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Royal Oak, MI Service range 40 miles Beyond 40 mile radius I charge a mileage fee.


Birth Fee

$1975 to $3250

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $50

Birth Fee

$1975 to $3250

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 355 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 260 families served

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, July 2008
  • ProDoula, January 2017

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No in-home smokers and no driving clients or children.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I occasionally volunteer at a birth crisis center, educating expectant parents (generally teenagers) on their birth & parenting options. I teach childbirth education classes and overall help counsel people on their pregnancy and birth.

Royal Oak, MI Service range 40 miles Beyond 40 mile radius I charge a mileage fee.

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Michelle Hill


My husband and I could not have been more pleased with Lauren. She not only was a great support to me pre-labor but also to my husband in informing us of the process of labor, educating us on our options, and encouraging us through making decisions for what fit our family the best. I appreciated Laurens calming nature paired with her confidence. This was repeatedly displayed in the way she carried and conducted herself. From our initial meeting, I always felt very comfortable around Lauren, and easily trusted her to be apart of our birthing process. I can honestly say that I was always pleased with Lauren, but until I was in the hospital laboring, I didn’t realize how much I REALLY valued her. I felt as though she could read my body language, attune to what I was experiencing, and provide the exact support I needed in each moment. I believe that Lauren has found her giftedness in being a doula, and that she blessed our family with her natural skills. After using Lauren as our doula, I would hire her again without thought. I wouldn’t even want to imagine trying to go through the birthing process without the love/support/attunement/knowledge/and encouragement that she provided. Yes, my husband provided all these things for me as well....but Lauren knew just how to help me, and showed my husband how to help me in ways we wouldn’t have known to do if it weren’t for her direction. Basically, she’s amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone!

Aimee Aristotelous


The one and only reason I got through 20 hours of labor and gave natural birth (absolutely no drugs or meds) to a 9 pound, 12 ounce baby boy is because Lauren Jacobs was my doula! I was unprepared as I didn’t take a single childbirth class but Lauren’s on-the-spot coaching, techniques, and advice enabled me to do exactly what I wanted to do – a completely natural child birth!

Lauren coached me through every single stage of labor – early labor, active labor, transition, and the big push! She described to me, exactly what I was feeling in each stage and proactively coached me in an array of different breathing and position change techniques which alleviated pain very effectively; she also perfromed massage, helped me labor in the Jacuzzi and offered endless emotional support.  In addition, Lauren advised me with regard to medical/hospital procedures which I was completely oblivious to. During our prenatal appointment, she went over different hospital scenarios, medications, and procedures which may be offered to me. Some of those scenarios were actually proposed to me by my doctor during labor and had Lauren not been there, it would have been impossible for me to make an educated and informed decision. Unfortunately, most of the nurses were pretty unfamiliar with natural child birthing and didn’t have much advice to offer; if Lauren had not been there with her expertise, I would have felt completely helpless and alone. Yes, my husband was there and supportive but of course, he had no idea what I was feeling or going through so it was impossible for him to offer any helpful advice. After the baby was born, Lauren stayed at the hospital (despite the fact it was after 3am) to assist with breast-feeding.

No matter what type of birth experience you are seeking, I highly recommend Lauren Jacobs. She is very open minded and non-judgmental and I am confident that she will help you achieve your personal goals.

Jillian Faron


Words can't even explain how amazing Lauren is as a doula. From the moment my husband & I met her, we knew she would be a perfect addition to our birth team. She's very calm, kind, and knowledgebale which I think are the most important qualities when looking for a doula. 

We met with Lauren a few times before I went into labor to discuss all the details of my birth plan. Any questions I had, she answered I felt 100% prepared & educated for the "big day". Also, we were really able to get to know eachother during these meetings which was very comforting. 

After 24 hours of labor with Lauren (and my husband) by my side, I gave birth to my son naturally & unmedicated at Saddleback Hospital. It was the most amazing experience of my life.. and I couldn't have done it without Lauren. She not only helped me through everything, but she also helped my husband (let's face can be hard on them too since they don't want to see us in pain). She helped me immediately after the birth with breastfeeding...and she helped me in the following weeks/months with several other questions. Simply put, Lauren is amazing. 

We'll definitely be hiring her for the next birth! :) 

iona lie


Lauren was an excellent postpartum doula. She helped me adjust to my new role with her helpful advice and loving nature, while inspiring confidence within me to care for the little person I just brought home. Lauren is very professional, well-organized, and punctual, while also being flexible, warm, and emotionally supportive. I have and will continue to refer people to her. 

Jennifer Dudek


Lauren ended up being the ideal doula because she matched exactly what I needed and was looking for, an advocate, educator, and friend rolled into one, as well as, because she knew how to let me birth in a way that encouraged my own empowerment.  This was integral to my unmedicated natural birth.  It took me a little while to realize that the short time Lauren was with me during labor due to my uniquely quick labor and unusual contractractions, was actually a blessing because it allowsed my husband and me to find our pace in the moment.  Her education and support in our meetings prior to labor created a strong base from which I felt fairly confident in my abilities and understanding of labor, which was totally neccessary for me.  Additionally, during the labor there were times when I wanted Lauren to swoop in and take the reigns to save me from what was happening.  However, her calm and confident presence was enough to remind me that this was a process my body would do with or without my head being invovled in it.  This was enough to get me back into the moment.  The music she brought along to the hospital was also great and helped make the moment more enjoyable.  Overall, I'd suggest her for anyone looking for support and knowledge during pregnancy and labor, and I miss seeing her as a friend because I loved our conversations! 

Gretchen H


Hiring Lauren to be our doula was one of the best things that my husband and I did to prepare for the birth of our son.  I wanted a non-medicated birth at a hospital and saw having a doula for support as a good way to make this possible.  Lauren impressed us immediately upon meeting her with her education, experience, and calm manner.  She guided us confidently through birth preparation.

When I ended up with pre-eclampsia and needed to be induced, Lauren was integral in keeping my husband and I from panicing.  She reassured us through the process and helped advocate for my wants/needs during the strenuous birth.  Having Lauren present helped me cope with the change in birth plan.  We both look back fondly at the experience with positivity.

I have also had Lauren's support during the weeks following my son's birth. She has helped me devise ways to improve my self care, which has suffered due to the demands of being a new mom. This adjustment has certainly been made easier for me and my husband with Lauren's influence.

I highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a doula. She made our birth extra special and I look forward to having her support us in subsequent pregnancies.

Homey Les


We are so incredibly grateful that we found Lauren to be our doula! Lauren was incredible every step of the way on our journey to parenthood.  From our first meeting, both my husband (very skeptical of doulas) and I instantly felt comfortable with Lauren and knew that we needed her to be a part of our team. 

Lauren gave me the confidence to switch service providers when I was 34 weeks, something I wanted to do from very early on, but did not know how to navigate.  She was so helpful in educating us about all of our options, giving us the space to make our own decisions and supporting us along the way.  She provided reading and informational resources and as much emotional support as desired (and I needed a lot!).  Lauren was always prompt to respond to any question or concern.

There is absolutely no way I could have had the unmedicated birth that I did have without Lauren!  She was key in providing me the support, encouragement, and determination to perservere.  She rubbed my back, reassured my husband (and me), and was an incredible advocate and intermediary interacting with the hospital staff - ensuring they knew my birth goals/plans.

Lauren is the consummate professional - but she also one of the the warmest, kindest and most attuned individuals I know.  She manages a perfect balance of  empowering you to make your own decisions and plan for the birth you want in a very professional way with offering genuine emotional support through a very intense process.  I will forever be grateful to Lauren for our talks while I was 10 centimeters dialated, clearing out my last few fears of becoming a parent just before I could finally let my little guy arrive. 

It was very cathartic to process the birth experience with her from the other side.  Should we decide to have another child, we will absolutely have Lauren on our team again - cannot imagine going through it without her.

Talia Serra Bradley


What a gift having Lauren as our Doula was!  Her calming presence set the tone of our pregnancy from our very first meeting through our post partum check up at home.  Lauren made sure that we were prepared for every scenario.  As my contractions became intense and we waited for Lauren to arrive, it wasn't scary or stressful.  We felt really prepared as my labor transitioned from one stage to another.  I still hear Lauren's soothing, yet authoritative voice reminding Shane and I both that I could voice my wishes while in the hospital.  Lauren made sure that our birth plan was considered every step of the way.

Lauren will most definitely be a part of any future Bradley Family births!

Much love and many thanks, Lauren.

Talia and Shane Bradley

Nicole Hassan


Lauren was a godsend during our pregnancy and birth!  She is knowlegable, friendly, comforting, and supportive.  She is not imposing and she assists you without judgement throughout your birthplan.  She was a trusted source to help educate us through our first pregnancy.  She was professional and steadfast in helping us communicate our birth preferences to our hospital caretakers during our labor and delivery.  She guided and comforted me through my 7 hours of unmedicated labor and was a much-needed support person and teammate to my husband and me.  I wouldn't dream of going through another pregnancy and birth without Lauren!

Rheamay Odvina


Lauren is amazing at what she can offer! When I first found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a doula to help guide me through my pregnancy journey. From the time I met Lauren, I knew it was a perfect match! She was very flexible with scheduling and helpful with the questions I had along the way. She is very confident with the information she shared which helps with reassurance. Lauren made my pregnancy journey so enjoyable. With the birth of my child, if it wasn't for Lauren, I don't think I would have survived a long natural labor and birth! I had the most pleasurable, calming, relaxing etc labor with Lauren and of course my fiance. She helped set the tone in the room (dim lighting/meditation music/breathing) which helped progress my labor. From the start of my first contractions and about 24 hours later, my Avery Chanel was born ALL NATURAL with her assistance. I truely believe if Lauren wasn't there, I would have not had such an amazing birth experience! I highly recommend Lauren!

Michelle Orsillo


Lauren was a wonderful doula match for me.  She was professional, warm, and a great resource for all my questions and fears regarding my first pregnancy.  She supported me all through our time together and was always respectful of my wishes, even when I chose to have a c-section at 42 weeks.  She helped me to relax and get a better perspective when my expectations on myself were too high or when i felt let down.  I enjoyed getting to know Lauren and value our time together on my journey to motherhood.   

Jenny Hughes


We hired Lauren as our Doula after moving to Orange County from Seattle at 34 weeks pregnant. I met with several doulas and knew Lauren was a match right away. We needed to quickly find a new doctor or midwife, hospital, and resources in the area. It was not an easy task because I wanted an unmedicated VBAC. Even before hiring her, she suggested many doctors and I found one in days after speaking with her. She also offered 3 prenatal visits and a post-partum visit. Her attitude and knowledge go unmatched- she has a psychology background and was a great listener. I ended up going with an OB, who was wonderful, but I was really craving the need for someone to listen to all my fears, worries, and reassure me on a regular basis, which she absolutely did. She also has completed the majority of a midwife program, so she is also very knowledgeable. She also has a prenatal yoga background and when I sprained my ankle around 36 weeks, she gave me tips on what I could do to strengthen with limited mobility. She also gave me the name of a great chiropractor, accupuncturist and massage therapist. I went into labor three days post due date. I called her at 5:30 am on a Sunday morning, scared out of my mind because I woke up to my water breaking and my contractions were already strong and 5 minutes apart. She kept me calm over the phone and we all met at the hospital shortly after. She was a godsend during the birth. She was ON! Constantly reassuring, rubbing my back, suggesting different positions and was an advocate when I needed it. I delivered 3 hours later - successful unmedicated VBAC and without her there, I am not sure I could have done it. When the pain felt too much, she let me know it was normal, she explained what was happening each step of the way. We havn't had our post-partum visit yet, but I look so forward to seeing her and know if I need anything before then, I can call her. 10 out of 10, she was amazing! My hightst recommendation.  

Emily Morgan


We interviewed three doula's total & knew that Lauren was our girl after our first coffee together. We were not only impressed by her desire to become a midwife & all the knowledge that comes with that, but her spirit & care for her clients.

Blending our faith with our birth was an important factor to us when choosing a doula & Lauren was the perfect fit. She worked with our tricky schedules, even though we were up in LA. & made each meeting benificial & personal to us.

Lauren showed her true colors the morning that my labor began. I texted her the minute I thought I may be starting & she was immediatly available. I had an extremely quick labor, which was worrysome because lauren was coming from Orange county. However she was able to assess and judge where I was quickly & arrived to our home in the perfect time.

Once she arrived she helped keep my husband focused & calm in terms of what he needed to do. She was also able to balance me & where I was at emmotionally. She was encouraging and a great coach.

Words cannot describe the blessing Lauren was to us. Having her as a constant at the hospital when other nurses or midwives had to leave the room was worth it's weight in gold. She helped with getting me dressed for the hospital, undressed at the hospital, positioning on the bed, repositioning on the bed, communication with nurses, communication with husband, birth plans, labor techniques, and overall centeredness and presence that you cannot be at times when your body is taking over for the great task of birth.

My husband always says she should charge on the day of labor because he would pay her anything for the full care and confidence she provided him :) He is a fan. We highly recommend Lauren as a doula. We think she is the perfect blend of knowledge, experience, passion & calling. All essential ingredients when you are helping a mother bring life into this world.

Julianna Robbins


Larren was an excellent doula. I was very happy with her services. Her in-hospital support was priceless. I would glady recommend her services. 

Suzy Dancisin


Lauren was the best. I can't say enough good things about her.  From her pre to postnatal support, she was absolutely fantastic.  I would never give birth again without her help.

Chelsea Tritt Gomber


I met Lauren in 2009 when I was pregnant with my daughter and took her prenatal yoga class. Her classes were always relaxing, empowering and informative; just what I needed every week. I chose not to hire a doula with the birth of my daughter and truly wish I had. Her birth ended in a c-section and I was having a very hard time dealing with that. Lauren helped me cope with my feelings and was a great source of comfort for me. It was then that I knew I would not have another baby without her. I was certain I wanted a VBAC for my next baby and Lauren was always there as a friend and teacher to give me strength and confidence. In the months leading up to the delivery of my son, she helped to educate  and empower me, helped me work through my fears and taught me to advocate for myself. I switched to a VBAC friendly OB and ensured that I had a supportive group around me. After a very long (26 hours) and discouraging early labor, Lauren helped me break through some emotional barriers and about 6 hours later, on 8/28/13, my healthy baby boy was born via VBAC. I even got to catch him myself! This birth was extremely emotional and healing for me and I am quite certain that without Lauren and her knowledge, compassion, love and trustworthiness, things would not have turned out the way they did. Thank you so much, Lauren! Words cannot express the level of gratitude my family and I feel for you. You are truly amazing!!

Stefani Santos Long


Lauren helped me achieve every thing I wanted out of my birth experience. She helped me compose my birth plan and make sure it was implemented at the hospital. When I needed encouragement during pregnancy and labor, she knew exactly what to say and do to make me more comfortable. She is full of knowledge and current research if you have any questions on any interventions, procedures, etc. I was able to labor and deliver on my terms and have the birth experience of my dreams because of the help and support of Lauren! 

Roxanne Brown


I used Lauren as our doula in August 2011, and will use her again for the birth of our daugter this fall.  I loved having Lauren there for support, as both my husband and I were very anxious about birth.  Lauren made both of us feel more at ease and comfortable.  She supported us in our decisions, which did include medications, and stayed with us throughout the entire labor and birth and until nursing was established.  Lauren was such a positive energy and person to have share this experience with us.

Michelle Dunphy


Lauren was an amazing doula. I always had fun chatting with her at our pre-natal visits. They were informative, yet casual. This was our 2nd child, but our first birth had turned into a c-section and this time we were hoping for a VBAC. Lauren helped us prepare to avoid medical inventions, making sure my husband was prepared to be my support person before we called her or if that's what we ended up wanting to do the day of. On the day of? Well, she was fabulous. She knew exactly what I needed without me having to tell her which was awesome because having to give direction was NOT something I was able to do that day. :) We made it through, no drugs and the end result was an 8lb10oz VBAC born baby boy! I couldn't be happier. :)

Greg D'Eloia


 We were very pleased with Lauren as our doula. She exudes a genuine warmth that helped us feel comfortable with her from our first meeting. Having a compassionate and knowledgeable person at our side was a tremendous psychological comfort for both my wife and I. Prior to having our first child, I didn't really know what a doula even was, so I wasn't totally convinced that we even needed one. Afterwards, I can't even imagine how much harder it would have been without her. We are truly grateful to have had Lauren's assistance with the birth of our son, and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a birth coach.



Celina Stuart


 Lauren was our doula for the birth of our first son in February 2012 at Orange Coast Memorial Hospital in Fountain Valley. Lauren was phenomenal!!! Without a doubt I believe that hiring Lauren was worth every penny; the best investment I have ever made. My husband agrees. Our intention was to have a drug and intervention free birth. Lauren was incredibly supportive of this intention and guided us through 20 hours of labor, no drugs, no issues. One of the most important things for me in hiring Lauren was that she had experience working with the doctors and midwives at the hospital. She provided this – and so much more. Both the midwife who did all my prenatal appts and the delivering midwife offered unsolicited praise of Lauren’s dealings with her clients and the hospital staff. After our delivery the midwife, who  said to us “Lauren is one of the best doulas I have ever worked with.”
Lauren was there for me every step of the way. Her familiarity with birth and suggestions of positions and breathing were incredibly helpful during labor. I don’t think I would have been able to do it drug free without her. She made me feel at ease, helped me to let go and let my body do its thing. I had a long stage 2 labor, with pushing for ~2 hours. Lauren breathed with me the entire time, keeping me focused, and helping me not to freak out. She seemed to offer suggestions and support right when I needed it. I was worried it would be weird to have a ‘stranger’ present during this most intimate experience; but it was just the opposite. Having her there gave my husband and I the peace of mind that we needed to be in the experience fully. I can’t say enough about how great she is and I recommend her highly. Lauren has a gift. I’m sure you will not be disappointed if you choose her. She is also a great yoga teacher!

Lee A. Salkowitz


As a first time mom Lauren was so amazing to work with.  We loved her calm prescence and thourough explanations of what was to come.  We also absolutley loved and respected her desire to support us in the type of birth that we wanted.  However, when it came down to us having a breech baby and facing a C section she really helped me to see that I could still have a beautiful birth even if it wasn't the way we planned it.

She gave us valuable resources for keeping the Cesearean as close to a natural birth experience as possible and because of her encouragement we were able to fight for having our little guy placed directly on me once he was delivered.  Without her guidance I would have lost those first 5-10 minutes of his life while he was being cleaned, poked, prodded and weighed.  She gave us the tools to make  informed decisions.

Lauren is absolutely amazing and when I get pregnant again I would hope that she would be my doula again. 

Carley, Aaron and Callan Hovis


As soon as I found out I was pregnant my second though (second to "Woohoo!")  was, I need to find a doula.  After lots of research and phone calls I found Lauren and we meet for a lunch date.  I loved her immediately and couldn't wait to introduce her to my husband Aaron.  He agreed immediatly, we needed to hire Lauren! Lauren was a great source of information, support and friendship through all of my preganancy, but the true test - the reason I wanted a doula- was labor and delivery, and Lauren passed with flying colors! I can not sing Lauren's praises enough. I had the birth that I wanted, and I know that much of my sucess is thanks to Lauren.  She was an amazing source of calm yet positive energy that I wanted and needed, and she was the perfect relief coach that my husband wanted and needed.  I feel amazingly lucky to have had Lauren, and I know that my labor and delivery would have been compleatly different (not in a good way) without Lauren by our side. And while I thought I was only hiring a doula for labor and delivery, Lauren helped with nursing and not only checked up on my after we brought Callan home, but was again an amazing source of knowledge for all my first time mom questions. I would without a doubt recomend Lauren to every pregnant woman, even if it's not their first child, and hope to use her again for #2...if we are every ready :)

Natalie King Wilson


My birth would have taken a different turn if not for Lauren. I had met Lauren prior to becoming pregnant but as soon as I met her I knew she was the one! Once I was pregnant I took prenatal yoga classes with Lauren and loved her soothing voice and knew that she would comfort me in labor. I had a planned home birth and as all plans go in the birth world, it went out the window. I was 5 weeks early so we only got maybe 1 of our prenatal visits in. I had the natural birth I had wanted in the hospital because of Lauren I am so happy to have had her there. I highly recommend Lauren as a Doula, she will put you at ease and help you to have the birth you not only want but the birth you deserve.

Catherine Easley


Lauren was a wealth of information both prior to and during our birthing experience. Her yoga experience is an amazing asset to the physical part of childbirth, but her vast knowledge of the process, bonding, the importance of breastfeeding and awareness of medical interventions were also invaluable. I feel that Lauren helped me see how to be the best kind of mother; natural, attached to my child and open to new ideas. 

I had a hospital birth with some interventions, but we definitely had control of the situation, and I appreciate both Lauren's counsel, as well as her support in helping us deal with the hospital staff. She was there all night with us, helped throughout the pushing and took pictures of my husband and I with our beautiful little girl. It was like having a knowlegable sister there, one who would never impose her own opinions, but truly looked after us. Looking back, since my husband and I were both new to this baby thing and have no family in town, we owe Lauren a ton. I am sure the hospital would have railroaded us, probably to a c-section without her wisdom and support!

Melissa Husges


I LOVED have Lauren as my doula at my home birth.  She was extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I met her through prenatal yoga classes, and I have to say, that if you decide to work with Lauren as your doula, take her prenatal yoga classes too!  You will get to spend more time with her and have lots of practice relaxing with her soothing voice.  My husband and I took Bradley classes, and he knew what he needed to do, but it was nice for him to have help and to not have the pressure of having to remember everything from class.

Amber Hopper


I am not your typical doula client.  I am the daughter of a Labor & Delivery nurse supervisor with 25+ years of experience.  Everyone told me I was crazy to get a doula because my mom could answer any question and help me in any way through the labor and delivery.  But a doula meant something very different to me than just a medical repository of information.  A doula, specifically MY doula, Lauren Jacobs, was going to be this source atypical of the Western-intervention-overmedical approach to birth and the laboring mother.  Lauren offered a consistent, strong, calming, informed, and beautiful approach to my body, the process of giving birth, and the post-natal needs of me and my baby. Before the birth, Lauren consulted with my husband and I and we felt so incredibly strong and inspired to greet the labor process with open minds.  She gave us tools for my husband to use and many ideas for me to soak in prior to going into labor.During the labor, Lauren came to our home and sat at my bedside.  She gave soothing reassurance to Daniel on how to best focus my mind and body on the contractions. Once we were at the hospital, Lauren served as gate-keeper of the birth plan that my husband and I had discussed.  I was so at ease knowing that even in the throws of labor, she would be able to keep our plan in the minds of the hospital staff. After labor, she stayed to offer nursing guidance and support me.  A few days after we returned home, she came by to visit with us and see if I had any questions.  I continue to feel supported and encouraged to reach out to her for guidance. Lauren is the utmost professional.  She is flexible in her schedule to meet with her clients.  Always punctual, positive, informed, honest, and in no way pushy with a "home-birth only" attitude. I felt very encouraged to labor and birth exactly as I wanted.

Mary Marki


Lauren was an excellent source of information and support. She is sensitive and has a true calling for the field.

She was dependable and very helpful. She knows when to step in to support and when to be a walflower.

 I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Michelle Qazi


My experience with Lauren was the best I could've ever asked for.  I was not planning on having a natural birth until I met Lauren.  From the first stages of her pre-natal classes, to the delivery room, she has made such a huge difference in my entire pregnancy/birth story.  Her knowledge, kindness and inspiration gave me the motivation and courage to have a natural birth.  Every time I doubted myself, or felt unsure, she was always there for me, any time of day, to give me the encouragement I needed.  She is the perfect combination of sweet and firm.  Lauren provided me with ample amount of information, was accommodating with meeting times, attended a birth class and even lent me one of her own personal birth books to read.  When the final moment arrived, she was there right away and came prepared for any scenario.  When labor got very intense for me, she kept me focused, tended to whatever I needed and made sure the nurses didn't sway from my desired birth plan.  I felt 100% comfortable with Lauren and trust her completely.  Because of Lauren, my pregnancy and son's birth was everything I dreamed of.

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