a c-section, but we ultimately decided we wanted her there and it was a great decision. She was knowledgeable about the process which helped keep me calm and was there during the delivery as emotional support. My husband also really appreciated her support and knowledge about pregnancy and birth. We will always consider Adriana a friend!

Nicole Roach


Adriana was the doula for the birth of my daughter in January 2016. I was referred to her from my midwife when I realized I was already taking her pre-natal yoga classes. It was already clear to me Adrianna had an abundence of knowledge about pre-natal, labor, delivery and post-natal well-being and health. After formally meeting with her to be my doula, it was clear she would be a perfect fit for my support team. It helped to know she was on my side and not necessarily pushing any specific agenda other than supporting my husband and I and our decisions.

She met with us for a pre-natal visit in which she talked us through various things to become more educated on the labor and delivery process and options I could consider.

When labor began, I was in regular contact with Adriana and when we were ready to go to the hospital, she was there waiting for us when we arrived. She stayed with us through the night and next morning as things progressed and consistently aided me along the way through the delivery of my first child. After delivery she made sure I was comfortable and did everything she could to make sure I was taken care of - even took pictures I will be able to treasure forever. I would not hesitate to hire her again or recommend her to others.

Tifany Alexander


Adriana is an amazing doula. She is extremely knowledgeable and informative. I asked questions and without bias she would give me information on both sides. Although I was unable to give birth vaginally and unmedicated (baby was breech with cord wrapped around her neck twice hence my c section) I couldn't imagine experiencing my daughter's birth without her. She kept my husband and I calm prior to surgery and supported us after. She was great support thoughout my pregnancy as well. She is not only an amazing doula, but also an amazing prenatal yoga instructor. I went to her classes throughout my pregnancy. Between her yoga classes and the postpartum doula consultaion I am healing very quickly and able to be more attentive to my newborn. I will use Adrianna in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get pregnant (fertility issues) or pregnant (doula services and yoga). 

Elizabeth Rodgers


As soon as we found out I were pregnant, my husband and I discussed using a doula. I was considered ‘advanced maternal age’ and we knew that a hospital birth would be stressful, but we were hesitant to try for a home or birth center delivery since this was my first pregnancy. We wanted to make sure there was someone experienced with labor and delivery with us in the hospital to help us make decisions and prevent unnecessary intervention. As soon as we met with Adriana, we immediately knew she was the perfect fit for our birth wishes. We were seeking a doula who was professional, understood the balance of desiring a natural child birth but also the comfort of a hospital setting in case of emergency, and someone who would be able to support us but also be compatible with hospital staff. Adriana met and exceeded all of these criteria. Throughout labor Adriana was supportive, helped my husband with suggestions to comfort me, and provided valuable advice that kept us on our desired natural birth path. Towards the end of labor, when I felt myself thinking more about intervention to help with the pain and the hospital staff suggested some medical options to assist with delivery, Adriana was magical in her ability to distract me from the pain, provide soothing support, encourage me to stick with my birth wishes, and provide non-medical pain management solutions. We were able to achieve the natural birth we desired and gave birth to a healthy girl. I am happy that Adriana was there to help us stick with our birth wishes because I now have the beautiful memory of labor with all of the physical feelings and roller coaster emotions not clouded by medical intervention, to cherish the rest of my life. Postpartum, Adriana visited with us and provided valuable advice and assistance with breastfeeding and newborn questions. We were unequivocally pleased with Adriana and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula as part of their pregnancy/birth voyage.

Amanda Niznik


My husband and I recently had the pleasure of receiving Adriana's support for a second time. Our first son was born in 2012 and, like most first-time parents, we felt prepared but overwhelmed. I was especially emotionally overwhelmed because I miscarried in the past and had huge fears when it came to the sensations of labor since the only thing I associated with sensations of contracting was miscarriage and disappointment. Adriana was there for me from the start - to work through emotional issues and of course later to answer pregnancy questions and support us through the actual birth. I was surprised to find out I'd have to be induced for our first but I still got the birth that I want thanks to Adriana's support. The second time around I still had so many questions during my pregnancy that I wouldn't have felt comfortable asking my provider - Adriana perfectly bridged the gap between loved one and medical provider that doulas are supposed to. I had concerns about our toddler's reaction to the baby, among other things, and I felt like Adriana was there to pat me on the back and offer suggestions galore. The day I actually went into labor with our second child, my husband and I must've called her ten times asking "is this normal?" questions and created a game plan for meeting at the hospital. After a quicker and much different labor than the first, I eventually had a second, epidural-free birth thanks to Adriana. I say all the time that I truly could not have done it without her and I mean it. Really, it's a struggle to write a concise testimonial about Adriana because her support throughout both of my pregnancies and births (and beyond) cannot be summarized or comprehended so simply. She is and was no less important than any other member of the family. Her education, experience, emotional intelligence, and certain something that I can't put into words makes her the most special doula around. She is my wise angel and I feel blessed just to know her!

Jeannie Dellutro


Adriana has been with me for both of my pregnancies and deliveries. I cannot imagine not having her by my side for those life changing experiences. My husband is a skeptical engineer and was unsure why we needed a doula at all during the first pregnancy. To prove how much his opinion changed upon discovering we were pregnant again he said "So Adriana is our first call right?” Her knowledge, kindness, strength, and support are wonderful. My husband credits her with helping us have a natural delivery in under six hours after my water broke but no contractions started. Adriana is always quick to respond via email, phone, and text. Her wealth of expertise and resources proofed so much more useful than any google search or book I had read (and I read quite a lot). Her ability to give you options and then help you gain confidence in your own plan was incredible. She goes above and beyond in the hospital almost like a mind reader intuiting your needs. Even post-delivery she stayed to help ensure my recovery was underway and that I was meeting my breastfeeding goals. If are considering a natural experience the best way to set yourself up for success is to hire Adriana. It will be well worth it.

Lisa Edwards


Adriana was our doula for our son's birth, and we knew from that experience that we would choose her again for our second. We recently welcomed our daughter and honestly could not have gotten through the birth without Adriana. I attended her prenatal yoga classes throughout my 2nd pregnancy, as I did with my first, and she helped me prepare my body and mind for labor. As Labor Day approached she was always available to answer my random questions and concerns. And from the time I started early labor at 7 am on Tuesday to when my daughter was born at 4:25 am on Wednesday, Adriana was there for me ... checking on how I was doing, suggesting helpful ways to progress through labor and meeting us at the hospital at midnight to do laps prior to checking in. She was a calm and supportive rock throughout my labor, rubbing my back, feeding me ice chips, encouraging me to keep going. Adriana and my husband were the perfect duo throughout the night. After I had my daughter, she stayed to ensure breastfeeding was successful and she checked on me over the next few days. She is an amazing doula and an even better friend. We're very thankful for her.

Lindy Wolfe


Our friend said you need a doula, but we weren't sure since we were planning a home birth with a midwife.  I started going to Adriana's prenatal yoga classes and found out that she was a doula.  I really liked her so I asked if she was available for our son's birth.  Unfortunately, she was already booked.  But, we were able to go to her couples prenatal yoga class and learned a lot of breathing techniques and positions for labor.

Then, our son decided to come 6 weeks early!  Our plan totally changed and we had to go to the hospital.  Luckily, our friend reminded us to get a doula when we got to the hospital.  I immediately called Adriana, and she was available to help us right away!  Yay!  Adriana came that evening to check on us in the hospital.  Then she came back super early in the morning when we called her for help.  She helped energize us and relax us at the same time.  She gave my husband a much needed break, got me up and moving, and helped us so much physically and mentally.  She knew exactly what to do to comfort us, and helped guide us through the stages of labor.  She whispered things to my husband so he could better help me, gave him advice on how to get what we needed from hospital staff, reminded us of things we wanted to do, and helped us follow our birth plan the best we could.  She also captured the first moments of my son's birth on her camera phone.  We will always cherish those pictures!!!

My husband says that she was a level head in a chaotic situation.  She really helped us through every step, I don't know how we would have done without her.  She definitely made everything a lot easier!  She was AMAZING and we're so grateful that she was able to be our doula after all!!!  We hope she's here for our second child's birth!  We'll be sure to call her right after we find out we're pregnant!

Jessica Porges


This was our second time using Adriana for doula services. Not only did I have a fantastic private prenatal yoga session with her which helped my labor get started the next day(!!), but just as with my first child, she guided me through the stages of labor and reminded me to find my inner strength to achieve yet another beautiful, drug-free hospital birth. I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone to be a part of a fantastic birth "team".

Samantha Forrest


The birth of one's first child is a precious, delicate, and exhilarating event. You hope for luck, patience, and grace -- but mostly you just hope to make it through without majorly freaking out. When we decided we wanted to aim for a natural birth, having a doula felt like the right decision to help manage the whirlwind of emotions throughout the pregnancy and on the big day itself. Happily, we can now report that choosing Adriana to be part of this process was absolutely the correct decision for us.

Adriana's help was crucial from the moment we approached her. She kindly met with us prenatally as we began to plan for the birth -- for hours, I might add, answering any and all questions we had. When, around the 8th month, the baby turned transverse, Adriana was quick to offer suggestions and guidance that helped the baby turn back into position. Her presence and helpful spirit bolstered our confidence leading up to labor.

We can't express how thankful we are to have had Adriana present on the evening of our daughter's birth. She was calming, reassuring, supportive, and kind; we truly believe her energy helped create a graceful, welcoming atmosphere for our little one to enter into. Having a steadying presence amidst the chaos of a natural hospital birth was a priceless resource for both of us that evening.

Elizabeth Castro


As first time parents and new residents of Florida, we knew we definitely needed extra help during the maternity and birth process. Adriana was truly amazing to have by our side. She was always available to answer questions and offer suggestions for issues that arose. She let us know that there was nothing too big or too small to ask her, and if she didn't know the answer she would do her research and call back. Having her to call on made a stressful situation, infinitely less stressful. 

Adriana coached us through the labor process and we were able to spend most of the labor at our house, which made things much more comfortable. She stayed by our side during the labor and offered encouragement during active labor. She also was there to ensure that I got the much needed time to begin breastfeeding right after the baby was born. We wholeheartedly recommend Adriana for any parents out there looking for some additional help and counseling. Thanks to her, we had an unforgettable birth experience!

Davis and Elizabeth DeWitt

Christina Kabachinski


Adriana was a blessing to our family.  She served as our doula during the birth of our first child and helped us through one of the hardest times in our lives.  We learned that baby was not in a good situation at 37 weeks and were told to go to the hospital that day for an induction.  We called Adriana and she was immediately available and supportive.  Our birth plan had immediately changed and would continue to change for the next 3 days.  She was supportive through every obstacle and helped us understand what was happening as the journey progressed.  Adriana was more than a doula - we truly saw her as a friend through the process.  My husband is forever grateful for her support and knowledge.  I will forever remember her calming presence and kind words as I let go of our original birth plan to accept the changes in front of us.  She was there throughout the process - never waivering.  Adriana will always have a special place in our hearts and we would recommend her anyone looking for a doula.

Maria Petrakos


My husband and I hired Adriana to assist with our first pregnancy and birth of our son. We didn't have many friends with children, but had researched how having a doula as a support creates a more positive pregnancy and birthing experience. After researching a few other local doulas, it was an easy choice to go with Adriana. She was so warm and knowledgeable when we met her for the consultation. She made us both feel at ease.
Throughout the pregnancy, she was available by email, text and phone whenever I needed to talk. She also teaches a prenatal yoga class that I attended regularly and she made sure to speak with me before or after class if I had any questions or concerns. When I had a concern with my pregnancy and couldn't get the communication I needed from my doctor's office, Adriana was there every day, by phone and email, to check in with me. She even referred me to a midwife that I ended up becoming a patient of and I couldn't have been happier with the results.
Though my birthing experience did not go as I had planned (my water broke before contractions started and I ended up on antibiotics and pitocin), if Adriana were not part of it, I'm not sure how my husband and I would have managed. Having her there certainly relieved some of the stress of the experience, especially since my labor was a long one. My husband hadn't slept much the night before and was so thankful that Adriana was with us so he was able to get some sleep from time to time. She was able to guide him on how best to help me and they took turns holding my hand and messaging my back and hips. She coached me through breathing techniques when the contractions became stronger and more frequent. Adriana communicated with the midwife for us, keeping her updated on how often I was allowed to walk the hallways and how I was breathing through the contractions.

I had a great team for the birth of my son. My husband and I are so grateful that Adriana was a part of it! 

Gina Graziadio


I just wanted to share that my husband and I had an amazing hospital experience, but having our doula there, Adrianna, made all the difference in the world. She was that calming voice and excellent listener, not only for me, but also for my husband. I knew she would be there to support me, but I think more than anything my husband really depended on her guidance and support and he doesn't depend on anybody!  Without her gentle words and suggestions, I don't think I would've been able to push the baby out on my own. We've just become pregnant again and when I asked my husband if we should get a doula this time, his words were, "Absolutely! Call Adrianna!" With other doulas I interviewed, I felt them to be too strong minded and opinionated. She was our calming force during the rush of an emotional experience. She helped our transition with grace and made our experience a less stressful one. 

Maria Melnechuk


Adriana was amazing! From fertility consultation to prenatal yoga and then to a natural birth, we could not have asked for a better journey. I don't know how we would've done without her. She truly made all the difference in our natural birth. My husband didn't know anything about doulas before we got pregnant. After the birth, he said Adriana was priceless. If we decide to have another baby, she's the first call I'll make!

Cheryl Guggenheim


Adriana possesses numerous qualities which make her a phenomenal Doula. Her knowledge and sense of professionalism are of the highest caliber, while her humble and warm personality instantly put my husband and me at ease and eager to have her as part of our pregnancy and birth celebration.

We were blessed with the birth of twins and while we wanted a home birth, we were not able without support, per Florida law. That said, our daughters were born in a hospital and Adriana’s presence really added to the warmth and coziness we had wished for with a homebirth. She was very supportive and encouraging; ensuring that my husband and I felt her presence yet was never overbearing or intrusive. Adriana was the PERFECT addition to our support team.

Should we be blessed with another pregnancy, without a doubt, we would love to have Adriana present as our Doula!

Jamie Grady Smith


My husband and I met with Adriana and were very pleased with her experience and demeanor. She clearly understood the labor and delivery process and was well equipped to assist us through my approaching labor and delivery. She is absolutely caring, kind, experienced, and professional. I felt that she was there for any question that I had or support that I needed. She always responded in an extremely timely fashion. She is fantastic at managing expectations and preparation. My husband and I benefited from a one on one session with her to prepare for what was ahead. I was also able to attend a series of the pre-natal yoga classes that she teaches prior to delivery . . . they were wonderful and educational. I would highly recommend both.

As a business owner myself, I understand the value of delivery quality services in a way that meets your clients expectations - it is a necessity. Adriana met and exceeded our expectations in all areas. The labor and delivery experience was absolutely night and day from my first delivery, truly fantastic. My husband and I sat with our baby in our arms and marveled at how well everything had gone. I would not consider delivering without her support and guidance on any future babies. I would recommend her to anyone that is planning to have a baby, truly fantastic work.

Meghan Shea


After going through the birthing process with Adriana at my side, I wouldn't have had it any other way! She has such a wonderful calm energy that is especially awesome during labor. I attended a prenatal yoga class that she teaches, that kept me streching and doing moderate exersice throughout my pregnancy, which helped tremendously. I was having contractions for about a day and a half and as they got closer together Adriana came to my home and helped me work through them. Once at the hospital I was evaluated and told I was 8 cm dilated and ready to get in a Labor room! This made my hospital stay that much shorter and much less stressful. Having her as my advocate and constant support was invaluable for this first time mom! I would, and do seriously recommend her to anyone who asks! 

Yvonne Price


Adriana joined us for the birth of our first child in December of 2013. As first time parents, we were both a little anxious about the delivery. We wanted someone knowledgeable and experienced who could be there with us to help answer questions and provide more information should we need to make fast decisions during the delivery due to unexpected circumstances. I also wanted some additional delivery support from a woman who's been through the process more than few times.

Adriana was absolutely amazing! I had planned a natural childbirth, but after 16 hours of labor, we did run into those unexpected circumstances. She provided such great support, information, and helped us see all the different alternatives and choices available to us.

My labor and delivery wound up being nearly 40 hours and I can't imagine having gone through it without Adriana. Her steady and calm emotional support throughout the process was invaluable. She was also by far the most calming presence in the room during my actual pushing - which was so helpful to me since everyone else seemed to be yelling at me - at least from my perspective! Adriana talked in a calm soothing voice that really helped keep me focused and relaxed, in fact it was the only thing that helped me focus and relax.

In addition to being with us during the delivery, we had a pre and post meeting with her where she spent considerable time answering all our questions. Even more valuable, she gave us so much information about things we never even thought to ask about. She also helped me with breastfeeding issues I was having after the birth.

The birth of child is such a personal and intimate experience, choosing someone to share it with you can be daunting. Adriana is an amazing woman and an incredible doula. It is an honor to recommend her services to anyone considering a doula for their birth.

Elizabeth G. Crouch


Adriana was a true blessing to my husband and I throughout our entire pregnancy as well as post partum. I really cannot find the words to properly express how grateful and appreciative we are of her. We met her when I was in my first trimester and loved her calm and soothing demeanor right from the beginning. I knew right away having her presence in the delivery room was exactly what I needed as a first time mom who wanted to have an all-natural birth. Early on I started attending her pre-natal yoga classes on a weekly basis and it really helped me prepare for labor but also get to know her more intimately. Seeing her passion in yoga and helping all of the women with whatever questions or concerns they had made me realize how caring and giving she was. Adriana would continuously check in with me throughout the pregnancy and was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had as I experienced this unchartered territory. As our baby's due date approached the fears of being induced were heavy on our mind. We learned from my last 2 doctor appointments that the baby was being stubborn and had not dropped enough. Our biggest fear was starting to become a reality and we were scheduled to induce towards the end of the 41st week of pregnancy. Adriana knew how important it was for us to have a natural birth so she offered up her time to help naturally induce labor during that final week. We worked on accupressure points, walking and talking and overall she helped me psychologicially prepare for whatever was about to happen. The night before the scheduled induction my water broke! Her strength and calmness were exactly what I needed through the labor. Even after our son was born we decided to schedule a lactation consult because of breastfeeding issues and she was right at our house the same day to help. I could go on and on about how amazing Adriana was. My husband and I will DEFINITELY have her present at our next birth! She is worth every penny! 

Lisa Edwards


We knew from our first meeting that Adriana was the doula for us. Her calming voice and demeanor were just what we were looking for in a support person. Throughout my pregnancy Adriana was there with tons of helpful information and support, but always with an objective and unbiased perspective. All of the decisions were our own, she merely helped shed light on pros and cons of anything we asked about. She checked in on me frequently to ensure I was doing well and to see if I needed anything. When it came to "D-Day" she was amazing. We called her at 2:30 in the morning to let her know that contractions had started and she stayed on the phone with me for about 30 minutes to see how i was progressing and to talk me through it. Initially she was going to come to our house for us to labor at home, but I was progressing to strong and fast so we met at the hospital. She and my husband were an amazing team. They fed me crushed ice and gatorade and held my hands through every contraction. Adriana had her bag of tricks with her to adapt to the ever changing situations in a delivery room. She played calming music, rubbed my back when needed and most importantly, always knew the right thing to say to encourage me and keep me going. When it came to pushing, she was a wonderful cheerleader. Once our son was born she took the first pictures of us as a family and stayed through my first breastfeeding session. She even accompanied us to the mother/baby room to ensure that we got settled well. I can't imagine my birth without her. She helped ensure that we had the birth experience we wanted and we're forever grateful.

Jenn Aquilia


Adrianna was so kind and helpful throughout my entire pregnancy, birth, and even postpartum. During my labor, she was always by my side with her calming energy and support. During each contraction she would work on pressure points and massages that I don't know how I could have gone without!!! Not only that, but if at any point during the labor things would start to slow down, she would recommend a change in position that would get things moving again immediately. Without her there, my labor would have been much much longer.

I'm so grateful to have had her throughout the process to bring my first baby into the world completely naturally. Our little family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Laura Jacobo


When I found out I was pregnant, I became riddled with fears of everything that could go wrong with my pregnancy. I was wanted a natural childbirth in a hospital setting, but had doubts that this was achievable for me considering some health risk factors. After my husband and I conducted research, we discovered the pros of using a doula, and how it could be very advantageous for someone like me. We decided to go for it in hopes of squelching my anxieties and increasing the chances of making my birth plan a reality.

Adriana came highly recommended. Our experience with her was nothing short of amazing. From beginning to end, she made herself available whenever we had questions or needed reassurances. I was at first hesitant about the idea of having a stranger participate in such an intimate event, but Adriana was kind, warm, professional, and non-judgmental, which really helped ease me; her knowledge and expertise were impressive.

When my water broke a month early, Adriana quickly responded and immediately began assisting me and helping me get comfortable. As game time drew closer, she used a variety of techniques to help me deal with the tremendous amount of pain I was experiencing. Each time I'd begin to fill with self-doubt, thinking I could go no more, there she was, encouraging me, holding my hand, or comforting me in some form. Six hours later, we delivered a healthy baby. For this I am grateful. I had very little medical intervention (an IV port and one round of antibiotics), no pain medication, and no epidural. I think the hospital staff was just as surprised as I was by this. Turns out ‘all-natural’ childbirths in this hospital are rare nowadays—occurring only in one out of every three hundred births. I truly don’t think it would have been possible without the support of Adriana and my husband.

Adriana was one of the best investments we've ever made. I will continue to sing her praises for years to come.

Katy Bojack


I feel truly blessed to have had Adriana as our doula. I first met Adriana at the prenatal yoga class she teaches and I remember enjoying her calm energy right from the start. I knew that I wanted to have a natural childbirth and Adriana was such a huge part of us having the natural childbirth experience we wanted.

Adriana was so insightful, compassionate and supportive in helping us prepare for labor, delivery and parenthood. She was always open to our questions, helped us tremendously in preparing our birth plan, and if I needed a sympathetic ear, Adriana was there for me to talk to. During my labor and delivery she was a nurturing and calm presence. Adriana was also very supportive of my husband wanting to be involved during labor and delivery - she would often suggest things that he could do to help. I look back on my labor with fond memories of walking, talking, laughing, breathing and doing yoga moves with Adriana and my husband to help my labor progress. She and my husband made an amazing team – I am so thankful for them both.

After delivering in a hospital that was touted as “pro” natural childbirth, I realize just how fortunate we were to have Adriana’s guidance. She and our midwife worked great together and she helped me stay focused and strong during labor and delivery, attending to my every need along with my husband. She helped us navigate the pressures we faced with the hospital staff – ultimately helping us achieve the natural birth experience that we wanted.

Having Adriana as our Doula was an honor and one of the best decisions we ever made. We will definitely be asking her to be our Doula for all our future children.

Vivian Lund


We had such a great experience with Adriana! This was our first pregnancy and having a Doula was an excellent idea. We won't hesitate to use her services again when the time comes for another baby. She was very helpful throughout the pregnancy and especially throughout the hospital stay! Adriana is a wonderful person - she comes highly recommended.

Lumari Quintana Vazquez


Omar and I couldn't be happier with our decision to hirer Adriana as our doula.  She was with us from beginning to end providing us useful information and guidance.  It was vital to have someone with experience through such a challenging event.  She helped keep me motivated ..provided different methods to help cope with contractions my husband put it ..he wouldn't have thought of doing such excercises and he can see that it truly helped me through the process.   We had a beautiful experience and we believe in ***BIG*** part was because we had Adriana with us.  Our doctor even thanked her at the end for all her hard work.  I've recommended her to anyone that is currently expecting.  She wasn't just there for me during but before and after ...she is truly someone that cares about her work and has a great heart ...and insight.  Have a meeting with her and I guarantee she will bring you some peace to the whole process.  Thank you again Adriana ..we hope you are around for the next one ;-)

Kasey Brennan


From the moment we met Adriana we knew she would be the perfect person to assist in bringing our sweet girl into this world. She has such a calming prescence about her and is a wealth of knowledge on all things pregnancy, birth, and post partum related. I attended her pre natal yoga classes and learned something new every week...she always made herself availabe to answer any questions I had and helped us create a birth plan for the big day. When that day came, I called Adriana early in the morning with my contractions being about 5 to 8 minutes apart. She checked in on me throughout the morning and early afternoon while I labored at home using some of the exercises that I had learned in prenantal yoga. Once we arrived at the hospital in the late afternoon Adriana was there with a shoulder to lean on, and offered encouraging words as we walked the hospital grounds and did some exercises to speed up the labor. Within a short amount of time I had made some major progress and was given a room for delivery. Looking back on my delivery I remember it being a really special time and I feel that having the support from Adriana and my husband made worlds of a difference in successfully having a natural birth. I can remember right after my sweet girl was placed on my chest saying, "I can't wait to do this again", and I truly can't. Adriana has a special place in our family's hearts and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Sergio Lopez


Our experience with Adriana Babler was sensational! The guidance and support she provided was exceptional!  Her expertise and knowledge in the labor process is incredibly extensive.  It's obvious that Adriana is a doula because she loves it and it is her calling.  We can't imagine having to have gone through this process without Adriana.  Adriana always looked out for our best interest which was imperetive because we came to find that many within the hospital staff did not.  The hospital we attended is considered a top rate hospital and we were happy with experience at the hospital. But the only person who was 100% looking out for our best interest at the hospital was Adriana.  If we were to have 5 more babies, all would be done with Adriana's guidance.  We would highly recommend Adriana Babler to all who are expecting.  The guidance and peace that Adriana adds to the process is outstanding!  We are 110% percent satisfied with the services that Adriana has provided.  In the end we consider ourselves to be blessed that Adriana came into our lives at the perfect time, and are happy to say that Adriana has become a part of our life and friend for life. 

Breean Crisp


I had been taking prenatal yoga for a number of months with Adriana before my due date. Prior to my interaction with her I would have been unlikely to use a doula, but after my great experience in her class and speaking with her one on one, my husband and I knew she would play a vital role in our natural birth plan. Being a first time mom I had loads of questions which she was a great help..  She came quickley to the hospital in the middle of the night and helped with easing the labor pains.  I soon started more painful contractions and she was awesome with my husband as they worked as a team to help get me through the pain and keep me focused.  Because of her calming and relaxing techniques and guidance getting me through the painful contractions, I successfully delivered according to our birth plan - all natural with no interventions.  If it weren't for her being there and working with my husband, I don't think I could have made it without an epidural.  She stayed until our baby girl had a successful breastfeed, and even came to visit following.  I would highly reccomend her for anyone wanting a great doula to help make the birth you want happen.

Amanda Niznik


Although I tried to remain unbiased while interviewing birth doulas, I knew from my first phone call with Adriana that she was "the one" for my family. A phone call to set up a meeting time turned into a full-fledged conversation about my hopes for my first birth and fears related to a prior failed pregnancy: I confided in Adriana about a bad experience related to miscarriage and right off the bat she offered counsel, suggestions, and a warm, caring ear. After attending one of her pre-natal classes and chatting afterwards, I was totally enamored with her grace, care, and knowledge base. Throughout the pregnancy Adriana checked in with me consistently, offering not only unbiased answers but also materials and resources concerning anything I asked about. Nothing was off-limits and we ultimately felt as prepared for the birth as possible. Initially, my husband and I planned on giving birth at a birth center, however, due to various complications, learned that I would have to be induced in the hospital. I was shaken by this news and had a hard time accepting the change last minute - Adriana was 100% emotionally there for me in a way that no one else really could be (even my husband, mother, best friend, etc.). During the birth, Adriana was there every step of the way as an unwavering support person. She suggested exercises, offered different aromas, massage, placed cool washcloths on my forehead, made suggestions to my husband (invaluable!), wiped my tears, offered encouraging words when I thought I couldn't go on anymore and, most importantly, held my hand. My husband and I both feel that Adriana is absolutely responsible for our fabulous birth experience; she will forever be an important part of our son's life. If you're looking for a doula who brings expertise coupled with the utmost nurturing, you've found the right one in Adriana. I cannot recommend her enough!

Sarah Bray


Adriana was our doula for the recent birth of our third child.  I had previously had one hospital birth with an epidural twelve years ago, and one unmedicated hospital birth (with Pitocin) four years ago.  While my second birth was a great experience (we used the Bradley method of husband coached childbirth) my husband and I both agreed we could benefit greatly from the additional support of a doula this time.   We met with Adriana fairly late into my pregnancy and she was so wonderful about encouraging me and checking in with me often, sending resource materials and preparing us with information and comfort techniques for labor.  She was there with us for the entire length of my labor and delivery (14 hours, starting at 4 am!) and her calming, strong presence was such a comfort.  During early labor she assisted me with various exercises to help labor progress.  I strongly believe her experience as a yoga instructor is invaluable to her clients; she's extremely knowledgable about how the body works and which muscles are used during labor, as well as important breathing and relaxation techniques.  She was by my side during the absolute hardest parts of my labor, quietly encouraging me, massaging my hands, placing cool towels on my head, basically taking care of my every need so that I could concentrate on bringing my baby girl into the world.  My birth experience so was so peaceful and I know that Adriana played a huge role in helping me to achieve that.  Her warm, kind and caring personality, combined with her knowledge and experience, makes her an amazing doula!  We will, without a doubt, call her again as soon as we find out we're expecting our next baby! 

Page Berghoffer


My experience with Adriana started back when I was 6 weeks pregnant! I started one of her pre-natal yoga classes and I was so excited to take part in them during the entire 9 month process. My husband and I had always planned to try for an all natural birth, and with the help of Adriana we couldn't have done it without her! While I was taking pre-natal yoga with her, she let me know she was taking all the requirements to be a doula...and of course I couldn't refuse using her! She knew my body, what yoga moves worked best for me and so I was really excited for her to be part of my birthing experience! She met with us on several occasions, and was very open to any questions/comments myself and husband had for her. 

The night we went into labor, we started at our house and she came over right away after calling her! She was my "other" support when my husband needed a break. With an all natural birth, it's a very father/coach experience...and my husband soon found that out, so Adriana was there to step in and help with my breathing techniques, keeping my hydrated, holding my hand when I needed that extra support and encouragement, suggested different yoga positions that would be great for myself and baby and she even helped take photos of the baby being born...which are memories I will cherish forever! 

As I mentioned, without Adriana...I think the whole experience would have been different and may not have ended up the way I hoped! She had such encouraging words for my husband and I, and she will be forever part of my life!

Since we live in the Seattle area, we probably won't be able to use her services again...but if we were in closer distance, I would be so excited for her to be part of our birth experience again! I am actually sad she probably won't!!!! But, she will make your birth experience THE BEST and be the most supporting doula out there!

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