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Grace Flannery, Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulator

Minneapolis, MN Service range 15 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 200 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Former Doula Intern at The Minnesota Birth Center, Associate Member of the Childbirth Collective, Associate Member of the Minnesota Council of Certified Professional Midwives.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Fee Details

I am a DONA trained birth doula and student midwife with 5 years of experience and more than 200 births. As a doula, my aim is to help birthing families transition into parenthood feeling respected, safe and in control of your own well-being. I want the birth of each child to be something parents look back on as one of the most special and profound experiences of your lives, even when emergencies happen or things don’t go according to plan. My purpose as your doula is to care for your family with openness, sensitivity and strength, to help foster this type of positive and transformative outcome. I am excited to take on a handful of doula clients this year as I wrap up my midwifery education. Please reach out to schedule an initial interview, no obligation and free of charge. My birth doula fee includes two prenatal meetings, your birth, one or two postpartum visits and unlimited phone/text/email support. Me encanta apoyar a familias que buscan servicios en español.

Minneapolis, MN Service range 15 miles

Client Testimonials for Grace Flannery, Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulator

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Rachel Laidlaw


I was so thankful to have Grace present at our birth! She is very intuitive, was totally on board with what we wanted and genuinely excited for our birth. She definitely made the whole thing more fun. Once labor started, I appreciated her calm presence and helpful suggestions. I was able to stay totally relaxed just knowing she was there to support the two of us. The "double hip squeeze" was helping me out ALOT- between her and my husband, they had me covered for every single contraction. She was a huge encouragement and helped me stay relaxed just when I needed it the most. Morgan and I also found it very helpful to process the birth afterwards with her- I was completely "in the zone" and she helped piece together the whole labor story for me. We were able to have the natural VBAC I wanted, and our daughter was born in such a calm and loving way. I am so thankful to Grace for her part in our story!

"She's like having a best friend at the birth, who just happens to know a lot about giving birth." - Morgan

Jareesa E. Tucker


As a first time mom, I wanted to hire a doula for my birth to provide additional support before, during and after my birth. Grace Flannery was the best doula for me, hands down. From our first meeting, I felt a connection and rapport with her. My husband and I worked with Grace before birth to talk about what we'd like our birth experience to be like and also our plans for the postpartum period. Grace was an excellent partner and she shared evidence-based information with us, which we greatly appreciated. When my labor began, Grace was such a supportive person to have with me, helping me to breath, stay hydrated and focused on my goal. Though my birth experience did not go the way I envisioned, Grace's support helped me roll with the punches and embrace the new experience. After the birth of our daughter, Grace's postpartum support was just as valuable and I appreciated having an additional person check in on us. Overall I couldn't have asked for a better doula experience and I couldn't have done it without her. If you're looking for a caring, supportive doula, hire Grace Flannery immediately!

Sarah Peterson


We absolutely loved having Grace Flannery as our doula for the birth of our baby girl. My husband and I hadn't planned on using a doula at first. He hadn't ever heard the word "doula" before my 7th month of pregnancy. But after making the decision to attempt a non-medicated birth, we started doing research and found we'd have a better shot at success if we included a birth coach in our plan. Grace was a very calming presence through the entire process. We were comfortable with her and she really put us both at ease. But I think her presence really made the difference during the moments when my labor wasn't progressing. Grace not only helped calm me down but she helped me understand what my options really were and what our next steps would be to help move things along. I really believe if she hadn't been there, I wouldn't have had the successful natural birth I'd worked towards. We highly recommend Grace as a doula!

Carly Paz


Grace is an excellent doula! My husband and I hired her as a postpartum doula after the birth of our first child. I knew I would need some help when my husband went back to work and I am so glad that I found Grace! Having her at our home was not only very helpful, it was also wonderful to have a nice and fun adult to talk to. Grace is very, very easy to get along with and super knowledgeable about all things baby! I was a little nervous about having enough stuff for her to do, but she had plenty of great ideas that I hadn't even thought of. When she showed up the first day we had a short chat about what I wanted the day to look like and then she put herself right to work. While I was feeding the baby, she changed our sheets (something that was super helpful and never crossed my mind), she made me breakfast, she did dishes, she watered the plants and she did a few loads of laundry! One thing that was especially great was that I didn't even need to show her where stuff was, she just found what she needed and got things done! On other visits she helped answer questions about breastfeeding and was very helpful with different holds and techniques, she helped me set up my breast pump and get comfortable with it, she restocked our fridge with pantry items from recent deliveries and she even broke down cardboard boxes that were stacking up from so many deliveries of baby items. She is very self sufficient, a hard worker and you can tell she truly loves to help people! Thanks to her help, I got to take showers and naps which felt like such a gift, especially knowing the baby was in excellent hands while I rested. She provided so much peace of mind by getting chores done, answering all of my new mom questions and being a calming presence. It really allowed me to do the self-care things that I wouldn't have been able to do without her and bond with my new wonderful baby. I would highly recommend Grace to everyone!

Meagan LaCoursiere


The first time Grace & I spoke on the phone I knew we had a connection and that I wanted her as my doula. During my pregnancy our interactions continued to be effortless. She was very supportive and offered websites and other resources for me to prepare for delivery & the tender post-partum period. 

My labor & delivery was extremely fast- so she met us at the hopspital (it was a small miracle she even made it in time) once there she was by my side as I delivered my son. She was a calming presence & a voice of encouragement. She knew just what I needed as I called out to her during the most intense & vulnerable experience of my life. She was there with just the right counter pressure touch on my lower back & gave me sips of water as I requested. She was there to celebrate with us but also knew just when to be a quite observer in the room. 

After the birth she got us all set up in our post-partum room with essential oils diffusing, a gentle back massage and snacks so we could settle in for the night. I felt so loved, safe, & taken care of. I felt like a warrior, goddess, & princess all at the same time. 

I'm so greatful to have had her at my birth & couldn't have done it without her support. 

She also made a post-partum visit to our home a couple weeks following the birth. It was a good time to bring healing & closure to my pregnancy & birth & to encourage us on our journey with our new little bundle of love. 

I strongly believe that NO woman should EVER give birth without a doula by their side. This is an investment that you wont regret! 

Thank you Grace for your loving support. 

Lisa Priest


Grace was an amazing blessing for us! Our birth experience would be very different without her. She helped us to affirm our birth goals and gave us strength when we needed it the most. Even more important for our family was the follow-up support Grace provided. She offered clarity to an overwhelming experience which helped us recover emotionally during our postpartum time.

Crista Jeske


Our first 2 kiddos were born in an epidural/hospital setting. Seven years passed, and after becoming more health conscious, our 3rd pregnancy/birth was bound to be different. I was scared yet adamant that this would be a drug free birth, so I chose a birth center (where I wouldn't be able to cave in if hospital staff kept offering pitocin or an epidural).

I knew my husband was a great helper during labor, due to our 2 previous births, but I didn't know how either of us would do in a non-epidural situation, so we chose to involve a doula. I interviewed 2 and clicked with Grace right away. She is very personable, conversational, and professional. It is obvious that she is a heartfelt person and passionate about her work.

Grace recommended the perfect book to help set my mind at ease. She also reminded me that I was very capable and my body was made to do this.

When my contractions spanned over several days, Grace was quick to reply to texts and was very helpful, but not invasive.

The morning I knew things were progressing, Grace came to the house and helped create a calm environment with the other kiddos while we did last minute prep to leave for the birth center. Her casual yet intuitive manner created a smooth transition for us all.

During labor, Grace's massage and compression techniques allowed my body to do it's job. Having her there as extra hands for my husband was helpful to us both. After a quick snack, prepped by Grace, I had the energy to finish strong. I felt so grateful to have had a birthing team that I was comfortable with, so I could fully relax into labor.

Grace visited us the next week and we talked about the day from each of our points of view. This was incredibly cleansing! Even though everything went off without a hitch, the mind is still processing the enormity of the event. I was so glad to have another woman to connect to during such a special day in my life.



Laura Pecaut


Grace provided intuitive support, valuable resources, and insightful information and care for us. When our birth did not go as planned, Grace helped us navigate and accept the situation by connecting with us right where we were in each moment. She guided us through breath and held our hands when we needed it most! She also helped us come to peace with everything that transpired at our emergency birth by helping us talk through our feelings afterward. Grace went above and beyond to provide us support, research, comfort, and even friendship! We are so grateful to have Grace's kind, thoughtful care and support as a positive part of our birth story!

Mike Endorf


I can’t imagine what our birth experience would’ve been like without Grace. My partner and I had planned and hoped for a natural childbirth, but ended up having a very long and difficult labor which ultimately necessitated a C-section. Our experience might have been dominated by fear and disappointment, but Grace’s steady support, intuitive care, and positive attitude made it a joyful experience.

Throughout the entire process, with all of the difficult decisions we had to make along the way, Grace was right there to offer just the support we needed. She was extremely well-prepared and knew tons of different techniques to make my spouse more comfortable. She also made sure that I was taken care of so that I could be as supportive as possible.

Grace’s knowledge, positivity, and calm energy made all the difference, especially when it became clear that medical interventions would be necessary. She knew every detail of our birth plan, and advocated for us to make sure we were trying every possible option before each intervention. She also intuitively knew when to step in and be there for us, and when to give us moments to ourselves.

Most importantly- and the significance of this cannot be overstated- Grace helped us to be excited and fully present for the most important day of our lives. She is, without a doubt, among the best at what she does.

Luke Strauss


Picking a doula is an intensly personal decision. The person you pick is going to be intimately involved in one of the most vulnerable, memorable, special moments in your life. For whatever you read here, don't take anyone's advice. The chemistry of you (and your partner) with your doula is more important than anything else.

With that in mind, I cannot imagine a better birth doula than Grace. She is capable and knowledeable, and has an intuitive sense of exactly what's needed at what moment. She's a good person - the sort of person you want helping you in that sensitive moment. Without going into too much (publicly posted) detail, I am quite certain that our relatively smooth, fairly quick labor and delivery was thanks in large part to her instincts, skills, and guidance.

A wonderful person, and an excellent Doula. Give her a call, meet up, and say hello. If your personalities mesh, I can't imagine a better, more spectacular person. She'll be at our next birth, for sure!

Lisa Strauss


Grace is amazing! My husband and I were unsure about hiring a doula but now rave about how much we loved having Grace's support. I was fortunate to have a labor that progressed quickly and went smoothly, allowing me to have the water birth I'd hoped for; My birth story is a memory that I cherish and without the support of Grace as a doula, it would've been a different experience altogether. I'm grateful to her for helping to making it one of the most beautiful things I've experienced.

From our first meeting, my husband and I both knew we'd love to be friends with Grace and we'd be excited to share the birthing experience with her. As expected, Grace was incredible at anticipating our needs and supporting each of us in exactly the way we needed in each moment throughout the birth. Grace arrived at our house while I was contracting and quietly jumped right in to massage my lower back, which was amazing and decreased the discomfort substantially. She magically appeared with a plate of food right after my husband realized (but didn't verbalize) that he was hungry. She guided me through different birthing positions and continued massage as labor progressed and created a peaceful atmosphere with lavender oil. Grace worked seamlessly with my husband and allowed him to be present as a birth partner while also meeting his own needs.

Overall, my husband and I agree that Grace helped to make the experience feel unexpectedly easy, anticipating our needs, bringing a calming energy, and allowing space for us to experience the birth as a couple.

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