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Bloomington, IN Service range 30 miles I am based in Bloomington, IN, and my ability to travel varies - please contact me for more information if you live outside Bloomington.


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Advanced Certified Birth Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Birth Doula Experience

16 years and 250 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2004
  • Stillbirthday, March 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will happily attend planned home births as a doula where there is a qualified clinical attendant (midwife) present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of HealthConnect One Birth Equity Leadership Academy Faculty

Fee Details

My fee includes on-call time from the moment you hire me, phone and email support as needed, as many prenatal visits as necessary (minimum of two; typically more like 4-6), the birth and early postpartum period (about two hours; longer for planned cesarean births), and 1-2 postpartum visits which include breastfeeding support. You fee also pays for on-call backup doula support in the event that I am unable to attend the birth - while I rarely need backup, I always hire a compatible backup doula just in case. I also offer private, customized childbirth classes for $25/hour (minimum two hours.)

Bloomington, IN Service range 30 miles I am based in Bloomington, IN, and my ability to travel varies - please contact me for more information if you live outside Bloomington.

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We had Molly as a doula in September 2018 with our baby #2. We started our meetings around May 2018, and it was always a pleasure to meet and talk with Molly: She was patient to listen to our questions and concerns, and was always ready to give advice when we needed it. Our Plan A was a VBAC, but we also wanted to be ready for a repeat c-section, and she helped us to plan for it. Molly is very knowledgeable and I always felt heard by her. She supported us in planning for both scenarios and encouraged us to keep an open mind throughout the pregnancy; in addition, she never pushed us towards one option or another, which was exactly what we were looking for in a doula. We scheduled a c-section for the day I hit 40 weeks. That was the same day I went into labor. We called Molly to let her know and stayed in touch until we decided together it was time for her to meet us at the hospital. We finally decided on a repeat c-section. Molly was very supportive and we were very happy to learn that they would allow her to go into the operation room with us. She talked with my husband while they were preparing me for the operation, and he feels it really helped him to stay calm. Molly also took many wonderful photos of my c-section and the baby. She then stayed with us in the hospital for some time, and went to visit us the next day. I cannot recommend Molly enough. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and very supportive.



I can't recommend Molly enough! She is warm, empathetic, and extremely knowledgable. She asked me so many thoughtful questions in our early meetings so that she could be prepared to be the doula that I specifically needed. I would choose Molly over and over again if I was planning to have more children. She really is the best!



Molly was great! A welcome member of our birth experience. I ended up with a C-section and she was right along with me. She was kind, understanding, listened, encouraging and all around helpful. My birth was definitely better because of Molly. 



When I was looking for a doula, I got a referral from a friend (a lactation consultant) to contact Molly. My friend said "Molly is the best". And now I can repeat it with my whole heart, Molly is the best! Of course, this is my only experience and I am comparing to other doulas. I just do not expect to have a better doula for me. I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Molly for being such a wonderful doula! As a first time Mom, pregnacy and giving birth was such an exciting, stressful (and at times scary) experience. I just did not know what to expect, what was normal, what was concerning, and how to deal with situations. Molly was there for me, all the time. I cannot say how much I appreciated having Molly by my side through the whole process. To be specific, first of all, Molly is knowlegible, resourceful, and full of experience. She just has solutions to many situations or know where to find the solutions. Secondly, Molly is caring, supporting and encouraging. I felt emontionally strong when Molly was there. Thirdly, Molly is approachable and she responds very quickly. I felt that she was always within reach (by phone, email or in person). She contacted me to check in even weeks after I gave birth. Thank you Molly! You are the BEST!

Kate Sego


Working with Molly was the most comforting and reassuring aspect of my pregnancy. I had previously had a birth that went nothing as planned, and was left with many fears. Molly took the time to talk my husband and I through all of the issues that we were dealing with. She was always checking in on me and making sure that I was feeling ok. She also helped connect me with other women in the community that could help me as well. I feel that I took up more of her time than I deserved, but she never once complained and was always such a loving presence.

Molly helped me navigate through the battle that women can sometimes feel they are in when advocating for their health and birth plans with their doctors. She truly helped me realize what I wanted and expected out of my health care providers, and she encouraged me to use my voice! She is an amazing woman and an incredible wealth of knowledge. It is apparent that being a doula is more than a job for her, it is her passion. We will forever be grateful that we found Molly to help us, and would definitely work with her again in the future.

Brittany Purvis


Molly was great! She was professional in every aspect. She listened to our concerns, provided information so we were truly informed about our options at the hospital, and she took the time to connect with us on a personal level. Her warmth and positive energy made this birth experience memorable. We highly recommend Molly as a doula. 

Ashley Fleming


My husband and I cannot recommend Molly enough! She was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process - leading up to the birth and the day our son was born. We used Molly for our second birth which was also a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean). Molly made sure she understood our needs and wants for our birth, and was extremely supportive. She made us feel as ease, and she was fantastic to work with.

The day of the birth, we felt like she knew exactly what I needed during labor. She was helpful, and worked with my husband to support me throughout. Due to her regular work in the hospital, she is well respected and the nurses/physicians were happy that she was a familar face. Our vbac birth was successful and we really feel like it had to do with our own education and advocacy, as well as the support, education and comfort Molly provided to us. She was truly wonderful and we plan to use her again if we have more children! 

Alyssa Bossenger


Molly has such a calming presence, and her help was invaluable during labor. She really helped me stay focused and relaxed, and I think my partner really appreciated her experience and expertise as well. She in particular helped remind me that I had choices in my interactions with the doctor, and I wouldn’t have wanted to navigate a hospital birth without that support. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who has the option.

Katie Zuber


From Katie (mother):

Our whole birth experience would have been completely different if it were not for Molly. This being our first child, me being an “older” mother...all the unknowns & worries were lifted by her expertise, empathy, & the sense of trust that is immediately instilled upon meeting her. I felt completely at ease knowing that Molly was empowering me, my husband, & yes, even our baby, to do what naturally needed to be done, as she took care of questions, gave suggestions, & guided the process in the most genuine, compassionate, & confident way. In the words of my doctor upon hearing Molly agreed to be our doula, “Ohhh. You got the cadillac.” Indeed we did, & she has my gratitude & wholehearted recommendation.

From Matt (father):

Let me sum up what Molly meant to me: She was a knowing smile when I needed to know things were okay, a reassuring word when I had questions, and my brain as the hours wore on and I had no idea where we were headed next.  I don’t know what the delivery would have been like without Molly by our side, and I’m glad we found her so that I never had to find out. We knew we had an unbiased, expert opinion from the moment we met her until the final meeting days after delivery. You will have no regrets inviting Molly into the most important moment of your life.

Aaron Kessler


First-time parents-to-be with no family nearby, we hoped to find an affordable doula who could provide the moral and practical support during labor you'd want from an experienced family member, and informed guidance in preparing for a natural birth. Molly was great on both counts. In the months leading up to our due date, she coached us on stretches and other activities to encourage the kiddo to descend into optimal position for a natural birth. She also encouraged us to brainstorm about questions we wouldn't have considered as fully otherwise (like what our wishes were if the birth went other than planned?). Obviously very knowledgeable about the process, Molly also has a warm, calm demeanor that kept us at ease throughout the planning stage. After our meetings, we always felt better informed about labor and what it might entail while also more empowered and excited about the big day.

During labor itself, Molly's experience and knowledge proved invaluable. Arriving at the hospital soon after we called her (at 4:30am), she made sure we took advantage of the early stages to eat and rest. When the doctor brought up the prospect of hastening the labor along with Pitocin, Molly helped us consider our options and led us in some stretches and exercises to try to spur things naturally; she must have walked the hallway loop in the L & D ward a hundred times with us! She was also excellent at intuiting when to help out; always there when we needed her, she also knew when to give us some time to ourselves. When active labor hit, she was right by our side, talking us through the toughest times while staying aware of what the nurses and doctors were saying and doing in order to keep us informed of what was happening. She even managed to take some pictures for us! Throughout, her knowledge, presence of mind, and reassuring support made the process less stressful and easier to navigate. We're super glad she was with us and can't recommend her highly enough!

Katie Cierniak


I cannot imagine going through pregnancy and childbirth without Molly Mendota. She was an invaluable support and resource for both me and my partner. With this being our first child, we had so many questions and did not know what to expect. Molly provided incredible information and support during pregnancy, childbirth, and following the arrival of our daughter. During pregnancy, Molly showed us methods to get the baby into a good position as well as some comfort measures. She was available by phone and email when questions or concerns arose, often providing reassurance and additional insight into the information the OBs shared during office visits. Molly was also able to provide recommendations such as names of massage/cranio-sacral therapists in the area and reading materials that we both found very helpful.  Molly helped us think through how we wanted the birthing experience to go, from whether or not I wanted to use medication to when/if we wanted family  to come to the hospital. For instance, we decided to wait until after delivery to notify our family that our daughter had arrived, and I am so thankful we did. This enabled us to focus on the labor and arrival of our child without distraction. I had expressed a wish to go through labor without medication, though we also talked through the possibility that this may change during labor.  I was ultimately able to give birth free of medication; I cannot imagine doing so without her by my side. My husband (who refers to Molly as our “birth Sherpa”) repeatedly emphasized his appreciation for her support during the birth process. Because of Molly's support, we had a very positive birth experience. Following the birth of our daughter, Molly visited us in the hospital and a few days after we came home. My husband and I have both repeatedly noted how lucky we were to work with Molly. I look back on our experience with nothing but positivity and endless appreciation.

Sarah Bauerle


We recommend Molly unconditionally! I had my first baby in a birth center (in a different state), and had a very long labor with an OP delivery. We were worried about our chances for an unmedicated, low intervention birth in the hospital, and I was motivated to avoid OP labor. Molly was fantastic. She helped with lots of pre-labor suggestions (daily activities, body work, etc), and was easily accessible when we had a pre-term labor scare around 35 weeks. She also was very proactive and checked in consistently as my due date approached. My baby came a few days before his due date, and my labor was fast and furious (though, he still popped out OP). I cannot imagine getting through labor without Molly's support. She helped so much with position changes, breath work, and communicating with the doctor and delivery nurse. Molly's experience and personal connections at Bloomington Hospital are particularly valuable because she is cool under pressure and the hospital staff trust her, so they gave us more space during labor. I'm so glad we chose to have Molly assist with my labor and delivery.

Ashley Durcholz


I was on the fence about having a doula, but in hindsight, hiring Molly was absolutely the right decision. From the moment we met, she was extremely accessible anytime I had questions, concerns, or updates from my doctor’s appointments. During my pregnancy, she took the time to get to know my personality to determine how to best support me during birth. She addressed all questions I had with fact-based resources so that I was able to make my own decisions. One of my sources of stress was trying to create a birth plan, but after discussing it with Molly, I felt confident that even without a written plan she would look after the best interests for me and my baby.

When it was clear that things weren’t going to go exactly to plan, she was a great advocate for me with the nurses and doctors. It was obvious that the nursing staff was very familiar with Molly and she worked effectively with them. During labor, she kept me focused and gave me different techniques to get through the most difficult contractions. She had me try new positions to help drop my baby into the birth canal. After having to be induced, I was sure that I would end up having to have an epidural as well, but Molly empowered me so that I was still able to experience a non-medicated birth.

My husband has said multiple times that he was grateful for her support and that he’s not sure what he would have done without her. We were also so appreciative that she captured the details of our son’s birth story. It will make a great keepsake for our family. Without a doubt, we highly recommend Molly! I can’t imagine not having her there!

Andrea Martinie-Eiler


Molly has been with our family through three of our four births. She was a midwife's assistant at one birth and a doula at two of those births. I require (require) Molly's presence when in labor (beautiful, life-changing, story-inspiring, terrible labor.) I have now experienced four unmedicated vaginal births and am thankful for each of them, but I am the person who did it for the baby and for some time alone after the birth. If it was just me, I'd be medicated to the hilt, I think. So, yes, I am a bit of a complainer and find labor to be quite painful. In comes Molly. Molly knows what you need to know before labor begins. She was able to help us really plan and helped me informationally, for sure. However, I most value the time she spent with us before our births helping us (who am I kidding: helping me) work through lots of emotional baggage and worry. This work done before labor began helped me get to the point of being able to labor well. Molly is direct and comforting. She is extremely knowledgeable. I want to raise my babies now and stop birthing them, but Molly is who I have depended upon for the crucial birthing (well) part.

Jessie Monroe


We never imagined the impact a doula would make in our labor and delivery experience. We knew we wanted someone with us who knew what to expect and could help my wife and I stay present during the entire experience. Molly provided all we asked for and much more. She was always available throughout the pregnancy to help or offer calming advice to both of us, but on the snowy night we went into labor, she was a rock star.

Molly made sure that our hospital experience went smoothly from check in to post partum recovery. She helped move my wife and I through the various stages of labor and delivery peacefully, with a smile and so much great energy. There will never be enough ways to express the gratitude for the manner in which Molly’s presence added to our delivery. She paid close attention to what she knew to be important aspects of the experience to both of us and ensured that those plans were carried out to the extent possible. She was also supportive when we made decisions that were not in our initial birth plan.

After our daughter was born the nurses asked a lot of questions. Molly had the answers, which allowed my wife and I time to bond with our beautiful babe. Her post partum care was also exceptional as I have a family history of post partum depression. She checked in with me and my wife to make sure we didn’t miss any of the potential signs of trouble, all without leaving a feeling like she was being intrusive on our new family time.

Molly Mendota is not only an awesomely fantastic doula; she is a wonderful human being and one of our favorite people. She will offer both you and your birthing partner all of her tranquility, good vibes, and knowledge to ease your journey through delivery. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have had her as our doula.

Anne Sterling



Of all the decisions that had to be made surrounding the birth of our son, by far the best decision we made was asking Molly to serve as our doula. She was a compassionate, empowering and supportive presence throughout the entire process. Molly's knowledge is firmly based on years of experience and training, which was deeply comforting to both me and my husband.

We will be forever grateful to her for the crucial role she played during the most important time in our lives. There is no one else we would have wanted and should we decide to have a second child the first thing we will do is make sure Molly is available!



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