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Charlotte, NC Service range 40 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 28 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Fee Details

I have much love and respect for women of all cultures, ethnicities and religions. I understand that the birth of your child(ren) is a sacred moment in your life. Your experience matters. The people who surround and support you throughout labor are hand picked. As your doula, I feel honored to be invited into your birth space. I offer you an open heart to receive and empower your desired birth. My hands embrace, care for, and tend to you with compassion. I will be your constant companion.

Charlotte, NC Service range 40 miles

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Lauren was the added touch of calm we needed and hoped for. As a doula myself I knew the power of labor support but Lauren went above and beyond. She held space for my husband, daughter and I without a glitch. Her ability to zero in on my need to regain body control was crucial in delivery. I could not have asked for a more beautiful soul to help us welcome our last babe. 

Meagan Tucker


I cannot adequately express how amazing Lauren was as part of our birth experience. I went into labor 15 days before my due date and my doula was a couple of hours away. Lauren was her "backup" and made it to the hospital shortly after I checked in and before my husband! It was so comforting to have support there as soon as I was admitted to the hospital. 

Lauren immediately did everything she could to create a calm environment for our birth. It takes a special kind of person to make someone feel so at ease especially since we had just met. 

Lauren made sure to ask questions and ensure that I was comfortable. She reminded me to drink water throughout my labor, which I absolutely needed. She made sure I had exactly what I needed and was a great support for our entire birth. She was extremely hands-on and soothing. I was nervous since I was attempting an unmedicated VBAC and Lauren was absolutely vital in achieving the birth we wanted. 

Lauren stayed for my entire labor and delivery after my doula arrived and I am so blessed to have had her there for such an amazing experience. She even made sure to order me dinner before they closed the kitchen. I cannot imagine my birth without her and would highly recommend Lauren to any mother looking for support in her labor and delivery. 


Chaimaa Azizbi Ezeadi


My experience with Lauren was AMAZING to say the least. I met her at baby+co.'s  birthday party a week before I delivered and we immediately clicked. I had no idea she was a doula nor that I would need one considering my first son was born at the same birth center and my mom was there the entire time. She has such a friendly, outgoing, and kind personality which made her fun to talk to and connect with! she heard that I was due in a  week and from the goodness of her heart offered to be my doula, for free! We exchanged and planned to meet that following week. She came to visit me at my home on January 30th and explained to me what a doula actuallphase, birth, and even postpartum. When Lauren left my house that evening, we had no idea i would be calling her a few hours later to tell her I'm in labor. i called her early on the 31st of January around 7 am to tell her I'm in labor and give her a heads up since she lives further away from the birth center from me but this super woman made it to the birth center before me and was able to help me from the moment my husband pulled in up until now! i arrived at the birth center just after 9:15 AM where she greeted me at my car and helped me walk into the building, from that moment she went into doula mode! Helped me undress while sitting on the toilet so I could get in the tub. A few minutes later, around 9:30 my contractions got stronger soon enough I started pushing. Lauren kept me hydrated and comfortable the entire time! Always bringing me coconut water or Gatorade and even massaging me the way I described to her the day before in my home. She even had my favorite Michael Jackson music playing to motivate and distract me. She motivated me and reminded me that I'm made for this when I was scared to push. My son was born en caul at 10:04 am and it was a magical experience thanks to her and my midwife! She even had snacks for me to munch on while I nursed my newborn. FIVE STAR SERVICE! Thank you Lauren

Kristi Leigh - Doula


Lauren and I never actually met prior to my birth, we had corresponded through text, phone calls, and Facebook messenger, but don't let that fool you she gave me her all and was an amazing support system. I'm a Doula myself and I was a little nervous going into it and worried since I knew what labor and delivery was like I would freak myself out . Lauren was so amazing and supportive, whether it was taking pictures, keeping me hydrated or giving me words of encouragement she was there and she was a constant before, during, and after my labor and delivery. she made sure I felt comfortable and she genuinely cared for myself and my family. I couldn't have been happier with having her there and I'm so thankful she was! I'm So blessed to get to continue to do life with her. I couldn't recommend her more, there is no one else I would have rather had to help coach me while I birthed our sweet girl.

Michael & Abby Russell


Lauren helped us navigate our first birth completely unmedicated at a birth center. We were very comfortable with her and grateful to have her support before, during, and after the birth.

From the start, she was straightforward, communicative, and professional. Lauren did a wonderful job in helping us talk through expectations and fears beforehand, enabling us to work better as a team and be mentally prepared for labor. She also provided great resources and "homework" for achieving the labor we desired.

During labor, Lauren adapted to what we needed and remained a calm, reassuring presence throughout. When we discovered after delivery that I had a 3rd degree tear that needed to be repaired at the hospital, Lauren helped relay the information to my parents and enabled us to decide how to move forward with who would go with me and who would stay at the center with the baby. She even took pictures after delivery and captured some sweet moments!


Talking through the birth experience afterwards with Lauren helped us process and accept the entire experience. Having Lauren serve as our doula was a great decision, positively impacting my labor and our perceptions of the birth of our daughter. We would definitely recommend her!


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