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Website: http://www.southbaybirthservices.com

Phone: 408-220-4814

Birth Fee: $2600

Years in Operation: 2

Type of Practice: Partnership

Clients per Month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
We are happy to support your hospital birth! We attend births at most hospitals in the South Bay.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
We love and support home births and believe that women should birth in the environment that feels safest and most comfortable for them.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

There are 2 partner doulas.

Client Testimonials for South Bay Birth Services

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Andrea Xu

Working with this mother/daughter doula team was a great experience! I met and signed on with Wendy and Kersti about 5 months into my pregnancy, and I wished I had met with them even earlier. They served as both my pregnancy coaches, and my birth coaches! Every time I met with them, I learned so much about my own body, the process of birth, and how to prepare for it well. And shortly after each meeting I would receive a detailed email with resources that I could further explore, as well as reminders of everything we discussed. I referred back to these emails regularly throughout pregnancy. We also shared our faith as Christians, which allowed us to discuss the spiritual aspect of pregnancy and birth, and together express awe for this miracle of new life!

And when the Big Day finally arrived, I felt well prepared, and was so comforted to have Wendy by my side for most of my labor. She coached me through each contraction, and reassured me that I was doing everything right throughout my 12 hour labor. I should mention my husband was present at all of our meetings and also enjoyed learning about the birth process, and appreciated having an expert with us as I labored, and was happy to take instructions on how to provide comfort for me throughout my labor. In the end, my first labor and delivery went really well! I was able to deliver naturally, with little drug intervention, just as I had hoped. And there is no way I could have done that without the provided coaching from Kersti and Wendy. I am so grateful to them both for helping create THE MOST AWESOME EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE - GIVING BIRTH! My wish is that every expecting mother has a doula, and hopefully one that is as wonderful as Kersti and Wendy.


Posted 5/12/2019

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Sarah Showalter-Feuillette

Wendy and Kersti are compassionate, knowledgeable, organized, and reliable. Each of these two ladies embodies everything you'd want and need from a doula, but you get BOTH of them in this duo!

My husband, 3YO, and I felt at-east and connected with Wendy and Kersti from our very first meeting. I wasn't sure at first how the duo-doula-team thing might benefit me since they said (usually) only one of them actually attends your birth. But you get a LOT: But Kersti and Wendy provide so very much support throughout pregnancy I was astonished and so glad I'd hired them. Each meeting is an unhurried, loving experience, they frequently check-in throughout your pregnancy, you get a free myofascial release appointment with Wendy, and they have tons of resources for birth in general and for your specific needs (all based on what you discuss in your meetings.) My husband also felt he was unconditionally supported throughout my pregnancy as he prepared for the birth--it's important your partner feel calm and confident as well. 

As for the birth, both the doulas and midwives arrived 15 minutes after called. This was good as my second homebirth went FAST! And yet, Wendy and Kersti's strong, stable, loving presence was absolutely felt during this fierce, fast birth. And as previously mentioned they have ample resources to offer and share as things come up for you during pregnancy, during the birth itself, or in the postpartum period. They're worth every penny. (Incidentally, Wendy came as my doula and Kersti as birth photographer. The photos are INCREDIBLE!)

When you hire these two you get so much more than someone to support you during the birth of your child...they support you emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period. And if you're like me, you won't even know you needed such comprehensive support. We women deserve this level of womanly attention and aid. GO with Wendy and Kersti!

Posted 4/27/2019

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Naomi Howard

I looked at a lot of doulas online and, for some reason, felt good about South Bay Birth Services. It was basically instinctual. I sent an email and got a response from Kersti that same night. My husband and I met her for tea and I pretty much made the decision right away without meeting other doulas. My husband thought it wouldn’t hurt to meet a few other doulas before deciding but I had already made up my mind. We didn't meet Wendy then because she had plans to take the month of my due date off but Kersti committed to being by our side. Having a doule helped me prepare for what was yet to come and how to cope through different phases and worry less about birth. I visited Wendy for MFR therapy to help alleviate some pain. I immediately felt a strong connection with her also. I ended up going into labor in July and due to the timing, it was Wendy who came to the hospital. My labor progressed really quickly and we were stuck with an unpleasant nurse. It was such an intense experience; my husband was on the verge of tears and I was starting to get nervous and agitated. As soon as Wendy walked in, though, there was this sense of calmness and this is the exact moment my husband recognized the value of having a doula. Thanks to her, I was able to manage labor with minimal intervention. She guided us through our son's brith and kept reminding me what was happening within me and also around me. Everything from her massages to her gentle encouragement was exactly what we needed. Having her there gave my husband the freedom to pretty much be in my face the whole time which was exactly where I needed him! It’s thanks to Kersti, Wendy and my husband that I left the hospital satisfied with the experience of bringing our son into this world. Kersti and Wendy’s presence through my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum was so comforting to me and am hoping they’ll be there for me next time.

Posted 12/7/2018

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Russell Bolles

We hired Wendy and Kersti for the home birth of our second child. She was recommended to us by our home birth midwife, Hope Willems. We really liked the idea of a doula team which enables them to handle overlapping births, illnesses, and long labors with grace. Their fee was the highest of the doulas we interviewed, but we agreed that the aforementioned benefits were definitely worth it. Of course we met both Wendy and Kersti, but Wendy ended up attending our birth and thus we developing a closer bond with her.

As we approached the birth we paid for a few extra myofascial massage sessions with Wendy and my wife really enjoyed them and felt that they were very helpful some of the discomfort she was feeling during the pregnancy.

When my wife went into labor Wendy showed up first and it was a huge relief to have her there. It was wonderful to have a person with us that was solely focused on supporting us. The support ranged from things as simple as filling up our water bottles to providing emotional support and encouragement during rough contractions (and everything in between). The labor ended up lasting a long time and my wife reached her limit and asked to go to a hospital to get an epidural so that she could sleep. Wendy came with us to the hospital and continued to support us until our son was born.

The doula-mother relationship is very interesting. Before the labor the doula can be best described as a "close acquaintance"; you've met her a few times, like her (its why you hired her), but that's about it. After the labor you have this special bond that comes from sharing an intense experience together. Wendy is a kind person capable of impressive endurance.

I would recommend Wendy and Kersti to anyone looking for a doula.

Posted 10/18/2018

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Dominica Lumazar

Where to even begin... from the moment I met Wendy and Kersti I knew that we were a good match.

They supported and provided evidence-based information so that my husband and I could make educated decisions throughout my pregnancy, during my labor and now in postpartum.

I had a birth that was epically long. And in times when things could have been scary or just to much to handle, their support kept me focused on the prize. I had a hospital birth, and they were my perfect advocates for when I was just too exhausted to speak for myself.

There's something so unique and beautiful about women holding space for women. But these two ladies take it one step further. Being a childbirth professional is obviously not just a job for them, they wholeheartedly love what they do and it shows in all the details.

From the tens unit, to essential oil's, even something as simple as in an eye mask and earplugs - these ladies really think of everything, and it's because of their epic support along with my amazing husband's that our little Emma Rose was brought Earth side, June 1st!

I can't think Wendy and Kersti enough!

Posted 6/5/2018

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Travis McPeak

We are so glad that we hired Kersti and Wendy to help us with the delivery of our baby boy Aiden! As first-time parents we can say 1) definitely hire a doula and 2) the doula should be Kersti and Wendy. Here's why:

Doulas are child birth experts. Could we have learned some of the things they shared with us? Maybe, but the expert and patient advice they provided made the process so much more enjoyable. They came to see us a couple of times before the birth and shared things that were very useful for us to do and prepare ahead of our child's birth. While we felt overwhelmed by a mountain of advice and opinions, Kersti and Wendy helped us focus on the most important parts. This alone would have taken us dozens of hours and we wouldn't have been confident in our results.

Kersti and Wendy, are among the most caring people we have ever met. They immediately established world-class empathy. In fact, we had another doula interview scheduled and we canceled it. During our first meeting we knew that they were right for us.

During the childbirth process doulas are your advocates! We can't overstate how important this is. Well meaning nurses offer opinions and the doulas have seen this countless times before and know how to present your options clearly.

What really made them stand out was after 12 hours in our 24+ hour delivery process the doulas were able to take care of my wife and ease her pain with natural massages and other techniques. Without these strong advocates I wouldn't have been able to get sleep and would have been a wreck the next day. Knowing that you have these wonderful people in your corner is one of the best investments we've ever made.

Even after our childbirth the doulas are still on our team! They came for a visit shortly after birth with even more tips to help us be successful.

We can't highly recommend Kersti and Wendy enough. Thank you!!

Posted 5/29/2018

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Lauren Forest Elkins

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Wendy & Kersti. This amazing team helped me through my pregnancy, were advocates for me during my long labor, and supported me and showed me such incredible love when I ended up having a csection. I cannot imagine facing my labor without them.

One of the best things about Wendy & Kersti is the unbiased information they provide. Anytime I had a question or concern, they gave me the information and resources to make my own decision, always empowering me and supporting me along the way.

Because of Wendy & Kersti, I was able to go into labor knowing that I had a team supporting me. This also allowed my husband the freedom to just love and support me, rather than having to “coach” me. For us, this was ideal. I would hire them again in a heartbeat, and I would never go through pregnancy, labor, or even postpartum without them. They truly are a blessing and a Godsend. So grateful to have found them!!

Posted 4/26/2018

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Heidi Sheldon

What an incredible team! I consider myself blessed to have had them by my side during labor and throughout the delivery planning process. I was so overwhelmed by the idea of labor, and they do such a lovely job of demystifying the process. Pain can be such a scary thing, and they have a unique way of addressing your most primal fears - they are fearless and loving at the same time. There is nothing that they won't support you with during the planning process; they gave me workout tips, feedback on supplements, coached my husband and I on how to be an effective team, met with my OB, and even provided myofascial release. I had a high risk pregnancy, and they were undeterred in making me feel like I could still achieve a vaginal delivery, advising specific interventions that would help baby drop and encourage labor to start. Although I was induced two weeks early, I was able to achieve a vaginal delivery; I felt that this was critical in helping me bond with my baby immediately and allowed for the immunity transfer that occurs when baby is able to absorb microbes from the birth canal. My husband wasn't totally into hiring a doula, but now he is the first to recommend them to our friends. They taught us how to advocate for ourselves at the hospital, which made it so much more rewarding. The most invaluable gift was photos of our new family; cannot thank them enough for this gift. Wendy captured the most sacred moments of our baby's first breaths, and those pivotal moments that happen at birth - breastfeeding for the first time, cutting the umbilical cord, and in our case, praying a blessing over our brand new baby. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again if we are lucky enough to conceive in the future, and would recommend them to anyone who would like a rewarding labor and delivery process. Whether you are opting for a natural birth, an epidural, a home birth, a vaginal delivery, or have a scheduled C-section - they will be an asset to you every step of the way.

Posted 8/18/2017

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Ramya S

Passionate, calm, cheerful, and contagiously friendly - that's Wendy for you. Wendy and Kersti were able to form a deep connection? with us in a short span of time. They are elaborate and detail oriented at the prenatal visits and are ALWAYS just a phone call/text away for any questions. It was my dream to have a natural unmedicated birth and I truly think this would not have become a reality if it were not for Wendy. Our plan was to labor mainly at home and go to the hospital at the peak of active labor. As my contractions got stronger at around midnight, we gave Wendy a call and she was at our home in 20 minutes. She came with a very calm approach and encouraged me. She helped me breathe through each contraction and reminded me of something I asked for - to smile and embrace the progress my body was making. She was very positive and strong and that was something I needed the most during labor. She did not push me for anything and told me we could go to the hospital when I wanted to. After about an hour we got to the hospital to find out that I was completely dilated and ready to push. That was the best thing that could have happened for me! The next stage was the hardest and Wendy was an exceptional guide! She held my hand - rather I crushed her bones while I was pushing but she kept smiling at me and was focused on the birth the whole time. She also sent me birth notes with details about the things that were just a haze to me at the hospital. Soon after the birth of our son she clicked photographs and helped me with breastfeeding. After she left, she checked on us and came in for a postpartum visit. Her passion for what she does is truly exhibited and her care goes beyond prenatal, delivery and postpartum. She is very accommodating and offered to check? on me multiple times after we were home. I had an amazing birth experience and I strongly believe having Wendy as our doula was the best thing that could have happened for me.

Posted 4/15/2017

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