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Jessica Duty


Phone: 425-478-4987

Birth Fee: $1200

Fee Details: This rate includes prenatal visit(s) and postnatal visit(s) in addition to the birth.

Birth Doula Experience: 1 years and 64 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2016
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am part of the Swedish Doula Program serving Swedish Ballard, Swedish Edmonds and Swedish First Hill.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • HBCE (HypnoBirthing)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Registered Yoga Teacher

College Education

  • BA/BS
  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Cesarean birth
  • Domestic Violence
  • Plus size mothers
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • VBAC
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Doula through Open Arms Perinatal Services

Languages spoken: english

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Bothell, WA
Travel Range: 40 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Jessica Duty

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Ashley King

I am so happy that we had Jessica as our doula! She is such a calming, caring and knowlegable person. I immediately felt at ease about birthing the second time around when she was able to be our doula. I wanted to feel more control over my labor and delivery compared to my first experience (epidural, fetal distress, threatened c-section, ultimate forceps delivery) and the in our meetings leading up to delivery day she had great suggestions to help me prepare and I felt much more confident going into it this time. I wanted to labor unmedicated for as long as possible and unforeseen to us after my water broke at home, we had our son within twenty minutes of getting into the birthing suite! Jessica was with us every step of the way via text while we were driving to the hospital and we told her to hold off on coming until we were actually admitted. So no ones fault she was parking her car as he was crowning it all happened that fast!! There wasn't time for anything when we got into the birthing room the contractions just hit me so hard out of nowhere. I have never felt anything like it before but I really held on to the thought that once Jessica arrives she will know how to help me ease the pain and continue laboring unmedicated (I thought we had a long night ahead of us!). And then he was actually here minutes later and I was kind of bummed we didn't get to try out pain management techniques we had spoken about. Hah! Jessica was so awesome postpartum. Stayed with us in birthing suite anyway, giving me sips of water and helped getting breastfeeding facilitated. Checked in with me even after we were home just to see if she could help out and again gave me some good breastfeeding tips for my poor cracked... you know :).  I recommend Jessica to whoever is thinking about having a doula attend their birth. I'm so grateful to have had her in my birth plan, although brief, made me feel so much more empowered and gave me the birth experience I truly wanted! 

Posted 9/23/2017

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Stephanie Kuehnert

I chose to hire a doula because I was a first-time mom aiming for a natural birth and I knew my partner and I could use all the support and knowledge we could get. We chose Jessica because I knew her background in yoga would help me immensely with pain management techniques and because calm, kindness, and general good energy just radiated off of her from the moment we met. She discussed methods of pain management, helped me to find the breathing videos that would support me, and most important to me, when I spoke to her of my history with sexual trauma, she gave very specific suggestions to help me empower myself during my birth experience and avoid triggers. She also thoroughly prepared so she could be supportive if I was triggered. My birth experience was not easy. After my bag of waters broke before contractions, I labored for 36 hours. I ended up with an epidural, five hours of pushing, and went through a c-section. Jessica gave me the support and strength I needed each step of the way. She also made sure my partner ate and took breaks, which he would not have done without her gentle encouragement. She supported us emotionally and made sure we had space to breathe when it was decided I would have a c section and she remained a calm source of strength through the surgery. Postpartum, she helped me process the emotions behind my birth experience. She was there to help my baby latch for the first time and as breastfeeding was a struggle for us in the early weeks, did home visits and offered support via text. I don't believe I would have been successful at breastfeeding without her. She also helped us find comfort and relief as new parents with stretching. I am so grateful that Jessica was there for us and for my son at the very beginning of his life. Our connection to her truly feels as close as family because she was so amazing through our tough but beautiful experience!   

Posted 9/19/2017

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Heidi Spurgeon

I feel privileged to have been able to work with Jessica during my pregnancy and to have had her in the labor and delivery room for the birth of my son!  She brought many intangibles and made a world of a difference for our family. She is reliable, caring, and has a wealth of experience which guided me through pregnancy and a healthy delivery.

As our Doula, I most appreciated Jessica's patience, professionalism, kindness, and ability to anticipate our needs during labor and delivery. My partner and I really trusted her opinion and she was able to ask important questions of our OBGYN and nursing staff to advocate for us and make sure that I was comfortable. Her calm, encouraging, friendly, and gentle demeanor put me at ease throughout our labor and I truly believe that we would not have been able to carry out our birth plan so successfully without her help. Jessica helped me labor at home for hours, and once we arrived to the hospital I felt confident and empowered! Thanks to Jessica and other support people, our healthy son arrived to the world peacefully and I am so pleased with our family's birth experience. 

Posted 8/16/2017

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Mary Ellen Engman

Jessica was an AMAZING doula and really *really* helped us with the birth of our son. Looking back, it would have been so much more difficult and scary with out her there. I was very nervous about giving birth and Jessica came to my home when I was at about 37 weeks and did a visualization exercise with myself and my husbandt o help us pinpoint which things were giving us the most anxiety and then name them and then figure out ways to relieve the anxiety. My son actually ended up being very late (10 days) and I was induced on a Tuesday and 41 hours later on Thursday he was born. Jessica was with us THE ENTIRE TIME! From the moment we went to the hospital on Tuesday night and got hooked up with the induction medications to the minute they wheeled me into the post-partum recovery room, she was there. She coached my husband on techniques to help relieve the pain of the contractions during the early stages and then when active labor kicked in she was there doing hip compressions and helping me maintain my breathing and suggesting labor positions. I was trying to get the epidural at the last possible minute (because I was afraid it would not work) and she helped me stay that course until I was at 6cm. She helped translate things the doctors and nurses were saying. After 3 hours of pushing and 2 failed vaccum extractions, we had to go to Csection. Unfortunately,Jessica was not allowed in the room during the CSection. But she gave us the best bit of advice:Maintain eye contact with my husband at all times, and keep talking to each other LOUDLY over the sounds of the doctors and nurses. This advice was critical because by the time we got to that stage it had been nearly an entire business work week of labor and we were done. After we came home from the hospital, she came to check on us 2 more times and gave us tips on breastfeeding & easing back into exercise after the CSection. I am SO GRATEFUL that Jessica was a part of our child's birth & recommend her

Posted 2/21/2017

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Rachel Powers

I initially chose Jessica to assist with my VBAC based on her experience as a yoga instructor because I thought that could be helpful in coping with labor. She of course had much more to offer than that! The primary benefit to having her with that her presence allowed my husband to focus 100% on supporting me through contractions and pushing. When I think back on my labor I have a lovely memory of my husband's role and how connected I felt to him. This was not only because she was able to give him ideas on how to better assist me - positions, touch, counter pressure, etc - but also because Jessica took care of any of my logistical needs such as water, cold cloths and music so that my husband was not pulled in different directions. She brought several useful tools with her such as essential oils and tennis balls and even had Spotify on her phone so she could play whatever music I wanted (I hadn't thought I would want music so I hadn't come prepared but music was very helpful to me early in labor). Jessica was a peaceful but confident presence in the delvery room, worked collaboratively with the hospital staff and gave us space when we needed it. I would highly recommend her.

Posted 2/3/2017

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Shayla Robinson

Our family highly recommends Jessica Duty for all of your doula services and needs!  Jessica is very knowledgeable, patient and has a relaxing, positive aura that you will cherish during your birth.  What we liked most about having Jessica as our doula is how accommodating she was, not only before and during birth, but after birth she was open to our idea of providing us with additional post-partum services and support that was customized and personal to our needs.  If we decide to continue to extend our family, we will definitely hire Jessica again!

Posted 1/11/2017

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Amisha Prakash

We were fortunate enough to find Jessica though the Swedish Hospital Doula Program. Jessica's experience, her breadth of knowledge, and her calming nature was impressive right away and that's why we chose her to be the doula for the birth of our son. Jessica was extremely responsive throughout the pregnancy and gave great advice and recommendations whenever she could. 


We we went to the hospital in labor on Christmas Day, and Jessica was there right away. Even on a holiday! She guided us through several pain coping techniques including the TENSunit, and got me through an unmediated birth which is what I had hoped for.


I had never heard of doulas or knew what they did prior to my pregnancy but honestly hiring Jessica was one of the best decisions I made.

Posted 1/7/2017

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Hyacinth Barlow

We had the pleasure of having Jessica as our doula with the birth of our daughter. From the moment we met Jessica, we were drawn to her calming presence, engaging and attentive personality. We had taken mindfulness birthing classes and were interested in her experience with hypnobirthing and prenatal yoga. Jessica supported us in our wishes for an unmedicated birth and use of alternative techniques to cope with labor such as breathing and massage. She was gracious throughout the entire process (including showing up in triage for a false alarm at one o'clock in the morning!). Jessica was very responsive to all of our questions. We highly recommend her! 

Posted 11/18/2016

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Kristel Knight

Doula Jessica was an amazing addition to my birthing experience! We chose Jessica because of her background as a HypnoBirthing coach and prenatal yoga instructor. My goal was to have an unmedicated birth using deep relaxation using the HypnoBirthing techniques.

My water broke a week early, I wasn't in labor yet after 24 hours, and my partner and I were quickly adjusting our expectations for the birth. We were both working still and scrambling to make our final emails and calls as I went into the begining stages of labor, induced naturally by nipple stimulation with a breast pump. When Jessica arrived at the hospital, she immediately was a calming influence. She had some sort of aromatherapy oil on her that was a welcome and relaxing distraction from my progressing contractions. During the next several hours, as I retreated inward, Jessica helped to maintain a relaxing environment for me and helped my partner find ways to participate. At one point we switched to her meditative yoga music, which helped me to lose track of time and be in the moment. Near the end of transition I felt as though I would not be able to continue, she gently encouraged me to stick to my plan by simply suggesting that we check how far I had dialated. At 9cm dialated, I continued unmedicated. The final stage, she helped to ease my fears of pushing with a fear release script from the HypnoBirthing practice. I appreciated Jessica's familiarity with the practice. It helped to comfort me during the final pushing. It was an amazing journey. I ended up healing very quickly and had the beautiful unmedicated birth of my son that I desired.

Doula Jessica is caring and genuine. Without her gentle encouragement and support, I would not have had the birthing experience I wanted. She was completely willing and able to help whereever possible. I felt truly blessed to have such a warm and kind person in the room with me! Thank you! 

Posted 10/26/2016

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geneba cham

Where do I start..... First of All THANK GOD FOR DOULA'S. My first baBy is 9 years old. I'm a newlywed who was having a new baby. ( Very scary thought) I was offered a doula at my midwives office but turned it down. There was a community event I went to went I came across the organization Open Arms. ( Honest I only reason why I signed up was because of the two wonderful ladies there) Awesome people skills. This is how I met My Doula Jessica Duty. I love this ORGANIZATION... They made this one of THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I was having a very hard pregnancy. My family was by in New York. I was needing my mother and she wasn't there. When We first met this AMAZING Extraordinary Young woman I knew my life had change. She was always there Always. She makes me want to have another baby just for a DOULA... SHE IS THEEEEEE BESSSSTTTT!!!!!! Me and my family will forever be grateful for her. Everytime I look at my baby; we are reminded of the beautiful journey and Jessica made this something I would forever be grateful and WE LOVE EVERY STEP OF THES WAY!!! JESSICA DUTY ROCKKKKKSSS AS THE BEST DOULA... I'M BOOKING HER FOR ALL MY BABIES... THANK YOU JESSICA WE LOVE YOU ?? ?? ??

Posted 10/3/2016

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