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Anne Anderson, CD(DONA)

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Lexington, SC Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 42 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Improving Birth Rally Committee Member 2016 Love Your Birth! Birth and Baby Expo Director and Coordinator 2018 Assistant Director for Love Your Birth! Birth and Baby Expo 2019

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

One free initial consultation to answer questions, discuss your desires, and see if I'm a good fit for your birth team. Two prenatal visits during pregnancy to provide resources, practice comfort techniques and discuss your birth plan. Client packet containing evidence based information from Evidence Based Birth® and local resources, a $100 value. 24/7 On call support from 37 weeks of pregnancy up to two weeks after birth. Continuous support during labor and birth up to two hours after birth, or until mom is situated and breastfeeding is established. One Postpartum visit, up to two weeks after birth to discuss your birth experience and provide additional support. I am not a certified/professional photographer, but I would be pleased to take some pictures of you with my camera (or yours) at no additional fee. Discount on doula services for contracted clients taking an Evidence Based Birth® class.

Lexington, SC Service range 60 miles

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Having Anne as part of our team for the birth of our second baby was one of the best decisions we made! During our initial consultation, my husband and I both felt an instant connection with her. She asked thoughtful questions to get to know us and understand not just my birth preferences, but the why behind them. We both immediately knew that she was the right fit for us!

I truly could not have hoped for a better doula to walk through the end of pregnancy, labor, and birth with us. Anne was supportive of all my birth preferences from the beginning, and even though I had planned and prepared for an unmedicated birth, I had every confidence that she would be completely supportive and non-judgmental if my labor required additional interventions or if I opted for pain medication.

Additionally, since we have a young child, it gave me a lot of peace knowing that if for any reason our planned childcare fell through, I would still have someone I knew and trusted with me for support while I labored.

We were so grateful for Anne's knowledge, calming presence, and support before, during, and after the "fast and furious" arrival of our daughter, and we would confidently hire her again to support a birth!



After my first meeting with Anne, I knew she would be a calming influence during labor and delivery of our second baby.  Her calm demeanor and wealth of information based on both her experience and the evidence based birth research brought us great comfort during our initial meetings and then during the birth.

My pregnancy didn't go as planned and I made the choice to be induced once I'd passed my due date in order to tackle an unexpected medical condition.  It couldn't have gone better!  Anne was very supportive of our decisions and helped us navigate the changes we'd experience as part of being induced. 

She was also there to help me labor and push.  Her timing was perfect and provided my husband the opportunity to grab some food so he could return in time to help me push.  Anne embodies all the things you'd expect from a doula and is a great support as things change.  I can't recommend Anne enough!

Ariel Domlyn


Anne was absolutely the best labor doula for us. She is knowledgeable and a proponent of evidence-based birthing practices, but also completely non-judgemental. She clearly wanted our family to have the best birth experience for us, however we defined it. Anne is a great listener and incredibly supportive. I felt like I could say anything to her, be vulnerable, be a little crazy, and she not only wouldn't judge me, but would have a comforting response. She was an incredible emotional and educational support before, during, and after labor. We are so grateful that we chose to have her part of our birth experience!

Jessica Jolly


I do not even know where to begin in describing Anne. She will forever hold a special place in my heart for helping me to achieve an unmedicated childbirth. My water broke without contractions, which I felt like threw my birth preferences out of the window. However, with the help of Anne, I felt very comfortable making decisions on what route was best for us. She was an instant calming presence when she arrived at the hospital and endured quite the long labor right there with me. And it was comforting to know what was "normal" in labor. Her suggestions for coping with labor were spot on with what I needed. I'm pretty sure I would not have survived transition without her! She was also wonderful in supporting my husband. It would have been incredibly difficult for him without her there, as well. We would hire her again in a heartbeat and cannot thank her enough for what she means to our little family!



My baby was born in late April 2019, Anne was actually our backup doula. She attended all of our prenatal visits and we loved her! So glad she ended up being my labor doula, she is non judgemental, attentive, and supportive. I ended up getting an epidural at about 7cm and 2 hours before my baby was born and she was totally encouraging even though I'd been open to, and we'd discussed, a natural birth. She stayed about an hour after our baby was born to look over our breastfeeding latching, etc. Anne also visited us at home a week or two after he was born just to follow up on how we felt the birthing experience went, answer any lingering questions etc. Loved her!

Eva Creel


I had a hard time finding a doula in my area. I was due during masters week and no doula, in Augusta would take me as a client. That's how I found Anne who didn't mind driving the extra way from South Caroline. Thanks to Anne, she had my laboring bed turned into a seated position, she was the one who requested a squat bar for me. If it wasn't for Anne I would have been on my back with an epidural and no way to express what I wanted. Anne knew what I wanted and needed without me even having to ask.  Anne helped me through my natural VBAC. I experienced some complications after a successful birth and as a result, can't breastfeed but Anne went the extra mile again and found me some donor milk that she brought along on one of her post visits. What a wonder woman! Thanks Anne.

Elizabeth Foley


My husband and I decided to hire a doula to help with the labor and delivery as it was our first child and we wanted someone with experience to provide support for us.  We both agreed that Anne was one of the best decisions we made regarding our birth.  She was very supportive of what we wanted for the birth, and she was there to make sure we were informed the whole way. Before the birth, she met with us to go over what we hoped to have birth-wise, provide evidence-based information regarding the potential decisions/interventions that might occur, and help prepare us for labor.  During the whole process, Anne worked hard to make sure we felt in control and informed.  Also, Anne was able to tailor her support to what we needed and met us where we were.  It is because of this quality, I would recommened anyone looking for a doula to consider Anne.  In addition to her professionalism, Anne is personable, easy to open up to, and very calming.  I would highly recommend Anne and will use her again if we have another child.  My husband and I both loved Anne!



Anne was my doula for my second birth. She is an extremely professional, friendly, and kind woman. From the first prenatal visit, I felt a connection with Anne. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. At all of my prenatal visits, we ended up chatting for 2-3 hours. Anne answered all of my questions and asked me questions to make sure she knew exactly what I wanted for my birth. Anne is very knowledgeable about birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum. She helped me make informed decisions about my pregnancy and helped me create a birth plan that fit my desires.

I ended up having a very unique birth experience. From beginning to end, my labor was only one hour. I barely made it to the hospital. My son was born 7 minutes after we arrived. Anne rushed to the hospital and got there in time to coach me through pushing. Her voice was calm and steady as she guided me through the most intense work I have ever done. Her words were exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. She gently reminded me to focus and channel all of my energy into pushing. Anne stayed after the birth and helped me establish breastfeeding. She also took tons of amazing pictures on my phone while I was pushing and after my baby was born that I will forever be greatful to have.

Even though I had a short labor and delivery, having Anne as a resource and support throughout my pregnancy helped to ease my anxieties and feel relaxed and confident as I prepared for my birth. I knew that I had an expert in my corner who was knowledgable, cared about what I wanted, and was committed to helping me have the best birth experience possible. It is also very obvious that Anne loves what she does and is passionate about her work. I highly reccommend hiring Anne as your doula!

Michelle Wolfe



I hired  Anne towards the end of my pregnancy. I wasnt 100% sold on the idea of hiring a Doula and didn’t completely understand their purpose- I now know how amazing they truly are and what a difference it makes in the birth room to have someone who genuinely wants the best for you, your family, the baby you’re about to welcome and to make YOUR experience better than what you could have hoped for. Anne did exactly that and more for me- She was there for me in ways my husband didn’t understand how to be. I’m  grateful I had her by my side who is experienced  in births and was able to ride along our journey and help direct me in the way I wanted to go. She went above and beyond for me, before the baby came, during and after.  I was extremely grateful to have another support system by my side, it made all the difference to have that one extra person be there for you and help you during this process. Anne was informative, helpful and most importantly was genuinely joyed to be welcoming a baby earthside- it made me feel that she was just as excited as I was to welcome our daughter into the world and that helped builded our foundation off to a great start. You can feel when she speaks how much she truly loves being a Doula- it more than a “job” to her, it’s her passion and  I loved that she was able to be mine and help build my confidence for my birth plan. 

I would recommend Anne a thousand time to anyone of my friends & family looking to hiring a Doula! 

Jessica Maffett


Our first child was born March 1st, 2019 at 1227. Her delivery was the product of lots of patience, love, and support. My husband and Anne worked together in a powerful way to comfort and support me through one of the most difficult things I have ever done!! After my water broke at 7:30 the morning of the 28th, we knew we only had so long to get our baby here. After going to the hospital at 3:00 that afternoon, many long hours of walking, using the birthing ball, breast pump, and waiting we finally had to make the decision to begin pitocin at midnight as I was not progressing quickly enough. We didn't want to risk infection.
 This point in my labor was where I learned how amazing of a doula Anne truly is! She coached me and my husband through until I ultimately made the decision that I could take no more and needed my body to rest. We had not progressed in 4.5 hours. Although I was initially against receiving an epidural, it turned out to be just what my body needed. After it was inserted around 7 AM I was able to relax, and progressed quickly on my own. After a 2 hour nap, I pushed our beautiful child into this world with my team right by my side!! To hear those words, "It's a GIRL!!!!" made my heart explode!! Although my birth plan did not go as I had originally desired, I felt completely supported and have absolutely no regrets in any decisions that I made.
 Anne has been not only an emotional and physical support person, but also an advocate for me and my husband with the hospital staff, and helped to give us peace of mind. Our birth experience is one I will remember and cherish forever!

We cannot thank Anne enough for all that she has done. My husband has stated so many times how proud he is of me and the strength I showed! The connection we feel now and the strengthening of our relationship I truly believe is owed in part to Anne! I cannot say enough about this wonderful woman!


hannah aull


Anne is an amazing doula! Hiring her was the best investment/decision we made in preparing for the birth of our first. Her presence during my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter was a tremendous help to both myself and my husband. Anne's knowledge and experience helped educate us with regard to what to expect, preparing our birth plan, labor and delivery, and postpartum. She was always there along the way to answer any questions or concerns we had. Our daughter was born January 25, 2019. Anne was there for the entire (lengthy) labor and delivery, and was very professional and nurturing throughout the entire process. She was quick to make suggestions, ask questions, and keep me informed at all points during my labor, always keeping in mind what was in our best interest. In addition to her active coaching, Anne provided massage, candle lights, essential oils, etc. to help us achieve the birth environment we were looking for. Although my labor did not go exactly as I had planned (for reasons beyond anyone's control), I had such a great birth experience that I am able to look back on with so much joy. Thank you Anne for all of your support! You're the best!



Alannah Gonda


Anne Anderson served as our doula for our first baby girl born on New Year's Day. I cannot even begin to describe how much of a blessing Anne is to our family. It was wonderful having her come to our home and getting to know her prior to our delivery. She has such a peaceful presence about her that helped me with my anxious thoughts about having a natural birth. Anne also was always available to talk to me and process things over the phone when I had so many questions about the birthing process and different procedures my OB office was recommending. I honestly do not think I could have made it through a 39 hour labor with pitocin and no pain meds or epidural without Anne's support. When my contractions were ten minutes a part for a whole day, Anne would get up throughout the night with me and my husband to help walk us through each painful contraction without becoming anxious. She always reminded me how to breathe appropriately when I would forget. She was very emotionally supportive of both me and my husband. Anne also provided so many resources to us as we were wanting to learn more about vaccinations. In the last four hours of our delivery, Anne stayed by our side, encouraging us every moment until our baby girl entered this world. I cannot fathom my first delivery without Anne Anderson. She brought so much peace to our hospital room in the midst of so much pain. I would recommend her to any mom who is wanting to have support throughout their pregnancy, labor, and post-labor. My husband also appreciated Anne so much as she helped him to be a better support to me throughout the entire experience.

Necole Stender


 Anne was absolutely amazing to work with! She made sure that I was well informed on different things and answered any questions I had. When it came time for actual labor and delivery, I can say that if it wasn't for Anne and my husband I would have given up and not worked for what I really wanted. I cannot express how much Anne's support helped me and allowed me to reach my goal. If and when the time comes for another pregnancy, Anne will be there once again. I highly recommend investing in Anne's services! 

Christina Hymer


We cannot recommend Anne enough!

At 37 weeks, my husband and I decided that we wanted a doula for the birth of our first child. After speaking with Anne on the phone, I was impressed with the depth of her questions as she sought to understand our hopes for the birth and her willingness to jump on board towards the end of my pregnancy. To put it simply, it was clear from the beginning that Anne is well worth the investment for creating a positive and memorable birth experience. 

Anne did a great job of identifying ways that me, my husband, and her could effectively work together leading up to the birth of our child and during the actual delivery. She made herself available day and night, via text message, email, in-person, and telephone, to answer any questions and address any concerns we had. In this sense, she addressed both mine and my husband's questions and concerns, helping us to all work together as a team. Because of Anne, the entire labor experience went much more smoothly than I ever could have imagined. I felt much more empowered and informed to make medical decisions regarding the delivery. During the actual day of delivery, Anne even brought essential oils and a host of drinks and supplies to the delivery room. We laughed and had fun all day. If we have another child, I would not hesitate to work with Anne again!

Finally, consider this... I had a vaginal delivery with pitocin and no epidural. My goal of an unmedicated vaginal birth would not have been possible without Anne's coaching, love, and support.

Shavanique Chunn


I was told that I would end up having a repeat C-Section with my daughter considering that I had 2 already with my first two children (ages 3 and 1). One of my doctors also told me that i had a 17% chance of having a vaginal birth. This saddened me momentarily to hear that one of my doctors were doubting my body's ability to birth my baby vaginally. 

Well I tuned all negative thoughts out and prepared for a vaginal birth. I googled "vbac" and discovered the ICAN group. I contacted the local chapter and attended the next meeting. At this meeting, the purpose was learning about doulas. At this meeting My husband and I met, Anne Anderson. My amazing doula, Anne prepared us and was with me and my family every step of the way. She was very patient and competent during labor and delivery. After 30 hours of labor and with the love and support of my wonderful husband, our amazing doula Anne Anderson, along with the incredible staff at Richland memorial hospital, we had our first vaginal birth of our first baby girl on July 19th at 9:22am weighing 6lbs 7oz!!

I would not have been able to get through the vaginal birth without Anne! There were plenty of times where I felt like giving up and Anne stepped in and held my hand every step of the way! And for that my family and I are BEYOND greatful for Anne!! 

Regardless of what anyone SAYS and no matter how things may LOOK, the power of positivity and having Anne Anderson as your doula can shift things COMPLETELY!! ????

emily blackwell


First off I would like to say I’d never have another birth without a doula. Ann was there for me in more than just a physical sense during my labor which was one Of the most special parts of my labor. I had a 30 hour long labor and she was there through the nitty gritty. And although we have lots of similar preferances as far as medical things go, I never felt pressured and I’m sure if I’d had different wants she would’ve supported those just the same. My labor was all about empowerment for me other than meeting my baby of course! Ann helped me achieve that. I would just like to say that really Ann isn’t a $599 doula she’s a $2000 doula if I could put a price on her of course. I felt very personally cared for, she brought me lip balm! And you don’t think you’ll want that but I did! And it was so nice to have, also the knowlage Ann had was worth the money alone to me. I will never forget this experience and I’m so glad I met Ann and was able to have the privalage of including her into my birth story !! 10/10 would recommend!! 

Emily Gay


Our birth experience was so much better thanks to our doula. Before the birth, she helped me know what to expect at the hospital and gave me some things to think through in order to be better prepared. During labor, she offered ways to keep things moving. It was nice to feel like we had an ally in the room that knew us and knew the ropes of the hospital. She gave me perspective during pain and was a definite factor in being able to follow through with a natural birth. This was my third delivery, I have a very involved husband, and I still got so much from having a doula. Before, during, and after labor, she gave the personal support doctors don’t have the time to give. I highly recommend anyone and everyone have a doula!

Rebecca Wafler


I am so thankful for Anne Anderson and the wonderful way she worked with my daughter during her pregnancy and delivery.  I was very axious about how my daughter would do during delivery as she is a tad high strung and a real worrier.  I knew that I could not be the person to help my daughter through her delivery, and as sweet as he is, I didn't think her husband would be able to console her.  What we needed was a knowledgeable, calm person who could sooth my daughter's fears.  Anne was able to do this from the moment she met my daughter.  She was able to answer all my daughter's questions.  She sat with my daughter and really listened to what she wanted and helped her to figure out her birth plan.  She was available to my daughter any time she had something on her mind that she was worrying about.  Sometimes her advice was as simple as maybe my daughter should call her doctor.  Somehow the advice from Anne held much more weight than the same advice from me, and I knew it would.

When delivery time arrived, Anne came right away.  Anne had a wonderful rapport with the hospital staff.  I could tell right away that they respected her and her oppinions.  Anne gave my daughter courage to ask for things I know she would't have had Anne not been there (like a birthing pool that was only used to help ease the labor).  My daughter's husband and I were there for the entire delivery, but it was Anne who was by my daughter's side making sure she had everything she needed.  This took so much pressure off me, and I was able to enjoy the experience.  Had Anne not been there, I would have been anxious and trying too hard making my daughter upset not calm. She also took the pressure off the new dad.  The birthing plan was in place and Anne stayed for the entire labor which was about 31 hours.

Anne Anderson made my granddaughter's birth a wonderful, relaxing, happy experience. 

Lindsey Berger


You can search the world over, but I PROMISE you will not find a better doula than Anne! She is incredibly educated and passionate on all things childbirth. I had SO many questions about labor/delivery/postpartum and very specific preferences in mind. Anne met all of my questions not just with answers, but with appreciation. She came alongside everything I was hoping to achieve and experience with my son’s birth, rather than tell me how it had to be. Being 1,000 miles away from all family made labor and delivery seem scary. Anne helped ease those fears by continually reminding me how my labor and delivery was mine to own. Because of this, I felt so empowered by the time I walked into the hospital, I was able to bring my son into the world confidently, fearlessly and without the use of any medication. My favorite part about having Anne on our birth team was her ability to extend past her knowledge and gift me with a foundation of encouragement that flowed into the delivery room. Anne genuinely took the time to get to know my husband and I, so she could provide the best support possible. She made it clear from the beginning, her support extends to mom, baby AND dad. She included my husband in everything by asking about his concerns/fears/feelings. She gave him tangible ways to be involved in our son’s birth. On the big day, everything went exactly PERFECT! No words can accurately convey how thankful I am for Anne. She is an incredible woman and a wonderful blessing before, during and after my son’s birth. I am forever grateful to Anne for being the source of strength I needed to endure and for sharing in our joy on our sweetest day!!

Stacey Anderson


My doula experience with Anne is nothing short of a GOD send. Anne has such a sincere and caring demeanor and knew just what I needed even in times when I did not throughout my labor with my son. Anne is experienced and will go above and beyond to make sure the mother is as comfortable, prepared, and calm as possible. I don't know what I would have done without her. She was my voice and looked out for me.  She is very passionate and experienced and would never have another child without her by my side! Can't thank her enough for all she did! I would suggest anyone to have Anne as their doula! 

Jessika Santos Cooper


Having Anne as my doula was one of the best decisions I made in regards to my pregnancy. Throughout the whole pregnancy, she was available for me to ask questions, and provide evidence based information. She is so passionate about helping her clients have the best outcome, the birth they wish to have. But it wasn't until "go time" that I saw just how much I needed her in addition to my husband in my support group. She was caring, loving, and made the whole difference. She was a calming, reassuring, supporting presence who reminded me often that I could have the birth I wished for, that I could have the natural birth I planned to have and that I could do it!!! And I did! And Anne is a huge part of why.


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