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Kayla Becvar-Woodman

Transition Doula Collective

Edmonton, AB Service range 35 miles



Birth Fee

$650 to $1300

Birth Fee

$650 to $1300

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 51 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2015
  • Birthing From Within, June 2015

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Birth pool rental
  • Birthing From Within Birth art services
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth (ASAC), and DONA International Executive Board Member at Doula Association of Edmonton (DAE)

Fee Details

We also offer "Birthing From Within" Childbirth Preparation Workshops (which are included for doula clients). Please visit website for more detailed information about us, our philosophy on doula care, and our services. www.transitiondoulas.ca

Edmonton, AB Service range 35 miles

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Client Testimonials for Kayla Becvar-Woodman

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Brittany Rieder


When I found out I was pregnant I was I excited! But I won’t lie. My first thought was, how on earth and I’m going to handle labour and delivery?! Those two words had always freaked me out!
The first thing I came across was what a “doula” was/does. I told my husband I wanted one and that I wanted to go with Transition Doulas, he was skeptical but went with it.
The labour and delivery has come and gone and my husband would be the first to tell you that having a doula was the best idea in all the world!!!
I can’t even put in to words how appreciative we are of Erin and Kayla. All the texts, emails, and meet ups were helpful, informative, and comforting. We are from Cold Lake 3 hours away from Edmonton and they still made it work and still made our relationship feel like we weren’t strangers! Kayla and Erin are a DREAM team. They are both dependable, knowledgeable, understanding, hold no judgment, and give you every bit of information you could possibly need! 

Kayla was there for my labour and delivery and the amount of things she did for me, suggested for me, and reassured me of are were worth every penny we paid for their service and then some. It was truly a priceless experience to have her there supporting us and making the day go as smooth as humanly possible! Erin came to see me the very next day to see how I was postpartum, to give me advice and suggestions, to chat about babies, and to really see how I was feeling, and to say goodbye. The support was overwhelming ??.  When she left I felt warm and supported. 
We could never thank Transition Doulas enough! I would recommend their services to EVERY pregnant person I know delivering in the Edmonton area.

Christina Lupkoski


Kayla is absolutely amazing. She provided my Husband and I with ongoing support and guidence from pregnancy, birth and guiding the newborn stage. Any question we had she answered in a timely manner with a non-bias approach, often giving any and every option available to us.

Kayla was incredible during the birth and helped me feel well informed and well cared for throughout the delivery. It gave me peace of mind knowing that I had a supportive advocate who knew my plan ahead of time and could help me succeed.

We could not have been so successful as first time parents without the love and support of Kayla. 

Nasim Boroumand


It was a pleasure having Kayla and Erin support me through my second pregnancy. I had a very traumatic delivery with my first baby so I decided to enlist the support of a doula for my second pregnancy and the team of Kayla and Erin (Transition Doulas) came highly recommended. My second baby was to be born via a scheduled c-section as such, Kayla and Erin worked with me to create a customized contract as I did not require labor and delivery support. Even so, they were very supportive and provided a lot of great information on what a c-section would consist of and areas that I should advocate for myself. My scheduled c-section turned into an unscheduled c-section (ie. I went into labour early and managed to still have my elective c-section!). My labour and delivery both went fantastically. Erin came to the hospital the afternoon of the day that my baby was born to provide some support during those early breast feeding sessions and just to make sure I’m doing well both physically and mentally. Kayla came to see me a couple of days after I was discharged home and was instrumental in helping me with some major nursing issues I was having. Her knowledge and support was timely and badly needed – not to mention the groceries (including a head of unforgettable cabbage ??) that she picked up for me en route.
Kayla and Erin – thank you both for your support and kind words throughout my pregnancy and in the early post-partum period. It was such a nice feeling to know that I had the two of you to reach out to at any time with anything. Thanks again!

Ashley Bard


There are no words to describe how lucky I was to have Kayla in the delivery room with me. I wish I had her with my first delivery. Hospital staff aren’t always the nicest or most knowledgeable so to have someone there just for you is the best feeling. She comforted me, stood up for me and walked me through everything that was going on. After such a traumatic birth with my first daughter I knew I needed to hire a Doula for my second. This was the best decision I could have made and if I would have had Kayla with me the first time around I truly believe my experience would have been much different. In the end I had the most amazing birth experience this time around and it was all because of her. I can without a doubt say that hiring a Doula will be a positive experience and I 110% recommend Kayla and Erin to be that Doula. If I was able to have more children I wouldn’t give birth without them!

Sherry Brisson


Going into my first pregnancy I knew I needed some extra help during delivery in addition to my husband. I wanted a natural un-medicated birth and an encouraging coach to help me make informed decisions. I met Kayla and we immediately hit it off, so i purchased a package and we received two prenatal visits at our home, one from Erin and Kayla (they work as a team), active labour support and one post natal visit. During our prenatal visits we received information about labour, pain medication, possible interventions, pain coping techniques and exercises to help the baby get in the best possible position for labour. On the big day, I was in early phase labour for 12 hours with my husband and the hospital nurse. When I was finally in the active phase labour (over 3cm dilated) Kayla arrived at the hospital to assist. She was a huge support, provided my husband with a break, assisted in suggesting different labour positions every 15 minutes, use of birthing tools (Tens machine, peanut ball, stress balls), coached breathing and pushing and even took photographs and video of our son being born. A couple days after baby was born I was having some problems getting baby to latch and Kayla immediate showed up armed with coffee, some groceries and was ready to assist in helping to get baby to latch. I felt well informed throughout my pregnancy and was confident in the knowledge and support system I had in place during labour and delivery. I had the natural un-medicated birth I hoped and dreamed of and I am very thankful to Kayla for being part of it!

Sherry, Erik and baby Braxton.

Laura Fukumoto


From the moment we had our first consult we knew we would use Edmonton Transition Doula Collective for the birth of our first son. We participated in the prenatal course that Kayla and Erin put on and I can’t say enough about it - it was a transformative day full of so much emotion as well as useful information. That course coupled with support leading up to our birth gave my husband and I the knowledge and confidence we needed going into labour.

We had Kayla for the birth of our son - from the first moment we met Kayla both my husband and I found her so easy to talk to, extremely informative and supportive - we knew she’d be amazing to have on our birth team and as an advocate. Kayla was there for us when my induction went ‘not as planned’ till sometime after the birth of our son. I don’t think I have enough words or the right words to explain how amazing Kayla was - she provided the most caring, compassionate and informative support for both myself and my husband and I can say without hesitation that she really influenced our birthing experience and we couldn’t have done it without her.

Kayla’s support did not end at the birth of our son - she came earlier than planned to our postpartum visit when I was having difficulties breastfeeding. She showed up with just the right support and resources. To this day, Kayla provides us with the support we need as we transition into parenthood and we are ever thankful to have her on this journey with us.

All in all, these two ladies are amazing and their passion for what they do is admirable, we would highly recommend them to anyone!

Sara Collins



Having Kayla as part of our birth team was a wonderful addition! From helping us choose an OB to support our birth wishes, to an amazing birth class and finally our labor and delivery, Kayla was beyond amazing!

During labor she knew exactly what to do to provide much needed relief. When things took abit of a turn she helped us explore our options and even though our birth didn't go 100% as planned, she helped us advocate to find more answers. In the end this really helped to find peace with a difficult decision and change in our birth plan. With herself, my husband and mother, we welcomed our 3rd little boy into the world! Kayla has provided us with guidance and care through this amazing journey, and for that we are greatfull!

Sara and John



My husband and I were lucky enough to have Kayla attend our sons birth. The doula we had hired wasn't able to make it, so Kayla stepped in for her, and we are so happy she did! Although we were complete strangers, Kayla couldn't have done a better job at making us feel comfortable or have been more personable. My labour and delivery was such a smooth going, empowering experience and I believe I have Kayla to thank for that. She made different suggestions throughout labor to make it as comfortable as possible for me and was a huge support for my husband, guiding him along the way as well. We will, without a doubt, hire Kayla for our next birth and reccomend her to all expecting parents! 

Mona King


Kayla was absolutely amazing for me and my husband's first pregnancy. She was always responsive when I had questions and always followed up. When it came to the actual big day, she knew what to do at the exact moments during painful contractions (including awesome therapeutic massages!). She always made sure we were well informed before we made any medical decisions going forward. I highly recommend her services!

Savanna Roseberry


Receiving Kayla's service was one of the most rewarding experiences of our life, being our first child not knowing what to expect, how to prepare, and how to support each other can be one of the biggest and most challenging struggles. Not only was Kayla their for my husband and I when we needed her, she educated, supported, and coached us through the amazing process of having a baby. The birth of our daughter was not text book by any means but was perfect to us, we truly owe Kayla the world for helping us have the best possible outcome during our daughters birth. Kayla’s knowledge, caring nature, and passion towards her services are something that we will never forget.

Forever grateful,

The Roseberry’s

Yolande Desrosiers


We hired Kayla last minute to help with the birth of our daughter.  She was accommodating, providing us a private preparation session because the group session was after our due date.  My husband was initally reluctant hiring a Doula thinking his place would be taken in comforting me during labour but agreed because he felt that a Doula would provide him with the tools and support to get through the labour.  We are both so glad that Kayla was part of the birth and don't know how we would have gotten through it without her.  She was accepting of our birth choices, supportive, non-intrusive and just a warm kind person to turn to.  She provided my husband the guidance that he needed and he is truly grateful for her help.  It is not often when a person comes into your life for a short time and has such a profound effect.  She empowered us on this special day and helped us recognize the miracle of giving birth to a child.  Throughout the labour she was discrete in taking photos and a video capturing the emotion of the moment.  Those photos and video are now my most prized possessions.  A big thank you to Kayla!  She is highly recommended by my husband and myself!!

Julie Mason


Hiring Kayla to assist us with the birth of our son, Jack, was a wonderful decision. She was a great addition to my husband and myself, and I'm confident our birth went as smoothly as it did in large part due to her guidance and support.

We hired Kayla late in the pregnancy - around 36 weeks. She was instrumental in teaching us helpful laboring positions, especially the spinning babies techniques. I most appreciated how responsive and reachable Kayla was. Anytime I had a question or concern, she was a quick text away. 

I went into labor on my own and delivered my son 2.5 hours after my contractions began. From the time we all arrived at the hospital, Jack was born 47 minutes later. So my experience laboring with Kayla was limited, per se, but she was very helpful with my natural birth, reminding me to breathe, offering different position recommendations, supporting my husband, taking photos and even video of the birth, and making sure we were all taken care of. She stayed with us for a bit after Jack was born and visited us at home the following week.

If you are questioning a doula, I recommend it. Find someone you are comfortable with, as we were with Kayla. The extra support was wonderful and I can look back on my birth experience with Jack - our last child - and be fully satisfied.

Elayne Kuban


As a very young girl I was told I was a carrier for a genetic anomaly that would make bearing children difficult for me. Miracles do happen and I was able to conceive. In evaluating our options to maintain a healthy pregnancy Jesse and I had already underwent the stress of genetic counseling. Then we met Kayla. Her empathy and knowledge of some of the details of our specific situation was apparent in that first meeting. She counseled us on specific techniques that may encourage a breech baby to turn, she force fed me dates, we discussed hydration options, she taught Jesse techniques to help with pregnancy related pain, and she listened to me talk about our situation. If I remember correctly I was frank, emotionless and as scientific as the ICU nurse I am. I carried joy in my heart for the life growing in me but the process had become disinfected of emotion and very… medical. It was Kayla’s salt bowl ritual and setting intentions for prenatal visits that helped me realize I had suppressed any outward joy and had even tempered my private joy to prepare for the worst eventualities. During the rest of my pregnancy there was countless non-stress tests, numerous ultrasounds and many doctors visits due to complications and related to our daughter’s breech presentation. I don’t regret this experience; it was important for Jesse and I to know that our baby was safe. Kayla helped us through emtionally every step and helped me trust my body on the day I gave birth. She was there when she was needed, helped me in the tub and normalized Jesse’s feelings of exhaustion. She set battery powered candles up in our room to make it seem less medical. It was a relief that she just knew when to be attentive and in the foreground, when to take photos, and what we needed even before we did. That intuition and kindness will never be forgotten. It could have been anyone’s birth story but it was ours, and I’m so glad Kayla was a part of it!

Christine Magdanz


Kayla was amazing! She handled an unusual  situation (being my back up doula and having some back and forth switching) with professionalism and total commitment. She was always available to answer my questions and  talk through scenarios leading up to the birth. During labour she was hands on, offering continuous encouragement for my husband and I. She respected our wishes and was NEVER judgmental. She was involved physically, helping with positions and massage. She took some great photos and video. She was a great advocate when interacting with hospital staff and she helped us to understand our options. After the birth she stayed for a few hours offering support to my husband while I was in recovery, and she waited until I was able and then was immensely helpful with breastfeeding. We wouldn't hesitate to hire Kayla again and highly recommend her!

Kristin Miller


From the first time we met I felt an instant connection with Kayla. She made me feel so much at ease with my decision to have a natural childbirth. I never felt judged on any decision we made throughout pregnancy. It was also so wonderful to have her at my fingertips via text or call for anything. Mostly just to ask a question or confirm something I wasn't sure about. The birth classes we took with her were also very helpful and informative, both physically and emotionally. My birth experience was nothing like I thought it would be but Kayla was there for me and my husband the whole time and was exactly who and what I needed in so many of those moments. She was a calming presence, and a strong voice and seemed to always know which I needed. I really felt empowered throughout my pregnancy and birth having Kayla by my side. I would recommend Kayla to anyone who wants to have someone who is truly in their corner from beginning to end. Thank you so much Kayla!

Suzanne Adrain


I feel very fortunate that Kayla was able to help us with the birth of our little girl. Due to a previous loss, I was very nervous about things this time, but Kayla was very supportive and reassuring, keeping me focussed on the current birth and new baby. She was able to provide me with all sorts of information so that I was able to make the best decisions throughout the labor and delivery and both my husband and the hospital nursing staff commented about how knowledgable she was. We were able to use some of the non traditional (to hospitals anyway) tools of the trade (essential oils, peanut balls etc) to facilitate an easier and faster delivery, and that helped everything to go smoothly.

Kayla is very passionate about her profession, and about those she works with. She is there to ensure that your needs are being met and that the birth is as positive as it can be, while working hand in hand with the nurses and doctors.  I found that having her there helped me to stay calm, motivated and focussed on the moment, and I really think that she helped me have the best birth experience possible.  It was also nice that she was there to provide support and guidance and take that strain off my husband so we could both enjoy the moment.

Following the delivery, Kayla kept in touch to make sure the transition home was going well and she was there for any questions I had about how I was feeling postpardum.  If another pregnancy was in the cards for us, I would not hesitate to ask Kayla to be part of it, I appreciate all that she did and have no doubts she would provide the same support and service again to us or to anyone else.

Tessa Morgan


we had a wonderful experience with Kayla! She is an amazing wealth of knowledge, compassion, and non-judgmental support. Prenatally, she provided us with useful information and tools for our "toolbox" to prepare for labour and birth. She was an amazing and valuable member of our birth team and even now, I consider her to be a friend. Kayla is a wonderful and down-to-earth kind of person and I thoroughly enjoy her, both professionally and personally. I lovingly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula. I will absolutely be looking to hire her again should I ever have another baby! <3

Thomas Kristiansen


When we approached Kayla to be our doula, we never could've imagined what it was going to be like having that kind of support throughout the whole process. Being a highly inexperienced soon-to-be dad, a lot of what labour entails scared me as I had no idea how to be helpful in such a tense situation. Kayla did a wonderful job of explaining what each step of the process would look like and what I could do to help. We learned many different techniques to cope with pain, nervousness, and even how to deal with a newborn baby. The one moment that really sticks out for me for our birth was when I had to wait outside the surgery doors by myself but then was greeted by kayla running down the hall. She calmed me down and made me feel strong and ready to deal with what was ahead. After the delivery, we were all so happy that our beautiful baby daughter had been born healthy and happy. We couldn't have done it all without kayla's help. 

Natasha Goudar


My husband and I were incredibly lucky to have had Kayla as our doula for the birth of our baby girl, Wyatt. From the first time we met Kayla, we knew she was passionate and totally committed to supporting both of us through the birth process. We learned very quickly how important it was to ensure that our doula and my husband got along well and could work together. They were an amazing supportive team through a very long labour journey. In de-briefing the experience with my husband he was incredibly grateful for her accessibility and constant support first via text and then in-person as we moved through a 3-day long induction labour process. There are so many things that Kayla offers as a doula including her professionalism, wisdom, ability to listen and support in a personalized way that met our needs, follow-up support, as well as her genuine care throughout the entire journey. Her knowledge of pregnancy and labour meant that she was able to prepare us for the many possible tough decisions that had to be made along the way while respecting our space in making those decisions. She was flexible, non-judgemental and always had a positive perspective to help us through the most challenging moments. Because of Kayla's guidance, I (mama) was able to have a birth experience that I can feel good about and my husband was able to feel helpful and totally present during the long long long (days long) journey. We would recommend Kayla to anyone. Neither of us can imagine having to go through that experience without her. We love Doulas, but more importantly, we love Kayla and anyone that has her to count on is incredibly lucky!

Rebecca Graff-McRae


Kayla was absolutley amazing, from our first meeting to our first hour with our new baby. When we first met, she was not only personable and knowledgeable, but she worked to address our anxieties, concerns, and hopes regarding our birth experience. During our prenatal sessions, she guided us through a variety of tools, techniques, and exercizes in a way that was easy for both of us to engage with - and she did so with a sense of humour as well as lots of empathy! These tools became central in the labour process, especially the "spinning"/Miles circuit positions which helped speed things along when it looked pretty slow! During labour, Kayla came to our house as soon as I needed her - even though it seemed as though things weren't progressing as fast as we expected. She gave us lots of ideas to get moving and most importantly kept me from being discouraged. When we arrived at the birth centre she helped my husband stay focused and helped me to find my "zone". She was a calming and encouraging presene and made both of us feel confident and secure. She was such an essential part of our brith that we asked her to cut baby's umbilical cord. Kayla stayed with us for awhile after the birth and helped us to adapt to this new little person, which was really welcome! And ensured that he had latched on and was on track to breastfeed. We cannot thank Kayla enough or recommend her highly enough.

Stephanie Hayes


I had an awesome experience with Kayla. I felt incredibly supported throughout. The prenatal visits were informative and helpful to prepare for labor. We were able to formulate a labor plan to work as a team with my husband. She took her time to listen to all my concerns whenever I had them, provide support and resources of information. When I went into labor we were in constant communication, and she came to help when I felt I needed her. I had a stressful labor and her support for myself and my husband was invaluable! She was able to help in so many ways, I am able to reflect on the birth of my daughter in such a positive way because of her. The postpartum visit was therapeutic, it was really helpful to me to be able to talk to a professional about our experience and debrief. I would absolutely recommend her as a doula to anyone looking.

Sarah Schiele


I had spent the first 7.5 months of my pregnancy alone and as the end of my pregnancy came near it had dawned on me that I could really use some emotional and physical support. I decided to hire a Doula. After interviewing several Doulas I decided to hire Kayla Becvar based on our initial meeting and my gut feeling as we spoke. Kayla educated me on the child birth process, my options during labour and delivery, pain management techniques, exercises to do leading up to labour, and even postpartum information and support. The moment I went into labour Kayla was there for me and she stayed with me until after my daughter was born. During labour Kayla had me doing exercises which noticeably sped up my labour and helped a lot with pain management. Kayla also made a timeline of my labour with all of the details which I would have forgotten if not for her and she took photos. Overall having Kayla ensured that I went into the hospital prepared and with all the support I needed. I would refer Kayla to anyone looking for a Doula and encourage the use of Doulas to anyone who is looking for knowledgable support during their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

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