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Victoria Swinghamer

Power Full Birth

Honolulu, HI Service range 30 miles


Birth Fee

$900 to $1250

Birth Fee

$900 to $1250

Birth Doula Experience

3 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Please see my website for more information on my services, fees, advocacy, passions, and education.

Fee Details

Please see my website or check out my Instagram (power.full.birth) for more information. I believe that every woman should have access to a Doula if she wants one, and I'm willing to discuss payment options that suit your situation. I also offer childbirth education classes!

Honolulu, HI Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Victoria Swinghamer

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We fully recommend Victoria as a doula. From the beginning she was always available to meet with us and/or talk to us.  She answered all our questions and followed up with emails right away (even though we took a long time to reply she still replied promptly every time).  She took plenty of time to get to know us and helped us to create a birth plan. When we had questions on things like cord blood donation, hep b shot, vitamin  k, etc., she offered information on different alternatives without pressuring us to go a particular way or judging us for our views and decisions.  She was straight-forward but always caring and respectful.  She gave us useful links for prenatal yoga and baby spinning techniques. She also provided referrals for pregnancy/baby chiropractors and more alternative pediatricians.  When I went into labor 4 weeks early she came to our house right away even though she had family in town.  She helped me navigate my contractions through breathing, hot baths and different positions.  She was by our side at the hospital and helped us feel more comfortable with a decision we did not want to make but was inevitable.  Our baby ended up in the NICU and she was there for us when we needed it, including after he was discharged and came home.  Victoria is hands-down a wonderful person and an exceptional doula!  

Cassie Innerst


For the birth of our second child we decided to enlist the help of a Doula due to my husband being deployed and I  also wanted a better birth experience than my first. I researched several and decided to go with Victoria, God was truly looking out for me because Victoria was my saving grace. 

Right from the initial visit, she asked a lot of question and covered every scenario of my first labor and delivery, got a feel for what I wanted and what I  would do differently, she was extremely thorough.

Victoria brings a lot of resources to the table, she encouraged me to take her Mindful Birthing class, has numerous contacts such as, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. 

During labor she was extremely attentive, from aromatherapy, back massages, and encouraging movement and of course rest, I was able to stay home for as long as possible.

Once we arrived at the hospital Victoria encouraged me to try a variety of birthing positions/techniques and encouraged me to keep going with a calmness that kept me grounded and a feeling of never being judged.

Nurses and my doctor complimented me on how amazing Victoria was and I couldn’t agree more, after the birth I felt empowered and proud of what I had just accomplished. 

When hiring Victoria, she will not only be there for your prenatal and birthing experience but will continue to care and provide support to you and your newest addition afterwards.




Rachel Mondy


I had the extreme pleasure of having Victoria as my doula for my VBA2C. From the moment I met Victoria, I felt at ease with her very calm demeanor, and was able to be extremely open and honest without any fear of being judged or talked down to (something I unfortunately had become accustomed to throughout my pregnancy, based solely on the fact that I wanted to have a VBAC and did not want to schedule a repeat C-section).  I felt heard, understood, and respected by Victoria. I was able to come to her with any and every question, comment, concern, or random thought that popped into my head about this pregnancy and birth. Victoria was always exrtremely prompt in communicating with me, and always had very well thought out and researched and evidence based responses. She sent me articles, videos, testimonials, you name it. Victoria even made me home videos herself for practicing breathing, yoga, and spinning babies techniques. 

During my birth, Victoria was right there with me from start to finish (just shy of 24 hours!) Her presence was calming and comforting. She gave me words of encouragement, massaged me, did pressure points, got me into different laboring positions, brought me food and drink, encouraged me to stay as active and mobile as I could, talked me through contractions, helped me move around, she even braided my hair for me to keep it out of my face! Victoria has a wonderful arsenal of various essential oils, diffuser, music, massage oil, and all sorts of stuff that helped calm and distract me. She advocated for me when I was unable, she made sure I was informed and educated, she walked and talked me through different scenarios, she was so encouraging and positive... I am of the firm belief that I could not have accomplished my VBA2C without her! Victoria's help and services were worth every penny (and more) to me. The experience itself was invaluable. I am so, so happy I met Victoria, and hired her as my doula! 

Rachel Gunther


After having such a positive experience with doulas during the births of our first two children, we knew how important it was to have a doula for our third. From our very first meeting I could tell Tori is a great doula and an even better person. Tori truly cares about empowering women not only during birth but also in life. This is so important since she would be with us during one of the most vulnerable and emotional times of our lives. During our prenatal meetings she was very thorough. She never assumed we didn’t want to review coping techniques or learn more since this was our third birth. She went out of her way and made herself available anytime I had questions or concerns leading up to my labor. She gave me recommendations for other services I needed that she herself could not provide such as prenatal massage and pelvic therapist. She took the time to go over my expectations for my birth and even typed up a customized birth plan for me to give my doctors. From the very minute my contractions started we called Tori and she came right away. She stayed by my side the entire time and even for a few hours after my daughters birth.

When my contractions were still 20 minutes apart Tori used pressure points, breathing techniques, and aromatherapy to help me cope. During labor Tori was very good at balancing my needs and at the same time being respectful of the nurses and doctors in the room. She was gentle, always respectful of my desires for my birth, very attentive and level-headed during labor. Tori stayed very confident in her abilities as a doula and was resourceful in using many techniques to help me with pain management. Most importantly, Tori helped me advocate for myself. She allowed me to feel confident in my decisions and choices for my birth. Because of Tori’s support I was able to have a natural birth and walk away feeling strong and powerful.

Monika Buehl


I strongly recommend Victoria as a doula to all expecting moms , especially first time mommies. Pregnancy and labor can seem daunting and scary because of the unknown and Victoria really helped me to work through my fears. While my labor didn’t go as planned due to some complications with my baby , I am so incredibly grateful to have had Victoria’s support all throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery and even after. It was nice to have my husband at my side during the birth of our son however I know at times he was completely overwhelmed and didn’t know how to “help” me. That’s where Victoria came in by motivating , massaging , encouraging , making sure I’m hydrated etc. If we were to have another baby here on Oahu , I would no doubt use Victoria again.

Jane DelGiorno


Victoria was awesome!! She really took the time to understand me and our wishes for the birth of our second daughter. She asked so many insightful questions to learn how she could help us the most, and gave us the tools we needed to prepare. During the birth, Victoria was right there with us and worked with me and my husband to guide us through a tough med-free birth. She was a phenomenal support. We couldn’t have done it without her!! I highly recommend Victoria to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, thoughtful, calm, and knowledgeable doula.

Marisa Tyrell


As a first time mom, I didnt know what to expect with pregnancy, labor, or postpartum. I did however know I wanted a doula. Someone with experience that I could trust and would honor me and support me and this journey of pregnancy. I found Victoria and she was just that and more. We met up and talked and I told her about my outlook on this pregnancy and also my fears. Pregnancy hormones can be tricky to deal with but she was very understanding and offered me mindful practices I could do to help me honor each emotion, and the different struggles I went through as the months progressed. When I had questions she found a way to answer them, with no judgement. She even researched chiropractic and massage places for me, gave me a whole list of numbers for me to choose from.

What I love about Tory is she included my boyfriend in everything. She helped him, help me. Together they were the perfect birthing team. As labor started I wasnt sure what time I actually wanted to go to the hospital. Tory came to my house right away in the middle of the night and helped me labor at home. She gave me massages with her beautifully scented oils, and made sure I was fed and hydrated till I was ready to go to the hospital. When I think back on it, her massages were the best part of my labor process!

At the hospital, I remember feeling super tired, and doubt started to cloud my mind. My thoughts were slowly going into a very bad place where I was second guessing myself. Tory was the light through it all. She stayed by my side and reminded me that I was safe, that my baby was safe and that I was strong and that I could do it. I am positive I would not have had an unmedicated birth (which is what I wanted) if it wasnt for Tory. She was my anchor and held a safe space for me through it all. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate and professional. Any babies I may have in the future, I hope to have Tory by my side. My boyfriend and I cannot thank her enough.

Stephanie Henry


I can’t say enough good things about Power Full Birth — Tori is an excellent doula, and I would recommend her to anyone. She helped me through the birth of my first child, so I didn’t really know exactly what to expect. I just knew that if I could handle it, I wanted a natural birth. She has such a calming presence, which is exactly what is needed when those contractions start ramping up. Because I was more than a week past my due date and still hadn’t gone into labor, I was feeling quite a bit of pressure to induce when I went in for checkups at the hospital (Tripler). Tori met me and my husband at the hospital and helped us mull over some of the decisions we had to make. She was thoughtful in helping us make decisions without pressuring us at all. She was incredibly supportive during the labor and delivery process, both when laboring at home and once we got to the hospital. She is a big part of why I am so satisfied with the birth experience I had. Thank you, Tori!

Chelsea North


Im still in awe of the Support Victoria gave me and my husband during my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum that I’ve been at a loss for words until now.

I’ve had such high anxiety surrounding birth that I held off until 35, when I was finally ready. I had done some research To prepare myself, but by 3rd trimester I was feeling my husband and I still needed some support.

Tori was quick to respond, professional and compassionate.  From then on she blew me away. Her meetings were thorough, she invited us to her workshops which were very informative and helpful in preparing for childbirth. She took us to childbirth education classes that were so much more balanced and comprehensive than my hospital offered. Tori came to the house to practice coping techniques and exercises for labor. She even sent helpful texts checking in on how I felt and what support I needed during My last trimester.

When my water broke Tori was readily available to answer questions and keep us confident in sticking to our birth plan. When we arrived to the hospital she was there waiting for us. My labor was nearly 32 hours long, she stayed the WHOLE time even though we were insistent that if she needed to go home (day before thanksgiving) she should. During this time there were a lot of challenges to work through.  She stayed by our side, did everything in her power to help keep the birth plan we desired, guided my husband and myself through contractions and pain management.  By the time I was ready to push we were all three of us were exhausted. She said and did just the right things to get me to push past that wall. Finally she had to jump on the table to get me in a supported position and give me all her strength to guide me through each push. I can’t explain how deeply this woman has affected me for the better. What could have been scary turned out to be a beautiful, empowering experience. Thank you so much Victoria! 

Janeen Chingcuangco


This was my second birth and I knew that this time around we wanted to have a drug free natural birth. It took us 7 years to conceive again, and so I knew that this may be my last birth and my last opportunity to have the birth experience that I have always desired. We couldn't afford having a home birth with a midwife, and I knew that a doula by my side laboring at home and eventually at the hospital was the next best thing. Victoria was my angel by my side! I really don't think that I could have done a drug-free birth without her (although she gives me all the credit) there were moments I felt like I couldn't go on, and Victoria knew just what to do to get me through it. The toughest part for me was transition and pushing. With my first birth I asked for the epidural when I hit tranisition. I was scared that I would do the same with this birth. But with Victoria there, she knew exactly how to encourage me and get through transition and on to pushing. Her intuition on what to say, her calmness, gentleness and knowing how to say it helped me get through. I pushed for about 30-40 minutes and Victoria was right by my side reminding me how to breath and push through my contractions and encouraging me each time. The nurses at Castle Hospital even commented on how she was a great doula! With Victoria there, my husband was even more involved than ever which we both loved and appreciated! She helped my husband know what to do and how to help me. She even gave tasks for my 9 year old to be involved too! My 9 year old was there for the birth and I was so happy that Victoria made her feel very much a part of the experience as well. I highly recooemned her to anyone looking for a doula! 

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