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Liz Azulay Gardner

The Seattle Night Doulas

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles

(617) 645-6676

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $55

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $55

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Northwest Association of Postpartum Support (NAPS) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 85 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2016

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Continuing Education Coordinator, Northwest Association for Postpartum Support

Fee Details

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Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles

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Client Testimonials for Liz Azulay Gardner

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Amina Cesario


When we first find out about our pregnancy we were excited and were already discussing whether to hire a doula or not, especially being foreigners and first time parents. When we found out we were pregnant with twins our discussions were over, we were certainly getting one (or two)! And we couldn’t be luckier to end up with Emma and Liz. Both my husband and I can attest to Emma and Liz’s expertise and ability. We felt truly prepared for the arrival of the twins, not only for the labour but for the days before and after their arrival. We knew what to look out for before and what to expect immediately after their births. The twins, Emma and Tommaso, decided to arrive a month early, and Liz’s presence during labour was tremendously helpful. We had discussed our birth plan with both Emma and Liz and once at hospital Liz was the one reminding us about our preferences. Contractions came in quickly and in a few hours both babies were born naturally. During early labour she helped me use the TENS unit, made suggestions about laboring positions, reminded me how to breathe through contractions and provided massages to help with pain, all this whilst coaching my husband on how to support me. During the last phase she kept me focused on the pushes, even after the first baby was born and my husband was attending her. Liz stayed with us for a few hours after the babies were born, she helped us with colostrum expression and stayed with me when Tommaso was brought to the NICU and my husband went with him. I never felt alone or uninformed and that’s simply amazing. I feel lucky to have had a vaginal birth and privileged to have had such support during my pregnancy and delivery: I am pretty sure that Liz’s attitude and knowledge helped a lot keeping my stress level close to zero. Looking back, I wouldn’t want nor do anything different. Emma and Liz are awesome and we highly recommend them. Amina and Luca – parents of Emma and Tommaso

Lindsey Richards


We had searched for a doula we felt comfortable with for a long time. I am notoriously outspoken and needed someone who would not only be ok with whatever came out of my mouth in the midst of labor, but who would also be able to guide my husband in what he could (or could not) do to help as well as running interference for me with the myriad doctors and nurses who would want to talk to me when I probably wouldn't want to talk to anyone. We met with Liz and Emma and they fit the bill- we came away impressed and looking forward to working with them.

My water broke on Fathers Day, which was 5 weeks early. I was in denial but decided we should get to the hospital 'just in case'. We got checked in around 8:30 am and immediately into delivery because I was apparently already 5-6 cm along- to say that it was rushed, hectic, and chaotic is a slight understatement. Liz was my lifeline....there is no other way to say it. I don't know how she knew exactly what I needed when I had no clue. She knew I wanted to try to deliver without drugs if possible and so she had great suggestions for positions and techniques for riding out the contractions. She guided my husband in what he could do to help and she somehow seemed to act as a filter between me and all the other people in the room....and she did this all with a sense of humor and compassion even when I was saying absurd things (I literally said 'what is taking so long?' when I had been in the delivery room for 35 minutes...). After our son arrived healthy just less than 3 hours after we got to the hospital, she stayed with me while he was taken to the NICU and talked me through the intense experience I had just been through, answered all my questions, and made me feel safe- I still get choked up thinking about it. I don't know what stoke of luck brought Liz our way, but I can't imagine having gone through this experience without her.

Ellen Banakis


On why having a doula team is amazing even if you have an emergency c-section

I did not have the birth experience I anticipated. To be honest going in, I didn’t think I had too many expectation of what the birth would be but emergency c-section was not on that list.

“We have an L&D 911 all available staff to the room, L&D 911” Within moments our room swarmed with people and I was flipped onto all fours with an oxygen mask on. Emma was right with me, calming explaining what the doctors were doing, what was happening with my baby, helping me to stay calm. Once everyone was stable Emma and later Liz came and guided us through the next few hours and eventual decision to have a C-Section. Emma and Liz made sure that I understood what was happening and felt like I had agency in the decision making process. Afterwards Liz was right there to help me breastfeed for the first time.

We hired Emma and Liz for two main reasons. 1) Our families are far away and we wanted additional support and guidance through the birth of our first child; 2) My husband is a physician and I wanted someone to ensure that he was able to be a dad first in the delivery room. We got both of those things but so much more out of our doula experience. The pre-birth classes are awesome, and the post-birth baby reunion is where we met some great friends.

I felt immensely supported and cared from the moment we hired Emma and Liz. I wanted a hospital birth with an epidural and Emma and Liz totally supported us with that birth plan. They worked well as part of our team and with the hospital staff. So much so that our nurses were asking for their card.

Another friend had a home birth with Emma and Liz, another an unmedicated hospital birth with midwives. All of us felt that we were supported and that Emma and Liz were committed to us having the birth experience we wanted.

LS Choi


Liz was amazing and knowledgeable. We had complications during our delivery. Liz was with us and supportive the whole time. She was there to help us express ourselves and get our needs/wants met. We also had some problems with breastfeeding affter we got home. Liz was there when we needed her and she helped us find a solution. Overall our experience was great and we would highly recommend her. 

Jessica Melton


Liz is a bright light in our life and has been from the beginning of our Doula experience. I literally don't know where we would be without her! From the start, I knew Liz was the Doula for us because of her geniune warmth and joy she constantly exudes. Having moved to Seattle from Texas during the second trimester, I was feeling very alone and scared. Liz not only helped calm my fears, but she helped feel a void. During the birth, she made 5 hours stuck in triage go by quickly and was the only person capable of making me laugh during labor. :) She also noticed that our dear Emila was turned sunny side up and used her Doula magic to turn her. I know this made a vaginal birth possible for me and I can't thank her enough for that. You can't go wrong with Liz! She's a beautiful person that we're happy to have as part of our family.

Kate Fitzpatrick


Before our son was born, Liz and Emma helped us to navigate through the sea of information about birth (it's our first child) and to prepare for the experience: Emma answered my numerous questions via text messages and advised me on various topics (from "what should I wear at the hospital?" to medical questions). My husband and I learned a lot during the newborn preparation class that Emma and Liz organized for us and several other clients. I thoroughly enjoyed the compliment prenatal massage with Emma. 

Liz was oncall during my labour and she has helped me immensely. My original goals were non-medicated vaginal birth and though I had to get an epidural (I was induced being overdue and couldn't tolerate high doses of Pitocin), I got as close to my desired way as possible given the circumstances (vaginal delivery but with epidural) -- and that is thanks to Liz. During the 36 hours of my labour, she provided me with care, attention, and knowledge when and how I needed it. When I needed to be left alone, she was closeby, watching me but giving me the space; when I needed someone to guide me through each breath during the most challenging part, Liz was there for me, gently directing my efforts. Her presence was delicate but essential for both me and my husband who was also with me: she helped us both by making sure my husband meets my needs or stepping in when he needed to take care of himself. 

I'm happy to have made that decision to have Liz and Emma as my support team and I recommend them to anyone who needs a sweet combination of wisdom/knowledge and attention/care. 

Rebecca Fischer


My husband, baby, and I are so lucky we found Liz! From the initial meeting, we trusted in her to guide us through prenatal preparation, labor and delivery, and the early post-partum period. We refer to her as our "alchemist" - not just for the nourishing broth she whipped up for me during labor but for the perfect blend of warmth, humor, and knowledge she provided throughout the experience. 

During our time in the hospital, Liz was attentive and adaptive, providing support that was uniquely tailored to what I needed in the moment. We'd use her again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend her to others!

Julia Calkins


We will never be able to say just how important Liz to our birth experience. Our birth was long and drawn out and Liz was with us every step of the way despite multiple difficulties. She provided physical and emotional support to both me as the laboring mother and my partner. I'm honestly not sure how we would have gotten through it without her. Thank you Liz!

Bo Lee


My wife and I felt very privileged to have Liz as our Doula for our first child. From day 1 of our birth plan to postpartum, she was on absolutely on top of each step through the process. From the time my wife checked into Triage to the time we moved into postpartum, Liz was there the whole time to coach, comfort and answer any questions or concerns that my wife and I had. She was always positive emotionally and physically and had great engagement with the medical staff. Her presence and aura brought comfort to our whole birth process. We don’t know how we could have gone through this without her. She is now part of our family and will absolutely be our Doula again for our next child.



Liz is a fabulous doula! She is naturally a vary warm, positive and supportive person. Clearly well matched for this line of work! I was particularly grateful for he willingness to listen and support my wishes for the birth and post partum care. It was very comforting to have her at my birth and support me through an unplanned C section that was particularly emotional for me. I am forever grateful for her care and highly recommend her!

Meghan Weinman


My husband and I worked with Liz for postpartum support after welcoming our son in September 2016. Liz was beyond fantastic, she came to the house shortly after our son was born and helped us feel confident as new parents (showed us bathing, pumping, and random tips). We continued to work with her over the following weeks to give mom a break and provide support. Throughout our time with Liz she made sure the whole family was thriving and gave us whatever support we might need (along with many helpful resources). I would highly recommend Liz as a doula - she's truly wonderful!

Rachel Sidles


Liz has completed surpassed my expectations as a doula. Upon first impression she was both warm and perceptive which is why I hired her for such an intimate experience without really knowing her. Now that I have had her at my side for one of the most important events of my life, my intuition has proven sound. Not only was she kind and perceptive to my needs while I was in labor, she was intuitive herself. There were many times when I was not able to vocalize my needs, and she was so perceptive that she intuited my needs. I appreciated her knowledge of different birthing positions and her timely suggestions. She also helped me do research to make difficult decisions when I decided to get an epidural despite my original birth plan. Liz was there to communicate to my family who weren't present how I was doing, and was there to show my husband and friend some excellent techniques for accupressure points to alleviate pain naturally during contractions. She was at my side before, during, and after delivery of my child, and I thank my lucky stars I got Liz. She is warm, intuitive, knowledgeable, and highly dedicated to help in exactly the ways that I needed. Liz was meant to be a doula, and you would be very lucky to have her at your side for one of the most difficult and important experiences of a lifetime.

Corilynn Adams


Liz Gardner is very sweet and helpful! I appreciate her coming to my home and helping me with my little one. It was very nice to get a break and have someone trustworthy watch my baby. I would highly recommend her! 

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