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My Massage Doula

Dacula, GA Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee

$1250 to $2225

Birth Fee

$1250 to $2225

Birth Doula Experience

15 years and 216 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), April 2010
  • The Matrona, November 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Fee Details

My Doula services are $1100. It includes a prenatal meeting, doula support with no max hours and in labor massage when desired. I offer packages as well to include Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage and Spinning Babies, group and/ or private classes to help prepare for your birth in a complete mind/ body approach.

Dacula, GA Service range 50 miles

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Joseph & Nicole Raez


My wife and I first found Charlotte back in 2012. We were expecting our second child, and were looking for a more positive birth experience and a natural birth. Charlotte immediately impressed us and provided the comfort and security that were looking for in our birthing experience.

Since then, we've had 3 more beautiful blessings, and Charlotte has been present at each one. She always knows when to jump in and help, and when to pull back and let both Mom and Dad do their thing. However the last birth we had was truly where Charlotte's experience truly shined.

My wife was in labor with baby #5, and things had stalled. We got labor going using physiological techniques (no medicine or unnatural interventions) and then labor really picked up. My wife was doing great, after all, this was her fifth time, but when it was time to push, for whatever reason things stalled again. Charlotte was watching both me and my wife and advised us to do an vaginal exam so that she could try a few things. She also kept an eye on me to make sure my energy level was ok, which I greatly appreciated.

After the vaginal exam completed, Charlotte got an update from the midwife. Our baby was not quite aligned, and so Charlotte did for lack of better words a "gentle wrestling move" with my wife's leg. Not 2 minutes later, our beautiful baby boy was born, happy and healthy. Total labor time was around 19 hours and Charlotte was there every minute of the way, including meeting us at the birth center at 4am!

I've always liked having Charlotte as our security blanket to assure us that everything will be fine, but I can truly say that this time had she not been there, I'm not sure our baby would have been born without some sort of intervention, which we desparately wanted to avoid.

I cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough. Her blend of techniques and observation skills is a rare find, and I'm so blessed that we found her all those years ago.

Charlotte Ryerse


Having Charlotte support my husband and I during our son's delivery was the best choice we could have made.

I attended the aligned and ready class at a little over 32 weeks pregnant and realized that I was a little naive in my expectations for a natural birth with a very medical practice and would benefit from her help.

She was a source of calm and experience we were needing. I wanted to go into labor naturally but wasn't able to do that... i was caught off guard and panicked. Charlotte helped us slow down, be focus and informed. It was a very long induction that I feel would have ended very differently without Charlotte by our side. I still hear some of her pep talk that she gave towards the end of my labor and I am so very grateful for her patience and guidance.

I won’t wait so long to have Charlotte involved with my next pregnancy! 

Jackie Dominas


Our experience with Charlotte was beyond our expectations. She was kind, compassionate and loving but also provided a strength and wisdom that empowered us throughout the process. She helped us find a doctor that not only respected our wishes that have a spontaneous labor instead of being induced at 40 weeks but that also made us feel at ease despite being almost 3 weeks late. We had a 48-hour labor and she was alongside us ever step of the way - from laboring at a hotel starting at 3am, to long, labor at the hospital. She provided support, suggestions on positions, massage, essential oils, and the calm presence we needed. Her pre/postnatal massage are wonderful! She has helped me so much post birth after having forceps delivery through massage and offering techniques for healing.  I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a doula. 

Tracy Lekawa


We hired Charlotte for the home birth of our 2nd son. We actually had already hired another doula but after taking a class with Charlotte I felt she was the person and we made the switch.  I saw Charlotte throughout my pregnancy for prenatal massage. It gave us time to chat and she eased my emotional worries and pains just as much as she helped me physically with the massage. Charlotte knows the mental and emotional connection to pregnancy and birth and is attune to knowing what is going on with her clients. Had it not been for her I'm not sure when exactly labor would have fully started or if I would have had such a quick and easy labor.  I was having prodromal labor for 12 plus hours. Charlotte came over the house for a massage and we decided to go ahead with the "ejection" points as I was near my due date. During the massage Charlotte helped me realize I was mentally stalling the birth, that the baby was lined up beautifully and ready to go. I told her I was worried about finishing up work and I was feeling guilty about my first no longer being and only child. She encouraged me to do what I could with work and to find peace with my eldest.  After the massage I took her adivce and finished up work and told my son I had to focus on the new baby as he would no longer be my only baby. Within 2 hours my 2nd child was born. I believe the massage helped but had it not been for Charlotte's emotional and mental encouragement I think I would have kept stalling. It takes a very special kind of doula to recognize that. After the birth she was always ensuring I was ok and the after birth was going the way I wanted. Charlotte is the type of doula that makes you realize this is how women were meant to birth - with caring, warm, motherly figures by their side supporting them in all ways possible. I will forever be grateful for Charlotte highly recommend her.

Adina Martinez


I met Charlotte through a mutual friend/fellow client of hers. This friend and I had similar first birth experiences, and she recently had a VBAC which is what I very much wanted to have with my second. She referred me to Charlotte, "an absolute goddess" and that is how I refer to Charlotte now, too. I was fortunate enough to have prenatal massages with Charlotte and to take a birthing class with her. From the moment I met her, I felt comfortable, at home, safe, and confident. I enjoyed all the time I spent with her, and when my son was born, I know without a doubt that I could not have done it without Charlotte. She was by my side, supporting me, keeping me as calm as possible, and reminding me that I could do, that I WAS doing it. I am so thankful I had her with me for the birth of my son <3

Taya Nelson


I used a doula for my first birth and loved her and my experience, but when I got pregnant a second time we were trying to save some money and I thought, "Hey, I could try to do this without a doula this time." 

I took an amazing birthing class towards to the end of my pregnancy and was in awe of the instructor, Charlotte Scott, and her experience and expertice. I realized that I did not want to go through labor without a doula and went home and told my husband I wanted her as my doula! I was lucky it worked out and Charlotte had availability in her schedule around my due date and was willing to take me on as a client so late in my pregnancy. 

We met for a get to know you meeting where she really took time to understand me, my previous birth, my goals for this birth, and any obstacles I felt like might hinder my labor. We discussed ways to work around them and it was SO helpful in preparing my mind for what was to come.

When the big day came, my water broke, but my labor did not start. This was a challenge because my midwife and nurses were wanting to get things going faster than I was comfortable with and things were starting to cascade in a direction that I did not want to go. Charlotte helped me slow things down and express my wants clearly to the hospital staff.  This was huge.  She also had an amazing massage she did and I know it is what finally started my contractions! Throughout my labor she was so supportive and guiding in helping me stay calm, focused, and continually working through my fears.

When I look back on my labor I think about how different things would have been had I not had her support and how grateful I am she was there.  My labor was a lot different than I planned, but she helped me feel like I had options in my birth and helped me feel supported and respected.  Her knowledge and experience are so worth it! I have and will continue to recommend her!

Alise Durkota


Charlotte was the doula present at both of my childrens' births. I first met Charlotte at a BOLD Women's Birthing Circle at Labor of Love. During ths class, I quickly felt comfortable with Charlotte. She was very disarming, gentle and supportive of my vision for my birth.

Throughout my pregnancy Charlotte answered any questions that I had about my symptoms and shared remedies for whatever ailed my everchannging body. She was easy to get a hold of and knowledgeable. I have always been impressed at how she continues to educate herself on new research inorder to give women the best possible care.

Leading up to both of my births, Charlotte used her yoga experience to use for optimal positioning for the baby as well as exercises that I could do to remain as comfortable as possible. Charlotte used her massage skills to help me relax and targeted specific areas for relief.

Having Charlotte's assistance and expertise at my births allowed my husband to be exactly what I needed. Having her present gave my husband and I the opportunity to experience the birth together instead of having to be constantly trying to problem solve and troubleshoot through each stage of labor. 

SInce I had such a positive experience with Charlotte with my first birth, I knew that I wanted her present at my second birth. Charlotte is not only my doula but is now a dear and wise friend. If we have a third child, you can bet she will be who I chose to support me through that birthing journey as well!

Maria Kotur


Where do I start!  We met charlotte at a meet and greet back in 2014 and as soon as she walked in my hus and I looked at each other and we both said "there is something about her" and at that moment we knew we had to talk to her. She's extremely down to earth and spiritual at the same time. Such a grounded human being And to be blessed to have that at your child's birth is exactly what we were looking for. She would talk to us about our expectations and keep us realistic. Her knowledge of what we, as women, are capable of is reassuring and confidence boosting. My labor was 39 hours and she didn't leave our sides that entire time!  during my labor I went through a point that I just couldn't go the route I wanted to, a 100% natural birth. She came to my bedside and told me that it's ok, she gave me the reassurance I needed. She was the strength my husband and I needed at the exact right time we needed it. And we thank you her for everything she has shown us. It's evident she loves what she does and we to this say that when we have another baby no matter where we are living we want her by our side. We love Charlotte and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a strong, grounded, caring doula!!!

Hannah Carswell


I had wonderful experience with Charlotte as my doula. Before labor, she was an important part of my pregnancy. I had wonderful inhome massages with her and always felt that I could reach out to her with my questions and concerns. She was with me through my very long labor and helped me stay at home longer during early labor. She had so much knowledge about positions and techniques that could make my contractions more effective and less painful. Going into my birth experience, my goal was to feel unafraid and strong, and Charlotte helped have that tranformative experience. She was unshakeably calm throughout the whole experience even though we were together for days as my labor progressed slowly. Honestly, her services were worth so much more than the fee she charged. She'll be my first call the next time I find out that I'm pregnant.

I also took the aligned and ready and BOLD prep courses from her. They were both excellent, but the BOLD women's weekend was a gamechanger in how I viewed the rest of my pregnancy and birth. If you're even considering the class, you should just go ahead and sign up. You won't regret it!




Yuliya Petrovskaya


I am very thankful to Charlotte for being with me, helping and supporting me in birth of my child.

She is very generous, knowledgable and warm person.

Nicki Tedder


Charlotte was amazing! She worked with me throughout both of my pregnancies and was a true blessing to have during my deliveries!  She has so much knowledge of not only how the body works, but how to incompass different techniques to allow the body to do its job. I love her!

Lindsay Bowman


Charlotte was my doula for my second child, a beautiful girl who is now almost five. Where does the time go? I wish she had been my doula for both! We worked together for many years before my pregnancies to help me prepare and conceive. I cannot express the level of support Charlotte will provide. She is extremely talented in so many areas. It makes for a beautifully well rounded experience. I had my daughter at Northside Atlanta which can be strict, however, my wishes were followed to the letter. No interventions, no drugs. Charlotte was there to get me through each stage of labor. Just when I was ready to tense up she gave me strength through her words and touch to get me through that moment.  I am incredibly thankful for her each time I think of both my children.

Ally Allen


Charlotte was our doula for my first birth and it was a wonderful experience! We had a planned water birth, and she was there every step of the way. She was available around the clock for me during my labor, helping me figure out the best things for me to be doing at each stage. Charlotte has a very clam demeanor which was very helpful to me upon arrival at the hospital. When I started to have irregular contractions during active labor Charlotte was there to help me work through them, and keep things moving. After the birth she was there to help with establishing breastfeeding, and answering any questions I had. 

I also took the aligned and ready class with Charlotte which I do believe helped with my pregnancy, and labor! Learning the proper alignment techniques our baby was always aligned correctly throughout pregnancy, and in labor.  The classes she teaches are very informative, and you will learn a lot in a very short amount of time. They are great for both first time, and mothers who have already had a baby. 

We for sure will be using Charlotte as our Doula for any future baby's that we have joining our family!! 

Carrie Tucker-Ruberte


Charlotte helped me bring two of my darling babies into the world.  She offered me private prenatal yoga classes during my final months of both pregnancies, and helped me to stay in the best possible shape for birth.  She also recommended the Optimal Fetal Positioning Class which educated me on ways to work my baby down into the pelvis during my last weeks, as well as during birth.  For our first labor and birth together (my 3rd child), she accompanied me to the hospital, then back home when things didn't progress fast enough, then...SURPRISE...she helped me birth my Darling Daughter at home on the couch!  She never lost her nerve, although we were facing an unexpected scenario when my Daughter and my body decided it was time NOW!  Thanks to her quick thinking, my Daughter and I were completely healthy despite the unplanned homebirth.  For our next child, Charlotte encouraged me at each turn to be in charge of my birth.  Since I was a more "experienced" Mom, I knew what I would do and not do, so when the hospital staff tried to make me put on a restrictive regulation gown, wear the fetal monitor all the time, and birth on my back, Charlotte reminded me that I was the one who could choose these things for myself and my child as long as there were no medical emergent reasons not to.  But she didn't push...ever!  Only asked probing questions like, "what do you want?"  Even as important is how wonderfully Charlotte would support my Husband during births. She fostered our partnership as parents, encouraged us to turn towards eachother in moments of intensity, and gave my Hubby the opportunity to really be present with me rather than "managing" our surroundings.  Charlotte's peaceful, calm demeanor gave me confidence during the hardest moments to remind me that my body was amazing and could handle the process.  Dance with her and you won't be sorry!

Jessica Moseley


It's so hard to put into words the invaluable, life changing experience I had with Charlotte Scott and Labor of Love Doulas (LOL). I connected with Charlotte and LOL early in my pregnancy, and had the opportunity to really get to know Charlotte and take advantage of the knowledge, connections and resources that LOL has to offer. Their guidance and experience helped me create a path to the pregancy and birth I wanted. Through LOL classes and meetings with Charlotte, I prepared myself for a natural water birth, but learned the importance of being open, present and available to whatever might happen during the birth process - and it paid off. My husband and I hope to have another child and I will absolutely use Charlotte again and will take some refresher courses with LOL. And one testiment to Charlotte's devotion to her clients - we showed up to the hospital when I was 9 cm and hoped to have a water birth. The staff was a bit hesitant considering I was so far along in labor, but ultimately did go ahead and set up the tub. However, the hookup in the hospital room didn't work, and filling up the tub appeared impossible. That was until Charlotte stepped in a set up an assembly line with the hosptial staff, filling up the giant water birth tub by hand, with small buckets. She was the sole reason I got the water birth I wanted. I will never forget the gratitude I had for Charlotte (and pain relief!) when I eased into the tub. And postbirth, I've realized there is a sisterhood of sorts between women who have used Charlotte. I know a couple other women who have used her and our feelings toward her are all the same - she's incredible at what she does and we were lucky to have her at our side. 

Juliette VanGalder


Charlotte was so sweet and kind to me during my labor. She had met with me earlier in the month and went over techniques for positioning the baby for optimal labor and positioning in the womb. I could tell she wanted me to be well prepared for labor (Even though this was my 3rd un-medicated birth) During labor at the hosptial, she helped me stay in my "bubble" as my OB was annoyingly chit chatting near by (that's another story in of itself!) It was nice to have her there and to have my back during the labor. Thankfully, she didn't mind that I held on to her constantly during each contraction and she never left my side! My labor was quick, but labor sucked a whole lot less with Charlotte being there!!!  I give her 5 stars!! Come to find out, we were Charlotte's 150th birth!! Congrats Charlotte!

Kimberly Smith


My name is Kimberly Smith and Charlotte Scott is my doula. I say is, not because I am currently pregnant, but because whenever we are blessed to be with child again, she will be my doula. It is a hard thing to express what she has meant to me and my family. I describe Charlotte, as a woman of quiet strength whose very nature reminds you of your own strength. I adopted her as my mother, becuase her heart was for me. Through her I was saw that not only was I capable and well able to birth my daughter naturally, but I have the power in my voice and in my being to set the atmosphere for birthing. When I was confronted with my fears being realized in the birthing room, I remembered her words. Prior to the actual birth, I was told I was being consisered for a c-section and induction. Charlotte, calmed me and told me the truth, there are no induction police, no one was coming to take my baby away without my consent. She was with me when I needed her. She listened when I needed to talk,vent, and cry. She assured me that no matter the outcome or how things played out, I would be and I was okay. 

I had a miscarriage. I only share this becuase, it was a type of birth and my doula was there for me too. Lending her support, her strength, her compassion, her love, her understanding. I was humbled by the similarities of the labor of my daughter, and the loss of my unamed angel. The constant was her support. A doula is a mother/helper/sister/friend/and a comfort for the mother, is an invaluable asset. Charlotee is a reflection of God's love for me. She asked for nothing in return and allowed me to absorb all the truth and strength that I needed to from her. I am honored to testify on her behalf. For future moms to be, the right doula can truly be an immerasureable gift. Charlotte is and was a beautiful God-sent gift for me and my family. I advise you to listen and take heed to her guidance and wisdom, she is there for you. 

neetu nichani


I had Charlotte Scott during the birth of my second child. I had a home birth thanks to all her knowledge, experience & skills..She helped me cope very well and helped me prepare mentally and physically for the home birth ... today I look at birthing with a different light, than it is portrayed otherwise...She is always available to answer questions and provide with the best tips .... .I am always thankful to her for all her support before and at the birth of my baby..If would highly recommended her services..

Neetu Nichani 

Jocelyn Rose


Charlotte was there every minute of my 48-hour back labor-VBAC-ending with forceps birthing experience.  She became family during those hours as we welcomed our son to the world.  Chalrlotte knew exactly how to help me with my physical pain as well as my emotional states during the labor.  My husband also felt so thankful and relieved for Charlotte's wisdom, strength and compassion.   We are forever grateful.

cutty kate


Charlotte was my doula for my second and third birth. Her calmness and her wisdom was what gave me confident on how she could help me through my birth no matter where my birth ended up to be or who will be my doctor. Charlotte is a detail oriented person, who gave me many good advises during the house visit before the birth. During and after birth, Charlotte was always around me to think what was best for me. I think Charlotte can read the mom's mind without actually speaking.

Charlotte's experience on yoga and massage really helps during the birth. I strongly recommend Charlotte to any mom that need a doula like your best friend attending your birth.

Charlotte is a doula treats moms like her friends no matter who you are, what your personality is, and what special preferences you have, she will adopt to you and help you in a way that you will feel comfortable with.

Jan Haywood


If you want to have a special and meaningful birthing experience, selecting Charlotte Scott, as your doula, is the right choice. Having Charlotte's calm and strong spirit in your birthing space will aid you in having the sweetest memories once you are ready to bring your little one(s) into the world. She's someone that will truly be with you througout the entire experience in a very guideful and loving manner. From gentle chats and extraordinary massages, you will be a mommy readily equipped for an awesome birthing experience.  When gazing at my little one, I often think of Charlotte fondly and remember how she was there for his amazing birth. Charlotte was truly there for my husband and I as we welcomed our baby. She comes with so many years of experience in lactaction, massage and meditation therapy that you cannot go wrong when choosing her to help you bring your precious little one(s) into the world. 

Holly Curry


Today, I wore the dress I delivered my fraternal twins in. My twins were babies 5 & 6, but thanks to Charlotte, my first birth experience. All of my other deliveries were medicalized, with those awful gowns that expose you nonstop, and staff telling me how I was "allowed" to labor. Due to her compassion and confidence in me, I successfully pursued an unmedicated vaginal delivery of twins, including a footling breech extraction. With Charlotte's support, I delivered baby A standing up! Charlotte took the time to know me, and sense my needs. She pulled my dress down when I was exposed, knew when I wanted to be alone, and  when I needed massage.  She brought tea, and intervened on my behalf when staff frustrated me but I was too exhausted to push back. She did this all in a gracious way that made everyone function together as a team, rather than creating a combative atmosphere. Very few people find a calling in life, but she truly has. It was an amazing and cathartic experience thanks to her involvement. After delivery,   she comfortably approached medical staff and insisted they expedite my postpartum care. . ."This woman just delivered two babies! Why doesn't she have an ice pack yet!?!" I can assure you, 99.98% of support partners don't know how glorious a postpartum ice pack is, let alone have the confidence to request one from the right person during the hustle and bustle immediately after delivery. When my husband's arrival was delayed, Charlotte stayed with me, refusing to leave me and my babies alone. She stayed an additional 12 hours, out of the kindness of her heart. She truly upholds the doula motto of "mothering the mother." Whether it's your first or fifth (or more!) delivery, inviting Charlotte to join you on that precious journey will help ushering a new life into this world be the joyous and memorable experience you deserve. 

Andria Loftis


Charlotte was my Doula for my first baby, born in April 2016. She is an amazing doula and such a kind and caring person. Her support throughout our birthing experience was truly exceptional. Both my husband and I appreciated having Charlotte by our side every step of the way. As we faced different hurdles and complications she provided encouragement, strength and support and was a rock for us both! We will never forget all Charlotte did to help us through our daughter's birth, she will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Jessica Dugan


My husband and I asked Charlotte to assist us in the birth of our first child who was due June 2016. After reading Charlotte's profile, I called her and almost immediately into our first conversation I knew I wanted her to be our doula. She is kind-hearted and provided us with so much knowledge regarding labor and delivery. She always responded promptly to all my questions and gave me the support and confidence I needed to navigate through my goal of a 100% natural delivery. I ended up going into labor early, before she was technically 'on call' for us but regardless she was talking to my husband at 3 am and came over to our house when we needed her in the very early hours of the morning. Throughout labor, she knew exactly what I needed, even before I knew, and was able to reduce my pain through massage and keep my husband and I both calm and comforted. Hiring Charlotte was the best decision we made for our family and we will absolutely be calling her for future pregnancies!

Danica Todd


Charlotte is the most amazing doula I know.  I wish I still lived in the Atlanta area so I could grow my family around her.  Charlotte helped me through 2 pregnancies.  The first pregnancy started with bodywork to get ready to conceive and ended in a birth at 17 weeks.  She was there for me every step of the way both before and after the birth experience.  I rehired Charlotte when I became pregnant 13 months later.  I love telling this story actually, because who doesn't like sharing their birth story?  It was my 3rd labor and I was still kind of on the fence on whether it was the real deal or not.  You would think we would know eventually, right?  So there is a plug for why everyone needs a doula, even if we have already given birth, because we are still unsure and a little cray cray with hormones.  She came right over and could feel his hand up byhis head, so she worked her magic and we moved him into a better position for birth.  Her knowledge, patience and love allowed space for my son and I to get ready and when I finally did go into labor 5 days later ito nly took 4 1/2 hours.  So if you have the time to take her aligned and ready class, do that too because she will have you all straightened out and ready to go.  If I was able to give her stars on here I would give her all the stars I could and more.  She will be the prayer when you need it most.  

Stephanie Madson


Charlotte attended the birth of our three children and we wouldn't have had it any other way. Her presence is incredibly calming and grounding. She is the kind of person who can shift the energy in a room just by entering it, and I can't tell you how helpful that was to both my husband and me during labor and birth. We had one hospital birth and two home births, and Charlotte was an integral part in all. Her knowledge of childbirth, optimal feral positioning, comfort measures, and ability to provide emotional support is, in my opinion, unparalleled. We highly recommend her. 

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