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Redmond, WA Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 120 births attended

Doula Training

  • PALS Doulas, August 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am also independently contracted through the Swedish Doula Program.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

2015-2016 - Membership Coordinator - PALS DOULAS 2016- Vice President- PALS DOULAS

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Fee Details

My charges for my services range 1,400- 1600 depending on your needs. I do offer a sliding scale on a case by case basis and have a special place in my heart for teen moms! I am also independently contracted with the Swedish Doula Program. My contracted rate at Swedish is 2000.00.

Redmond, WA Service range 20 miles

Client Testimonials for Anna Linares

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It was one of the best decisions to hire Anna as my doula. Here is my detailed review.

My background - I'd planned induction due to GD. Being first time, I wished to have a natural birth with no epidural. During the day of labor, I fall short of words to thank Anna's effort. I was 3 cm dilated and they started me on Pitocin. On Anna's arrival, she ensured my birth plan was communicated and the labor nurse was clear with the details. She created an environment as I had wished for with dim lights and music. In the beginning, I'd a bad headache and she helped me with a heated eye mask and asked the nurse for essential oils which helped a lot. In my early labor, she worked with me on many positions with the birthing ball, rocking chair, walking and squats to progress faster. As my pain started to intensify, Anna started using multiple techniques to manage pain like counter pressure techniques with rocking chair, hip squeeze, comb to create distraction. There was a moment when I was pushed by the doctor to break my water which I didn't want to, and Anna ensured my voice is heard and things went in my way and she empowered me to that I can deny it if I'm not willing to. This was a saviour moment for me. I continued to progress in my labor and went to the tub where she created a spa like environment. At this point the pain was unbearable and she did light massage technique during the entire time I was in the tub and used Tens unit once I got out. She also ensured my husband was resting and eating well during my labor to be energized for the time after baby. By the time I was out of the tub, I was fully dilated and she continued her support throughout my pushing phase with varied breathing techniques. She did click some pictures in between which was very memorable and helped me with breastfeeding once my little boy was out and spent good time till we were settled. Falling short of words but highly recommend ??


Sharla Semana


Being in the supportive care services field myself, I knew I wanted a doula for my first pregnancy. My husband and I interviewed a couple doulas and found Anna to be the most professional and compassionate. We do not regret our choice and Anna was the perfect fit for both our personalities. For my husband, she took time to send data such as articles and resources. For me,  she validated my concerns and checked in often. Due to the pandemic, we had to meet virtually up until my delivery but we knew Anna was only an e-mail, text or phone call away. Despite the distance, I felt supported throughout my entire pregnancy. I was glad to finally meet Anna in person when I went into labor and as a first time mother, she guided me every step of the way. What I appreciated the most was her support throughout the delivery (because giving birth in a pandemic is very difficult) as well as post partum. After getting home the hospital, I had concerns and was able to reach Anna easily when I was frustrated I couldn't reach my OB's office. She responded quickly and put me at ease. So, so grateful for Anna's support, knowledge and compassion for her work. My husband and I highly reccomend her services!

Mackenzie Manne


We had a great experience working with Anna! Shortly after hiring Anna, we started experiencing complications with the pregnancy. We had several meetings with Anna over the course of the third trimester to plan for the various outcomes, feel empowered by gathering information, and talk through our feelings. These sessions made me feel more calm and prepared to handle whatever might happen. After our emergency induction overlapped with another one of Anna's clients, she still managed to be present for both labors! She was a calming presence and had many techniques for pain relief, and especially helped my husband know how to support me through labor. We would highly recommend Anna as a doula. 

Ali Rohrs


We had an amazing experience with Anna, from the first meeting through after the birth. In our pre-birth meetings, Anna prepared us for several different outcomes and explained everything we didn't even know to ask about. One example is talking us through how the epidural worked, which our anesthesiologist didn't explain on the day of labor. Without Anna, I wouldn't have known that the epidural was working but I needed to switch sides I was lying on. She helped us do exercises to help position the baby before and day-of, and made us feel safe and secure. 

Everything was straighforward and fact-based. She helped us understand our options and make the decisions that worked best for us. When our plans changed day-of, she supported all our choices and helped me and my husband have the best possible birth experience.

In the delivery room, she worked well with the nurses and doctors, helped with massages and Spinning Babies moves, and asked clarifying questions when I was confused. She also checked in on me and my husband as things progressed or she saw changes in our emotions. It was amazing having her there 100% looking out of us, as doctors and nurses changed shifts and worried more about other areas.

After birth, she helped with tricky laction setups and questions, and she followed up with us personally during the first postpartum weeks.

I'd highly recommend Anna to anyone considering a doula! Couldn't recommend her more!



I could not imagine going through my labor and delivery without Anna. As first time parents, we knew very little about what to expect. In terms of criteria, we looked for a doula who would help me understand what was normal and advocate for myself, support me in a non-medicated or medicated birth, and understand how women of color may experience labor. Anna is all of those things and more. 

As I was over a week past my due date, I was scheduled to be induced. On the date, my husband and I checked into the hospital with Anna. Deep down, however, I did not want to be induced. Anna gave me the confidence that I could ask to wait a few more days. She was incredibly supportive, and kept checking in with me around if this is truly what I wanted. Her being there with only one objective—that I get what I want— made a huge difference as I would otherwise not feel comfortable voicing my opinions to nurses and doctors. I ended up returning home to wait a few more days. 

The next day, I went into labor. Anna stayed with us for the 22 hours it took for my son to be born. I labored, unmedicated for nearly 12 hours, with her help. She knew when I needed water, recommended different positions, offered use of different tools like the comb, TENS unit, bathtub, and various balls and positions. She gave my husband much needed breaks and reminded him to get rest. I ended up getting an epidural, but I was so grateful for Anna’s support that allowed me to labor that long without medication. When it came time to push, she was an integral part of the team. My husband and I were exhausted and didn’t know what to expect. She gave us confidence and encouragement every step of the way. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Anna. She was wonderful to work with and still checks in on us months later. I’m so grateful that she was part of our birth experience and could not imagine it any other way.



My husband and I toyed with the idea, but weren't sold on it until COVID 19 occurred and the delivery process and healthcare visits in general were changing.  We researched local doula's and Anna stuck out based on her bio.  She is from the East Coast and I was looking for a doula that can tell it to us like it is.  I am a no non-sense, "give me the facts" person and wanted a transparent relationship between myself/my partner, my providers, and my doula.  Anna was beyond what we imagined.  Prior to our due date, we met Anna in person once and then had two Zoom sessions (due to social distancing), over an hour each, that covered the delivery, birth plan, my wishes, potential complications/unique scenarios, and the post partum period.  Anna was knowledgeable and provided external links to resources that help with laboring and positioning.  We were fortunate that our hospital still allowed the partner and doula to be present for delivery.  Anna was very professional and ensured we were comfortable with her being present and we reciprocated the same.  She wore PPE during the delivery, but was still able to offer hands on support which I definitely wanted.  I was induced at 41 weeks, but elected to not have any drugs for pain management since I wanted to move around through labor.  Anna helped me through some of the most painful moments of my life by providing massage, hip support, and words of encouragement.  She also helped my husband through the process so that he could be involved and offer support for me.  Eventually I wanted an epidural, but unfortunately due to complications in another room anesthesia never made it to our delivery suite.  Anna helped coach me through pushes and I could not have delivered our perfect little boy without the two of them reminding me how strong I am.  We have told multiple friends how much we thoroughly enjoyed working with a doula. 

Josie Wright-Mulhair


Anna is simply amazing. I shared very early on my concerns about being a woman of color giving birth. She heard me and helped me find my own voice in advocating for myself. Because of her support, I was able to make some tough choices — including firing a problematic midwife at 37 weeks. I had decided the safest place for me to give birth was my home. Anna showed enthusiasm and confidence in my choice. Her knowledge and skillset are only rivaled by her compassion. She stepped up in places I didn't even know I needed.  She took amazing photos and videos of our first moments as a family. I cannot speak more highly of her service. I gave birth to my daughter, but Anna was a part of the team that made her birth truly the funnest, most exciting, wonderful day hof life. I could have done it without her, but it wouldn't have been as smoothe and calm. I am overjoyed that she was part of that day, and so grateful that I chose the best doula in Washington. 

Samantha deLaFuente


Ana was my doula, & I believe she was sent to me by God. Not only is she bilingual which helped ease dad’s anxiety by answering his questions and walking him thru everything that was going on that day but she also helped me more than I ever expected. As I was sitting on the operating table waiting for my spinal i started shaking.  Ana was there distracting me to help me stay still. Right after my spinal was placed I started having a panic attack, I couldn’t breath and had to be placed on oxygen, Ana was there rubbing my temples and helping me control my breathing. During surgery before baby was fully out he started crying and swallowed fluid and meconium, he was born choking and was turning blue. The nurses couldn’t work fast enough and the NICU nurses had to come help. I felt helpless laying on that table because I couldn’t do anything except watch as my baby was struggling to breathe, turing blue and placed on oxygen. Ana was there with me, holding my hand, assuring me everything was going to be okay. She was wiping my tears, helping me control my breathing and narrating everything that was going on. My baby was finally stable, breathing and turning pink. Those were the longest 12 mins of my life. She was by my side as i cried a sigh a relief and Dad was finally able to touch and be by our baby’s side. She remained calm and positive the entire time. Afterward she stayed until I was moved from recovery into my patient room and made sure I had something to drink, feeding me ice chips, that I was comfortable and that baby was latching & nurses knew of all my needs/wants in regards to baby’s care. Ana stopped by the next day to check up on us and visited when he was 5 days old. She’s stayed in contact and has asked how baby and I are doing. I’m so grateful for her!



I've known Anna since we were little girls, and when I learned that she took on the role as a doula I knew I had to reach out to her.  I was rnearing the end of my second pregnancy when my doctor was talking about inducing me because I was at 40 weeks plus some days.  After being induced with my first pregnancy, I really did not want to go down that road again.  So I sent out a desperate plea to my friend across the country for any tips she could give me to get things started on my own.  Her being on the west coast, and my husband and I on the east coast, we weren't sure how much help she could really give.  But Anna was amazing and speedy.  She set up a video conference with us, and shared links to videos and articles with tons of useful information that really did put me at ease during that stressful time.   She even checked in with me a few times after I had had the baby, and even helped with some postpartum tips.  I was so happy to have had her be a part of my birthing experience, and would recommend her to anyone I know who were thinking about having a doula by their side through their pregnancy and birth.



My husband and I both really liked working with Anna. One of the top criteria we had for picking a doula was the person’s energy or vibe. We wanted someone that would be easy to talk to, and had just the right combination of “laid back/go-with-the-flow”and “let’s get the job done” mentality - which is why we picked Anna. We loved her calm and friendly manor, and her way of framing things so you walk away feeling empowered. She was a wonderful resource to have and gave us a lot of practical advice all throughout the pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I was especially thankful for her once the labor started, for all her pain management tricks and breath coaching. And her continued her support after birth was appericated as well, checking in frequently and giving advice & resources. I highly recommend Anna!

Heather Henry-Parker


Anna was fantastic and had my back during a long delivery - I was in the labor phase for 2.5 days with an induction.  My initial plan was to go all natural and it did not go as planned.  Anna took the time to inform me about all the stages and what my options were.  Favorite memories with Anna:

1) dancing it out when trying to help with dilation

2) her techniques for relieving active labor pains (hip squeeze, washcloth, and the comb)

3) her help in dealing with a very rude labor nurse.  She empowered me to ask for another nurse and was compassionate to my needs while still being respectful to the staff.  

4) Anna had a small event that she needed to attend during my long delivery.  Anna brought me a great backup, Tiffany, to help when she had to leave for a few hours.  (Thank you Tiffany!) 

Yael Slavin


My husband and I were Seattle transplants and are an interracial couple. I am

Asian he is Latino. He was hired during my pregnancy for a job in Seattle

and I did not want to give birth without him. So I went to Seattle not knowing anyone.

It was very helpful having Anna to be there during my pregnancy. I did not know

Many people in Seattle so she helped me stay calm during my pregnancy. I am not from Seattle

so I am really not into the hippie doulas here I was happy that she was originally from New York

so I knew she wouldn't do any hippie stuff that would freak me out. She is trained in hypnobirthing

which I loved because I wanted to try it out. My pregnancy was more complicated than my first one

and hypnobirthing helped me stay calm. My labor for my second pregnancy was longer than my first one 

and on top of that I sprained my ankle beforehand. I am really happy I learned hypnobirthing even though 

during my very long labor, I got so tired I used epidural. She recommended garden of life protein packages which I had bever heard of and still use today. She also is a makeup artist and that is a huge plus for me. With my oldest son I get annoyed that looking back at his baby pictures, he looks adorable and I looked like a hot mess. It also helped me feel better to get pampered and wear makeup during my pregnancy. She is an awesome doula if I gave birth again in Seattle I would hire her.

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