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Taylor Stice

Birthlings Doula Services

Santa Ana, CA Service range 25 miles

714 878 1938


Birth Fee

$1500 to $1750

Birth Fee

$1500 to $1750

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 90 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapist or counselor

Fee Details

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your birth doula, it is my honor:) Research has proven women who hire birth doulas as support are 28% less likely to have a C-section, 31% less likely to have Pitocin or Oxytocin administered to induce labor, 9% less likely to use pain medication, and 34% less likely to have a negative childbirth experience (DONA Int.) Please reach out to inquire more about my services and how we can work together to create a peaceful and exciting birth experience!

Santa Ana, CA Service range 25 miles

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Kaila Kliman


After meeting with several potential doulas (who were all great!) my husband and I felt that Taylor would be the perfect for for us. She has a very calming, down to earth presence and we really loved the way she spoke about her passion for birth. You can just tell she was born to do this!

During our prenatal visits Taylor helped us come up with our birth plan and she showed us some simple excersices I could do each day to help with discomfort and for optimal positioning of the baby. The thing I liked most was that I felt like she was an old friend already! She’s very easy to talk to and made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. Every mama deserves that!

During my labor I felt so comforted by her. I swear she goes into doula mode and has the most peaceful and reassuring voice and touch. I felt so confident with her and my husband at my side. She saw when I tensed and give me a light touch to help release my muscles. She spoke in a way that encouraged me through contractions. When I was pushing and had a moment of being scared, she was so at ease and made me know I had nothing to fear.

I really owe so much to Taylor for helping me through the hardest and best moment of my life! I’m SO glad she was there. 

angie valencia


I first learned about Taylor through a coworker who has now turned in to a great friend who I trust. The moment I spoke and met Taylor I knew we connected and I felt I did not need to even look elsewhere because she would be the one to accompany my husband and I on this amazing birth journey. Taylor is very professional and also has a presence to her that you immediately feel comfortable and she becomes your family. Taylor was our doula for my 3rd daughter, my husbands 1st. Although I have had unmedicated births and no big interventions in the hospital setting for the prior births, that didn’t take away the feeling wanting to feel free in my choices of how to birth. Taylor respected and honored every single decision and informed us of any doubts and questions we had. We had one major false alarm where contractions came continuously and Taylor came to accompany my labor. From that moment I saw her true light and ability, she cared for me as all women yearn to be heard and cared for in that time and space. She worked wonders with techniques with the rebozo, massages, hip pressure and reiki. When our little ones time came she rushed to our side and although some information given to me made me feel defeated and powerless, Taylor made these fears valid and  gave me the positive side of things. This allowed me to feel able once again. She provided space and support with out words being said, she knew me and she knew what I needed in each moment. A true moment where I knew where her heart was in serving women in their time of birthing. She reassured me she reminded me of my body, she reminded me of my abilities. Our little Luna arrived and Taylor encapsulated my placenta and in our post partum appointment provided instructions, those babies are pure gold, they transform you and help you heal and feel great. Our birth photos are perfection and caught beauty.Taylor is an amazing person, my family and I are forever grateful to cross paths with her. 



I originally hired Taylor as our Doula thinking that her main role at our birth would be birth photography. She blew my mind with her holistic doula work throughout my pregnancy, labor, and Postpartum. In pregnancy she was a wealth of information on herbal supplements to support my wellbeing. She made me custom oil blends that I continue to use on a daily basis. Taylor made sure to check in on me both physically and emotionally through my entire 41 week pregnancy. During my labor she arrived when I called her to come at 5am when I felt my husband, Grant, and I could no longer cope with labor alone. She made sure to stay in contact with my home birth team about the progress of my labor and dutifully times my contractions. This allowed Grant to be fully present helping me cope through each birthing wave. Taylor administered herbal tonics prescribed by my licensed midwife to help promote my labor. She suggested changing position and scenery often, never leaving my side. I have no idea if she even used the restroom or ate in the 12+ hours she was by my side. I felt so cared for. As I transitioned, Taylor provided the MOST AMAZING counter pressure that helped me through the most difficult part of my labor. She made sure I was hydrated and as comfortable as possible the entire day. She made sure every one of my wishes for birth were respected when possible. After our little one made his way earthside, Taylor ensured our breastfeeding relationship got off to an amazing start by assisting me in latching baby on. She stayed 3-4 hours Postpartum, ensuring both baby and I were stable. In the first few days of our life as a new family of 3, Taylor checked in with us and came by with handcrafted mama's milk tea, nipple balm, and an herbal sitz bath mix. To this day, 2 weeks Postpartum, Taylor checks in on us from time to time—providing me the support that I had no idea I needed. I am forever grateful for her services and her friendship.

Rachel McGrane


We hired Taylor to be our doula, birth photographer, and placenta encapsulator. From the moment we met Taylor, we knew that we wanted to work with her. She has a beautiful aura and exudes peace, support, and a genuine love of the birth process. We felt instantly safe in her presence.

Taylor was always very responsive when I contacted her. She came to our 38 week midwifery appointment to advocate for our birth plan and to finalize labor and birth details.

When I went into labor, Taylor and I began communicating every couple of hours or as needed. Once we met up, she used essential oils, massage, counter pressure, and more. She helped move me into different positions for pain management and to try to move the baby. While all of her knowledge and methods were incredibly helpful, the one thing that I will never forget, and that made the biggest difference, was Taylor's soothing voice.

i ended up going to the hospital and delivering via c-section. Taylor helped us rewrite our birth plan and stayed with us until I was in recovery. As someone who was set on a natural birth and was struggling with self judgement as the birth process changed, I never felt anything other than absolute support from Taylor. She was there for me no matter what and gave me the confidence and strength to make tough decisions and accept that which I could not control.

The film photographs she took perfectly capture our experience from the love my husband and I share, to the hardship of accepting the necessity of a c-section, and to joy and wonder of holding our baby for the first time. Her placenta services were very professional. The capsules, tincture, and broth all had clear instructions and were easy to use. We were uncertain about getting the umbilical cord keepsake and placenta print, but they are unique and beautiful.

I am so grateful that she was a part of my birth journey. I would absolutely recommend Taylor and all of her services.



I am so fortunate to have met and hired Taylor as my doula, she is very knowledgeable, patient, and knows exactly how to help you before, during and after labor. She met with my husband and I, a few times before labor started and she showed us different positions to relieve pain, stretch and just relax. Tayor also helped us get our birth plan together and discuss all the options we had. She was always just a text/phone call away whenever I had a question. The night my labor started I reached out to her at around 3 a.m. To let her know that my contractions were coming in regularly and I was headed to the hospital. She met me there on Saturday at around 4 a.m. And she did not leave my side until Sunday 9 p.m. When my baby girl was born and we were settled in our room. Taylor helped me manage pain without medication for most of my labor using accupresure techniques, breathing techniques, and lot's and lot's of massage with essential oils and counter pressure on my back. Taylor made a great team with my husband and mother, she knew exactly when to step in and help and when to let my husband or mother come in and help me. She was so supportive of my plan to birth vaginally and without pain medication. Although things did not go according to plan, and I had to end up having a cesarean and getting an epidural I attribute being able to labor for over 24 hours without pain medication to Taylor and all her efforts in keeping me focused and strong to endure the contractions. Taylor also encapsulated my palcenta and I am so glad she did, I was hesitant at first but it has helped me so much. Ever since I started taking the pills I have more energy and I don't feel so sad and dissapointed anymore. She also took photos during labor and birth. If you are looking for a doula that is dependable, knowleadgeable, and that you can count on, choose Taylor. 

Tamara Conwell


When I first meet Taylor she had a very laid back and open arms vibe. My favorite thing about her from a big list is she knows her stuff! How the hospital setting works and how the body works in its ways all this was important to me because I wanted a doula to reassure things for me with being a first time momma and all. I wanted a doula also for my coach for those extra hands and support. On game day it was a different plan then we had ever imagined. We weren't prepared for the decisions we had to make and having Taylor there made every decision set and complete to the best of what we wanted for us and our baby. During the labor I am so glad she was there because I realized I didn't need her as much as my husband did. I was zoned out in transitional labor, he needed someone there and just grab him back to this earth once in a while with decisions. Super glad I made the right choice she is super amazing, caring, loves her job and just down to earth. Thank you for helping me through my journey and start a new one for me and my family.

Sara Azevedo


I had never really thought about using a doula, but I met Taylor and heard about her experiences in India and Africa delivering babies and was fascinated by her stories and the many techniques she had used throughout her practice. I asked her to be my doula and this was the best decision I made. She met with me beforehand to go over everything and answered many questions that my doctor had never touched on. She met me at the hospital the minute I got there (I had to be induced) and stayed with me throughout the entire process.

I have to say that she actually made the whole experience enjoyable. She gave me amazing massages on my feet, head and back, and every time I had a contraction she would apply pressure with either heat or cold. This technique drastically reduced the pain which actually really surprised me! She used combinations of essential oils for different moments and was always ready to explain what was going on and help me understand the circumstances. Everything went so smoothly that the doctor almost missed the birth and for a moment we thought Taylor was going to have to deliver the baby. And to be honest I wasn't even concerned by this because I felt she was so knowledgeable and in-tune with the whole process. 

I also want to mention that Taylor served as my advocate when it came to dealing with the doctors and nurses. We had discussed in detail how I wanted my birth to go, and she was able to communicate all of this to the hosptial staff which took a huge amount of pressure off of me. 

After I was home, Taylor followed up with me and came over to bring me some homemade remedies for healing, visit with my daughter and offer follow-up advice and support.

I didn't end up getting an epidural and attribute my ability to have a natural birth mostly to Taylor. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent guide before, throughout and after the whole pregnancy/birth process. 

Jasmin Bersamin


My experience with Taylor Stice was more than amazing. I interviewed two doulas, and when I met Taylor I knew I would be comfortable with her being there at my birth. She helped me intensively with the birth of my baby girl and I give her all the credit for my wonderful and easy delivery. I was in labor for only 6 hours, and Taylor stayed by my side the whole time. She was massaging me at every contraction and helped me follow my birth plan. I told her I wanted a natural birth, but last minute I talked to her about getting pain medication through the IV,but she reassured me that I was doing amazing without it and was questioning me. I thank her for that. I went through my delivery all natural thanks to her.  Deriving a baby is a very personal experience, but she made me feel soo comfortable. She brought really cool things to the hospital to help me like a diffuser , which made the room smell calming ! She also brought essential oils to rub on me , which was pretty calming as well. I will never forget Taylor ! Because of her, I will recommend everyone I know who is giving birth to hire a doula (especially Taylor). Taylor did not fall short of a birth doula even though she was going through training . I feel like she is more than qualified to get her certification! 

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