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Jeannie Baron CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), Dip CBEd (CBI)

Foundations Birth Services

Excelsior, MN Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

14 years and 435 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2005

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)

Fee Details

I have an endless love for growing families and love to empower women as mothers! I believe in the process of birth and encourage women to trust their inner strength. I work with couples to help them discover what their ideal birth looks like, and then to put the plan in place to help them achieve that when possible. Most important to me is that women feel that they are a part of the decision-making process surrounding their pregnancies and birth and that they know that they have options and choices available to them. I believe that there is no “right” way to birth and that each woman has their own individual needs. I feel privileged to be invited in to witness one of life’s most miraculous moments. My fee includes 1-2 prenatal visits, labor and delivery and 1-2 postpartum visits as well as my years of experience. I am on call for you 2 weeks prior to your EDD until your baby is born. I have attended over 400 births, am a DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer, and a Childbirth Educator.

Excelsior, MN Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Jeannie Baron CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), Dip CBEd (CBI)

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Stephanie Huss


From the moment I met Jeannie, I knew that I wanted her to be a part of my birth team.  My previous births had not gone the way I had hoped.  I knew I needed someone very experienced on my team if things were going to be different this time.  She is so full of knowledge and grace that my anixiety level dropped dramatically once she was on board with us.

After the initial interview, my husband and I were able to meet with Jeannie once before my birth and had another meeting scheduled, but I went into labor early.  Jeannie was a calm and encouraging voice in the midst of a changed birthing location, preterm labor, and having to make decisions we hadn't had time to discuss yet.  Before she came to the hospital she talked me through several things on the telephone.

Once at the hosptial, she helped me with positioning and I'm sure that her adivce and exercises helped turn baby from a postieror position, which made labor go faster than it could have otherwise.  When I was too tired and wanted to get an epidural, she was supportive, even though she knew baby was coming soon.  When it was too late to get the epidural and I gave birth with just the pitocin and no pain medication, she was right there helping me through everything.  She also was very encouraging to my husband as he continued to support me.

Giving birth without the epidural was incredibly painful, but it was so amazing.  Jeannie was right there helping me to feel empowered to do it - even when I wanted to give up.  She was definitely a gift from God to me and my family.

Sepid Pooy


It's a month of Thanksgiving, I do not only thanks God because of my adorable daughter that I have right now; but also thanks many special people. One of the important one is Jeannie. She is a wonderful, energetic and mindful doula. I am thankful from her to help me go through labor. Although some unexpected complication happened in my labor because of the mistake of one doctor and I did a C-section; however, Jeannie was beside me in both natural and C-section parts. She gave me feeling support and helped me through my decisions to do the best things in the hard times. She also helped my husband whenever he felt under a lot of pressure. I do highly recommend Jeannie not only for being doula but also being a kind good friend. In bottom line, she is strong and serious in her job and she follows up with you after labor by her heart and help you if you need. God bless you Jeannie :).

Angela Gaune


Jeannie is experienced, calm, sweet and confident: all the traits you would want in a doula and support system for your birth experience.  It was my first pregnancy, and having someone knowledgeable (Jeannie and her equally wonderful doula partner) to call on before the actual labour skyrocketed my confidence: knowledge is power! I had a wonderful, pain-free (uncomfortable but not painful) labour and a beautiful healthy baby delivered at the birth centre. Mentally, I was prepared... I felt in touch with my body, there were no surprises, and we did it in under 6 Hours. Jeannie wa very encouraging and having her calm presence also made me feel like I was doing everything "right". After the birth, she also helped me figure out how to nurse and even came over to my house to show me how to pump. I never felt uncomfortable or vulnerable st any time... and let's fac it, pregnancy, labour and after can leave you very vulnerable. It's all about support and Heabnie is #1 for that: well worth the $!! 

Michino Pilipos


I didn't know about Doula and didn't have Jeannie till my third one.
I wished I could have met Jeannie at my beginning of having babies.
I have four kids. I had Jeannie to my third and fourth baby. The labour always gave me nervous and made me scary if I could go through all the pains. Having Jeannie in the labors were so amazing and helpful. I had better feelings and confidence. She encouraged me kindly and strongly. I didn't feel any awkward, uncomfortable feeling with her during labour. I can trust her guide and it was always right to me and everything went smooth.
I met her before the birth several time. How she talked me feel more confidence to go into the labour and even made me more excited. Also her guide helped my husband as well who attended the labour. I think her presence in labour are not for only women!

If you are interested in having Doula, I highly recommend Jeannie.
She is smart, and has a lots ideas to make you feel good!


Jen R


When I was pregnant with my first son a friend of mine recommended getting a doula to my husband and I. We had never heard of a doula and the best part of their description was "they help to keep things in perspective". They highly recommended Jeannie and we figured we could use all the help we could get. Jeannie was there to coach my husband and I through the birth of both of our sons and that description could have been more fitting. She was able to coach me and motivate me during the toughest moments of labour and when I doubted that I could do it she assured me I could. As supportive as she was for me she was equally supportive for my husband. My husband was just as happy to have Jeannie there with us as I was. While its obvious that labour is very hard on women I don't think most men are prepared to see the woman they love in so much pain and feel helpless. She helped him understand how to support me. Jeannie is such a positive, caring person. She has a very calm demeanor which was so helpful in the labour room. I had hoped for a natural birth but reazlied that that might not be possible. She had lots of great labour techniques to help me manage the pain naturally. Before the actual labour we met with her a few times. She made sure to talk us through different decisions that could arise during the labour and understood what we did and did not want. It really helped to understand the different options and situations that could arise. In the days after both our sons were born Jeannie checked in and provided breast feeding support. It was helpful since she came to our house and I didn't have to head out with the baby. I would recommend Jeannie to anyone in a heartbeat.

Andrea Niemi


We had the pleasure of having Jeannie with us for the birth of our first son and we never hesitated to ask her to be with us again for our second son. She provided the knowledge, assurance and support for us to have two very good birthing experiences. They were still a lot of work but we were able to closely follow our birth plan and make good decisions as the birth progressed and some challenges arose. I think my husband appreciated Jeannie just as much (or more!) as I did. At the first delivery I had some serious pain early on. As soon as we met with Jeannie she got me moving in the right way and the baby shifted to make things SO MUCH better. She helped so much with the hospital staff and was aware at every step of what could and should be done. I never had to worry about what was coming next. She helped me to relax and be present in the experience. Jeannie was excellent and I'm so thankful she was our doula. 

Cheryl Wiebe


Jeannie is a pleasure to work with! She takes the time to get to know you and your partner. She is supportive and encouraging and really cares for the client. I appreciated being able to be myself around her and that she always responded to my concerns. I highly recommend her as a doula.

Mandy Renaud


Jeannie Baron is an incredible doula and an amazing person. My husband and I hired Jeannie in 2012 for the birth of our first daughter and again in 2014 for our second daughter. Jeannie is the most caring and supportive person you could ask for as you go through your pregnancy and labor. Jeannie ensured that we were able to have the environment we wanted in terms of birth space. She made me feel confident and capable as a birthing mother while providing physical relief from pain and fear through a variety of comfort measures.

My husband is Jeannie's biggest fan and say's he could not imagine the birth of our children without her there to support us along the way.

We also used Jeannie for our childbirth education and left feeling well prepared and knowledgeable heading into the birth of our children.

I was so inspired by Jeannie and the profound impact that she had on me that I completed my doula training with her in 2016 and hope to one day be as great as she is at supporting and helping women to feel empowered throughout their pregnancies and labors.

Monique Z


I had the privilege of witnessing Jeannie (and Tarana) coach my sister and her husband through two births. I knew I had to have this same incredible support when I had children. I was fortunate enough to have Doula Jeannie in 2014 and again in the spring of 2016. She was a great communicator/listener, took control when she needed to and remained calm and collected even during the emergency delivery I required for my second.

She truly cared about our emotional and physical well-being every step of the way (before and after delivery) which significantly reduced my stress levels and made the entire experience that much better. We would highly recommend her to anyone considering a doula.

Michelle Mialkowski


Jeannie was an amazing support for my husband and I for the delivery of both my children. One was a hospital birth and one was a birth centre birth under the care of an OB and midwife respectively.

She simply solidified my husband and I as a team enstilling calm and serenity during the entire experience. She was a fantastic cheerleader and was nothing but supportive and empowering. I only have memories of childbirth where Jeannie provided the most encouraging words and sentiments to get my husband and I through delivery and meeting our chilldren. 

Any woman that uses Jeannie to be a doula for her birth can only benefit from the experience. She is 100% behind women being empowered, respected and having choices during their birth experience. She completed my birth team, and I cannot imagine achieving my birth plan without her in attendance.

Launi Hutchison


Where to start?!  Jeannie was my doula 2 years ago for the birth of our long awaited son.  She met with us several times before our baby's birth where we discussed fears and concerns and after each meeting both my husband and I felt 100% better.  She was very sensitive to our history of infirtility and miscarriage and gave us hope and excitement.  She was also our instructor for a hypnobirthing class which was fun, informative, and helped me get ready for a really long labour!  Durning the labour she was always reassuring, helped with positioning, and the biggest blessing was that we could pray together.  Praying with her helped me re-focus and release tension gaining more trust in my body and in the Lord.  I don't think I could have had a 30 hour labour, without medication, if I had not had prayer support.  Once we were home with our little one, Jeannie came to our house and rocked our sweet baby while my husband and I caught up on some much needed sleep, amazing.  I have so much gratitude and respect for Jeannie.  She is a smart and wonderful doula.  I am due to have another baby in the next few weeks and could not find anyone who could compare to her. Anyone considering her will not be disapointed.  

Stacy Smith


I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Jeannie.
First of all, her demeanour is so wonderful - a perfect mix of support, energy and tranquility.
I was pregnant at the same time as a few friends, so we brought Jeannie in to do a private pre-natal class. It was very informative and a ton of fun!
Labour with my first baby was very long (baby was in an OP/OT position) and Jeannie was there as long as we needed her – via text and phone at first, and then in person for about 30 hours total (26 of which were at the hospital). She helped us navigate a stressful experience – informing us of our options, helping my husband and I work together, and reinforcing that I was doing the best I could during a difficult time. Thanks to Jeannie, I was able to avoid too many medical interventions and have a safe vaginal birth for our baby girl. Jeannie was also a huge support for my husband, who does not do well in hospitals.
Jeannie was also a great resource when it came to nursing – I had an over-supply of milk and ended up with candida. But Jeannie helped us navigate the supports available to us. 
We appreciated Jeannie’s support so much we brought her back for our second baby. She helped me work through some of the trauma that lingered after my first labour. Since that first labour was so long, I was in denial that my second could come so quickly! Luckily we got Jeannie on the phone and she talked some sense into us. We headed to the hospital and our baby boy was born just 20 minutes after arriving – a total labour of three hours! Although Jeannie wasn’t so involved with the birth of our second, she more than made up for it afterwards by coming to our home to provide additional support. 
I have referred Jeannie to so many of my friends. I absolutely love her and cannot place a value on the service and support she provided.


Christine Curle


Jeannie Baron was a fantastic support before, during and after the birth of our son.  She presents information in an unbiased kind manner, which I wasn't expecting due to my own unfounded biases about doulas! She let us know what our options would be once in hospital and didn't judge our decisions for medical intervention aka DRUGS during labour.  Jeannie was a pleasant calming capable supprt during labour and we were so glad she shared her knowledge with us first-time parents. We have recommended her to several friends and family who have also had great experiences with Jeannie! 

Whitney Bay


Jeannie was my doula for the delivery of our second son in July '16. She was very supportive of us throughout my pregnancy, labour and postpartuM. I would highly recommend Jeannie for anyone wanting to work with a doula. 

Elizabeth Hildebrand


Jeannie was our doula for the births of both of our sons. Our first son was born in the hospital and our second son was born at our home. Jeannie was an excellent support in both settings. At the hospital, I was induced and therefore had to stay near the bed as I was hooked up to IV and monitors. With her support, knowledge of hypnobirthing techniques, and positioning, I was able to give birth without pain medication. This was outstanding as I had received induction medication and our baby was born face up resulting in a lot of back labour. I loved the way she made sure that my husband was included and helped him suppport me more effectively. Our second son was an unplanned home birth. Jeannie made it to our house right after our midwife. She quickly and calmly had my husband get everything we would need to deliver our baby. She stayed by my side and helped me focus and breath the baby out. In both births I had little to no tearing and the babies were born quickly. We were impressed at how Jeannie worked with the nurses, doctors and midwives. Her professionalism and birthing expertise has gained her a lot of respect among the medical staff. With both babies I had trouble with breastfeeding. Jeannie came to my house and helped me to position the baby in a way that the baby would latch without pain. The support that we received from Jeannie during all parts of our birthing experience far exceeded our expectations. We feel so blessed to have had her for the births of our two sons.  

Kreesta Doucette


Jeannie was both our prenatal teacher and our dula for our second birth. Her calm, knowledgeable, positive support both during pregnancy and labour was invaluable. She is an extremely exceptional person who has found her true calling in coaching and supporting others. She has a wealth of birth experience and her inspirational yet calming presence was truly a gift for our family in the birth of our second child. She is a truly special person and a wonderful dula and we would work with her again in a heartbeat.



We are so thankful for Jeannie's help during my pregnancy and birth of my daughter. It was my first pregnancy, and I was nervous, but she guided me through it and helped me to be calm and assured that someone was always by my side when I needed it. Jeannie also taught the prenatal class that we attended. It was fantastic and full of useful information about what might happen during birth, and what our options were. At the birth, Jeannie was calm and confident. I depended on her completely and she helped every step of the way. She knew my birth plan and helped me to work towards that in the labor. My husband and I both felt completely supported by Jeannie and felt we couldn't have done it without her by our side. Jeannie also helped a lot after the birth to make sure everything was going well with the new baby. We are so very thankful for her help in the birth of our beautiful, healthy baby girl.

J Yvinec


Jeannie is phenomenal! She knows what to say and when to say it. She also knows when she shouldn't speak. She was at the birth for two of my children.  I feel so blessed to have had her for my doula two times. For my first, I really wanted to have a home birth but didn't have a midwife. She put me in contact with an amazing midwife. I'll be forever thankful to her. She was an answer to prayer. She is such a wonderful person and such a calm voice to hear when you don't always know what's happening to your body. The confidence and réassurance you find in her when you are uneasy or unsure is amazing! Thank you!

Kelly Allen


Jeannie became our doula after having her teach our private prenatal class. Her sense of humour was on point with ours and she was so knowledgeable about all our options. my husband and I both knew that in the heat of the moment we may forget everything we learnt from Jeannie. She gave me tips along the way on how to prepare my body for labour and what to expect. I was set on having a good try at a VBAC and having her support and guidance made it possible! She knew what was coming next and when it was absolutely time to go to the hospital. She had inside knowledge of how the hospital, nurses and doctors worked. I truly believe that she is the main reason that I was able to get through a quick first time labour with absolutely no interventions. We could not have asked for a better experience! I would highly recommend Jeannie to anyone looking for a doula. 

Becca Meacham


Jeannie is calm and confident. She’s always there right when you need her. She literally came to each of our births quite quickly. She supported us in a variety of settings – at home and at the hospital.

Jeannie helped me with timing and content when I needed to support my wife.



Jeannie supported me both physically and mentally through three labours. She helped me cope after I had an emergency caesarean with my first baby. She guided me through breast feeding and postpartum emotions. I had severe hip pain with my second and third labours and Jeannie knew exactly where to press to help alleviate my distress. She’s so encouraging and got me to stand and move when I least wanted to.

I would highly recommend Jeannie to any pregnant woman and partner. Imagine your spouse in their most vulnerable state and having an expert there to guide you both through it. That’s Jeannie.


Megan Martens


We met Jeannie through another doula a couple years ago. Although we only met her a couple weeks before my due date, she was calm, positive and very encouraging. I always felt cared for and that she had my best interest at heart. she guided and encouraged my husband so that he could be the best support partner during an intense time. We loved her   Ability to read situations and help us make the best decision for us. She truly taught us so much and made the experience of giving birth a beautiful Memory! 

Lara Reimer


Jeannie was such a wonderful support for both my husband and I during the pregnancy and birth of our first child. She is very kind, patient and a wonderful source of knowledge and support. I highly recommend her to anyone considering the services of a Doula. 

Jenn Sorby


Jeannie was our doula for our second pregnancy. My first labour had been a long and difficult one and it left me feeling anxious and lacking in confidence to do it again! Upon our first meeting with Jeannie, she immediately put me at ease. She has an incredibly positive and warm personality. I felt we "clicked" immediately. She also has so much knowledge and experience that I left the meeting feeling like I was lucky to be in such good hands.

My second labour ended up being a fast and furious one. I remember Jeannie right there with me. Instead of feeling out of control in pain, she empowered me and made me feel like I was a rockstar at childbirth! ;) Seriously. It is a memory that will always stick with me and one that I will always be grateful for. Jeannie will always be part of our family :)

Megan Schmidt


I can't say enough good things about Jeannie. She attended the births of both my sons. My husband and I lead extremly busy lives and didn't have alot of time to prepare for the births and knowing we had Jeannie there took all the stress away. She is an expert in her feild and took away any worry or stress that we had. She is an excellent coach and we would recomend her to anyone!

Brenda Smith


Before I was pregnant, I had some knowledge of what a doula was, but could never have imagined the gifts of wisdom, humour, skill, support and positive energy that Jeannie and Tarana provided for us! Immediately at the end of our first meeting we knew we wanted them to guide us on our journey. They have a wonderful ability to tune into their clients and their concerns and share information in a calm, non-judgemental way. Their deep understanding and trust of the body preparing for birth made me feel very safe and relaxed during the latter weeks of my pregnancy, in the anxious wait up to 42 weeks and during labour, delivery and post-birth. As the attending doula for my baby's birth, Jeannie's encouraging words and hands-on care were an absolute gift. She is an expert at skillfully and respectfully navigating the health care setting to offer the best support for her clients and it was very clear that she is highly respected in the health care setting (she even coached the attending physicians on how to catch baby for their first upright delivery!). It was wonderful for my spouse to be able to focus on me while Jeannie supported the two of us. The support continued postnatally with check-ins, more of Tarana's wonderful and therapeutic massage and Jeannie introducing us to the wonders of side-lying nursing! We are forever greatful to our doulas and *highly* recommend Jeannie for our US friends - you would be blessed to have her in your corner ! :) 

Brandy Ellerbrock


I myself am a doula and have given birth 4 times prior to my last birth. I had had various experiences in birth, from my first baby being born premature and stayed sleeping, to my second birth being a planned c-section, baby three was a VBAC that ended in a forceps birth, and babies 4 and 5 were unmedicated natural births. Although I have all the practical experience that one could have.........

I met Jeannie and knew I wanted her to help my husband and I at the birth of our fifth child. Even though I have the background and the knowledge of what was ahead of me in my impending birth, I also knew all the benefits of having a doula. There was no question that we would have a doula attend our birth.  Especially such a doula with as much experience as Jeannie. The knowing hands, soothing touch, the words of encouragement, the feeling of empowerment she gave me, or just giving daddy a minute to hold the baby while Jeannie helped me stand up right after birth and felt so good.

When I was finally in labour, and meeting her to go upstairs to give birth in the parking lot, as soon as she was with us I felt calm come over me.  The little things were all the things she needed to do, and she did them all. Having a doula was worth every penny. We would do it all over again. 

Katie Sinclair


Jeannie was our doula when we were expecting our first baby. We were nervous, as we didn't know what to expect on the big day. After our first meeting with Jeannie, we knew we were in good hands. She is very knowledgeable and has a very calming and relaxing personality, which we figured we would need during labour and delivery. Our baby came three weeks early and Jeannie was there from the beginning to end. We did a lot of the labour at home and we're constantly texting and calling until the early hours of the morning. She was the one that told us to get to the hospital ASAP, and after our baby was born she stayed and talked us through the different procedures the nurses perform on the baby, such as cord cutting (which we wanted delayed), drops in baby's eyes (which we didn't want) and helped with breast feeding. She was a great advocate to have during and after birth. We were so happy with her services and definitely recommend her expertise for other couples expecting a little one!

Natalie Carriere


Jeannie was a great support in both my cesarean and my VBAC deliveries. Her calming presence was really amazing. Highly recommended!

Sina Barkman


We were fortunate enough to have Jeannie as our doula for both of our childrens' births. Jeannie was so supportive, and helped me feel brave and confident heading into the births, especially the first one. I don't recall having nervousness or fear at all going in and I credit her for that! She listened to all our wishes and helped be a voice for us at the hospital. She was also a great resource of information and was so quick to respond to any text or email with answers. She is highly knowledgeable and experienced and we felt like we were in great hands. I recommend Jeannie to everyone I know that is expecting! she really made a world of difference in the lead up to the arrival of our kids, at the birth itself, and also afterwards by checking in, coming to visit and just being a great support all around. Cannot speak highly enough about her!! 

Angela Storey


Jeannie was my doula for my first. She made me feel confident during pregnancy. Her assistance during labour was priceless and her support in navigating the system afterwards was extremely helpful. My sister in law also used her and she won the approval of both of our mothers, who had been opposed to using a doula. Now they sing her praises as loud, if not louder then anyone else.  

Sherry K


We heard about Jeannie from a friend and hired her to help with our son's birth four years ago. Not long before that we had never even heard of a doula - but we were so glad we did! Jeannie was not only incredibly knowledgeable and helpful but she was also a great person to talk to. My husband and I both felt so comfortable with her, from our first few meetings, to our phone conversations while I was in labour, to the many hours she spent with us at the hospital, to her support after the birth. She was kind, respectful, funny, positive and so supportive throughout.

My husband, who when I first suggested getting a doula was very skeptical, still raves about Jeannie to this day. Having her with us was so helpful to both of us. I don't think our experience with her could have gone any better and we do feel she went above and beyond to make us comfortable.

I will say that before we hired Jeannie we both weren't sure about having "a stranger in the room" but as we got to know Jeannie she became more of a friend, and made us feel so comfortable. We know that our son's birth went more smoothly thanks to her, and we will be forever grateful for that. Hiring Jeannie as our doula was worth every penny. We would not hesitate for even a second to recommend her to friends or anyone else.

Beth Baggs


Jeannie was part of our doula team four years ago, when my husband and I were expecting our first. Jeannie is incredibly knowledgeable, and as such an incredibly calming influence on two very nervous first time parents. My husband was very wary of hiring a doula when I suggested it, but after meeting with Jeannie (and Tarana), he was excited and reassured. He did a total about face, and I am so grateful she was there to field questions, walk him through their role in the birthing process and aftercare.

The day I went into labour, she fielded our phone calls (which was amazing because it saved me from going to the  hospital way too early and either sitting in triage for hours or being induced), and allowing me to trust my body and what it was telling me. Our birth was long, but Jeannie was there every step of the way, advocating for the birth I wanted, even while the hours dragged on and I began to question myself. In the end, my son was born naturally and with minimal interventions, which is exactly what I wanted. My husband felt supported and calm, which in turn allowed me to focus on my delivery. It was a great experience, and one I would wish for anyone looking for labour support. Especially first time parents. It is unfathomably reassuring to have someone with that much experience talk TO you (not AT you) about you fears, plans and expectations for birth. And offer a literal hand when things are new and scary and for which you have no context.

We are forever  grateful for Jeannie (and Tarana) for giving us an amazing birthing experience and highly recommend Jeannie's services.

E LeClair Janzen


Jeanie was wonderful. I had a great birth experience with her. She attended my 2nd childs birth  After my baby was born he was coughing up alot of fluid. My first child had done that too. Jeanie was a strong kind voice of reassurance when I was worried about him. She also gave me great after care. I was having alot of pain breastfeeding. One visit with her and she corrected the problem by just observing how I was holding him. that made all the difference, I don't think I would have figured that out without her and I probably would have quit breastfeeding then cause it was so painful. I felt really safe with her. She is really easy to talk to and my husband feels the same way. I would highly recommend her. I almost want to have another child just so that she can be my doula! lol. 

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