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Carine Lam


i am very grateful to have had Jocelyn as my family’s doula during the birth of our first child.  Jocelyn was available and attentive prior to, during, and long after our son’s birth.  I was pleasantly surprised and very grateful that she remained in contact and supportive even after our son was born as we had some issues with feeding and a million questions.  When answering our questions Jocelyn always provided research based answers and even sent us articles on multiple topics so that we would not have to wade through untrustworthy resources.  It is obvious that Jocelyn loves what she does as she is educated and involved in many of the aspects of newborn care as well as being an amazing presence of support during the actual birth process.  Jocelyn was also extremely professional to work with; communication was always timely and thorough.  I highly recommend Jocelyn as a doula and patient care advocate...she was wonderful to team up with.  If we ever repeat this journey I hope Jocelyn is still in practice as a doula because we would absolutely work with her again!

Clay King


Jocelyn was the perfect doula for my wife and me. She's personable and made us feel comfortable in the meetings leading up to the birth and was very supportive during the entire labor process and hospital stay.

We had a rough birth experience that included an unplanned C-section and Jocelyn did a great job of supporting both my wife and I through the whole ordeal. We ended up in the hospital for a few days and Jocelyn checked in on us periodically and dropped by a few times to help us get used to being parents.

Once we were home from the hospital she checked in on us regularly by text or phone call and helped us find resources to learn more about our baby's actions and to smooth the transition.

We would recommend Jocelyn to anyone who is looking for a supportive, caring doula that supports you on your path rather than trying to prescribe a path for you.

Alaina Teutsch


My husband & I feel so fortunate that we had Jocelyn by our side to welcome our first child. Jocelyn is a caring, trustworthy doula who provides unwavering support and advocacy for her clients. We couldn’t imagine our birth story without Jocelyn - she helped us discuss & think through the various birthing preferences prior to labor, was a great source of support, caring & humor during the labor process, and gave us peace of mind as we navigated the first few days of parenthood when she came to our home for the postpartum visit. She is passionate about what she does & the relationship she builds with her clients!

Natalie Goetz


Jocelyn was a huge part of why my birth experience with my first child was a positive one! She was such a calming and knowledgeable presence for both my husband and I in the birthing suite, and was sensitive to the fact that we were both nervous about labor and delivery. She helped explain things to us and offered advice when we needed it, while still allowing us to decide what we felt was right for us! She was there for me to hold my hand and coach me through the tough contractions and encouraged me the whole time. She was also a huge help with the first feed after delivery. The fact that Jocelyn was available for text and calls after the birth and was willing to answer questions and check in on us was so helpful, she even offered to meet up with me an additional time to talk after I was diagnosed with post partum depression. Jocelyn went above our expectations and both my husband and I can't thank her enough for her support during such an exciting part of our lives. We are so glad she was with us to welcome our daughter into this world. 

Autumn Walker


This was my first delivery and I knew I wanted a doula to help me achieve a non-medicated birth. My partner and I were immediately attracted to Jocelyn’s calm, confident and reassuring demeanor. She is familiar with scientific literature and statistics related to specific labor interventions, and was helpful assisting us express our wishes through our birth plan and conversations with hospital staff. She was easy to communicate with and went above and beyond to meet the needs of my partner and I.

On the night of the labor, she showed up within an hour of our arrival to the hospital. She arrived with battery-operated candles that created a calm environment for me to labor in. She gave my partner breaks so that he could take better care of me during active labor and be rested when our daughter arrived. One of Jocelyn’s strengths was facilitating communication between the medical staff and me when the medical staff suggested interventions that did not align with my birth plan or weren’t medically indicated. Her gentle guidance allowed me to maintain focus, follow my intuition and conserve energy during the labor. One of the best memories I have of the delivery was pushing my baby out in one contraction with 3 strong pushes while in a low squat; I clearly remember her strong and confident voice focusing and encouraging me amidst the overwhelming sensations from my baby making such swift progress.

With the support of my partner and Jocelyn working as a team, I was able to achieve a non-medicated labor and delivery, which was an incredibly empowering and satisfying experience. My partner appreciated how her experience and presence during the labor put him at ease. He also liked how she was there to support me and advocate for me. Jocelyn was exactly what we needed in a doula, and we are incredibly grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to share our birthing experience with her. I highly recommend her as a doula.

Megan Scherer


Jocelyn is the type of person who makes you feel comfortable the minute you’re in her presence. When meeting beforehand, she took all the time my husband and I needed, while answering numerous questions.

At first, we weren’t sure whether or not we thought having a doula was important; but quickly realized how valuable it was to have one, and to have found her in particular. When you are experiencing labor pain (and in my situation, excruciating back labor pain), having someone with you to help alleviate the agony as much as possible, is such a huge relief. She ensured that I was regularly moving and switching positions, and also applying pressure on my back where it was needed during contractions. None of this would have happened nearly as often if I had relied on the general hospital personnel for assistance. She also knew how to navigate a hospital and its staff very well and didn’t hesitate to speak up when she felt something needed to be done that was in my best interest.

Not only did Jocelyn comfort me in most vulnerable times of need, she also went out of her way to make my experience as nice and soothing as possible. For example, after telling her that I disliked bright artificial lighting, she brought battery operated twinkle lights and candles with her to decorate the bathroom and provide a more comforting atmosphere.

Since Jocelyn is also a lactation specialist, her after-care help was invaluable to us too, especially since I had difficulty breastfeeding. She went above and beyond her contractual obligations in her assistance with breastfeeding, bottle feeding and using the pump correctly. It was obvious that she truly cared and it was invaluable being able to rely on her knowledge and expertise.

I would highly recommend employing Jocelyn if she’s available. It will leave you with fond memories and feeling lucky, as we do.

Lauren Duvauchelle


My husband and I were so honored to have worked with Jocelyn! She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the birthing process and afterwards during the transition of bringing baby home. Jocelyn also visited our home 3 days after our baby was born so she could assist with breastfeeding and continued to check in on us for the week after as well. We so appreciated Jocelyn's support and highly reccomend her! 

Charlotte Grist


Jocelyn was very supportive and great to have help out on my birth experience. As a first time mom, I needed a lot of help with figuring out a birth plan and getting breastfeeding and breast pumping tips. Jocelyn was knowledgeable, dependable and patient, answering all of our questions and telling us things about the process we had not even thought of. I highly recommend her!



Jayme Hewitt


Jocelyn was a wonderful support to have at the birth of our 2nd kiddo and I would solidly recommend her services, based on our recent experience!

We were trying for VBAC (but ended up with another unplanned Cesarian) and she was incredibly helpful in sending lots of information our way in preparation for a successful VBAC - chiropractic and acupuncture recommendations, research on VBAC induction, and information on getting baby in the right position before labor starts. During labor she patiently walked the halls with me (around and around!) while letting my husband catch up on a bit of sleep before active labor began. Once things started really cooking and contractions were stronger and closer, her hand would always find mine and her quiet, gentle coaching would help me get through to the next break.

When we realized that a VBAC wasn't in the cards for us, she helped give us the confidence to ask the right questions and avocate for the birth experience that we wanted. We were lucky enough to have a team of doctors that allowed both her and my husband in the OR during the birth (I acknowledge that this is RARE). This was helpful for a few reasons: (1) the surgery had an unexpected complication and her coaching was incredible helpful to breathe through the unanticipated pain (2) due to the pain, it became harder for me to safely hold the baby when they put him on my chest - my husband and Jocelyn made it possible to keep my son on my chest, in skin-to-skin contact while the doctors worked (3) having her in the OR, with a camera, allowed my husband to focus on me and our baby and it gave us some great pictures of the birth - which means the world to me, as I wasn't fully present.

Jocelyn offers a fully supportive, non-judgemental, research based doula practice. She asks questions, really listens to your answers (both, verbal and non-verbal queues) and finds ways to support you where you are at. I recommended hiring her for your birth.

Heather Phillips


Jocelyn was a knowledgable and suportive doula. She was very client-centered and supportive of me having the birth experience that I wanted to have. She helped me to ask good questions about my care and advocated for me as a patient at the hospital. Jocelyn was very helpful with breastfeeding and after birth support as well. She was a wonderful part of my birth team and I am so grateful to have had her support. I would highly recommend Jocelyn.

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