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Ferndale, WA Service range 30 miles No


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 120 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have excellent professional relationships with all the practices whom I have attended births with at St. Joe's. I have always been seen as a respected and contributing member of the birth team. I tend to stay 1-2 hours post partum with families birthing in hospitals and have stayed longer when there has been a medically necessary separation of mom and baby.I look forward to continuing to attend birth's with families at St. Joe's.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
High volumes of my clients choose to birth at the Bellingham Birth Center and I have attended many birth's there with several different midwives. I stay about 1 hour post partum at the birth center as long as everything is going smoothly but will continue support if a transfer to the hospital becomes necessary for delivery or an after birth repair.This is an excellent choice for families that we are lucky to have in our county. I have an excellent ongoing relationship with the BBC.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will attend any home birth w/in my area that is attended by a licensed midwife.

Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I maintain a Pro Genital Integrity Practice and work hard to educate parents on the benefits of keeping their children intact and advocate for baby's right to their whole body. I have a research packet complete with DVD's that parents recieve at their first prenatal visit if they are expecting a son or a 'surprise' baby. I also can provide many other resources for allowing a fully informed choice.

Fee Details

I charge a flat fee of $700 for my services which includes: two in home prenatal visits, birth plan counseling, as well as phone and email support and ability to attend any OB appt with you if asked. After the birth we will have one in home post partum visit after baby comes and assistance with breastfeeding if needed. I am on call for you two weeks before your guess date and stay on call for two weeks after if you haven't delivered by your guess date. I have great relationships with other doula's in town and can easily arrange for a back up doula to cover me during an emergency or if unable to attend your birth for unexpected reasons. If I am traveling outside my normal area (Seattle etc) my fee will be $1000.

Ferndale, WA Service range 30 miles No

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Joshua Henry


Jen is a real gem! She has been a huge help. For me the father especially. As a Father for me the child birth experience is very emotional, a lot in part because I don't know what to do. Having the birth take place in the hospital is also a lot to deal with because the nurses and doctors have their agenda and standard protocol. Jen, helped me by walking me through what was going to happen in the hospital and offered another perspective on what the doctors and nurses wanted to do. SHe even offered other options there were available to us but that the doctors and nurses never presented. Jen, helped keep the peace and watched out for me, my wife, and baby to make sure our level of care matched up to our expectations. Jen was the calm in the storm. I felt pressure multiple times from the nurses and doctors to jump through their hoops but Jen looked out for my wife to make sure she was cared for and protected. I can't recommend Jen enough she is a real gem! Thanks Doula Jen for everything.



Alison Merz


Jen is an absolute life saver. Endlessly positive and incredibly supportive, she was able to really get to know us as a couple so that she could be of the most help for our particular birth needs and wishes. The road to pregnancy was a bit bumpy for us as a couple and she was incredibly understanding and kind about some sensitivities and vulnerabilities we shared with her, and worked so hard to be true to our preferences and birth plan. She is very generous with her time and met with us multiple times before the birth to plan and share important strategies for pain management, positions, and relaxation.

Jen shared sample birth plans and helped us write a thorough and hospital –friendly birth preferences. Jen has wonderful relationships with the Peace Health midwives and nurses which really eased the process of a doula assisted hospital birth. She is skilled in baby spinning which helped turn a posterior positioned baby so that the baby was facing anterior, which greatly eased my back labor. Every step of the way she was there for us and offered unending care and ideas for making our birth as comfortable and true to our wishes as possible. I had a relatively long labor and long pushing phase and she had a seemingly endless array of ideas for alleviating pain/ intensity and knew when to mix it up to try something new. She also met with us multiple times after the birth to support our transition and just check in on all of our well-being and offer support.

Jen is caring, warm, knowledgeable, kindness for miles – she made us feel so comfortable and supported every step of the way. She offered real support to both of us, and was a great source of calm and confidence throughout all steps of a difficult labor. She supported both me and my partner equally. You really couldn’t choose a better doula!

Adrienne Hegedus


Our second baby (and first with me over 40) was a successful VBAC! Thank you so much, Jen. We loved having you there. Thank you for the preparation tips (chiropractor, pelvic floor work, yoga, massage, and therapy among others) and for coming over to our house for a marathon sifting workout when the baby was 40w 3d. You were really helpful in keeping me sane in that week that I was past my due date.

Your positive energy and great ideas for shifting positions during my medicated labour were a big part in finally convincing him to come out, I think. It was a wonderful, positive experience.

I highly recommend a doula and I highly recommend Jen. 

Nick Berard


If you or your significant other are having a baby (talking to you guys), CALL JEN, immedialty! Even if it's your 2nd+ kiddo. 

As a man, the pregnancy/labor process makes me feel awkward, un-nerved, and a bit confused. I wanted to be a supportive husband & father and yet didn't have time to read any of the books my wife had about childbirth & labor. 

Jen helped make it easy for me to support my wife throughout pregnancy & labor. I didn't need to read a ton of material or go to long child birthing class. This was our 2nd baby, and this time was a million times easier (for me at least) having Jen help coach us along the way.

We had a couple meetings before d-day, worked through a few exercises, and most importantly both my wife & I got to prepare mentally. So when that day came, we both knew what to do & had a successful birth!

Thank you Jen for helping make it a million times better than our first birth! 




Sara Charette


Jen was an amazing doula, and despite having a midwife-attended delivery at the hospital, I am confident that she is the reason we succeeded in having a medication-free birth. She kept me focused and calm, particularly during the final stages when the intensity threatened to become overwhelming. She had good suggestions for pain management and ways my husband could help me during labor (as well helping him keep up his own energy). And I also believe her guidance in doing the "belly lifts" is what got labor kickstarted when it had begun slowing down. I will echo other reviews and mention that the quantity of photos I found on my camera after I got home were a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure I wanted photos of the delivery, but I was incredibly glad she took them. Thank you Jen.

Maria Varro Miller


Jen is a rockstar! In a doula-type of way. My husband and I are delighted that we hired her and would do it again in a heartbeat. For my fifth baby I was smart enough to procure the services of a doula since I had previously experienced some emotionally traumatic births - to the point where I was going through panic attacks and extreme dread of upcoming labor/delivery.  Jen was an incredible support and encouragement for me during what was an extremely stressful and fear-filled time by lending me books, letting me call her (and cry) and listened to me with patience, grace, and kindness.  She also provided some resources which enabled me to process and articulate  not only what I had previously experienced but also what I truly hoped for with my upcoming birth.  She also shared exercises and labor-coping strategies and carefully discussed all our options we would have available with our hospital birth - above and beyond what anyone else had shared. I was able to make decisions which I was pleased with, and discuss things with my care providers which I wouldn't have known to otherwise.  When labor truly began, Jen arrived at my home to help me through the early stage and I believe that her support and guidance through various positioning exercises sped along the first stage by getting the baby engaged and further down with greater efficiency.  We arrived at the hospital and I was already a 7-8 cm.  Jen was actively engaged during the entire labor and delivery, making sure I had something to drink, that I was in a good position physically, and most importantly, that I was emotionally supported and nurtured.  She interacted comfortably and well with the hospital staff (who all appreciated her presence) and was calm, caring, and a solid encouragement and highly knowledgeable asset. I felt comforted and empowered by her presence during my birth - now a wonderful memory for my husband and me! What a gift! THANK YOU, JEN!

Adrienne Hegedus


What a powerful experience with an excellent advocate. Jen was a great fit for my husband and me. When we met with Jen I really liked her no-nonsense approach and positive demeaner. She was a little less "crunchy" than I had expected my doula would be! She wasn't strict or negative at all, but was matter-of-fact when needed. 

During labour at the hospital, Jen provided very important support for both of us. She had lots of suggestions for comfort during 8 hours of back labour and the rest of the labour time. Later, when the OB suggested a c-section, she was able to intervene and get us more time to keep trying to push. When the baby didn't descend at all, she discussed a gentler approach to c-section with the OB's for us. We were lucky that the baby was in great shape when he was born, and the doctors were able to put the baby on my chest for immediate skin-to-skin and delay the cord clamping, which was apparently quite unusual for c-sections at St Joe's. 

As an added bonus, I knew that Jen had my camera, but didn't realize she was documenting as much of the labour and surgery as she did. The photos and video that you took for us, Jen, are just awesome (not professional by any means, but awesome memories!).   

I highly recommend Jen. I hope we can use her again one day. :)

Kayleah Sellgren


My husband and I knew that we wanted a doula to help guide us and support us when having our first baby. After meeting with Jen, we knew she was the perfect person to invite along for the ride! :)

My labor started almost a month earlier then expected and Jen was ready when we needed her. When settling into the hospital, sometimes there is so much going on around you that you dont remember what your "plan" even was. But Jen was there; she reminded us of other questions and possibilities to ask the doctor, she reminded us of our rights as a patient, and so importantly, she reminded me to believe in my body and the power of it. 

During delivery she was right there holding my leg and encouraging me to get my baby girl out. Within an hour she was out, sunny side up! Complications arose and Jen was there emotionally giving me support and reminding me how strong I was. The rest of that night is still blurry, but the following morning Jen came back to the hospital(which in no way is part of her follow-up) to check on me, baby girl and remind me how well I did. It just showed me how much she cared and how much she was invested in the birth of our baby. 

Jen will definitely be there with our next baby. She has already given me tips on what we can do and what my body might need to get our next baby out naturally. I cant wait to be able to go through the natural labor techniques with her.

Thanks again Jen! 

Sommer Cronck


My husband and I hired Jen for the birth of our fourth child.  We had a doula for our first and loved her, then our second birth was an emergency c-section of twins at 31 weeks, so we never had the chance to have a doula.  For our last baby, we didn't think we "needed" a doula, as we'd had babies before, but I had to switch doctors in my 34th week of pregnancy and was worried that the new doctor would push me for a repeat c-section which I really did not want.

We met with Jen and expressed our concerns.  We were impressed with her knowledge of the local hospital and its nursing staff, of her experience with VBACs and of her flexibility in supporting what we wanted.

Even though we thought we didn't need a doula, we are so glad we had Jen.  Not only was she a wonderful advocate in helping us have a successful VBAC, I am certain we would have ended up with another c-section without her there.  Our doctor suggested several times that perhaps it was time to intervene, but each time, Jen (and our awesome nurse) said, "Let's try XYZ for a bit first" and eventually, Jen and our nurse figured out the perfect position to put me in to get my stubborn little one to descend into the birth canal.

We are done having babies, but if we weren't, I would hire Jen again in a heartbeat, and recommend her to all of my pregnant friends!

Sallie, David and Emma Jane


After interviewing Jen to be my Doula for our first child, I instantly knew that she would be the supportive person I needed to get me through a natural birth. I wanted to hire her right on the spot but it was she who recommended that I interview a few more just to be sure. I was impressed that she would care more about my experience than of just wanting to book another job. After further interviews, i was convinced that she was the right person. Her love and passion for the role of the Doula and what it means for mom and baby showed strongly. Jen was worth every penny. She showed up at my house in the early morning as my labor started and she said " you get to meet your baby today!" She held my hand and coached me through 16 hours of labor! My husband was so thankful for her presence as well. Jen made sure that the staff at the hospital respected our birth plan and we got exactly what we hoped for! A wonderful natural birth experience and a healthy happy baby girl! Jen even stayed with me for two hours post birth to support me through stitching up a bad tear. I could tell after this experience that Jen would do this work for free, she is that passionate about this work. Jen your are wonderful and I highly recommend you to any woman who is looking for Doula support!

Tilly Goble


 Perhaps the reason it took me months before I could write this review was an attempt to get it down to 1800 characters. Or perhaps with every birth I have attend since my own with Jennifer I am slowing becoming more aware of what a quality, professional, caring, above and beyond Doula she really is. Yes that is why. I am astonished and did not know how good I really had it. Jennifer is intuitive her soul speaks to yours and makes you feel comfortable – but also knowing you have someone that will fight for you and go to battle with you. She fought for my wants during my birth. She comforted me. She held me and let go when she knew I would be okay. She let me feel powerful. It would be a gift to YOU to have her at your birth. Period.

Molly Kunzman


My husband deployed when I was 3 months pregnant. He was gone for 8 months. So that meant I was going to do this all on my own, without the help of my biggest supporter. After talking to a few friends about what I could do to make the experience better I decided to find a doula. I met with a few doulas and as soon as I met with jen I knew my search was over. She was very informed, asking me tons of questions on what I wanted my birth experience to be like. In the first few minutes of speaking with her I could tell this was her passion so my decision in picking her was very easy. She amazed me with her calm presence during the birth of my son. She came over my house and we did a few techniques to try and get him in position. Which absolutely worked!! Once we got to the hospital she stayed by my side the whole time. She did everything I needed her to and more. She even helped me stick to my original birth plan. I got everything I wanted out of his birth and my experience with her. If my husband is ever gone again and i am pregnant, i will absolutely be calling her. When I really think about it though, I think having her there made me feel so much more comfortable than I would have if it was just me and my husband, since neither of us would have known what to expect. Jen is an amazing person and I would recommend her to anyone, whether you have other support in the room or not!

Autumn Baughn


Jen arrived to interview with a latte, a hug and a warm smile. She was easy to talk to, asked the right questions and was more informed than I was (despite having read a billion books, birth stories, and attended classes), I felt at ease right away. 

EDD approached, Jen was available to me by phone, email and we visited too. I went overdue, she came over and sifted me while her son and my daughter played happily, she then lent us her robozo and taught my husband how to sift as well. She sent me encouragement and kind words as the days ticked by.

Finally, labor!  It went much, much more quickly than I had anticipated. I felt calm and in no pain. By the time I felt ready to need some support (at my midwifes urging) I was nearly through transition! Jen arrived minutes after I texted her, just as I was getting into the tub. She quicklyapplied a cold cloth and pressure to my face. I never asked for this, she just did it. . . and it was just what I needed (and I didn't even know it!). Soon I was pushing without any effort and felt pretty worried and scared, it was all happening so fast and so intensely, Jen and my midwife reminded me that "this is normal", "you can do this." Firm and simple words broke through all the intensity  Our sweet Ever Harbor Joy was born. I have never felt stronger, more powerful, beautiful or. . . shocked! It was fast, nearly painless (till those last minutes!) and just as I had dreamt.

Jen was instrumental to the preparation for this birth. I was a mental mess when we first met, all fear and trepidation that this birth would repeat the history of my first. She helped me work through those feelings, give up control and let my body do exactly what it is made to. Birth gently and incredibly well.

The calm support, attention to feelings and things that go unsaid, intuitive care in labor and postpartum are just a few of the hallmarks of Jen's incredible skills as a doula.

Lindsay Knight


I LOVE Jen!  She was seriously bad-ass (in a good way of course)!  She was our constant reminder and support for our birth experience!  

We have twin boys and Jen helped those boys come into the world in the most peaceful way possible (considering it was twins and had to be a hospital birth). 

With twins, there are TONS of things that doctors insist upon, but Jen helped us remember that EVERYTHING was our choice.  She was helpful by providing information to help us create our "ideal" birth plan, as well as prioritizing the things that, if needed, we were willing to concede about, and what things were 100% non-negotiable, and in what circumstances, we would concede! 

She went way above the call of duty for our crazy birth!  Not only did she come to the 2 typical pre-natal appts in our home, but she also came with me to a pre-natal appointment at the OB office, 2 post-natal meetings, showed us how to wrap both babies in our Moby, donated us HER OWN breast-milk when I had supply issues AND, showed up MULTIPLE times to our 4 day induction!   Between 10 days at UW for a short cervix, sobbing phone calls, 4 days of pitocin, and pre-eclamsia, Jen was THERE through it ALL! 

In the end, we succeeding in having a vaginal delivery of the twins!  Not everything went as planned, but our 1 non-negotiable was met.  Now, next time, I will be able to have a birthing center birth! 

We would not have had a vaginal delivery without Jen!  Thank you Jen!  You are a beautiful and amazing woman and doula!!!!!!

Colleen van Pelt


A great birth is not merely a physical event. A critical component that often gets overlooked is the emotional aspect. The mechanics of birth are pretty straightforward, but a mother’s emotional well-being can either hinder or enhance the progress of labor. Jen’s presence at the birth of our second daughter helped me tap into a deep feeling of safety and love that enabled me to embrace my labor and all that it entailed.

At our very first meeting with Jen, both my husband and I were impressed with her warmth, knowledge, and passion for her work. Her relaxed and confident manner eased any qualms my husband had about inviting another person to our birth. When my labor began, Jen brought all these wonderful qualities with her. Though my labor was quick, it was intense and Jen’s presence was essential. She knew just the right technique for easing my back pain and helping me get through each contraction. Even more importantly, Jen’s absolute confidence in my ability and the love she projected helped me to utterly relax into my labor and progress quickly. I felt so fortunate to have her with us during the birth of our daughter.

I recommend Jen without reservation to anyone looking to enhance their birth experience.

Kacey Bane


Ahh, Jen. I cannot express my gratitude enough for her doula services.  My first pregnancy was a breeze, labor was long but with Jen's support, it is such a wonderful memory.  Jen's intution, knowing what I needed during labor, was critical in making sure that I had the experience that I wanted to.  I am so grateful for her support and care.  

Rachel Louws


Jen was absolutely amazing. She was a key player in the successful (and quick) birth of my first baby. She was an incredible support and encouragement to both my husband and I. I gave birth to my daughter at the hospital even though I knew I was looking for a non traditional hospital experience with no drugs, delayed cord clamping, no interventions, etc.

Jen labored with us at our home. She provided support suggesting positions that helped me progress quickly, which my husband and I might not have thought of had we been alone. Belly lift anyone? She was encouraging when I questioned whether or not I could make this happen. She helped guide us on when we should make our way over to the hospital. 

It was incredibly important to have Jen with us during our time at the hospital. She was able to encourage me when I felt discouraged from the nurses around me. She kept me calm and relaxed when it seemed like a whirlwind around me- my baby girl came very quickly. She let me squeeze her arms and blow my morning breath in her face. She was there when we needed her but stepped back so my husband and I could experience this amazing moment together. When there wasn't any time for anyone to have read our birth plan, she reminded us to tell the doctor and nurses what we wanted. 

They allowed us the perfect birth of our little girl and I think a lot of it had to do with the respect Jen has built up with the nurses and staff at the hospital. We could not compensate her enough for the job she did for our family. We want her by our side for the birth of any other babies that might join our family. 

Thank you, Jen! 

Michelle Osterhaus


My experience with Jen Quesada was beyond amazing and invaluable. After a very undesirable birth with my first I asked Jen to be apart of my second. It was still not the birth I wanted but the experience was drastically different. My first birth was an "emergency c-section" which we felt any choice was taken from us. My second birth also became a c-section but with a much different result. Jen coined the phrase empowered c-section and she also said humane c-section and both my husband and I attribute it to her. This time we went into my labor informed of the decisions we could make, after several days of contractions and 15 hours of labor and no progress we decided to have a repeat c. Jen was there with us through it all and even came into the OR with us. It was a beautiful birth full of choice and progress. Before we even got to the point of a cesearan Jen tried every method she could think of to help us progress. She came to prenatals with me as well. There is no way we would have had as beautiful a birth without her.

Heather Davidson


 Having previously delivered two sons in the hospital prior to becoming pregnant last year I was left feeling dissatisfied with the experiences, so I was grateful when a friend introduced me to Jen early on in my pregnancy. Though my husband was the absolute best support person I could have had, and though we felt relatively prepared to handle the imminent delivery of our son at the Birth Center, we could not have been more grateful for Jen’s presence the day I went into labor.

From checking on our two older sons who were hanging out in the front room waiting for the good news to documenting my sons’ arrival with our digital camera (which she went to pick up at our request while I labored at the BC!), from helping me breathe through over three hours of hard labor to helping my husband to understand what was happening to me each step of the way, Jen was there to enhance and help preserve the memory of our experience. Our son was born on a beautiful September Sunday, and Jen was there not only in the time surrounding his birth but in the coming weeks as we struggled with feeding issues. Her postpartum support and guidance to resources has been incredibly helpful for our family, her presence at our son’s birth allowed me to relax more and to put my focus solely on his safe delivery, and her willingness to adapt to our family needs made her a good fit for us. We are now firm believers that every woman deserves a Doula, and should we be blessed with another child in the future we will choose Jen Quesada again!

Carolyn N.


A GREAT doula reminds us how strong we are when we forget. They bring out the best in our birth partners -- helping to enable the best possible outcome for mother, baby, and partner. She brings a calm spirit and positive birth energy to labor and delivery -- free of fear or doubt and full of trust in the innate abilities of the mother and her body.

JEN IS A GREAT DOULA and I am so thankful that she was part of my birth team. After originally planning for a natural birth, Jen helped my husband and me navigate through a medically necessary early induction process. I had a lot of apprehension about being induced and Jen helped me work through those feelings and feel empowered to ask the questions I needed in advance. Jen's support was essential during the two-day long Pitocin induction. This lengthy and exhausting process had me feeling at times as though I should just cave and allow for interventions that were not part of my plan. Jen's gentle reminders of why we had certain preferences going in aided in our ability to advocate successfully for ourselves and very likely helped me avoid a cesarean as a result.

When active labor finally began it progressed rather quickly for a first pregnancy. Jen helped me (and my husband) stay centered through the intense Pit contractions, was creative and encouraging as she helped guide us into positions to address baby's OP presentation, and was literally there for me to lean on whenever I needed. She interacted with hospital staff with finesse -- managing to even request the best nurses to suit our needs. In the end we were able to have a positive hospital birth experience that was as close to the natural birth we had wanted as possible. If we have another baby someday I surely hope to have Jen by my side.

Sarah TeVelde


After my first birth went amazingly quick and relatively easy, (with just my husband, mom and midwife), we weren't really considering having a doula.  Jen was an acquaintance of mine and when she found out we were expecting our second she offered to be our doula.  Since the first birth had gone so smoothly, we were hesitant to add another person to our birth team but looking back I am SO glad we did!  Our second time around, we had a lot of difficulty getting labor started after my membranes ruptured prematurely.  She came to our house to try some "techniques" that we had never heard of in our birth class and was a huge support emotionally as time ran out for my labor to begin (after having ruptured membranes for too long).  

She transferred with us to the hospital for our induction and she helped "pave the way" for us when the nurses were less than thrilled to have another transfer from the birth center.  The doctor that was assigned to us did not exactly have the same views as us on a few items on our birth plan and she helped us remember WHY we had made the decisions we had.  It was especially helpful to have her support (along with my midwife) when I started second-guessing myself regarding the specifics of the birth/delivery.  When labor finally began, she allowed my husband to be my primary coach (as we had planned) and was helpful in reminding him of ways to help me.  She was able to give me some VERY helpful verbal cues that got me through a VERY intense (pit-induced), 1 hour labor!  "Just remember, you can do ANYTHING for a minute!"

THANK YOU JEN Q!!  You are a true blessing!

Cassia Bakke


This was our first child and we felt that having a doula in our support team was more than a good idea, it was a great idea. We are very fortunate to have found Jen! She was incredibly knowlegable and such a great asset!

We wanted to have our baby at the birth center in Bellingham, however, two weeks past my due date, we found ourselves with no other choice but having a hospital birth.  I am extremely fearful of the hospital, having had a bad experience there.  Jen was so incredibly helpful in deciphering the hospital procedures.  She helped us find the strength to stand up for our beliefs and not be swept up in the mainstream mechanical hospital happenings. Her kind, encouraging words, soft touch and moreover her great wealth of knowledge was very helpful and wonderful.  She has an uncanny ability to be there when you need her (and we defiantly needed her) or to step back and just be near by and ready when you don't.  If we have another baby, we defiantly want her by our side!!  Jen is simply amazing!    I just don't know what we would have done without her.

We highly recommend her!


Jenn Eckermann


Jen Q. was a doula for the birth of my second son. I never really considered having a doula with my first, I really wanted it to be just my husband and I. I know Jen as an acquaintance, and after she got certified as a doula, she offered to be present at my birth, and I thought "why not?" Best decision ever.

My son was OP early in my labor, and Jen gave me some great suggestions on how to position my body to turn the baby around (worked like a charm). From rubbing my back during contractions, getting me a snack/refilling my water bottle, and even taking pictures, she was nothing but helpful and supportive.

My second son was born at home on Easter Sunday, 2009. His birth was a beautiful, fantastic experience for me, and I think that having Jen there was a big part of that.

Jen McKinnon CD(DONA)


I am a new doula in Alberta Canada and when I was starting out and looking for guidanceI found Jen Quesada's facebook page. She keeps adding links and articles that are useful for clients but more than anything her upbeat and energetic spirit comes through in her posts. I've exchanged emails with Jen and spoken on the phone when I've needed help and Jen is quick to help, has tons of useful information to put me at ease and I was touched that she would be so helpful to other doulas who are starting out. From my time speaking with her I know that she is knowledgeable and kind. As one doula recommending another, I would highly recommend her as a great doula to have at your side during your birth experience. She's amazing! 


Thanks Jen for all your help!

Jen McKinnon CD(DONA)

Miranda Eddy


 even having a homebirth with wonderful midwives i found jen was amazing addition to the birth team! ! my third birth went rapidly (under three hours, two active) it went so fast,if jen hadn't been there i would have been left alone to deal with a very rapid labor while my husband and midwives were trying to get the birthing tub ready.. in so many ways i feel like i couldn't   compensate her enough for the benefit of her services we gained!  i can't imagine birthing another way.

Thea Rosenburg


We had a successful VBAC (in hospital), and Jen's encouragement during our prenatal visits and labor was, to quote my husband, "the game-changer."  Because we were hoping for a VBAC, she spent extra time helping my husband and I to prepare for birth through labor simulations, discussion and prayer, and she was instrumental in helping me learn which questions to ask during prenatal visits with my OB. This was particularly helpful when it came time to talk about the possibilities of going over due: the way our doctor presented it, I wouldn't have known that I had any other options for beginning labor without induction if Jen hadn't helped us to come up with a plan to try several natural inductions before considering a scheduled cesarean.

I am tremendously grateful to Jen for reminding me throughout labor of exactly why I wanted a vaginal birth, because, toward the end, a cesarean began to sound mighty appealing. However, once our daughter was born (and now, two weeks later, when I'm feeling great without painkillers and am able to carry my older daughter without worrying about an incision), I was so glad that we stuck it out! Holding my daughter in those first moments after birth was incredible, especially when compared to the first moments after my eldest daughter's cesarean birth.

As a Christian, I loved having the support of someone that I knew was actively praying for me throughout my pregnancy, and who could encourage me to look outward, to Christ, for my strength, rather than inward, to myself. I am so grateful for the way that God used her to support my husband and I through the birth of our baby, and I can safely say that we don't ever intend to have a baby without her help.

Talia R Nuckolls


Jen was amazing.  Avalible to me via email, FB, phone or text from the time we hired her.  Advised me and listened.  She was so personable and kind and yet professional.  During the birth....A Warrior.  She never tired in getting on "hands and knees" with me or holding my hand or encouraging.  She was up all night with us, she made friends with the staff yet was always advocating.  I was a VBAC so we had to really work with the Dr.s and keep our birth plan in mind.   She is passionate about all things that empower women.

mandy moon


I was really scared to have a child in the hospital, i had my first child there and it was a terrible experience.  Jen told me that it did'nt have to be that way, I was a little leery of all the information she was giving me.  I like many others was sure that babies were supposed to be born in the hospital, just because.  I trust her and so my husband and I just went with it.  It turned out to be a wonderful experience.  I don't remember much it was so quick, but I do remember feeling safe and calm.  I called her that morning and several times through the afternoon, when I was ready to go to the birth center we called her again.  I was at the birth center by 1:20pm, I don't think anyone thought I was going to give birth so quickly.  Jen got there somewhere around 3:00 (I think), most everything else is very hazy.  I just remember feeling calmer this time around.  I really don't know what else to say except that we are having another baby in November and I don't want to do it without Jen by my side again. 

Karen Stout


Jen is a wonderful doula and we're so glad we hired her! She was entirely focused on helping us have the experience we wanted to have in birthing our son.

She provided us with so much information and helped us answer questions we didn't even know we had. After having 2 children, I didn't think I could learn much more about pregnancy and birth. But she taught me so much, which I've happily shared with so many other pregnant moms.

Her presence during my labor was incredibly helpful. She provided my husband the breaks that he needed to tend to himself or our family, as well as helped him help me during the difficult "transition" phase. She always advocated for my wishes, and encouraged me to advocate for myself. Because of her presence, I never felt timid in speaking up for myself, which was empowering.

If we were to have another child, I'd hire her again in a second!

karen (mother of Alexander)

Merrilee Dilley


Jen was an amazing doula. I really felt like she cared for me and my family, and did a fantastic job supporting me during my waterbirth. She was exactly the right person at the right time. She was focused on me, and meeting all my needs the entire time, even anticipating some before I even knew I had them! With her help I had a 9lb 7oz perfectly intact baby boy, in just under 4.5 hours with no pain meds and virtually no tearing. 

To read my birth story, and see the amazing photos she took for us during the birth (on my camera), feel free to read about it on my blog here:

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