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Jean McHenry- CPM,LMT

Birth Doula, Massage Therapy, Postpartum Services

Lake Saint Louis, MO Service range 40 miles

(630) 877-7482

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1300

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1300

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Birth Doula Experience

22 years and 500 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

15 years and 5 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly casting
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Waterleaf women's center volunteelor Childbirth Educator

Lake Saint Louis, MO Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Jean McHenry- CPM,LMT

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Casey Arendt


I'm am so thankful for being introduced to Doula Jean. She supported me and my family through our second set of twins that came just 18 months after my first set. With twins, even with midwife-attended, low risk pregnancies and births, you usually have to give birth in a hospital and specifically in the OR even for vaginal deliveries. My first birth experience involved 24hrs of hard labor with pitocin and eventually an epidural though I had a successful vaginal twin delivery. I wanted a NUCB for my second set of twins. Doula Jean made that possible. My husband was able to take a back seat while Jean talked and massaged me through a strong labor. She advocated for us when the rodeo show of a twin birth threatened to take over and she ran for the camera when my husband forgot to bring it to the OR and played photographer for us too. Even before the big day arrived,  Jean came to my home several times to give me massages. She came over,  labor tea in hand, the night our midwives decided we better hurry up and have some babies as baby A had stalled growth. She gave me pressure point massage and supported me as we tried a natural labor induction with a breast pump at the hospital.

Jean is an honorary member of our family as she made my labor dreams come true and made my NUCB of twins possible. We love her! 

Sarah Chalberg


Jean was my doula during the birth of my second. Not only was she patient, calm, and caring during my labor and my son's birth. She was there for me throught the pregnancy. During labor, the energy she brought was calm and reassuring. She was always present but never disruptive. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, so she gave me several massages while pregnant and postpartum! 

jaime holzhauser


I could not have asked for a better doula experience. From beginning to end Jean was supportive, caring, calm, and knowledgeable. My husband truly became a believer in what an important role a doula has after seeing Jean use her "doula powers" to help me with my labor and delivery of my second child. She definitely has found her calling and is amazing at her job. Jean has a special place in my heart. I have recommended her to many and will continue to do so.

Chris Tyler


Jean is a tremendous asset to anyone lucky enough to hire her for services. She has a wonderful bed side manner and was very supportive to myself and my wife. From the start, you can tell that Jean has a lot of knowledge and background in this field. I would have no problem hiring Jean again for another home birth (but 2 babies are enough for us! :).

Dana P


Jean was a huge help through my labor! From the first time we met her we knew her experience was going to help us through everything. Her demeanor is very calm, and she is extremely knowledgable, two things we knew we wanted in a doula. Our prenatal visits were great and she gave us tons of reading material and information on what we shuold expect with our first child. She also helped us craft a birth wish list for all the support team at the hospital. When the day came, she was 100% needed to help me get through contractions. She helped me find new positions, massaged me, treated me with oils and teas and helped me get through as much as I could. She offered advice on when to head into the hospital after laboring at home as long as we could.  Unfortunately I had not slept in 4 days and had over two days of strong contractions only to find out I was barely dilated with a sunnyside up baby. Jean helped us discuss our options with the midwife and figure out what would be best for us.  She stayed with us overnight at the hospital and was right there helping coach me to push the baby out. When my daughter was born she stayed with us to get a breastfeeding latch, took photos of us and made sure we were settled before she finally left to go to another birth! She is definitely superhuman! At our postpartum visit she brought lactation cookies and gave us tips on infant massage, and listened and talked through my birth story with me. She was great, and I couldn't be happier that she was with us!  When we had questions about other birth related things, she was able to recommend some people in her network who helped us out a ton. Jean was an invaluable part of our team for my pregnancy.

Antje Schenkemeyer


When I was pregnant for the first time with my daughter, we decided to hire a doula to have someone on our side with more experience - thinking it would be a good idea for our first birth and not needed for future births. We had a wonderful natural birth event mainly due to the assistance of our doula. So when I was pregnant with my son, it was clear that we would like the support of a doula again, but found out that our previous doula had moved out of state, but luckily recommended Jean with the warmest and kindest words. After reading Jean’s profile and testimonials I was already convinced that Jean would be a great match and was hoping that we would still fit into her schedule being only two months away from my due date.

Right from the start she seemed to be very calm, knowledgeable, kind, understanding and just extremely approachable. I felt comfortable around her and even though we had already had a natural birth, thanks to her thoroughness, experience and attention she noticed my concerns and addressed them by talking about possible alternatives, measures that can be taken and should be discussed prior to with the midwifes. In the second prenatal meeting Jean showed us her bag full of “goodies” that she brings for the birth and believe me, she is prepared for almost anything that can happen. Jean noticed my contractions better than anyone else and helped me to relax with little back rubs and using pressure points. If it wasn’t for Jean, my midwife would have probably missed the birth.

To me, having a doula is a vital part of the birth experience. Jean naturally filled all the gaps of insecurity, concern and anxiety which helped me to overcome the more difficult moments. Jean stayed until the baby had successfully latched and we felt at ease. I couldn’t think of a better doula than Jean. She was always there for us without being overbearing. If we should have a third child, she would be my second phone call.

Dana Thomson


I am so very grateful that life led me to Jean.  My first birth was quite disappointing and traumatic, ending in cesarean section. When I found out I was pregnant again, I set out to be prepared for a successful VBAC. I researched, joined support groups, signed up for Hypnobirthing classes, changed to a midwife group with a high VBAC success rate, and started searching for a Doula.  A friend of mine suggested her Doula, but when I contacted her she was no longer practicing so she gave me the contact for HER Doula. This was Jean McHenry. I looked up her DoulaMatch profile and was quite impressed with it! I mean, she seemed too good to be true! I set up an interview with her right away!

Our interview seemed more like a date with a friend. We clicked immediately and I knew she was the one. After hiring her, she remained in constant contact, checking in to see how I was doing and if I needed anything.  Her massages were heavenly and she knew all the points to help labor start naturally when I hit 40weeks. Two days later I went into labor and things quickly progressed. She met me at the hospital at 6am and never left my side. She advocated for me, made me feel safe and secure, used essential oils, massaged me and held my hand for hours without letting go. Unfortunately the little stinker got stuck, and after 3 hours of pushing and some meconium in the waters, the call was made for another cesarean. The hospital would not allow her to come with me otherwise she would have been with me through it all. She came to see me as soon as she could and brought me the most delicious homemade lactation cookies. We discussed what had happened and she listened while I processed the loss of my vbac. She came back before I was discharged and gave me the most calming massage.  I also had a few healing postpartum visits. I will forever be grateful for Jean coming into my life and know she will be my Doula when I have my successful VBA2C someday! 

Alice Chin


Prior to giving birth to our daughter, we knew that we wanted to have a doula in our birth plan/process.  We interviewed a couple of other doulas in the area but in the end decided on going with Jean.  It was probably the best decision we made.  Jean came over to our home during the first stage of our labor, and helped time my contractions.  I must mention that she had just finished helping with another mom in her delivery, and so Jean had already been working over 24 hours by the time she arrived at our home.  She also advised as to when it was time to head for the hospital, since I was going to need 2 rounds of antibiotics due to testing positive for Strep B.

After we arrived at the hospital, Jean was constantly assisting in my labor process.  My husband and I had decided ahead of time to have a 100% natural birth, so Jean was very helpful in suggesting different positions, massaging my lower back during and in between contractions.  She also suggested different movements to help move the labor along.

I know for a fact that I would not have been able to get through the birth process without Jean.  My husband and Jean were the perfect team together.  During my 2nd stage of labor, after I had already been pushing for 6 (yes, 6) hours, my midwife started to suggest pitocin to strengthen my contractions and get them closer together.  Jean stepped in and suggested more natural methods of strengthening my contractions, and I am thankful that she did.  After 31 hours of labor, we finally brought our daughter into this world- without any interventions or medications.  Although at this point Jean had been working for over 55 hours straight, we would have never noticed since she was always there for us.

After the birth, Jean visited us at home, brought us some lactation cookies and also showed us some baby massage techniques.  She is truly a wonderful doula and person!

Christine Mitchell


If you are a new mom or had a bad birth experience previously and are looking for a doula to support you, then you have found the right person! Before I met with Jean I didn’t realize how much there was to understand about birth &how it allows you to have more control over your birth experience. Other than being an awesome & person, one of Jean’s greatest strengths of a doula is experience. She has seen just about everything when it comes to birth &knowing that provided us with the confidence we needed to get throughout my labor in a relaxed manner.She met with us numerous times before the birth so that we could be prepared. She helped us understand the different interventions along with the risks, labor positions to help with the contractions, &helped us to create a birth plan that included things my husband &I would have never thought about it.I always heard it’s better to stay at home as long as possible, but having Jean to check in with early on helped to avoid panic and delayed rushing to the hospital. Jean came over to my place &helped me labor at home for over 8 hours! She held my hair back when I was puking, cleaned the “burp” bowl with calming oil, so the next time I was going to puke I didn’t have to smell it, and showed my husband different ways he could assist in easing my pain. When I finally got to the hospital I was 8cm! There is no way in hell I would have been able to stay at home that long w/out her. I was only in the labor & delivery room for 3 hrs before I had a beautiful baby.Jean stuck around after the birth to make sure everything was getting off to a great start.She came over a few weeks after the birth to check-in on me, and she brought me lactation cookies which were delicious.My husband and I are so grateful to have had Jean throughout the entire experience, pre-labor and post. We would recommend her with flying colors &look forward to her support with baby#2.

Patty Ruback


Prior to my daughter's birth, I had gone through a few traumatic pregnancy losses.  Jean was so understanding of my situation and helped me work through all the medical drama that led up to the birth of my daughter.  I ended up having pre-eclampsia two weeks before my due date, so my doctor wanted me induced.  Jean helped me give birth to my daughter without any pain meds (I didn't want to expose my daughter to any more drugs) was a LONG and PAINFUL 9 hours, but she was a never-ending coach for me and my husband.  I can't thank her enough for what she did for me and my family.        

Catherine Di Stasio Morgenstern


Jean acted as our doula for all three of my childrens' births.  I don't know what I would have done without her at the births as well as during my pregnancies.  All of my pregnancies and births were very different and Jean provided appropriate, valuable and knowlegeable support for all those varied cirucmstances.  Most of all, Jean was always there whenever I needed her and had an uncanny ability to know what I needed without me even verbalizing it.

I believe Jean is a unique doula because her experience and expertise is so diverse.  I had one very medicalized birth, one very short, completely unmedicated hospital birth and finally, a pitocin induction without an epdirual that got a bit scary at the end, and Jean was such a calming, reassuring and positive force for all of them.  

Jean truly cares about her families, our birth experience and our emotional and physical health.  She is respectful, peaceful, generous and hugely competent.  I cannot recommend her enough.



Sully Dirilten


Jean is the best! We are so thankful that she was there for the birth of our two sons! Not only was she able to help comfort my wife, but she helped take a lot of my stress away. When our first son was born, I had a lot of concerns. Jean took the lead without overstepping any boudaries, and helped make the experience a lot less stressful for everyone. She did such a wonderful job, that we hired her again two years later. If we do have any more children, we will certainly want Jean to be there as our doula! Thank you, Jean!

Margaret Roth


Jean was the back up for the doula I hired- I got to experience Jean's work as my doula was dropping her kiddo off with her child care provider. Basically, if I have a 3rd, i will save up the money to pay for BOTH of them because they were perfect for my birth in different ways. Jeans style is incredibly soothing and she gets you to relax into the pain in a way i've never experienced- like, pain is a panic trigger for me, and she managed to make it not so, even only having met me 3 weeks prior. 

Jean was fabulous. At one point I was draped over a birthing ball, while she rubbed my neck and shoulders. I for those moments ENJOYED my labor. 


I also hired her for a post partum massage, and that was wonderful as well. (she's a liscensed massage therapist)- my advice, budget for whatever she charges for a massage onto what you're spending for her to act as your doula and have her give you a delicious post partum massage. 


Tianpin Wu


We felt so lucky to have Jean with us through the childbirth experience. This was our first baby, and we were aiming for a natural childbirth without interventions if possible. When I called Jean, I felt naturally connected with her and the sharing between us went well. We made the decision soon, and it ended up as one of the best decisions we’ve made in our family.

As a doula, Jean is super professional. In our first prenatal meet at our house, I discussed with her my wish of natural childbirth, and I was very happy to see her enthusiastic support and understanding of my wish, but at the same time being logic about all other possibilities. The fact that Jean is a childbirth educator really impressed us, and we like her great communication skills as well as her outstanding knowledge in this field. In her following visit to us, she brought the magic tools and showed us some special techniques she may use in the big day. We were impressed by her excellent skill of massage as a licensed massage therapist as well as her knowledge of acupuncture.

The big moment started at midnight. Jean responded quickly and got to our house soon after I called her. She was very calm and respected our idea of staying as long as possible at home to be more comfortable. Jean worked very well with my husband as a super team through all the labor. With her instruction, they helped a lot to manage my pain. It turned out that we only spent about 3 hours in the hospital before we saw our beautiful baby girl, and we did make it without interventions exactly as we planned! I honestly don’t think we can go through all of this labor and delivery without Jean, her positive attitude of encouragement, her always calm support with outstanding knowledge and technique, all counted! I would recommend Jean without any reservations, and will never forget all her caring for our family!

Amy M. Tyson


In a nutshell, Jean was an amazing doula. She is personable, responsive, thoughtful, smart, and a committed childbirth educator. For starters, her pre-labor and delivery meetings with my husband and me, served us well for preparing for “game day.” My goal was to go through natural childbirth without interventions if possible. Ultimately, I had 24 hours of hard, natural labor. This was my first child and I am convinced that without Jean’s expertise I would have not have been able to endure the ordeal of natural childbirth without Jean guiding me to know how to breathe, how to position myself, how to push effectively, how to grunt in the most productive way, and her massage skills –as others have echoed here – were INVALUABLE for working through the contractions (I also benefited from several third trimester massages—heaven!). My husband and mother were also at the hospital for the birth, and they share my esteem and praise for Jean’s work (she looked out for them as well, for example, insisting that my husband go get a bite to eat when he was on the brink of exhaustion -- and coaching both on ways to effectively coach me!). I would recommend Jean without any reservations, and will forever remain grateful that we found her through!!

Katherine Lietz


 We are both parents in our forties and this was my first and high risk pregnancy. I elected to have natural birth. We have recently relocated from New York to Chicago and in anticipation that there will be no relatives or friends at the time of my labor, we have decided to hire Jean. I was hoping she would provide me with the much needed female companionship. Jean’s assistance, however, has exceeded all of our expectations! Not only she was there with us during the labor, but she also provided us with a lot of medical information, guided us through the labor stages and worked with the nursing personnel if we needed extra help. Her calm presence and coaching has soothed my pain and fear, her massage skills were absolutely phenomenal. She has stayed there for the whole two days and nights, as the induction of my labor continued. Suffice to say, she remained our postpartum doula. I can’t thank her more for being there for us and our son!

Jean, God bless your kind heart!

Amanda Ramsey


 I had had back labor 7 yrs before and was terrified that I would experience the same things again, despite my best intentions.After meeting Jean, we felt immediately at ease with her, as if we had known her our entire lives.  She has that natural nuturing and mothering instinct that you just have to be born with to possess.  We invited her to attend our waterbirth in 2007.  She later told me it was her first waterbirth ever, but we never would have known-- she is so graceful and calm about everything.Jean was aware of my fears and  my birth plan, and helped me carry them out, saying just the right things to me in labor and intuitively giving me space when I needed it too.  The fact that she is a licensed massage therapist is INVALUABLE in labor. Other than the actual birth (child crowning), I had very little pain, and certainly much less than in my first labor, where I was terrified and medicated.  Jean is a calming prescence in what can be a chaotic scene.  If you've never given birth before,  or had a bad birthing experience in your past, it's imperative that you have a place for your eyes and mind to focus while you are dealing with pain and insecurity that inevitably comes.  I can't recommend Jean enough.  It's an amazing thing when a person finds just the right profession for them as Jean has; she truly shines as a doula, and those of us having given birth with her are so lucky to have her!


Sarah Lureau


My husband and I hired Jean not really knowing if we really needed a Doula or not; however, I was persistent about it since this would be our first birth. Needless to say, we made the BEST decision possible! Jean was absolutely amazing and a very important part of our daughter's birth! Jean respected the fact that my husband wanted to be my go-to person throughout the labor process. She supported us by giving my husband ideas on ways to comfort me and worked with my husband as a team to try and help manage my pain. Since Jean is a licensed massage therapist, she was able to massage my back during contractions while my husband was in front of me ensuring that I was staying relaxed. The two could not have worked better together. Throughout my 31 hours of labor, Jean used various tricks to help manage my pain. If one method didn't work, she always had another idea for us to try. She respected our birth plan and really was an advocate for us. She ensured that I understood my options when my labor became complicated to ensure I did not make any rash decisions. Simply put, she was AMAZING and provided great comfort to my husband and I throughout the entire process. Even after our daughter was born, Jean reached out to us numerous times to ensure we were adjusting well. She baked us lactation cookies and even taught us infant massage. She truly cared about the birth of our daughter and our wellbeing. Jean has now become a friend and I hope if we are lucky enough to have another child, she will be a part of that birth as well.  =)

Jean is reliable, compassionate and truly gifted at what she does.  The support she is able to provide during the labor process is invaluable!  My husband and I could not have been happier with our decision to include Jean on the birth of our daughter.

Sarah Casey


My husband and I decided that we wanted a doula to help us through labor only 3 weeks before my due date. We did some research and were referred to Jean by another doula. Since my due date was fast approaching, we scheduled our first meeting for the following weekend (which was 2 weeks before I was due). Much to our surprise, I ended up going into labor the morning we were supposed to meet Jean for the first time. She ended up meeting us at the hospital and this was the first time she had met a client when it was time to have a baby without meeting us beforehand!

We quickly got to know each other and found Jean to be very warm and caring. She helped us follow our birthplan and was a great liason between us and the nurses/doctor. Her massage techniques were amazing and the massaging of my back during contractions helped tremendously. She even massaged my feet in certain points when the contractions stayed the same for many hours to help speed things up.

Jean even showed my husband some of her massage and labor techniques so he could stay actively involved in helping me through labor. Jean and my husband worked great together as a team to keep me as comfortable as possible. She also made sure my Mom was able to help out in making me comfortable and recognized the importance of having family there.

We had a wonderful experience working with Jean and wouldn't hesitate to use her again for future pregnancies. We highly recommend Jean to anyone who is looking for a doula.


L. Dostaler


We are intended parents and had a beautiful girl through surrogacy this year. As the intended mother, I wanted to have a doula involved to help ease our surrogate’s labor, to help explain things to us during the pregnancy and labor and delivery, and to help get us more involved in the labor itself. There were also so many parties involved in this untraditional birth that I also believed that a doula could facilitate communication between us all before and during the birth and encourage our surrogate and the husbands to discuss any concerns they had. Ultimately, we ended up working with both Jean and another doula during this process. This decision allowed for support of both our surrogate and us through out the pregnancy and birth. Jean was able to meet with me individually first, then meet with our surrogate and the husbands. She was also able to establish a very special rapport with our surrogate. She gave her pre-natal massage to alleviate some of her discomfort as well. The day of our daughter’s birth, our OB said she was going to be born via a c-section because of her position and was not particularly optimistic for a vaginal birth. When our surrogate was ready to call in our doulas for active labor, they set to work to help our surrogate and involve all of us in making her comfortable. They attended to everyone’s needs. Our daughter was born naturally with no complications. Even the husbands who were skeptical about the need for a doula acknowledge now how helpful they were. We had the most amazing birth experience; we came together like family-our doulas included-to comfort our surrogate and bring our daughter into the world. We have no hesitation in recommending Jean. She is a wonderful doula!

Jill Cryder


We were very pleased with the support we received from Jean. She gave us tons of information during my pregnancy to help prepare for labor and delivery, and she was always willing to answer any questions we had. She helped us stick with our birth plan as much as possible and was flexible when we couldn't. It was very comforting to have her there with us throughout. We would definitely consider hiring her again with our next birth!

Amy Rieselman


Jean attended my first homebirth (1st child) in 2006.  She was WONDERFUL! I called her "My Drug" because I felt like her assistance really soothed me and was so spot on.  I have no memory of pain, but I do remember her coaching me and massaging my shaky legs and guiding me to the shower.  She was so experienced although I was her first homebirth.  I still don't know how it would have been if I'd not had her - I don't even want to think!  I highly recommend her, and recommend that all moms having their first baby to have a doula, whether in a hospital or at home.  Thanks Jean!

Alyssa Ruben


When i was planning my first homebirth (4th child) and my midwife suggested i hire i doula i put out a request for a volunteer doula.  Jean was the first person to respond to my request and the person we ended up going with.  I had never met Jean until my water broke and she came over.  She was such a wonderful caring and funny person that my labor and birth was such a dream. I couldnt have done it without her. I know that for both of us it was a magical experience and i cant wait to have Jean as my doula at our next birth.

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