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Tamra Mabanag PCD(DONA), PMH-C

Postpartum Doula Services by Tamra

San Jose, CA Service range 30 miles



Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 34 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My strength is in bringing confidence to new parents. I can help both parents feel confident and help your partner to feel helpful and supportive. I help with light cleaning, light meal prep, baby's laundry, assisting with proper nursing attachment, baby care, parent care and loving hands to assist the new family adjust. I have earned my Perinatal Mental Health certification and thrive when helping new moms through any Postpartum Mood Disorder. I would love to sit with you for a complimentary consultation to set the fee.

San Jose, CA Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Tamra Mabanag PCD(DONA), PMH-C

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Marisa Suarez


I had the pleasure of having Tamra's help with my twin girls after they came home from the NICU for a couple months. She helped me feel so much more "with it" when she was around! She let me sleep, played with my 2.5 year-old, cooked for us (enough for a couple days!), baked lactation cookies (I'm ashamed how fast I went through those!).... she also could bottle feed the girls at the same time to keep them on the same schedule as I wanted, and gave me advice whenever I asked: for example how to calm the girls, recommendations for sleep preparation for them, ways to hold them, etc. Tamra also was a huge support in my goal to exclusively breastfeed my babes, which I so appreciated! I ended up extending her services past our contract because I couldn't let her go, and felt like I was losing a friend when I finally had to be on my own! (Though she's still been available for questions!). I am forever grateful for Tamra for helping us to start off on the right foot so we could maintain our sanity. I highly recommend her! (My son does too, always asking where she is!)

Lauren P


I contacted Tamra in my 2nd Trimester, and I'm so glad I did. She provided helpful resources and advice on everything from baby gear to lactation consultants while we were still waiting for our son. After he arrived, her visits fortified us with the newborn care tricks we needed, as well as a chance to care for ourselves a bit. Tamra's expertise and support enabled us to start off our journey as parents with confidence, and we'd highly recommend her to any new parents!

Cat and Jim


Tamra from the moment she walked in the door the first day, took so much pressure off me and my husband. We had a traumatic birth, and while Tamra was helping us care for our baby, and cook and clean for us, she was ALSO helping me work through some of that trauma. She is so warm and caring, with a lot of attention to detail, which is so important during this pandemic. She regularly sanitized our house, which was very comforting. She also was accepting of us at our most vulnerable, tired, emotional, messy, smelly selves. On top of all that, her cooking is amazing!!! And she'll use whatever you have, which was awesome since somehow we panic-bought too many apples, and she was able to make a delicious crumble out of them! We had a great experience with Tamra! Thank you for helping us through some of the toughest moments of our postpartum experience!!



I had the pleasure of working with Tamra and she is wonderful. Not only is she a kind, good-natured person but also has so much experience with babies and has a ton of knowledge about newborns and all things leading up to it and after they arrive. She’s very responsive via email and text. It was wonderful to have someone not only take care of our baby while my husband and I napped but take care of us by preparing delicious food. I would highly recommend Tamra for any first time parent, or any parent looking for that extra help that is needed with a newborn.

Kristy Dalrymple


Tamra was an incredible addition to our family when we became new parents.  I can’t imagine how we would have survived without her!  Tamra stood out to me as a postpartum doula with her valuable expertise on how to care for a newborn, recommendations on how to reorganize our home for the new addition, and her support as I navigated some serious breastfeeding challenges.  With her help, I quickly became confident as a mother and am proud to say that I’m still breastfeeding my 7 month old daughter.  Tamra is respectful, professional, and passionate about her work.  I simply couldn’t have asked for more.  It was a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her!

Michelle Chang


Hiring Tamra as our postpartum doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I have made. We had her for the first ~3 months of our twin boys' lives, with the majority of that time being in the early weeks when we needed her the most.

We were lucky to have Tamra meet us at our house the day we came home from the hospital. Right away we benefited from Tamra’s advice and calm demeanor. She helped in so many different ways over those weeks, from helping me put my breast pump together for the first time, to cooking many delicious homemade meals and yummy lactation cookies, to allowing my husband and I to get naps and showers in, to offering tips on feeding, bottle cleaning, soothing the boys when they’re fussy -- and so much more. She even helped us figure out the best way to tandem bottle feed my boys, which is a huge deal for twins. 

On top of all that, Tamra is so easy to talk to. Being a new mom is hard! Tamra always checked in on me to see how I was doing both physically (I was recovering from a c-section) and mentally. I knew she was not only caring for my boys but making sure I was a priority as well. She's extremely observant, caring, and nonjudgmental - Exactly what you need when you're in a vulnerable state. 

Tamra became a part of our family. My husband and I can't recommend her enough.

Jenny B


I had the pleasure of working with Tamra after delivering my first baby. It was a difficult time for me with multiple hospitalizations and Tamra stepped up to help take care of the baby and my husband. She helped me settle in when i was back home and really supported me as i navigated the transition into motherhood. She provided lots of support and resources. She also makes amazing breakfast sandwiches! Thank you Tamra for all you've done for us!

Jenny B


I had the pleasure of working with Tamra after delivering my first baby. It was a difficult time for me with multiple hospitalizations and Tamra stepped up to help take care of the baby and my husband. She helped me settle in when i was back home and really supported me as i navigated the transition into motherhood. She provided lots of support and resources. She also makes amazing breakfast sandwiches! Thank you Tamra for all you've done for us!



I loved Tamra from my first phone interaction with her. I had decided to hire her as my Postpartum Doula . However my son was a micro-preemie and had an 81 day stay in the NICU. I was all nervous about my son coming home even though I had family support. Having Tamra around was like a breath of fresh her. She was very punctual! She especially helped me with breastfeeding and my son now latches like a champ. My parents could focus on other tasks while she was around. She even made some delicious dinner when she came home on Friday's. Whenever I was fearful, she calmed me, showed me how to recognize my baby's communication and soon became like a member of the family for the time she was with us. 
Tamra organized our baby stuff, my closet and watched the baby while I caught up on much needed rest . I also loved how she captured some intimate moments that I had with the baby . The first few weeks with the baby are always a blur and I love having these pics to look back on now.

Every postpartum mom needs a doula like Tamra!

Thank you Tamra for holding my hand during my most vulnerable days. !



I cannot recommend Tamra enough to any new mom.  I had never heard of a postpartum doula and did not feel the need to have one for the birth, so naturally I was skeptical.  I had a rather traumatic birth experience and felt completely overwhelmed when I came home.  Tamra was a lifesaver, in every sense of the word.  She gave me some priceless suggestions during our consultation over the phone and met with us a few times a month.  She was able to give me so much insight into my newborn, and she helped me understand all the different things babies do that is not covered in any book.  But most importantly, she taught me to trust myself as a new mother and to trust my baby.  The support from her years of experience was priceless and I cannot imagine this journey without her.  If you're reading this Tamra, I don't thank you enough for all you have done and helping me become a more confident mother.  



Tamra started working with my family a few days after our daughter was born and I can't express how grateful I am that we were able to find her. She has a wonderfully down-to-earth demeanor that instantly put me at ease and really listened to my concerns--both of which are key because we ended up discussing a lot of sensitive issues in the immediate postpartum period.

My husband and I don't have family in the area and were nervous about our son's reaction to introducing a second child into our family. Tamara knew that this was important to us and really supported our *whole family*, giving my husband and I ideas about how to help our with our son's need for extra attention, providing bottle feeding tutorials to my husband, and giving me some space to spend quality time with my son. One of my favorite memories is the morning that Tamra arrived and took my daughter so I could sleep in a bit. I woke up two hours later to find my daughter sleeping in her crib and Tamra feeding my son home-made pancakes. How she managed to do all that, I still don't know.

Tamra also focused on caring for *me*, which was not only comforting to me, but also eased the burden on my husband. At minimum, she made sure that I was rested, fed, and showered every time she was at our house, but she also helped me with more sensitive things like unclogging my milk ducts. When I came down with a cold, Tamara made me soup from scratch (not to mention, she disinfected all surfaces in the house to help keep everyone healthy). Tamra's extensive knowledge and experience was also key in identifying that my daughter and I had thrush--something I would have never thought to ask the doctors about.

In short, we're so happy that Tamra was there to support us during this special (and hectic) time for our family. New babies and family transitions are hard, but having Tamra made it so much easier. 



Being with Tamra was the best investment for me and my family.   She was kind., supportive, and I instantly felt at ease with her.   I even told my OBGYN about her today, so she could pass Tamra's name on to other families in need.   At first, I thought I could care for my newborn without any help, and I was completely wrong.  With everything else going on in terms of recovery, breast feeding, and learning how to care for a little one it's nice to have someone who is experienced to help out.  I would HIGHLY recommend Tamra and encourage you to reach out to her.   Tamra thank you so much for being there when I called you last minute to come help out.   



From our 1st phone call, I knew Tamra would be an amazing support, and she more than delivered. She is the perfect combination of friend, sister, mom, and caregiver.

Initially, we thought timing wouldn't work, but she tried hard to be accommodating despite the completely valid reason she wouldn't be available. Since our LO came early, we were so grateful she got to be with us almost every day for the 1st week after our baby arrived. As terrified FTM parents, she guided us as we tried to survive the first few days. Those early newborn days are a blur, but I know we would have barely survived it without her.

Highlights of how she supported us:

1. Breastfeeding - We struggled w/ latch/tongue tie issues but she encouraged and supported me. The first two times my LO latched was with her help. We still struggled for a couple of months, but she kept encouraging me (not pushing at all) and helped calm me down when my anxiety would creep in.  

2. Demeanor - She is kind, fun, gentle, and non-judgmental. When you're emotionally & physically vulnerable, hormonal, sleep-deprived, and scared, you want someone like her. Someone to ask a bunch of dumb questions and be yourself around. She was so observant, attentive, and nurturing at the same time. 

3. Organization - We had nothing prepared for baby and our kitchen was stocked with so much expired food that we'd never touch. She helped us purge/sort everything and helped us determine what baby stuff we needed (and what we didn't need). It was nice having an emptier/cleaner kitchen, especially since we were rest of our life was in newborn chaos.

Note: She did ALL OF THE ABOVE while helping to watch our LO too. Amazing. 

If we're lucky to have another baby someday, I'd hire her right away. You're going to want that kind of support when you come home.

Katie Parker


Tamra came highly recommended by our birth doula after challenges with my recovery landed me in the hospital for a week at 1 month postpartum.  I feel so grateful to have had her support from when returned home until about 14 weeks postpartum.  I came home exhausted, scared and overwhelmed with being a first time mom.  I desperately wanted to care for my baby but didn't know how I would balance this with my own recovery.  My mom and husband were overwhelmed also.  Tamra spent two days a week with us answering our many questions, helping with newborn care and other tasks around the house.  She was extremely sensitive to my needs and our family dynamic.  She reminded me to take naps and helped me prepare for visiting family always ensuring my health was the priority.  She is extremely knowledgable about infant development, maternal health and postpartum moods.  Tamra has become a treasured friend, but I am most grateful to her for helping me develop confidence in caring for my child.  She didn't step in and take over.  She helped support my developing instincts and the relationship that was building with my child.  I highly recommend Tamra!

Claire Judge


I cannot express how greatful I am for Tamra’s support and guidance while I navigated the postpartum period after the birth of our daughter.  She was always on time, flexible, and took time to get to know our values and day to day routine.  She also was wonderful with our four year old son and gave a lot of tips on how to support him during this time of change.  She loved our daughter and I always felt at ease with her caring for her and it was wonderful to see our daughters eyes light up when she arrived.  Tamara also is very up to date and knowledgeable on safe sleep, nursing, baby care, health of mother and postpartum depression and anxiety.  I highly recommend her and feel I couldn’t have gotten through this time without her. 



Tamra came to work with me a few months after my first baby was born. I was stressed about returning to work, and she helped get me organized at home in a number of ways so I felt more comfortable about going back to work, including advice about babyproofing, help clearing out the clutter to make room for baby stuff, and answering a million questions about my baby (breastfeeding, developmental activities, etc.). She was always a warm, knowledgable, and nonjudgmental presence, and I would recommend her to others in a heartbeat! 



As first time parents, we did not really know what to expect when our child was born, but we knew we would need help caring for our little one and ourselves. We are so grateful for the postpartum support that Tamra gave us during the first weeks with our newborn. She clearly has a passion for, and a great deal of expertise with child development.  Tamra shared her knowledge with us constantly, especially in areas of promoting newborn safety, such as safe sleep practices. In particular, she was full of encouragement and support with breastfeeding. She was such a warm presence in our home. As a result of her influence, I believe that I became less anxious about my ability to meet the needs of my baby. Further, she helped us immensely with the tasks that were important to us, but that we now struggled to find time for, such as tidying the kitchen and cooking. Tamra prepared us some delicious and hearty meals that kept us well-fed, and introduced us to some new favorite recipes! She really makes herself available and always encouraged us to contact her with any questions and concerns. In short, we are so happy we had Tamra during this major transition in our lives. I definitely recommend her if you are looking for postpartum support that will help you feel well-cared for, and also more confident in your new role as a parent.



Tamra helped make the overwhelming experience of having a newborn doable for me and my husband. As a first time mom, I didn't know anything about newborn care. I wasn't familiar with the concept of a post partum doula. The first morning Tamra arrived our son was four days old. We hadn't slept at all in 4 days, I couldn't get breast feeding down & my hormones were out of control. Tamra gave me a big hug, a warm, delicious meal, and watched my swaddled baby so I could get some rest. It was clear right away that Tamra takes care of much more than just the baby. She takes care of the whole family. I don't know how we could get through our son's first few months without her.

Tamra is an expert in all things baby. She taught us about safe sleep practices, newborn care, and child development. We used her help regularly throughout our son's first few months. It's an intimate time where emotions run high. But she something in her nature made her presence unobtrusive. She felt like part of the family.

Tamra's the reason I'm still breastfeeding. I have a history of breast cancer and really struggled with a low supply & a jaundiced baby who was a slow eater with a tongue tie. With the help of a lactation consultant, Tamra advised and supported us through the first couple of frustrating months. I would have quit had it not been for her support.

Tamra’s also an incredible cook. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate sharing a warm meal with my husband during those non-stop days. She somehow cooked for us regularlyl while still caring for our newborn. We are still trying to mimic some of the amazing things she made.

I wish we could’ve used Tamra for longer! But she truly specializes in making life easier during the newborn phase. She helps parents learn the tools they need to become more confident in their care taking abilities. If we have another kid, Tamra will be our first phone call. 



Tamra was a miracle blessing for me and my baby when we were struggling with our new life together.  Nurturing a new baby with lack of sleep, low milk production, and the stresses that come with the chronic cycling of breast feeding, bottle feeding, pumping, and then turn around and repeat.  Add to that a husband who was working long hours and who had not yet caught on the demands of fatherhood.  In stepped Tamra on very short notice.  She was able to provide not only a wonderful, loving and knowledgable helping hand for us, but also some wise and experienced emotional support.  Tamra provided an invaluable service for us.  She clearly loves her job, and I remember her saying so on numerous ocassions!  She comes with highest recommendations from our family.



Tamra cane to help our family in a great time of need. I am so thankful I was able to connect with such a compassionate soul who truly loves what she does. Tamra helped me in every possible area of life that she was able. She calmed every fear and worry I had, reinforced all the positives, and took care of all the things that I hadn’t had time for, like cooking AMAZING meals and cleaning up the kitchen, which was a huge relief. She was wonderful with my little one, helped to get him learning to take a bottle and helped me and my husband learn what we needed to do. She took the time to get to know me on a personal level and help me see that I was fully capable of being the best mom I could be to my family. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing this type of support and I would reach out to her over and over again if I ever need anything. She makes herself readily available and truly cares about each family and person she works with. She’s a wonderful soul who I am so grateful to have had the chance to connect with. Thank you Tamra for all you do!

Audra Schlaupitz


Tamra was an amazing help during the first two weeks postpartum, as they went by in a chaotic sleep-deprived blur. Being a first time mom is challenging because you have no idea what to expect (even with reading books and taking classes). I was having a hard time with latching/position/extremely sore nipples during breastfeeding so Tamra observed and gave me a lot of advice and suggestions to help. She brought a wealth of knowledge for every question/concern we could think of and also gave us many tips for things we hadn’t thought of yet. She helped both my husband and I feel confident in our ability to take care of our daughter. She was and still is always a text or call away if I have any questions- she is an amazing support person.

Sarah Ou


Tamra has been a true gift to our family. NY Times recently published an article, “If Only Everyone Had a Postpartum Doula” and if you are undecided about hiring a doula, it is a must read. The only thing I would change is the title--to be “If Only Everyone Had Tamra as Their Postpartum Doula”.

From awesome recipes (bone broth and oatmeal lactation cookies FTW) to critical infant parenting tips (we probably would have discovered safe sleeping eventually), Tamra brought a wealth of knowledge and perspective to our newly expanded family. Equally important, she provided knowledge and care in a way that made us feel both supported and confident in our own parenting abilities.

We were truly lucky to have Tamra with us for the first chapter in parenting adventures. She left a lasting impression on us and will forever be an important person to our family.


-The Ou Family

Mima Takemoto


Tamra is wonderful!  She helped me and my family when we needed it most.  She was awesome at helping my baby Meg with naps, feedings, walks, and playtime.  (It was because of her guidance that I was able to exclusively breastfeed for as long as I did!)  She also prepared absolutely delicious meals and did a great job of straightening up the kitchen and living spaces.  I especially loved it when she took candid photos of my baby with me.  She is totally professional, always arriving on time and immediately responding to phone calls/texts/emails.  I highly recommend her!

Susan Feinberg


Tamra really cares about her clients and it radiates through her service. She took care of my family in my first month postpartum and I am amazed at how experienced and reliable she is. Tamra is an expert on newborn and mommy care, and gives unbiased advice and professional guidance for all new parent needs such as postpartum anxiety, breastfeeding, newborn sleep, and so much more. She is a great listener and very down to earth, she can calm her clients even through their most stressful times. My husband and I learned so much from her, and have become more confident parents. We are so grateful for all her help and support through our new parent journey.

Liliana Cabral


Before the birth of our first baby, my husband and I met Tamra.Thanks to her warm personality and professionalism we immediately connected. Once our first daughter was born, she helped us in many different ways. From the simple -but not less important- tasks such as preparing breakfast for mom, making sure I always had my lactation tea to her valuable advice when my daughter was not gaining weight. Tamra directed us to a wonderful lactation support group and a new pediatrician that were instrumental to solve our problem. Her expertise and connections were key during those first weeks. My baby is now steadily gaining weight and I am still breastfeeding.

If you are looking for generous support and candid guidance, we highly recommend Tamra. She is a great listener and a lovely companion for those first weeks when little makes sense. Her knowledge and expertise will be a great asset to any mom. Until today, I feel I could always trust her advice and my baby to her. We are very thankful for all her help and feel fortunate to have found her. She became close to our family very rapidly and we hope she will continue to touch our daughter’s life as she grows older.

Alma Diaz Parra


I met Tamra during a Meet the Doulas event and I liked her sincerity and down to earth personality. We were not initially planning on having a post partum doula, but after not sleeping during baby’s first week, we decided to get help. Tamra is very professional, always on time and is sensitive to mom’s emotional well being. She taught us how to make organic chicken bone broth, which has many healing benefits. Our baby was not breastfeeding too well and I had to pump and supplement with baby formula and Tamra encouraged me to go to my hospital’s Lactation Support group. Tamra also helped me remind my 3 yr old and 6 yr old to be gentle with baby sister. Thank you Tamra for all your help!

Vera Gin


Tamra was my friend's postpartum doula and I got to know her well. I've been super impressed with her kindness, professionalism and going above and beyond in caring for my friend and her children. I'd recommend her to an expectant mother in a heartbeat! In challenging situation with postpartum mood issues, Tamra's care was essential an super helpful. I really wish I had her as a doula after my baby.

Nathalie Bize


I knew it will be a big adjustment to welcome a third baby in our family and I wanted a extra help to enjoy this time the best way possible. I am so glad that Tamra was there during the first weeks until baby was one month old. Tamra is very friendly, open minded, respectful, professional, trustworthy! She helped a lot from holding the baby to running errands with all in between. She was always looking for something to do around the house when I was nursing. She helped in the kitchen and made delicious dishes. She took care of my 2 older kids too, they adopted her from day one ! She took care of my little one. That gave me some time to relax, take a bath or a nap. It was also a good way for me to spend quality time with the two oldest without being interrupted! I highly recommend her to every parents of a newborn !

Mandi Halverson


Being a first time mom is hard. The things you researched that you never pictured doing or getting all the unsolicited advice to help. In the end makes your question more like, wait my little one does do that or does this instead Is that okay? In a nutshell it's exhausting.  But sorting through it with Tamra, my concerns, questions, and her development steps was a breathe of fresh air! We discussed what I really needed to know for both me and my daughter.  Example, getting her to take the bottle at 2.5 months after only getting me and bottle maybe a handful in the very beginning was the HARDEST thing for me. Hearing her cry and not being able to console her. It tore me up inside but I knew she was starting daycare soon and I couldn't go with her. She had to take the bottle. She worked with me on different feeding positions, bottles, temperament and dreamfeeding. (Which I had no idea what dream feeding was!). Having her there and her understanding how much it hurt me she always found a way to make me feel I wasn't a bad mom.  It's okay if she crlies when trying something new (which isn't harming her) like the bottle. Since then life had been so much easier! She takes the bottle from me, now daycare, and sleeps in her own crib all by 3.5 months! I know I couldn't have gotten there without Tamra! 

Jihyun Divya Na


Tamra is amazing. She is professional, friendly, positve, punctual, responsible and knowledgeable. I was struggling with my first baby boy; she gave a lot of tips on how to take care of newborns as well as reasons behind babies' behavior and the steps of babies' development so that I had a better understanding of what was going on with my boy without added frustration. She took good care of my son and she was always talking and singing to him and sharing details about my boy's responses. I could see her also loving him. She was willing to do anything I needed and even though I didnt ask, she would easily find something to help me with. She is a very delightful person and always listens carefully so I also enjoyed talking with her and that helped me with some postpartum depression feelings I had. I am very happy that I had her help for my postpartum care. 

Megan Meyer


I am so happy I decided to have Tamra come and assist me after the recent arrival of my third baby. My older children are barely 2 and 4 years old, and my hands are very full! While nursing and baby care were going smoothly for me, I was struggling to balance everything else on my plate. Tamra's presence was an absolute blessing. She made meals, washed dishes, cleaned my kitchen, and more. She helped me feel like I could take time for myself and my new baby. My kids absolutely adore Tamra, and it was so wonderful to see them getting additional attention. Her demeanor is calm, warm, and encouraging. She is a wonderful listener, which I greatly appreciated as being a stay-at-home mom of young children can feel isolating. Tamra's presence helped to smooth the transition from family of four to family of five. I highly recommend Tamra to anyone who is welcoming a new baby into their family! 

Samantha Miller


Tamra was a complete miracle for me with my first born! She is so knowledgeable and encouraging and very loving. Even when I was completely overwhelmed and in tears she just had a way to put things in perspective for me and let me know I was doing a great job. One of the biggest things that Tamra was able to help with was nursing. The first few weeks of nursing sucks, it truly does but she was full of tips and tricks and helped me make it the most comfortable it could be. She is one of the main reasons I am still nursing! I would recommend Tamra to any new mom. The benefit of having someone like her on your side when you bring home a new little one is truly insurmountable.

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