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Jenny Carmichael Finn


Knightdale, NC Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 100 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will attend any homebirth with a certified birth professional(certified nurse midwife, certified professional midwife, or physician) in attendance.

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

If your circumstances do not allow you to pay my full fee, please contact me to see if we can make a plan that will work for you.

Knightdale, NC Service range 60 miles

Client Testimonials for Jenny Carmichael Finn

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Katie Clower and Adam Kokotovich


Jenny was an integral part of our care team; we can't imagine having gone through the birthing experience without her. She brought calm, presence, humor, passion for all things birth-related, and a contagious trust in women's bodies and intuition. She brought a sense of the sacred in birth, as well as practical details and evidence-based research about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She helped us make a birth plan based on our values, and raised questions she knew were relevant given her experience with our hospital. She was clear about her scope of practice and directed us to other experts as needed. She was generous with her time, and each visit was thorough and unhurried. She was familiar with our hospital and gave us detailed information about what to expect. She brought in sweet touches like bringing craft supplies to make a birth box while we discussed the birth plan, and a thoughtful gift for the baby after he was born. She supported both my husband and I; she was responsive to our feedback, and intuitive enough to offer ways to support us before we asked. She advocated for us in the delivery room and was clear and diplomatic with to the hospital staff. Her presence during the birth was comforting and encouraging. She helped us with the transition from hospital to home and not only helped normalize many new (to us) aspects of birth and baby care but also brought a contagious enthusiasm and joy to the whole process. We loved working with her and would highly recommend her. My husband adds: “It was extremely valuable to have another person involved who was experienced with, the birth process. It meant that I did not have tro track everything during the birth but could be focus on being present with Mom and baby-to-be. Jenny took a lot of the stress out of the process for me and allowed the birth process to be much deeper and more meaningful. I now feel doulas should be made available to everyone as a standard part of birth-related care.”

Kayla Martin


The ultimate review I can give Jenny is to say that if me and my husband have another baby, we will definitely work with Jenny again. Jenny was the perfect addition to my birth story. 

From the moment I met Jenny, I was instantly comfortable. Jenny embraced me in a warm, friendly hug and we began talking. As me and my husband left our meeting, I instantly knew she was the doula I wanted to work with. Not only did Jenny's friendly and warm personality put me at ease, but I was also drawn to her experience: Birthing four children, naturally, and her decades of experience. Although I was instantly convinved, my husband, who supported my wishes to use a doula, needed more convincing – it was a lot of money to spend out of pocket on someone he didn't know a lot about. SPOILER ALERT: My husband is the first one to rave about Jenny and how incredible she was during our pregnancy and delivery.  

Not only did Jenny provide first-class support for me, she never once forgot about my husband's needs. When Jenny says she's the "family doula," she really means it. When I was in active labor, Jenny made sure my husband was eating, staying hydrated and gave him opportunities to nap - when time allowed. She also supported my husband as he was supporting me. While my husband was right in front of me the entire time, we both felt Jenny's presence nearby if either of us needed anything. 

Jenny's knowledge and "nerdiness" for maternal care put me at ease. If I had questions, Jenny was quick to find reliable sources where I could learn more about a topic. Jenny also never pushed me into a decision. Instead, she presented facts and helped guide me to a decision based on my birth plan. My preganancy goal was for a natural child birth and I am proud to say I gave birth, naturally, to a 7 lb 7 oz baby girl. Jenny truly is a fabulous doula and always acted in the best interest of me, my husband and our baby.


Kelsey Barefoot


2000 Characters is not enough to explain how AMAZING Jenny is & how she is absolutely THE doula! Jenny is worth so much more than I could ever pay her & she did more for our birth & our baby than the hospital & OB practice combined. I did not hire a doula for my first birth because I thought I could plan/prepare for a natural birth without a doula. I simply underestimated how much help I would need during labor. I am an ICU rn & even I did not realize how little the nurses are in the room to help you cope through labor. I did not have the birth experience I wanted with my first birth (no doula). I knew with this 2nd child, we would need more help & preparation.  I knew I needed a doula who had both medical knowledge & a holistic approach to have the natural VBAC I was planning. Jenny was all that & MORE! My husband was very skeptical but thankfully allowed Jenny to help us prepare for the birth of our daughter. To this day, he tells every expecting Dad he meets to HIRE JENNY! We had a successful unmedicated VBAC & a healthy baby girl & I feel so happy & confident now! I know my redemption birth would not have been possible without Jenny! Jenny is a natural at her calling, during labor she knew just what I needed when I needed it. She did not replace the part of my husband but actually showed him ways to be thre for me in a helpful way. Jenny took the fear of labor away by reminding me of my motivations, keeping me informed of what was happening with my body (I asked the entire time how much longer!?),& helping me cope with the pain in ways I wouldn't have been able to remember in the moment. I can't speak enough good things about Jenny, she truly exceeded our expectations! Postpartum, Jenny saved my breastfeeding relationship as she was the only person after 2 LC's & a peds dentist who found my daughter had a tongue tie & sent me to the best place to have it revised. Simply put-Jenny is THE BEST:)

Sarah Ribault


First of all, if you are considering having a doula present at your birth, I fully support doing so! More specifically, I suggest choosing Jenny. Jenny put in a ton of time during my pregnancy. We met multiple times (for hours) to discuss what I wanted out of my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-partum. During this process, you get to know, appreciate, and feel comfortable with her, which helps during the peak of excitement (i.e. the labor and delivery). These meetings allowed me tap into Jenny’s many tools and knowing all she had to offer made me feel as though I was in good hands. We created a birth plan that included various possible scenarios and unexpected choices that might come up. She was able to help me sort through all the information and options that would be available and used legitimate resources to explain the pros/cons of each option. Thankfully, we were able to fully stick to the plan we created. I was able to labor at home after my water broke and arrived at the hospital only two hours before being able to hold my sweet, healthy boy. I experienced the birth I wanted with my first child, but wasn’t able to attain until my second with Jenny present. Jenny’s skill of understanding the labor process and what each phase looks and sounds like allowed me to be confident in listening to my own body when otherwise, I would have been second guessing myself. Since I will likely only give birth two times in my life, I can’t really become an expert at it. When else in life do you do something two times and expect to be great at it? Again, Jenny’s knowledge and experience in this area was necessary during the entire pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-partum periods. Plus, she’s really fun to have around! Could I have delivered my son without Jenny? Sure… but the likelihood I would have been as satisfied with the experience I had would be drastically reduced. She offers a priceles service!

Sophia Khotil


Jenny was such a blessing during my pregnancy and labor. This was my third pregnancy and my first doula experience and it makes me regret not having her by my side for my other two. I opted for a non-medicated birth this time and breastfeeding support. She was attentive and brought up some good information that I would have missed. She never made me feel like I was alone in this process. My pregnancy went from no risk to high risk towards the end and I was scheduled for an induction, which shattered all my hopes for a natural, epidural-free delivery. She still managed to make me feel that I was in charge of all of this regardless of the circumstances. Baby decided to come one day before my scheduled induction and things progressed fairly quickly. She was prompt and attended to any anxiety and pain I had. She was my voice during labor in the hospital and it was such a relief to just focus on delivering my baby instead of everything else that was going on. My birth ended up going the way I wanted with a few bumps and Jenny played such an important role in making that happen smoothly. I highly recommend reaching out to Jenny if you are in need of a doula! 

kelly price


I don't know what I would have done without Jenny. This was my first child and I had a ton of questions! She is knowledgable, resourceful (if she doesn't know the answer, she knows how to find it), and comfortable. I felt supported, heard, and safe with Jenny from our first meeting on through labor and delivery.

I was also able to have her help postpartum with breastfeeding support and first-time mom craziness, which was a huge blessing to me.

I did things a little differently than the women in my family and having Jenny as my doula helped me have the birth experience I really craved. She shared a wealth of information with me about natural birth, ways to ease pain/increase comfort, even recommended an amazing child birth class teacher.

In labor, she knew just where to put pressure at each contraction. She could tell from the tone of my grunts how far I had progressed. Incredibly, she didn{t leave my side for 12 hours.

I can{t say enough good things about this woman! She is an advocate for mommas and for families. If I have another child, I hope she{ll be by my side again!

Kayte Thomas


Jenny was absolutely incredible and her support was instrumental to having positive outcomes with my birthing process! She took the time to truly get to know my partner and myself during my pregnancy, and since my 11 year old daughter wanted to be present as well she also made sure to she was well acquainted with my daughter's preferences. Jenny even had recommendations for ways to prepare my daughter for being at the birth! I was very surprised that Jenny was in tune with my pain cues and comfort preferences and provided virtually seamless support - I often didn't have to ask for assistance, she just knew what to do. This was my 3rd birth, and the 2nd with a doula, but the 1st with Jenny - and it was by far the easiest and most comfortable experience I have had. My partner felt well supported and encouraged to be an active participant in my labouring process, my daughter was very grateful for being able to be present and appreciated Jenny's support and reassurance, and I am certain that I was able to go med-free because of her support. I couldn't have been more pleased with her services. She also includes a post partum package which offers support in the home after the baby is born. This was really excellent because we aren't the type of people who ask for help often, and we were so grateful for these post partum visits! Jenny is truly gifted and is a blessing to mothers who use her services. I highly recommend her as a doula! 

Ana Kobliska Carroll


Jenny was my doula for the birth of my second child and her support through my pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum was invaluable. She was knowledgeable, warm, and kind. During my pregnancy she helped me identify my feelings and wishes for my labor and birth and form a birth plan. She checked in with me frequently and I felt very well cared for in the final weeks of my pregnancy. I knew I could rely on her support at any point in time. Her experience and positive support helped me remain calm as my due date approached and then passed.

During labor she offered excellent emotional and physical support. She helped provide my husband with ways that he could support me through contractions and facilitated a calm and positive environment. She suggested various laboring positions to make me more comfortable as well as help labor progress. I had a hospital birth with midwives and Jenny was able to identify when we should head to the hospital, something my husband and I would not have been able to do. When at the hospital she worked alongside of the midwife and nurse in a professional manner. She was by my side for each and every contraction and her presence and support created a positive birth experience for my husband and I. In the first few hours postpartum she helped us initiate breastfeeding and get set up in our postpartum room. She helped us navigate communication with visiting family members so we could maintain a relaxing environment in our first hours with our new baby. Postpartum she checked in with us and offered support. She was an amazing resource to have.

Overall having Jenny was so essential to our positive birth experience and we would not have been able to have the wonderful and calm birth that we did without her. I will definitely have her by my side for our next baby.

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