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Eminence South


I first met Angie in 2020 when I decided to forgo the hospital delivery route. I remembered my hospital delivery with my first son and how my husband and I felt pressured to do things with didn't want and the lack of advocacy we had. Well, when it came to our second son I knew that we needed to find an alternative. While doing some research on other options, I realized that I needed to find someone who would support my family making decisions that felt right. Thankfully, we found Angie Heffner during one of our many searches for a doula. When I reached out to her via email, she was swift to respond and asked that we speak over the phone. When we did speak, I found her voice to be so calming and kind. I had no doubt that she would be a great addition to our team. She taught me so much then and helped me learn that our bodies are capable to do what God created them to do during labor and delivery without any external help. After our first birthing experience with her, we knew that she would become a big part in any of our future birthing experiences. So, 3 months ago, she was besides me yet again, reassuring and encouraging me when we welcomed our first daughter! This time around I felt a lot more confident because I remembered what she had taught me 2 years prior. Angie has not only helped my family during birthing experiences. She even introduced my family to our current chiropractor, who has tremendously helped each one of my children, my husband, and now my mother! I am so grateful to Ms Angie for not only educating me during pregnancies as well as being the calming voice during each birthing  wave, but for also making sure that my family and I thrive postpartum. We love Ms Angie!

Stephanie Bourquardez


When preparing for birth there is so much information and so many resources that it can be difficult to narrow down what is most important. My husband and I wanted to have a doula (especially since this was our first child) but with a due date between Christmas and New Year's we were understandably unable to find anyone to take us on. However at the recommendation of one of our midwives, we reached out to Angie with less than 2 months to go. Even though she was already maxed out on her caseload for December she graciously listened to our story and decided to take us on! And we are so incredibly thankful. Angie was there for us through a complicated birth in which our plans had to drastically change from a birthing center to a hospital birth. When the baby's head was found to not be in an ideal position, she led me through some exercises that completely corrected the problem. Her calming presence and support is what got us through the hardest parts and she waited with us after the baby came to make sure that everything stabilized. I would highly, highly recommend Angie to anyone who needs any kind of support during labor. 



Angie Heffner brings an energy to caring for pregnant women that is joy-filled, intentional and peaceful. I asked Angie to be my doula after I met her at my birthing center. I didn't know her that well, but I could just tell she was the kind of woman I wanted present for my birth.

I also partnered with Angie to support my own sister through labor and delivery. Angie was attentive, encouraging, and although my sister's labor did not go as planned, faithfully stayed with her every step of the way. 

When I'm pregnant with my second, I will be absolutely ask Angie to partner with me in my pregnancy journey. 



Angie was heaven sent. We interviewed  a few doulas but never really got past the interview stage with any of them...until Angie.  I just really liked her. She was knowledgeable and she was very caring. I wanted to have an unmedicated birth and Angie helped to make that possible. She provided reassurance that it was not only possible, but that I could do it. I'm grateful for how she talked me through my fear of pushing, it was stopping me from getting to the next point and luckily for me Angie was there to guide me through that time. Hopefully, Angie can be part of our next birth. 

I highly recommend her as a doula!

Abigail Acquaye


Angie was a wonderful doula! She was with me and my husband every single step of the way, from me freaking out about tiny Braxton -Hicks contractions, all the way through a really intense labor, hospital transfer and eventually c-section. She would answer the phone or text any time I needed reassurance or guidance, came to our house multiple times before the birth to talk to my husband and coach him in how to best support me during labor, and generally made us feel completely loved, safe and cared for. Our birth went completely different and much more traumatic than we planned, and truly don't think my husband or I would have made it through the birth without her calming presence there to reassure us. She is an absolute godsend and I would trust her again for this birth process in a heartbeat! 



My husband and I chose Angie as our Doula for our December baby, and we are so grateful for her support! She met with us twice before labor to show us labor coping techniques and to discuss our wishes during birth. We planned to do an unmedicated birth at a birthing center, however plans changed and I ended up with a C-Section in hospital. I had been feeling crampy sporadically the day before and knew as a FTM it could drag on for days, so I did not get too excited. By the next evening things picked up much faster than expected, and my only regret is not calling Angie sooner! We met her at our birth center by 3 AM and I was already nearing transition (thanks to hypnobabies!). She was a calming presence and actively supported us during the toughest hours of a hard labor. After several hours of pushing in multiple positions and no sign of baby descending we decided on a hospital transfer. Angie met us as the hospital and did not leave our side! She was our advocate in a place we were not familiar with. She was able to attend the C-Section and took photos/videos on our phone for us as well as made sure baby had skin to skin with me. I'm so glad Angie helped make the end of our birth experience a joyous one despite the change of plans!



I loved having Angie as my doula! She is warm, kind, and professional. Her encouragement and help during my labor and birth made it possible for me to have the VBAC at home that I wanted and I know that it would not have been possible without her help. She not only helped me, but empowered my husband to be involved and support me through labor which made for an amazing experience as well. I highly recommend working with Angie! 

Jenna Tomlinson


I can't imagine having a baby without Angie there. From the beginning of working with her, she made me feel supported, empowered and confident in my ability as a mother. One of the things I most appreciated about her was the way she informed us of the "why" behind everything, which gave me so much peace as birth approached to make the best decisions I could for my body and my baby. Our birth plan changed last minute because of a medical condition, and the preparation I received from Angie allowed me to take it in stride and embrace the beauty of birth, regardless of how it happened. Hiring Angie as our doula was one of the best decisions we made regarding our birthing experience, and I guarantee to anyone who does the same, that she will exceed your expectations! 



Angie was our doula for the birth of our 2nd baby girl. She was there with us throughout my pregnancy and birth. My husband and i both felt incredible support. My whole family loves her- even our 2 year old who felt so included everytime we met with Angie. Her confidence, knowledge, gentle and peaceful spirit is truly a blessing. We love you Angie! 

Leor Granowski


Oh my gosh, where to begin? Angie was a total God-send for me. It is so rare to meet people who are so caring and passionate about their work. I felt so wonderfully supported throughout my pregnancy. She is super knowledgeable about everything pregnancy and birth, but she is also so sweet and generous with her time. She encouraged me to look into homebirth, and with her support, her recommendations (documentaries, papers, etc), and her suggested midwife practice (Sweet Pea Midwifery is amazing!!), I felt comfortable enough to do it. And that was the best decision ever!! Well, actually, hiring Angie in the first place was the best decision ever :)

When I was in labor, she came over super promptly and immediately had me go for a walk with her outside. As much as I felt like I wanted to stay in one place, I am so grateful that she got me moving! It was precisely what I needed. She has the expertise and forcefulness to encourage you to do what needs to be done, without feeling overbearing at all. She suggested many different positions throughout my labor that really helped me progress. She'd suggest something, help me and my husband get into position if we wanted to, and then step back and give us lots of space. It was a really, really wonderful experience.

I absolutely love the fact that she works on her own, that she's not part of a doula group. She is 100% committed to showing up to your birth; she said herself that she has never had to have a substitute doula (a truly incredible feat). 

Oh! And before I forget, she introduced me to hypnobabies!! It made a huge difference in my birth. While labor was not painless, it was manageable and there were moments when I was actually enjoying it! 

She and Olivia are the absolute dream team! I am so grateful to both of them, and I would 100% do the exact same thing next time! But next time, I would hire Angie as soon as I get a positive pregnancy test!


Evelina Artemenko


Angie is amazing!! I don't think I would have been able to have the birth that I wanted without her. She is such a great support person and is SO knowledgeable. When I was having doubts she reassured me I can do this, she shared her knowledge with me during my pregnancy to set me up for success. I used the hypno babies method as much as I could when I went into labor. I'm thankful for having such a wonderful doula by my side. Oh and I must say my husband at first did not understand the reason of me wanting a doula but once I went into labor and gave birth to our beautiful baby girl he said "thank goodness Angie was there" ?? now he knows how important it is to have a doula. Thank you Angie for all that you did for us!! 



My husband and I could not have picked a better doula for the birth of our baby girl. When we met, I was immediately drawn to her wealth of knowledge and passion for childbirth.  She provided so many resources and helpful advice throughout my pregnancy.  She led me to my chiropractor and my pelvic floor therapist, both of whom I loved. 

During labor and delivery, not much of my birth plan was doable due to premature rupture of membrane, however, in an atmosphere where positive affirmation and support were much needed, Angie consistenly reminded me of all the little things that were going well and that were part of my plan.  It was very efficacious to have her help me focus on gratitude and taking it one step at a time.  She was extremely calming and incredibly supportive to my husband during the whole process. We cannot imagine what our experience would have been without her invaluable knowledge and passion to serve expecting mothers.



I love Angie so much! I love her holistic mindset and have so much respect for her given she has NINE kids of her own!!!! She's knowledgeable and also a great listener. A gem!!!! 

Meagan Clemons


Angie is such a wealth of knowledge! Super responsive any time I had questions throughout my pregnancy. I attempted a home birth, but ended up transferring to the hospital due to a couple complications. Angie is well versed in home/birth center birth as well as hospital birth. Which was extremely valuable, as she helped us advocate for our wishes in the hospital setting. Highly recommend for any pregnant mom, but especially for first time moms!

Kristin K


Let me start with I'm considered "high risk" due to past medical history and she took me on knowing that and understanding emotions were running on high. She was wonderful! Always a quick response to whatever I needed during my pregnancy whether it was needing to clear my head from stress and anxiety after an OB appointment to wanting her to explain my options to me. If she wasn't there, then I don't think I would have been ready for my VBAC. I got the delivery and exact how I wanted those first vital postpartum hours to go. Her energy is so calm and comforting. I would high recommend her. Her knowledge is worth her weight in gold! My favorite thing was how she made sure she know my birth plan and helped make sure I got that (when my husband and I were to excited about labor to remember everything). She also help me SO during active labor with my focus and breathing in order to keep everything on track. Love her so much! 

Blake Christie


Great experience and great help for first time parents!

Brittany Christie


Angie is a pure ANGEL! For being a first time mom, I wasn't quite sure how I wanted my birth story to be. I loved the idea of a home birth but also was wanting a birth at the hospital. She supported me with both options all the way up to game time. She answered every question I could think of (which was a LOT). When I got into labor she was with me every step of the way, whether it was texting and calling during early labor, driving to my house to check on me and spending every moment at the hospital with me. My birth story ended up being perfect, thanks to Angie. She goes above and beyond from beginning to end. I was well prepared for birth because of her. Every baby I have I want her apart of my story. 

Katie E.


Angie helped my husband and I welcome our second baby into the world. She was a wonderful support during my pregnancy as well as at the birth. She went over comfort measures with us, gave me practical advice and recommendations for optimizing prenatal health, and shared her wealth of experience. She was a calm and steady presence at the birth and after.  We are grateful for her warmth, kindness and support, and would heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a doula! 

Kaelee Brownlee


Angie was such an amazing doula. She was more like a friend from the very beginning. She is kind, thoughtful, and very informative. She was always available when I needed to text her about any of my pregnancy concerns. I would not have been as prepared if it weren't for her, and my body definitely wouldn't have been as prepared without all of her suggestions for how to prepare for labor. She was also a lifesaver during labor with those hip squeezes!! I can't thank her enough! 

Rebecca Pfeil


Long story short, Angie was the only shining light in my entire birth process. 

During my pregnancy, she was always super responsive and helpful when it came to explaning certain concerns I had. Once it was time for the main event, my plans had to change due to a last minute diagnosis of preeclampsia. I had to be induced at 39 weeks due to elevated protien in my urine and put on a magnesium drip for the entire labor. Angie tried to advocate for me and give me reassurance but my OB was having none of it (that's a story for another time). She was still able to help me dilate quickly by using the peanut ball and changing positions. She was great when helping me push however, my horrible OB had something to say about this as well.

I wish I had a different labor experience but Angie made me feel a small amount of peace during one of the most traumic medical experiences I've ever gone through. I will always remember her warm and compassionate nature during the birthing process and how she truley cared for me during that time.

Ciara Johnson


Angie was such a huge reason I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I wanted. My baby came out posterior and face first and I'm not sure I could have handled through those the waves of labor with out her. She truly has a gift of not just her head knowledge, but her very calm spirit and quick thinking. She was very easy to trust with the process and allow myself to be built up by her words when I felt like caving. My delivery was not easy, but she stayed with me and kept moving to the next thing she knew to get me through. My midwife enjoyed working along side her and she was thankful she was apart of the team as well.
Thank you Angie!! 
- Ciara Johnson 

Michelle Green


I am so thankful we were referred to Angie when we decided we wanted a doula for the birth of my first child. From the first conversation, I felt supported and cared for and had a high level of trust for Angie. She gave me so many resources and insights as well as tips on how best to prepare my mind and body throughout my pregnancy. 

Angie was there for me through the disappointment of my birth plan changing when I had to be induced at the hospital after 42 weeks. She helped me navigate the induction process, supported my decisions, and advocated for me when the medical staff was pushing too hard.

I felt so comforted by Angie while in labor... she was my biggest cheerleader and brought a warm sense of calm when things got difficult for me. She guided me through ALL of the spinning babies positions to help flip baby back into position after he turned sunny side up during labor... we walked and danced in the halls, and she made me feel like a complete rockstar during a long, difficult labor. 

She made my birthing experience so beautiful and empowering, and I'm so thankful to have met her. 

Rebecca Solomon


On a scale of 1 to 10. I rate Angie at a 10. Angie showed kindness to mom from the beginning to the end of the birth. As a person who watched Angie interact with the mom and family, I can truely say Angie loves her job as a Doula. I would recommend her to every expecting mom I know. 



Angie is an incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and empathic doula. She has a very genuine, calm, and kind energy to her. While I consider myself to be pretty well-informed regarding decisions in pregnancy, post-partum, and baby care, as a former nurse and researcher, Angie gave me multiple new perspectives, tips, and things to consider. I value her input and appreciate that she guided me to use and continue trusting my mother's intuition. I ended up needing a c-section and she was still able to make it to my birth, took beautiful photos of my family and I in the operating room while our son was born, and stayed with us in the recovery room. She even came to the hospital 2 days later to bring me my encapsulated placenta pills so I could start taking them right away. She is a sweet soul and you can tell she loves her work and pours her heart into it. Being a doula is a calling for her. I highly recommend Angie and hope to have her support at my future birth(s).

Eriqua King


Very Thankful for Angie's support and assistance with my Aunt delivery. Angie was very knowledgeable and helped us learn different ways to help ease pain to my Aunt prior to delivery and during delivery. She was very hands on and as well as kind/sweet. This was my first time watching a water birth as well as being around a Doula. My aunt was the one to give birth but Angie included the whole family in her doula services which made us feel very at ease. She was inspirational and helped keep everyone calm in the midst of everything. Definitely would recommend her services! Also believe she will make a great midwife  ??

Andria Lovitt


Our doula, Angie is so amazing! We truly lucked out with being able to work with her. From the very beginning, Angie was supportive, insightful, and precise with the knowledge she shared with us. She has been very kind and loving through the entire process, and it felt like she was just as invested as we were in bringing our first baby into this world, surrounded by love and warmth. Angie stood by me and firmly held me. Her touch is soft but steady. I really felt like I could lean on her. She cheered me on through the hard parts, and she was there the whole time through my 40+ hours of labor! I could not believe how present she was. I needed to undergo a C-section and Angie sat with us the whole time and captured the most precious photos at the exact moments of birth. She then came and sat with our family when she brought the placenta encapsulations. We love Angie so much. She felt like part of our family. 



Angie was an exceptional doula for me. This was my first baby, and I knew through friends and family that using a doula usually makes for an easier delivery. I also wanted to go the most natural route possible without compromising safety. Angie was very responsive to that and even encouraged me to follow my instincts on this. She is very well known in the doula/midwife community here in Dallas. It’s a large, but tight knit group and Angie is a rockstar and for good reason.

We contacted her based on her reputation, had an introductory call, and decided to hire her. She gave us a clear understanding of what to expect from her throughout the pregnancy. This included three meetings – one meet & greet at Starbucks and two visits at our home. And then of course whatever it took at the hospital on the day our daughter was born. All the meetings were lovely, and she certainly helped me prepare for an exciting, but daunting life experience.

On the day of delivery, Angie was by my side the whole time – and I mean right there, next to me for the thick and the thin of it. She was always positive, and she talked me down whenever I got scared or the pain was intense. She knows her stuff too, because she was just as active at having me try different positions as the nurses. Her voice of reason helped me tremendously and kept me as calm as was possible.

Overall, Angie Heffner was wonderful. She projects confidence and it’s genuine because she knows what she’s doing. Having gone through a pregnancy now, I can say that many people like to offer advice on various things along the way, but they may not know what they’re talking about. Angie is not one of them. She has done so many of these, I doubt there is anything she hasn’t seen. She never tried to convince me to change what I was doing. She a top of the line professional and she was an excellent doula when I needed one most.

Grace Diaz


Looking back at my 1st pregnancy, I wish I had used a doula for it! So, I am so grateful for the help I received during my second pregnancy from Angie Heffner. There was such peace of mind having someone knowledgeable that I could message with any question and find support and answers to it immediately throughout my entire pregnancy. Then came the day for baby girl to make her appearance....I can not express the love I felt when Anjie came to join us at the hospital for Jade's birth. Anjie made it all about us and nothing else. Thank you for being a better mama bear than I was when it came to my birth plan and dealing with the hospital staff. 

Virginia Trunkett


It's been 3 months since we had our baby girl (already!) but the whole family still talks about how our beautiful birth was and how wonderful our birth team was. My midwife Olivia and doula Angie taught me how enjoyable birthing experience can be. I just absolutely love everything about Angie. Her professionalism, positive attitude, calm energy, her holistic approach to birth-- you name it! When my water broke but my contraction wouldn't start for a long time, Angie didn't hesitate to come to help me physically, mentally and spiritually. When my labor finally begun and whenever I felt like it was too much, she made sure I was doing good and everything is okay. I would just look at Angie and Olivia's face and felt so good and confident. She encouraged me to move around,  stay hydrated and relax my face, which helped immensely. It's so incredible how she knows exactly what to do at the right time, as if she was feeling what I was feeling. This was my second baby and my labor was about 7 hours. Compared to the first home birth that lasted 42 hours without any help, this made me feel really confident that I can have more beautiful babies in the future. I feel that God has sent Angie to our family so He can show us birth can be such a beautiful experience. I'd like many more babies and want her to be my doula for all of them! Already miss her. Thank you Angie, we love you so so much!!! 



We loved having Angie as our birth doula. Angie was incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, and a calming presence throughout our pregnancy and birth experience. She  was our go to source for any questions we had and we appreciated her holistic, natural recommendations. Angie has tons of experience, including personally, making her an excellent birth partner. She is understanding, reliable, and truly a joy to work with. 

Ranee Smith


While being a women of color, first-time mom and military wife. I wanted a doula who would understand me as a person and what I wanted. Due to my husband serving overseas, I needed support with labor, delivery and postpartum care. The first time meeting Anige Heffner, I knew I wanted her to be my doula. Angie gave my family and i confidence and knowledge about having the birth I wanted in the hospital. We received great tips and exercises for my husband and I to do, In order to bring our baby into this world.

While having the encouraging words and prays from Anige, I was able to birth our sweet baby girl naturally with Pitocin. My husband and I are grateful for Angie’s guiding us through our beautiful birthing experience. My husband is thankful for her because as a first-time dad, he didn't know what to expect during labor and delivery. Angie talked to my husband about ways to help me while laboring and what to expect. We will definitely being staying in touch for future births. I would recommend Angie Heffner to any family in a heartbeat. 

Mary Grace Thomas


When you meet Angie you immediately feel like you've met a good friend. She is so warm and welcoming and she brings that energy to your birth as well-- you literally want to be her best friend outside of the birth.

I have personally referred her to friends, coworkers, and family and will continue to do so. They all say the same thing. Any room she enters she brings a sense of calm and peace, making you feel confident and able to make your homebirth experience exactly what you want. 

She has so much experience, knowledge, and expertise in all things home birth and you immediately see that the second you meet her. You will not regret hiring Angie as your doula or midwife. You will not go wrong with this choice! 

MiShawn Smith


Never having heard of a doula and the services that they provided, I was a little unsure going in. But as a first time grandmother, who was assisting her daughter in love while my military son was stationed out of the country, I was very impressed. Having a doula was a blessing from God; specifically having Angie Heffner. From the first face to face meeting with her, my daughter in love and I felt comfortable and reassured with the knowledge and information Angie provided regarding the process of what the labor, birth and delivery may entail. Angie was always pleasant and responsive to our calls, even adding me the grandmother to her call log. 

Angie knew how important it was to my daughter in love to have a natural birth and with Angie's coaching and prayers, it was accomplished.

The doula experience did not end there. When breastfeeding became challenging she graciously and reassuringly calmed the new mom by giving her personal experience and factual advice on what to do to try and produce more milk, as well as referring her to a lactation consultant and connecting her with another mom to get donor breastmilk, if needed.

Everyone in the family from my husband (granddad), to my son (dad) and I were extremely satisfied with the services provided. 

Through this process I am now a doula supporter and I highly recommend using one; Angie Heffner to be exact, for all new and experienced parents. Having an advocate at the hospital for the mom, dad and baby is what all parents need to feel heard and acknowledged through the prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum followup. 

Dolan Wagstaff


We are so grateful to have found Angie as our doula. She is absolutely amazing and I can't imagine going through everything we went through without her. Angie is down to earth, level headed, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable. She instinctively knows what to do and will empower you to take control of your birth experience to enjoy it to the fullest. She connected with us like we were family and I highly recommend Angie to anyone looking for a doula or looking to have a natural birth. 

Dolan Wagstaff 

Lauren Good


When looking for a doula during my second pregnancy, I wanted someone familiar with hypnobirthing. Angie was all that and more. She is an incredible resource for parents and she truly loves serving her families. Along with my birth classes, Angie got me excited to meet my second baby. She has a calming and reassuring pressence that every member of your birth team will benefit from. 

Angela Vach


I am a labor and delivery registered nurse. I see A LOT of births and know many doulas. Angie is by far the best I've ever seen. She's compassionate and caring. She's a hard worker and stays hours upon hours with her clients with a cheerful heart. She is  extremely knowledgeable about birth and knows how to help mamas and their babies. I would recommend Angie for any laboring mama. 



Angie was a wealth of information during our pregnancy and birthing time. She was so supportive in helping us with our birth plan and goal for having an unassisted/unmedicated birth at a birthing center. Angie was very accessible and prompt during all our interactions. I had a very long birthing time and Angie was physically and emotionally present during the entire process, advocating and encouraging us along the way. I would recommend Angie no matter what your birth plan might be because her knowledge and experience are cannot be matched. She truly enhanced this special time in our lives. She has such a sweet, calm demeanor and we highly recommend her doula services. 

Anna Skowronska


I am so glad I found Angie. She was referred to me by a Facebook friend and I will consider it a gift from God. Aside from being there leading up to delivery to answer any and all questions, she was full of knowledge and supported me in any direction I wanted to take. During delivery, she knew methods to ease pain, positively self-talk and helped my husband navigate all the way through. He was so thankful to her. Finding the right doula is so important in order to have the best birthing experience possible and i cannot be happier that I found Angie. What a beautiful soul and I will forever be grateful! 

Carolina Farias


Angie was the best of our Daughter birth. We have two meetings before the due date. On the day of birth she arrived in a good time and stayed with us for around 6 hours of labor, she put some affirmative words that works great at the day and after delivery she stays a little bit more too. We can not express how much we love to be with her on labor day. She is the best! I highly recommend her but including her in postpartum too It is all that I miss.

Berenice Brigham


Angie is an amazing person ... I felt bless to have her at my homebirth also I feel like we connected from the first day we met. I love her energy, her positivity... She was so patient with me and so open to listen to my needs and concerns. She is a must in your dream team! I felt so empowered having her while I was giving birth. I can not thank her enough for everything that she did for my and my family. 



Angie is the BEST. That's all there is to it. I was very hesititant to hire a doula, especially because I knew I was going to have a hospital delivery, but after meeting Angie, it was a no brainer that I needed her in my life! Even though I'm a nurse, I had so many questions and concerns about pregnancy that Angie helped me through. She was always quick to respond to any of my text messages throughout pregnancy with great resources and a positive mindset that reassured me all the time. She prepared my husband and I so well for labor with a variety of positions that when it came time, we felt confident and ready to tackle it on. It is always important to do one's own research on how they want their labor and delivery experience to go and I Angie was a great guide but never pushed a certain decision on us. As a first time mom, I was so thankful for her help. It was as if I had a loving friend who was always there for me and gave the best advice and information. Of all the things that Angie has helped us with, what I will never forget is that she came to our delivery on Christmas Day and stayed with us throughout the whole process! She helped me find positions to help with progressing the labor and advocated for me with all my decisions. Overall, I'm so grateful to have had a doula like Angie to help me navigate through pregnancy and delivery. 

Shelby Jones


Angie was an absolutely incredible Doula to work with. She was invested in our birth as well as our family and not only provide education to me, but coached my husband through labor alongside me. From the moment we met we knew we wanted her apart of our birth and what a beautiful experience we got. She also created the most incredible placenta art and keepsakes we will cherish forever. Praise God for bringing Angie into our life and birth! 

Marissa Yahil


Angie was incredible at my birth! (She was the birth assistant to my midwife.) Angie's calm, loving, and patient presence was exactly what I needed for my marathon labor and long pushing phase during my HBAC (VBAC home birth). I highly recommend her! 

Erick Clerico


Being our first child and not having a support system in the state to lean on for questions we knew we needed someone to guide us through the pregnancy. We started researching doulas in the area and came across Angie's profile. She was the first Doula we met with. We had planned to meet with several others before making a decision but realized quickly in our first meeting with Angie that she was the one! She made us comfortable deciding on our own birth plan and was able to assist us no matter which way we went. Angie's resources for birthing classes and recommendation to Hypno Babies not only prepared me for labor and birth but also made my husband more comfortable with everything. Labor happened quick but Angie was available in the middle of the night to walk us through everything and helped us know when it was time to go to the hospital. Things did not go according to our birthing plan and had to have a c section to safely deliver our son. When my husband called Angie to let her know the baby was delivered Angie was already in the parking lot eager to come up and help us get settled and start showing me how to get our son to latch amongst other things. Once settled at home she stayed in touch with us to make sure everything was going well. No matter what your plan is we highly recommend Angie as your doula and we will be using her for any future little ones! 

Anna & Andy


We feel very fortunate to have had Angie on our birth team. She’s an incredible person and it’s this beautiful God-given foundation that makes her an exceptional doula. Angie was highly recommended to us by our midwife. In fact, at the time of our child’s birth, she was training to become a midwife herself. How awesome!  This was key for us - We wanted to select someone who had stellar experience and a wealth of knowledge and resources. Angie more than met this criteria. We also liked that she was nurturing and compassionate, warm and patient, encouraging and supportive. From the moment we met, my husband and I both felt comfortable with her which was critical for us since we were inviting her into such a special space as the birth of our baby. We were drawn to her presence, her guidance. When labor began and progressed quickly, she was available without hesitation.  She was a constant as we did everything we could to have a successful VBAC and when our attempted VBAC didn’t happen (not at all due to any lack of support/coaching from Angie), she was so uplifting and supported us in prepping for the cesarean and in recovery.   She was just as thrilled for us to welcome a healthy baby no matter how that baby arrived. She was beaming! We count it a blessing to have had her by our side and would recommend her to any mom and family preparing to welcome baby.  We are so glad to know her and to have lived one of our life’s most precious moments with her.



Angie was so so great with our sweet daughter who was a part of our birth. We had a very speedy delivery at a birth center and Angie made certain she felt a part of the entire process. Due to the pandemic, it was important for our 4 year to stay with us and we also wanted her to be a part of her brother's birth. Throughout my pregnancy when Angie would come over she did an amazing job of including our sweet girl and making her feel like she was an important piece of this new journey. During labor at home, my daughter pretended to be my doula and help me with my breathing. These are all techniques Angie showed her. She still talks about Angie and has such a great love for laboring mamas now. I am forever grateful for these moments and couldn't have done them without Angie. She has a passion for mama and babies and I can't wait to see what God has planned for her next as a midwife! 

Paul Treske


My wife and I hired Angie on our first pregnancy and she was incredible throughout the entire process. I am grateful we worked with her, it prepared me for what was going to happen and I felt confident during the delivery. The relationship didn't end there, we still connect from time to time. She is an asset for anyone looking for additional education and support. 

Andy Ramirez


My wife met with and selected Angie as our doula.  It took so much pressure off of me having Angie as our doula.  She prepared me out the prental visits and made sure I knew what I could do to help my wife, once she was in labor.  When she met us at the hospital I was able to just focus on being there for my wife while she helped make sure she was as comfortable and supported as possible.  She remembered every aspect of our birth plan and even used my wife's phone to snap some pictures for use. 

Chelsea Ramirez


Angie is super Knowledgeable helped us know what to expect during our prental visits. She provided techniques to get our baby in good position as well as teaching my husband comfort mesures to help me.  She met us at the hospital and was such a calming presence.  She remembered everything I wanted in our birth, and I didn't have to worry about remembering anything.  She helped me achieve the VBAC birth I've always wanted and honored every one of my wishes.  I cannot say enough good things about Angie.  She really is the best.  



I decided to go wo with Angie, since she looked very expirienced and reminded me my mom. During my labor I had very good support from my husband and Angie. I had unmediated delivery and right after it I decided that will never go to the labor without doula. She helped me a lot. She was very gentle and patient. She also has very strong hands :) to be able to press my lower back continuously 8 hours. Everything vent calm and smooth. Best thing what I have from labor are unforgivable memories and pictures. Can't stop watching them after 2 months of birth. I am so thankful to Angie that she made all of them. Highly recommend!

Kirsten Sullivan


Angie kept me at ease as she did countless times during my pregnancy and birth. Angie has this beautiful motherly persona that is inspiring. She is very knowledgeable and presented information in a non judgemental manner. She listened intently to my husband and I and provided me with the confidence to pursue a more fitting birth team that aligned with my desires. I can't express how thankful I am for that! I also found her to be very inclusive and really made my husband feel welcomed throughout my pregnancy and birth. During labor, she knew my birth plan and helped me stay focused on my plan. I am still in awe at her support and kindness during my son's birth. Angie feels like family and I feel so incredibly grateful and fortunate to have her in my life.




Kayla Wells


Angie is truly one of a kind! My husband and I realized what a gem she was during our initally meeting. Everything she said was heartfelt and caring, we immediately felt at ease, and knew that her energy was something that we would need throughout the pregnancy and birth of our son. Angie surpassed what we could've ever hoped for. She was always available at a moment's notice, whether it was a quick text, phone call, or meet up. She is beyond knowledgeable in pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. We had some unforeseen events happen during my pregnancy and Angie was always there with love, support, suggestions, and more. Unfortunately I was not able to deliver my son naturally due to his breech position but that didn't stop Angie from still showing up at the hospital and continuing to support us through postpartum recovery. Even now, our son is 7 months old and I know that she's just a text away. She's helped me navigate more than just her position implies. She is truly Heavensent and we would've missed out if our paths hadn't crossed. When we get pregnant again, she'll be the first on my list to call for doula support! We love her to pieces! 

Brieana Jones


There are not enough words in the world to explain what a pure entity of love and light Angie is. I feel beyond lucky that I came across her for my second birth. I knew instantly she was the doula for me the moment I met her.

She gave me the courage to choose the homebirth of my dreams. She gave me the courage and knowledge to make decisions for myself and my needs. I couldn't imagine not having her there during my journey, and I wouldn't want anyone else there for future pregnancies and births to come.

Love fills my heart every time I think about Angie and what an amazing person she is. And what an even more amazing doula she was for me. I cannot recommend her enough.


Summer Peterson


Angie is an amazing doula! I chose her because she has so much knowledge and experience, which was important to me as a first time mom who felt clueless, but more importantly because of her caring nature.

She listened to what was important to me and helped me tailor a plan that worked for me and my family. She made herself available anytime I had questions and provided me with so many resources at every turn.

She was also wonderful in helping to put my and my husband's anxiety at ease. She helped us overcome any fears we had and we became confident in knowing she would be there to support us in any way we needed. 

Angie provided post partum support and placenta encapsulation as well, which was vital in my recovery. Basically I cannot say enough great things about Angie! If you are looking for a doula, you cannot find a better one than Angie!

Brittney Cabell


If you're second guessing whether you need a doula... don't! Angie is the support person you want with  during your birth!

I had some spotting when I was 34+4, so went to the hospital and had to stay there to be monitored for 4 days. Angie was available if I had questions or needed reassurance, and she even offered to come support me even though I wasn't in active labor yet. I was discharged from the hospital on a Wednesday, and by that evening, my water broke (PPROM). When I started the pitocin, I was already at 5 cm 90% effaced. The pitocin ramped up quickly so when things started to get intense, I asked Angie to come right away. She was there in less than 30 minutes! Y'all, the HIP SQUEEZES were everything. Literally the only thing that made my contractions comfortable. She helped me move around because moving/changing positions was the only way I was getting through my pitocin contractions. My husband wasn't initially a true believer in doulas, but he told everyone in our family that ANGIE WAS SO WORTH IT! He said he couldn't imagine not having her there with us. 

When I was around 8-9cm, I began doubting myself and my decision to have an unmedicated birth. Angie talked me through it, and somehow knew exactly what to say to not only calm me down, but she never even made me feel bad for asking for an epidural, which by the time I asked for one, it was way too late anyway! She really helped me get through my childbirth without pain management and I felt SO EMPOWERED. I vividly recall the moments right before my baby was born: Angie was talking in my ear quietly, and somehow knew exactly what I needed to hear to get my baby out. She helped me achieve the birth that I wanted, and for that, I cannot thank her enough.

If you're looking for a doula, hire Angie. She is absolutely one of the best people I've ever encountered in my life. 

Revaya V


Angie is one of the most calming and gentle people you will ever meet. From the first time I met her, I instantly knew she was the Doula for me. Her wealth of knowledge is absolutely astounding from her own personal experience as a mother and also from many years as a birth worker. She arrived at my home birth when I was in transition and wondering if I was really going to be able to do it and brought with her such peace and confidence that I was doing well. Her checking in after the birth came at the perfect time and she is someone you can feel comfortable with asking just about anything. If in doubt, choose Angie, you will be glad you did!



Angie was amazing! We found her through our friends by word of mouth and we are so grateful for her. She's very knowledgeable in the advice that she gives and will have faith in you accomplishing and executing your birth plan. She applied 6 hrs of counter pressure for me when I was in labor and never once complained about it. Thank you Angie! You were amazing to me and my family. 10 stars! 



My fiancé and I found Angie through friends and thank goodness we did. The day my labor started I texted her to let her know that my water had broke and we met at the hospital. From that moment on Angie was spot on about helping me get though each contraction and staying the course that we had set for my birth plan. Angie applied 6 hrs of counter pressure whenever I had contraction which is more than hard work. She told me I could do it and was very knowledgeable in the advice that she gave. We couldn't have done this without her. Thank you Angie!

Mckenna Mateer


When looking for a doula, I wanted one that not only had many years of experience but one that made me feel comfortable and safe. Angie was just that! She made me feel taken care of in every way. She was always available to chat and answer my questions throughout my pregnancy and calm any nerves I had. Angie was the one that gave me confidence to have an unmedicated birth and to trust my body and strength. During labor she provided many comfort measures (best hip squeezes ever) and most of all, words of encouragement. She is very experienced and has many tricks up her sleeve! She stayed with us after delivery some to make sure we were settled and was also there for me postpartum for any further support I needed! If you are looking for a doula, I would not hesitate to reach out to Angie. We could not have done it without her and are betond blessed by her! 

Brooke Frazier


From the beginning of meeting Angie we knew she was the perfect fit for our birth team. Her love, tenderness care, experience and holistic approach always made us feel so taken care of. As a first time mom new to pregnancy anytime I had questions of concerns about the changes happening I could reach out and get the answers that gave me peace of mind. Angie feels more like family and we feel so thankful to have found her. 

Ruthe and Will


Angie was our doula for the birth of our first baby Lucy on September 18, 2021.  My husband and I both feel like we could not of had a better experience than what we had with Angie as our Doula and Christina Buchanan (CNM) as our midwife.  Throughout the pregnancy, they built a strong relationship by getting to know us and guide us on how to prepare for when our daughter decided to make her debut.  Angie was a perfect fit for us - she is kind, warm, and compassionate.  She has all kinds of recommendations to help get through pregnancy and then to help during labor.  No matter whether it was a simple question during the pregnancy or a need during labor Angie was on it in a way that made me feel special and supported - always.  We could not give a more sincere recommendation  to those looking for doula support for their pregnancy and labor. 

Ruthe and Will 



Angie assisted in the birth of my son 5 months ago. After meeting her during one of my prenatal appointments, Angie made such an impression on me that I requested all my further appointments be scheduled at times that she could attend. Angie also encapsulated my placenta for me after birth. She added the cutest little touches to my postpartum box of goodies!


Angie has a calm and lighthearted presence, just the perfect type of person you would want to have by your side for your birthing time. She’s not just experienced and knowledgable in all things pregnancy and birth related, but she also is genuinely passionate about serving mothers and families.  It’s very obvious that she was meant for this line of work! Angie radiates compassion and gentleness. Honestly I kind of wish I could follow her around and take notes just so I could learn how to be more like her!


Angie is definitely someone you want to have on your birthing team!



If you are reading this, stop your search for a Doula and hire Angie! She is a God send, she is knowledgeable, kind, reliable and available to answer the questions and concerns you have. She was a wonderful support to have in our first pregnancy and helped me stick with my natural birth plan. The natural birth course from mama natural she recommended we loved and my husband and I were calm the day of the birth. She was amazing in helping to relieve pain through hip massages during labor and did an amazing technique during delivery to help me pull through without an epidural. 

Bashar A


Angie saved the day so many times and I cannot recommend her enough! We moved to Dallas area while my wife was 28 weeks and it was very stressful transition as my wife started to have complications. Angie was very supportive and helped my wife cope with stress and was always very informative and responsive. As the delivery day came, Angie was very experinced and her sweet presence in the room made all the differnce during the difficult delivery my wife experienced. As she gave her honest advices about the difficult choices we had to make she always took the time to take pictures and remind us to document this life changing experience. She was calm , knowledgeable and informative during the delievry even so my wife had very prolonged labor and both my wife and myslelf were super stressed out. She was great in calming my wife and answering her questions from experience. Angie’s support in the postpartum was amazing and she always directed us in the right direction when we needed directions the most!! Over all Angie answered all kind of questions from classes that we needed to supplements recommendations and health care providers. As I said earlier she saved the day so many times and we are very gratful for her help and highly recommed her! We would love to have her as our doula with our next baby.



Angie was an absolute God send and I couldn't have birthed my big baby without her! I knew I wanted a home birth this time around and Angie was supportive from the beginning. When I encountered some bumps and had passed the 41 week mark, I was getting depressed but Angie reminded me my body was doing what it was supposed to be doing and continued encouraging me and reminding me to stay active! When it came to labor, Angie arrived just in time to deal with the worst of my labor ??. She is an absolute ace at hip squeezing!!! I was ready to get in the birth pool and thought I was losing my hip squeezes but Angie just jumped in the birth pool with me and continued on! She was so incredibly encouraging during labor, whispering to me that I could do this, my baby was getting close, how strong I was, etc. those encouraging words really helped me push through!! If you're looking for a doula who is kind, caring and supportive, you've definitely found the right one in Angie!!! 

Sara Ak


What an absolute golden soul this lady is! I cannot recommend Angie enough! I struggled with many things during this pregnancy and had a tough postpartum and I texted her for every single little thing. She always got back to me quickly with answers and great recommendations. I highly recommend hiring Angie for any birthing experience! She is incredibly knowledgeable, wonderfully friendly, and very professional.

Victoria & Jacob


I am so glad we were referred to Angie. She is so sweet and gentle, we knew she was the person we wanted in delivery room with us. She was always reachable when we had questions or concerns and helped us every step of the way when it came down to my labor and delivery. Her vast experience and knowledge was extremely comforting- she definitely knows what she's doing. We just love her and would highly recommend. 

Nicholas Laird


Angie was amazing with my wife she definitely helped calm my nerves as a husband when I wasn't too sure what to do. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks thank you so much Angie! 

Nikia Lawson, MA, BSW,CD/BDT(DONA)


Angie is an amazing and committed doula. She is DONA International certified. She is also a hypnobabies specialist.  She is extremely skilled as a childbirth educator, placenta encapsulator and doula. She balances her family life and doula life very well. She is truly committed to serving family and community.

I am pleased to know her as a colleague, a resource and a friend. She's such a sweetheart and her families are blessed to have her by their side during this most vulnerable time. 



Angie was my friend's doula (and is also currently mine - due in 6 weeks). I got to watch my doula in action - what a unique experience! She was understanding of my friend's needs, made sure she had all the information for what my friend wanted in advance and listened to my friend throughout birth. Super knowledgeable and will also be encapsulating the placenta for me. Highly recommend! 


Melissa Parker CD(DONA), AAHCC, CLE


Angie is a kind and compassionate Doula who is extremely well versed in helping her clients achieve the birth they desire. I have known Angie for more than ten years now and her sweet calm demeanor encourages a calm birthing environment. Angie has been a Doula for many various birth situations over the years and is therefore able to help her clients feel confident in any and every birth location of their choosing.  



I highly recommend Angie! Doulas are an essential part of any birth team, but as a single mom, having a doula by my side was extremely vital. Angie was definitely the right person! From the start, she was supportive and nonjudgmental. She provided me with a lot of helpful information and was a great resource as I prepared for my first child. She always responded to me right away even for little questions and when she was not on call for me. Super dependable! Angie has a great heart and spirit and is an absolute joy. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a doula. 

Luke Weeks


Angie was so sweet and caring for my wife's birth. She visited with us regularly preparing for birth and helped ease all the anxieties and answer all the questions we had regarding birthing time. When the time came, Angie showed up very quickly and was so calm, assuring, and helpful-even for a middle of the night/dawn birth. She processed everything for us and made sure my wife recovered very well. The new mommy was also cared for for several hours after the birth and made sure that she was comfy and ready to rest before Angie left. The follow up visits were also really helpful and reassuring as being new parents can be overwhelming. Angie is 100% genuine when she says to reach for any questions or concerns. If we have another baby, we want Angie there. No pressure, no pushiness, just helpful and encouraging.

Hannah Weeks


Throughout my pregnancy and labor,  my experience with Angie was absolutely wonderful.
I walked into my pregnancy holding on to a lot of fear and trauma from my first pregnancy and birth. After just one meeting with Angie, I felt incredibly confident that I could have a peaceful and healing birth. Within a few minutes of meeting her, I could tell she was extremely passionate about what she does and the people she serves.
Having Angie as my doula was truly one of the biggest factors in having such a healing experience. She equipped me with the tools that I used to remain calm in my pregnancy and labor, and consistently reminded me of my strength and power. If it wasn't for Angie, I would've never believed that birth can actually be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 
I highly recommend hiring Angie as a part of your birthing team.

Shelby Gann


It was a blessing to have Angie as part of my birth team! From the first day we met I knew I needed her on my team. She not only prepared me for birth, but also provided tons of information throughout my pregnancy and was available to answer questions postpartum. Angie really helped me push through when I thought I couldn't do it anymore during labor. She constantly reminded me that God gave me this baby for my body and that I COULD do it. 

Miranda Forbes


Angie was absolutely amazing. I wanted a doula when I had my son but it didn't work out, but I'm so glad  I got one for my daughter. Angie was so helpful through the whole process. I felt like a first time mom because this pregnancy was so different. She answered almost all the questions I had. When it came time to birth my sweet baby, she came to my house to check on me and helped load me into my car. She was with me and encouraging me and holding my hand when I needed her. She was a god send. Angie thank you so much for being so supportive, encouraging, and caring.

Brittany sotelo


Angie is amazing!!!! She came to me through a friend at my time of need. I wasn't happy with my birth team so a week before I had Zoe I met with her. I was worried I wouldnt have time to get comfortable with someone so quickly but her mothering nature quickly put my nerves to rest!!! I would highly recommend her she is a amazing women with so much wisdom. 

Brittany Dietz


After meeting Angie for the first time I knew she would be perfect for my husband and I. She is very soft spoken and gentle. This is exactly what I needed during my labor and birth. I didn't realize it at the time but she was a total God sent! She stayed with me and comforted me the entire time. She offered interventions such at rebozo techniques, pressure point relief, etc, but when I declined she accepted and was not pushy. she gave me the space I needed and really read me without me even having to speak. Angie is an amazing doula and very knowledgeable. She participated in my entire pregnancy, labor and birth. She is very active in the entire process, and I loved that. She became like a second mom for me during this time. I trusted her. She reminded me of my birth plan when I wanted to give up and get an epidural, and she advocated for me and my husband in a very respectful manner. She took all the stress off my husband and allowed him to enjoy the process, but also encouraged him to be as active in my labor the birth as he wanted to be. Angie has a pleather of knowledge and I can't wait to use her again with my next babies!!! I would say Angie was not just a doula for us she became part of the family!!! 

Allison Pike


To add to my testimonial, I thought it was wonderful how Angie communicated with my chiropractor to provide the support my body needed. 

Allison Pike


Angie Heffner was our doula for the birth of our first baby girl this January. We found her through our trusted midwives and met with her in person to make sure we were a good fit. She is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, and care for a new baby, but her warmth and feminine energy is what made us drawn to her. I am not from texas, but my husband is. His family is here in Dallas, but all my mom friends and my own mom are at least 6 hours away. It was not possible for them to be present for our birth. Planning a home birth was a little scary but also exciting. Angie helped us feel confident in our choice and helped us prepare even more.
On the day of our daughters birth, she was the calm, comforting woman I needed at my side. She helped my husband's fears and anxiety and helped him be present for me. I remember resting my head on her shoulder at one point and knowing the women in the room were all caring for my whole family together. 

Angie helped communicate to my midwife to come to the house (labor was pretty fast for a first time mom), and I'm pretty sure she kept my baby from being born on the toilet-recognizing I was crowning! She captured some priceless moments for us on our cameras so my husband could be with me instead of taking pictures (I know he would have!) 

I feel like I could ask her anything I need for advice on the baby, and can't wait to run into her sometime so my baby can see one of the women responsible for helping in her safe passage earth side.

Mickey Regan


Angie did a great job taking care of my wife, and me, during the birth of our son. My wife had a very long labor, and Angie did an awesome job helping to keep my wife comfortable during all of it. I have very limited mobility so I use a wheelchair, and I usually need my wife's help doing most tasks, but Angie went above and beyond to help me with whatever I needed. Thanks Angie!

Sarah Regan


Angie has such a calm and caring presence, and she is exactly what I wanted and needed during the birth of my baby boy! She is a wealth of knowledge, and gave me so many resources - from lactation consultants to chiropractors, to pediatricians - before and after my birth. If you are thinking of hiring a doula, I wholeheartedly recommend Angie. It is so obvious that she absolutely LOVES what she does, and pours that love into every client she comes into contact with! 

Lety pena


I enjoyed having Angie around. It was reassuring to see my daughter being take  care of and being provided different techniques to help with hip pain. It was really nice to see how she incorporates the rebozo in birthing. We enjoyed having her over and just talking. She made everyone on my home comfortable. 

Krisha Crosley


Love Angie! She is a very caring, knowledgeable Birth doula! No doubt she takes exceptional care of all her expecting families with resources and her amazing doula skill set!! I enjoy chatting with her as a doula, networking with her and would ask her for a back up in a heart beat. I highly recommend interviewing her to see if y'all would be a great birth team match!! 

Alexa Flores


Have you ever met a person and automatically felt connected and comfortable around them? This is how i feel around Angie. She has such a sweet soul and so much knowledge! She was alwasy quick to answer any questions i had or any doubts. She shared several ways to ease pains!

My family all enjoyed her company and we all appreciated her help when it came to birth day. She helped with everything i did not have to worry about anything. If i needed something she was on it without hesitation. 
Angie has a soft calming voice and definitely has alot of knowledge on how to help you breathe during the bigger surges (contractions). 
Angie will always have a place in my heart for being there and taking the time to get to know me! Definitely will be one of the first persons i call next time i get pregnant! 

E. Jewel


I attended a home birth as a sibling doula & Angie was the birth doula.  She had so much to offer the mamma birthing and also the whole family! The grandma and aunt were also attending the birth.  Everyone was put at ease as she loved and gave physical and emotional support to everyone. She took pictures and was able to still be present for the whole family.  She even gave me a tour of the placenta!  I learned so much from her.  I highly recommend working with Angie, there’s a calm and peace about her that’s undeniable.  I look forward to being able to work with her again!!



Angie is such a caring, empathetic person. She will support you no matter the birthing journey you choose and will be with you every step of the way. She has tons of resources for everything that you may need or may come up during pregnancy and after birth. She's quick to respond to calls and text messages and is patient with all those new parent questions and concerns. We will definitely call Angie if/when we have another baby!



This testimony is coming from the perspective of a Nana being present for the birth of her granddaughter.   When my daughter decided she wanted to give birth to her first child in a birth center rather than a hospital I was nervous but did my best to be supportive.  We all sat down with Angie prior to the birth and that helped calm my nerves about the impending birth of my granddaughter.   Thankfully I was able to attend the birth and thankfully Angie was there!  While I was there for support and to join in the miracle, I could never have provided the support Angie did!  She was with my daughter and son-in-law through every step.  She provided the calming, reassuring words I would never have been able to find!  After all, it's what she does!  Even if the birth had been in a hospital, Angie would have provided the support that helped my daughter endure the stages of birth she needed.  Regardless of where your miracle of birth will occur, I can assure you Angie will make it an incredible experience!



Angie is very helpful and knowledgeable. She was attentive, informative, empathetic, and patient. She listened and answered all my questions. I am thankful to have had her as my doula.



I knew before getting pregnant that I wanted/needed a doula, especially being first time parents and knowing that I'm an anxious person in general. We interviewed a few doulas and felt most comfortable with Angie! From the very beginning of my pregnancy through the very end she spent her time educating us (and my entire family lol) and being such a huge support system. She never left my side during labor & delivery and was also a valuable support person for my husband and mother. I'm actually sad my pregnancy is over and can't wait to get pregnant with our second so I can have Angie in our corner again! You won't find a more caring, helpful, and supportive person to see you through your pregnancy! 



As first time parents Bringing Angie onboard was probably one of the best decisions we ever made. 

She is simply fantastic. Every single thing starting from her first consultation until the final delivery - she is a must have for all expecting parents. 

Before hiring Angie we interviewed several doulas and she was by far the best, always available to answer all our crazy questions with a calming presence. 

Even though she lives quiet a bit away from our house during the delivery day she was available to us right away and she stuck with us for the whole 20 hours ordeal. She did things for us that I never expected anyone to do and made the whole process a breeze. 

You really don’t need to look elsewhere, trust me on this, she is the one.

Kristen Conroy, APRN, CNM


As a midwife, there is nothing I appreciate more than a good doula! Angie is not only well trained in labor support, she helps to prepare and educate her clients well before labor even starts. She is kind, caring and patient. I have found her to be a calming and supportive presence in the birth room, and highly recommend her as a birth doula and educator.

Jordan peel


I cannot say enough good things about Angie. From the moment we met her she made us feel so comfortable. She made it a point to let my husband and I know that we were entering into a relationship with her and that was going to be nourished. She was always available and a phone call or text message away for any questions we had. If we had gone too long without speaking she would reach out and check in. It always made me feel really good. When it game to birth she was incredible. She made sure my husband was doing what he needed to help me. She helped to encourage him to help with words of affirmation which went a long way during birth. Even just being there to hold my hand when I felt like I needed some extra support during birth. She was incredible. I have loved getting to know her and she is an amazing resource for all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum and babies. 

Haley G


I worked with Angie for a January 2021 birth. We were very fortunate that she took us with late notice (~one month before due date). Her service provides two pre-birth sessions and a postpartum visit as well. She has excellent advice prior in our first pre-birth session. Sadly, I ended up getting induced 2 weeks early and never had our 2nd pre-birth session but honestly didn't feel like I missed much. She labored with me for ~10 hours prior to epidural at Baylor Hospital Dallas and I couldn't imagine in a not having her on my birth team. She only took a break at hour 10 of 12 total hours when I insisted for her to get food after the epidoral kicked in. With COVID and only one partner allowed in, I think Doula support is a must. She coached me through contractions, provided position suggestions, helped with back counter pressure, and made sure my husband felt comfortable and well coached too. She gave great suggestions on what to bring in the hospital bag, and how to best recover post delivery etc. Angie has seen hundreds of births and her advice reflects that experience!! Highly recommend to all. 

Grecia Morales


Angie showed me from the very beginning she loves what she does, serving and supporting moms! Her calling as a doula goes above and beyond what you would expect.  Even when I wasn't her client she was determined to help me receive the best care possible when I was deciding to switch providers.  If you're reading these testimonials  like I was, wondering if they're too good to be true, they are true! My husband, baby and I are forever grateful for her care during and after pregnancy. It was a blessing to have her during the birth of our first baby, especially with Covid and not having any family members around. She even took lots of pictures on our phone to make sure we had memories of the birth of our sweet baby girl. Oh, and did I mention she had to spend New Year's Eve and part of New Years with us?! It was also one of her kids birthday and she was by our side. Thank you Angie for everything you did for us, we look forward to having you in our future births!

Annie Thomas


Angie was a wonderfully calming and encouraging presence during my pregnancy with my first born child.  Throughout the journey she provided wise words, informative resources, and gentle encouragement.  Angie truly respected my pregnancy journey as my own.   She was never pushy, only encouraging to explore different modes of coping with pregnancy and labor that best suited me.  Even after delivery, Angie's at-home visit provided me with reassurance and warmth that a new mom during this pandemic era sorely needed.   I am so glad that I got to work with Angie, I cannot sing her praises enough!

Shy M.


Angie served as a birth assistant during our birth at a birthing center, and she also provided postpartum support to us at our home. I can't say enough wonderful things about her! During my birth experience, she communicated constantly with my husband and made an impression on him right away as a knowledgeable and compassionate person. During subsequent visits to our home, she was truly a light with her uplifting spirit, particularly at a time when I was dealing with new mom stress and challenges. She always had a wealth of information from her own experience with her 9 children and her professional experience. Even though she was not our official doula, she went above and beyond to secure donor milk for us when I was struggling with milk supply issues and brought it right away to our home. She provided so much reassurance and comfort during her visit, and I can't thank her enough for it. Anyone who hires Angie will not be disappointed. She is competent and capable in her craft but also an all around wonderful person!

Lauren Tuttle


Thank you so much for being such a present and supportive rock for us during such a special and memorable time for us. We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity. Your extensive knowledge on childbirth and childcare is invaluable. You are so sweet and such a light, we are so thankful to have met you. We hope to keep in touch and see you again soon for our next babys’ birth. Thank you so much again for everything!!

All our love,

Lauren, Chris & Baby Ashton



I would like to take the time to say that Angie Heffner is not only an amazing Doula but person as well. She not only put my mind at ease , she also made me feel apart of this community that I was very new to. Angie is very educated in the birthing community, and has very useful information to make your birthing experience what you would like it to be. She is comforting and will ensure that you feel confident before you deliver your sweet baby. I highly recommend her if your looking for support.

Emi South


Where can I start? This year has been out of the ordinary. So, when I found out that my family was going to be blessed with a new member, I knew that I had to talk to my husband about how I wanted to have our baby. My husband and I decided that we would go the unmediated way outside of the hospital. I was given the responsibility to find information on natural birth. First thing first, we needed to build our birth team. While researching, I knew I needed a doula. Thanks to the internet, I came across Ms Angie. All I have to say is that, Ms Angie was Godsend. I felt so comfortable with her on the phone when we first talked, and when we met in person, I knew I wanted her to be part of our birth team. She had answers for all my questions and always reached out to me when I most needed it. She is an angel. When the time to meet our little guy was nearing, she was very supportive and reminding me to be positive and to keep using my birthing techniques (Hypnobabies). The day we met our bundle of joy, Ms Angie kept checking in on me and when she learned that I was at the birth center and that my birthing time was getting along, she literally raced to meet us. And I am so grateful she did because she coached me through the whole relaxation to allow my body to relax so that I could meet our baby. I seriously don’t know if I would have done it without Ms Angie’s help all the way. If you’re on the market for a doula, reach out to her. She’s the Doula helping Mamas give birth like a Boss!

Brianna Starr


Oh, where do I begin? Angie was such a blessing to me throughout my pregnancy & birth time. I know I would have suffered through my labor if I didn’t have her by my side. From the beginning, she was always so helpful: sending me links to free live classes & books on childbirth whenever available, tips on ways to prepare, support with my HypnoBabies course and periodically checking in just to see how I was doing.  She is definitely the most qualified doula you will ever meet, especially with firsthand experience since she’s had 9 babies of her own! I thank God that I was allowed to have her at my hospital birth when my plans for having my baby at a birth center went out the door (after my diagnosis with preeclampsia). I never would have had the confidence and stamina to make it through 19 hours of labor without an epidural (on magnesium & induced with pitocin) without her my my side. She was like a birth time “mother” to me; she knew exactly what to say to encourage and comfort me when I was about to give up and always had such a calm, reassuring demeanor.  And when my plans of a natural birth were no longer possible, she waited to be with us again after the c-section (since she couldn’t come into the OR).  I really enjoyed all of her spiritual encouragement, and also just appreciated visiting with her while my husband was away. My midwives were also very impressed with her & agreed she’s the most amazing and well prepared doula they’ve ever worked with! Choosing Angie was the only part of my birth plan that worked out perfectly!

Crystal Liberis


My baby is now a week old. I have been processing my birth experience and everything that happened during my labor, until delivery and postpartum. As I reflect, I am extremely thankful for many aspects- one definitely being that I had Angie there with me. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone, when given the opportunity. She was gentle, encouraging, attentive, and had such a peace and calming about her. What a breath of fresh air in the midst of all of my emotions and pain! I am elated that I was given the opportunity to get to know her and have her with me on one of the most important days of my life. I loved hearing about her own experiences of having 9 children. She has so much knowledge to offer! What a kind, loving woman who really excels in her field of expertise.

Corey Valverde


Angie’s love, knowledge, and first hand experience (seriously- ask her which number she’s working on!;) make her the perfect candidate to be your support during this special time in your life. 

Regardless of this being my fourth pregnancy (and my second one with Angie in my corner:), I was full of questions and concerns towards the end. Angie, in all her wisdom, graciously guided me through each potential issue I brought to her attention. Her presence, even though it was only over the phone this time, was so needed and appreciated and don’t even wanna think about how this pregnancy could e been different had I not had her love and support. 

Thank you Mama Angie, from the bottom of my uterus.

Corey Valverde


Angie’s love, knowledge, and first hand experience (seriously- ask her which number she’s working on!;) make her the perfect candidate to be your support during this special time in your life. 

Regardless of this being my fourth pregnancy (and my second one with Angie in my corner:), I was full of questions and concerns towards the end. Angie, in all her wisdom, graciously guided me through each potential issue I brought to her attention. Her presence, even though it was only over the phone this time, was so needed and appreciated and don’t even wanna think about how this pregnancy could e been different had I not had her love and support. 

Thank you Mama Angie, from the bottom of my uterus.

Amie Carreon


Angie became my doula later in my pregnancy when I started experiencing some anxiety about my upcoming birth. She helped keep my anxiety in check throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. My pregnancy and birth didn’t go as I would hope due to some medical complications but she was there afterwards to talk about my disappointment about the way my birth went without just saying “well at least the baby is healthy”. Would definitely recommend Angie if you are looking for a calming presence throughout pregnancy. 

Betsy Bryant


I was referred to Angela from my midwife and am so thankful I chose her!  Angela was by my side for whatever I needed and also had a plethora of information for me when I needed it.  She has such a gentle but firm character which made a huge difference when it came to me ending up in the hospital for my labor.  She was able to assist my husband in making sure things went the way I had hoped despite ending up in a hospital.  Angela has very good resources for prenatal and postpartum to where it saved me some time from having in sept research people or companies.  Everyone that she has referred has also been top quality.  Angela is not only an incredible doula she treats you like she would treat her own family.  I would highly recommend using Angela as a doula because she has high integrity, she has a lot of valuable information to provide, she is there when you need her, and she helped me stay calm and focus my entire labor.  She was a blessing to me and still is there for me to txt or call with questions even 5 weeks PP


Jolene Finley


Angie is a very warm, loving person. She helped a young couple through a very difficult journey when their Birth plans changed suddenly from an out of hospital birth to a C-Section. Angie uses many different techniques to help clients prepare for their baby. I enjoyed her helping the clients learn their options for different resources like childbirth educations. 



Angie was truly a God send. My babies daddy passed away while I was pregnant and I was looking for a postpartum doula but instead realized I needed someone during labor also. She was there for me from the second I met her. If I had any concerns or fears she was a text or call away and she always responded back immediately. She helped me through the parts of labor that got emotionally tough and helped keep me on track. I cannot thank her enough. I definitely recommend her for your birth!!



I am so glad that we had Angie at our first birth. She provided great informational support and encouragement during our prenatal appointments, answered the trickiest questions that my husband and I had for her :) My labor was a very intense back labor and it is all a blur now, but I remember Angie's voice, her being there to support me and my husband. He later told me that he couldn't have supported me the way he did if Angie weren't there. Which is exactly why I wanted to hire a doula in the first place - to give him strength and support. And it worked! :) Our baby was posterior with sort of a twisted neck, so after 24 h of unmedicated established labor, we needed to choose between forceps and c section. Angie was there to support us in our decision, she was with us after surgery, talked to me as I was trying to stay conscious LOL.. She took care of my placenta and had someone make placenta pills for me. Those were great to help me process my birth experience, in addition to Angie's constant support post-partum. It is no picnic to recover from 24h of intense contractions + abdominal surgery + all the hormones and emotions. She was so encouraging and attentive to my emotions, it truly made a difference when I was almost losing it. Thank you, Angie!!!

Sheila Brown, CPM


I have had the pleasure of working with Angie Heffner as a doula for my client. Angie is attentive,  compassionate, and steadfast in her care. I highly recommend her. 

L. H.


I've been around pregnancy and birth for most of my life & recently attended a birth with Angie. I was the sibling doula. She provided counter pressure and comfort measures that were so helpful to the client while I was taking care of the little siblings. She was so willing to be helpful. She even stopped for flowers on the way to the birth (I arrived before her) so the clients postpartum bath was exactly how it the family wanted it.
We worked together as a team and I’m looking forward to being able to be part of birth with her again!!

Kristine Keller


I met Angie while teaching a breastfeeding class. She is so warm & caring. She has a weath of information to share with soon to be moms. She has also come to my breastfeeding & pumping mom support groups & contributedwith great information. Her knowledge is impressive & her services are amazing. I highly recommend her & her doula services.



From the moment I met Angie I knew she was exactly what every birth momma should have at her side. She was my sister's doula and with her help my sister was able to have a pain-med free child birth. Her encouragement, patience, and calm demeanor are a must in the delivery place. Although there was a hiccup in the delivery plans, Angie adapted quickly without skipping a beat. Her communication exceeded all expectations. She was certainly a calm in the midst of unknowns laboring brings. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family. I set a high expectation for those I trust my family with and she met every one. We're all so thankful for everything she did for our family!

Pina Family


Oh, Angie, where do I begin!

I found Angie literally in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy, and from the first time we met up with her, so was seriously AMAZING. She was willing to come closer to us for our interview and was super helpful in all her suggestions mentioning that even if we didn't choose her as our Doula, that she hopes that we find someone we're comfortable with, and even before we officially hired her, she was SUPER helpful in finding us free virtual birthing classes as in Covid times funds were tight so I hadn't taken any!

She was super consistent in wanting to check in on us and sending me lots of valuable information even BEFORE we hired her officially. After we did, she was still super on top of everything (she's been seriously so genuine and wonderful.)

When it came time for my birth, she was there as soon as I needed her. And even though my birth didn't go as planned, she was still there for all of it and offered to take pictures on my phone for me and it's because of her that I have a picture of the first time I saw my son. Something so beautiful that I will cherish forever. She stayed until I was good with her leaving asking me what I needed and if she could help at all with anything else before leaving after being with us for so many hours.

When it came to PP she's still been checking in on how we're doing, and how our son is doing. She's been a blessing in our lives, one i'll never forget. Thank you so much Angie for all that you did for us while we brought in our beautiful addition. <3

Miriam Genske


Angie was amazing throughout my first pregnancy, whe was always there for me when I had questions, she sent me over videos and articles to help me prepare for my labor. Thank you for nutering me during this important timr of my life!

Cassie Thompson


Angie is amazing old soul. She's very kind and loving and very sensitive and in tune with her surroundings. She was there for my very first home birth and she was such a great calming presence to have around. She totally goes out of her way. She's great. If I ever gave another child she will be my doula 100%

Erin Stetson


I had the privilege of documenting (photo/video) Angie as she served a midwife during labor and birth. She is intuitive to the needs of the family, calm and so peaceful. It is very clear that Angie has a lot of experience and understands the birth space. I would for sure recommend her and have! I hope we get to work another birth together soon. 

Laura Lee


As a brand new mom with severe postpartum depression, Angie helped me through some of the most difficult days of my life thus far. She normalized my emotions and comforted me in the most kind and gentle way. She has a precious gift in her ability to empathize with and care for others so selflessly. Angie is knowledgeable and able to provide education, ideas and feedback that is helpful as well as non-judgemental. She was patient with me and all my many new mom questions and concerns. On my toughest days she encouraged me and reminded me that I was doing a good job and that I am a great mom. Her support has made all the difference in my journey into motherhood. She is such a blessing to me and will be to any new mom and their family. We are so grateful for who she is and all she has done!

Bre Frazier


Mrs. Angie was very attentive and detailed oreinted throughout the entire process. Although I didn't have the type of birth I wanted to have, Mrs.Angie, prepared me to know the different outcomes that could possibly happen. I'm very grateful for her time flexibility and her ability to educate me on various pregnancy, labor, and delivery topics. As a first time mom, I highly recommend her as a doula. Thank you for your help. 



Angie is absolutely wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about our experience with her. Birth is so vulnerable and she provided sense of calm, reassurance, and confidence that I needed before, during and after labor. Thank you Angie, you played a big part of the beauty of my birth story and I will forever have the deepest gratitude for you.


Cathy M Davis, RN (Grandmother)


Angie Heffner was a doula extraordinaire in assisting at the birth our miracle rainbow baby!

There is no experience more up close and personal than childbirth.  Angie on every level was extremely sensitive and supportive in promoting my daughter's birth plan and meeting her expectations to share the beauty of birth with family and select women friends.

My daughter is a Certified Nurse Midwife whose passion, career and profession is natural childbirth.  Angie went above and beyond in assisting and constantly adapting to the ever changing and escalating needs of my daughter to help her acheive a totally natural, holistic birth experience.

Without exception I have the utmost respect personally and professionally for Angie graciously exceeding our family's expectations. I would highly recommend her for all your doula needs!

Tim Levesque


Angie is the Best! Since covid-19 prevented us from having anyone else besides my wife and I present, Angie was able to coach me through the entire birthing time wich was about 17 hours. Definitely a life saver and a wealth of knowledge. We left for the hospital at the absolute perfect time on Angie's recommendation, which was a big question mark for me. Even though she was not physically present it was a huge help. I would recommend Angie 10/10 even if you live on yhe moon. She has a lot of experience having had many chirldren herself, which is also a big one for us.

Kimberly Gross


As the Vice President of Hypnobabies an active Instructor and former doula/student midwife who has attending hundreds of birth, I feel confident referring all my students to Angie.  She has such a calm and confident energy about her which she brings into the birth space with her clients and in turn helps her birthing moms feel confident and calm. Being an experienced birther, mother and Hypno-mom sets her apart from the rest. Her first-hand experience with birth and Hypnobabies really adds to her skill set. You can really feel the passion she has for helping change the way birth happens in the US and she is a great support and advocate for her clients in any birth setting.


Kimberly Levesque


I've known Angie well over a decade and have actually had the privilege of participating in two births alongside her. One at home water birth natural unmedicated and a natural unmedicated hospital birth. Angie carries a presence of peace, confidence, and care for mother and baby. Having witnessed both of these births I knew when my husband and I were to conceive I wanted her presence, voice and care during my pregnancy. I'm 28 weeks and have text her almost everyday since my 12 week ultrasound! She has been nothing but responsive, joyful. excited, attentive to detail in the responses, resources, links, contacts, classes, and sharing of social networks with me. Equally as important to me, Angie listens to my questions and concerns and will provide additional insight or tips that are so helpful and reassuring. Angie cares about me, my baby and ensuring that I'm well informed and educated throughout this pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester aka post partum. I'll be back to add my experience once baby is earthside to share more with you all too!



It was a pleasure to work with Angie!  She always made herself available to me; day or night. She always had kind and reassuring words for me when I was feeling unsure.  I couldn't have gotten through the pregnancy and birth without her. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the entire process and made sure I had all the information I needed to make informed decisions. I can't recommend using her enough!



Angie is such a sweet heart! She is calm and collective and is all about you and what you want to do. She always made it clear that she was there for you and wanted you to have the best birth experience possible. She will be your voice to the nurses and anyone you want her to be. She was very informative and answered all of my questions and also gave me resources that were very helpful. It was an honor to have Angie as our doula and when time came for pushing she was there cheering me on and encouraging me. I would encourage anyone that is searching for a doula to meet Angie and your search would be over! 

Nancy Pol


I am a certified nurse midwife and I have had the pleasure of working alongside Angie. Angie is dependable, kind, and is a true gift to the families and the birthing community that she serves. 

L. Carino


I had the privilege of meeting Angie when my husband and I where getting ready for the birth of our baby. She is patient, loving, she has a lot of knowledge and the most important care for her clients. She understand what we go thru not just because she is a woman and has gone thru her own birth but because she takes the time to listen and understand what we are going thru as each individual. During my pregnancy we meet 2 time and every time we meet it feel like a good friend was visit me just to chat and get caught up in life.
Since this was my first time working with a doula, I really didn’t know what to expect. Working with Angie I can tell you that she when beyond my expectations. My birth was very overwhelming and she was full of encouragement and ALWAYS keep a positive attitude. During my birth she stay with me and make sure I got something to eat, got situated and comfortable. Angie is a pleasure to work with and totally worth the money and time. She knows what she is doing and the best thing I that what she does it out of love.
Choosing Angie was one of the best thing that happen to me. It was a Wonderfull experience and glad she is part of our life then and now.

John Knapp


Angie is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable working with her. She was able to graciously support our birth plans and guide us through the process. When we had to change our plans her support gave strength in a potentially  stressful situation. I really appreciate the before birth meetings. Her professional and personal experience helped build confidence. During the birth time, my wife was so “in the zone” it was challenging to make decisions and communication was challenging.  It was good to have someone you trusted to help give personal guidance so that it wasn’t all guesswork.

Anh Huynh


Thanks to Angie advocated support and calmness, my first birth experience went beyond expectation. Me and my husband are so grateful to have Angie there to guide us. Angie is very responsive to my concern. Being a first time mom, I was overwhelmed with every stage of the delivery day, Angie made herself available the whole time with encouragelament. Whenever I encountered a negative feeling, she calmed me down. She helped my labor progress much more relaxing, and joined our big journey with peace and love. Angie has done more than what we could have asked for. my determination to have this natural birth wasn‘t big enough to make it come true without you. Words can’t describe. Thank you Angie!



Angie was such a source of knowledge and encouragement during my pregnancy. And when it was finally time to birth my sweet baby, last month, she was right there by my side. She was exaclty what I needed, when I needed it. She was such a strong advocate and I will forever be grateful for her presence at his birth. Much love, mama! <3

Kathy Pine


Angie was an experienced mom who was there for us when we had our first born son. She was amazing to work with, always positive and supportive. She was clearly a knowledgeable mother herself and didn't ever seem overwhelmed. Instead, she was confident and encouraging. We will always have a special place for Angie in our hearts thanks to all her support when our son was an infant.

andrea allerton


I am an acupuncturist who works along side doulas often. I met Angie at church when her 7th baby was an infant (he is now 3). She was the person pregnant mammas there would ask to be with them during their birth since she had had 8 children.

When Angie became an official doula we did a lot of cross referrals. Angie is a very integrous person. She is calm, loving, very patient, friendly, always has a smile on her face, she is dedicated and organized. Because she has a calm demeanor, mammas feel comfortable with her. She is very present and catches the needs of each mamma and their husbands.

Angie is passionate about helping pregnant women and can relate to them in a personal level since she herself has had many different births of her own. 

Knowing Angie and seeing her interacttions made it really easy for me to choose her as the doula I reffer to my pregnant mammas.


Rachael Herrera


     I have had the privilege of catching babies with Angie for the past few years. Angie is such a beautiful person with such a beautiful soul, and one of the most amazing doula’s I have ever worked with! She uses evidence based techniques to help her clients successfully progress through each stage of labor. She does an excellent job at helping her clients stay hydrated and rested in the early stages of labor to prevent maternal exhaustion. She knows which positions are best for her clients , what essential oils to use and what areas are best for massage. Angie advocates for her clients and works closely with the birth team to ensure her clients needs are met. I am always amazed at how calm her clients are in labor and how beautiful the energy is in the room. Angie makes sure that her clients feel supported, safe, loved, and free to birth in the way they desire. My wish is for every woman to have the kind of loving labor support that Angie provides for her clients!

Rachael Herrera CNM

Amy Sinon


Although Angie didn't assit me in my childbirth, she provided support to me after my daughter was born so I could return to work. I'm not sure what I would have done without Angie. When I would drop off my baby, I knew she was in the best hands. Angie is wonderful and truly cares for the children. We still keep in touch today. 

Nicole Stewart


Angie is a wonderful person with a beautiful, giving spirit.
I was blessed to have Angie by my side while giving birth to my daughter. I delivered on Mother's Day and Angie was with me, caring for me. Angie is gentle, understanding and supportive, she listens and respects you and what ever your birthing plans might be.
Her presence was reassuring and gave me a sense of peace.
My confidence in Angie extends beyond child birth. Angie provided me with childcare options when returning to work. She also helped me with my postpartum and supported me with my breastfeeding needs. She help implement solutions for when I was unable to sustain enough milk. Angie is extremely knowledgeable and I still seek her for advise today.

Gayle Kaminsky


Angie was so helpful in my birthing experience.  I was well informed by her, felt safe with her and empowered by the work we did together.  I was scared of the birthing experience and Angie helped me to feel safe and confident for my special day.   I am super grateful that I got to work with her.  She is knowledgeable and very willing to share her knowledge

Bronson Steiner


Angie is wonderful. She was there for my wife and I during both pregnancies and births. We had our first girl at Kaiser and second at Hoag. Both times we had Angie to keep us sane! She spoke with the nurses for us and with us. Angie is a great communicator and  amazingly calm in spirit. Which helped out my wife tremendously. My wife had a natural birth with our second girl and Angie made that possible with her Doula skills ;)

My wife and I are very pleased with our experience. We felt cared for and loved all the way through. Angie seemed to juggle my needs as a dad and my wifes intense labor very well. I felt coached and encouraged yet she didnt take her attention off my wife during it all. That was very cool! 

I am so so grateful Angie was there for both our babies births. I believe her presence made Labor, and the meeting of our girls for the first time , a more glorious event. Maybe simply because she helped us be present for it.  

Yuanna Barisoff


When my daughter was born Angie was a great help in teaching me how to breast feed and help the baby properly latch. Once on the bottle she also helped me learn to make sure baby was not taking too much air when sucking the bottle. She guided me on how to nurse discreetly in public, and gave me advice on putting her in a set schedule and age appropriate activities. With Angie's help and encouragement I breastfed my baby until 18 months, and she was able to sleep in her own room through the night by 8 months. What a blessing. Thank you so much for your help and advice!

Heather Deguelle


Angie's calm, peaceful demeanor is very reassuring during and otherwise stressful time. Being the mother of a large family herself, she has seen just about everything, and is able to calmly handle any situation. She always goes above and beyond what is required. I am so thankful for her help with my daughter.

Jen Russum


Angie was an amazing doula. She showed up to my delivery room at the perfect time and chatted cheerfully with me, so my husband could leave the room briefly to find some breakfast after spendng most of the night at the hospital. 

When the nurse came to check me, I was dilated to 9 cm. Angie suggested using the peanut ball to help my cervix open, and within FOUR minutes I was complete and ready to deliver.

I remember hearing Angie's gentle words over my right shoulder as I pushed, and she was incredibly encouraging at the end when it got extremely painful.

After deilvery, Angie brought me a cold cup of juice to drink. She prayed over our new daughter before leaving and texted me later in the day to check in on me. 

Angie has a beautiful heart, a gentle voice, and a loving spirit. Any woman would be blessed to have Angie beside them during labor and delivery.


Heather Solisz


Angie was my doula in 2016 when I had my son. His birth was a very emotional and important time for me, I had previously had a Cesarean birth with my first child really wanted a natural delivery with my second. Angie was wonderful, so caring and understanding. I felt like she was just as invested in my experience as I was. We met for lunch one day, and she was very respectful of my birth plans and gave me some helpful tips. She also came to several appointments, her presence was quietly supportive. She was at one appointment towards the end of my pregnancy where I was told that my blood pressure was getting too high, I was an emotional wreck, but Angie was my rock. A very emathetic and encouraging rock! It was so great to have that female compassion, especially in that moment. She kept texting to check on me, too. Fortunately my blood pressure went down and I was able to have a natural birth, so Angie showed up for me in the middle of the night. My labor was short but I was pushing for three long, exhausting hours, and Angie held my hand, my head, my legs. She and my husband really got me through it. I think she sensed when I was getting tired, because she came up close and started whispering my son's name. That really helped me get my focus back on pushing this boy out! It reminded me what all the hard work was for, to bring my baby into this world. I was so grateful that she kept saying his name. After he was born she stayed and helped take care of me, my baby, and my husband. Her care is quiet but put very purposeful, practical, and effective. She is one of the most generos and loving women I have ever met. 

Tauna LaPierre


I don't even know where to begin...Angie superseded all expectations during our pregnancy, labor and delivery. I wanted a vbac and knew I needed a doula who could support me in the most positive ways possible during the process. I'm the type of person who will dwell on negative thoughts and she kept this in mind at all times. She was always so positive and supportive and kept my mind filled with positivity. She had so many great recommendations during my pregnancy. I wanted to avoid being induced (like my last pregnancy) and she had tons of ideas of things I could do to be proactive throughout the pregnancy to ensure baby didn't arrive too late. I could ask her anything and she would have helpful information for me. I ended up delivering my son at 40+6 weeks. I started having contractions at 5 am and we were at the hospital by 6:30 am and she was there with us as soon as we got there. She was by our side the entire time (Bc we wanted her to be--she was very flexible and did whatever made us most comfortable) she kept me calm during the entire process. She is full of tricks and tips that were instrumental in having a successful vbac. I honestly don't know if things would have turned out the same without her help throughout my pregnancy and delivery. If we decide to have more kids, I will 100% be asking her to be our doula again. 

Katie Lopez


Angie has a presence that can calm and soothe just about anyone!

My husband and I decided we would have a natural birth in a hospital setting and it was important to find someone we connected with and that could support us.

Throughout the pregnancy, she answered my many many questions, put my mind at ease and prepped me for the big day! When the birth finally came, she was there every step of the way. You know it will be a challenging day, but until you're living it and going through it, you don't realize how special your doula can be. She made me comfortable physically and emotionally. She made my husband comfortable. She offered suggestions, she listened to me, she reminded me, she breathed with me. She also helped me understand my situation as it was happening because as you know not all things go according to plan all the time. Her strength and passion for life helped me get through an emotional and difficult birth experience and for that we are forever grateful.


Tiffany Paul


I would recommend Angie to anyone looking for a supportive, compassionate and experienced doula for their birth. One of the things I enjoyed most about Angie was her calming energy and quiet confidence. She asserts herself at all the right times and is in tune with what you need. She genuinly cares and is invested in the birthing process and I trusted her completely. My birth was in a hospital and I ended up needing an epidural due to some kidney issues, and my husband and I were unsure how much a doula would help since we didn't get to do the natural birth we had hoped for, but the moral support and guidance every step of the way was invaluable. The nurses at hospitals are not invested in individual patients like a doula as they have several patients and change shifts often. We had 3 nurses during our labor and it was so nice to have Angie as a constant stream of support. I ended up pushing for 4 hours and Angie was there to support me the entire time, keeping me calm, helping to count and pushing through each contraction and avoiding a near c-section. At one point near the end of pushing, my husband had to step away since he was overwhelmed and with Angie there, I didn't miss a beat and the baby was born minutes later. Our birthing experience wouldn't have been the same without Angie!

Brittney Muus


Angie is such an amazing Doula! I was so incredibly blessed to have her by my side during labor and delivery. She is gentle, caring, professional, and competent in everything she does and was a total encouragement for me every step of the way. My husband and I chose to have our daughter naturally at an out-of-hospital birth center and took the Bradley Method classes in preparation for labor. Although we were well educated and "ready" to have our baby, Angie provided much needed and appreciated support to me and also my husband as he coached me though labor. Her presence was reassuring and calming, and with her help I progressed through a 22hr labor with enough strength to deliver a sweet healthy baby! The whole experience was greatly empowering and I am so very thankful to have had Angie as our support!

rylee steiner


Angie Heffner has been a good friend of mine for about two years now! Coincidentally I was honored to have her as my doula through my pregnancy , all the way up to the birth of my daughter.  Angie was there for me, spiritually, obviously physically as well, filling me with knowledge on natural birth, books, websites, tips (she has given birth naturally 5 times herself), was always on my side with the decisions I needed to make during labor, along with her unbelievable peaceful and calm demeanor encouraging me.  My husband and I are extremely privileged and honored to have had this amazing woman by our side through this incredible process , and wouldn't of had it any other way. We LOVE Angie!

Catherine Anselmo


My husband and I are extremely happy we chose to work with Angie for our birth. We felt an instanct connection with her and her zen energy made us feel very comfortable and relaxed in her presence. She is extremely knoweledgable about all stages of pregnancy, delivery and post patrum care and was always able to answer our questions. During our birth, she was with us every step of the way providing support for both my husband and I, making sure we stayed well nourished, and providing soft spoken encouragement at just the right moments.

We highly recommend hiring Angie as she is a great asset to any birthing team.

John Foster


We payed for the perfect doula and Angie was the answer to our prayers! We couldn’t be any happier with our birth experience and are so grateful Angie was there to share it with us!  She gave us extremely helpful suggestions for coping with the contractions which were crucial in our sons extraordinary birth. Angie's extensive experience helped me feel confident in my ability to give birth without pain medication. She helped my husband to support me during the entire process as well. We felt so comfortable sharing our son’s birth with her and were so happy that she was there to help us on the big day. When our son Joshua decided to be born in a big hurry, Angie was there for us when we needed her most. 

Andrea Gourlay


I am so happy we met Angie! We had planned to meet with other doulas but once we met Angie we knew she was the right match for us. During our first meeting with Angie we talked about the type of birth I wanted. My first child was born via c section and I was planning a vbac for my second. When talking with Angie she made me feel comfortable and confident about the birth. She is knowledgeable about birthing and also shared her birth experiences with us. During my pregnancy she would text me to check on how I was doing. She was always available by text or phone call so I could keep her updated after my prenatal appointments. When I went into labor Angie met me at the birth center and immediately began assuring me that I was doing great. She has such a calming presence and I felt comfortable and safe with her by my side. She encouraged me to walk around and sit on a birth ball which I think really helped bring the baby down. After each contraction she gave me drinks to make sure I stayed hydrated. Her calming voice and words of encouragement were so reassuring and helped me to stay relaxed even during difficult contractions. She has a way of being present and supportive while also giving us space when needed. My birth went better than I ever could've planned and I couldn't imagine going through it without Angie's support. If I have another baby I would want Angie as my doula again.

Tara Warner


Your doula search is over, you need look no further than Angie. 

Her steadfast presence, her ability to bring peace, and her calm encouragement made the delivery more enjoyable. I am so thankful for the qualities listed because my delivery had some unexpected twists and she handled them with such ease. 

The first unexpected twist in my delivery, (my sixth delivery, my first with a doula, my first without an epidural) was that I was to be induced due to high blood pressure. When we got to the hospital they took my blood and discovered I had preeclampsia, the second twist. Angie let nothing ruffle her, which helped me stay unruffled.

There were further setbacks: I was confined to my bed due to monitoring and a catheter, so none of the positions we had practiced could be used. Angie still found ways to ease my discomfort and coached my birth team in how to best assist me despite the restrictions. 

Not only did she bring calm, but she brought joy! She listened to my funny stories while I could still talk and laughed at jokes the birth team told. I asked for my birth to be fun, I wanted laughter to ease my pain and she laughed with me. When I had to stop laughing she held my hand, looked me straight in the eye and helped me to relax during contractions. 

When the contractions finally took over and I began pushing the baby, she continued to tell me what a strong mother I was. When the baby was out and I was still in pain due to difficulty with my placenta, she stood firmly by side. She did not leave until I was ready to rest.  I was grateful for her comfort and care that last half hour. It was more unpleasant then expected and she was so present in that moment with me. 

If you need a woman who can be a still and strong presence during your delivery, Angie is the one you are looking for. 

sonja madjzoub


My husband and I met Angie through the South Coast Midwifery center. As soon as I met her I felt calm and comfortable in her presence - the most important thing when choosing a doula, I would say.

She took time to meet with us and discuss our birth plan and wishes and was so reassuring and patient during our time together. She checked in after every pre-natal check up and was always available for questions leading up to the birth.

During the birth she was a calm, peaceful, yet strong presence. I used the HypnoBirthing method, and she was perfect - exactly what my husband and I needed.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as a wonderful doula!

Ryan Haag


From the moment we met Angie she always had a warm smile and comforting presence. It was such a relief to have her by our side each step of the way.


As first time parents we had a lot of questions and concerns. Angie was just a phone call away and was more than happy to help us. Her years of experience were priceless in giving us piece of mind. She truly was a blessing.


Angie would check in with us once a week to see how we were progressing. The trust we built was very comforting for when it came time to birth our daughter. It was 3am when we called Angie to meet us at the birth center and she was there! Not only that she arrived before us and started the bath. How can you beat that?


The birth would have not been the same with out the constant support from Angie. She got right in there and catered to any of our needs to help keep us comfortable. She is a great coach and support. If you want to find a doula you can trust, call Angie.



Tiffany Hirano


My experience with Angie can be described as perfect. I had felt a connection to her as soon as I met her. She is calm, confident and knows her stuff! She was able to answer any and all of the questions I had  Not just about a doula but babies, birthing, breastfeeding, you name it. She not only attended my birth but checked in on me regularly in the weeks before and after I had my baby. She knew exactly what to do and what to saying during my birthing time. She never made me feel rushed or pressured about anything. She was there when I needed her to keep me calm and ride out my pressure waves and she stepped back and let my husband take over when I needed him. It was almost like she was reading my mind! She made sure I was getting my fluids and was comfortable as I could be. She was not only attentive to me but to the midwife and my husband. She volunteered to assist the midwife when appropriate and when my husband got a little queasy and had to step back a bit, she stepped right in. I can confidently say that I am 100% satisfied and so so happy that I chose to have a doula during my birthing time and that it was Angie. 

M Simon


Working with Angie was an incredible experience. From the moment I met Angie I wanted to work with her. We felt confident that she was capable to be with us thru any scenario during our birth and present to my needs without having to say a word. She is a very present, confident, and humble person as well as flexible to whatever the situation presents. Because of her personability, my 2 yrs old loved seeing her and was very sure she was there to play with him  

My husband and I interviewed many birth professionals; we chose to have our first home-birth and we really wanted to feel comfortable with our team. Meeting Angie made all the difference. Once we decided to work together, there was such a joy and peace we had knowing we had the right team in place to make this an incredible experience  We were so right!

During my birth experience, Angie kept me focused on what mattered when things were becoming more intense. She kept a calm and peaceful presence throughout and always thought ahead to keep me comfortable and present to the task at hand. Because of Angie's extensive background in birth, she provided invaluable expertise and guidance to make sure I was doing all I could to have a smooth birth. 

I highly recommend using Angie. She is truly a gift to work with and a wonderful asset to have during any birth scenario. 



Marina Chirco


Angie was an amazing Doula!! I have had three children and each birth was completely different (one water birth, one hospital birth and one birth center birth) and I must say that the most recent birth with Angie as my doula was the best by far! 

Angie provided good advice, relevant suggestions, resources and ideas before, during and after my birth. She had a sincere, caring approach and discreetly looked after me, caring for my needs while I was in labor. She managed to be continuosly present without being invasive. She has the gift of transmitting peace and strength which I found to be crucial in such an intense time like childbirth. 

Now I can't imagine giving birth without the support of a doula and I attribute a large part of my positive birth experience to Angie's presence!!!

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