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Washington, DC Service range 15 miles


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Birth Fee


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4 years and 250 births attended

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Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

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My fee includes, - a prenatal consultation in your home - unlimited email and phone support - on-call availability 24/7 - continuous birth support - initial breastfeeding support, if desired - postpartum visit

Washington, DC Service range 15 miles

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Mariana Health Coach


Casey was extraordinary! She didnt only help me to stay calm and focus but she was also of great help to my husband and mom which where with me the whole time. 

She made me feel confident and that I could trust her from the minute she came into the room. Not to say that she arrived very quickly after we called her. 

She was also really helpful before and after my baby was born. 

Liz Lowry


Thanks to Casey, our SUV still has that "new car smell." Everyone told us that second babies can come fast. It’s not that we didn’t believe them, but after 40+ hours of labor with our first child, we thought that “fast” would be around 20 hours. Well, it ended up being a very fast 6 hours, and we are so thankful that Casey was there to guide us! When I went into labor, I worked through early contractions at home for a few hours, and we called Casey when they started to get more intense. She came over and after supporting me for a few minutes and asking questions, she strongly suggested that we get to the hospital. My husband and I both thought that this was probably premature, but knowing that she was the expert, we followed her lead. Well, thank goodness Casey was there because that baby sure came fast! She would definitely have been born in the hallway of the hospital (at best) or our car (at worst) had we not had Casey to insist that we head to the hospital when we did. If you’re a second-time mom-to-be wondering if you really need a doula this time around, I strongly recommend it. And I strongly recommend Casey. You couldn’t ask for a better birth support partner. Plus, she has a great sense of humor!

Charlotte Dolenz


I can’t speak highly enough about DC Birth Doulas II (DCBDII), and of Casey in particular, I don’t know what we would have done without her. I had had an easy pregnancy, was very active and healthy, and was planning for a natural birth, ideally with little to no interventions. However, I was diagnosed with cholestatis at 40 weeks and my midwife team advised induction. From the get-go, Casey’s support was invaluable. She walked us through the various induction options and what they all meant, so that when I arrived at the hospital I already felt calmer, more informed and prepared for what was to come. Casey helped us at every step of the way, knowing what equipment/supplies to ask for (birthing balls, good pillows etc), setting up the lighting (she brought us twinkly lights!), and generally making us feel as comfortable as possible. Throughout the next 36 hours, through painful contractions, additional diagnoses of severe pre-eclampsia, and prolonged labor (baby’s head was positioned badly) Casey provided us with advice, and physical and emotional support that went above and beyond. She helped me into a myriad of positions to ease the pain and help move baby, working closely with my midwife team at every step. She talked me through each contraction when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, and got us that little bit further along. She guided my husband on how to help me at each step of the way – in the shower, in the tub, on all fours…. Without Casey there, we would have felt quite bewildered and we just wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to remember and correctly act out all those positions we’d learned in our birthing class! After this experience I’m 100% sold. Everyone should have a doula! From the depths of our hearts, thank you Casey, and the whole DCBDII team.

Lauren McDermott


On the day of our daughter's birth we were fortunate enough to have Casey as our doula. We honestly could not have asked for a better doula/person to go through this experience with. Casey was warm, encouraging, and clearly born to be a doula. I emailed Casey several times before our prenatal session and she was always accessible and responsive to all of my questions and concerns (regardless of how silly they seemed). After the birth class and pre-natal visit with Casey we felt prepared and educated about our birth choices and came up with a "birth plan" that was tailored specifically to our needs and desires. For example, we discussed things such as my hope to have an unmedicated birth, what to pack, the preferred ambiance in the hospital room, and even what playlists to make. She helped me labor at home for as long as possible and once it was time to go to the hospital she took charge. She was familiar with the hospital (WHC), managed hospital staff, worked hand and hand with our midwife, and suggested various things my husband could do that were both helpful and meaningful during the birth. Casey was able to strike the perfect balance between compassion and motivation. Her involvement did not stop when our daughter was born. Casey followed up with us for weeks after to check in. She is simply THE. BEST.


Elizabeth Tishman


Casey was the best! I think our birth story would have been very different without her support. I went into labor at 9pm on a Thursday evening. We chatted throughout the night, and she came to our home around 4 or 5am. She encouraged me to stay at home for a little while longer, and by the time we checked in to the hospital, I was 5cm dilated. I swear her hip squeezes got me through the entire thing! When my water broke while I was in the hydrotherapy tub, it was Casey who recognized that my son had passed meconium in labor, and informed the nurses and midwives so they could be prepared. She was extremely supportive to both me and my husband (and my parents who ended up in the delivery room as well). Physically, I felt like I needed all hands on deck, and emotionally, it was nice to have someone there other than just my husband, to offer him some relief as well. I don't think I could've gotten through an unmedicated birth without the support of my husband AND a doula. I will recommend Casey to anyone!!

Andrea G


My husband and I highly recommend Casey to anyone looking for a doula. She was such a calming presence before, during and after labor, and in the several times we met before and after birth she always responded comprehensively and knowledgably to our questions. When I had pre-labor contractions throughout the night, she patiently described what was likely going on, even though I woke her at 3 am. At the birth, although I had intended to use an epidural, I ended up not using one for a variety of reasons, which made for a very intense experience as I hadn’t mentally prepared for a birth without medicated pain relief (or spent much time learning about coping with the late stages of labor). However, Casey talked and physically guided me through all of it. She also helped show my husband how he could best support me through the pain. She took command of the situation but also responded to how I was feeling in the moment. Since the birth of our daughter, she has continued to check in, and provide helpful recommendations for getting through the challenging first post-partum weeks. She has definitely found her calling in life, as will be apparent to any mother lucky enough to have her with her through her birth.

Kelsey Bethune


We simply cannot imagine navigating what we now know of our birth story without Casey's guidance. While the meetings & check-ins & birth classes with the DC Birth Doulas were great while I was pregnant, my birth story really begins when my induction was scheduled at 42 weeks & I sat on the phone crying to Casey while she explained to me what was most likely going to transpire. She listened to me, told me it was okay to be upset & encouraged me that everything was STILL going to be great & I was going to get a baby, which was the goal! I think she sensed my fragile state of emotions & made sure that she was going to be with us at the induction, coming in at the crack of dawn to get us settled (& setting up the cutest breakfast table to make us comfortable!) & then coming back later when labor actually started. While all signs pointed to me having an uncomplicated, natural delivery, baby had other plans, & we ended up having to make a lot of decisions & endure some very scary moments before we met our son. Having Casey there was beyond integral to our experience, as she was calm & level-headed, able to explain things to us and make us feel like we weren't the first parents to go through this situation even at 3am when my husband was falling asleep standing up & I could barely form a sentence between contractions. Casey supported us in our decision making processes & had a great repertoire with the staff of the hospital, which created an incredible dynamic in the labor & delivery room, especially when things got intense. After our birth, having our doula come over & walk us through our birth story was an amazingly healing & emotional process, as she broke down the events of the birth to us. She filled in so many blanks for us & helped us process the entire 48 hours of labor - Many things were news to me! We are so grateful for Casey being a part of our birth story!

Patti Banghart


After attending the DC Birth Doulas “meet the doulas” event, I immediately was drawn to the team’s caring nature and philosophy to support women with all types of birth plans. As baby’s due date came and went and an induction was looking likely, I was delighted to know that Casey was on call that day and would be my doula. She first walked me through what to expect with the induction process and stayed in close contact to hear how labor was progressing. Once she arrived, she helped put me in positions to keep me comfortable and help move baby into a better position for birth. She also proved to be an awesome coach and advocate for me, particularly when my epidural unexpectedly ran out and I had to get through intense contractions waiting for the anesthesiologist to return. I couldn’t imagine experiencing baby’s birth without her support! My whole family agreed her assistance was invaluable. Casey also continued to check in following baby’s arrival to make sure we both were doing well and offered helpful referrals for a lactation consultant. It really takes a team to bring baby into the world and I’m so happy Casey was part of our team!

Jennifer Y


We cannot recommend Casey enough! We decided at 7.5 months that we wanted a doula for our first birth having just moved to the DC area away from friends and family. Because we were so late into my pregnancy, Casey set up video chats with each member of the DC Birth Doulas II team. We felt comfortable, they knew our hospital well (GW), and they seemed more excited and engaged than some of the more veteran doulas we spoke to. We also loved that they would meet us at home and make sure we were fed before leaving us.

At our prenatal appointment Casey was wonderful. She listened to what we wanted (a natural birth but open to the possibility of medication), answered questions we had, and offered a few suggestions.

A week later I went into labor at 2am and Casey was on-call. Knowing I wanted to avoid being at the hospital too soon, Casey helped my husband figure out when we needed to leave and came to our home to support us for the ride to the hospital. I don’t think we would have survived the car ride without Casey’s massaging, gentle coaching, and reminders of when the contraction would pass. Casey was calm, reassuring, and responsive throughout the rest of my labor. She offered suggestions, helped us to understand medical interventions that were suggested, and fully supported our decisions.

Even after our son was born she continued to help with first latch, captured a photo of our first moments as a family, and, true to her word, got us food to eat before leaving. And that wasn’t all, Casey also checked in with us throughout the following 2 weeks to answer questions and help me through some breastfeeding pain, even before our post-natal visit.

We had a wonderful, natural birth experience and it wouldn’t have been possible without Casey. If we are still in the area for baby number 2, we won’t hesitate to get the support of Casey again!

Elly Harrington


I was so grateful that Casey was a part of my birth experience and cannot recommend her enough.  I loved Casey's attitude from the moment I met her at the meet the doulas event.  She was friendly and knowledgeable but also just generally personable and enjoyable to be around.

I was so relieved that Casey was on call when I called her at 5 am to say that I thought I was in labor.  As a first time mom, I was so anxious and felt like I had no idea what was going on.  She was great at providing information and support about the process as it progressed and did a fabulous job of helping me stay calm.  My labor progressed unusually quickly, and she jumped in the car at a moment's notice to come meet us at the hospital.  My goal was to try to have a completely natural birth.  I almost caved and asked for an epidural in the few minutes I was at the hospital before she arrived.  However, once she got there, she was able to help me stay calm and manage the pain so that in the end, I was able to have the natural birth that I wanted.  (She gives the most amazing back massages.  I don't think I would have survived without those during my contractions).  My husband also really enjoyed working with Casey.  When we got to the hospital, I never even went to triage, and he didn't even get to go back to the car to get my labor bag.  He said he was really grateful that Casey made him feel included in the birth process so that he could be part of my support system, even when he didn't get the chance to use any of the resources that he had planned on.  She also balanced being really respectful of giving us enough space to bond as a family as soon as my son was born but also accompanying us until we felt settled into my room.  She even continued to check-in with us after the birth to make sure were were adjusting well.

Andrea McCue


After attending the Meet the Doulas event, I signed on quickly to be a client of DC Birth Doulas II. I felt that the expertise within that group was more than sufficient to meet the needs of my very low-risk (first) pregnancy. What I wanted most out of my doula experience was confidence, support, and empowerment to have the kind of birth I wanted. I feel like I got all of this and more from DCBDII. Even in the weeks leading up to my due date, the group was very quick to respond to emails and easy to schedule with. Though not everything went 100% as i had planned for my birth, I still feel like the experience was very positive, empowering, and the best possible outcome for me and my baby.

Casey was the doula on call when I went into labor in the middle of the night. She was simply fantastic throughout the entire labor and delivery process. She was very easy to reach in the hours before we finally checked in to the hospital, and she was knowledgeable and supportive during the whole time she was at the hospital. She provided birth insight, support, a caring presence, and even some humor (once I had an epidural and could finally think again). Not only was she very professional, but she was also quite personable, and her presence helped put my husband and I at ease. She helped explain each step of the way, she prepared my husband and I for each upcoming event, she got her hands dirty helping me, she persuaded me to move around in various positions, and she even helped maneuver me around after I received an epidural and could not move myself unaided. In hindsight, I cannot imagine not having her there, as her services were an invaluable part of the day.
We are so grateful to have had Casey and DCBDII as a part of our birth team.

Emily Berens


I had the very good fortune of working with Casey for the birth of my second son, and I loved working with her! I'm so grateful that we connected with DC Birth Doulas II, and with Casey in particular.

From our very first phone call, Casey was open and engaged and supportive - it was clear that she loved this work, and also that she was interested in hearing what my husband and I specifically needed and in working with us as an individual family. She was also flexible throughout, coming to see us for an extra in-person meeting before our birth and helping us with additional resources after our son arrived.

But what matters most of course is the birth itself -- and I honestly could not be happier with how wonderfully Casey supported us! She was exactly the presence that I needed - good, practical ideas to help things go well (from 'it might help if I put pressure here' to 'get your shoes on, it's time to go.. now!'), very very good listening and being extremely responsive to what I was asking for and needed, and then just this reassuring and loving and solid presence that made me feel so supported and taken care of in a way that made it easier for me to do what my body needed. My husband also especially appreciated that she made it easier for him to be helpful - giving him some good specific ideas for how he could best support me.

Casey met us at our house near the beginning of my labor, and stayed with us until after we were settled in our room after delivery (including making a run out to bring us breakfast). We're very grateful to have had Casey with us throughout - I'm so lucky to have had her on my birth team!

Lisa Edgell


Right away, we felt at ease with Casey during the initial visit.  She asked great questions to get us thinking about what we wanted from her and from our birth experience (what we can control...ha!).  She took great notes and followed up with a few questions we had.  We heard from her about once a week until the birth - she always asked how I was feeling and how my appointments went.  It felt great knowing I had another resource at my fingertips. 

For the birth, Casey came over to our house for about an hour of labor before we headed to the hospital.  As it was our first child, it was great to have someone with us that had been through it before.  She guided us on when to leave, various positions to try to alleviate pain and held my hand during the painful car ride.  She talked us through each step at the hospital so we knew exactly what to expect.  She communicated my desires to the hospital staff (i.e. asked if a birthing tub room was available - which had slipped my mind at check in).  My nurses were great and Casey never interfered with them or the role of my husband  - but was another great source of support and encouragement to me (and my husband).  My husband remarked that she made him a better support to me - either guiding him on what I may need or he could mimic some of her touch, words of encouragement.  Casey always directed my attention to my husband for support which I thought was awesome.  

After the birth, Casey made sure we got in to our recovery room and that I knew how to use all the supplies.  She checked in frequently after the birth and came over for a wonderful debrief post-partum at our house.  It was so fun to fill in the details that my husband and I had forgotten!  Casey continued to be a great resrouce, providing names of pediatricians that other moms in the area like and checked up on how breastfeeding was going.  Hire her!

Kay Steiger


Casey was a delight as our birth doula. A good friend of ours described their decision to hire a doula this way, and I think it's particularly apt for our experience with Casey: To you and your partner, this is the most important day of your life, but to everyone else in the hospital, babies being born is their everyday job. That's not to say that the practitioners aren't great — they are — but a doula like Casey helps translate shorthand, explain processes, and talk you through your choices.

Casey was great at talking us through what was happening. From talking to us over the phone during early labor (my labor progressed quickly enough that she wound up meeting us at Sibley), to her hands-on approach to help me work through my back labor before the epidural, to explaining what would be happening next, Casey made the whole experience something that wasn't terrifying. She listened during our prenatal visit, and was supportive in all of the ways I could have asked for. What's great about Casey is I think she'd be a great doula for lots of different types of births — from natural to epidural, from vaginal to c-section. She was great at talking us through all the options and being supportive of the choices we made. 

As an added bonus, Casey took my husband's phone and captured some really memorable photos as my daughter was born so that we could really be in the moment and not worry about trying to capture it ourselves. She really went above and beyond as a doula, and really made the whole experience something my husband and I really treasure.

I can't recommend Casey highly enough. She was wonderful to work with and anyone would be lucky to have her with them at their birth. 

Daniela Díaz Figueroa


I was so blessed to have Casey with me during my delivery! 

I had a difficult 20 hour induced labor and she helped me cope and not lose control. On top  of that she made sure I was as comfortable as possible throughout the process, kept my husband involved and worked together with the hospital staff to make sure me and my baby were ok. 

She was warm, understanding, professional, available and friendly at all times.

I can't say enough nice things about her! Both my husband and I were very impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and Approach.

I recommend Casey 100%

Sara Mills-Knapp


Casey was our full-time caregiver for our son for the first year of his life and we could not have been more happy to find her. She is patient, loving, funny and very attentive. She has a vast amount of knowledge about children and on women's health and child birth. She was a great resource to me as a Mom and a stong supporter of us both as we muddled our way through the early days of parenting. Her experience in yoga and reiki is a great compliment to her knowledge and skills as a caregiver. I would recommend Casey highly as a doula and as a caregiver in general. 

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