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Valerie Trumbower PCD(DONA),CLC

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Perkasie, PA Service range 40 miles


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support

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I am a DONA Certified Postpartum Doula, a Certified Lactation Counselor and a mother of three, including a set of twins! I am certified in first aid and cpr, have all background checks and carry liability insurance. It is my hope that my years of training and experience can help new families as they welcome their baby (or babies!) I am happy to provide support both during the day and for overnight care. Overnight hours are generally 10pm-6am, Daytime hours are arranged based on the needs of the family. No cost for in-home interview. I look forward to the opportunity to sit down with parents and discuss their needs and how I can help to nurture the family as they adjust to life with their new little one.

Perkasie, PA Service range 40 miles

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allie gewertz


Hiring Valerie to help care for my twin boys is in the top three best decisions of my adult life. Followed closely by marrying my husband and buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Recently when we were interviewing nanny after nanny to help with my transition back to the working world my husband said to me "I mean no one is going to take care of them like Val". No truer statement has ever been spoken. There are times when I think Valerie actually took better care of my babies then either myself or my husband. She is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, most patient people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

When we first interviewed her I was so relieved to know that she had twins herself. But as I listened to her explain her approach I heard all of the things that she didn't say as well. Val will not come into your house and tell you all of the things you are doing wrong. She will ask thoughtful questions and get a full understanding of what you want and need and help make a holistic plan to help the WHOLE family. Many times after baby the mom is completely forgotten about and everyone's focus is on the baby. But the mom's job is hard, and often thankless. Val understands all of that and helps in every way and every place she can identify. You never need to ask her to help with something she will seek out ways to make your life easier which is priceless when it comes to being a tired mom who is looked to answer every question all day long by family and friends when they are just trying to figure it out themselves.

Her empathetic approach and love for my babies helped me in what could have been one of the most challenging of my life yet and for that I am SO THANKFUL.



Valerie was amazing - she was an extremely knowledgeable resource on just about every topic and came up with creative solutions to every issue we encountered. She was extremely professional from A to Z and highly recommend her. 

Mini Timmaraju & Ken Scudder


We cannot recommend Valerie enough. We expanded our family through adoption and we had less than two weeks to prepare for the arrival of our newborn twins. We were looking for a caregiver experienced with multiples, and Valerie was one of our first calls. We found her on this site and she immediately made herself available for consultations and advice even before we had officially hired her. She had such an authoritative and calm demeanor that it immediately made us feel more confident and secure. When you hire Valerie you are not just getting a loving caregiver for your children, which she is, you are also getting a 24 hour consultant and coach, baby whisperer, and expert. 

She began doing 2-3 overnights with us a week when we first brought the babies home and helped us ID another doula when I needed to go back to work for 5 nights a week and the babies weren't sleeping through the night yet. She helped us organize our household, advised us on what products to buy, and how to use them coached us on how to care for, soothe and comfort our babies and answered random questions by text whenever we needed. She helped us set up our baby registry and also organized our packing and our logistics for traveling for the first time with the babies. She went above and beyond what we had hoped for. 

She has set the bar extremely high for any future caregivers for our children and honestly we aren't sure we will find someone liek her. If you get the chance to hire Valerie, do it asap before she gets booked. 

Amanda Korson


Valerie was a lifesaver when we needed her the most. Following a c-section that had a slight complication, it was really difficult to perform some of the basic needs that our son needed. It was difficult to hold him to feed and I was not able to lift him out of the bassinet. We had daytime help, but my husband was not able to be up through the nights as he was back to work and traveling within a week. We not only felt immediately comfortable with Valerie tending to our son through the night, but she also was really instrumental in the sleep training, caretaking and knowledge process in ways that we never realized or thought about.

Valerie is so knowledgeable, attentive to the baby and we feel so fortunate to have found her. Our son sleeps better and has all the right habits now for successful sleep progression, and we are much more comfortable in all aspects of parenting because of Valerie. We owe her a lot for guiding us through such a difficult time.

Christina Grosstephan


I had such a great experience working with Valerie!! Her services were gifted to me from a friend at my baby shower. Best Gift Ever! I thought I knew what I was getting into with baby number two but our little lady turned out to be nothing like our son. Valerie was beyond helpful in those early weeks helping us navigate our breastfeeding issues. She always left my house with dishes and laundry done and the baby bathed. Plus I was able to get an undisturbed shower and much needed nap. Most importantly, she always left me feeling like I was doing a good job and I was a good momma. In those early weeks when life can feel so overwhelming it's so great to be told that. As if all that wasn't helpful enough she made sure I knew she was only a phone call or text away. When I had a question or was unsure about something she always talked me through it. Valerie also came over several times and helped us work to get our daughter to take a bottle. I highly reccommend Valerie's services for any momma, whether it's your first baby or your fifth! She was definetly a blessing for our family! 

Pam Long


At 3 months postpartum I was diagnosed with postpartum depression.  I had very recently lost my Mom, my husband was (is) an extremely busy medical professional, and my two children (2.5 and 3 months) were all consuming.  I needed help and comforting all at the same time.  In walks Valerie.  We immediately clicked and the first full night of sleep I received was better than I could have imagined.  Not to mention waking up to a clean kitchen, organized baby clothes and bottles all set to go for the day.  Valerie dove right in with a positive, nurturing and knowledgable personality.  She was helpful and provided exactly what I needed to get through the next few months.  She was never judegmental with any of our parenting decisions, but provided necessary insight and advice where she felt it could be of help (or asked for!).  I could tell she cared about us and the happiness of our family.  All of us!  I HIGHLY recomment Valerie to anyone.  I was so sad when we knew we didn't need her doula services anymore, but it is a testament to just how wonderful yet professional she was for our family.  

Hadar Kenig


I am so thankful I had Valerie as my postpartum Doula! My husband had to leave for two weeks and I felt helpless staying all this time alone with my 6-month old baby boy. I am exclusively pumping which requires a lot of time and effort. Valerie literally saved me and made my time so much easier and fun. She is easy to talk to and I felt very relaxed and safe when she was around. She was great with my baby and he also felt secured being around her. One of the days I was so tired after a sleepless night and thanks to Valerie I was able to get few hours of sleep during the day while she was taking care of my baby and other household chores. I didn’t even have to ask or explain what should be done. She is full of experience, energy, and knowledge and the fact she is a mother of three including a set of twins puts her in a position where she knows exactly what your needs are. I unquestionably recommend Valerie to any family who needs postpartum support.

Katy Talarowski


I’m so happy with our decision to have Valerie as our postpartum doula. She walked in on day 3 to a very weepy second time mom and she handled it better than I ever would have imagined!! She has a nurturing, compassionate and helpful personality so she is a natural in taking care of new moms. She is very productive and efficient with the time she has and is able to multitask well! Valerie is full of great advice and easy to talk to. My oldest daughter enjoyed her company and was great at entertaining and managing her neediness. I? didn‘t have a bit to do list for her but she was still able to find things to do while talking to me/answering my questions. Very knowledgable with breastfeeding and pumping. I plan on passing her name on to anyone looking for a postpartum doula!

Andrea Gosfield


Valerie is a joy to work with!  She is dedicated, affirming, and an all around wonderful doula and human being - all important considerations when choosing someone to enter your home to help at one of the most critical phases of family life.  Valerie worked with our family from the night we got home from the hospital with our twins, and for a stretch after that as we settled into being parents of multiples.  From day one, Valerie helped us manage our family's needs and those of our newborns with ease and confidence.  Her expertise as a lactation specialist helped me with the challenging effort of breastfeeding for two, and a plan to begin to wean at the appropriate time.  She is great with multi-tasking as well.  Valerie suggested things and approaches that made life much easier.  She always paid attention to details when we asked her to do something, and proactively asked questions.  True to her nature, she keeps in touch, checking in on us and answering my questions even after being "off the clock".  She is nurturing and warm, in a non-judgmental way.  She is also very flexible and accommodating.  We all benefitted from her presence.  I highly recommend Valerie, and feel fortunate that she was there for us during our postpartum time after the twins.  I cannot say enough positive things about our time with Valerie.  We are not first time parents (two other children before the twins), and Valerie still found ways to help us that we could not have imagined.  She is truly gifted and skilled at what she does.  

Rob and Kendra Dobilas


Valerie is an amazing doula. She was always punctual, professional, and nurturing. We hired her for a week after our newborn came home from the hospital. We wanted someone awake during the night with the baby that had infant CPR experience since our daughter had a lot of mucus and was having trouble eating her first few days. Valerie was so helpful that we ended up keeping her for two months. This was our fourth child, and we quickly realized sleep was also important to keep up with the other three children during the day. Our time with Valerie was outstanding, and we fully trusted her with our newborn and giving her nightly baths. Even having three other children we were still able to learn many things from Valerie as she is full of knowledge. She was willing to not only take care of the baby, but take on household tasks while the baby was sleeping. Valerie is full of energy and made the time with our newborn less stressful and a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for postpartum help!

erica morgan watson


My husband and I recently welcomed our first child, and in preparing for his birth, explored the option of a postpart doula for overnight help and lacatation consultation. My husband was not completely on board with the idea initally, but after our first meeting with Valerie, we both knew having her help was what we needed - she put us as ease, was knowledgable, and incredibly warm.

Valerie was there for us the moment our son was born coming to our home and helping us all get situated and assisting with breastfeeding. Like most babies, our boy lost weight post birth and our pediatrician advised possibly supplementing with formula. Valerie helped me through this (my milk came in late) and 24 hours later, at our follow up pediatrician appointmen, our son had gained 4oz!! 

Overall, Valerie is awesome! Having her help in those first few days was priceless and we are so thankful to have her knowledge and assistance!


Erin Glaser


When I first brought my fraternal (boy/girl) twins home from the hospital I quickly realized the experience was total opposite of that with my first child.  I had absolutly NO idea how I was going to nurse two babies at the same time.  I quickly called Valerie and she selflessly offered to drive out to Hershey and spend the night with me teaching me nursing and soothing techniques.  From that point on, I felt completly comfortable with nursing my babies and have Val to thank!  She is incredible with babies and extremely nurturing and comforting.  She truly gave me the confidence in nursing twins for the long haul!  xo

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