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Barrie Rein Thunemann MA, ICCE, CD

Full Moon Birth

Issaquah, WA Service range 30 miles no ferries

(206) 920-9922

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1500

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1500

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 47 births attended

Doula Training

  • PALS Doulas, October 2006

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at Evergreen, Overlake, Swedish First Hill, Ballard and Issaquah, Northwest, Group Health Seattle, the Univ. of WA and Tacoma General Hospitals.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have attended births at Puget Sound Birth Center and Eastside Birth Center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have attended home births throughout the Greater Seattle area.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birthing From Within Birth art services
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Certification chair for PALS Doulas, Birthing From Within Certified Mentor, volunteer doula and childbirth preparation services for women in need. Birth Story Listening facilitator. Specializing in pregnant folks with anxiety, previous trauma or previous birth trauma.

Fee Details

Sliding Scale Open to partial trades for website design, graphic design, business skills or marketing/advertising work. Also open to partial trades for childcare.

Issaquah, WA Service range 30 miles no ferries

Client Testimonials for Barrie Rein Thunemann MA, ICCE, CD

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Roxana Nelson


When friends who are expecting for the first time ask me what I couldn’t have gone without during my pregnancy, I always emphatically shout, “Barrie, my doula!” I describe her as my (and my husband’s) rock during my pregnancy and childbirth experience. Like many other first time moms, I felt overwhelmed. It’s easy to get sucked into the wormhole of internet searches and feel pressure to be informed and make the best choices. I felt confused about what I really wanted out of my experience and started to doubt myself. Because I was overwhelmed, we decided to meet some doulas. After our first meeting with Barrie, I walked away feeling something I hadn’t felt before in my pregnancy: empowered. She told me the anxiety I was having was normal and the qualities I thought were weaknesses, were going to be my strengths when it came time to welcome our baby. We stopped going to our childbirth classes because Barrie’s guidance and support was exactly what we needed. Through some twists and turns in the pregnancy, Barrie was a phone call away. She always had time to listen to my concerns and reassure me. I treasure the comfort she gave me during times when I felt worried about the unknown. I ended up having a very long induction…Barrie was amazing. She made sure I was never alone so my husband could step away and talked me through everything the nurses had presented to me. My daughter was posterior, which would make pushing difficult, but Barrie positioned me so my daughter moved to the correct position! She encouraged me through 2 hours of pushing and also took photos of my daughter the first few moments after she was born. I regularly look at the photos Barrie took and am filled with gratitude. Barrie is a calm, generous, genuine, loving, empowering, and wonderful person. Barrie helped me find inner strength I didn’t know I had. She holds a very special place in my heart and I’m so grateful for her.

Melanie Richmond Hodgman


Barrie was our doula for the pregnancy/ birth of our first child. Barrie was professional, experienced, and kind. Barrie has extensive background in the Birthing From Within philosophy and techniques, which I was interested in. She met with my husband and I multiple times before the birth to get to know us and to help us really figure out our priorities for labor and delivery. She helped us create a vision for the birth and also to realize that things might not go exactly as we hoped and to then look at what is the "next best thing". This allowed us to still feel positive and in control of our decisions during the birth with whatever arose.

Barrie was amazing during the labor and delivery, both for my husband and I. She helped him see what techniques might work to assist me in the various stages of labor when I wasn't able to communicate my needs very well. She stayed with us the whole time and took the first photos of our baby girl at the time of her birth which we wouldn't have otherwise.

She also followed up with us multiple times after the birth and was helpful in providing resources for breastfeeding and other post-partum needs.

We are really happy Barrie was our doula and highly recommend her to anyone.


Jill Peterson


We had a wonderful experience using Barrie.  She was very easy to work with was extrodinarily helpful during my delivery.  She helped me with pain management and helped me to communicate effectively with the hospital staff by asking me key questions so that I understood what the staff were telling me and they understood what my questions/concerns were.  Also, in the visits before the delivery, she did a great job of getting to know my husband and I and what our priorities were so that it felt like having a friend in the delivery room more than a stranger or staff member. She is a complete professional--knowing when to jump in and when to step back.  One concern I had with hiring a doula was that I didn't want to feel pressured to delay or avoid an epdiural.  Barrie was totally on board with my desire to use an epidural and at no time did I feel any pressure to continue laboring without it.  Once I decided it was time, she helped to make sure it happened quickly and helped to make sure I knew what was going on with the procedure.  Barrie was a huge asset to me and my husband in the labor and delivery of our son and if I were to have any more children, I would certainly want Barrie to be there!  

Amanda Warren


My husband and I feel so fortunate to have had Barrie as our doula. She was such a great match for us. Her calming personality and steady encouragement was exactly what we needed.

I ended up going into labor early, at just 37 weeks. Barrie spray into action without any prior notice that I would be going into labor. Thank goodness! I'm quite certain that my labor and dellivery would have been nearly unbearable without her presence. She was such a good coach, reminding me of the process, how my body was working, and what I could do to help move through the motions.

Barrie has been an immense help since our daughter was born. She has offered me such support during the postpartum process, and is such an amazing listener.

I would recommend Barrie to anyone that is considering working with a doula!

Mary Marmorstone


Barrie is AMAZING! I feel so fortunate and lucky to have found her. I interviewed several doula's before finding Barrie and I knew right away she was the one. She is very professional, yet she felt like a friend right away. She is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful about child birth and newborn care and always presented her information in a non-biased way so that we could make our own decisions. She provided exceptional care by checking in via email, text and phone calls during the days leading up to my labor and the very challenging days after birth. She supported my husband and I by teaching us coping techniques and listening to all of our concerns prior to our birth. During labor and deliver she was my rock. She supported me emotionally and helped me process the challenging information the health care proffesionals gave me. When my labor stalled out and I was told I needed pitocin, she helped us try every natural intervention we could to get things going. When I felt discouraged and scared she comforted me and helped me feel strong. She talked me through every painful contraction and offered massage, accupressure, different labor positions, breathing techniques and visualizations to help me cope. She helped my husband help me and gave him a break when he needed to rest. She helped me become a "birth warrior" even though things didn't go exactly as planned. I think Barrie's super power is her abilit to listen and reflect back what she heard in a way that helps you see the positive in every situtation. My voice as well as my husbands voice was always heard and acknowledged. She has the skills to truly empower her clients. I also loved and greatly appreciated our last session, a month afterbirth, when she helped me process my birth story and come to accept my experience as my own. I loved Barrie as my doula and I think you will too! 

Rachael Lincoln


We were so lucky to find Barrie after a long search for the right doula. We knew we wanted a very perceptive doula with maturity, experience, heart, and wisdom and Barrie was all of those things and more. Even though we found her only weeks before my due date, she came to our house twice for several hours of conversation, practice, and preparation for labor. Those two sessions were incredibly helpful in what would be a long journey ahead. I labored for 38 hours and Barrie was with us for most of the time (she came to our house as soon as we called her in and was an unbelievably solid and supportive presence until our son arrived over a day later). Her care has continued on after the birth with a visit, supportive texts, and very helpful info and resources. 

It was very impotant to me and my partner that he was my primary support - he was initially nervous about having a doula at all - and we both found that Barrie had the incredible ability to step back when things were under control and come forward exactly when we needed her. She was critical in many moments -  she helped us slow down to make big decisions, encouraged me through every contraction, introduced new ways of coping when things got really intense (transition!!) and was generally just exactly what we needed every step of the way. Even though I did a lot of preparation before hand, I didn't know what to expect I'd want or need during labor. After experiencing this particular birth I can now see how unique they each must be. I trust completely that Barrie could show up with whatever the situation asked of her. We are both so so glad she was part of our birth team and I truly can't imagine having gone through it without her! With much respect and gratitude, I give Barrie my highest recommendation. 

Jordan Wolfe


We met Barrie after running into several dead ends in our search for a doula: a doula that had significant experience, maturity, sensitivity, affordability, and natural self-confidence. To our delight, upon meeting Barrie we quickly saw that she possessed all of these qualities. At the birth of our son, she combined the best of being close, warm, and engaged, with a respectful distance that allowed my partner and I to always feel like we were at the center of what was happening.

As a man and an older first time father (40 y.o), I knew going into the birth that I wanted to really be there in a big way for my partner, and I had done a lot of reading and mental preparation prior to the birth. I felt excited, nervous, and ready to be leaned on and to show up, and I didn't think that we even needed a doula. My partner, though, wanted the support of having one, which even made me feel a little threatened, like having one would push me to the back burner somehow.

My fears were unfounded, though.

Barrie seemed to have a very intuitive sense of what we needed: how much to come forward, and how much to let up. I ended up feeling like I got to be there as the primary support for my lady, and at the same time during several points when things got more intense, Barrie was rock solid, and the depth of her experience and grounded love really showed through. Just being together with her in the birth room showed me how to be a stronger support, and definitely helped me to feel more relaxed and loving.

Ours was a long (38 hrs.), fairly difficult labor, and when it was all over, several people commented on my solidness as a support for my sweetie and the connection that we have. I feel grateful and proud, and I know that having Barrie there made a big difference. She really helped us both to bring our best selves forward.

Preston and Annie Podaril


Barrie was the most amazing doula we could have ever asked for. I'm not sure where to begin to describe my gratitude to her for how much she's helped me and my husband all these months, from pregnancy to post-partum.

We met with Barrie after interviewing a handful of doulas, and there was something about her calm, comforting, and caring demeanor that made us choose her. Each of the prenatal visits she offered to discuss a topic, but every time she came, something would have happened to us during the day where we would need a lot of emotional support. I had a high-risk pregnancy which was difficult on many fronts, and even though Barrie came into our lives during my 3rd trimester, she gave us so much emotional support, wisdom, and insights into how to navigate through the rest of my pregnancy.

I also had a hard labor that began 3 days before my baby arrived, and Barrie was there all along from phone calls, text messages, to in person visits at the hospital and our home when it turned out to be a false alarm (or early labor, as we later found out).  I had back labor where the pain was near impossible to cope with, and Barrie guided me and my husband through all of it with incredible compassion and persistence. She helped my husband be a pillar for me to lean on through the entire experience. Barrie was by my side through my long labor and even stayed to make sure that our baby was well taken care of by the hospital staff, as he had a few complications at birth. By that point we already felt that Barrie was more than a doula; she was someone very special who gave me and my husband emotional strength through all of our ups and downs, culminating in the birth of our beautiful son.

Our baby had many challenges after he was born as did I in nursing, and Barrie continued to provide help and recommendations almost daily. We cannot thank her enough for everything she's done, and we would recommend her without reservation.

Gretchen King


My husband and I were extremely fortunate to have Barrie as our doula.  Barrie has a lot of knowledge regarding childbirth and newborn care and she is an incredibly gifted teacher. As new parents we found this to be very helpful.  She provided us with a wealth of helpful information and was great about sending us articles so that we could do further research.  Prior to our son's birth we were able to meet a couple of times to discuss my birth preferences and to develop coping strategies to use during labor.  I was really nervous and anxious about labor but these meetings made me feel more confident and prepared. 

My son came a few days early and I ended up going to the hospital earier than I had hoped.  Barrie was very comforting and she was able to calm me down!  She was also able to relax my husband and mother so that they could provide their support and ensure that I had a calm and safe space to labor.  She also made me feel empowered to labor how I wanted to and to vocalize my preferences with the nurses and doctor.  I wanted to have a natural un-medicated birth and felt that with her support and coaching I was able to do this.  There were a few times that I really wanted an epidural but she helped me get through these rough patches with massage, encouraging words, and reminding me of why a natural birth was important to me.  

After our son's birth Barrie visited us twice which was awesome!  The first time she answered a lot of questions we had regarding breastfeeding and gave us information about support groups.  The second visit she watched my son so that I could run some errands and have some "me" time.  As a new mom caring for a baby 24/7 this was incredible!

I highly recommend Barrie. She is an amazing teacher, coach, and doula.

Teresa Capen


My husband and I knew when we first met Barrie that she would be a great match.  She has a presence that is calming, warm, and understanding.   We both desired an unmedicated birth, and decided to take the Birthing From Within class with Barrie. One thing I enjoyed was that Birthing From Within was more "holistic" and "process" based, rather than clinical and using "techniques."  Barrie always affirmed the process of pregnancy, labor, and post partum.  One class we specifically addressed Cesarean births.  I was able to process my fears about Cesarean births, learn visualization, and create birth art that I ended up drawing on later during my labor and delivery. 

The labor and delivery did not go as expected or hoped for, but my baby ended up healthy and safely was born. I had to have a cesarean birth after some complications, but  I was able to have Barrie and my husband in surgery with me.  When I heard the doctor ask if I felt anything "sharp" I freaked out!  I turned to Barrie and said "Lead me through a visualization!"  She was able to lead me though a calming visualization so I could be relaxed and in the moment.  My baby was born and she took pictures (even though I didn't think to ask) of the birth, which to this day, I'm so thankful for since I didn't get to see my baby born.  She gave us space as a family when we were in recovery, but was available anytime when I had questions or needed to call her.

She does two postpartum visits, which is incredibly helpful, as I didn't realize how much I would need those visits.  In both visits, she gave me resources, classes, was there to hold baby so I could shower or nap, and affirmed everything I was going through.  I absolutely recommend Barrie as a doula. I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone looking for a doula who is a calming person but will challenge you to process being a mother/parent/father.

Jaime Middleton


Barrie is truly an amazing person.   I interviewed 3 doulas before meeting with her and I knew from that mome that she was the right doula for me.  She worked closely with my husband and I in the months leading up to the birth of our son.  We discussed things that I would have never thought about on my own and offered to help me work through some fears that I had as I approached the end of my pregnancy. Her support and guidance during labor was AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for a better person to be there and I'm honored that she was there the day my son was born.



They call it labor for a reason and if you are a first-time mom or even a second-time mom, you need a doula like Barrie for this much deserved support. To prepare for the birth, Barrie answered all our questions, showed us techniques and coping methods preparing us as much as she could for the birth. My labor was unusually long and Barrie was with us for over 19 hours from 5am until midnight after our daughter was born. She coached me though my wild and wonderful birthing experience and helped my husband support me - one contraction at a time. She visited us at home and was always willing to help and in the end I felt that I not only had a doula but a friend next to me which made all the difference to us.

Sophia Siu


We were fortunate to have found Barrie just in time for the birth of our first child.   I wasn't sure if I wanted to use a doula originally, but a friend convinced me that I should find one and both my husband and I are so glad we found Barrie.  We interviewed her on a Saturday about a month before our due date and felt comfortable with her right away.  She had a lot of experience with different kinds of deliveries and wanted to help us with whatever we wanted.  We scheduled a time to start discussing our birthing plan, but our baby had other plans for us.  I woke up with pre-labor contractions a week after we had interviewed Barrie (before we had met with her to discuss our plans) and e-mailed her about what was happening, my doctor told me that 90% of the time I would go into labor in the next day or two.  She quickly rearranged her schedule for the day so that she could meet with us, discuss our birth plan and talked with us about labor.  She then spent the next 14 hours with us that night helping me through labor in our home and at the hospital.  She talked me through all of the contractions and helped my husband support me through the long delivery.  She helped both of us stay calm and strong throughout that night and allowed us to focus on getting through the contractions rather than worry about what was happening around us at the hospital.  I had a relatively easy first delivery and I'm convinced that things would have been a lot different if Barrie wasn't there to support us through it.                 

Lani Blazier


 My husband and I spent months trying to find a doula - we emailed and interviewed dozens. After each interview it seemed he and I could never agree. Then one day a friend of ours recommened Barrie :) We scheduled an interview and were immediately impressed by her warmth, kindness, and knowledge. After the interview I turned to my husband and said, "She's the one!" and he replied, "Yep!"

Before I became pregnant I knew absolutely nothing about pregnancy or babies. Seriously. I knew nothing!  Barrie was excellent at checking in on me throughout my pregnancy -- either by email, phone or home visit.  And she made it very clear that I could contact her anytime with questionsor concerns. We even attended her 5 week childbirth class (which I also highly recommend). She is an incredibly thoughtful teacher -- she listens carefully and gives answers with options (meaning she doesn't believe there's one-right-way for everybody). 

I had a very long labor - 36 hours! I spent 26 of those hour unmedicated and if it wasn't for Barrie I don't know how I would have gotten through it. She coached me through contractions with a perfect balance of guidance and letting me follow what my body was telling me.

When I changed my birthplan and decided to have an epidural, Barrie was there to support me, and believe me, I needed it.  I went through waves of guilt and dissapointment (I really wanted to have a natural childbirth). She listened, and talked me through the experience -- helping me to let go of my feelings of guilt and dissapointment. 5 weeks have gone by since the birth of my daughter and now I  look back at the whole experience as incredibly positive. Everything happened the way it was supposed to and I couldn't be more proud :)

I highly recommend, Barrie! You won't find a kinder, thoughful, understanding and dedicated Doula.


Trissa Barney


Barrie is a knowledgable, calm, and empathetic doula. She was super helpful before labor to help me clarify what I wanted for my birth experience (natural). She was very helpful during labor, but never displaced my husband as my primary support. I really wanted to avoid an epidural (for many reasons) and when the going got tough and I started to doubt myself, she helped refocus me and I got through transition. As a bonus, she does massage - which was lovely before and after labor. 

Lisa Walz


I am so grateful that Barrie was by my side through my birth. I had a homebirth with two wonderful midwives, my husband, mother-in-law and Barrie as my doula. Barrie was with me from the beginning of my contractions to the very end and provided the loving, supportive care that I had dreamed of when I was planning my birth. I had a water tub for laboring and she accomodated my pacing, walks, floating and crouching! Even after my midwives had left, Barrie continued her doula magic. She is nonjudgmental, creative, intuitive and ever-so-present. I highly recommend her and can't find enough words to thank her for the memories that will last forever.

Angela & James Zeigler


We had a wonderful experience with Barrie Thunemann as our Doula - twice!  If you are looking for the following traits, then Barrie is a perfect choice for you:

  • Expert medical knowledge
  • Very calming, caring & compassionate 
  • Great, strong advocate for your birth plan desires (no ulterior agendas whatsoever)
  • Wonderful teacher, guide & coach

We definitely recommend Barrie as a Doula!!

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