Erin Liber

Transition Doulas


Phone: 780-975-2477

Birth Fee: $900 to $1200

Fee Details: Payment Plans are available!

Birth Doula Experience: 2 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per Month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Birthing From Within

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Level 1 Babywearing Educator (Canadian Babywearing School)

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Plus size mothers
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Birthing From Within Birth Art Services
  • Childbirth Education Services

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of DONA International, Doula Association of Edmonton, Breastfeeding Action Committee of Edmonton (BACE), and Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth (ASAC)

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Erin Liber

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Brittany Rieder

When I found out I was pregnant I was I excited! But I won’t lie. My first thought was, how on earth and I’m going to handle labour and delivery?! Those two words had always freaked me out!
The first thing I came across was what a “doula” was/does. I told my husband I wanted one and that I wanted to go with Transition Doulas, he was skeptical but went with it.
The labour and delivery has come and gone and my husband would be the first to tell you that having a doula was the best idea in all the world!!!
I can’t even put in to words how appreciative we are of Erin and Kayla. All the texts, emails, and meet ups were helpful, informative, and comforting. We are from Cold Lake 3 hours away from Edmonton and they still made it work and still made our relationship feel like we weren’t strangers! Erin and her partner Kayla are an absolute DREAM team! 
Kayla was there for my labour and delivery and the amount of things she did for me, suggested for me, and reassured me of are were worth every penny we paid for their service and then some. It was truly a priceless experience to have her there supporting us and making the day go as smooth as humanly possible! Erin came to see me the very next day to see how I was postpartum, give me advice and suggestions, ask how I was going, to chat about babies and how our new bundle was don for, and to say goodbye. The support was overwhelming ?? and left me feeling so warm and supported.
We could never thank Transition Doulas enough! I would recommend their services to EVERY pregnant person I know delivering in the Edmonton area.

Posted 9/18/2019

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Sophie Wang

Erin attended my birth this February. She was calm, resourceful and respectful during the whole process. Erin helped me through some of the very difficult moments with her knowledge and techniques. After birth, both Erin and Kayla (Erin's Doula Collective partner) visited us at our place. They offered tons of helpful tips on breastfeeding, calming baby to sleep. By sharing their personal stories, they made me feel less alone in the first month where things can get really messy. Whenever my husband texted, they'd always give super detailed answers. My husband and I feel supported and cared for. We couldn't have been happier with our choice.

Posted 4/9/2019

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Christina Lupkoski

Erin is absolutely amazing. She provided my Husband and I with ongoing support and guidence from pregnancy, birth and guiding the newborn stage. Any question we had she answered in a timely manner with a non-bias approach, often giving any and every option available to us. She has such a wealth of knowledge and a caring demenor that is indescribable. 

We could not have been so successful as first time parents without the love and support of Erin. 

Posted 2/13/2019

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Nasim Boroumand

It was a pleasure having Kayla and Erin support me through my second pregnancy. I had a very traumatic delivery with my first baby so I decided to enlist the support of a doula for my second pregnancy and the team of Kayla and Erin (Transition Doulas) came highly recommended. My second baby was to be born via a scheduled c-section as such, Kayla and Erin worked with me to create a customized contract as I did not require labor and delivery support. Even so, they were very supportive and provided a lot of great information on what a c-section would consist of and areas that I should advocate for myself. My scheduled c-section turned into an unscheduled c-section (ie. I went into labour early and managed to still have my elective c-section!). My labour and delivery both went fantastically. Erin came to the hospital the afternoon of the day that my baby was born to provide some support during those early breast feeding sessions and just to make sure I’m doing well both physically and mentally. Kayla came to see me a couple of days after I was discharged home and was instrumental in helping me with some major nursing issues I was having. Her knowledge and support was timely and badly needed – not to mention the groceries (including a head of unforgettable cabbage ??) that she picked up for me en route.
Kayla and Erin – thank you both for your support and kind words throughout my pregnancy and in the early post-partum period. It was such a nice feeling to know that I had the two of you to reach out to at any time with anything. Thanks again!

Posted 7/31/2018

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nina atkinson

After many years of trying for our baby and we found out we where finally pregnant, I can not describe how terrified and over joyed I felt all at the same time.My first pregnancy and birth was nothing short of a scary and traumatic medical experience; I suffered serious birth trauma from the event. I knew that we needed more support. So began our research about doulas, after chatting with transitional doula collective, I felt that these doulas where what I wanted and needed in my birth tribe. Erin came to our home a few weeks before I was due & went over our birth plan with us, she supported all of our choices, she prepare us for what the big day might look like and let us know that from that point forward we where to txt all potential labor signs. Which I found incredibly reassuring.When the big day finally came, Erin met us at the hospital and coached us thru every contraction, as they intensified the encouragement continued, as I cried that I couldn’t do this, Erin boldly told me how good I was doing and that I most certainly could do this. She was calm, steady and always had the next thing ready for us to try! She knew exactly what was coming next and was one step ahead. Erin maintained the calm environment that I so wanted to have for my birth, she knew my preferences when I forgot them and encouraged the things I had written in our birth plan.I have never been more proud of what happened in that hospital room that day, all of my fear was transformed into power, when I was unable to remember, I was reminded, and when I thought I absolutely couldn’t go on I was encouraged and told I most certainly could. In the end we had the unmedicated birth I had dreamed of, I didn’t have so much as an IV. It was an incredible journey and I’m so blessed that Erin was there by my side it most certainly would not have been the experience it was without her in my birth team.I would highly recommend transitional doula collective!!

Posted 7/10/2018

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Luna Beverley

Our pregnancy did not go according to plan. We went from a plan to have a home birth without medication to being induced in hospital, to having an emergency C-Section. Through it all Erin was a constant source of comfort, encouragement and courage. Childbirth was the most harrowing experience we have ever endured. There were times when we wondered if all of use were going to get out of there alive. Through it all Erin's consistent care and the words of advice were of great help. We were very happy to have her help us though our journey. We happily endorse her to anyone looking to for Doula care.

Matthew and Cynthia 

Posted 7/3/2018

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Ashley Lee Dewald

We decided to hire a Doula as we were planning a Home Birth. I am also a first time Mom, so I wanted someone there who could help us through labor. Also someone for extra support for my husband and myself as we do not have family in Edmonton. 

We met with Erin early on, when I was about 20 weeks. We instantly clicked and decided to hire her.

As part of the services, there was a childbirth prep class that we found very helpful as it went through many different scenarios of childbirth and the potential outcomes. We also had Erin come to our home and she gave us a workshop on newborns and baby’s and what to expect with a new baby. 

My daughters actual labor and delivery was great having Erin there. She had lots of encouraging words and techniques to help labor along. My husband found that having a doula was also a great comfort for him as he was not sure what to expect in labor and delivery. She also took a lot of photos and even a video of the main event! 

We would definitely hire her again! 

Posted 6/21/2018

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Shania Buttigieg

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Erin! She was caring, thoughtful and very considerate. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula! When i was in pain She held my hand. When I needed help, she assisted me with the peanut ball! We were so fortunate to have Erin at our birth! 

Posted 6/20/2018

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Lind Cee

Erin was my support and a trusted resource for my first pregnancy.  I felt at ease after I hired her, I knew she would be there to ensure my birth goals were honored. With her guidance I created our birth plan and felt prepared for the marathon of labour. She is a warm presence and a chear leader, a birth pool pro and she had my back, literally, when my back labour was becoming to much. Her doula tricks eased my discomfort, my partner was relieved to have her helping throughout labour. She stayed with me all night long and was a great help after the birth too. Because I felt supported I was more confident to have a home birth and it was a huge success in my opinion. I would recomend all pregnent women consider hiring a doula, Thanks Erin. 

Posted 6/20/2018

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Sherry Brisson

Going into my first pregnancy I knew I needed some extra help during delivery in addition to my husband. I wanted a natural un-medicated birth and an encouraging coach to help me make informed decisions. I met Kayla and we immediately hit it off, so i purchased a package and we received two prenatal visits at our home, one from Erin and Kayla (they work as a team), active labour support and one post natal visit. During our prenatal visits we received information about labour, pain medication, possible interventions, pain coping techniques and exercises to help the baby get in the best possible position for labour. On the big day, I was in early phase labour for 12 hours with my husband and the hospital nurse. When I was finally in the active phase labour (over 3cm dilated) Kayla arrived at the hospital to assist. She was a huge support, provided my husband with a break, assisted in suggesting different labour positions every 15 minutes, use of birthing tools (Tens machine, peanut ball, stress balls), coached breathing and pushing and even took photographs and video of our son being born. A couple days after baby was born I was having some problems getting baby to latch and Kayla immediate showed up armed with coffee, some groceries and was ready to assist in helping to get baby to latch. I felt well informed throughout my pregnancy and was confident in the knowledge and support system I had in place during labour and delivery. I had the natural un-medicated birth I hoped and dreamed of and I am very thankful to Kayla for being part of it!

Sherry, Erik and baby Braxton.

Posted 6/18/2018

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Lindsay Achtymichuk

Erin was a joy to work with. She was attentive, caring and encouraging through the entire process of giving birth for both myself, and my husband. Erin was a wealth of knowledge and was able to help us start our breastfeeding journey off on the right foot. Erin was an integral part of our birth team. 

Posted 6/2/2018

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