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Julia Davidson CD(DONA)

Little Hands and Little Feet Doula Services

Grovetown, GA Service range 80 miles



Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 150 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am open to all hospitals! I will gladly work along any provider you choose.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have experience attending many birth center births

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am more than happy to support you at home along side a professional (CPM or CNM).

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

I offer one free consultation, 1-2 prenatal visits, help in making your birth plan, support for laboring at home, 24 hour on call support, labor support, 1 postpartum visit, and breastfeeding support. I look forward to connecting with you! If price is a barrier, please still reach out! For more information check out my website! littlehandsandfeetdoula.com

Grovetown, GA Service range 80 miles

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Client Testimonials for Julia Davidson CD(DONA)

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Carly Carver


Our experience with Julia was wonderful. From the first time I met her I felt very comfortable with her and knew I wanted to hire her as my Doula. She has a great balance of a down to earth and approachable attitude, compassion, and a directness that is refreshing and effective. She made me feel comfortable with my birth plan and when certain modifications needed to be made on delivery day, she was very reassuring and continued to remind me of the great progress I made and how well I was doing. She was incredibly insightful and encouraging during difficult contractions. I particularly appreciated her knowledge of positioning strategies to get through contractions and that was amazing! I was so blessed to have her by my side and always felt accepted and affirmed. She was so dedicated and went above and beyond to ensure I was supported before, during, and after delivery. I love how she always reminded me to take inventory of all that I had accomplished when I was struggling with difficult parts of pregnancy and delivery. We strongly recommend Julia as a doula and know that whoever hires her will have as incredible an experience as we did!

Kymberlee Turner


Hiring Julia was the best decision my husband and I could have made for the birth of our first son. We had a history of pregnancy loss so I was considered high-risk, and I felt overwhelmed and anxious thinking about labor and the weeks leading up to it. We knew we wanted an experienced birth professional in our corner to support and advocate for us. From the get-go, Julia did just that. She helped us think through our plans and preferences, providing resources and encouraging conversations with my obstetrician. She was always patient with my constant questions and quick to respond, helping us to feel confident and informed as we approached his due date. Fortunately, despite COVID still running rampant, she was able to be there with us at the hospital. She was absolutely invaluable in helping me to manage labor both physically and mentally. She was attentive and observant, knowing when I needed to relax because I was tensing up or change positions to encourage progression. When we were faced with decisions regarding pitocin and having my water broken, she made sure we were well-informed so that my husband and I could make the decision that was best for us and our baby. And I swear the transition and pushing phases would have lasted significantly longer if she hadn’t been there coaching me through it with encouraging words and different positions to help get baby down and out! Ultimately, we had an extremely positive experience that resulted in a beautiful healthy baby boy, and I’m not sure we could have done it without Julia. We will forever sing her praises and recommend her to all of our pregnant friends and family members. We hope and look forward to the day when we can hire her again for future babies :)

Melanie Spears


We decided to hire a doula late in pregnancy realizing we wanted to have additional support as our initial birth plan was an unmedicated hospital birth. We wanted an additional support person aside from our medical doctor to assist us in the journey. Hiring Julia as our doula was the best decision we made for ourselves. From the initial consult to the postpartum visit, Julia was everything we didn’t know we needed. She was an essential part of our birth story and I cannot imagine going through it without her. Julia provided additional perspective to our experience and offered really great tools to consider while I was still pregnant. She provided myself and my husband emotional and physical support through early labor up until delivery. She had such a calming, reassuring, and confident affect which provided both my husband and me with a sense of safety, encouragement, and empowerment. From very personal moments like hand-feeding me snacks while I labored on the toilet, to quickly answering phone calls from my husband when she had to leave the hospital due to visiting hours, she supported us in many different ways. Julia’s postpartum visit was something I truly needed to process our birth as it had many curveballs and unexpected turns. Being able to debrief with her and receive validation about certain decisions/situations was incredibly therapeutic. I did not put enough value in this part of her work with us but am so glad this is part of her service. Lastly, receiving our written birth story a few days later was such a great way to close the circle of care we received from Julia. To be able to reflect on the experience and have it written for our baby girl to read some day is a priceless gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love, Andrew, Melanie, and Simona Spears

Brittany Shoemaker


We enjoyed having Julia as our doula. She was helpful and quick to respond to questions or give advice when asked. She provided support when needed during labor, and shared ways to advocate for myself during labor/delivery. She was knowledgeable in positions for labor. She provided encouragement when my thoughts turned negative. Knowing she was there when I needed her was a great reassurance during pregnancy/labor. I would definitely use her again of we were to decide to grow our family again.

Jasmine Wilson


6 weeks  since giving birth, I still see Julia's calming face in my head! It was like just yesterday she told me "you will get to meet your baby girl at the end". Her peaceful and loving spirit is unmatched! We considered Julia the GOAT!! She was so relatable. We never doubted her love for us. She always answered our calls & text, she checked in frequently and never ignored a question or concern. Having Julia as our doula was a blessing!!! 

Bethany and Martha


TLDR: "She is worth her weight in gold." -my wife.

Julia was invaluable, to say the least. we had a very long journey to meet our son. It was tiring, hard, and at times it was scary. With all the uncertainty surrounding us for days, the thing that helped us have a path was her support and knowledge. I can't imagine the birth we would have had without her. We had a clear vision for what we wanted, and of corse, things didn't go exactly how we planned. Without Julia, I know it would have gotten WAY off course. She helped us make decisions that were best for us at the hardest of times. When we were tired, in pain, and the nurses were going a mile a minute and making decisions for us, Julia grounded and empowered us; she gave us back the wheel. I am speaking from the partner's perspective in all of this. She supported both of us. She talked us through our choices and we made the decisions that were best for us. If we ever have another child, we hope to have her there with us.

Katie Register


Julia definitely helped me achieve the dream birth (VBAC after rough failed induction on first baby with 36 hour labor) I was too afraid to hope for.  Her guidance on how to talk with my provider on multiple subjects was invaluable: how to negotiate skin to skin in the event of an unplanned c-section, how to keep calm as my "due date" came and passed and ensure I had as many options as possible to get the birth I wanted safely without coming across as a combative patient.  Her recommendations to coax labor to start on it's own were super helpful and I ended up with a very speedy labor and amazing, minimal recovery.  In my very fast delivery (no time for my husband to bring in birth plan) she helped make sure my wishes were honored.  Even in a fast labor, Julia was very helpful.

Carissa Williams


Having Julia as part of my birth team was the best decision we made! After tons of reading, research & birth classes with my supportive husband, I thought a Doula would be neat, but not necessary, and we didn’t have the budget for it. We were encouraged by a dear friend to meet with her, and we loved her from day one! She gave us many things to think about throughout the pregnancy, including exercises to get baby in an optimal position. I experienced prodromal labor for weeks and many strong contractions/false starts before my actual labor came 10 days late. Julia helped walk us through those confusing moments, and came over as soon as real labor started. Her presence throughout my labor was calming and strengthening, and I don’t know what we would have done without her, and the peanut ball! My husband and I were so grateful for her experience, her knowledge of different positions to help labor progress, her focus during the birth, her physical strength giving counter-pressure & massage during contractions, all of the much-needed encouragement, positive affirmation & reminders to breathe, and all the detailed notes & pictures she took which helped me write my birth story later :) She really was a Godsend! Since I desired a natural, unmedicated birth in a hospital setting, it was important to have Julia there as an advocate for my birth plan. Because of her support, my husband was better able to be emotionally present and physically supportive, creating that intimate and peaceful environment we desired.

I would consider my birth intense, but very fast (thank God!) and the most overwhelming, empowering experience of my life! I honestly believe our birth would not have been as successful or amazing without Julia’s support, and she is worth more than she charges, priceless when you think about the preciousness of that moment when you meet your baby for the first time. We love you Julia! 

Lindsay Fuson


We had a wonderful birth experience with Julia and I cannot say enough good things about her.  Both my husband and I agree that bringing her onto the birth team was one of the best decisions we made.  At prenatal visits she was professional and a good listener; I felt she was very tuned into what our needs were as a family.  She was able to suggest exercises and a chiropractor for some of the issues I was having in my 3rd trimester which was incredibly helpful.  When it came time to give birth I was not having contractions in a typical pattern and she would check in with me and my husband and recommend position changes to help my labor progress.  When she arrived she provided all the support and reassurance we all needed.  Julia got right to work applying comfort measures and distractions to help me get through those rough moments of labor when I felt defeated.  As a doula Julia is caring, knowledgable, dependable, a good communicator, attuned, and capable in her role.  I cannot recommend her enough!



Hiring Julia to help us with home birth was the best decision we could possibly make. I give you husband's perspective. I was extremyly nervous as this is my first baby. Julia did an excellent job putting my worries at ease. She is extremely knowlegeable and had relevant advise for my wife and me. She suggested a number of exercises and adjustments to my wife's routine that helped her feel more comfortable during the last trimester. When pre-labor started Julia provided guidance over the phone. She called or texted every 40 minutes to check on us and give us guidance. She came to our house when contraction frequency increased. At the house (we did a home birth) she was able to comfort my wife and guided her through exercises that eased her pain and led her to the labor. Julia knew exactly when to call midwife. She also knew exactly what to say to my wife, what to say to me, and what to do. She was with us through birth, and took care of our new born baby after when I had to take my wife to the hospital for a minor procedure. Highest marks!



I highly recommend Julia! She is very knowledgeable and helpful during labor. It made a world of difference having her with me compared to my previous birth experiences. My husband was very thankful to have her with us as well. She helped us make informed decisions, helped us know when to go to the hospital, and gave me lots of positions to get into to work through contractions. 

Melissa Adams


Thankful is an understatement!

My husband and I couldn’t have imagined going through the experience of our first child being born without the help of Julia. Knowing I would need as much support as possible and having never given birth before, I began my search for a doula. We met with Julia and felt so at ease instantly. She has a very calming demeanor that my husband and I loved. We met a few times before delivery; each meeting providing us with ways to talk out our concerns and have many questions answered. I ended up delivering two weeks late; during my “delivery window” Julia checked in often and was attentive. Contractions started for me a few days before I actually delivered; it was with her knowledge and advice I was able to avoid going into the hospital before it was necessary.  When it was finally the “real thing” I labored at home for a few hours as Julia communicated with my husband on the phone checking on my progress. It was finally time to head to the hospital (middle of the night) so Julia met us there. I ended up laboring for almost 9 hours at the hospital. Julia instructed my husband on ways to support me; as she applied counter pressure the ENTIRE time. She also was there to suggest when I should try changing positions to keep labor progressing. My husband reminds me often how thankful he was to have her there; without her the experience would have been beyond overwhelming for him. Her presence allowed him to provide me the calming comfort that was needed to get through labor. Julia was also a great advocate when it came to communicating my birth wishes with the hospital staff. Looking back, I was extremely blessed to not have any complications during pregnancy and delivery, but it was with Julia’s support and knowledge that I was able to have the birth experience I had truly hoped for! Our son Rhett will definitely hear of Julia in the moments we talk about how he made his debut.

Jennifer Proue


My husband and I are so thankful for Julia’s support during our first pregnancy and labor & delivery of our little boy. We had a low risk pregnancy, worked with a group of midwives and delivered in the hospital. I knew I wanted a doula to support us and am so glad we found Julia! Julia met with us a few times before our due date to get to know us, help us think through a birth plan, and answer questions that we had. She is very knowledgeable and we appreciated her gentle demeanor. She is easy to talk to and really cared about checking in on us and supporting our birth plan- laboring naturally as long as we felt possible to do so and open to an epidural, with one of our main goals to avoid a C-section. It was really helpful to have her available to talk or text the couple weeks leading up to our due date and reassuring me and offering advice all the way up until the 41 weeks and 5 days before I had to have my water broken. Julia met us at the hospital and stayed with us the entire time, encouraging through each contraction, knowing just what to say and do as labor progressed, reminding me that I was strong. I felt so comfortable and empowered with my husband and Julia at my side. She was affirming to my husband as he was wonderfully supporting me and advocated strongly for us at the hospital. Julia is just an overall loving and kind person and we highly recommend her!

Megan Nyberg


There are so many unexpected things that can happen with birth, no matter how prepared you believe you are.  Without question, the best choice we made in preparing for the birth of our daugther was hiring Julia as our doula.  Most of our pregnancy was spent abroad, but we were able to "meet" Julia via Skype and fit in both of our prenatal visits when we got to Minnesota.  Julia was incredibly supportive and a great resource in the weeks leading up to birth with e-mail and text message check-ins, but she was absolutely invaluable during labor.  My labor was 38 hours and she was there through it all, supporting my husband and I without ever being intrusive, without tiring, and without waivering in her encouragement.  After we were sent home from the birth center to labor for the day, she was a great advocate for me, making sure I knew all of my options, and applied counterpressure for most of the labor.  She also encouraged me to try new positions to help me progress, none of which I would have had the courage, strength, or knowledge to try without her there. While it was a difficult labor, my husband and I never had to be fearful and were reassured that everything was normal, which is huge for first time parents.  She seemed to know what we each needed even when we didn't, and my husband was so grateful for her guidance on how to best support me. After 28 hours, we ended up with a hospital transfer, and having a familiar face there made it less scary.  If we could do it all again, we would hire Julia in a heartbeat - we're so lucky to have her as a part of our daughter's birth story.

Alison Gordon


So incredibly thankful!

Our experience with Julie was amazing. My husband was weary about having a doula, and my decision to try for a natural water birth. Julia was there with us from the beginning. I contacted her soon after I became pregnant to ensure I had support throughout my pregnancy after previous miscarriages. Julia was sweet, calm and very knowledgable. During our planning meetings we got to know each other. Her warm soul made her so easy to connect with. She also helped us create a birth plan and eased husbands fears about how a doula helps with the birth supporting both partners.  She kept in contact in the months and weeks leading up to my due date. She was available to answer questions and help calm my anxiety.

Our birth was a complete surprise.  We were totally unprepared for an emergency induction at 36 weeks. Julia jumped into action, as she was our first call from the hospital, not sure if we would be admitted or not. She was on standby and came when we felt we needed her. She was incredibly helpful in distracting me with conversation. Calmed me with her presence and knowledge of what was happening. She assisted my husband in pain releiving massages and words of encourangement for both of us. She was a voice of reason in my head and in the room. She voiced what I was scared to ask of my nusing staff. Our birth plan was almost completely out the window, and she helped us to restrategize and still create a calm and warm birth space for our daughter. She also supported when I needed more pain management and requested an epidural. She ensured me my body had not failed and I was making the right choice for my body. She was so helpful during every stage of labor and spent the entire day with us.

We loved the follow up we received from Julia. She contacted amd visited us in the days following to help us process the unexpected early birth and having a baby in the nicu.

She was the best choice!

Anna Wedekind


I would highly recommend Julia as a doula! From the beginning, she was always quick to respond, professional yet warm, and thorough in giving us great resources (suggestions for birth classes, links to research topics, etc.). She has a calming presence and is very attentive to needs.

During labor, my husband and I were so grateful to have Julia with us, and she was very helpful with suggesting various positions to help labor progress and comfort measures along the way. She was hands-on throughout the process, giving counter pressure and massage as needed.

Labor and birth went smoothly and quickly, and we believe Julia’s support was a part of making that possible! She is a wonderful doula and will always be a special part of our son’s birth story.

Kelsey Vang


Having Julia as our doula for the birth of our first child was hands down one of the best decisions we could have made. Though we planned to use a birth center, there was a complication with my pregnancy around 37 weeks that required us to ultimately induce labor at the hospital. Julia was there for us the whole time through text, phone call and in person. She answered our questions, discussed our options, and supported our decisions as we faced this sudden change in plans. Her support during labor and birth was outstanding. She met my needs quickly and calmly, and knew what to do at just the right time. Whether it was handing me scented sticks to ease my nausea, letting me crush her hands for hours, or helping me find different positions to move labor along, she truly came ready to help in any way possible. Even after giving birth, when I faced doubts and fears about breastfeeding, she was a phone call away. I look back at the birth of our son with so much pride and absolutely no regrets, and I know that one instrumental reason for this is the support we had from Julia. We cannot recommend her enough!

Kristen Holvey


We had a great experience with Julia! My husband and I worked with Julia for a hospital birth with a midwife for our first child in January 2018. She has a naturally soothing and kind personality. She is both professional and knowledgeable about many types of birth (home, birth center, hospital, etc.).

In our pre-birth meetings with Julia, she asked helpful questions to get to know us and learn more about our desires for birth. She was very easy to communicate with, both before and during labor. During labor, she met us at our home. She brought with her a calming and compassionate presence. Julia helped with comfort measures (e.g. hip squeezes) during contractions, both at home and at the hospital. Julia was supportive and non-judgmental of all our choices during labor. She worked well as a team with my husband, my midwife, and the hospital nurse.

We very much enjoyed all our interactions with Julia. She was a pleasure to work with. I am so glad that she was part of my first birth! I highly recommend her!

Kristy Osburn


Having Julia be our doula was one of the best decisions we made when planning for the birth of our daughter.  She was helpful and supportive, and my husband and I appreciated her presence and suggestions so much!  We have and will continue to recommend her to our friends.

Julia Crickenberger


It was my first time being pregnant and I wasn't sure what to expect for birthing my baby. Julia helped answer my many questions before the birth and even gave me a helpful book reccommendation. At the end of my pregnancy, I went into labor at 36 weeks. The birth center I attended was able to stall the labor but it was still quite painful. Julia came to my house and helped me though this beginning portion of labor. She offered encouragement and support throughout the three weeks I was experiencing early labor, checking in periodically to see how I was doing.

When my water finally broke and I began active labor, Julia promptly came to my house with helpful suggestions and encouragment. When we arrived at the birth center, she remembered the requests I had told her months ago such as having cold rags on my head while in the water-birthing tub. She replaced the rags between each contraction so that they stayed cold. Julia kept me hydrated the whole time and even gave me helpful positions to try. I can still remember her and my husband cheering as I was pushing and getting closer to the birth.

Julia is wise and perceptive. She individualizes her assistance to best serve her clients. I'm hoping I will be able to continue to have her as my doula for my future children as well.

-Julia and Cam C.

Kendal Lynn


My husband I were interested in seeking out a birth doula for extra support for our first baby. Upon meeting Julia, we instantly felt at ease and knew she was a great fit for us. I wanted a natural birth, but my baby had other plans. She ended up being breech and Julia was there through my version holding my hand and being a calming, supportive presence. I ended up having a c section and Julia was there by my side in the operating room at our request. She took pictures for us in the operating room which was so amazing! After our daughter’s birth, she came back to the hospital to visit and also stopped by our home a few days later. She is a kind, gentle person and we are so glad she was with us to share our daughter’s birth.

Kate Minor


My husband and I set up several interviews with doulas in preparation for our birth. Julia was the third person we met with. After meeting with her, we booked her right away and cancelled our remaining appointments. As someone who works as a wedding photographer, I understand how important it is that you resonate well with people that you hire for such intimate work. I knew right away that Julia was a great fit for us. We talked about anything but the birth for an hour the first time we met, which I think is a great sign that we got along really well. I knew that I would be able to trust her with this incredibly personal work. We were not disappointed! Julia guided me perfectly through my early labor giving exactly the advice and guidance that I needed. When labor picked up (after 15 ours) She joined us at our home and helped us through active labor. She knew exactly the right time to bring us in to the birth center. When we got to the birth center, she continued to be the perfect support-not only for me, but also for my husband and my mother.

I could not recommend Julia enough as a doula. She is kind, caring, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Joanna Choi


I am so grateful for Julia! My husband and I decided to have her as our doula for a few reasons. The birth center was transitioning and having a lot of new midwives start right around the time of our due date. I didn't feel totally comfortable with all the new staff and wanted some extra support. I also had a surprise home birth with my second baby and thought we could prevent that with the help of a doula for our third baby. My friend recommended Julia to me and spoke so highly of her experience with her.

She was very helpful through the onset of my labor via text. Once we got to the birth center with her she helped me the whole time in helping progress my labor. She walked with me (A LOT), she massaged my back during contractions, she helped encourage me and give me hope when I felt like I couldn't do it any longer! She always made sure my water bottle was full and I was drinking and eating well. 

She was such a blessing to my husband and I and we are so grateful we decided to have her as our doula!!! We would recommend her to anyone!

Sarah Wein


When my husband Jordan and I became pregnant with our first child, we knew very little about the options we had for support before, during, and after giving birth. When we learned more about the role of a doula, and meeting many at a few of the classes offered at The Childbirth Collective, we realized how valuable a birth coach would be, and decided to hire a doula for our upcoming birth. After meeting with Julia, it felt even more like we had made the right decision.

We immediately felt a connection in our first "interview" with Julia and connected on a number of shared experiences. It felt like we had known her a lot longer than just one hour! Julia provided us with a wealth of information, as well as asking us many good questions that we would not have asked ourselves before birth. We were encouraged by the fact that Julia has given birth before, and has experienced various ways of doing so. She was encouraging of my goal to have a water birth in a hospital, but was equally as encouraging when I chose to have an epidural during my labor.

I will never forget the way she knew exactly what I needed to hear when I was laboring, and gave not only me, but also my husband the right amount of support. When we were told that our son needed some help with the vacuum-assist and the room filled up with doctors and nurses, she kept both my husband and I calm, and worked seamlessly with the care team. When our son Cooper was being cleaned up right after the delivery with his Dad watching on and taking video, Julia held my hand and kept me present as I processed all of the emotions that come with just giving birth - which is a rollarcoaster!

Cooper, Jordan, and I are all very lucky to have met and worked with such a wonderful woman! Julia was one of the puzzle pieces that fit perfectly into our birth plan, and our son's exciting and loving journey into life :)

Sarah and Jordan Wein

Yuriko Kadoich


We were very happy and lucky that we had Julia as our doula for our first time birth experience.

My husband and I moved to Minnesota from Japan when I was 6 months pregnant, so we were nervous about giving birth at a unfamiliar place for the first time.

When we first met Julia, we loved that she was very organized, well prepared, and had calm aura. So our concerns and nervousness went away once we met her and taliked.

While I was in labor, she encouraged me with calm voice and that helped me focus better while I was having contractions. Also she coached me to do many different positions so that my baby would turn and come down.

We think that it would've been much tougher experience for us without her help. We needed someone who could help us focus and stay calm as much as possible, and help my husband do some heavy duty physical stuff since he has a back problem. She is strong!!

We could rely on her 100% with no doubt! We are sure that we would love to have her as our doula again if I would give birth again in the future.

Megan Hedstrom


My husband and I initially chose to have a doula for the birth of our daughter because I was planning on having natural labor in a birth center. Though I ended up having a C-section before labor even started, both my husband and I were immensely grateful that Julia was there through the whole process. In the days leading up to my daughter's birth, Julia was so helpful in contacting us to see if we had any questions and helping to calm our nerves. At the hospital, it was so nice to have someone to talk to, both about what was going on and just pleasant conversation to distract me! During and after the C-section, she stayed with me so my husband could be with our daughter. We appreciated Julia's calm and posiitive demeanor and felt comfortable with her from the first time we met her.

Kelly Luepke


I honestly don't know where to begin when describing the impact Julia had on myself and my family.  Being pregnant for the first time, my husband and I had no idea what we were doing.  Julia quickly put us at ease.  She helped answer all our questions pre, during and post birth and even educated us on things we never knew we didn't know :)

My husband and I immediately felt a connection the first time we met with Julia.  She was very interested in our "story" and I consistently felt like she was living it with us.  Though we "hired" her, my husband and I both felt like she was more of a friend by the end of the process.  She gave us words of encouragement, helped me with techniques to move my labor along faster when needed, and coached me on various pain coping techniques I didn't know existed.  I labored for 12 hours before calling her to come to our home, and I wish I would have called sooner because she likely would have sped things along!

I was in the unique situation of having a midwife and getting pre-natal care at a birth center, but planned a hospital delivery.  Julia followed us there and was my complete advocate every step of the way.  My husband and I joke that it was almost like the nurses would tell us something and then after they left the room, we just wanted to hear Julia decipher it for us which she always did excellently.  She empowered me to make my own decisions, something I was afraid of being taken away from me given the hospital setting.

She also made sure that my husband was my #1 support system and took care of his well-being just as much as mine. She often gave him more detail than me, because there are just some things I want to hear at the time! :)

Julia was simply irreplaceable and made our entire birth experience phenomenal.  If I have another baby in the future, you can bet she'll be the doula by my side!

R Bertram


Julia was absolutely amazing! It was our first birth and it was a very long birth (over 50 hours), and without Julia we would have been lost and likely not met our birth goals to have a natural birth. She was the grounded positive presence that we needed through the long birth process that we had. She helped my husband temendously as well by helping direct him on what to do, and by helping us know our options at each step along the way in a very supportive way without pressuring me at any point. She also never got in the way between my husband and my relationship but very much enhanced it and added the support I needed to reach our birth goals. We were also very comfortable with her as she made this easy. She was gentle but also steady when I needed her to be. I wasn't sure at first whether I should have a doula or not but I am so glad we did (and that goes for my husband too)! My husband as a first time dad wanted to be there as my main support the whole way so he also wasn't sure beforehand about having a doula but now often says how glad he was that she was there with us and that he also ended up really needing her there. We highly recommend her to anyone!

Megan Carty


We ended up working with Julia by "accident". She was the backup for our actual doula, Laura Griffis, so when I went into labor and Laura was busy attending another client's birth, Julia stepped in to fill her shoes. I was nervous at first since we hadn't met Julia, but when she showed up at our house, it felt like we'd known her all along. She immediately slid into the position and person we needed her to be, she has a way of reading the room very well. I felt very comfortable with her and the suggestions she had for labor positions were very helpful. She was encouraging but not pushy and very knowledgable. She accompanied us to the birth center and then to the hospital when we transferred (it was a long, painful labor) -- having that continuity was wonderful. I'm very thankful we got to work with Julia, I particularly liked how she uplifted my partner and I during the whole experience and helped us work as a team. If you're looking for a doula, you can't go wrong with Julia. :)

Linda Marie


We are so grateful that Julia was our doula for our daughter's birth. As a fourth time mom and doula myself, I knew the kind of support I was looking for. Julia's genuine, calm, compassionate presence and her intuition of just what I needed and when, helped me through my short but intense labor. Despite the fast labor, Julia somehow beat us to the birth center and was ready to support us the moment we walked in the door. My husband appreciated the tools he learned by watching Julia and it added to his confidence in supporting me during labor, as well. We would highly recommend Julia and would definitely have her as our doula again.

David and Chelssi


First and foremost, Julia was an incredibly supportive, knowledgable, and loving doula. For most of our pregnancy, we were indecisive about wether we wanted a doula for the birth of our first child. We decided to interview a few doulas about one month before our due date. When we met Julia, our decision was made. Her calming demeanor, confidence, and passion for supporting families throughout the birth process sold us immediately.

Meeting with her prior to labor, she provided us with the resources and skills we were going to need throughout our multiple days of labor. During labor she provided constant support, balancing the need for strong direction and quiet encouragement.

Looking back, we made the correct choice hiring a doula. Luckily for us, Julia was a perfect fit for our family and we’re sure she will be perfect for yours too.

Birth Availability for Julia Davidson CD(DONA)

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