Lauren Aiken, CD(DONA), CCE Photo

Lauren Aiken, CD(DONA), CCE


Franklin, TN Service range 25 miles

Birth Fee

$950 to $1200

Birth Fee

$950 to $1200

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 38 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2016
  • Academy of Certified Birth Educators, June 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Home birth must be attended by a midwife.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Franklin, TN Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Lauren Aiken, CD(DONA), CCE

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Laila and Greg Rosa


Lauren for us was essential.

Since our first meeting, we felt she was supposed to be our doula.

A friend of ours recommended her and during our pregnancy, we've randomly met a few people that knew or had Lauren as a doula, and they just spoke good words about her.

During the labor she was amazing, Greg couldn't go to the hospital and she gave all support I needed.

We definitely recommend her and she will be our doula for our next pregnancy for sure. 

So glad to have her as part of our first daughter’s story. 



Lauren was a saving grace for me during pregancy and labor. Looking back on the whole experience I continuously think, "I could not have done it without her." 

I will never forget the moment she arrived in the delivery room. She was the definition of grace, steadiness and strength. My husband has said numerous times, "Lauren was the best investment we made during the whole process. I would have not known how to support you without her guidance!" 

If you're weighing the costs on whether to invest in a doula let me help you. Make the investment. You won't regret it. And let me help you one step further. Invest in Lauren. You cannot pick someone better to be apart of your labor and delivery team. 

Kaitlyn H



We would not have been prepared to have the birth we were hoping for without Lauren’s knowledge and calm guiding presence every step of the way. I will say that it took a little bit of convincing for my husband to hire a doula, but in the end he told me and others over and over again how amazing she was. He assured me we’ll use Lauren now for every child we have. I had a 36 hour labor and Lauren was there for two days in the hospital with us. I can’t speak highly enough of her commitment. After our baby girl was born, Lauren ended up having another birth (a friend of mine!) to be at later that night at a different hospital in town.

Her birth class gave us the tools we needed to make decisions, and Lauren graciously told us her thoughts on each decision we needed to make in the hospital. She equipped and encouraged my husband to advocate for me and our daughter. Lauren has a calming strength that was exactly what I needed in that hospital room, and my OB even respectfully asked for her thoughts at one point, knowing that Lauren knew my hope for a non-medicated vaginal birth. In the end, I needed to start pitocin and Lauren helped me see that wasn’t a setback, but a medically necessary and safe way to encourage our daughter to come vaginally.

I feel I’m rather rambling, but what a blessing Lauren was, and her coaching and presence before, during and after our daughter came will certainly be a part of every birth God allows us to have. 

Jenna Perez


When I first contacted Lauren of Grace & Birth for her doula services I knew two things- 1) I wanted a hospital birth & an epidural and 2) I wanted someone guaranteed to be in town for my baby’s birth, other than my husband, since all of our family lives in another state. I did not know if those two things made sense but I went ahead and requested a consultation anyway. I’m pretty sure I said those two things to Lauren the first 30 seconds of our meeting. She assured me that having a doula present at hospital births is not uncommon, that my birth plan was just that- mine, and that having outside support since our family was far was a great decision. Check check check. What we did NOT expect was everything else that happened. And I say we because her presence before, during, and after birth meant just as much to my husband as well. With the help of Lauren’s knowledge, experience, expertise, incredibly calming presence, and unwavering support, my entire birth experience was amazing. She helped me feel so equipped and prepared. I have always disliked discussing childbirth with anyone and everyone but planning my own birth with Lauren left me feeling empowered and sure of what I knew would be best for me. Her classes leading up to my due date helped my husband feel the very same way. Having her present at the hospital helped me stick to my plan and made me feel confident in my conversations with my doctor and nurses. I never could have imagined feeling so sure of my decisions while in active labor. The way she helped my husband support me is impossible to describe here. Thanks to her guidance and insight, he knew just how to communicate with me and support me with our birth plan. I do not want to even think of how the weeks leading up to, the actual labor and birth, and time soon after would have gone without Lauren in my corner. Regardless of your birth plan, you NEED a doula and I 1,000% recommend Lauren. 

Louise Bonnett-Brooks


I didn't use a doula for the birth of my first child and while my daughter was born completely healthy and without complications, I did not look back on the experience positively. The medical staff were excellent but I felt there were options I could have exercised that weren't offered to me in the interest of delivering quickly and in a way they controlled.

My husband and I first discussed using a doula because of his travel committments and not having any family nearby. The opportunity to have an expert on call was really appealing to us, but Lauren made the experience so much more than that. Her labor class educated me in what could have happened differently in my first delivery - options I didn't know I had. I  really appreciated her openness and thorough exploration of what I wanted this time and how I prefer to be interacted with in times of pain, sickness or stress. Through it all, Lauren was completely respectful of the active role my husband wanted to play.

When it came to delivery, Lauren was with me at the hospital as my husband was traveling there. It turned out I didn't want to be as active as I expected, and Lauren was fully present with me in the quiet, supporting me pysically and verbally. Labor progressed very quickly and my husband arrived just as I needed to push - 20 minutes later our son arrived! I can confidently say I would not have been able to labor the way I wanted had I not had Lauren's support. My recovery was significantly quicker this time and I attribute much of that to the positive experience I had through labor - thank you, thank you!

Sarah Aiken


The moment I found out I needed to be induced, I called Lauren and told her not to bother coming to the hospital with me because I didn’t believe a natural birth would be feasible anymore. Thankfully, Lauren was adamant about continuing on in our journey. I am so incredibly grateful that she did not give up on me, nor did she let me give up on myself. Birth is such an intimate process. I remember so clearly sitting in the shower naked in a utterly vulnerable state with Lauren knelt at my side. Yet, I felt nothing more than peace and comfort in the moment. In an uncontrollable induction, Lauren provided the sense of control. Control over the pain and control over the fear. When I was becoming overwhelmed with trepidation, I met Lauren’s eyes through blurry tears and found equanimity. She was there for me and she was there for my husband. The whole birth process would not be the same without Lauren.

Tatum Perry


Once we decided that we wanted a natural birth for our child, we began researching doulas in our area. A friend recommended Lauren to me. I looked through her website and immediately felt drawn to her. I remember thinking I loved her mission. I loved that at the root of her practice, she believed in extending grace and her deep faith transcended through her message. During my pregnancy, I was faced with perpetual fear and continuous lies from the enemy trying so very hard to steal my joy, so this spoke directly to my heart. I setup an interview with her, as well as a few other doulas for the following week. After meeting Lauren, I canceled all other interviews. My husband and I knew almost immediately that we wanted to move forward with Grace and Birth and that we wanted Lauren to help guide us through our upcoming childbirth journey! She was an incredible support system throughout my pregnancy and we attended the birthing class offered in her home, which was also very informative and helpful in our preparation. However, I want to skip forward to the big day! I was finally ready to head to the hospital and was in full on panic mode! I was tense through every contraction and my pain was quickly becoming intolerable...until Lauren arrived. I will never forget this moment. I was having another contraction and she came over to the bed and calmly  said “I want you to close your eyes and loosen everything from your head to your toes for this next one and just breathe.“ It sounds simple, but it changed everything. I immediately felt more at ease and in less pain. Her presence was comforting and essential to our positive birth experience. She was encouraging when I needed it and gracious when I decided at 9 cm I needed an epidural. She spoke truth over me as I progressed through labor and helped us welcome our son into a peaceful, happy, and love-filled room. We are so thankful to have Lauren as our doula and now a lifelong friend. 

Gabrielle Carpenito


Where to even begin!

Lauren was my amazing doula while I was in labor & in just the 3 short days I got to know her before delivery I felt so comfortable with her. She has a calm & peaceful way of comincating back with you on any issue & any concern. I expressed to her all of my hopes for delivering. My hope & prayers were directed in the natural way to birth. She did a phenomenal job of discussing the little details before hand. While in labor she was very hands on & attentive to all my needs. I had the most beautiful experience & my hopes & prayers came true! I am so grateful for having her apart of my journey. She has been such a blessing. We love you Lauren!! 

Leah Sutphen


We chose to use Lauren as a Doula because my husband knew that it would make me feel more comfortable and prepared going into labor. We met with her just to discuss what she would provide as a doula, and we knew immediately that we wanted/needed her with us during labor. We took her birth classes in the weeks leading up to our due date and felt overly prepared for what was going to happen, pain strategies, emotional support, and the ins and outs of what could happen. Lauren helped my husband feel confident and comfortable to help me during labor. She was the PERFECT support I needed to feel capable of dealing with the pain of labor. She was able to show my husband how to physically help me through contractions and give him breaks when he needed them. One thing that was really important to me was her spiritual guidance before, during, and after labor. During the birth of our daughter, Lauren had the most profound, helpful, and brief words of encouragement that kept me going. I still keep those words close to my heart! Lauren was joyful and kind to the nurses, but also made sure that my needs and wants were being met. Looking back my husband sees how Lauren was not only a support to me, but she made him a better husband during labor. She was able to take some pictures of our sweet daughter entering the world and that was so special to us. We cherrish her passion for being a doula and loving on expecting parents. I cannot imagine going through an unmedicated labor without her support. You will not regret hiring Lauren to walk with you through this time in your life! 

Kelsi MacQuarrie


When I met Lauren I felt an immediate connection. She is the perfect mix of just the right talking and listening, with a very calming presence. Lauren's care went beyond our two prenatal visits and attending our birth. She took the time to really get to know me and my husband and establish a solid relationship. Not only was Lauren by my side during labor, but she was also quick to respond to my many crazy questions and concerns pre and postnatal. She is full of great advice, along with a bunch of helpful references. She even lead us to a church that we love. I can't say enough good things about Lauren! She was truly a Godsend to our family and we're so happy to call her our new friend! I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone!

Meghan Harrington


Lauren was wonderful leading up to and all during my labor! My labor was very long and Lauren was a comforting presence through the whole experience. She was with us the entire time and really supported us and kept suggesting new positions for me to try to keep me as comfortable as possible. I look back on that day as a beautiful memory and we are so thankful to Lauren for her encouragement and support on the day our daughter was born. 

Erin Walters


With my first son, I didn't use a doula and had a horrible hospital experience that ended up in an emergency c-section. My hopes with my second son were to have better support throughout my pregnancy and labor in order to have a better experience. 

I spoke with Lauren early on in my pregnancy and knew almost instantly that I wanted to use her because of her calm demeanor. She was amazing throughout my entire pregnancy!

While my husband I had gone to a birth class with our first son, we decided to take Lauren's birth class to jog our memories. While we thought we were jogging our memories, we both left feeling more prepared for this delivery than we had with our first son.

Lauren always asked when my appointments were and followed-up with me afterwards. Towards the end of my pregnancy, they were some complications that led to several ultrasounds and appointments. Lauren was so faithful to be there to listen to my fears, encourage me, and provide my husband and I with questions and resources we wouldn't have thought of without her support. 

Lauren wasn't just our doula, she became our friend and loved us, and our little one, so gracefully throughout my pregnancy and our delivery. I can't imagine what our journey would have looked like without her because she supported me in ways I didn't even know I needed. I would highly recommend her to everyone!

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