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Gibel Cushing


Thank you, Samantha, for providing us with your support! We had another wonderful birth experience, and you played a key role in that. 

Samantha is a knowledgeable doula who wants you to have the birth experience that you want. We met at Panera Bread, and she had everything ready in terms of the support she provides during the birthing process. We were also happy that she offered Breathing Meditation technique as an option for managing labor pain. We decided to apply this technique for our second child. We originally took the hypnobirthing class, but we didn't really use it because our first son was born after 30 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. I labored mostly at home and informed Samantha that I wanted to do the same this second time around. The breathing technique seemed like a better tool considering my desired labor method. She completely understood and was in tune with my desire to have a natural birth. I can tell, however, that Samantha would have been fine with other pain management relief such as epidural, etc. She was open to whatever we wanted. She recognizes that natural birth is not for everyone and will respect and go with what your needs and wants are.

We saw Samantha every month before the big day for an hour to practice the breathing technique. We talked over my birth plan.If you don't have one, Samantha is ready to help you make one! Samantha also knew a lot about the birthing process, so if you're a first time mom, she'll definitely help you.

On the big day, my water broke and I went to bed. 5 hours later, I woke up & text Samantha. At 3 minutes apart, we went to the hospital. 20 minutes in, Samantha arrived. She applied counterpressure on my lower back which felt great. She also reminded me about our breathing techniques during the pushing phase, which was such a great technique to calm me. I didn't do it with my first. After 30 min at the hospital, little man was born! Another great experience!

Jasmine Tracy


My husband and I are so grateful that Samantha was our doula. She was a great big help before, during and after I delivered my son. He came 4.5 weeks early, and she was still there when we needed her. She k we how to best help us through it all.


Not only did she help with that, but after she taught me how to express milk by hand and prevent clogged ducts. She was there later as a calming presence when I just needed someone to sit with me when my husband went back to work and I was still healing.


I highly recommend her, and have told a couple of friends who are trying to conceive or are pregnant that they should hire her. When we choose to have a second child, we'll be happy to have her with us again.

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