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Katherine Stanglin, CD(DONA), HCHI, HCHD, EBBI

Illuminating Birth

Website: http://www.IlluminatingBirth.com

Phone: (903) 570-6060

Birth Fee: $800 to $1200

Postpartum Rate: $30

Fee Details: First, congratulations on your pregnancy! This time in your life is very special and I know you are full of excitement, anticipation, and lots of questions. As a Birth Doula, I offer a free, no obligation consultation meeting, 2 prenatal visits, unlimited phone, text, and email support, continuous labor and delivery support, immediate postpartum support (1-2 hrs. after birth), and 1 postpartum visit. As a Postpartum Doula, I offer daytime and overnight support to new families with the goal of helping you to ease into new parenthood with helpful resources, lactation support, baby soothing techniques, and tools to help you feel more and more confident each day. Details about Birth and Postpartum Doula care, Hypnobabies Childbirth Education classes, general childbirth education classes, placenta encapsulation services, belly binding services, and more can be found at www.IlluminatingBirth.com. Packages and discounts are available. I look forward to speaking with you about your goals!

Birth Doula Experience: 11 years and 206 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 7 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Evidence Based Birth Instructor
  • HCHI Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor
  • Illuminating Birth General Childbirth Education Classes

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • IBCLC-in-training, Principles of Lactation Management, Lactation Counseling & Problem Solving, Personally History: 8 years of breastfeeding experience

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • Evidence Based Birth® Instructor
  • Rebozo Training
  • Specialized Training In: Bengkung Belly Binding, Spinning Babies techniques, TENS for Birth, OCEA Blood Born Pathogens, Texas Food Handlers License

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Remote and rural clients birthing away from home
  • Single parents
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion Support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite Doula (For remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Founder and Director, East Texas Doula Association; Co-Leader, Positive Birth Group - Tyler; Coordinator, 2013 and 2014 Annual Rally to Improve Birth Founder & President, BIRTH East Texas Peer-to-Peer Breastfeeding Support

Languages spoken: English

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Client Testimonials for Katherine Stanglin, CD(DONA), HCHI, HCHD, EBBI

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When my husband and I found out we were pregnant for the sixth time, but with what would be our first child, I decided we needed someone we could trust to help us through the process. Katherine was there from start to finish. She listened to my wants and needs, provided advice, and when it was go time she came in and handled us newbies like the pro she is. I wanted a natural birth and she was fully supportive of the idea and even had personal experience. She was an absolute godsend to my husband who really needed a break, and someone to be with me while he made preparations to finally go to the hospital. She even had the sense to snap some photos for us after my son was born without being asked. They are hands down my favorite photos of us. Bottom line: if you are looking for reliable and knowledgeable support during this amazing experience, you need Katherine in your life. 

Posted 3/4/2019

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We met Katherine during my pregnancy with my first and she was our hypnobabies instructor. When my birth did not go as planned, I knew I wanted a doula for my second pregnancy. I was so relieved that Katherine was available when we found out we were expecting again, as I can not imagine a better fit for our birthing team. Katherine has a warm nurturing energy and is so good at holding space for mama and her partner. Katherine is very intuitive and was available with suggestions to help alleviate pregnancy ailments and how to prepare my body for a better birthing. She truly cares about the families she works with. When my birthing time came, Katherine knew exactly what I needed and made me feel very supported. I had an amazing birth and I know she was a big part of that. She is worth her weight in gold. 

Posted 3/4/2019

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Bethany Wesley

Choosing Katherine as our doula for the birth of our third child was the best decision we could have made. She was recommended to me by my midwives and the support she gave through the entire pregnancy and birth was phenomenal. She is so personable and never rushed any of our meetings. She was incredibly thorough and patient with us in answering any question we had, and she made herself available to us at anytime throughout the process. Before meeting Katherine, my expectations for a doula were simply that they were present during the birth, but I truly believe Katherine helped make my entire pregnancy more calm and comfortable with the wealth of information and techniques she provided. She was so quick to arrive at the birth and immediately began supporting me. I can’t begin to explain how essential she was to helping the birth go smoothly. She anticipated my needs and was so encouraging and attentive the entire time. I would absolutely recommend Katherine to anyone looking for an excellent doula!

Posted 7/5/2018

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Kellyn Williams

I knew that  I wanted a natural birth when I became pregnant with my first baby, so my husband and I went about finding the perfect midwife for us.  We found our midwife quickly but we went back and fourth for a long time about hiring a doula.  We finally decided that we wanted to hire a doula and our midwife recommended Katherine to us.  Upon our first meeting with her we KNEW we wanted to hire her! My husband and I both agree that choosing to hire Katherine was the best decision we made as we prepared for our first birth.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and she has a heart of gold.  She made me feel safe and empowered throughout my birthing time, and she helped my husband feel confident in being a first-time father and my truest birthing partner.  We are so grateful that we found Katherine and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for their perfect doula.  

Posted 5/19/2018

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Carey Wallace

Katherine is amazing. As a first time mother, I cannot imagine someone who is more compassionate and knowledgeable regarding pregnancy, birthing time, and post-partum care for mother and baby. She was extremely supportive of our decisions and was a great coach and leader to my husband/birth partner. I cannot commend her enough for the way she was able to lead me during birthing time. Unfortunately my birthing journey required interventions outside of my birth plan, but Katherine was able to act as my advocate to allow me to have a natural vaginal delivery. I was more prepared than I could have imagined and was able to successfully use my self-hypnosis technques during birthing time. I am confident that without her presence, I would have required a c-section and am grateful that we were able to avoid that. In addtion to maternity care and birth planning, Katherine was also exceptional in preparing me for the care of my son and for succesful breastfeeding. This journey into motherhood has been wonderful, and I was blessed to have Katherine as a part of our team. My husband and I look forward to working with Katherine again in the future with our next pregnancy. 

Posted 5/6/2018

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Jarah Harris

Katherine is absolutely amazing.

I met her through the Hypnobabies course she was teaching and learned from her exactly what a doula was. With her soothing presence it made perfect sense that she was a doula.

Katherine was my doula for two pregnancies. She had to have her asisstant come to the first one because Katherine was at a first-time mom's birth that was taking its time. However, even her asisstant was brilliant so Katherine's reliability was never a question for us and she was there first thing the following morning to check on us. The second time she was able to be at the birth center with me and was a huge comfort for the moments it started to feel tough.

Perhaps some of the most profound help came postpartum when she came for a postpartum visit and encouraged me to finally seek help for my postpartum anxiety/ocd that I'd been suffering with since my first child. Without her gentle words and loving worry I'm not sure that I would have had the courage to start healing.


I know her support for both myself and my husband was, without question, one of the best decisions we made. Should I decide to have more children I will be hiring her as my doula again with zero hesitation. 

Posted 2/28/2018

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Chrissy Honey

We booked Katherine Stanglin as a post partum doula following the birth of my first child. Katherine played such an important role in helping me get everything together those first few weeks as a new mom! I had to return to work rather quickly and she gave me the confidence I needed to feel good about returning to work as a new mom.  She helped me with firguring out how to properly use my breast pump and what size breast flange I would need.  How to store my breastmilk and feel comfortable breastfeeding and pumping for my newborn.  She provided my husband and I tools that helped make those sleep deprived days more managble. She helped us figure out how to use a variety of baby wearing devices and gave me confidence to wear that baby out in public!

Katherine was always very professional in managing her schedule with us and was easy to communicate with and very accessible when you need her to answer that quick question.

Overall, Katherine Stanglin was like having a family member supporting you and encouraging you the whole time she was working as your doula. Her help was critical the day after my birth, she was able to assist us as a family member would with whatever she could and reassuringly answered any questions we had or concerns we had. By hiring Katherine Stanglin as your doula, be assured you truely have a valuable, caring, resourceful, professional at your side guiding you in the first few weeks and days of parent hood and struggling to recover and prepare for the return to work and all the normal pressures of life.

Katherine Stanglin understands the fantastic transition to your new normal life with children and is a valuable coach to help you adjust to this new normal.

Katherine is easy to get a hold of and quickly responds which is so reassuring! She truly made it an easy transition for us as new parents! Book her today you will not regret it!


Posted 1/27/2018

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Tanya LeBlanc

After learning about the rise of C-section rates and typical medical interventions used in what is now "standard birth" in the U.S., we decided we wanted to find a doula for the birth of our first baby. Katherine was the most experienced in our area, and I just knew I had to meet her.

From the beginning, Katherine went to great lengths to provide detail on what to expect from our relationship. She also provided continous education in preparation for our birthing time. She already had a great working relationship with the midwives at the birth center we selected, so our birthing time felt like it was supported by a professional and efficient family-like team, working together like clockwork. Since we live over an hour away from the birth center, Katherine was in constant communication with my husband during our early birthing time- guiding him on how to best care for me and letting him know when we should head to the birth center. As a result, my early birthing time was peaceful and stress-free. Once we met Katherine at the birth center, she maintained a sense of calm, comforted me throughout the birthing time, and was there as a great support to me and my husband. She was informative enough to help me in making those last minute birthing decisions, but never pushy and always supportive of my feelings. 

I can't imaging our birth story happening any other way than it did. A doula was a foreign idea before my pregnancy- and not something engrained in my immediate culture. Having Katherine by our side made us feel confident in our decision to birth drug-free outside of the hospital - and we were able to go into and come out of childbirth relaxed and sure that our little bundle was in good hands. After our little guy's arrival, Katherine was amazingly helpful as a lactation consultant when it took 5 days for my milk to come in, and we were having challenges with latching. We recommend Katherine as an experienced and attentive doula!

Posted 9/13/2017

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Andrea Bedsole

My husband thought I was crazy for wanting a doula. little did he know how much he would Love my getting Katherine to be my doula. She provided amazing info and support through the entire pregnancy not just for birth. If I had a question, which as a first time mom I had plenty, I asked her instead of a panicky trip to the doctor or ER. She had the info to know what was common and what wasn't along with a calming effect on myself and my husband.  There was lots of communication and reassurance. Then came the birthing. We all expected a smooth birthing since pregnancy had gone so well. We had an unmedicated hospital birth planned. When Katherine arrived both my husband and I were nervous and on edge. She managed to calm us both while evaluating the birth. Katherine was there the whole time with knowledge, confidence, and reassurance. When my birthing plans needed to change it was Katherine that I asked info from first and then discussed my options with my provide. When the plans needed to be altered along the way each time I looked to Katherine for knowledge first. She provided the info and reassurance that it was ok for me to choose whichever options were right for this birth. She had no judgements against me when I turned my unmedicated birth plan into a medicated birth and then altered the plans again into a cesarean section in the final moments. Katherine was with me supporting is every step of the way. When I realized I needed the cesarean she was there. She reassured me that it was ok to need help and that she was there for us. My husband cannot handle blood so it was Katherine that went with me into the OR. I had to be put under so it was Katherine that first saw our little girl and it was Katherine that reassured me she was perfect when I woke up. Without Katherine I would have panicked. Without Katherine I would have been alone during surgery. Without Katherine my husband would have been terrified and frozen when I needed him the most.

Posted 1/27/2017

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Rachel Gucker

We were extremely happy with our experience with Katherine! Her knowledge is vast and her recall quick. She had an endless supply of comfort measures and helpful ideas up her sleeve during our birthing time. She is a rock for anyone on your birth team who is feeling tired, worried, upset, disappointed, scared, discouraged or confused… up to and including the midwife! She always had the right words to comfort and encourage. Our birthing time was LONG but she remained professional, eager, and cheerful though the whole thing. Take her hypnobabies birth prep course too! Because of our hypnobabies preparation with Katherine I was able to overcome some huge fears and finish my pregnancy and enter birthing time feeling confident, calm, and prepared!

Posted 1/23/2017

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Rachel Solly

I hired Katherine for the second time with my baby #7.  After having her with me for baby #6 I was sure I wanted her by my side again. I took her hypnobabies class and loved how her support was exactly what I needed while I used the skills I learned in class.  Her presence at the birth is always calming and encouraging.  She is truly like having a sister, mom, best friend, and birth expert all rolled into one amazing lady. I would, without hesitation, recommend Katherine to anyone looking for an awesome doula!!

Posted 12/29/2016

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Kayleigh Wilson

There are not enough words to explain what Katheryn did for me and my family. I can honestly say that I would not have gotten through both of my births without her. The first time we worked with Katheryn was in 2013 for the birth of my son, Tabor. Due to the difficulty of getting pergnant, I decided to deliver in the hospital just in case their were any complications. Katheryn was diligent in makig sure I made the most educated decision for my body and baby. She empowered me and helped give me a voice. Because of her, I was able to have the unmediated birth I wanted, no matter what the hospital tried to push onto me. I deceived a healthy, 10 pound baby boy while holding Katheryn tight.

When we became pregnant with our little girl in 2015, Katheryn was one of my very first calls. We decided to deliver in our local birthing center in the water. Katheryn was thrilled! I worked so hard on my hypobabies material, determined to have a peaceful, serene birth. My daughter had other plans. She was here in 45 very intense minutes. My husband, bless his heart, didn't even know what to do. All I wanted was Katheryn! She was my rock through every single painful minute. We had barely made it into the water before my water broke and the baby came. Katheryn was there to catch and welcome my sweet girl into the world. 

Kayheryn is by far the best doula we could have every hoped for. She is loving, compassionat, and empowers her mothers. A part of me is sad knowing that we are finished having babies and we won't work with her again. She is such an inspiration!  

Posted 12/27/2016

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Rachel Salcido

She was wonderfully sweet and confident. I loved that she is full of knowledge and experience. 

Posted 12/7/2016

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Kamille Leary

Hiring Katherine as my doula was one of the best decisions we made for the birth of our son. I'm so glad God placed her in our path and I believe she is part of the reason I was able to have a successful natural unmediated vba2c.  Not only is she very knowledgeable in pregnancy and childbirth, but she's such a sweet and kind person. She helped me through every contraction and gave me the confidence I needed. Her sweet calming voice and counter pressure tecniques made a huge difference in dealing with the pain of the contractions. I didn't feel like I was just another client to her, I felt like she truly cared about me and how I wanted my delivery to go. She's very passionate about what she does and it shows through her work. I honestly would hire her again in a heartbeat and I will recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. I absolutely loved, loved, loved having her and I will be forever grateful for her and her services. 

Posted 8/3/2016

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Angela Fogle

I found Katherine during my pregnancy after reading about the benefits of having a doula.  I honestly had not heard of a doula until a couple of years before when a friend had had one.  I had no idea what to expect, but wanted to try it.  Katherine was wonderful from the start.  My husband was incredibly skeptical until he met her.  She has the most wonderful gift of putting people at ease.  She answered every question we had about any and everything.  I didn't know what kind of birth I wanted and she helped me figure it out step by step.  I'm also a very non confrontational person and have a tendency to let others walk over me, but Katherine didn't let that happen with my birth plan.  She knew what I really wanted and helped me stick to it.  I absolutely did NOT want to be induced and my doctor said I was going to have to be if I didn't have the baby by my due date because I had gestational diabetes.  Katherine helped to calm down both me AND my husband and told us of ways to possibly bring on labor ourselves.  I followed her advice and went into labor on my own, and had the baby the day before my due date!  I also couldn't believe how fast she got to the hospital.  She was there by the time I got checked in and into a room, and never left my side.  She kept me and my husband at ease and on track for the entire birth and delivery.  We had some minor family drama that was stressful for my husband and she helped him work through that too!  She helped me get my baby latched on and feeding as soon as she was born, and made several follow ups with us once we were home.  She continued to coach me through breastfeeding and gave me all of the tools I needed for that to work out.  I can't say enough great things about her and how invaluable she was/is to us at this time in our lives.  If I'm ever pregnant again, she will be my first call after I tell my husband!

Posted 6/17/2016

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Eloise Ghrist

I cannot recommend Katherine Stanglin enough. Her support was instrumental during Sam's birth. If you are ever needing a doula, look no further. She's AMAZING. She truly cares about your whole family. The support she gives you and your family before, during and after birth is invaluable.  She helped take some of the pressure off of my husband so he could be more attentive to me during birthing time.  Her voice was soothing and calming during birth.  I never doubted her knowledge and expertise.  Katherine was very thoughtful in knowing our family and ensuring we had the birth we desired.  She was attentive to us even after our baby arrived and followed up with us several times for at least the first week.   She was even the one who first discovered Henry's tongue tie and Sam's tongue and lip tie & found the resources we needed to get it fixed quickly.  She's a rare gem and I'm so grateful to have met her.   My only regret is not using her with our first 2 births.  

Posted 5/18/2016

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Laura Holth

Soon after learning we were expecting our first baby, a friend sent us a book about using hypnosis for childbirth. Although I was intrigued with the concept, the descriptions were abstract and I struggled to apply the information. Soon after I found Katherine’ information and set up a private Hypnobabies class.

My husband and I loved learning and practicing the hypnosis concepts with Katherine, and she did a great job describing what to expect, explaining options for birth, as well as giving us the tools to make educated decisions about our baby’s birth and to stand strong in our choices.

At 38 weeks, while Erik was out of town, I landed in the ER with gallbladder pain. I texted Katherine before leaving home, and she offered to meet me at the hospital and stay until Erik could get there, even though we had not yet contracted her as our birth doula. I don’t remember much about that hospitalization, except that Katherine was there, guiding me into hypnosis so the nurses could insert an IV, and keeping me deep in hypnosis, so I could remain calm. Katherine stayed with me until nearly 3am when Erik finally arrived. After that, we hired Katherine as our doula IMMEDIATELY!

When our birthing time came, Katherine worked seamlessly with our midwives, guided both Erik and me through the entire 11 hour process, and kept me deeply immersed in my hypnosis. She even made a grocery run for us when the only things that sounded appetizing were chicken soup and crackers!

Once we were home and settled with our beautiful baby girl, Katherine checked up on us and taught us how to use our Moby wrap. We will be forever grateful for everything Katherine taught us and the way she selflessly served and empowered us to have the incredible birthing experience we had dreamed of.

Posted 5/9/2016

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Kendra Malone

After my first meeting with Katherine, I felt very confident, empowered, and excited to have the natural childbirth that I wanted.  Her tone is very sincere and patient. She is a great wealth of information and awesome at supporting client's desires.  Because of her great knowledge and desire to understand how I felt and what I valued, I came to trust her judgement for me in areas where I was unsure.  Her presence gave me amazing confidence which was truly what I needed.  The birth of my son came so quickly and easily, with the help of hypno babies, that I didn't even realize how far along I was and he surprised us at home even though we had planned a hospital birth. At our checkups afterward, Katherine was an awesome help with supporting information on his tongue ties, help with learning to baby wear, and much more.  If we ever go for #4 I'll be calling her again!

Posted 4/15/2016

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Monica Knight

Katherine was amazing! Never did I think a doula was something I would be interested in. I was refered to Katherine through others. At first when I met with her some of things she told me about seem bizaare. However now I know my labor and pregnancy went amazing because of her. I have another child whom I didnt have a doula with. I could just shoot myself for not! Although labor is never just easy, or pain free. I truly believe my second birth would have gone horibble if it werent for her. She was an angel. She was the voice of reason as well as my biggest cheerleader. Katherine probably does this all  the time. You would never know it though because she is so attentative and personal as if your the only one that matters. She helped me in so many ways from adjusting pillows to talking through pushing. Her calm easy spirit was exactly what I needed. I thank God for bringing us together. If ever I have another child. I know exactly who to call!

Posted 3/20/2016

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Beth Rountree Swindell

We highly reccomend Katherine. She was professional, helpful, insightful... the list is long of her positive attributes. We especially appreciated the fact that she presented all options and schools of thought and then encouraged us to make a decision that was right for OUR FAMILY. Not once did she say, "I think you should choose..." She always, always encouraged us to do our own research and to think for ourselves. 

Katherine was AMAZING to have in the room while giving birth. She provided support for me, my husband and midwife. She worked alongside the midwife and their partnership was seamless. This is where she really shines. She performed many thankless jobs (I'll spare you the details!) that made my transitions in labor and subsequently my quick delivery very smooth and comfortable. 

Lastly, I have her to thank for two of the most important things no one thinks about: postpartum recovery and changing family dynamics. Let me elaborate on the second point: I had several friends that lived in metropolitan areas that had taken a class with their husbands (in addition to a birthing class) on how to communicate after baby arrives, how the husband can care best for baby and mom and what the two of you can realisitically expect from each other in the first few weeks after baby. Katherine covered ALL of this. She gave us practical ideas, tips and questions to ask each other daily to make sure we were making each other and our baby a priority. I can't tell you how helpful this was for the two of us! We're educated adults, both in corporate careers and this was our largest merger yet :-) 

Honestly - I can't imagine a better experience. My successful "recovery", emotionally and physically, was largely due to Katherine's influence. So much so, that it's taken me 8 months to write a review. I've thoroughly embraced motherhood and know Katherine won't mind that it took me this long ;-)

Posted 3/19/2016

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Nikki Bybee Goodale

My husband and I hired Katherine to be our Doula for our first pregnancy. It ended up being the best decision we made regarding out birth team. Katherine is a wealth of knowledge and great resource on all things birth related. When I went into labor Katherine came in the wee hours of the morning when I let her know I needed her. Her calm and reassuring presence was such a blessing during my very long labor. Katherine provided support to us in many ways through her experience, encouragement, and  pain management techniques. She had me try several different positions and strategies to help make labor and pushing more productive. She ended up being with us for around 24 hours in the hospital. I truly feel like I would have given up and not had the natural birth I so desired if it had not been for her support. I can't say enough good things about this amazing Doula and I wouldn't hesitate to use her again for any future pregnancies! 

Posted 3/19/2016

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Rebekah Clark

I had Katherine as my doula, and she is a true kindred spirit. I adore her just to the uttermost! She was always prepared and went the extra mile for us. We had her for hypnobabies and it was a joy to have her coaching and guiding us on that journey. We also had her do placenta encapsulation for us and I have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits from the pills. My husband was the first to notice a difference, when he was like “woah! you have a lot of energy! SLOW DOWN!” I have since noticed that the days or times I don’t have any that my energy levels are a lot lower and my mood is a lot more unstable. I didn’t have placenta encapsulation done with my rainbow son, but I am so glad for the opportunity with this pregnancy journey with our daughter. Katherine has extremely competitive and affordable prices and even gives discounts for combos of her services she provides. She is a fantastic doula and hypnodoula! I highly recommend her. For my actual birthing day, we grieve that Katherine wasn’t able to be there because of a planned family vacation (hey, doulas need to have relaxation vacations too! LOL), and though I am so so so so so so so sad and lament her presence being absent from the birth of our daughter, Katherine was fantastic at having not only one…but 2 backup doulas to be there on a moments notice for the off-chance I went into labor whiles she was gone…which, of course my daughter decided to make that “off-chance” a reality. haha We love Katherine and can’t recommend her enough! We are most likely done with our own biological children, but if we were ever to have any more children, she would definitely be our “go-to” doula. I love that i not only consider her my confidant, doula, hypnodoula, and mentor, but I also consider her my beloved friend and kindred spirit and sister in Christ .She is amazing!

Posted 3/10/2016

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Kalynne Arrick

I met Katherine at a Positive Birth meeting before I was pregnant. I knew from listening to her speak and how she answered questions that I wanted her to be a part of our birth experience when the time came. My husband and I met with her very early in our pregnancy and decided to hire her. I will be honest, I had some doubts along the way that we would be a good fit (but that changed!). I decided not to do Hypnobabies which is what Katherine teaches. It just wasn't for me. I was nervous that since I wasn't doing that, that she wouldn't be able to connect with us or something. Instead of Hypnobabies, Katherine came to our house and had childbirth classes with just me and my husband. Our work schedules are crazy, so we couldn't find any local classes that we could attend. At these classes, I got to know Katherine more and trusted her even though we weren't going the Hypnobabies route. I knew early on that she might not be able to actually attend my birth, as I was due Christmas Eve, and she had plans to visit relatives. She lined up not one but TWO backup doulas. We felt so secure that we would be taken care of, no matter when our son was born. I ended up electing to be induced, and went through 33 hours of labor, 19 without an epidural, and pushed for 4 hours. Katherine was there for the last 22 hours of my labor. Throughout the night, she never wavered, although I knew she was exhausted just like my husband and I! Nothing went according to *my* plan, except that I have a healthy son. Even as things deviated from the plan and got a little crazy, Katherine was there to provide support to both my husband and I. She kept my spirits up when I was feeling discouraged. I was so happy to have her peaceful and calm presence with us in such a chaotic time. She is a treasure!

Posted 2/23/2016

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Luke Belsky

In borrowing a phrase from the Hypnobabies program, pregnancy is natural, normal, healthy and safe. And pregnancy can also be challenging. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time and until recently, have beautifully supported one another throughout the process without the help of men. While fathers are becoming increasingly involved in the birthing process, my partner and I agreed having a doula was a must. And I can’t imagine a better doula than Katherine. Katherine made a great first impression while both providing us with helpful information and listening to our values and dreams. Though I saw the role of a doula as mostly supporting my partner, I quickly discovered that Katherine was our family doula. As my partner’s birthing time progressed, our collective energy began to dip. But Katherine was there with unwavering support. Katherine listened to my partner’s needs as well reading her body language and responding to her unvoiced needs. And when I met my limit in helping my partner to work her birthing program, Katherine was there to let me be a husband versus a support person. Upon our arrival at the hospital, I was tired, excited and pretty much lacked the capacity to think rationally. Katherine not only helped me take a deep breath, but helped me in admitting my partner to the birthing wing, aided me in voicing my partner’s preferences to the nursing staff, and allowed me to do the most important thing as our baby prepared to enter the world: love my partner. For those considering a natural birth, I believe a doula is integral to the entire family. And if you are considering a doula, there isn’t a better choice than Katherine. Her professionalism is only exceeded by her capacity for compassion and care. When you meet her, you’ll know what I mean!

Posted 2/15/2016

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Aleana Belsky

I happened upon Katherine while doing research online about medication free childbirth. I never gave much thought to what type of birth experience I would want but once the idea that this growing baby would have to come out some how I got more serious about what I wanted. I knew that due to insurance I would have to have a hospital birth but I did not want many interventions. While trying to find a "method" to prepare myself for my birthing time I found Hypnobabies. I wasn't sure how I felt about being in hypnosis but saw women having such amazing and peaceful births online. My husband and I decided to reach out to Katherine and we instantly felt a connection with her. She is such a warm, caring and supportive person I just knew she would be perfect for us. We did the Hypnobabies homestudy course together and I quickly fell in love with the program. It is very easy to follow and who wouldn't enjoy doing relaxation exercises each day? Katherine was also super supportive when I was struggling with medical choices needing to be made. She was always willing to offer suggestions as well as just support me when I was having an anxious mom moment. Katherine truly shined during our birthing time. She came at the perfect time after I had been experiencing birthing waves for about 10 hours with my husband at home. We were both tiring and really needed her energy. She swooped in and offered new positions, comfort and support while in my hypnosis. With Katherine's help I was able to reach 10 cm at home and make it to the hospital in time to have my son. All hospital staff who tended to us were shocked that I had progressed so far at home. I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn't have been so successful so without Katherine. I encourage anyone regardless of the birth experience you are working towards to consider working with her. I know without a doubt if the day comes for us to welcome another little one into our lives we would want Katherine by our side.

Posted 2/15/2016

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Ashley Ferguson

I hired Katherine early on in pregnancy. She was always available to answer our questions and more than happy to supply us with research materials. My husband and I decided to take her Hypnobabies childbirth course, not knowing what to expect. I was very skeptical at first and my husband thought I was absolutely insane, but continued to learn with me. Once our birthing time began, Katherine was SO accommodating to all our needs, including supporting me when my husband got called into work for an emergency during the early birthing time. She made sure I was nourished, as comfortable as possible, and not afraid. When my birthing did not go as planned, Katherine never left my side. She helped me to remain in hypnosis, stay calm in an unfavorable situation, and encouraged me to ask questions that I didn't even know I wanted to ask. Her knowledge of all things birth helped my husband and I to communicate with our families our wishes and allowed us to make the right choices for us while dealing with a birth plan that went off course. Postpartum she is still just as impressive, checking in on me always just at the right time.When the time comes that we are blessed enough to grow our family further, you bet Katherine will be by my side again.

Posted 12/15/2015

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Amanda Levert

Katherine was an amazing teacher, helper, and encourager for my husband and I through the birth of our first baby boy! She taught us a birthing class at our house for our convenience on request. We learned so much from hey that totally helped us prepare for the birth we wanted! Although things moved much slower than we anticipated and was harder than we thought, we made it through with her help and support. From little things like her making sure the nurse put my IV in a good and comfortable place to teaching my husband how to comfort me, to helping me breath and relax through contractions, taking awesome pictures and only stopping to rest for about an hour during my 24 hr labor. I would definitely recommend her! From the time I first met with her she was so kind and personable I connected with her immediately and I knew she would be my doula! Hire Katherine, you will not be disappointed!

Posted 11/17/2015

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Rachel Langford

We hired Katherine to be our doula for our fourth pregnancy.  Having never had a doula before, we weren't entirely sure of what to expect but when we had our initial consultation with her it was like meeting somebody for the first time and realizing that we have been good friends forever.

When my birthing time came she was at the birthing center before us and had everything set up to facilitate a calming birth.  I was so grateful that she could anticipate my needs and meet them before I had to ask, and she could interpret my "birthing time" facial expressions and know what I needed without me having to be articulate.  She truly has a rare gift.

Being my fourth pregnancy, I didn't have just a lot of questions or problems that I needed her to address, but when I did call or text she was knowledgeable, encouraging, timely and everything else that I needed at the time.  She helped with discomfort due to baby's position, she helped during the postpartum period with breastfeeding advice and checking on me to be sure that my emotions were positive.

Even after having her amazing presence during our baby's birth, I'd have to say the biggest impact Katherine has had on our lives has been postpartum.  She encapsulated the placenta and brought me the pills to help with hormonal and emotional support.  My previous three births were followed by intense postpartum depression or anxiety.  This birth has been the day after those three nights.  We are six months postpartum and although I have had some difficult days (did I mention having four kids?!?) I am grateful to the point of tears at the level of normalcy I feel.  When I have a rough day, one capsule can level me back out again. 

I finally feel like I have had the ideal birth and the lion's share of the credit goes to Katherine.  If you're looking for a doula, she's the best out there.

Posted 11/12/2015

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Sarah Sass

Katherine was a wonderful support person during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. For our first baby my husband and I strongly preferred to have a natural birth. What drew us to Katherine above other doulas initially was her involvement in the community and excellent reviews. We had an initial meeting and “clicked” with her immediately. She had a wide range of knowledge regarding birth choices and sent us lots of information afterward including how to decide between hospital birth, birth center birth, home birth, recommendations regarding prenatal diet, exercise, body positioning that affects how baby is positioned, how to choose a pediatrician, how to write birth preferences, and much more.

We also decided to take Katherine’s hypnobabies class. Although we felt some resistance to some of the techniques initially, we made the decision to jump in and see what it would have to offer us. I am so glad we did as I believe the techniques were critical during my 48 hour unmedicated labor. In the end, the delivery did not go as planned and we needed to have a c-section. It was easier to come to peace with this decision because I believe that by having Katherine there, we had the best shot of a natural birth that we could have in Tyler, TX. When labor stalled, she put us through “doula boot camp” – we did lunges in the stair wells, aromatherapy, massage, and other techniques to bring on birthing waves (contractions). Our OB was very respectful and given the birth preferences we had written with Katherine's input, explained to us our options and tried everything within her range of experience that we could do short of a C-section. Katherine’s presence was very helpful in allowing my sister and husband to assist me in labor, but also appropriately inserting her skills without dominating the process.

Overall, we cannot recommend Katherine highly enough and do so without any reservations!

Posted 11/10/2015

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Jessica Phillips

When I first began searching for a doula, I was planning to meet with several. Katherine was the first and immediately set the tone for what I expected from the others. Needless to say, no one else compared! I could really write SO much about my experience with Katherine and how she was the best thing we did for our entire birth process. From the start she was attentive, available, helpful, carring, compassionate, and full of more knowledge about all things birth than I can even begin to describe! I'm doubt there is anything birth related that she doesn't know all about! I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth with little to no intervention. That didn't end up being in the cards for me, as my water broke prior to being in labor and that just set the rest in motion. However, I am thanking my lucky stars that Katherine was there BECAUSE things didn't go as I would have hoped. She helped make decisions that I wouldn't have known what to do about... in fact, I didn't even plan for them because I thought that surely I wouldn't have to make that decision. I believe she was an asset to the whole medical team, as she was able to help them, too. My husband wasn't keen on the idea of having a doula, but afterward, he was SO glad that she was there and felt it was well worth the cost. She stayed from start to finish and was wonderful afterward as well. I have even still sought her advice 4 months after having my baby. I used her for her doula services, Hynobabies class, and placenta encapusaltion. If you're looking for someone amazing to help you during the birthing process, Katherine is the best there is, without a doubt!

Posted 11/9/2015

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Chelsea Farnsworth

I've been postponing writing this because 1) with 4 kids it is tough to find time to sit at length at the computer but 2) I don't know how I could ever put into words what Katherine meant to me and my family. She was the gentle, warm, and encouraging spirit we needed. She knew what we needed even when we didn't know ourselves. Her knowledge about all things birthy is unparalleled. She was my birthing fairy godmother. 

Katherine was not only our doula, but also our Hypnobabies instructor. Her passion for the material is contagious and  we both left the class feeling informed, enlightened, and excited about our birthing time. 

We opted for a waterbirth at home, we rented an aquaborn pool from Katherine as well, and when it came down to our daughter's birthday Katherine just swooped in and did what needed to be done. She somehow managed to provide hypno-cues, take pictures, provide counterpressure and I don't even know what all else because she was able to orchestrate all those things. I didn't feel like my attention needed to be divided and I could focus soley on birthing my baby. After our beautiful birth, she made us breakfast and helped clean up and chatted wtih us until we felt comfortable and confident to be left on our own. 

I could never thank her enough, but I hope that I can help sway your decision on hiring her to be your doula too. She has the biggest heart for families and birthing mothers. She won't just be your doula, she'll become your friend too. 

Katherine really is 'Some Doula'! 

Posted 10/30/2015

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Amanda Erickson

Katherine served us so well during the birht of my first son in April 2014, that she was the FIRST person I texted after I told my husband we were pregnant again (surprise!) in early 2015. We knew immediately, without question that we wanted to get on her calendar. 

Once again Katherine served us well, a calm and steady presence in the midst of a second birth experience that didn't go quite as planned. She offered support, encouragement, and confidence during my birthing time, and helped calm our fears about his coming four weeks early. She believed in and supported my ability to VBAC naturally and without medication, and she served as an advocate, hynobabies "coach", and partner during my birthing time. Her presence and support was invaluable to us, and we are so thankful for her friendship. I do believe that I owe my successful unmedicated VBAC in part to Katherine and her gentle confidence and encouragement.

My husband and I both recommed Katherine without reservation and with full confidence that she can and will provide the most professional and heart-centered care possible. She's a treasure!


Posted 10/29/2015

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Juliah Crelia

Katherine was a great asset to our family during my vba2c hospital birth. She supported us through changing doctors, birth preferences, etc. She assisted in a very special, personal banner being sewn, which was over and above her duty. She helped me learn about hypnobabies, birth books, and scientific articles relevant to our case. The week leading up to my birth, she constantly reassured me with questions I had about my changing body. She took my calls in the middle of the night without fail. At the birth, Katherine's support was perfect. She was a watchful eye in the background when my husband took the lead, and was there to give him breaks when he needed them. She was awake and in the moment for almost 24 hrs without rest. When it was discovered that my baby was posterior and not descending her skills were put to the test. We did rebozo, inversions, and position changes for many hours. I'm convinced this work was why my vba2c was successful. My husband was so impressed with her knowledge base. He relied heavily on being able to ask "What does Katherine think?" Overall, I was very pleased with the personal care we received and we will use Katherine for our future births. 

Posted 10/4/2015

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D. Wong

I was looking for local hypnobirthing instructions, and found Katherine.  After speaking on the phone, I instantly felt a connection and I knew I wanted to take classes with her.  She even met me in the pouring rain to deliver class resources when there were issues with the postal service!

In our classes, I felt like I could ask ANY question and always got a well explained answer.  She always made me feel better whenever I had doubts with my ability to fall into hypnosis.  She followed up through texts and e-mails. Even when she was sick, Katherine gave 100% and her voice was always so calming during our hypnosis practice.  Sometimes I thought it was a recording!

I struggled with trying to turn my breech baby.  Katherine gave all suggestions she could to help, and even went out of her way to stay in contact with me after classes ended.  I was facing a likely c-section, which scared the daylights out of me.  Katherine found time in her busy schedule to call me and discuss options for a family centered cesarean, and voluntarily helped me connect with an amazing ob/gyn, who ended up delivering our little one.

I don't know what I would have done without her when I was faced with the very likely possibility of a c-section (which is what ended up happening).  I love her for it and will always recommend her for anyone that is looking for a doula or a resource for anything birth related! 

If you are doubting the Hypnobabies process-DON'T!! I did not think it was possible for me to relax as much as I did with Hypnobabies.  Because of hypnosis, I got through 2 ECV's (if you don't know what that is, Google it!) and remained so calm during my birthing time and it helped tremendously with my cesarean.  Without Hypnobabies I would have been a nervous mess.  I was more calm than the woman working admitting in the ER! 

Thank you Katherine!

Posted 9/15/2015

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Rachel Gann

Having Katherine as my hypno-doula, for the birth of my daughter, was a beautiful experience & one I will always remember with fondness. Katherine was a true anchor in the midst of the waves of my birthing time.
For the Midwife attended home birth of my firstborn son (3 years before my daughters hypnobabies birth) I did not have a doula. His birth went well & I had 'prepared' for it, through a childbirth class & lots of research about my options, but I knew that for any future births I wanted to be more informed.
I initially contacted Katherine, early on in my pregnancy, to sign up for the Hypnobabies course. I did not plan to have a doula for this birth, because my husband was a great support during our first birth. After my husband & I attended hypnobabies & spent all of those precious hours with Katherine teaching us, we had gained more information than we ever expected; not only from the course material, but from Katherine herself & the wealth of knowledge that she has gained from her own research & experiences. We knew then that we wanted to have her calm presence beside us in pregnancy & especially during birth as our hypno-doula.
As my doula Katherine helped to make my pregnancy, birth & postpartum experience beautiful & peaceful & because of it, whenever I get the chance, I now recommend that everyone expecting a baby hire a doula. Whatever birth place or care provider you choose, be it home or hospital, Midwife or Dr. a doula is for everyone & her role is irreplaceable!!
-Rachel Gann Mineola Tx

Posted 9/9/2015

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Ginger Burks

When I first meet Katherine I knew she was the one! She was very friendly, down to earth and made me feel like I was talking to a friend. I originally found her for placenta encapsulation but when I meet her for consult she informed me that she was a doula and teaches hypnobabies. We ended up using her for all three services. My husband and I were thankful she was with us during labor and delivery. She helped us to relax and focus on some techniques we learned during the classes. When I was getting tired from pushing she encouraged me that I was near the end and helped me find the strength to give a final push to meet my son! Katherine was amazing! I would highly recommend her! I can honestly say I wouldn't have had the birth I wanted if she wasn't there. Thank you Katherine for all the amazing work you do!

Posted 7/17/2015

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Veronica Guevara Garcia

Katherine is the kind of person you immediately feel comfortable with . You want her to be your best friend, girlfriend , sisterwife, something important in your life. When she comes in to your life as a doula, she plans multiple consultations with you and your birth partner. She makes it a priority to get to know you and your personality so she can best assist with your birthing time. I am so grateful I found her because Hypnodoulas are hard to find. I had 2 Hypnobirths, 1 with a doula that didn't specialize in Hypnobabies and one who did. It made a tremendous amount of difference having a Hypnodoula. In order to make the home birthing experience simpler, Katherine offers many other services; placenta encapsulation, birth tub rental, and essential oils. She is a wealth of knowledge who has a passion for what she does that is plainly visible to anyone she works with. Katherine is not only supportive to the mother, but accepts questions and help from the birth partner . In my case , I was not aware that my husband was texting her constantly due to being nervous about our first home birth. She helped him become comfortable with the idea without telling me about the situation in order to reduce stress before my birth. Katherine gave such good support that my husband asked why everyone doesn't have a home birth .We love Katherine and are so glad she came into our livEs! 

Posted 4/30/2015

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Rachel White

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child in the spring of 2014, we immediately began discussing ways to improve on the birth we had with our son six years ago. While it was an uneventful birth as far as problems and complications go, I did give in to having an epidural after feeling pressure from the nursing staff to do so. This time I wanted to ensure I had the knowledge and the support system around me to keep me from giving in during the most intense parts of labor. Choosing Katherine Stanglin as our doula is the sole reason we had the beautiful and perfect birth I dreamed of having. Her calming presence commanded the hospital room and set the tone for everyone who walked in the door. Her unwavering physical and emotional support kept me going through the most intense parts of the birthing process. She was also a huge support for my husband, who was in turn the solid rock I needed him to be. Taking cues from Katherine he felt empowered to to give me the support and encouragement I so desperately needed to birth our daughter. My husband is one of Katherine’s biggest fans! Katherine also introduced us to Hypnobabies, and her knowledge of the program was invaluable during the birthing time. In the moments when my brain and all the mental preparation I had done was completely wiped out she was there, whispering hypnosis cues and suggesting new positions for comfort. I don’t know how, but she always knew exactly what would bring the most comfort to me at just the right time. She is AMAZING. Our beautiful daughter was born in January 2015, and looking back on the experience I can honestly say that birthing her was the most incredible thing I have ever done, and I thank Katherine for helping give me and my husband the experience of a lifetime.

Posted 4/13/2015

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Karyn Ballmann

Birthing is an incredibly personal process. And yet, it is vital to have a strong support system that reminds you of the power you possess to birth your baby. How easy it is to feel helpless and hopeless in the midst of overwhelming pain and exhaustion. That's when the sage wisdom of a doula can suggest a new position, or a tender encouragement can empower in a moment.

Katherine did a wonderful job being quietly present. She was there when I needed her, always. And yet, she was never in the way, never annoying, never over-eager. I appreciated how she directed and encouraged my husband to allow him to fulfill the support role in his own unique way. I don't know how I could've made it through to the end without Katherine. There was a defining moment when I cried out to her, "I don't know what to do?!" and she responded, "there isn't anything TO do, you're doing it!" That's when I knew I could do it, I could birth this baby.

I'm so grateful for Katherine and her presence at our birth. But also, for all the vast knowledge she shared with us before and after. She's truly passionate about pregnancy and birth. This shows in her quest for growth and learning in her field. Katherine did a great job presenting information and then, without judgement, letting us make a decision. 

I'll never reflect on my sweet first-born's birth, without recalling the warm, constant cheering and coaching of our priceless doula, Katherine Stanglin.

Posted 3/30/2015

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Rachel Solly

I was so blessed to have had Katherine by my side during the pregnancy and delivery of my sixth baby. She has such a sweet spirit and really poured her heart into caring for my family.  She helped my husband and I learn more with baby number 6 than we had with all the others.  I am so thankful she introduced me to Hypnobabies.  I decided to use the home study course and it helped me have the birth I wanted.  With those techniques I was able to stay truly present and experience my birthing time the way I wanted it to be.  Katherine stayed beside me the entire laboring time.  She kept me focused on what I had learned through hypnobabies and reminded me of my own strength when I started to feel overwhelmed with the pressure waves. My husband felt that because of the way she supported me, he was able to focus on just being with me, holding my hands and loving me without worry. During the pregnancy she used the incredible Rebozo technique to help my baby get into optimal position which helped this mamma feel MUCH better. How I wish I had Katherine to help me during the multiple back-labors I have endured! I also used her service for placenta encapsulation.  It sounded so strange to me but after learning more I felt confident this would be beneficial.  I believe it helped me quickly raise my iron levels after delivery as well as give me energy to recover and deal with baby blues that have affected me at about week 2 or 3 postpartum in the past.  If I should be blessed with another baby in the future I would definitely want Katherine by my side again! Her knowledge and support is simply invaluable. When you meet Katherine you will know that she is a doula not just by title but also in her heart.  She loves what she does and gives herself totally into helping the mamas she serves.

Posted 3/27/2015

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Erricka Bailey

Up until 34 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy I was planning to have a hospital birth, with my OB/GYN (helped me deliver my first son, and I felt very comfortable with her). At 34 weeks I was told, I could not take my placenta home. I left crying, and in a panic as to what I was going to be able to do to prevent the depression I suffered so badly from after the birth of my first son. After tooling around on the internet, I found Katherine. She did placenta encapsulation, Hypnobabies training, and Doula services, all of which had recently become of interest to me. Katherine called me and we talked for almost 2 hours! During our conversation, she asked me a key question that changed the trajectory of the rest of my pregnancy and my birth. "Is liking your doctor as important as your birth experience?". I knew immediately after our talk that she was the woman I wanted supporting us. Within a week I hired Katherine, signed up for hypnobabies, hired a midwife, and fired my OB. She knew exactly how to speak to me educate me, without making me feel dumb. She never told me what decisions to make. Instead, she would provide me with the information, arguments for both sides, and give me the opportunity to make an educated decision on matters that pertained to my child, and my birth. Katherine's spirit is kind and warm. She has an ability to make you feel like you've known her all your life. The first time my son mether he called her "Auntie"! She is so intelligent. She was always there when we needed her. Even after the birth of my son, when I had questions, she would reply in a timely manner. She is organized. With her help we were able to have a PERFECT childbirth experience, I gained confidence, and she has inspired me. During the birth her support never waivored, she held my hand when I needed her to. She also took amazing photos ;) She's Superwoman! Our experience with Katherine changed our lives. I have a genuine love for her and hope to have her in our lives forever!

Posted 3/2/2015

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nereyda cantu

My experience with Katherine was ultimately the best, when i have given up she was there to encourage me to keep going, well first when I called the first time to ask for information about her, her voice was the so sweet and calming which I love because is something i knew I needed through my birthing process also she's really understood our needs she work with us in the best way possible, my husband and I loved her and we won't hasitate at all if we ever have another child, she haves a lot love to give and the sweetest person I have known. I used hypnobabies through the very end of my pregnancy but helped me to keep positive another service I chose was placenta encapsulation which I liked because I do believe they helped me on my postpartum healing and the Tent unit helped a lot with managing my pressure waves(Contractions). 

Posted 2/22/2015

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Amy Schmidt Zook

Katherine was our hypnobabies instructor, so we were very comfortable choosing her as our doula. She is unbelievably passionate about informed birth and a woman having the birth she desires. She was always there to answer any questions we had and was very available to us whenever we needed her. I ended up having a more complicated birth than expected, and Katherine was there to support not only me, but also my husband and mom who were there with me. She stayed after the birth until I was recovered and came back to the hospital for a visit in the postpartum period. She also visited us in our home after we came home with the baby. We truly feel like we had the best possible doula for our journey and consider her not only our doula and hypnobabies instructor, but also our dear friend. 

Posted 1/12/2015

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Tasha Portley

I met Katherine through a local support group in 2013. I was approximately five months post partum, and having a very difficult time dealing with my birth outcome. During the course of the next year I equipped myself with a wealth of information to prepare for the next time I gave birth. I knew that I would have a doula to support me the next time around! I found out I was pregnant in April of 2014, and without question or consultation I hired Katherine to be my doula! I actually hired Katherine to be my doula before I was pregnant. There was something about Katherines' spirit, passion, and calmness that made both me and my husband feel so comfortable.

My second son would arrive December 2014, and I knew that I wanted to VBAC (have a vaginal birth after a cesarean). I knew that Katherine could support me in achieving this goal!I knew that this time would be different with her on my team! We chose to take a hypnobabies class through Katherine, and also have placenta encapsulation done. On December 10th 2014, I gave birth to my second son and experienced a vaginal, non medicated birth at a local birth center with Katherine by my side! This experience was extremely healing, and has changed my life forever!

I know that without Katherine I would have not been able to acheive my birth goals. Katherine was not just my doula, she was my cheerleader, friend, and huge supporter! This is her calling, her passion. My husband and I would not hesitate to hire Katherine again to support us during birth. She is professional, organized, dependable, calm and very caring! I urge anyone who is "on the fence for whatever reason regarding hiring Katherine for their birth, GET OFF THE FENCE AND HIRE HER! You won't regret it, and it will be one of the best decisions you make for your birth experience. I see Katherine and I staying in touch for a very long time, and I am so thankful!

~Tasha Portley~

Posted 12/24/2014

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Lauren Lowery

I knew before I was pregnant that I would want to hire a doula for birthing support. Two of my close friends reccommended Katherine, and I'm so thankful they dd! Katherine was incredible! She was so supportive, never casting any judgement on any decision I made for me and my baby, always available when I needed her and is very knowledgable in every aspect of childbirth! She was such a constant support during my birthing time to both me and my husband! I highly recommend Katherine to anyone seeking a doula! She is fantastic!

Posted 10/13/2014

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Laura Glass Sunda

When I was looking for a doula to be preset during my birthing time, I was looking for someone who I felt comfortable with, who was knowledgeable and experienced, and who also had a good reputation.  Katerine Stanglin was all of the above.  I heard about Katherine and her amazing doula skills from a friend who was extremely impressed with her service. As I talked to Katherine in our prenatal visits, I felt very comfortable with her and I, like my friend, was very impressed with her knowledge and experience.  When my birthing time came Katherine really proved herself to be an amazing doula.  As a first time mother, I was not exactly sure what to expect but when the time came Katherine's support was literally what I leaned on!  She helped my husband to be tuned in with my needs and she kept us all calm throughout the labor.  I truly feel that Katherine was a God sent blessing.  My birthing time was amazing and I highly recommend Katherine.  I will be using her again when baby number two comes along!

Posted 8/1/2014

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Olivia Christensen

I wouldn't trade my birth experience for the world and I can not imagine it without Katherine there as my doula. My husband and I moved to Louisiana for the summer for work and I was due mid July.  I was so worried I wouldn't be able to find a doula that I liked in time for the birth, but as soon as I met Katherine I knew she was the one that I wanted:) she is so sweet and genuine! I took the hypnobabies class and she was able to help out so much with scripts and all of the practice that I put in really paid off. I would recommend Katherine to anyone who is looking for a very knowledgeable and caring doula. You won't regret it! 

Posted 8/1/2014

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Amanda Erickson

Our experience with Kathrine was incredible. We hired her as our hypnobabies doula and her presence at our birthing time was a blessing. Kathrine has the ability to perform completely professionally, while providing the kind of comfort and care of a close friend. Her services were invaluable to us, especially when our birth plan changed and I required emergency transport to a hospital, followed by an emergency c-section. Kathrine stayed with us throughout the entire experience, making sure as many of our preferences as possible stayed in place. 

Kathrine not only provided emotional support and encouragement for me, but she served as a support to my husband as well, keeping him calm and steady during our birthing experience. 

We both feel as though hiring Kathrine as our doula was one of the best decisions we made in regards to our birth experience. 

Posted 7/7/2014

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Laura Moch

I hired Katherine Stanglin as my doula in January to support me for the birth of my son, Nikolai. Katherine was extremely warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. As a hypnodoula she introduced me to the hypnobabies self study course which I practiced and used during my birth. She also gave me great advise about using probiotics to prevent Group B strep colonization, and recommended exercises for optimal positioning of the baby. Due to my advanced maternal age, I decided on a hospital birth and she was able to provide support and advice when my OB wanted to schedule me with an induction. I used natural methods she recommended such as chiropracty, reflexology and acupuncture and went into labor at 40+2. My labor went very fast and without Katherine there to coach and guide me I might not have made it to the hospital. I have no regrets about hiring her and would highly recommend Katherine, she was amazing. 

Posted 6/13/2014

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Scarlett Mills

We absolutely LOVED Katherine! My boyfriend(Joey) and I honestly believe that, without her, our natural, unmedicated birth wouldn't have been possible. She was so in tune with me and my needs at all times, as well as with Joey's. The perfect touch here, the right pressure there, and encouragement and love not only during labor and birthing, but from the very day that we met her. Not only was she there to support and mother me, she did the same for Joey. She never took the place of him in our birthing experience, she merely added to my support. Not just with physical comfort measures, but with kind loving words as well. There was a point, after about 3 hours of pushing, where I was completely ready to give up. Katherine stepped in with her arsenal of tricks and offered up just the right one to get me back on track. It was only 10 minutes of pushing later that our beautiful baby boy was born!

Right from the beginning of our pregnancy, Joey and I questioned how necessary a doula actually was. We were so blown away with what she does, that we will never have a birth without one. With that said, we hope to never have to birth without Katherine by our sides again. She is an amazing, sweet, caring soul who will do anything and everything to get you the birth you dream of. Katherine is more then a doula to us, she's a friend.

Posted 6/2/2014

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Lou Starrett

Hiring Katherine was the smartest thing my husband and I did to prepare for childbirth! We met Katherine because she taught our hypno babies course, which ended up being a world of information! Katherine is professional, encouraging, informative, and reassuring not to mention that during your birth she acts as your coach and second mother! I found that her doula services were also much appreciated after the birth when, as first time parents, we had tons of questions. Katherine is very patient and kind and always seems to have a solution to our concerns. she makes it very clear just how important her mothers are and we always felt she had our interests at heart through the whole process... I highly recommend Katherine not only as a doula but also as your hypno babies instructor as well since both services completely transformed our birthing experience into the most beautiful moment of our lives. 

Posted 5/14/2014

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Erin Dorr

Katherine was an essential in attaining the birth experience that my husband and I wanted!  I also work as a birth doula, so I thought I knew the role she would play...Katherine was all I expected and so much more.  Her calming demeanor and soothing touch carried me through each contraction and kept me focused on my baby rather than my *pain*.  Her presence was especially helpful for our family because we had a planned homebirth with my two older daughters in attendance.  I wanted them to be a part of the day, but I didn't want them to frightened.  Katherine's presence helped me remain calm and in control, even to the point of being able to converse with my children and reassure them that everything was going just as it should.  After the birth Katherine went above and beyond, as she helped tidy up our home, did a load of laundry, helped me eat/drink, etc.  I would reccomend Katherine to any friend in search of an exceptional doula!

Posted 4/9/2014

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Amanda Henninger

Our journey began when my first birth in 2009 didn't go as planned. I was a naive, uninformed and unsupported patient. I didn't know my options & I didn't realize I had rights. A healthy pregnancy & non-emergency birth ended in a c-section. I mourned this event for years to come. My 2nd birth, because I was still lacking in knowledge, was a scheduled c-section. By the time I became pregnant with our 3rd child, I knew something had to change. I knew I deserved to choose how to birth my baby. I knew that if I was to move forward in having a VBA2C, I would need the BEST support & care possible. We first chose a midwife that was onpar with our wishes & desired the same outcome as we did. I was excited & thrilled. I felt empowered! However, I knew there was still a key component missing. With emotional process of working towards a VBAC, I felt like I needed to connect with someone who had gone thru the process themselves. That is where Katherine came in! Within minutes of leaving our interview with her, my husband of few words said the very thing that we still say today, "I like her. She makes me feel safe and supported." THIS is exactly how a doula should make you feel! She helped me work through my fears and reservations.. She brought peace and warmth to every aspect of my pregnancy which in turn carried me through my birth. We also chose to use Hypnobabies techniques. How wonderful this process was!

When my birthing day came, things didn't go as planned. But one thing remained constant during the entire time. Katherine was the calm in the room. She physically, mentally and emotionally supported me (and my husband). When the birth became another c-section, Katherine and Hypnobabies ensured that I remained calm and at peace even though it could've been another traumatic experience. When I think back to that Birth Day, there are three things I am thankful for. My husband, Katherine and our beautiful, sweet and health baby girl.

Posted 3/31/2014

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Heather Leacy

I was origionally hesitant to even hire a doula, but I am SO GLAD we did. My husband and I looked at each other when it was all over and said at the same time, "I'm so glad Katherine was here. We are never doing this without a doula again."

Katherine was a key part of my birth experience going as we had hoped and planned for. I cannot say enough good about her!!! In prenatal visits, she listened to my fears/concerned and helped me work through those, validated past trauma (which helped me let go of a lot) and helped us with practical things like finishing our hospital birth plan in case of emergancy. We also went through the hypnobabies course she offered which was a HUGE help - I couldn't even feel the contractions this time! I'm so glad we went in person and were able to talk through hesitancies about hypnobabies as well as worries that I wasn't doing it right. (Turns out it was really effective!) It really helped to have the accountability of an in person meeting (doing the homework in a timely manner) and to be able to ask questions outside of what the homestudy course would have answered.

During the birth, she was exactly the support I needed (in addition to my husband). I felt safe, honored and cared for. She communicated well and took initiative with things like having me drink water and also provided comfort measures my husband and I didn't think of like bringing a cool washcloth for my face. She is AMAZING at hip squeezes and counter pressure. lol Her presence there helped me feel peaceful and asking her to continue to speak out the mini scripts helped me stay focused and calm; even when it got very intense at the end.

I can't imagine what it would have been like had we not used her services. I've recommended her to several friends already and plan to continue to do so! I would love to have her at any & every future birth that comes along.

Posted 3/29/2014

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Carrie Henry

Katherine allowed my birth experience to be exactly what I wanted. My goal was to stay at home as long as possible, only being at the hospital to push my baby out. That is exactly what happened! Her knowledge and skills were spot on. Her presence and voice were calming and relaxing. I would use her again in a heartbeat and recommend her to anyone.  I used her for my 2nd birth...I was unsure if I wanted to use a doula again since I had had a successful "natural" birth previously.  "Natural" meaning I was able to birth my first without pain medications or an epidural, but I did "purple push" on my back, had a bit of pitocin and some interventions that weren't really all that necessary.  I was so glad I chose to use her and will not birth another child without a doula, and hopefully, it will be Katherine!  

Posted 2/25/2014

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Gina Parkins

Katherine was absolutely wonderful throughout my entire pregnancy and birthing time. She was always available to answer questions and give advice based off of what we envisioned for our birth. I ended up having to be induced due to complications with my placenta and Katherine was crucial in making me realize that it was okay. I was so disappointed that I couldn't go into labor on my own and was so nervous about the pitocin, but having Katherine there to explain to me that the doctor had good reason for what he was doing made me a lot calmer. It's so hard to know nowadays if doctors are really doing what's in your best interest or what is convenient for them. I also studied the Hypnobabies course at home and found that those techniques were so helpful in keeping my birthing time very peaceful.

I totally recommend Katherine!

Posted 1/29/2014

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Hannah Lockridge

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby we were absolutely thrilled.  I couldn't wait to have my sweet baby, but the thought of going through the birthing process completely terrified me.  I knew I wanted to have a natural birth, but I was very scared.  The first time I talked to Katherine on the phone she put so many of my fears to rest.  She was so encouraging and made me realize that I really could have the natural birth I wanted and I did not have to be scared.  During our pre-natal visits Katherine gave us wonderful information and taught my husband and me so much.  I was doing the Hypnobabies home study course as well and she was very helpful and answered any questions I had about the program. The day i went into labor we arrived at the hopsital around midnight and Katherine made the drive all the way to Shreveport, LA and met us there.  She was absolutely WONDERFUL!  I really feel that I could not have done it without her.  She had me trying different positions to help the process and make me more comfortable. She kept me going, even when i started thinking I couldn't make it. I loved how she included my husband in everything and really made him feel like he was a part of the experience. At 9:06 in the morning we welcomed our 9 lb. 2 oz. baby boy.  Katherine stayed with me to help me breastfeed and make sure we were comfortable. She even made the trip again to have a post-natal check up. We had a smooth and happy birth and we are so thankful to Katherine for all she did!  Having Katherine as our Doula was one of the best decisions we ever made. She was such a blessing and I would highly recommend her!

Posted 1/27/2014

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Amanda Mason

She was absolutely wonderful! She completely changed my perspective on birth, in wonderful ways. Before I met her, I had a plan and I had a goal, but I didn't realize my plan wasn't the best way to reach my goal. She never tried to change my mind, but she asked if she could send me information and of course I told her yes. The information she gave me was more valuable than even what my doctor gave me. I learn so much from her and once my eyes were opened, there was no going back. She helped me with my plan and she helped me with my pregnancy. Then, the day of my birth, she arrived way before I expected her to; she encouraged me to rest. She stayed with me and gave me anything I needed. She didn't leave my side once things got going except to get whatever drinks or food I or my husband needed. When I first hired her, I thought the price of a doula was too high and I thought "I'll try it, but I don't know if it's worth it." Now, I can say wholeheartedly, she was worth every single penny and more. I would not have reached my goal without her. Because of her, I know I'll never have another childbirth alone, and I hope to hire her again. 

Posted 12/7/2013

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Sarah Brumett Caswell

Katherine was by far the best choice we made for the birth of our first baby.  She provided us with WAY more care than we expected.  Labor was 50 hrs long and she was there the entire time(no breaks).  We had to shift from a natural birth at a birth center to a c-section at a hospital.  She was crucial in helping us transition.  I also did the HypnoBabies program. Katherine is an instructor and helped me use the techniques to the fullest. My husband and I are so thankful we used her. Her services are worth way more than the costs.  Booking her will be the first step I make in planning our next birth.  She was an angel when I needed one!

Posted 5/31/2013

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Sarah Rainey

I used Katherine's services for Hypnobabies classes and for day-of labor support. All I have to say is that Katherine is an amazing doula. As a first time mom nearly 3 weeks past the guess date, 12 hours of unmedicated labor at the birth center zapped my will power...I was mentally and physically tired. Katherine was incredibly supportive and kept me strong. She traded off with my husband with physical labor support. I swear I nearly tore both their arms off as I labored, but Katherine remained strong, helping me through a difficult transition. Counter pressure, rebozo work, abdominal lift and tucks, massage...Katherine kept me moving through different positions. Her voice is incredibly soothing and her words are always positive. She helped us help ourselves evaluate which medical procedures we wanted...she coordinated services with my midwives seamlessly and professionaly. I can credit my positive birth experience to the preparation Katherine gave beforehand during Hypnobabies classes as well as the incredibly support she provided the day of my daughter's birth. 

Posted 5/16/2013

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Dr. Cascio

Katherine is a gift! She was organized and kind when my husband and I were faced with so many complicated options. She took charge in the birth room with grace and compassion, even in the midst of labor I recall being impressed by her! She remains a resource and even though she is no longer local I hope she will be part of our lives, and perhaps our doula again, someday!

Posted 1/18/2013

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Lori Earley

I met Katherine last Spring, late into my second trimester of pregnancy.  She taught the hypnobirthing class that my partner and I attended in preparation for the upcoming birth of our daughter.  After the first class, I knew that we needed her as a doula for my VBAC home birth.  She gladly accepted, and she became one of my major supports during my pregnancy from that point forward.  Katherine was readily available at any time via email or phone whenever I had any questions or concerns about my pregnany.  She was a tremendous emotional support towards the end, when I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever.  She helped relieve my stress and anxiety, and she made home visits to teach my partner and I different techniques about how to properly position the baby, preparing myself and the baby for her big arrival.  When I went into labor on a late Friday night, I contacted her in the middle of the night, and she arrived at my house shortly after.  She helped keep me relaxed and focused during my birthing time before my midwife arrived several hours later.  Once my midwife had arrived, I had not progressed very far.  My birthing waves were very strong, yet my cervix was not dilating.  Thankfully, Katherine used the abdominal tuck technique during my birthing waves, which allowed the baby to descend into my pelvis, and within an hour and a half, I delivered a beautiful, healthy, "sunny side up" baby girl.  No doubt, without Katherine, mine and my partner's stress levels would have been much higher.  She remained very positive, and had a calming and comforting way about her that kept the birthing environment soothing.  My partner and I are both undoubtedly grateful for all that she provided for us during the pregnancy, delivery, and post partum.  Her presence was the most valuable asset we had in our amazing journey to meeting our precious baby girl!!!

Posted 1/15/2013

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Kelley Perkins

From the moment my husband and I met Katherine we instantly clicked. She was very informative in our initial metting and has a very very caring demeanor. She is an amazing Hypnobabies instructor and doula. She was very organized and was very informative and answered all our questions. We felt very comfortable having her in our home for one of our most intimate expeirences. She attended a prenatal visit with me, came to my home before our birth to prepare, and also helped me prepare a birth plan. She was an essential member of our birth team and she really really helped me relaxed with the scripts during are very fast birth. She came as soon as we called her and was their the whole time! She was able to also make my husband feel comfortable. She is very sweet lady and anyone who uses Katherine as their doula will not regret it.

Posted 11/10/2012

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Adriana Visbal

We had a great experience with Katherine as our hypnobabies instructor and as our doula. We met Katherine at our home to interview her and talk about our expectations for the birth and felt an immediate connection. She was incredibly knowledgable and had a wealth of info to share but unlike previous doulas we had met she was not pushing an agenda and was determined to do whatever we needed to make the birth of our first baby a wonderful experience for us. We also attended her Hypnobabies course and she was wonderful. Her voice was so soothing that it made it really easy to concentrate and follow the scripts. I credit the Hypnobabies class with the restful sleep I was able to get throughout my pregnancy. I also believe my husband and I bonded with each other and with our baby thanks to the class. My water broke at 37 weeks and my husband and I were very surprised by everything, we had actually done our 'mock birth' prepration with Katherine the day before. There is no way we could have made it without her! She was so calm and positive from the moment we texted in the middle of the night till the birth of our baby boy 30 hrs later! There was asignificant change of plans due to the premature rupture of the membranes but Katherine was our rock through it all, she helped us make informed decisions that led to the vaginal delivery of our healthy baby boy. She even managed to rush out and assist another birth during the 5 hrs of downtime we had after the epidural! I firmly believe had we not had her there for support I probably would have had a c-section and not the vaginal birth I so desired. My husband and I both strongly recommend her and think anyone would be lucky to have her as part of their birthing team.

Posted 9/28/2012

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Tatiane Siqueira

 Katherine was like an angel for my second baby pregnancy and birth. I was new in the States and she helped sharing with me her own experiences, giving me some contacts oh birth centers, midwifes, pediatricians, even where to find babies carriers and other things that I had no idea being new in this country. She was with me all pregnancy, her tips were everything during labor, and her presence during the birth helped so much giving me confidence and strength, and she could also be the only person who remembered registering the birth with photos (from her cel phone), once it was so fast and everybody was so dizzy, and for this I'm grateful even more!!! Also she became a good friend who I admire so much!

Posted 8/31/2012

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Alison Diven

In short, Katherine is a WONDERFUL doula and Hypnobabies instructor! My husband and I just had our first baby with Katherine, and we couldn't be happier with the experience. She is organized (oh happy day!), very well informed, interesting, compassionate, and very calming. She has the most soothing voice; I just loved it, both in class and at my birth. I knew I'd feel better just hearing her voice during birth. (I was right.) Katherine is committed to helping you learn as much as you can to make the best decisions for your own family. I really appreciated all the materials she gave me (as my doula--this was outside of the class), as well as online resources, to help me research and understand my prenatal, birth, and postpartum options. She never pressured me or pushed me in a particular direction. She really goes above and beyond before and after birth. She helped me work through some of my anxieties before-hand, and afterward she responded to all manner of text messages (e.g., "how do I wake up the baby to nurse?"). I also really enjoyed the postpartum visit and the opportunity to "debrief" about the birth and just talk about it all. I can't recommend her or her Hypnobabies class highly enough. I had an amazing, peaceful home birth, and her support during the entire process was a big part of my success.

Posted 8/30/2012

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Nazish Dhukka

I decided to hire a doula because I wanted to have a positive coach during my birthing process. I wanted someone who was knowledgeable and was willing to be my support. I went online and picked Katherine blindly because she was servicing the area I live in.

Katherine was God-sent. She gave the me the support and encouragement to last through my birthing process. She met me several times before my due date and even came to doctor's visits! She kept in touch via email and phone.  I started my labour around 3:00am. We called up Katherine, and she was next to my bed side in less than an hour. I was in labour 23 hours and she was there with me throughout the process. She was positive, calm, encouraging, patient, and knew EXACTLY how to make me feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, due to medical circumstances, I was not able to have a natural birth, but Katherine made every effort possible to help me have a natural birth. She was very encouraging, supporting, and knew exactly how to help us handle nurses and medical issues that came up.

Katherine was there after my c-section to support me in breast feeding and in any way possible. She even came for a follow-up visit a day later at the hospital. My family was even impressed with her motherly, friendly, and calm demenour. After the hospital Katherine did a follow-up visit to my home. She spent several hours helping me and my baby get the hang of breast feeding. She was so encouraging, calm, and gentle.

My experience with Katherine has been very very postivie. Katherine will always be a part of my life. She is the best doula anyone can have. Thank you for all you have done for me Katherine.

Posted 8/16/2012

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Dana Posival

Hiring Katherine as our doula and Hypnobabies instructor was one of the best things I could have done to prepare for the birth of my first child!  After deciding to go the natural route, I wanted to be as prepared as possible.  We originally were going to hire Katherine for her doula service only, but after hearing great things about Hypnobabies, decided to sign up for the home classes with her as well.  It was amazing!  Katherine is so knowledgeable, and we learned so many things the doctor never mentioned.  As an instructor, she was a great guide and teacher, and has such a soothing presence.  As a doula, she was absolutely invaluable.  My only regret is that we no longer live in her area, so I can't use her for my next child!  

Posted 7/11/2012

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Stacie Gibbins

 We utilized Katherine's expertise in both teaching of the Hypnobabies childbirth course and as a a doula at our home birth. Without hesitation I would highly recommend Katherine as a doula to anyone giving birth.  My labor and birthing was somewhat difficult and Katherine worked tirelessly and creatively with my husband and myself throughout the birthing.  Katherine has an extensive knowledge of birthing and an extensive set of tools to draw on in order to aid with the birthing. As an example, my baby was posterior and she used the Ribozo Sifting technique and Abdominal Pull and Tuck technique to help me birth my baby. Similiarly, she provided my husband with exercises to do on me to help me manage hip and back pain during my contractions. 

Katherine has an extremely soothing and supportive personality that was very calming throughout our prenatal, birthing, and postpartum interactions with her. And she has an extensive knowledge and set of resources that she drew upon to answer questions we had throughout our journey.  She is an amazing woman and her respect and belief in a woman's ability to birth are both welcome traits in the birthing room.

Posted 7/9/2012

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Abbey Burleigh-Baker

We decided to hire Katherine as our doula near the end of our Hypnobabies course that she taught. We initially didn't plan on having a doula at our birth because we assumed that between each other and our midwives we would have enough support. However, during the months that we met with Katherine for our Hypnobabies course we grew to love her and developed a deep, trusting relationship. She always gave me and my husband such a great sense of calm, confidence and peace that I really began to feel I wanted her there for my birth. It was one of the best decisions I made! Sometimes I laugh when I think about not being sure if I needed a doula or not, if I knew then what I know now, having Katherine as my doula would be the absolute first thing on my list after finding out I was pregnant! Katherine was the perfect person to have by my side during such an intense and beautiful moment. My husband and I both feel that she has an amazing ability to make her clients feel so comforted and empowered. I have never known a person who had such a presence as she does, it's hard to describe. Just the sound of her soft, beautiful voice put me at ease. She truly kept me going and helped me discover strength I never knew I had. I will always remember how during the moments when I felt weak she would bring back my focus by looking right into my eyes and always saying the exact words I needed to hear. She knew exactly what I needed at all times without me even having to ask! My birth was made even more special just having her there, and we will be forever grateful that we were able to experience our beautiful, natural birth with her by our side. Even as I write this I don't feel I can truly put into words how great she is!!

Posted 1/31/2012

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Caroline Bell

Katherine Stanglin could not come more highly recommended. She is a true angel, extremely professional with a special caring touch.

My husband and I had planned to use hypnobabies to help facilitate childbirth and felt that we would be best supported with a Doula, as all of our family members live overseas. After much research we found Katherine who is an hypnobabies instructor, as well as a Doula. From our first meeting, my husband and I came away with a sense of confidence that she was going to be the right fit for us.

As a nurse, my role is to care for others on a daily basis, so, I have high standards when it comes to caring for individuals. Katherine far surpassed my expectations as a Doula. Katherine cared for my husband, as well as myself, during the birth experience.
We both felt fully supported. She was kind, caring, and patient. Katherine spoke our behalf regarding our birth plan at the hospital , allowing me to concentrated on birthing our baby. We had a very stress-free experience.

Katherine’s skill-set also includes photography. We were blessed to have very intimate photos of the first few minutes after the birth of our son, which included Mom, Dad, and baby. Katherine enabled us to fully appreciate our initial moments with our son, without worrying about trying to capture memories. It allowed us to remain immersed in the moment and not miss a second of this special time.

We consider Katherine a true friend. She helped us through an intense time, which became an amazing experience.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Katherine to anyone wanting a calm and satisfying birthing experience.

Posted 9/30/2011

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Jennifer Jerauld

I had the pleasure of using Katherine as my Birth Doula and postpardom Doula for the birth of second child in April.  She was GREAT!!!! She came to visit us a few times before my daughter was born.  Those visit really helped us bond and taught us a lot.  She was wonderful to have around at the hospital as well at home.  She helped with breastfeeding and just keeping me calm.  I would hire here again in a heartbeat.

~ Jennifer


Posted 9/27/2011

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Bre Taylor

When my husband and I began researching the type of classes and preparation we wanted to take for our first birth, we came across Hypnobabies. In my internet search for more information, I came across Katherine's name and website. What a blessing from God that was! Katherine returned my call and from the first few moments, I could sense a great connection with her. I hung up the phone and knew we had found our method for birth and our doula! To save money, we wanted to go the home study route of Hypnobabies and Katherine supported us 100%. We met a few times leading up to the birth and she was always so positive and reassuring in our studies. This support was nothing compared to the amazing ways we leaned and trusted on her during the days leading up to and the day of Jack's birth. Katherine was the calm we needed in the storm of push back and interference we were unfortunately receiving from our caregivers. Every day that I was "late", she further encouraged us that this was in God and baby Jack's timing, both the baby and I were healthy and everything was fine (which it was). She was a rock for both Jon and I and we could not have done it without her. She provided guidance and reassurance during the birth and knew exactly how we needed to birth our own way. She was also a huge support after the birth while I was learning about breastfeeding and baby wearing and visited us often. She is a special friend and it was such an honor to have her as our doula.

Posted 5/2/2011

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