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Jane Hirschmann

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

917 679 8343

Birth Fee

$1200 to $2000

Birth Fee

$1200 to $2000

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 20 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

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Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Co-Director of the National Center for Overcoming Overeating

Fee Details

I believe every woman should have a doula if she so chooses. That is why I have a sliding fee.

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

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Erika L


Before the birth of my daughter I didn’t understand the role of a doula and I didn’t know if I wanted one present during the birth of my first child. I set up an introductory phone meeting with Jane to learn more about what a doula does and explore if we’d work well together. Jane’s passion and confidence were immediately apparent. She listened closely to my questions and provided knowledgeable and reassuring responses. When we hung up I felt energized and immediately sensed that Jane would be an asset at the birth. I followed my instincts and now with the perspective of being a few weeks postpartum, I feel grateful and very lucky to have had Jane as my doula.

Jane stayed in close contact in the weeks prior to my due date. Among other things, she provided guidance about breathing techniques, included my husband in the conversation and helped us think through a birth plan. When I finally went into labor, I did not progress as expected. Instead of an unmedicated vaginal birth, my labor lasted over 30 hours and several interventions were necessary including a c-section. Jane was an ally and support throughout. She was my advocate with the nursing staff, helped me understand the choices I had, coached my husband through various massage techniques and even ran interference when my in-laws unexpectedly popped in at hour 20.

I felt empowered by my daughter’s birth even though I was disappointed that it did not go as planned, and I attribute Jane’s genuine care about my experience and her continuous encouragement as a large part of my attitude. I can't imagine going through it without her on my team.

Lauren Alzamora


I had a gut feeling about Jane from the beginning, and I am so glad we invested in hiring her for the birth of our daughter.  I wasn't sure that I "needed" the support of a doula, but am convinced that she was instrumental in helping me have the empowering natural birth that I wanted. I loved being able to contact Jane with questions during my final weeks so I didn't always have to bother my midwives. I ended up getting induced at 39 weeks 5 days because my water broke but labor didn't start. I wasn't sure about when to ask Jane to come because I had envisioned her helping me with laboring at home prior to the hospital, and this was not part of our experience. We had also wanted to deliver at the Birthing Center, but this was no longer allowed because of the induction. She finally said "I'm coming" and her timing could not have been better - my labor really progressed fast once she arrived.  Jane advocated for my wishes when I couldn't speak for myself, in particular making sure that I was able to stand and move around in order to handle contractions even though I was hooked up to an IV and fetal monitor.  im so grateful she fought for my desire to stand and move, because it helped me cope with difficult contractions and also moved my labor along very swiftly.  It was all incredibly intense and exciting, and Jane remained calm - she took action on my behalf when necessary without overstepping any boundaries.  Although Jane and my husband had been physically supporting me during and in between contractions, they really joined forces with my midwife when it was time to push - their coaching helped my baby girl come out in only 15 minutes!  She is an invaluable resource that really knows how to read a room and facilitate the version of birth that you desire within the parameters of what is actually happening in the moment. Jane is a huge asset to anyone's birth team and I highly recommend working with her! 

Bridgette Bissonnette


Jane was an asset throughout my pregnancy, birth of our second child and postpartum.

Before the birth we had meetings with Jane that involved education, mapping out our birth plan, & genuine encouragement. She was available both in person & by phone. She also taught us techniques & even had the tools available before & during the birth. Her birth bag is well stocked!

I delivered at Roosevelt on the L&D floor. Plans of being on the birthing floor were thwarted at 41 weeks when my amniotic fluid was low. The recommendation of Pitocin was a difficult reality check for me. Jane was able to ease my worries by working with my midwife, doctor & family to assure me that the health of my child was –obviously- paramount. She was both reassuring & realistic- exactly what I needed at that time. Ultimately I was able to have a vaginal birth- a success that I partially attribute to her incredible support. I can still hear her saying, “You’re doing SO WELL Bridgette!”After the birth she provided encouragement, lactation consultant recommendations & helped us with scheduling & prioritizing. She even brought a gift when she visited!

I highly recommend Jane if you are interested in a Doula! I felt that I had a real ally & advocate on my side. She was respectful of my partner (being particularly sensitive to our Queer identity), my mother (who was also present in the birth room) & me (prioritizing my needs as the birthing mother). Jane even went to my apartment in Brooklyn to retrieve my birthing bag, & cleaned the kitchen while she was there! Jane listens well, jumps in wholeheartedly-but also knows when to step back, & has a wealth of knowledge that she is able to share easily & considerately. Jane made my birth experience before, during & after much more graceful & positive than it would have been otherwise. We can’t thank her enough.

svetelina zlatareva


I really wanted a compeletely unmedicated birth, no induction, no pitocin, no IV, nothing! I decided on a hypnobirthing method and prepared well for it, but after reading a lot of hopistal birht stories, I realized that not having a doula would make this amost impossible in a hospital setting. At first I was hesitant to looki for a doula due to the cost, but luckily Jane offered to be my doula as a friend. I was so happy to have her as my advocate! When my OB stated two days before my due date that they would want to induce me the on my due date, I was a wreck! I emailed Jane for moral support and she was amazing! She guided me thorough my emotional ups and downs, and gave me solid advice on how to deal with my OB. Together we were albe to fend off the induction for another week, which made me much more comfortable with the whole process of medicated/induced hospiral birth.

She was amazing at the birth by making the environment so much more pleasant with handing a large birthing banner in the room, bringing her invaluable doula bag with rollers for massage, and dealing with the nurses! She supported me in front of the nurses in my deicsion not to get an epidural even with an induction, and encouraged me through the truly horrible Pitocin contractions. She was aslo supporting and encouraging when I finally, after 10 hours of strong contraction, 5 of which in a haze of unberable pitocin, I cried out, screeming to get the anastesia! She assured me that I was not a failure for wanting pain relief that I am doing what is best by acknoledging to myself my limits and not being too hard on myself!

She was my birthing angel!

Lara Coelho


Jane was my doula for my second child. When we started working together I was pretty late in my pregnancy, about 37 weeks. Yet she was extremely important and did not miss any of the most important events. My birth had to be induced. She helped me ask the right questions to the doctor so the induction would start with a very small dose of pitocin and progress very slowly so my body could adjust to the induction. She also brought some massaging stuff to the hospital to help me relieve the pain but mostly she was very encouraging. Because she was so reassuring I was able to delay the use of epidural until the very last minute since on my first delivery I was under epidural for so long I felt awful the next day. After the baby was born I felt incredibly great, apart from being very hungry. I truly believe she made all the difference on my birth experience, without her ther I don't believe I would've had such a great experience. Jane you are awesome! Just make sure the husband go get some food for the mom next time after the baby is born!!!

Liz Schorn


I am grateful for the experience I had with Jane in all facets of becoming a second time mother before labor, during labor and, forever gratefully, my early postpartum days.

I met Jane during my 3rd Trimester when my husband and I came to a conclusion that a Doula's help may be beneficial to both of us. I was riddled with anxiety about the possibility of going to the hospital alone in the middle of the night because my husband would have to stay home with our older daughter until one of our standby friends or nanny could get to our apartment. And I also sought out a better birthing experience second time around.

When we met Jane for the first time, we instantly felt comfortable and supported. She has a warm and calming disposition and as we found out during my labor, she is passionate about being your number one advocate. I had such a great time with her at the hospital tour, I couldn't wait to give birth!

Fast forward to the big D day, Jane was already waiting for me at the hospital. I walked in 5cm dilated and she helped me breathe through my contractions and eased my pain by massaging my hand, back, and constantly giving me words of encouragement bringing a sense of calmness.

Unfortunately, my birth plan conflicted with giving birth in our hospital's setting. And moreover, it did not go the way I had hoped nor planned, and there were some unforeseeable interventions. But she remained by my side the whole time especially when I felt like giving up during the pushing. She really got me through that one.

After the birth, Jane shined again by frequently checking in with me via email and by visiting me.

Jane is innately loving and a compassionate doula. Having her help was invaluable to us.

Melanie Bradish


When Jane and I spoke for the first time on the phone, I knew she was the right fit for us. She was warm, calm, an excellent listener and it felt like I'd known her for years. When we met in person it also became clear she knew what she was doing and had the confidence to help us to have the more natural and peaceful birth experience I'd envisioned. I wish I had had Jane with me through my first child's birth, but I am so grateful to her for making my second birth a wonderful memory. I think the advice she gave us for how to get him out, and the calm support she gave in her check-ins throughout the weeks leading up to my son's birth were key in keeping us away from medical interventions and helped our baby to decide to come on his own. Jane's support and encouragement helped us to deliver our second baby just 2.5 hours after checking into the hospital. I couldn't ask for anything more in a doula: knowledgable, comforting, supportive, warm, encouraging, observant and genuinely pleasant to be around. I will always have beautiful memories of our birth and I thank Jane for everything she did for our family leading up to the day our son was born.

Hannah Mermelstein


I chose Jane as my doula because of her years of professional and personal experience supporting women through birth. It was wonderful to have such a loving and confident doula who we knew would be on our side if and when we needed. Conversations with Jane throughout my pregnancy helped me clarify my own priorities for my birth. I had a very intense labor and a birth that did not go as planned (when do they ever?) and Jane was there every step of the way with support for both me and my partner. Jane may be new to the official doula world, but she is no stranger to amazing births, from her own kids to her grandkids and beyond. 

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