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Allison Runnalls

Doula On The Move Prenatal and Birth Services

Nanaimo, BC Service range 40 miles 1 hour travel

(778) 893-6852

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

25 years and 1000 births attended

Doula Training

  • Self-trained, October 1996
  • DONA International, November 1999

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 4 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Flexible for all hospitals

Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
There are currently no birth centers in our area.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Full support of home birthing options with practical knowledge and set-up / take-down for water births as well.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Currently on the board of directors for the Birthing Families Foundation based on Vancouver Island. Previously worked closely with the Surrey Community Birth Program as well as YPPP, Pregnancy Outreach and SMILE programs over the years.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Fees are flexible based on location, need as well as additional services (ie in-home prenatal classes). Also Available for placenta prints! Contact me for more info.

Nanaimo, BC Service range 40 miles 1 hour travel

Client Testimonials for Allison Runnalls

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Jen Hatton


Allison was great - we hired her for both our births and she was an amazing support. She provided a lot of information and was there for us every step of the way. My first birth was a hospital induction and my second was a home birth, but she was exactly what we needed both times. As much as I regret that she is moving away, I know there are going to be some lucky moms on the Island that get to work with her! Hilarious, knowledgable and unconventional, Allison has your back all the way and will provide you with whatever you need (within the bounds of the law LOL) to make your birthing experience as good and empowering as it possibly can be.



After two births with this amazing woman I cannot rave about Allison Nosilla enough! From making it to the final period with Addys birth and being there the whole time with Emily, I couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like without her. The prebirth sessions made such a difference in knowing what to expect and what to demand and stay strong on. Her words of encouragement and advice sang in my head during labour and when I wanted to quit she was there, quietly repeating what she had been telling me for months. It gave me strength and confidence to allow my body to do what it was made to do. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful love ?? you are an amazing woman and the best doula that anyone would be lucky to have



Allison was our doula and as soon as she entered the room I felt rejuvenated and got my strength back to finish. Before she was there I wanted to give up and begged for a c-section haha. Her words during our pre-birth sessions rang in my head and helped me understand what my body needed to do. I wish she was able to be there from start to finish but she was there when I needed her most! She gave us the confidence to speak up at the hospital and understand that it was OUR birth and we set the rules. I can't wait to work with her again!!

Karen Stainton


If you're looking to hire your own personal wonderwoman for the best possible birth experience, look no further. There is no way I could truly express just how grateful I am to have had Allison present for my birth journey, nor could I describe all the amazing things she has done for me through this incredible and VERY eventful time. Allison was there every step of the way from phone calls and texts in early pregnancy, to coming to appointments when I needed an educated advocate, to counselling me through countless tears of frustration, to rushing to my side when things went in a very unplanned direction, to being a support for my husband when I was separated from him and my new son in recovery, to staying by my side in the OR to make sure I wasn't alone, to helping me work through the emotions of my emergency belly birth after the fact and helping me see that all births are beautiful, even if you don't get your dream birth. Her knowledge is seemingly infinite, her demeanour is calm yet in control, she can help you find humour in any moment and knows when you need one of those moments, she is gracious, humble and a magician at finding ways to get to you quickly when you need her. I couldn't imagine Connor's birth without her. Hiring a doula makes for a much improved birth experience. Hiring Doula On The Move makes for the best birth experience 



Allison is such an amazing person! I had a lot of mistrust of the medial system and Allison was able to help me navigate that and still stay true to my values and maintain ownership of what happened in my birth.

In the end I had a c-section, and her experience and expertise were extremely valued;as I was whisked away and my husband was left to wait and wonder, Allison explained to him what was happening and what to expect when he was allowed into the operating theater. After the birth, she continued to provide much needed guidance and support through breastfeeding and beyond. 

If you are wondering if it’s worth the money to hire a Doula, it is worth every penny and then some. And Allison is the best. 

Season Hunt


My experience with Allison was absolutely amazing. I have 3 kids and my second was a traumatic experience because of the circumstances surrounding it and the hospital I had my baby in. I wasn't ready for my unplanned baby number 3, but Alli was patient and understanding as she helped me create a birth plan that would help me deal with my anxieties. She was also ready to answer any questions or provide me with much needed french fries when cravings called for them. 

My birth was fantastic. I can honestly say that if I could, I would do my whole labour experience over again (which is really odd to hear from any woman that has given birth). The environment was great, Alli was there to make sure my birth plan was followed especially when I was in the middle of contractions and not able to advocate for myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Allison to anyone having a baby. She is invaluable.

Jennifer Brown


GET A DOULA!!!! Make sure you get Alli. Alli is patient very calming and always has your back and will challenge doctors if needed (ie. C-section, medications etc). Very knowledgeable, ask her anything and she will most likely know the answer and if not will find the answer.


Carmen Dunn


Just stop here and hire Allison. We hired her for our first baby and I walked into my birth confident and fearless because of all the prep she educated us with. I was actually looking forward to the birth. I interviewed many doulas but she was the firecracker I needed that could appease the intellectual part of me that needed stats and research. I also like that she's well respected amongst the medical community, (not all doulas are welcome in hospital rooms by staff due to conflicting ideologies). She knows how to play the game between the medical and holistic systems. She also had a good reputation from my midwives. Very important too. I think I was sold on the fact she has got two decades of experience and more births under her belt than most midwives in BC. I felt confident with her by my side knowing she had literally seen all birth outcomes. I especially like that she was always available by text or long phone calls to appease me or answer questions. Even post partum. She helped me avoid an induction and have my natural birth. Do yourself a solid (as she would say) and interview her!

Hilary Rubin


I will be forever grateful to Allison for the birth of my second baby. I was very excited to experience birth for no other reason than a woman's rite of passage. I wanted to have as much of a natural birth as possible, with no drugs. With my first baby, at my 39 week prenatal appointment I found out that my baby was breech. Which meant that the doctor scheduled me for a C-Section as soon as possible. I had no options to have a natural birth. I never went into labour, I was terrified to have a C-Section, and I felt that the experience I was looking forward to of 'having' a baby was somewhat stolen from me. With my second pregnancy, I decided to empower myself by hiring a doula. Right away Allison impressed me with her knowledge and experience, and willingness to understand what I truly wanted from my birth. My husband did not want to spend the money for a Doula and felt like his role as supporting husband was in jeopardy, but eventually went along with it only because I insisted. Hallelujah! Allison made my husband feel empowered by keeping him part of the process, alleviating his fears and supporting his needs in the process too. I can assure you that my husband is now singing a different tune about Doulas :) We discussed in great length all of my values, options and preferences. I felt empowered and informed. She helped set me up with a midwife, suggested reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and went above and beyond for me every step of the way. I truly felt supported and that even though my body was going through the pain, it felt as though I wasn't going through it alone.
I had a successful VBAC, after 4 hours of pushing and not 'progressing' fast enough (according to the doctors) and facing another possible emergency C-Section. It was Allison's assuring smile, experience with successful births (just like mine), and unwavering confidence in me that gave me the power to keep pushing. No epidural, no drugs, all WOMAN. ...And Allison ;)

Tania Walsh


Allison is the most wonderful doula! Near the end of my pregnancy and through my labour, Allison had gone above and beyond our expectations. Her knowledge and professionalism had not gone unnoticed. The first time I spoke to Allison over the phone, she made all my worries and fears disappear. Even though this was our second child, there was no doubt that having a doula present was important to my husband and I. We instantly knew she was the right fit for us. She remembered every little detail, making sure My husband I were being looked after and helping me mentally prepare my journey through labour. Thank you Allison for everything you did. I could not have done it without you. You truly are a wonderful person and doula :)
Thank you a million times over!!

April Kamensek


I contacted Allison Runnals after a doula friend highly recommended her. There was no need to meet with any other doulas. Allison instantly made me feel supported, that I could take charge of this birth and even heal from my daughter's traumatic birth. She knew what I needed to feel safe and in control this time around. Her vast knowledge of anything pregnancy and birth related helped ease any worries throughout the pregnancy and she was always a text, email or phone call away. She was my side kick through several hospital visits informing me of my choices that I didn't even know I had and she always had my back no matter what I chose to do. Labour was fast and furious but with Allison by my side, breathing with me, riding the contractions out, knowing what I needed without me saying anything, I felt strong and in charge. I knew she had my back and I could just focus on what she was saying and listening to my body. Without her, I wouldn't have had the healing birth that I had..including catching my baby and loving this new little person without interruption after the birth. I will be forever grateful for what Allison gave me to heal and to welcome my second daughter into the world.

Jelena DeBoer


I had done a lot of research into pregnancy and birth even before I conceived and knew I wanted the support of a doula to have the best birth experience possible. I can say that hiring Allison was hands down the best decision I made with regards to my pregnancy. She is incredibly knowledgeable about birth and postpartum, but her biggest strengths are her ability to tailor her support to her clients' personality and preferences. I chose to have a hospital birth and had experienced past trauma related to gynecological issues. Allison helped me put together a plan so I would feel safe in the hospital and created opportunities for me to advocate for myself. She was also a huge hit with the nursing staff who told me they sometimes have issues with doulas, but that she was the best they had ever worked with. Not everything with my birth went as I hoped - my labour was very long and I needed an epidural after being awake for 40 hours, but I have peace that I was supported in my choices and did the best thing for myself and my baby. I know that Allison was instrumental to my positive birth experience. My husband and I both agree that we would have had a much different experience without her given my long labour and we will definitely be hiring her for our next birth.

Amber Schmidt


Allison was truly he reason I got the birth I wanted. Having previously had an emergency csection with my first, I was nervous, scared & doubtful. She instilled in me such confidence that my body CAN and WOULD do want it needed to in order to achieve the birth I wanted. She addressed all my concerns, and was an advocate for me in the delivery room supporting me every step of the way when I refused to sign off on standard practice procedures. I was able to have a beautiful & successful VBAC in February of this year. I'm 100% convinced she was a major part of the reason we were successful. When I began to doubt my bodys ability, and said "I can't do this." She looked straight at me and said "you already ARE doing this." I will never forget that moment as it was exactly what I needed to push through and deliver my baby. I'm certain if I had had her support with my 1st we may have achieved a different outcome. I'm so forever grateful to her for her support and confidence in me. As a side note, she captured some of the most amazing and raw birth photos that are just so beautiful and I will have forever to look back on. If you're doubtful as to whether or not a doula would be helpful for you, I'm here to tell you, DONT HESITATE! CALL ALLISON! Your birth experience, no matter how you birth, can only benefit from having the experience, support & confidence of having her there. She also made sure my husband was involved in every decision that happened in the delivery room, and even made sure how procedures were administered to my baby after he was born were exactly the way we wanted them. Thanks to her I had an extremely powerful & Healing birth. She taught me that my body was not broken. I'm so grateful to her. 

Tara Jones


I would like to start off by saying that Alison is the most loving,caring,patient,kind hearted,persistent and reliable woman EVER!!! I am honored to know her on a personal level as well being blessed to have her as my dedicated doula 4 times now. All four times were very different experiences the last birth being  only 4 days ago and a very intense,rapid situation. Alison didn't skip a beat. My hubby and her make an excellent team. MY team....without them the outcome could've been very different! Through all the ups and downs they rocked it!! I learnt how to take control and be in charge of my birth&body without Alison I wouldnt/couldn't have done it. She truly goes above and beyond.Her passion for mama's and births is truly phenomenal! I love Alison Runnels to infinity and beyond. She is a SHINING STAR in my eyes.She will forever be in my heart and I will always cherish the memories we share (there are a lot may I add) I will never ever share a deeper connection with another soul the way I do with her. She is simply AMAZING........???????

Anoush Ebtekar


we just had our second child with Allison. It was our first time to hire a doula. I have to admit, when my wife suggested we do this I was totally against it but I didn't say anything. both my wife and I had a very traumatizing experience with our first child's birth and this time we were very nervous about everything. For months I couldn't sleep because all the bad memories of the first Burt was coming into my dreams. This time my mother in law couldn't even make it from overseas. Allison was our angel that came into our life to save us. She changed the whole thinking we had about birth. She turned it into a fantastic experience. Because of her my wife fidnt use any drugs or unnatural stuff. She was holding our hands the whole time before the birth night, during the birth and after. My wife has called her hundreds of times and every time she got great advise that just calmed her down. A regular person can not do this job only an angel could do it. It took us eight years to have the second child but I'm very happy this special lady helped us out this time. If my wife agrees we might even have one more. The doulas do this job only because they love the little babies and the moms. The amount of time they put in to it and all the work they do is very hard and challenging. My family always prays for you.

Anoush Ebtekar

Christine Legg


My husband and I interviewed several doulas and Allison was the clear and easy choice for us. From day 1, she was friendly, supportive, organized, and extremely knowledgable. She also introduced the possibility of birth not only being a positive experience but also a fun one. All of our pregnancy contact with Allison was very helpful, preparing us in order to support us in having the best birth experience possible. The focus was always on the hopes/desires/preferences of my husband and I.
The birth itself, despite catching everyone off-guard in its timing and speed, was incredible, and I cannot thank Allison enough for the key role that she played in that experience. Allison was ready as soon as we needed her, and in fact, it was Allison that, using her wealth of experience, suggested she come by our home even though we weren't sure of the timing, which proved crucial for what was a speedy birth. I had wanted a home birth and Allison fully supported us in that plan all along. While I was labouring, Allison knew intuitively what I needed.  She made sure we were all settled before heading off after the birth, going above and beyond in terms of putting everything back in place and cleaning up our home.
Since the birth, we've had some challenges with our little one and Allison has again exceeded all expectations by providing tons and tons of support, encouragement, ideas, and knowledge. I cannot imagine going through all of this without Allison. We will definitely be calling Allison if we are blessed with another pregnancy.
I am also happy to speak with anyone who is considering hiring Allison, to provide a reference. Feel free to ask Allison how to be in touch with me. Allison is one of those special people that come into your life and leave a lasting, wonderful impact.  -Christine P.

Amanda Deitch


Allison was absolutely amazing! She stayed with us pretty much the entire labour and delivery. I have a disability and my one concern was being in too much pain but she made sure I was comfortable the whole time. From the time I met her she listened to my wants and needs! When people ask what my L&D was like I always say 'It was really fun, it sucked at times but I had a great time!' And that was thanks to Allison! We hope to use her for our next!!! 

Alyssa Ann


My family's birthing experience with Allison Runnalls was fantastic. Even though not eveything went as planned, Allison knew what we were striving for and she worked her best to achieve that goal. We did manage to keep one of our main goals insight which was a drug free birth (not including gas and air), which meant a huge deal to my fiancé and I. I believe completely that our birthing process would not have run as smoothly without her. We owe her a huge thanks for her hard work! Thank you Allison for being a part of our birth story! Xox

Mary K Wilson


Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had Allison with us for the birth of our son! She went above and beyond or expectations. I wasn't too sure if a doula was right for us as we are very private people, but I am so happy we made the decision. I couldn't imagine his birth without her. She did so much... Helping us turn the baby so he was in the right position, calming us down, giving endless encouragement and advice, taking pictures, even acting as crowd control. She is a very knowledgeable, kind, beautiful person and I give her all the credit for turning a long, stressful labour into a beautiful experience.

Nichole Somerville


Allison is AMAZING to say the least. I was fortunate enough to have Alli for both of my daughters births, she was able to make this life-changing experience calm, positive and happy (which is not always the case.) It was reassuring to know that my decisions and my feelings were always validated and never judged. Alli has a wealth of knowledge in this field and is an essential asset to any woman for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding (Also great at calming the husbands) <--that one is important! She is truly a gift to her profession!!! 

Justine Hutchings


Let me start off by saying that Allison is one of the most amazing women I have ever known, let alone an amazing doula. I used her for informational assistance for my first birth and would have not been as to do my second or third birth without her. I guarantee you that she will make you feel comfortable, safe, powerful, and strong. She thinks of everything, whether you know you need something or not, she has it. My husband was also extremely grateful she was there; she knows just what to say or do to make you comfortable. She is your voice and gets your brain moving when you are in that moment that doctors are in your face pressuring you to make decisions. The other great thing is that there is never any pressure to do things one way or another, just information and pros and cons of each option. She is there for you and will make sure that you have the best experience possible. If we decide to have any more babies, there is no one else I would choose to be by our side.

Lara Spence


Allison was my doula in 2002 and again in 2004. Though the births were quite different (first slow and induced; second natural and fast), Allison saved the day (well, first birth, she was there for DAYS!) by helping us deal with the steps we were going through, and by boosting my breastfeeding confidence in the critical first days when you're just not sure you're doing it correctly. In prep for my first baby, Allison came to my home to share tips on childbirth, nursing, and we worked on a birth plan. I was your typical 'type-A' check-listed first time mom hoping for a natural labour, but my baby was 10 days late and I got camped at the hospital in an induction situation. (I was healthy tho, and biked to the hospital 7km for that stress test). Allison made sure I was OK with new plans as they were introduced over the next days, and, then, when painful labour started, she was there to check in, do massage, do more massage, explain what was going on, give my husband a break, etc. After my 6 hour epidural "nap", 3 hours of pushing, my son was born and Allison was the clever one to take the photos as the rest of us were exhausted. Allison visited us at home and gave me the best instructions ever for latch. Thank you! My 2nd birth was brief and fun by comparison, and Allison was truly Doula on the Move b/c my progress was incredibly fast (as compared to first one) and Allison provided essential guidance on pacing plus helped us laugh at the whole crazy and wonderful thing. I have recommended Allison to many friends and with good reason!  

Elly Grabner


Allison is an amazing human being and exactly what I needed during both of my last 2 pregnancies. Even at a 4 hour distance, Allison was available, committed and completely comforting. My family and I were more than just clients to Allison - and she was more than a doula to us. We have become friends - even family. Her innate ability to read my voice, body language and breaths allowed her to anticipate everything, sometimes even before I knew what I needed. She was proactive and helpful, and just as importantly, honest. I can always rely on Allison to give it to me straight, something that seems to be a rarity when it comes to the general obstetric community. She knows what she's talking about and I trust her completely. Thank you Allison, for being such a calm, reassuring and wonderful part of my pregnancies, births, and our familys' story. <3

Catherine Bruggeman


Allison was instrumental in the births of all three of my children.  She was the greatest support I could have ever asked for.  She helped with my birth plan, and was so knowledgeable.  When I was in labor she helped me get through every contraction, and the support after I gave birth to my first helped me immensely with getting a successful breastfeeding routine going.  When I became pregnant with twins, she was just as invaluable as with my first. She stood behind my decision for a natural birth, and again helped me through every contraction.  I had a somewhat pushy OB who decided I needed an epidural,  but Allison respected my wishes and backed me as I firmly declined.  I love that she was there for me forevery step of both my pregnancies, the after birth and lactation support, and the fact that I'm lucky enough to count her as one of my best friends.  Being a doula isnt her job, its her calling, she's a natural!

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