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Erin Brekke CD(DONA)

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Minneapolis, MN Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 28 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Mother blessing celebrations

Fee Details

I offer support to any woman through her childbirth journey, and I specialize in helping women connect with the deeply spiritual aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. My job is to make sure you have everything you need to feel surrounded by care and support during this life-changing experience, whether through hands-on massage and physical support, education to help you make informed decisions, words of encouragement and reassurance, or support as you attend to the spiritual significance of this sacred time. My package includes 2 Prenatal appointments; 24/7 on call time during the 4 weeks surrounding your due date; spiritual resources; continuous support during your labor and birth; and one postpartum visit.

Minneapolis, MN Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Erin Brekke CD(DONA)

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Kendra Rimmereid & Dan Struck


We had such a positive experience with Erin during the birth of our first child that we asked her to be a part of the birth of our second child too!  She was incredibly clear and informative up-front, so I knew exactly how to reach her, how to prepare for the birth, and what to expect when the day came.  After days of prodromal labor, Erin helped me cope with the difficulty of enduring such a long, taxing birth experience.  As she did with my first birth, she was incredibly supportive and helpful during active labor and made us both feel supported and informed as we made decisions about how to deliver our baby girl.  I couldn't have been happier with Erin's doula services throughout the whole experience.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone.  



I truly cannot say enough about Erin! Her encouragement and wisdom during the pregnancy and births of my two children were invaluable. She really listened to my hopes and desires regarding labor support, and wisely provided helpful things to think about and talk about with my husband to prepare. During labor and birth, she provided suggestions and reminders at helpful moments, without pressuring me to do any particular thing. She really made me feel empowered to make my own decisions by asking questions, supporting my requests, and offering encouraging words. When labor deviated from my “Plan A,” Erin was extremely intuitive and wise in how she encouraged me to listen to what my body and my baby needed.

Erin is a fountain of encouragement and wisdom! Both my husband and I felt extremely supported by her.

Dillon and Laura Barmore


Erin was an absolute joy to work with. We are so thankful for all the time, effort, prayers, energy, comfort, and knowledge that Erin poured into our pregnancy journey and birth experience. Her calm and confident demeanor meant so much to us throughout the process. We had some unexpected things come up at the end of pregnancy and Erin was on top of it 100%. Our birth plan changed from natural labor to a scheduled cesarean due to babies position and we still felt that Erin was 100% necessary and needed for that birth plan. Erin did such an amazing job helping my husband and I process through really important questions and circumstances and provide resources at each step along the way. She really felt like a partner and coach to both of us which was so appreciated being our first child. Just getting to know Erin in those few months have left us feeling like we have a forever friend and partner in our journey through future pregnancies, births, and parenting in general. We can not express or say enough about how wonderful Erin was to work with and the priceless value that she added to our whole experience. My husband and I agree the money spent on Erin's Doula services is one of the best investments we could have made. Thank you Erin!!!

Lynn Camp


I used to think a doula was primarily just to help a momma through labor. Erin was a great support during labor, helping me get more comfortable/less uncomfortable, allowing my husband to be right by my side. But she provided a tremendous amount of pre and post delivery support as well. Pre delivery: She helped us think through our birth plan, what we would do if things didn’t go according to plan, prayed with us - all things that I didn’t have much brain space for with two other children. Post delivery: made sure I got a great meal right away, communicated with my placenta encapsulator, checked in on me, talked me through nursing challenges, provided encouragement during the hard first couple weeks. We are so grateful to have had Erin alongside us during this precious time.

Kristen Swendsrud


Erin was my doula for the birth of my first baby this November. Her presence and support was such a blessing, and she was invaluable during my pregnancy, labor/delivery, and early postpartum. Her warm, caring approach was so appreciated, and I knew I could count on her to help with any questions I had and point me in the right direction whenever I needed more information.

I had quite a long and challenging labor, and Erin was such a steady, reassuring presence every step of the way, from helping me cope with painful back labor, to suggesting strategies to help my sunny-side-up baby get in the best position for delivery, to helping us talk through our eventual decision to transfer from the birth center to the hospital when my labor was progressing slowly, to making sure my husband's needs were also being met throughout my labor.

I am so grateful for the physical, emotional, and spiritual support Erin provided--I don't know what I would have done without her! I would recommend Erin as a doula for any expecting mama.

Rebecca Wynia


Erin was our doula for the birth of our first child, Valentina Rae, born May 24, 2018.  Being that this was our first child and we had just moved back to the states from living abroad several years, we felt quite overwhelmed with all of the birthing options and unknowns that we were being faced with during pregnancy and planning our birth. Erin was a huge support in helping us to process through these options and make the best decisions we could on our own given our preferences, hopes, desires and situation.  Erin also helped us to work through our own fears and expecations around the birth as the date got nearer, as well as offering many amazing resources on a variety of subjects we had questions on.  Personally we also greatly appreciated her spiritual support and prayers through this incredibe life-giving miracle!  My labor itself was incredibly long and Erin offered full support through phone and text while we labored on our own at home, then came to our home and labored with me, allowing my husband to take a rest and also offering huge comfort and support to me before going to the hospital.  Once at the hospital, Erin was also by my side offering support to both myself and my husband, and again helped talk us through some decisions we had to make as labor slowed down and things didn't go as planned.  From the start to the finish line Erin's support was invaluable and spot on, I couldn't have asked for a better person to accompany us on our birth and we will surely have her again in the future, Lord willing we are able to have more children.  

Liz Cumblad


Erin was a life giving support not only during the birth of our firstborn but throughout my pregnancy. From pregnancy to labor to the spiritual piece of carrying and delivering a child, she provided practical knowledge and helpful resources. She was always available and willing to answer questions, talk through fears, and provide advice in the months and weeks leading up to labor. During labor, Erin was a calming physical and emotional presence. Her massages were a lifesaver, and her ideas about movement and comfort measures during labor allowed me to feel confident and allowed my husband to focus on connecting with me emotionally, which created a special and spiritual atmosphere as we brought new creation into the world.

Shatera Thorson


Erin was a tremendous support to my husband and I not only during the labor and delivery of our son, but also throughout my pregnancy. She was quick to provide an array of resources whenever we had questions or concerns about anything. She personalized our care based on what we needed whenever we were in need. She also is extremely great at empowering you to make choices that will leave you feeling extremely happy with the way your delivery goes. I am beyong grateful for her!!!!

Brianna Ristow


Erin was our doula for the birth of our first child. Her support, wealth of knowledge and calming spirit were crucial in helping us have a wonderful birth experience. Because Erin was our doula, I felt confident and calm enough to labor at home until I reached transition and we went in the hospital. Without having her as our doula, we would have been much more afraid and would've wanted to go to the hospital much sooner, and I wouldn't have been as apt to trust my instincts or my body during labor. She empowered me to listen to my body and trust in the process of labor and my own instincts and not give into any fear.

At the hospital, Erin was instrumental in helping my husband support me by giving him cues and ideas to help with pain management and encouragement. It was wonderful to have someone (besides my husband) I knew and trusted there with us  - as I had only met the midwife that delivered our son once and had never met any of the other staff. She also served as a liaison between us and the hospital staff, making sure that our voices and preferences were heard and honored without ever speaking for us.

My husband and I also felt so well-supported during the prenatal and postpartum period, and Erin helped answer our questions and shared so many valuable resources. Having Erin as our doula prepared us more for labor and postpartum than any childbirth class we took! I loved that she helped us incorporate our faith into pregnancy and labor and helped me focus on the spiritual aspect of childbirth and pregnancy as well as the physical and emotional.

I am so grateful to her for helping us have a wonderful birth experience, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula! Thank you, Erin for all you did for us! We are so grateful!

Leah Adair


Erin was a phenomenal doula. She answered questions in a way that provided reassurance and she was full of valuable resources. She provided a calm, humorous, and supportive presence throughout our entire  childbirth experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. 

Kendra Rimmereid


Erin was my doula for the birth of my first child, Charlie.  She was an invaluable part of my birthing experience.  Her knowledge and calm presence helped my husband and I feel relaxed and supported at every step of the way.  She empowered us to use comfort measures during labor and helped us make good decisions when plans changed.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula.

Naomi Krueger


Erin was the doula for the birth of our first child. My plan was to have an unmedicated labor and delivery at a free standing birth center, and I truly believe that Erin's calming, supportive presence was instrumental in making this possible. Erin was a wonderful support for both me and my husband in the weeks leading up to our baby's birth and during the labor. She helped us think through the types of comfort measures we thought we would want ahead of time and gave us some good ideas for preparing, including writing out birth affirmations to prepare myself mentally and spiritually. When I went into labor, Erin was available to talk to on the phone. After laboring all night on my own at home, I asked Erin to come to our home to help us until it was time to go into the birth center. It was incredibly helpful to have her there, since my contractions had been about 3 minutes apart for several hours already and we needed an extra support person. At the birth center, Erin was a peaceful presence that complemented the support of my husband and our midwife beautifully. Our midwife was impressed with her too, and even asked for her business cards so she could refer her to other expectant mothers. 

I highly recommend Erin. She helped me feel confident and supported during the most difficult physical challenge of my life! She has even provided some post-partum support and resources. She went above and beyond to help make the birth of our son a positive experience. I am so thankful for her!

Aimee Lundberg


Erin was my doula for my 3rd child and it was amazing having her by my side. My labor was long, but it seemed so peaceful and soothing with her presence and care. She helped set the mood with music and all the things I wanted in place. She also helped and encouraged my husband in what to do to support me. As soon as my husband called she was there and remained with me throughout the night until my son was born. I never needed anything. She was quick read what was needed without me having to think or ask and she was willing to give suggestions as well. My labor was a little harder with a baby "Sunnyside up" and a recently injured tailbone. I had an incredible champion and advocated in Erin to push through the pain to bring my baby into this world the way I wanted to. I am forever grateful for her confidence and strength when I had none.

I also want to say she gave a ton of support and guidance leading up to the big day. We talked about anything and everything on my heart. I felt completely empowered to do whatever I needed to do without judgment. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone! She listens, equips and supports you in all aspects. Thank you, Erin!!

Laura-Lee Brown


Erin was my doula for the birth of my second son on Oct 12th, 2016. She was amazing: providing pressure and massage all night for my back labor, advocating my preferences and encouraging my husband to nap so he could be the best support for me when I needed it most. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone looking for a birth doula. Thank you Erin!

Abigail Campbell


Erin was so incredible! My labor was extremely long and taxing, and she was by my side the entire time. I truly don't think I could have had the stamina and courage to labor for as long as I did and end in a vaginal birth without her guiding me through it. Erin knew what I needed when I didn't, and I felt so at ease the entire time, knowing that I could trust her to tell me what I needed to know and provide encouragement and suggestions. Before the birth, she helped me prepare my heart, spirit, and mind for the transformative experience of birth by praying for me, talking with me about whatever was on my mind, and providing resources, both practical and heart-felt. I would highly recommend her services to any mama looking for a doula who will really listen and support you physically, spiritually, and emotionally with her kind spirit and warm presence.

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