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Caitlynn Arbour

Jen was hired to help me with the birth of my son, David. Before, during and after which, she never wavered from being there when I needed her. I was very anxious before his birth. David is my first child and I was so afraid because I was walking into motherhood with no know-how of infant care. Whenever I had a question or fear or needed to see her: she was there. She has a wide range of knowledge to learn from and some unique techniques that helped me on a daily basis. Her patience, kindness and good spirited ways made communicating with her very simple and worth-while. She was easy to contact and very promt on her arrival to the hospital when I went into labour. And during his birth, she kept me calm and focused enough for me to be able to deliver David safely and without complication; I had at one point stopped pushing due to a mass anxiety attack and if Jen had not been present and kept me as relaxed as she did then I would have had to have emergency measures taken to aid my birth. After his birth, Jen always remained professional, enthusiastic and friendly throughout our meetings together. There wasn't a question that I had in my mind that she didn't have an answer for. I was so happy to have her services at hand! I started my journey as a new mom fearful and full of anxiety and I have come out a knowledgeable and confident parent. I couldn't have done it without her! 

Posted 4/21/2017

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Jacqueline Anne

Jen offered her services to me while I was in early pregnancy (first child). From the moment I met with her and throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum?, she has been an incredibly reliable and immensely supportive contact. There was never a time I could not get a hold of her, and there was never a question I had that she couldn't answer (or point me in the right direction to have answered). Her services made my entire pregnancy experience so much more comfortable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is anything less than confident about going through childbirth. Thanks Jen!

Posted 4/14/2017

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