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Phone: 425-876-5049

Birth Fee: $850 to $2000

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $45

Fee Details: We have multiple package offerings to suit your needs. Additionally, rates vary by doula within our group. Please see our website for more information.

Years in Operation: 3

Type of Practice: Agency

Clients per Month: 0 to 15 births and 0 to 15 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: We are a group practice with a wide variety of skills, experience and shift times available to meet your needs.
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Our doulas are experienced at all of our area hospitals and happy to support you wherever you give birth!
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Our doulas are experienced at all of our area birth center and happy to support you wherever you give birth!
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Our doulas have worked at home births previously and happy to support you wherever you give birth!

Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Breastfeeding Consultant Services
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Parenting consulting
  • TENS units rental

There are 14 agency doulas.

Client Testimonials for Calm and Confident Doula Care, LLC

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We received the greatest support from Calm & Confident Doula Care, specifically from Rebekah Gilley! I'm beyond greatful for finding Rebekah and appreciate her support more than I ever would have imagined. I'm especially thankful that we were able to have a natural and unmedicated birth, as we hoped and planned for, and know that this was partially possible due to Rebekah's support and wisdom.

Melinda, the owner, connected us with Rebekah based on our responses to a short survey on what we were looking for in a doula. And she gave us the perfect match! Rebekah quickly reached out and we met up at a coffee shop near our house. She answer all of our questions and we got to know one another quickly. She's very open, friendly, assertive, and happy (my favorite)! 

Rebekah is very responsive and has a ton of resources that she shared based on our questions and interests. We never felt that she was trying to alter our thinking or push us in a different direction. She simply listened to our plans, questions, and concerns and provided great support.

One of the best things Rebekah did immediately is open our eyes to the possibilities of using a midwife and going to Northwest Hospital. We actually hired Rebekah at about 35 weeks and ended up switching doctors and hospitals based on the information and perspective that she provided us and then our own research. And we are SO thankful that we did! Our experience with the midwives and NW Hospital were amazing and just what we hoped for!

She provided wonderful support in our two pre-birth sessions as we were learning/creating our birth preferences/setting up our house for a newbor, was just what we needed during labor and birth, and continued to be supportive in our two sessions after our little guy was born. She still checks in every now and then to see how we are doing!

I highly reccommend using Calm & Confident and specifically working with Rebekah Gilley!

Posted 1/3/2020

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Patty Narvaez-Wheeler

My Doula was Angie Doulas. From the first time we met I knew Angie and I would be a great fit. She had a peaceful presence, demonstrated a depth of knowledge of the birthing journey and was very clear about supporting the wants and needs of the family. I especially appreciated that Angie spoke of mother hood and labor and delivery of having multiple ways of being done 'right', which was a perspective that was in alignment with our family and  appreciated when our journey took some unexpected twists and turns. I experienced complication towards the last weeks of and it was challenging for me.  Angie was always only a text  or phone call away to offer support, knowledge and  encouraging words. She responded in a timely manner and checked in on us on her own.  When it came time to for  labor Angie was faithful to our plan, worked in concert with the team at NW Hospital, and was the perfect coach for us during labor. I was able to stay in close alignment with my desired birth  plan because of Angie's coaching and support.  Angie helped me cope and bring baby down in a relatively short amount of time with a variety of positions, tools and encouragment and imagery.  I will never forget how  Angie's eyes and words helped me dig into a power and confidence within me that allowed me to surrender to and ride the contractions, an absolutely necessary mental and spiritual shift to continue coping naturally. During our post partum final visit, Angie, again proved to be exactly what I needed as she lent ear and words that allowed me to process my labor and celebrate my journey.  I highly recommend Angie Doulas as a doula She is a beautiful human being with a passion for labor and delivery, fantastic Doula skills  and experiences and an inclusive attitude and perspective that is bound to be effective  for a variety of labor and delivery wishes and journeys.

Patty Narvaez-Wheele

Posted 12/9/2019

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Chunn T

Calm and Confident Doula Care provided us with an amazing gift of a Doula named Angie Doulas. They made it easy to meet a Doula, conveniently she was able to come to my office. If you're considering a Doula, I absolutely recommend Calm and Confident Doula care, as well as Angie in particular!

When my husband and I first met Angie, her calming presence and the way she explained things made this a natural connection for us. She was able to answer our questions, suggest things we should consider, and took the approach of supplying us with information rather than making decisions for us. Really awesome :-)

When we met after that, we dove into ideas for what our birth plan would be. She helped provide insight into questions we had, even sending us updated information (researching questions we had) after we met. Speaking of which, she was incredibly accessible over phone. We kept a group text going where she'd send us answers to questions, as well as just checking in on us as our baby's due date approached.

The doula's work with a backup doula, so even during a brief period when Angie wasn't going to be available, she made sure that we had coverage. It was a smooth handoff to our backup doula over text, and then a smooth return when Angie was back.

When we were all together in the labor room, Angie powered me through every up and down of the labor process. She knew how to help me embrace and power through each contraction. She knew how to help reposition the baby as I dilated further and reached "pushing" phase. She helped my husband rotate in and out of supporting me, as well as watching for his well-being. She kept track of the process as well, which was an extra sweet touch for us to read after the birth.

I started with a goal of having "as natural as possible" of a labor. Angie was there for me every step of the way to make this goal a reality. Truly impressive work, and we're forever thankful to her! :-)

Posted 10/13/2019

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Angela Grace Magic

My husband and I highly recommend Calm and Confident Doula Care, Rebekah was by our side till the very end. I had a long labor and unexpected hospital stay. I was so thankful for her support and consultation and experience as we ventured into the unknown. We did spinning babies, so many different positions. Rebekah was consistently right there with us grounding us, crying and laughing with us. Rebekah took great notes of what happened and I was really impressed with how lovely she got along with all the hospital staff. All in all, the birth of our baby was enhanced by the fact that we had Rebekah at our birth to help guide us.

Posted 8/14/2019

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Aletta Conrad

My husband and I do not have family in the area, so it was important to us to have a strong support team for the birth of our first child. I chose to go through Calm and Confident Doula Care because I liked the array of services offered by Melinda and her team. We chose the Platinum Package because we were interested in the private childbirth education class. Melinda is very knowledgeable and her three hour class suited our needs perfectly. We were able to cover specific topics we chose and felt comfortable asking lots of questions. We also took Melinda’s Get That Baby Out! workshop and learned many positions and comfort measures for labor. Melinda helped us feel informed and prepared for the biggest event of our lives thus far.

Melinda also helped us find the right doula on her team to work with. After our first (and only) doula interview, we knew Amber Hohl was a perfect fit for us! I felt at ease around her immediately and trusted Amber would be a good person to support me and my husband in my plan to have an unmedicated birth at a birth center. Well, things don’t always go as planned and it was a godsend to have Amber with us for my birth journey.

My 40 hour labor saga started at home and involved a trip to the birth center, a transfer to the hospital, and an emergency cesarean delivery. Amber was at my side for 22 hours through it all... providing me with compassion, familiarity, and endless honey sticks. She checked in with me when I needed to make decisions and helped me process the unexpected twists and turns. She guided my husband during the daunting times of my labor by providing encouragement on how to comfort me, and rest when he needed space. Amber’s presence even remained in my early postpartum days with appreciated check-ins and a listening ear.

I am so happy I went through Calm and Confident Doula Care! I felt very cared for throughout this special time in my family’s life.

Posted 5/1/2019

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We had a wonderful experience with Calm and Confident! Working with Manon helped my husband and I to relax and enjoy the last month of pregnancy in preparation for the arrival of our daughter. It was reassuring to know that we did not have to remember everything on our own (e.g., laboring positions, when to call the doctor...) as we had an excellent coach on hand to help guide us through the entire process. We did not anticipate how much we would rely on Manon for guidance in navigating the medical complexities of the last few weeks of pregnancy and a medical induction. She was so helpful! We ended up calling her to talk through our concerns/questions about medical recommendations on multiple occasions. These phone calls helped us to approach conversations with our physician in a more sophisticated and collaborative way. Manon provided useful and evidence based information that helped us to think through our options and she was always supportive of our choices and our values as a couple. Manon was also knowledgeable about other prenatal/post partum resources and provided recommendations for massage therapists and acupuncturists specializing in pre-natal care. Manon was flexible and extremely easy to reach throughout my pregnancy and into the early post partum weeks. She stayed in close contact with us so that when I finally went into labor she was available at just the right moment. Her gentle and calm presence provided me with the support I needed to fully engage in the labor and delivery process in an empowered way. We are so grateful and would recommend Manon and the Calm & Confident team to anyone preparing for the birth of a child! 

Posted 3/6/2019

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Fiona Spencer

We were very fortunate to have Amber from Calm and Confident Doula Care during my pregnancy.  At first we were skeptical because it was first time pregnant and looking for a doula.  When we met Amber it was like she already knew our concerns before we could ask the questions.  She was amazing support and great source of information.  

Posted 2/10/2019

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Marie PIET

Amber is an amazing Doula!

Both my husband and I are French and the US is not our country of origin, so, for our very first baby we needed some support and help in this stressful situation. Amber was very patient and professional before, during and after birth.

I highy recommend Amber as a doula because she is very knowledgeable, kind and valuable.

She provided to us lot of good information and recommandations.

We could not have asked for a better doula experience, thanks Amber!


Posted 1/18/2019

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Amy Hatch

Having Melinda as our birth doula was one of the best decisions we made in our journey into parenthood. Because of her, the birth of our daughter was as smooth and peaceful as it could have possibly been. Melinda really does know all the tips and tricks to cope with painful contractions (including back labor), and what to do to get labor progressing. Her calming presence really made a big difference for us!

Her visits before and after birth were equally valuable - as first time parents, she helped us know what we needed to do to be prepared for when the baby came, and assisted with the difficult transition into parenthood after our little one finally here. I would recommend Melinda to anyone looking for an encouraging and empowering experience in both birth and early parenthood.

Posted 10/23/2018

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Alankrita Anand

Melinda from Calmandconfidentdoulacare impressed us from the time we met her with her calmness and confidence. Her knowledge, communication, vigour, and warmth convinced us that she'd be very supportive of our needs and we were proven right over and over again through our interaction with her. We felt heard at every step of the way, and she was invaluable during those hours of labour with her support, encouragement, and her techniques for pain management. At the hospital, she engaged with the nurses very well, and made sure that we were cared for every step of the way. Both my husband and I felt very confident throughout the labor process with her around us. All in all, we experienced a very smooth, normal pregnancy and post-partum thanks in a large part to her!

She is also sensitive to different cultures, and makes it a point to get the whole family involved and participate in the entire process. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a strong advocate during their pregnancy and post-partum periods. Thank you so much Melinda!

Posted 7/31/2018

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Kayce Bell

We had a great experience with Melinda from Calm and Confident Doula Care. Melinda was very thorough in the interview to make sure I would have a doula that was a good match. We determined the Melinda was probably the best fit, and I have no doubt we were right. Melinda was very helpful on guiding us through the doula selection process and geniunely wanted us to find a doula that would be a good match. Melinda was great with communications and checking in. As first time parents, we had a lot of questions and were unsure of the entire birthing process. 

I ended up being induced and had many interventions, ultimately our baby was born via cesarean section. Melinda helped me to think through questions I had not thought of and worked to make sure I was invovled in the decision making process and was aware of the pros and cons of each step. The best part was Melinda reassuring me at every step of the way that I was doing well. When the decision had to be made about the cesarean section, Melinda's opinion eased my mind that it was the right thing to do. 

Melinda was there through the whole process and didn't leave until the baby had nursed. I had received a lot of IV fluids during labor and Melinda anticipated a somewhat large weight loss in the baby in the first few days. She was correct and armed me with the information I needed to make sure that medical staff didn't scare me about it. Because of the preparation she provided, we successfully dealt with the feeding necessary to get him gaining weight.

I am incredibly grateful for Melinda's support, from prenatal all the way through postpartum. She was there for me, my family waiting, and, crucially, she was there for my partner during labor and the cesarean section. 

I would definitely recommend Melinda and Calm and Confident Doula do anyone considering a doula. 

Posted 7/3/2018

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Ali Oliva

The birth of my premie son was a whirlwind occurance--my husband and I had just scheduled our first prenatal meeting with Rebekah when my water broke. Rebekah was still able to make it to my birth and was a postive, enthusiastic, and encouraging presence. It was important to me to try to give birth without an epidural, and with Rebekah's help I was able to. It was also great having her there when my husband and son went to the NICU, so I wasn't left alone. 

We also hired Melinda for postpartum help we desperately needed--our baby came early and we weren't prepared, especially considering the extra feeding work a premie required. Melinda was absolutely indespinsable in those early, anxious, hectic, terrifying and exhausting days.

I highly recommend both Melinda and Rebekah and would not hesitate to work with Calm and Confident Doula Care again.

Posted 10/9/2017

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Sarah Johnson

I can't say enough about the great experience my husband and I had with Calm and Confident Doula as well as with our Doula Krista Thompson.

From the beginning Melinda was very responsive to our needs and took a lot of time to get to know me and introduce me to doulas that might be a good fit. Compared to other agencies or individuals we met with she took the leg work out of finding a doula and I loved that each of the doulas was vetted before we even met with them.

Krista and I clicked from the very start. As first-time parents, she provided my husband and me with a wealth of knowledge that left us feeling prepared and supported for our daughter’s birth. She was also an amazing sounding board at the end of my pregnancy when we had some difficult decisions to make. Her support was truly priceless when I had an emergency C-section and I knew someone was there to support my husband while I was in surgery.

Krista was such a thoughtful and compassionate partner to have on our birth team and worth every penny. 


Posted 9/25/2017

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Natalie Seitz

My husband and I would recommend Melinda from Calm and Confident Doula Care for post-partum doula care. We selected Melinda because of her expertise in post-partum care and her ability to help us with breastfeeding, swaddling, calming techniques, carriers, breast pumps and everything else a new parent may have questions about.

Throughout our time with Melinda she was able to provide helpful techniques and advice. I was impressed by her teaching ability, and focus on not just doing what was needed but helping us learn techniques to care for our new baby when she was away. She also provided a wealth of information to help us connect to new parent resources and groups.

Posted 5/16/2017

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Kelvin Chiu

We had a great experience with Calm and Confident Doulas. She was always there for us before, during and after. We booked with less than 2 weeks left before the due date and she came out right away to meet us at our home and give us some great notes and to find out what I like the setting to be. There were lots of questions that I would have never thought about. This made everything so much easier for us as since I had a difficult delivery and complications from our 1st delivery. This process really helped calm my nerves. Deardra was great and always available, even in the middle of the night phone calls or texts. She was always punctual and really made me her 1st priority. She's very caring and helpful throughout. Our post-partum visit, she even came out to do a baby photo-shoot and edited some beautiful picture of our baby girl. We would recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced, caring and helpful doula.  My husband spoke to Melinda a couple of times and she was very helpful in setting us up with Deardra.  

Posted 4/21/2017

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Shawna Ragasa

My husband and I were referred to Melinda from my sister who had used her 4 years ago for the birth of her son; and we are so thankful Melinda was there for our son's birth.  Due to low amniotic fluid I decided to induce and once the contractions started to build we knew it was time to call Melinda.  We had gone through a Lamaze class a couple months prior to his DD and by the time we were reaching the date my husband and I were worried  we had forgotten all the techniques to help get through the contractions.  Melinda was so helpful during the 48 hours in keeping me moving and battling the lower back labor.  It was so nice to have an experienced doula by our side it help lower our anxiety of the birthing process and finally through the cesarean section.  We highly recommend having Melinda by your side for your first birth experience.



Posted 1/15/2017

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Jessica Arnesen

I can't say enough good things about working with Calm and Confident Doula Care during my post-partum period.  Bringing our first baby home right in the middle of the holiday season, only to find I was having pain and difficulty breast-feeding, left me exhausted and worried I was doing something wrong for myself and my baby.  Thanks to Melinda and her network, I quickly found out I had a baby with a tongue and lip-tie, which we were able to have remedied within the first week of bringing my son home thanks to their guidance and reccomendations.  I was so surprised when, the night before Thanksgiving, they reccommended I see a lactation consultant, and then immediately were able to schedule one to come to our home the morning after the Thanksgiving holiday to help diagnose my son's tongue tie. 

I've found Melinda's insights and network to be invaluable.  She taught me ways to soothe my fussy baby, helped us find a better and more effective sleep situation, and even gave me much-needed time to do those little things that become so hard with a new baby like showering and napping.  I will definitely be hiring Calm and Confident Doula Care to help with our second child someday, and I've already recommended Melinda and her team to a number of other pregnant and post-partum friends.


Posted 12/31/2016

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